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    Mall management prohibited riding anywhere other than in the store. They also did not allow potential customers from "trying them out," and the occasional person asks to try.

    Tons of fun all weekend! Thanks for letting me be a part of it, @Ombre!
  3. New to Forum...never riden before...awaiting delivery

    Welcome. I'm 55, ordered mine and got it before my 53rd birthday. You may injure yourself, but you're not crazy! On the subject of injury, get the best safety gear you can. I broke my wrist despite wearing wrist guards, it kept me from riding for six months. Now I wear expensive Flexmeter wrist guards. Helmet, knee and elbow pads also help. Then, ATGATT: All the gear, all the time! Stay safe, and good luck!
  4. Where is my 9B1 battery?

    You are in luck living in the EU. Not available to us in the U.S. this outfit is available from Germany: http://www.1radwerkstatt.de/epages/80603321.mobile/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/80603321/Products/NinebotSET
  5. The Photo Thread

    I would have too, had I not noticed how shiny the calf was. I did a double-take on the cow and saw how dull she was!
  6. The Photo Thread

    Do plastic cows only get painted when their born? Don't they get a fresh coat as they grow up?
  7. Southern Arizona rides

    @MagicCow, Sorry for the late notice, but it looks like the December 9 ride is going to be postponed to another date, yet to be determined. The usual trio, @Ombre, @Playarider and myself are all going to be unavailable on Saturday. Of course, if there are others interested in a group ride for that day, please arrange something, then tell us about it here!
  8. 63 old guinea pig

    Hmm. Nothing mentioned about EUCs! Oops, my apologies @Hunka Hunka Burning Love, I hadn't read far enough down the thread to see your comment. Great minds....
  9. Violent shaking

    Maybe someone else downloaded the app and locked your Ninebot as a joke! Seriously, it's worth the trouble of downloading the app to see if somehow the lock got activated. The shaking behavior is consistent with a locked Ninebot.
  10. Probably not. The efficiency of a generator is not something that will get better any time soon, and it isn't even the efficiency of it that is the limiting factor. The power limitation is on the input side, in other words the human element. Watch the video below and see how much effort it takes to toast bread. The amount of energy needed to power the motor in an electric unicycle is not trivial, and is even greater than the needs of a toaster. Even if you hired this Olympian to follow you around on your EUC carrying the bicycle hooked up to a generator, it would take him several hours of all out effort to charge your wheel back up to 100%
  11. Just got hit by a bus

    Like this? try this: https://www.amazon.com/Rotating-Flashing-Beacon-Party-Strobe/dp/B0010W6PL0/ref=sr_1_21?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1511996059&sr=1-21&keywords=police+siren+lights

    Here's my favorite version:
  13. The yes, no, or maybe thread.

    Yes! When you have to stop at a stop light, do you dismount as opposed to hanging on to a pole until the light turns green again?

    @Marty Backe, I think you'd be surprised. Here's a link to the model that one of them had -- he just bought it recently to replace a worn out 36". You could pretty much swap one-for-one! https://www.unicycle.com/kris-holm-36-road-unicycle/