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  1. First of all, fuck Canada, nice place to visit, don't want to live in fifty years when the world gets too warm, might have to move there....maybe they will change their ways by then... 🍀wtf? No cross fingers emoji!
  2. How about drilling a hole through one of the wheels or the base and threading a cable through... should not hurt a thing....😂😂😂
  3. I guess the best thing to do with these bigger wheels to to only go half speed the wheel is capable at! Come on, look at it, cars go 160-250 km/h, but that doesn't mean we drive them at top speed 100% of time....we drive them at a third of what they can do... So too, with e-unicycles! Ok so I got a mini Segway, to top it off the whole time I'm on it, the whole 15 km/h.... But I highly suspect that Ninebot is throttling down the top speed of the mini anyways...
  4. Well now we got the 'e-unicycle' for surboards... adding foils to regular surfboards is the new fad going on.... Gives new dimension to old sport, and they don't mind the 'crappy' waves anymore because the foil can ride on smaller 'less satisfactory' waves. Whole new challenge and mounting and handling boards, and of course you can add a motor, too.... With regular board you can 'walk' the board, but with the foil, you only have one fix place to stand and you need to be one with the foil post at all times...
  5. That's odd never read more than 2.2 a, but heard sparking like if your charger was live before plugging into mini...
  6. Found blown fuse...F3 and a kinked thick + battery wire... Don't know amperage to use assuming 3 amp... Would like to know what the white and yellow wires from plug are doing.... Oh my charger female plug on my Asain mini popped out on my this morning! Now how that happened? Now I am going to have to open that battery, too! Could be loose nut in pack!
  7. You could always add a thicker cushion to the 'hard' is just a hollow plastic seat, no?
  8. When I first saw people riding eus and did all the tricks in videos, I thought only Chinese acrobats rode the damn things...
  9. Axils can break, especially the side with the wire going though it, if you suspect something wrong, check it out more closely...
  10. Don't you mean adult diapers...
  11. How much is a motorcycle insurance? When talking to agent do not say it is a electric unicycle but a plain ole motorcycle...
  12. Did cop clock them? Does unit go over 6 km/h? If under, it is a toy, no ticket....
  13. It ain't going to happen until Michelin produces their magnetic ball wheel - no friction and magnetic suspension....
  14. The Asia model is way worst then the Pro, but I don't hardly notice it on the pro, you sure you got the Pro?
  15. Sorry your kids are too young, they are going to have to wait, stop spoiling your children, have a backbone man... A five year old should be on a balance bike....