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  1. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    With the M. Becke seal of approval & a title of 'Buy one Now!!!' it was remiss of me to not have posted earlier. Seems like the post-MSuper/ACMs+ GW firmware fiasco cooling off period has ended—like a spouse unable to keep away from a battered relationship, the lure of the latest shiny new GW model is all too strong to resist!
  2. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    We have an order of MTen3 under production with Gotway, pushing them to complete before the 1st October Chinese Holiday—the entire country shuts down several times a year.... If all goes to plan, we should have the shipment arriving in the US sometime in late October. You can pre-order either the 325Wh or 512WH on our website. Our prices are better than those you'll find on Ali. https://www.ewheels.com/new-mten3-the-10-rocket-512wh800w-motor/
  3. KS14S Speed Throttling

    Uploaded the new KS Beta App here. It's a big 44MB file (why does it need to be so large?). From a usability standard, not sure it's an improvement over the previous release, it's very similar to the Inmotion App, same basic layout. They've done the whole social network integration thing, with pictures being uploaded & pulled from some of the World's slowest Internet links in the PRC. If you have a 14D/14S that needs the firmware update, then it will certainly come in handy. http://images.ewheels.com/KS_APP_v5.apk Warning: there's a shutdown button from the main screen. For what possible situation this would be useful, I can't say, but if the Wheel is stationary & with a load (e.g. you're standing on it), the machine will shutoff from under you. With the limited time I've spent with it, there's a quite a few bugs & is prone to crashing. Use at your own risk....
  4. Kingsong not on Ali express anymore!

    Playing advocate, there's a couple disadvantages that local Dealers have to contend with when competing with Ali: Taxes & Duty: it's been my experience at the individual package level, the Ali sellers place a negligible declaration value on the product, while legitimate sellers must pay 21% VAT on declared value & an additional 6% duty for importing into the EU. These taxes are factored into the higher sticker price. Airfreight: for almost two years, any large battery device has to be flown in as Dangerous Goods class 9, the commercial rate for this is priced at >$10/kg, compared to $4/kg for regular airfreight from China to most EU destinations. On a Wheel like the KS16S or Tesla, factoring in the dimensional weight, the going rate is >$300. Do some CN sellers mis-classify goods in order to get reduced freight rates to make it more economical? Parts & Service: the probability of a Wheel requiring warranty servicing within the first year is substantial. Some EU countries, by law, have to provide a two year warranty. The manufacturers that I have worked with make no allowance for on-site warranty parts. The process is that the Dealer must purchase parts themselves, deal with getting defective Wheels repaired & out the door, & then apply for the replacement spare parts in the next order. Turn-around times from order placement to delivery is usually 7-8 weeks, which means that to have an adequate supply of parts can require an investment of tens-of-thousands of dollars for several different models/variants. Exclusivities: where the seller has to procure through a Distributor, who takes a cut of the margin, it obviously has quite a big impact on the local prices.
  5. KS14S Speed Throttling

    There's some good progress to report on the 14S issues: Firmware: v1.05 addresses the 20kph reduction at only 60v. Initial feedback is positive, I need to test the voltage difference on the 14D & 14S. The 14S ought to reduce 30kph operation at 55v vs. 58v on the 14D. Padding: this was not just an aesthetic, or shaving off a couple cm at the width problem, but the 2" high protrusion on the upper surface made the Wheel extremely uncomfortable, with all the pressure applied at a narrow band to the shin. The new pads are completely flush, these will also reduce the Wheel's width from 20cm to 18cm.
  6. What is your experience with the KS16S until now ?

    Earlier in the year, the V5F was our strongest seller, when offered at $675. Since the SW/Inmotion pact, we don't have an equivalent substitute at the moment. The Plan is to offer the 14D at just under $800, perhaps even have KS build us a lower capacity version for around the same price point as the V5F was. I think it's human nature though, that when presented with two battery capacity choices of the same model, there is a tendency to choose the higher battery version. This has been the case with every Wheel we've sold, from the 174Wh KS14B, to the 2400Wh Monster.
  7. What is your experience with the KS16S until now ?

