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  1. Revolution, finally !!

    Hmm... will see if some of my android gadgets still got logged-in 3.5.1 app on them.
  2. I am on my second season with both E+ and MiniPro's. Not much to write about in regards of maintanace/wear in general. Very happy with them. Not even tires are worn to any significant degree. If there going to be some exciting new things in EUC's/balancing vehicles I'll consider to get them, and add them to my fleet.
  3. I see no reason to sell mine. They work and do their job perfectly. MiniPlus is just another "mainland China"-version that doesn't appeal to me personally. Intel/Segway Loomo Project on the other hand is interesting.
  4. Battery and front leds that are prone to crack if hit by hard object I don't need them myself but I can see their usefulness in some situations.
  5. ^ what he said. Accessory mounting holes (kickstand and protection bar/"bullbars")
  6. Still no MiniPro to see around my area yet... Even after they began to sell them rather cheap in a few big electronic chain stores in Norway.
  7. Revolution, finally !!

    That's really unfortunate! I didn't look into that app lockout situation until now after long vacation. Don't like the way Ninebot kicks us out of the v3 app... especially since v4 app sucks! Seems that one way would be to spoof logon server somehow...
  8. The Photo Thread

    It is! Too bad I didn't pack my mavic with me this time. Oh well, there will be more sunny days I hope
  9. Ninebot one e+: uphill worrying cut-out

    I think you're right, at least I rememer reading about something along those lines... But could very well be what @smallexis said about cells being underpowered. @LEO_LEO Are you using a Charge Doctor by any chance? That could be the reason for cells to never getting the chance to balance...
  10. The Photo Thread

    Around my workplace a few days ago: Today: same place, different day, different wheels
  11. This! definitely your problem. Seeing that remaining milage is showing 00km, it means than miniPro cannot obtain battery information/gets no contact with BMS. Very common thing with non-original batteries.
  12. Under 40% the maximum speed of minipro is being reduced to 16,5 km/h and still comfortable enough to ride. It remains 16,5 km/h down to very low battery charge (like 3-4%) and after that it goes down to 7,5 km/h.
  13. According to legislation of MiniPro in Israel the maximum speed is restricted to 13 km/h... http://www.segwayminipro.co.il/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=search&utm_campaign=new