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  1. That's odd never read more than 2.2 a, but heard sparking like if your charger was live before plugging into mini...
  2. Found blown fuse...F3 and a kinked thick + battery wire... Don't know amperage to use assuming 3 amp... Would like to know what the white and yellow wires from plug are doing.... Oh my charger female plug on my Asain mini popped out on my this morning! Now how that happened? Now I am going to have to open that battery, too! Could be loose nut in pack!
  3. You could always add a thicker cushion to the 'hard' is just a hollow plastic seat, no?
  4. When I first saw people riding eus and did all the tricks in videos, I thought only Chinese acrobats rode the damn things...
  5. Axils can break, especially the side with the wire going though it, if you suspect something wrong, check it out more closely...
  6. Don't you mean adult diapers...
  7. How much is a motorcycle insurance? When talking to agent do not say it is a electric unicycle but a plain ole motorcycle...
  8. Did cop clock them? Does unit go over 6 km/h? If under, it is a toy, no ticket....
  9. It ain't going to happen until Michelin produces their magnetic ball wheel - no friction and magnetic suspension....
  10. The Asia model is way worst then the Pro, but I don't hardly notice it on the pro, you sure you got the Pro?
  11. Sorry your kids are too young, they are going to have to wait, stop spoiling your children, have a backbone man... A five year old should be on a balance bike....
  12. Same kind of incident, I am crossing 6 lane and a car, same direction as myself tried to turn right after I was already crossing, right in front of me THREE times, almost hit three times same Asshole person. Pediatrician always have right away...
  13. Buy this it works great, in my state cars by law must stay a meter away to pass you, of course they never do, especially if they never ride a bike, and just rude mean drivers. I stick it out to the straight to the side, they avoid it like the plague, if I let it fall to the side the cars are right on me again, even when I have/wear reflective tape and patches and flashing LEDs.... Waving it makes it seen better, and crossing intersection a wave it in front of me... You can make big ass circles for fun... I swear all bikes should do this...A permanent rod sticking out to the side...
  15. Well, I blew something and my first idea was to directly parallel the mini battery anyways, now I have to tear into it sooner, like now... We'll see what I did... And I already have 100 w panels just for on the go trailer charging and booster board...So got to see this through!