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  1. But how do you know that your attackers are going to stop at a fat lip?The man in the article actually suffered a concussion too. A deadly blow to the head could have just as easily been the result. According to the FBI UCR data from 2015, 624 people were murdered with hands, fists, feet, etc. I do not have any reason to believe that someone attacking me has any intention to stop short off killing me. How would anyone know that? If you value your life less than that of a criminal's, that is indeed your choice, and you can act accordingly. But I chose to live, and to potentially save the lives of other potential future victims of the same attackers by acting within the well established parameters of the laws in my state.
  2. Agreed, @Rehab1. I am an NRA pistol and self defense instructor in my spare time (when I have any!) and I agree. Guns are not evil, they are simply a tool that is useful to defend oneself from real evil in this world. Guns are the great "equalizer" that allows the innocent to defend themselves from evil whether or not the attacker is younger, stronger or attacks you en masse. Where I would disagree with you is in your choice of language: If faced with the situation, I train my students to "stop the threat," not to blow someone away. If it ends up in the fatality of the attacker or attackers, then so be it. But all we should want is for the attack to stop.
  3. I'm definitely open to a Tucson ride, but Sundays just won't work for me.
  4. We're just a couple weeks out -- any other Arizona riders interested? @Clovis @Xelvic @Baldy @cesar1047 @MagicCow @Jerry388d @AGENT
  5. Great editing work, @Ombre, and love the music! Watching this again, I see what a bad mistake it was to use my messenger bag instead of a backpack. The extra battery served as a pendulum, countering every move I made to maintain balance, constantly working against any balancing I was doing. fro now on. I'll leave the messenger bag at home if I am carrying a spare battery. A backpack holds the battery firmly in place, making the job of keeping upright much smoother.
  6. I hereby proclaim @Hunka Hunka Burning Love to be the king of double entendre.
  7. I agree. My charger showed green all the time, despite the battery being discharged. I'd look at the charger first, not the battery.
  8. My wife thoroughly enjoyed the video, and was a great way for her to join in on the fun without risking life & limb.
  9. I'll second that endorsement. Makes me want to do it again ASAP.
  10. Well done, @Ombre, and perfect timing for lunch hour viewing at work!
  11. Anyone know what the discharge rate is on the 18650 cells used in the 320 Wh battery? I'm assuming that the discharge rate is the most important spec to meet or exceed if I'm going to rebuild a battery using new cells. After that, I'll look at cell capacity. Any other handy hints I should know before plunging in? My son builds custom light sabers, and wants to build his own battery packs for them and other projects as well. I told him I'd share the cost of building a battery spot welder if he'd rebuild my battery packs for my 9bot E+. Don't worry, the spot welder will only be used outside, with all the proper precautions taken to ensure a high degree of safety. Ultimately, I'd like to use the best cells possible for more safety and range for the EUC.
  12. The first Arizona group ride was an outstanding success. Thanks to all who came, especially those who made the trip up from Tucson just for the ride. Video from the trip will make its way to the video thread after some editing.
  13. Someday I'd like to go up to someone riding an EUC and sound like a braggert -- "That doesn't look so hard! - I betcha $XXX I can ride it in three tries!" Then get on it and ride, turn around and come back right away to collect my bet. Unfortunately, I've never come across another rider in person, and won't 'til this Sunday at Arizona's first group ride. Plus, they will be tipped off by this post. Dang it!
  14. Just logged out and back in again through FB. Works great now! Thanks!