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  1. That's the risks of buying directly from China - the quality is probably the same but Ninebot wll definitely not honor the warranty and then it's all at the mercy of the seller (gearbest is one of the good shops though)... Not sure about legal side of this... As long as you don't have to register miniplus as "vehicle" it should be OK?
  2. Doesn't look like it is CE-approved, only CCC (China Compulsory Certificate mark) according to wheels/motors pics. Nothing unusual for products sold in Mainland China though.
  3. @Adrien Gontier There is no easy way to do it now. Older app versions is unusable anyway (can't log in with them)... The only option is to connect a jtag programmer directly to the motherboard.
  4. @jojo33 Congratulations! Wish you many km on your new MiniPlus!
  5. Ninebot E+ starts to adjust petals upward

    I've got custom acrylic stand that holds the 9b1 perfectly level and tire is touching the bottom of it. So I could calibrate the unit easily if needed (but it's just perfect right out of the box)
  6. Ninebot E+ starts to adjust petals upward

    @tjcooper Getting "This video is unavailable"...
  7. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Agreed. Ninebot using tubeless tires on MiniPro already with success. So tubless tires in EUC department is a positive step up.
  8. Yep, sits nicely around one finger and not as protruding as usual bells.
  9. When it comes to "MiniPro detailing" - I am just using a microfiber cloth and warm water over the whole unit, both white and black coloured ones.
  10. I've got a couple of very nice and pretty light bikebells in slim version: BIKIGHT Mini Bike Bicycle Cycling Bell Aluminum Really like the sound of them!
  11. @Rocky Romero Even though me being a detail maniac I am still cautious when using tire pneu/dressing from Swisswax (on the cars), let alone using some generic off-the-shelf stuff...
  12. Whatever you do - DO NOT apply those tire shining products to any part of a tire that comes in contact with ground. It will make the tires slippery, so they might spin out from you on a fast turn etc. Dangerous on cars tires, even more disastrous for motorcycles and of course on Mini/Pro... And do not use anything with silicone on rubber - it will damage/dry out the tires.
  13. Hmm.... Reading this topic right now: Seems like quite a few DOA MiniPro's being sent to the customers...