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  1. It is! Too bad I didn't pack my mavic with me this time. Oh well, there will be more sunny days I hope
  2. I think you're right, at least I rememer reading about something along those lines... But could very well be what @smallexis said about cells being underpowered. @LEO_LEO Are you using a Charge Doctor by any chance? That could be the reason for cells to never getting the chance to balance...
  3. Around my workplace a few days ago: Today: same place, different day, different wheels
  4. This! definitely your problem. Seeing that remaining milage is showing 00km, it means than miniPro cannot obtain battery information/gets no contact with BMS. Very common thing with non-original batteries.
  5. Under 40% the maximum speed of minipro is being reduced to 16,5 km/h and still comfortable enough to ride. It remains 16,5 km/h down to very low battery charge (like 3-4%) and after that it goes down to 7,5 km/h.
  6. According to legislation of MiniPro in Israel the maximum speed is restricted to 13 km/h...
  7. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love, Now I have Sade playing through the headset here in half an hour already
  8. The "pads" on E+ are really just controller and battery covers. S2 is a slimmer, smaller and more compact version overall with controller placed on top of the wheel and battries on both sides, making the protruding covers unnecessary. As you ride more on your EUC, you'll find that you don't need to clamp the wheel with your legs, most of the time you will not touch the body of the wheel at all. But if you want to add some pads to you wheel, there are some OEM pads to buy: @SuperSport beat me to it And Yeah, they are original covers
  9. +1 And most probably the cause. Bad drivers shouldn't be excused as "not used to ...." They are drivers like I am, got the same driving licences as I got, thus I expect and require them to know how to drive and not just going "pedal to the metal" in their tin boxes...
  10. The warning that is now placed in the very first post there. About mini's titlback forward (meaning - in the same direction you ride while riding it backward) when max speed is reached, And yes, "reverse-mod" makes the handlebars unusable...
  11. @theo It's all here: Take it easy and read though the whole thread, including some warnings!
  12. Nah... much cheaper than €10: Folding Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar Stand A Frame Floor Rack Holder or even less than €5: Iron + Rubber Foldable Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar Stand Floor Bracket Holder
  13. Wheat graphics is a United Nations Edition one. There are many more Limited editions: Just to name a few... And last but not least:
  14. Here you go: VersionFW
  15. What about all that fuss about speed restrictions below 40% charge in 1.4.0? Cause I don't get any restrictions in speed until the battery reach 20% (max 12 km/h after that). Don't change the winning horse! Yes, I have zero issues whatsoever with 1.2.3 and don't want to upgrade beyond the point of no return. Thanks for reminding me about that link! Since I can't edit my old posts I haven't updated the link there. Will try to find that document when I get home.