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  1. I do believe that @Playariderhas ridden his 9bot1 at Burning Man, but I haven't seen him on the forum for months. @Playarider, where are you?
  2. Thanks, Hunka, I believe I will always and forever be known for that minor but brilliant flash of foolishness, and I thank you for bringing it up yet again! By the way, I've had a cast on now for close to six weeks, with at least two more weeks to go. So to all of you fellow EUCers out there, I hold myself up as an example to avoid emulating. Stay safe, peeps!
  3. On both accounts we've done the EUC community a great service in trying to push the boundaries and yet demonstrating that there are places where boundaries should not be pushed any longer. If there were only some sort of medal, we would both be quite deserving...
  4. As promised earlier in the thread, I'm posting an accurate photo of what the Killer 187 Derby Wrist Guards look like that I was wearing that fateful day. They have no stiffeners at all on the back side, depending only on the tightness of the Velcro straps to keep your wrist from bending too far back.
  5. Great information on your Triple 8 experience. I hope you don't have to find out with another injury whether the Demon Flexmeter is mere marketing fluff or not. Maybe there are some other volunteers who might want to test the claims personally?
  6. Thanks for the well-wishes, it's going to be a long road to recovery, I fear, since I got bad medical advice in the beginning after a weeks delay in diagnosis, leaving to an even longer delay in proper treatment. Long story short, if you have a wrist injury, have a break ruled out by a hand specialist ASAP! Now, back to finding the best, real world-tested wrist protection....
  7. Wow! The picture does not accurately reflect what I actually got. I will edit to remove the link, and will add accurate photos in a future post!
  8. Many of you know I broke my wrist not too long ago after a 9bot1 fall (my own fault, not that of the 9bot ), but I was wearing wrist protection, specifically 187 Killer wrist guards (Derby Wrist). I am wondering if anyone else has suffered significant injuries to their wrists, either a break or bad sprain after using wrist protection, and what brand/model of wrist protection that was. The fall could have occurred as a result of EUC, skateboard, motocross, whatever. I'm interested in what works and what doesn't. I do know that protective gear is not a guarantee of non-injury, but I am interested in what may be the least and most effective designs for wrist protection. Likewise, if you took a particularly nasty spill where you thought your wrist guards saved you from a broken bone or bones, add your comments as well. It's going to be quite a while before I can ride again, so I have plenty of time to work on my repeat injury prevention plan!
  9. My wife took this pic of me not long after bringing me home from surgery yesterday, which explains the weird look on my face. (That's my excuse anyway!) You can see the screw that the surgeon inserted in the x ray below. Looks like masterful work. Still hurts like the dickens, though. I get this crazy mass of bandages off Wednesday, and hopefully into a less massive cast. We shall see. And yes, that's the shirt I wore to the outpatient surgery center.
  10. How about, "if I'm an a**hole, you must think you're 'the sh*t! ' "? It has the value of being equally vulgar while at the same time paying him a "compliment"!
  11. They took three views, none of them a specific scaphoid view. When I went to see the specialist, an orthopedic hand surgeon, he took the x rays himself and was a perfectionist in taking them, (four different views) moving my arm or hand millimeters at a time this way or that. If he's that careful taking radiographs, I imagine his surgical technique would be even more precise. He took 45 minutes or more to get my history, images, go over treatment options, and just get to know me. Frankly, he's the best doctor I've ever had to see professionally. I told the surgeon all about the fall, and he even looked up Ninebot One on his phone to get a picture of what one looked like. I fully intend to wait until I get the go ahead to get back to riding again. I don't want to mess it up more than it is already.
  12. I'd prefer not to pay anything either, but there are some very real risks when this tiny little bone is broken but never unites, mainly something called avascular necrosis. Basically the bone dies from lack of blood supply. Then you are doomed to a life of painful arthritis in that hand. I don't mind paying someone for their expertise, which is acquired through hard work and experience. As fun as it would be to try the procedure myself, I don't think I have the nerve to cut into my own flesh like that. I'm glad that other people want to pay for the expertise that I've developed over the years, but my profession doesn't have nearly the negative personal consequences as surgery if I get mine wrong. In my case, my clients would only lose money or not make as much as they'd hoped. They aren't taking the chance of being crippled for life if something goes wrong, and I don't have to account for the high cost of something going horribly wrong and being sued for malpractice.
  13. I was wearing some pretty expensive 187 Killer Pads "Derby Wrist" wrist guards. Looking at them now, it seems like they might not have had enough "give" in them to absorb the shock. They did slide, because they took some very noticable damage in the form of scratches. My older (and much cheaper) JBM wrist protectors have a thinner more flexible plastic piece. They might have been more effective in absorbing the energy of the fall. I may go back to them when I start riding again.
  14. On May 6, of this year, towards the end of our 2nd Phoenix AZ group ride, I fell off my 9bot1 while trying to lob a football. I do not recommend that maneuver. There is a reason quarterbacks plant their feet firmly on the ground while throwing a long bomb. Trust me on this. Went to urgent care, was told they saw nothing on the x rays of my wrist. A week later they called and said "oops. Radiologist says it's a hairline fracture in a bone in your wrist. Come in for a better splint to wear. You can see a specialist if you want to." I didn't want to see a specialist, so I wore my splint somewhat religiously, but after 7 weeks of increasing intermittent pain I went to a hand specialist. The doctor was pretty p.o.ed at the urgent care doctors because my fracture was not a hairline break, but a full fracture and mildly displaced at that. Long story short -- I go in Thursday to have surgery. He'll put a screw through both pieces of the scaphoid bone in my wrist to hold them together. I may also need a bone graft so they'll actually unite. They'll put a cast on it afterwards that I'll have to wear for at least three weeks. I haven't ridden my EUC more than a quarter of a mile since the injury, but I can't wait to get healed up so I can get back to riding again. Sounds crazy, but I don't think a broken bone will deter me from getting back in the saddle again.