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  1. Holy smoke, I'm never buying a second hand wheel from you ...
  2. My one and only over lean was on a canal tow path near where i live. I was going over a small bridge which crossed a small ditch and overleaned going down the other side. I ended up on my backside but kept hold of the leash. If i hadn't the wheel would have gone straight into the water. As most of my wheeling is beside roads i always use the leash and I've been riding 18 months. I had one incident where the wheel would have been in the water but for the leash but it showed me just how easily it could have ended up in the road and under a car.
  3. Haha, me too. I kept anticipating some dramatic incident which caused a crash or an altercation with a pedestrian. I was getting really tense when I got to the description of the blind person with the white stick thinking surely its not going to be the blind guy who takes a swipe at Bob. We got past that and almost at the end there was the lone fisherman ... no, please, it cant be the fisherman ... phew, oh oh it must be the dork outside the liquor store.... It was a definite relaxing phewwwwww when you arrived home safely. I need to go have a sit down now
  4. I work in Bournemouth quite a bit, didn't know there was another wheeler down there. I did ride along the path at the back of the beach from Branksome beach at the bottom of the Avenue. Was hoping to be able to get round to Poole harbour but couldn't figure out how to do it. I was a bit concerned about all the sand along the path getting into the wheel and causing accelerated wear. Was a nice ride tho. @Paddylaz - brighton is good, you can get from the harbour at Shoreham all the way along to Marine Parade on the other side of brighton pier almost to the marina, maybe 5-6k? If the weather is nice at the weekend there are normally lots of people there, bikes, skateboards, in line skaters - i was there over the bank holiday last year and there were a ton of stalls and places selling food. Let me know if you go and ill see if i can make it. Also need to come up to London too...
  5. I know nothing about your condition but it would be worth checking that riding and EUC does not expose you to the risk of injury over and above the already significant risk run by those without your condition. I would not be put off because you haven't got it in a week, some pick it up really quick, others take a lot longer, me included. It probably took me 3-4 sessions of handing myself along a fence before I even felt I had any sort of chance of going more than a few feet without falling off. If you are trying to learn without something to lean on, so are stepping onto the wheel and trying to roll away each time that's even more difficult (but probably results in better long term confidence and control). I found using a support (fence) to get mounted and then using it as a balance aid helped me eventually get the hang of riding in a straight line. Then I added in cornering and then worked on hopping on with no prop (im still shit at that). I started in Jan 2016 and id guess it was 3-4 weeks before I felt safe and competent riding/turning on level ground. Don't be disheartened, stick at it and in sure it will click. It really is worth the effort and its so much fun once you crack it.
  6. Looks like you are using your dog to recharge your wheel
  7. ...all joking aside I'm very attached to my dog, I'm not going to risk hurting him, he's like our third child. @WARPed1701D he doesn't wear a collar, his neck is bigger than his head so it would slip right off. He has a body harness if he needs to be on a leash, which is when he's near other dogs. He's very gentle and trusting to the point where he's oblivious to the signs that other dogs might not feel the same way.
  8. Ive seen You Tube clips of people mowing the lawn on and EUC but does anyone walk their dog on one? If so how did you train your dog not to walk in front of the wheel? To the hilarity of my neighbours i have tried walking our dog on mine but he's constantly trotting in front of the wheel and I'm concerned that I'm going to scratch my wheel when i run him over hurt him if i hit him. As you can see he's not really built for speed -
  9. @Clifmeister I got one for my V8, bought it from this place - Was $29 singapore dollars plus shipping so less than $30 US all up. Fits well, looks good - better than my ham fisted super fuggly attempt at protective padding which was mostly duck tape anyway. Knackers, says out of stock currently. Maybe i had the last one as it turned up a week ago.
  10. Ive always been a bit bemused by watching things get taken out of boxes, sorry "unboxed". When the UPS man brings me stuff the bloody box is the last thing on my mind. Its in bits on the floor in like 5 seconds if I'm expecting something exciting. I'll be watching tho, thanks for the heads up, (just more about the wheels and less about the getting it out of the box pls )
  11. @WARPed1701D i know what you mean, my wife is american and we re over there visiting quite often. I was out with my inlaws a while back and they wanted to go to a store on one side of a two lane road. I wanted to go to another which i was told was on the opposite side of the road. "I'll just walk over" i told them - they looked at me like i was insane, then all the car drivers in the lane going one way did the same, then i walked across the grass central reservation only to find that the middle bit was a quagmire with a thin veneer of grass on top, then all the car drivers in the other lane looked at me like id escaped from the local mental hospital (via a swamp as I was now rather muddy) as i was waiting to cross the other lane - no one bloody stopped to let me cross. Then it was a further 80 meters across a blazing hot car park to get to where i wanted to go, but it was shut. So i called my wife and asked if they'd come and pick me up. To go 200 yards from one store to the strip mall on the other side on foot was a Dr Livingstone style expedition. Getting from start to finish in the car involved driving along the car park to get to the exit, turning onto the road and driving a quarter mile to be able to make a U turn, a quarter mile back plus a bit to find the entrance to the car park on the other side then the "plus a bit" back again to get to the shop. Didn't take long but was half a mile + to go 200 yards as the crow flies.
  12. @WARPed1701D & @Catlord17, the learning process is a bit of a struggle but do keep at it and within a few days you will have picked it up. I found a local school playground which had a low fence/rail around it so was able to hand myself along the fence whilst trying to learn to balance. Like riding a bike the balance comes easier with a little speed so a brisk walking speed is a lot easier to balance at than a crawl. A hard surface is also easier to learn on than loose dirt or gravel and a slightly softer tire pressure also helps although as soon as you have some confidence pump it back up to hard, as the wheel has a much greater agility that way. Not sure if it has already been suggested but i found a short leash around the handle allowed me to prevent my wheel from falling over if i had to bail. Don't try to use it as a balance aid, that won't work, its just a way of stopping the wheel hitting the deck if /when you jump off.
  13. Does anyone watch Cassey Niestat - probably spelt that wrong? He seems to wiz around NYC on an electric skateboard, weaving in and out of the traffic, amazes me he hasn't been run over. He did try a wheel (forget which one) on one of his blogs but never mastered it. Id love to sail past him on a wheel one day.
  14. I had the same problem a few months back. I purchased a V8 and couldn't park anywhere near where i had to go in london to collect it. Ended up parking some way away and then riding my Lhotz to pick it up. Its bloody hard work lugging one by hand even when changing hands every few mins. As i weigh in at 100kg, probably 105+ with clothes (wallet at that stage empty so didn't add weight) and 13kg of V8 wheel the Lhotz coped very well with maybe 130kg or so.
  15. Its hard to compete with some of the beautiful scenery you guys post. Southern France, about 1 hr to the east of Bordeaux by the way... Hideously hot at 38 degC