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  1. I couldn't connect with the app, but they sent me instructions to jumper some connectors to the main board to do the calibration. It should be the same as using the app if you can do that. I tried my best to get it level not only forward and back but also side to side. It's very hard to do this, I ended up hanging it from the handle such that the tire just touches the floor. I don't particularly recommend this way if you can find another way, it took me a bunch of attempts to get it.
  2. I had this problem with my IPS Lhotz, and I eventually contacted IPS. They had me do a recalibration and the behavior completely went away! Now it the pedals stay horizontal when I turn, no matter how sharply. Try a calibration.
  3. I don't know if this helps but I saw this on eBay:
  4. Hello I don't know all the details but I understand the mcm3 has the same motor as the mcm4 (not the HS version). So it has more power than the mcm2s and can go faster too.
  5. Speaking of Mr T:
  6. Excellent, I'll get it boxed up and sent right away. Enjoy!
  7. Sure that will work. You can PayPal me at and I'll get it in the mail right away.
  8. Hi I now have 5 electric unicycles. Me and my kids love em but my wife isn't interested so I am selling her Ninebot E+. 320wh battery, 14mph top speed. It has lots of scratches but they are only cosmetic, it works great. If you have questions let me know. Located in Sunnyvale CA, local pick up or I can ship in the US for $450. Thanks.
  9. Since its a Gotway specific question I'll move it to the Gotway section.
  10. You might try adjusting your foot position, try further forward, back or out away from the wheel and see if it goes away. Sometimes wobble can be caused by your position on the wheel.
  11. Thanks for sharing @Marty Backe, sounds like Gotway has another winner. If you don't mind, I will put this thread in the reviews section, so people who are thinking of getting this wheel are more likely to see it.
  12. Yes it can take a few months. Check the date eBay says it should arrive. If it takes longer than that you can complain through ebay.
  13. That is a consideration. I find the ACM to be too wide already (680wh version). It's my favorite wheel, but not as comfortable to ride as the Ninebot and I think that's due to the width. I definitely wouldn't want it any wider.
  14. Moved from Ninebot forum to Local meet ups.
  15. I think you would need an IPS board specifically. IPS does its own thing, integrating the BMS electronics into the main board.