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  1. n coins

    At any rate I used to get coin for distance, but since new app it shows 0 daily distance and so 0 coins... But I never get a daily, and sometimes weekly, ranking, either! For some reason ninebot will not fix this!
  2. Seriously why hasn't 9bot included this from the beginning!
  3. I hate the new app I never get a daily rating anymore but I have a mini and minipro just past 3233 km on each unit... If add both I would be in the top 100 riders in the World...
  4. Another Life Devastated

    Injured and home destroyed... http://www.myajc.com/news/public-affairs/georgia-man-sues-amazon-after-hoverboard-fire-destroys-home/Vh1llc2D59aR8T9uY18OXN/
  5. The mini has brought joy and making life easier... Carfree for me... https://medium.com/shanghaiist/fujian-farmer-says-her-life-has-become-much-easier-ever-since-she-bought-a-segway-d294197a9a3c
  6. How to use a Broken Hoverboard

    I find this very interesting useful video...
  7. Silicon lithium battery

    Here is another battery type oddly they have it for electric motorcycles.... https://rideapart.com/articles/new-battery-tech-triple-electric-bike-range
  8. shock absorbers

    I think we're overthinking it, just thought of a way we can add cushion/Shock is add an air bladder on the pedals. Would have to make it to fit the form of pedal, just like those air bladders that you use to lift vehicles it only needs to be 3 cm and you can pump to a pressure that would work for you.....
  9. Silicon lithium battery

    This company claims by replacing the carbon anode with a silicone anode will increase the range of a battery by twice at least... http://www.nexeon.co.uk/technology-2/
  10. I would actually make the cord longer so you can wrap it around the vehicle itself and not just the bottom two screws that the handle is being held on with...
  11. I feel or that the same things going to happen to the Mini Plus since they up the price of them they're going to be sitting on the shelf a lot longer then when they were at a lower price....
  12. I almost bought one during Black Friday week on eBay for $516 American w/free shipping but would have came out of China and I didn't want to deal with issues sending it back if I had to, it would cost as much as the damn unit... I guess I will have to wait.... PS Amazon offers a four year warranty add-on....
  13. Any one with the remade mini (lite)? I don't see why they would continue to make the original Asian model...
  14. Time to say goodbye

    You're going to miss out on the Ninebot Z...
  15. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Damn late to the game, maybe some bored day I'll read past 16 pages... Looks like a 400 mm wheel😭, and seams to be exclusively quite for a wheel👍... I like the fat wheel👍...