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  1. Amtrak

    Pretty disgusting. I think Amtrak stopped doing that 20 some years ago.
  2. Amtrak

    We took a drive along the PCH in Southern California this past summer, which gave us a hankerin' for more. The real appeal of the train is to not have to do much driving. That way we can both admire the scenery without having to worry about driving off a cliff. The observation cars on Amtrak are supposed to offer spectacular views, and much of the way does overlook the Pacific coastline. A number of years ago I drove all the way up from San Ysidro at the Mexican border to San Francisco (actually as far as Muir Woods to see some of the gigantical redwoods) with my son when my wife was chaperoning a band trip to Italy with my daughter. The plan is to stop here and there along the way to see such sights with a minimum of driving. Maybe we'll rent a car for some things, use Uber for most. Another part of the appeal is to do something different. There's something kinda nostalgic and romantic about trains. In the US they are mostly a thing of the past. I've used them for both long distance and shorter trips in Germany, where they are still a part of everyday life, but here it is not so common, plus my wife has never really experienced travel by train. Your suggestions make sense, hunka, but this time we just want to sit back and enjoy the ride.
  3. Amtrak

    My wife and I are thinking about taking a vacation next year on Amtrak -- taking a train from Arizona to Los Angeles then taking the Coast Starlight from L.A. up to Seattle. We'd probably stop off in San Francisco for a day or so, spend a day or so in Seattle, then head back to Arizona on the train again. Anyone ever done this -- we are definitely going with a sleeper car, rather than coach. any tips on such travel? We don't particularly care when we do it, so doing it in the off-season to save some money is part of the plan. Anyone know when the lowest rates are for Coast Starlight are?
  4. Forum signatures

    And likewise, while you're in your profile making that change, it would be great if everyone updated their location information too, to make some questions a lot easier to answer, and to help local people find each other. Your only excuse not to would be if you are some sort of criminal on the run, spy, or official government assassin.
  5. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    Looks like a couple of chunks of this thread needs to be moved into the "Off Topic Discussions" thread. Or maybe just flushed down the toilet.
  6. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    Doesn't sound like you need a new way to get around, it actually sounds like you need real friends, not these people you hang around with. I'd like to know, where is it that you live that it is acceptable to treat their "friends" this way? What culture are you a part of? It will help us to give advice. And we all are pretty sure it really isn't p.luto!
  7. Nope, I don't think so - any animated GIF should work, not that I've actually tried it. There may be a size limit though!
  8. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    My self worth is not determined by money, either the lack or abundance of it! I live in a very "upscale" city, yet I don't give a crap that they drive Beemers and Mercedes while I drive around in my very practical (bought used) Toyota Echo. I laugh all the way to the bank because I have no mortgage and no car payments while they are in debt up to the gills. I am in a better situation all around even though my income may be below the average for my area. I'm afraid @mezzanine's comments may apply here. Unless you have the ability to read minds (and i have yet to meet anyone who has that ability) you don't have the slightest idea of what anyone else is thinking. As humans, many of us have the nasty habit of projecting our own worst behaviors and thoughts upon other's actions and motives, while ignoring our own failures, weaknesses and foibles. That is hypocrisy in its worst form.
  9. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    Exactly. Be yourself and ignore the haters. I have never encountered anything negative, at least among the comments I've heard! I do believe any negative comments you hear are rooted in jealousy. They fear doing what you do, or fear they could never learn it, or fear they don't have the courage to try, or whatever. What they say, as @mezzanine commented, says a whole lot more about them then it does about you!
  10. Got A New Pet!!!

  11. EUC Halloween Fun!

    What could possibly go wrong?
  12. Help. All lithium ion cycles banned at USC

    If you can't convince them otherwise, there's always working around the dorm rules. Does your son have a car he can store the wheel in? If so, he could charge the wheel elsewhere, like at the library while studying (presumably that is still done), in a classroom while attending a lecture, at a campus Starbucks, etc.
  13. Ninebot One S2 problems with App

    Excellent! Glad you'll be able to ride unhindered now. Safe Wheeling!
  14. Ninebot One S2 problems with App

    Know someone with an Android? Have him download the app and try getting past the tutorials that way. You could even buy an ultra cheap Android phone just for that purpose. I saw one on clearance at Walmart for $20.
  15. Tenancy at will

    Perhaps the rental income is not great enough to cover upkeep expenses, or its too little to make it worth the trouble.