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  1. Sorry Marty, work schedule changed, need to start work early, can't make it tomorrow, you have fun. Peter
  2. Guess who found me at the beach ride this morning? Peter
  3. Hi Marty, I will join you tomorrow morning early ride, see you 7:30am. Peter
  4. Griffith Park Group Ride for Sept 2nd 2017

    Hi Marty, which KS you getting?14,16 or 18? Sport edition? And how long is this Saturday ride? Really want to join the group again , need to plan because working in the afternoon. Peter Q
  5. Got my King Song KS-18S today!

    I like to ride seated on my KS18AY, but always not easy to slow down or stop, anyone know how to stop better when seated? Thanks Peter
  6. Who wants your old king song pedals longer?

    Super Awesome, those are my pedels, thank you so much Bryan. Can't wait to try them.
  7. Repairing MSuper Flat Tire with Slime

    Hi Marty, maybe this pump can be in your backpack. Peter
  8. Kingsong firmware v1.25

    Yes, my wheel log app already had enable the permissions to acces bluetooth and location, it worked well on my KS14 but not the KS18 with FW1.25. Peter
  9. Kingsong firmware v1.25

    My KS18AY came with FW1.25, not able to connect to wheel log, tried to connect the KS app first, still no luck, anyone can help? Thanks. Peter
  10. Hi everyone, still waiting for my KS18 1680wh from ewheels Jason, it is on the way to CA from Miami. Maybe next time I will join the group again and without overheat (KS14c).All all have fun !!! Peter
  11. The Agony of Defeat with my Monster

    Glad you ok Marty, hope you well soon. I faceplant 3 weeks ago, same like you felt at sidewalk when hit a bus stop bench, did not wear elbow pad, bad road rash. All good again and just start ride again this morning. I will wear all pads every time now.
  12. Cogswell Dam Ride - April 1st 2017

    Hope you guys had a Great time, please upload any videos, I could not join the Group ride, since had a bad faceplant a week ago and road rashs all over . Peter
  13. Once again the world's most powerful ACM

    Hi everyone, last weekend our group ride at Griffith Park , my KS14 overheating just over 59c, ACM can up to 79c , that is HOT!!!
  14. Kingsong firmware v1.25

    Hi Allen, Is your KS18 need to unlock the max speed like the KS14? My KS14 first alarm is 2 beeps, second alarm is 3 beeps , third alarm is constant beeping , fourth warning is tiltback. Maybe ask ewheels Jason? I'm very soon pulling the trigger for the KS18 myself too. Peter