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  1. I pumped up my tyre to about 45 psi and no scrape. I do notice the odd noise as the wheel picked up the odd bit of crud which then rattles around between the housing and the tyre until it falls out. No idea why the clearance is so low but other than that i find that the V8 is really very nicely built. I never ride in the wet so cannot comment on the weatherproofing of the power button.
  2. Im off to southern france in a few weeks , going by eurostar and taking the car. My wife thinks its so we can take the dog ....
  3. Two more days of this apparently, I cannot wait till it gets cooler. I was going to go wheeling this afternoon when i got in from work but its just to damn hot to do anything. Even the dog is melting....we have to keep the windows shut to stop the heat coming in.
  4. When i was learning i used a school playground near my house which has some sort of court marked out on it in white lines (netball maybe?). I would follow the white lines and turn from one to the other as they crossed. Also around the edge is a narrow boarder and I'd wheel around the edge trying to keep between the edge line and the grass. It was pretty good for practicing slow speed control. I found for a while it was much easier to run right rather than left but i don't think about it now.
  5. You could contact IPS direct - She sometimes takes a few days to get back to you but in my experience she's very helpful. I think you may struggle with the price though, a new one is going to be over $500 once you put shipping on. I have a 191 and like it a lot, very robust wheel, 340w/hr battery.
  6. Jeeeez, thats gonna give me nightmares ... how can anyone do that ? Im up on the roofs of high buildings quite a bit with my job and I have no problem with heights but I break out in a cold sweat just watching that.
  7. Bah, I'm off fishing for the day otherwise id hop on the train to meet up.
  8. Thats brilliant, i wish my idiot MP was that responsive and positive. Please do let us know how you get on or if there is anything i can do (hampshire) to support your efforts.
  9. I was getting all excited there for a moment, a 680 Lhotz would be great. Then I remembered that its two stuck together. I took the letters off mine too. The damn things are made of a very thin metal and I managed to slice my fingers open when trying to stick a couple that were lifting back down.
  10. Love that DIY seat for the Msuper, bloody brilliant! do the tail lights work? i think that deserves a couple more photos and maybe even a video of you cruising on it ......
  11. I'm around 220lbs and spent my first year riding IPS Lhotz. I would guess on the flat it will get me 15 - 20 km, depending on riding style, no problems with the big hill I live at the top of. I really like that wheel, even though it won't do 50 km on a charge. I now have a V8 too, but it to early to say if it will become my favourite.
  12. I think i paid by card, but i must admit I'm not sure now. The sent it by UPS as the package also contained the battery. Yueyue sent me the tracking number but it didn't show anything for about 5-6 days until the parcel got to the Netherlands, from then it to another day or two so maybe a bit over a week in total. The board came complete with the aluminium heat sink box so it was simple to fit. I hope you get a reply soon. I have to admit i sometimes went 3-4 days without a response which was a bit frustrating. I guess she has lots of other things to do than answering our awkward emails. Overall i did find IPS very helpful especially when i was trying to diagnose the initial problems and i was constantly asking daft questions.
  13. Hope this saves your problem. I found IPS customer service very helpful although on occasion they can be slow to answer emails. A couple of times it was 4-6 days before they responded. When my new board arrived the connector for the battery was reversed. Luckily I had a new battery too and the connector gender on this was also reversed so they fitted OK. They have also changed the design of the lighting control board since i bought my original wheel. The connectors on the new main board will not fit the old light control board. I never used the lights anyway and not connecting the light board makes no difference to the operation of the wheel in other respects.
  14. As @MaxLinux pointed out the is a very supportive place and i think that is the root of it. We are all here because of our interest in EUC's. They are not perfect and have their faults, sometimes do unexpected things, they may be illegal to ride in many countries and when you are out riding its very very rare to meet another EUC nut. So the only place we have to talk, get support and interact with others of a like mind is here.
  15. Id say the same, people here are nice to each other...most unusual for an internet forum