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  1. EUCing will be just as easy after some time. But miniPro is defo easy to just hop on and ride in a matter of few minutes.
  2. Ended up with a bottle of 2013 Kongsgaard Napa Valley Chardonnay and a couple of Cotes-du-Rhone wines Ready to celebrate some good weather (at last!) this weekend! Thanks! Yeah, we can't brag about fine good weather here, but the nature and landscapes are just stunning.
  3. "Try turning the unit on and lifting it up letting the wheel spin until it starts beeping then turn it off. Repeat this 3 times." - comes from a Ninebot engineer technician. No joke! Nope that procedure resets the BT settings only
  4. I think not that many people still got E model. But_ really, with 9BDgrader package you can always try them all out yourself and make sure you get the best fw for your use. I know @Rotator have an E an got more than 7000km on the clock. Maybe he could chime in here?
  5. Earlier versions should do the trick too. Just don't use apps newer than 3.51.
  6. On my way to a liquor store to get some wine
  7. Yep. Spot on with your description Large properties with plenty of undeveloped agricultural playing fields for sheeps and cows. Happy norwegian farmers and world's most subsidised ones.
  8. Hmm... really strange. I am with you. It could be some strictrly chinese versions, but why E model then? Doesn't rhyme at all...
  9. Nice pictures! That quoted one reminded me of a picture I took not far away from my house for a week ago: No wheel (was just out with a dog) but still a cosy picture
  10. I've been using a bunch of different mobiles and tablets with my ninebots. Pretty random app versions installed on them too. I am quite sure that different app versions have no influence on miniPro behaviour.
  11. Ok. We are free to like or dislike things here on this forum, but since you begin to give negatives and calling us a bunch of irresponsible ignorant.... I take it almost personally and find it insulting. Do you care to elaborate which part of this post you didn't understand right, @Carlos E Rodriguez?
  12. You'll have to to connet the ninebot app to your wheel then og to Settings -> "other settings" and type in your serial number. Then you'll have to get a security code to activate that board. That's assuming you've got a replacement board. If you have a used controller and want to activate it in other wheel, then I don't think there are other ways than soldering a programmer to that board...