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  1. Cool video. As far as I'm concerned thing beats the ECU. I have played about on one of the two wheel overboard things which are fun but they just cannot compare. I have to admit I'm tempted by a motorised skateboard though...
  2. I voted 12m but it was actualy 13m. It's worked beautifully up to this point but I had to step off recently and killed it. Don't know why, I've had much more violent crashes when learning but for whatever reason it didn't like it. Despite it being out of warranty IPS were really helpful, explained step by step how to take it apart and test the main board, the battery and the motor. Sadly the battery and main board were u/s. IPS think that a battery fault overloaded the main board but they agreed to send me a free main board if I paid for the battery. Sad that the wheel had a problem but I cannot fault IPS's customer service, they have been excellent.
  3. Never even heard of a hall sensor, really nice video there, thanks for sharing!!
  4. Interesting discussion, and very polite! The UK has very strict gun laws, put in place after two really bad mass shooting incidents. The second one, which led to a ban on all hand guns, was actualy a failure of the existing system. The perpetrator should never have been given a licence if the rules had been correctly applied. That siad, mass shootings here are incredibly rare, as they are thankfully elsewhere in Europe. Ive never understood the American desire (by some folks) to carry a gun in public. I own quite a lot of guns ("why do you need another one" - my wife asks, to which I reply why do you need another handbag?) but they are locked up when not in use. They are for work and pleasure, I don't feel the need to own one for personal protection. Frankly, seeing the utter stupidity of some folks I share this little island with, I'm rather glad there isn't the general right of access to guns by the general public.
  5. I currently have an issue with my Lhotz and have to say that thus far they have been very helpful. Always respond to emails within 24 hrs. Occasionally the English is a little difficult to understand but their English is way better than my Chinese! I had not seen this thread before and find it puzzling as they have been extremely helpful with me over the past week. I was going to start a thread detailing how good my aftersales experience had been. Frustratingly the wheel is just out of warranty...just my luck. I'm desperate to get it going again, the weather is nice and I really miss my wheel.
  6. Hi Amadeusz Can you tell us where you are please? Thanks
  7. Cheers, did look on the IPS section but missed that. I see the price has wandered downward since I got mine. Also intrigued by their promise of a new wheel though as I have been very pleased with my Lhotz (even though its now died). Of course it had to happen in month 13 since I purchased it.
  8. I have a problem with my beloved IPS Lhotz and need to get in touch with them. Is the contact still via Runrui, or does anyone know of an alternative contact? Thanks all.....need to be back up and running, can't be without my wheel.
  9. Might be interested if this is still for sale ....
  10. Ive not ridden in central London but have done so in the suburbs, never had a problem with the police as yet wherever I have ridden (crosses fingers)... I would imagine riding down Regent Street would be a misery, but Hyde Park would be nice. Now each street junction has a dropped kerb getting about on pavements is easy enough although not all have a convenient sign pole to hang onto as you wait to cross. Ive often thought about a ride along the embankment but never got there yet. I do know someone who purchased a V8 and had a much better experience with Project 42 than Wheelgo though...just saying
  11. Ill have a look but might take me a while as I'm about to go off on hols.
  12. I always use one (its a spare dog lead). Its just habit and its no bother held loosely in one hand while riding. Its only use is to prevent the wheel falling over if i have to step off or stoping it bouncing away from me if i have a crash. I was riding a canal tow path a while ago and came off (my own fault), if i hadn't had it the wheel would have gone into the water.
  13. How does one measure the rated output of the wheel in your possession? Cant help you with that and the hill i live on is a reasonable gradient, its not got a sign giving a figure as it doesn't go anywhere except to my house. Its steep enough to slide down in a car if its icy and the road isn't gritted tho. My brother has a Kingsong and an Inmotion V8, Ive ridden both and of the three Id say the V8 has the most torque but its not a vast difference.
  14. I dont agree with this at all. Im a big european (100kg) and i live at the top of a steep hill, my IPS gets me up and down it brilliantly. Their products (in my experience) are very good. Im not riding a mobile phone, where every company is striving to produce a new model every 3 months just so people feel they need to change to keep up with the crowd. My IPS has been solidly reliable, its not shut down on me and frankly, having ridden a Ninebot, a Kingsong and an Inmotion v8 I don't see them as any more advanced. Ok they are newer but so what. I would much prefer a longer interval between new products so that when they are released we know they are as reliable as is possible rather than just have a shiny new one each year. IPS have been first class in their customer service to me, i cannot recommend them highly enough. The only criticism i could make would be that the max battery capacity could be larger.
  15. That's why I still have a strap for mine, it's just habit. Riding along a canal tow path I fell off and but for the strap mine would have been in the canal, so lucky escape for me.