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  1. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Patience you must have, my young padawan. (c) Master Yoda
  2. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Can still take some time before all they are actually back at work... I second that!
  3. 4am was mentioned there, so must've been a typo... still 9 hours though...
  4. Uniwheel full specs

    That would be the Uncatchable Joe then! OK, what the hell was that, Bill? Oh, that's Uncatchable Joe. Nobody has ever managed to catch him, Harry Why? Is he so fast, Bill? Nope, that's because nobody cares about him, Harry.
  5. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I am in! But not for the money - only for fun.
  6. They do... but there are other companies that are not pushing the poorly tested devices onto the unsuspecting buyers just so they can fix the production weaknesses and design faults after the end-users faceplants and gets injured..
  7. That is not the seller/buyer problem but an issue of a much larger scale - manufacturers attitude ang their short-term goals - making wheels faster, longer range, bigger motor etc without any proper safety measures developement and by the cost of the users being used as guinea pigs. Just take a look at various Gotway manufacturing videos to gather a sense of it. Now it's nothing new when it comes to the chinese productions at general and shouldn't be surprising for many... still there are more than a few good examples of really good organized factories in China that are really on par with better western companies but Gotway is just not one of them...
  8. Failures on Gotways are much deeper rooted than just user "ignorance" unfortunately... Quality control is superficial to say the least... They prioritize speed and quantity before safety of the end-user and this is just unacceptable. The whole Gotway production is the semi-organized unit that is just a little bit more than a typical chinese disorganized workshop...
  9. And that's all we need to know.. Good thing that you've got the time and resources to help other people to avoid this battery.
  10. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    There are thousands of both good and bad examples of falls/folds that can be amazing and daft. Age and physical condition are just some of the variables that count when someone hits the ground... @Rehab1 autorotated and walked away from two helicopter accidents, but crashed with some serious damage on an EUC... And some persons just breaks their necks on their way to the loo... Life's a bitch
  11. InMotion V8 mods anyone?

    As a fresh owner of the Inmotion V8 I am looking high and low for all the interesting things around my new EUC And since the weather does not allow me to ride it just yet, I am in constant search of exellence. So now I've done some waterproofing inside the EUC by using some thick foamstrip, around the controller box where the cables goes out (both motor and LED-strips cables) etc. Seems that my V8 is one of the latest revisions as the battery compartment already have the gaffa/duct tape applied and LED strips are black coloured (and not white like in earlier batches). The tire is a 16x1,95 Kenda - so no scratching/scraping problems. Date of production is 20 sept. 2017 BTW I have applied a little more duct tape so that the whole battery compartment seams are covered: And even though I don't have any problems with the hard buldging upper parts of the V8 body, I've slapped some adhesive perforated leather patches onto them so that I can lay it down on its sides or lean against the walls without scratching it up badly. Nothing special or too advanced though so the time will tell how it'll hold up:
  12. InMotion V8 mods anyone?

    Gopro mount/adapter is a good idea: https://fullbeam.com.au/products/exposure-lights-gopro-mount-3d-printed-made-in-the-uk
  13. first time ninebot one C

    No need for travel adapter, just change the whole cable - it's just usual computer power cord (that almost everybody has laying around) that costs a couple of dollars.
  14. first time ninebot one C

    @jamakin Welcome to Ninebot and EUC world! Take the limiter off - it will only be in the way for your learning. And use some shin guards/pads (facing against the wheel) to avoid bruises and pain. Usually it' easier to start somewhere between setting 3 and 5 and after awhile you'll be able to find your own sweet spot, 3 seems to be one of the most used ones.
  15. portable parking stand?

    I do remember your stand from another "parking stand"-topic. And yeah, I've been though those napkin holders too (wire stands) for 9b1.