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  1. They are a good fun bunch, despite weaving through the traffic on Oxford Street and elsewhere. They have also tempted @Luiz to the dark side (he's ordered himself an electric skateboard).... can't wait to see if he can ride both at the same time ...
  2. 18L Group Buy?

    Once they are in Europe there is no further tax to pay, you can shuffle them about within the EU with just the shipping cost.
  3. 18L Group Buy?

    Only just synths thread, id be interested depending on the cost/battery size. Pls add me to the list.
  4. London UK meetup

    There are a host of opportunities for you to choose Vence, this coming weekend there is - Saturday evening night ride starting at Starbucks on Tottenham Ct Rd at 6.30pm, mainly electric seaboard riders but EUC's welcome too Sunday 12.00 midday in hyde park, London EUC group ...and next week, Friday 27th night ride, southbank/waterloo bridge (i think) I did see the details of these on the various Facebook groups but I'm hopeless with FB and now can't find the details but pretty sure those are correct...
  5. Hi Luiz I understand that there is also a night ride is on the 27th (Friday week) meeting on the soutbank close to waterloo station. Im hoping to get to it as are a few of the London EUC group. Not sure if i can get to the one this Saturday or the London EUC group ride on Sunday. Hopefully i can get to one or the other.
  6. The Photo Thread

    You have access to some lovely riding areas Simon. Guess you have no shortage of skiing opportunities in winter time too. Im very jealous!!!
  7. London UK meetup

    Thanks for posting Simon. Wish i could have been there but i got the day wrong. Maybe next time.....
  8. Im sure I was speaking to someone in Paris who was from Germany who had one taken, just can't recall who it was now. It's my worst nightmare but I can't see it happening here tho thankfully. There was a sign up in Hyde Park yesterday saying that you could get a £60 ticket for cycling in areas which were not for bikes. We did inadvertently enter an area were we weren't supposed to wheel and just got told politlty that we "can't do that here". There was a police alert yesterday after a car hit a few pedestrians in London and the main road to the south of the park was closed to cars both ends. This is usually one of the busiest roads in London. As it was traffic free I rolled down the middle of it on my way back to the tube station, no one complained and there were police all over the place.
  9. London UK meetup

    Hi Paddy Turns out Luiz and I got the day wrong - its tomorrow that the London group are meeting. We both pitched up today, realised it is tomorrow and then had a nice ride around the park. i think Luiz is going back tomorrow but I cant make it sadly.
  10. @meepmeepmayer What an awesome post Simon, you must have had such fun. Thanks for posting so that we can vicariously enjoy your ride with you. I wish I had been with you and Luiz for the Sunday afternoon jaunt but i really needed a charge (and a sleep). Paris really is a superb place to ride around, helped of course by the lovely french riders. I might be trying London tomorrow so i will see how accepting the police are ... @Hansolo Thanks for the extra videos, lots to watch
  11. London UK meetup

    I have just asked to join the Facebook group too, didn't know they existed. Might not be able to make it Saturday but great to know there is a group in London.
  12. What @Jag_Rip said, are they going to collect everyone's phone and laptop at the door, ban all hybrid and electric cars, take everyone's drone or other RC toys away, take all smart watches and confiscate all e-cigarettes? Li-ion batteries are in everything. Seems like a very poorly thought out rule to me. Maybe you should point out that they are going to have to ban all of the above...
  13. @Hansolo thankyou for the videos, its like reliving the whole awesome experience again Loved you guys, your city and the whole two day adventure, thanks to all of you who arranged it and made it possible
  14. Android Wear Watch

    I have been trying to get various wheel apps to work with a Moto 360 2nd gen without success :(
  15. Hope you managed to get another ride in today Simon. I had to catch up on sleep but just trundled along the river for a bit this evening. Nice meeting you and have a safe trip back.