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  1. Hi everyone, still waiting for my KS18 1680wh from ewheels Jason, it is on the way to CA from Miami. Maybe next time I will join the group again and without overheat (KS14c).All all have fun !!! Peter
  2. Glad you ok Marty, hope you well soon. I faceplant 3 weeks ago, same like you felt at sidewalk when hit a bus stop bench, did not wear elbow pad, bad road rash. All good again and just start ride again this morning. I will wear all pads every time now.
  3. Hope you guys had a Great time, please upload any videos, I could not join the Group ride, since had a bad faceplant a week ago and road rashs all over . Peter
  4. Hi everyone, last weekend our group ride at Griffith Park , my KS14 overheating just over 59c, ACM can up to 79c , that is HOT!!!
  5. Hi Allen, Is your KS18 need to unlock the max speed like the KS14? My KS14 first alarm is 2 beeps, second alarm is 3 beeps , third alarm is constant beeping , fourth warning is tiltback. Maybe ask ewheels Jason? I'm very soon pulling the trigger for the KS18 myself too. Peter
  6. Really so much fun today !!! Thanks Marty and Jeff showing me the Griffith Park. Only my KS14c over heat a few times. See you all next time. Peter
  7. Just ride the beach path this morning from Playa Del Ray to Hermosa Beach Pier and back 27.5 miles, I'm so slow with my KS14 total time near 2.5hrs. Fun Fun!!!!
  8. Hi Marty, where is that walking track? Very nice.
  9. Hi Kingsong69, your KS18 with V1.25 has better speed limiter now? Still can do full speed after 50% battery? That is the main stopper for my to pull the trigger to pay for a KS18 1680wh.
  10. Hi all, I'm planning to meet with the Group this weekend too, and I only got a kingsong 14c & Ninebot e+, if I can't keep up or the paths/trails too hard, then I will turn back. I'm going to buy a KS18 1680wh, but still waiting for Jason at ewheel to advise regarding kingsong will change not to have 50% battery speed limit to 30km/h.
  11. I'm in San Gabriel CA, and riding KS14 840wh and Ninebot e+, thinking to upgrade to ewheel KS18 1200W 1680wh so that I can group ride on trail with Marty.
  12. You picked the 1360wh KS18, but not the 1680wh? Is it 1200W?
  13. Thanks Marty Backe, I will love to ride at Griffith Park, can you tell me the details of the route,like where to start and any parking ? Thanks
  14. That's look like fun, can you tell me the loop / route.
  15. My minipro upgrade to 1.3.1 and running Great, max speed showing in app is 10.9mph.