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  1. B & F****** Q

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Someone must have advertised to find people that can ride that well. There can only be a few hundred of us in the UK so where did they find them without us hearing of it?
  2. You also need to bear in mind that the control board may well seek to limit the performance of the wheel as the battery charge decreases. Inmotion certainly do this and I assume others do aswell. It's a safety precaution which seeks prevent you from asking more (performance) from the wheel than it can provide by activating tilt back at lower levels as charge decreases.
  3. Metric versus Imperial

    I work in construction and everything is metric thank god. I remember the UK changing when i was a kid and so i mostly grew up with metric. How the hell we ever got by with a base 12 currency amazes me. I used to do volunteer work at an old folks home and sometimes did their shopping for them. Some of them could only understand shillings(bob), sixpence etc and all the other old imperial monetary units. Used to confuse the hell out of me. I spend a lot of time in the US and trying to visualise fluid oz as a unit of volume is beyond me. To make it worse the one volume measurement i do recognise, gallons, is different in the US....
  4. I was set in the Z10 but the V10 is tempting too. I find myself torn between a brand which i love (Inmotion) and which makes my current favourite wheel and the Z10 which is a departure from the general trend in new wheel design. Its encouraging that despite the general lack of enthusiasm for electric first and last mile transport by the majority of western governments, and in some cases even the chinese, the developers see enough of a market to produce new and exciting products ....
  5. Custom Electric Unicycles

    How cool is that...brilliant !! Hope you get it perfected. i was at car fest a few years ago and saw some guy riding a one wheel motorbike but the wheel was huge and the seat was inside it. The motor drove around the inside of the rim. Looked bloody leathal, I’ll see if I can find any YouTube clips of it tomorrow.
  6. 18l presale specs

    2030wh...jeez that will be a seriously heavy wheel. Hope there are no weak bridges on @Marty Backe 's favourite wheel routes ....
  7. As these things are basically a big box of batteries you could always build in some form of electric fence energiser unit. You'd then need a remote key fob to turn it on and off and some aluminium on the handle. As long as the thief isn't wearing rubber soled shoes your wheel will be safe. Probably totally illegal as well but you won't need a bike lock....
  8. EUC resources other than this forum?

    Im a member of the London EUC group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1095959803798046/ There is also the EUC marketplace - https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=electric unicycle marketplace , activity on this is sporadic though.
  9. Legalising EUCs in the UK, the next steps

    Well thats more encouraging than the usual "sorry, but no"... The 6th is this Friday, wonder if i could make it even though I'm not a constituent of his....:)
  10. I agree with Meep, Inmotion is a much better brand than Solowheel, there is no comparison. Solowheel make an outdated overpriced wheel that no one wants. Inmotion make well designed and well thought out premium products at a reasonable price. Please don't ever change that.
  11. The Photo Thread

    @Smoother, yep, been on holiday quite a bit recently. Italy next month I think. Apart from whale sharks saw giant manta's, assorted other sharks but no hammerheads which i really wanted to see, turtles, a million fish and a few very cool oddities such as mantis shrimps. If you like diving I can recommend a live aboard, beats shore diving from a resort any day. We did have total novices with us but the current was, even by the standards of our dive guide, "very strong" in a couple of places. It was hand over hand crawling and then hook on to watch the sharks. I did get a good vid of octopus mating which was very unusual and pretty cool. Not sure if the mods allow octopus porn on this site tho ...
  12. Demo Ride Of InMotion V10 In Your City

    There are almost 300 members of the London EUC Group (Facebook), I’m sure there would be a good turn out for a group meet/try out/demo.....
  13. Update from China: New IPS Wheel

    Individual cell monitoring is something IPS has been doing for a while. When i killed my LHOTZ Yueyue asked me to screenshot her the individual cell readouts from the app (which i couldn't do because it was android only or for some reason didn't work on my iPhone). I really do like IPS, they may not have been making the fastest or most powerful wheels but i had immense confidence in my IPS and their customer service is great.
  14. The Photo Thread

    About 29/30 deg C surface. Slight thermocline as you go down but no more than a degree or two. Sadly heading home at the weekend but seen some awesome things and met some cool people. Do miss my wheel though.... there would be just about enough deck space to ride it round and round but its hot as crap in the direct sunshine.
  15. The Photo Thread

    The view out of my window...totally un-EUC related. On a dive boat somewhere in the indian ocean at present...