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  1. Just so a Canadian doesn't have to apologize yet again, I'll do it for you. That was the sorriest traffic safety video campaign ever. Sorry. We all are. Yikes. Is that really what you teach pedestrians to do? Look both ways? Check. Make eye contact with driver? Check. Point? Really? That's, well, kinda odd. No. Not just kinda. It is plain weird. And I, as a humble American, apologize on behalf of all Calgarians. Especially the mayor.
  2. Glad you are still with us! That is quite the scary story. You are quite right, as the "stuff" can be replaced. Your lives can't. Stay safe @Rehab1!
  3. I'm pretty sure it's part of the frame. The metal is pretty soft, so you could try using a wire brush attachment on a Dremel tool to take the scratches out.
  4. Take Bieber back now, then we'll talk about the rest!
  5. Why thank you! I am quite honored!
  6. Would I qualify under #2?
  7. One of my favorite things to do is the subtle "motorcycle salute" when I come upon a motorcyclist going the opposite way. About half of them return the salute, probably out of pure reflex action!
  8. Are they a percentage or flat fees?
  9. Which may be why I started a whole new thread. I searched the forum for the term, but I spelled it as one word instead of two when doing my search! Thanks for merging the two.
  10. Anybody here dabble in speculating in cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or any others? I thought about throwing a few hundred bucks into BTC a few years ago and chickened out. I definitely shoulda!
  11. Yeah, but the then/than confusion would not normally be picked up by a mere spell checker. Microsoft word might pick up matters of usage like that, but who wants to write everything in Word? The other issue is I post quite a bit using my phone, and my Swype-type keyboard puts in some really funky things sometimes rather than what I intended. I try to proof everything before I post it, but usually have to edit it again one posted!
  12. I thought this forum was immune to criticisms of spelling/grammar/usage, etc, and focused its energy instead on ideas and constructive conversation, for the most part. This is the first criticism I've seen based on spelling since I've been a part of the Electric Unicycle Forum for the last year and a half or so. I hope it is the last, since it adds very little to the merits of a discussion, unless the spelling/usage error makes the question or a response impossible to understand.
  13. They are worth their weight in gold! Unfortunately, they don't weigh much.
  14. Completely agree - have your posts on EUC politics been removed? Have there been complaints about it? (Honest question. I'm pretty active on these forums but if it's happening, I'm totally unaware of it.) Even though my German is rusty, I've been trying to follow the posts in the German language section, which from start to finish is almost completely about the legal issues concerning EUCs. I've discussed the legality of EUCs in the US state of Arizona, and the political success of getting the law changed here, all without censorship. It is central to the topic of EUCs to discuss their legality, and it should be fair game to discuss politics and political tactics to get laws and regulations which would give EUC riders greater freedom to ride in their own countries and localities. As far as Islam goes, I agree with you in substance on your opinion of the Islamic problem in Europe, and the cultural suicide that is going on within the EU thanks to Merkel and other politicians. I do believe, however, that there are other more appropriate forums than an EUC forum for the discussion of this awful problem that will likely bring the demise of most of Europe as we know it. It is the right of the forum organizer to set the limits for discussion on his forum, and exclude such discussions entirely. EUCs are a very happy subject. The islamization of Europe is not. Let's stay away from that topic.
  15. It does in EVERY U.S. state. You don't have to wait to be attacked before defending yourself, even in the most leftist states. Besides, you do not need to prove that your life was actually endangered, either. You are also allowed to use deadly force to protect against serious bodily injury, too. You don't have to show that you WOULD have been killed or injured without having used deadly force, only that a reasonable person would fear death or serious bodily injury under those circumstances. That is why it is perfectly legal to use deadly force against someone who points a realistic looking toy gun (or a real gun that incapable of firing because it is broken or unloaded) at you and you fear you might be shot. Unless they hand the gun over to you first for careful inspection, how would you know any differently? Please, please, please do not dispense false legal advice that could cause someone to fail to act and could actually cost an innocent person his life because he is under the misapprehension that he must take the first punch, or shot, or knife wound before he can defend himself. It is simply not true anywhere in the U.S. Period.