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  1. What's the biggest thing you've carried around on an EUC?

    My first wheel was a Lhotz 191. Sometime later agreed to buy a v8 and went to pick it up on the Lhotz. Wasn't particularly heavy but the box was quite large and awkward. It was a bit windy as I recall, so wheeling through south London carrying another wheel in a box wasn't very easy.
  2. Gotway MCM4 vs Inmotion V8

    Ive not used an MCM4 but i do have a V8 and have no issues with it at all, really great wheel. Im just over 100Kg and it hauls me up the hill i live on with no problems. Lovely to ride, agile, pretty light, never had a shut down, great trolly handle ... and will do 30kph. If I'm going to the local shops its what i use every time. Also have a KS18s which i love but its to big and heavy have to pull about when you are shopping or doing something else.
  3. How To Learn The Electric Unicycle

    ...but it is nice to see the manufacturers on this forum rather than just ignoring it.

    Oooooooh.....exciting, can't wait to see what it will be! Hopefully there will be a bigger battery option than 480 and it will maintain the Inmotion quality levels.
  5. King Song new model KS-18S

    Kingsong try to limit sales on Aliex but there are a host of domestic chinese web sites which do carry them. You need to be good with google translate but you can find what you are looking for. Then try to approach the domestic sellers to see if they will ship to you. Hopefully KS might not have put the squeeze on the domestic sellers. Try Baidu.com, Taobao.com or 1688.com
  6. More law.

    Well Im going to carry on as normal...and write to my useless idiot of an MP after the New Year. Its ludicrous that this government can be pro green issues and yet criminalise the best first and last mile form of transport.
  7. The state of the US health system

    I feel i should add to my earlier post...having thought about it over dinner and a glass of port...or three...I have to say that my only personal experiences of our system have been actually good, I wasn't impressed by my fathers care (or my farther in laws in the US) but the only time I've had an Xray it was same day, no waiting, sent to the hospital by my GP, turns out i have kidney stones More seriously, my eldest son had a rugby injury which could have killed him. The injury was something the surgeons see only rarely and the Oxford University hospital guys said they see only a handful over the course of a career. The broken bits ended up being rebuilt by the surgeon who rebuilt Martha Lane Fox and now, 6 years on he has no ill effects thank god. I have to say his care was brilliant ... but i guess it depends on what you've got wrong and who deals with it.
  8. The state of the US health system

    My wife is american and her family live in the US although we and our family are in the UK. Between 2002 and 2007 my dad and my father in law died of similar diseases, one in the UK and the other in the US. Neither had a good experience with their respective healthcare systems in their own different ways and frankly i don't feel there is much to choose between either system. Both are OK but flawed. I also have several friends who live in France, one of whom was a brit who's diagnosed with an unpleasant cancer in the UK (after being told on several occasions the lump was benign and not to worry about it) who told him it was only treatable with a particular drug which the NHS were not at the time able to supply. His life expectancy was just a few months. After visiting the relevant specialist in France he was given the drugs he needed straight away and went on to live for almost 6 years. Its likely that if his GP had diagnosed it correctly in the first place he would still be alive now. If I'm going to have a serious medical problem i know where I'd rather live.
  9. I met a chap on a wheel at the October critical mass thing on the South Bank. He had insurance for his wheel through his house insurance. He'd actually contacted them and got them to write him a letter specifically confirming the cover and he carried it around with him in case he was stopped. I think even if you were stopped and could prove insurance they would find something else to nail you for. Obviously a small minded policeman as i have ridden past dozens and they have not stopped me - that said I've been ridding responsibly, carefully, and always go out of my way to give way to pedestrians. I wonder if there is something else about the guy in the OP, maybe he was being reckless...still a sad day though...
  10. Playing music via KS speakers

    Thankyou, never realized that, so simple when you know how! Must have spent 3-4 hours fiddling about trying to make it work!!
  11. Can anyone explain in words of 1 syllable how to play music over the inbuilt speakers on my KS18s. I am using an android phone (not very familiar with Android as I normally use iOS however the KS app is useless on an apple phone). I have worked out how to turn the internal speakers on... just cant figure out how to play music.... and the KS instruction book is utterly hopeless.
  12. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    I have just acquired an 18s, Christmas present to myself. Going from my V8 to this has/is a very strange experience. I haven't had the chance to put it through its paces as yet because I'm getting used to riding the different body shape. It's a very different riding style and it takes a while to adapt from the very agile V8. I initially thought "how the hell do you turn this thing", but after a bit of practice it's just a case of getting used to it.
  13. I used to be a regular visitor to a UK political forum (in fact i was/am member number 4) but i no longer visit because the moderation is just so ludicrously stringent the place is frankly rather dull now. I understand that women should feel welcome and comfortable posting here but i don't think i have seen anything which i would class as offensive or NSFW and i enjoy @Hunka Hunka Burning Love and @The Fat Unicyclist and others posts. I don't have time to look in every day so i might have missed something but I'm pretty sure if my wife wanted to browse the forums she wouldn't find anything that would make her uncomfortable. I do understand where most of you guys are coming from but I wouldn't want the lighthearted humour of this place to change. I think the mods here do a great job and keep the overall tone just right.
  14. I bought a new carb for an ATV on Ali. The vendor sent me hairbrushes! It took almost 2 months to get a refund. Aliexpress were hopeless and no help at all - its just impossible to get hold of a real person to explain your problem. If the issue you have does not fit with the std Q&A automated problem tree they operate you get no help at all. The vendor who sent me the wrong stuff tried to trick me into cancelling the dispute, knowing full well once canceled you can't open another, tried to coerce me into taking only a partial refund, it was a real struggle to get it sorted out. I will be very very careful in who i do business with on AlieX if the value is over a few bucks. I would add that i have bought dozens of things before with no issue. If i was buying an EUC if be sure to get it from a shop on AlieX which others have used and who are reputable suppliers
  15. Trolley Handle for 18S

    Hi Nick, did you ever find an answer for this. I now have an18s and can't see anything else on the forum regarding the best trolly handle. As I'm 6'4" walking the thing with no trolley handle kills my back.