    Once the speed problems are sorted out, I'll be fervently committed to the 14D. From our selling experience, I'd say that 80% of first time buyers don't want to plunk down >$1k on their first Wheel. People are concerned that they might not 'pick it up', or it may not meet their expectations. At the right price point, the 14D is ideally suited for this end; Customers will feel like they've got a quality Wheel at a good price & will hopefully be disposed to purchase their next one from us
  8. KS14S Speed Throttling

    We're not going to let his happen. In the hierarchy of possible outcomes, one scenario, further down the list, involves Expressing a batch of 14S boards with improved speed reductions. It ought to be a first-principle of Development where the team Manager is constantly striving to ensure that, from the Customer's standpoint, the new product that is replacing an earlier one commands a substantial superiority to it.
  9. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    We're going ahead with a limited test order of the Tesla. It comes in seven battery configuration/variants, 3x of 67v & 4x in 84v Compared to the ACMs+, the wholesale/volume prices have increased quite significantly. The 1020Wh is more expensive than the 1300Wh ACMs+ Our preorder price for the 1020Wh model is going to be $1,450 Ship date is expected around the first week of November
  10. What is your experience with the KS16S until now ?

    It's going to be released at the HK Fair next month. Don't be concerned with your 18S becoming 'obsolete' anytime soon, rumour has it the 'L' will be equipped with a 1000Wh pack.
  11. KS14S Speed Throttling

    There's no denying this speed throttling on v1.04 is inexpertly applied by King Song. Without giving the matter too much thought, the King Song Engineers used batches of the 14D boards to the 14S. If the original specification was maintained, this would be adequate, but on receiving feedback from a high-volume distributor in Asia that the speed reduction threshold of 55v (on the 14D) was too close to the safety margin, they bumped this up to 60v in v1.04 [Edit: or earlier]—without notifying us of the new restrictions. Now, because the firmware of the 14D & 14S is identical, & the 14S have a serial number that does not differentiate itself from the 14D, I'm told that it's proving to be problematic. For some reason, that I don't fully comprehend, KS say there's a dependency on the release of the new App to push the corrected firmware down to the 14D/14S. I've been lobbying very hard lately to have sensible limiters put back in place. The current agreed position is: 14S: 30kph until 55v, then stepped reduced down, similar to the 16S 14D: 30kph until 58v, subsequent stepped reduction in speed as one would expect We're in the process of placing a fairly large 200 unit Wheel order, & getting a prompt fix for the 14 series is a prerequisite before going ahead with this deal. On the credit side of the equation, improved replacement side-pads with flush surfaces (reducing the pressure point at the top shins) are being produced & should be available in the next several weeks.
  12. Joey Serrin eWheels Partnership

    Thanks Dion! This business is all about persistence (that's what I keep telling myself each morning ). I hope Gotway are being helpful with after-service parts & support.
  13. already confused/disappointed

    Thanks! The team is growing & the King Song supply pipeline is increasing, goal is to reduce/eliminate having to wait for weeks to receive Wheels.
  14. already confused/disappointed

    My apologies for these troubles. The background to this batch of Wheels was that a previous Distributor, JuicedWheels, contacted me about a week ago that he wanted to exit the business, offering me his KS16S stock. The timing was opportune, as our incoming shipment of Wheels was delayed by a week. The inventory was represented as 'new' & 'unused', I had requested that each box be power-on checked before shipping them out, somehow this one slipped though... I'd be more than happy to replace it with a new one that's just arrived & is now clearing US Customs.
  15. Am I cheated?

    @253848493@qq.com do you check your Chinese email that you used to register? We sent you three communications on Wednesday, including one with the shipping label to send your defective KS18A, which you brought over from China to be repaired. According to the logs from the chat system, you've exchanged 68 messages with us... Did you have other questions that were not addressed there? I'd be delighted to refund your order, if this is what you would like to do. "Hi, Do you still have the original box for your KS18A? Here's the shipping label for sending it out to us for repair. The combined shipping costs will be $88 & whatever the parts are, if necessary, for the Wheel. Your KS18S order should be shipped out in about 7-10 days, once the shipping container clears US Customs. Have a great day, Jason"