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  1. Marty, that clip is worse than any horror movie, where you know the protagonist is going to suffer something bad, sorry Buddy . Let's get this sorted out!
  2. In another recent GW dialog, I stipulated that a minimum requirement for future order is that the BT module has the capability to pull the FW version from the board. Apparently it's not possible, because the module does not have low level function access. Compromise position is that the FW rev number will be printed on the box label. Similarly, I request that Distributors be given instructions/equipment for flashing when necessary. They're reluctant (in fact refused!) on the basis that the code could then potentially be used by rivals—in this existential crisis of credibility, this is the least of their worries right now!
  3. I think this episode highlights the importance of the need for rival firms from outside China. The undeniable fact is that even with the top four 'best' manufacturers, with loads of experience, there's simply isn't an ingrained sense of the importance of absolute thoroughness in testing. Facts-are-facts, best to try to manage the situation responsibly.
  4. Just returned from LA last evening with the objective of testing out the latest ACMs+ & MSupers that arrived from GW. Received the Wheels on Tuesday, opened one up to check the serial/date of the board, it had 170502. Immediately wrote to Linnea to get some confirmation on the state of the FW, since the date evidence directly contradicted earlier statements... She assured me that the boards had been reflashed the day before they were shipped out (see the below thread).. But that wasn't sufficient for me, I padded up & took a new ACMS+ out on a pretty gruelling trial ride with @Marty Backe & @Sven. The Wheel held up well with no apparent vices. Shipped the Wheels out yesterday as was planned. Today however, Marty reported this his MSuper is afflicted by oscillation fault! Conclusion is that either a) GW have no idea what's going on, 'b) they blatantly lied to me to avoid dealing with the after-service troubles. We're going to try to get some more answers this evening, but the Wheels shipped out yesterday are going to have to be recalled. ME: Linnea, I have serious doubts of what you tell me is true. Look at the below message you sent on May 16th, these control-boards are dated 2nd of May. It is the date of the board manufacturing & NOT that when the Wheels were shipped that matters. Please confirm ASAP!!! EARLIER LINNEA STATEMENT: "We double check and found that you don't have any wheels which was shipped out within May the 1st, 2017 to May the 15th, 2017. " LINNEA: We promise that your wheels are not within that batch of problem mainboard. You know that we upgrade the firmware at that day before shipped out your wheels. Just upgrading the firmware, but not changing mainboard! So the original mainboard label is still there. ME: If what you tell me is true, I will love you forever LINNEA: You may confirm it with the shipper too, I told her that we are upgrading firmware with your wheels at that day when she push me to pick up goods.
  5. To the upper-right of the battery pack, there's a small fuse junction box, it's tucked under the pack.
  6. @Trey Lewis thanks for all pictures, insights & postings. What's your initial verdict on the i5? Do you think the super skinny concept works? Does it feel natural with feet so close together? Is this the variant with the 20700 cells?
  7. That's interesting Dale. Your prices are quite a bit higher than mine for the same products. Let's examine the KS16S, converted to USD you have it for $1600USD without any fast-charger or other options. We're offering the same Wheel with a $120 fast-charger for $1475. You might want to consider before making certain assumptions. https://www.thewheeldeal.net.au/ks16s.html How do you know Dale? How many times have you visited China? Been to any of the factories? Interviewed the Engineers? Besides riding the Wheel, do you do any testing yourself with a datalogger or thermal camera? Do you have any hard statistics on what the defect rate really is in large volumes? How many Wheels have you sold? From your interview in Australia, I think you said it was 15 total? Is that a sufficiently large number to make a categorical pronouncement? Yes Dale, but we are intelligent beings given the powers to set our own destinies. If you were better familiar with Business in that part of the world, having an agent inspect product is not very exceptional.
  8. Linnea tell me I narrowly dodged a bullet [again] , our Wheels where shipped a couple days after the discovery—why this information was not disseminated earlier is a bit troubling. As a result of this, I'm hiring a China agent to forensically exam every shipment coming out from both the KS & GW factories, interviewing Engineers on FW/hardware changes between batches, comparing photos, & obtaining stress testing video evidence. "We changed new program in the batch of your wheels which shipped out on May 16th, 2017. That is we change better program in your wheels. We double check and found that you don't have any wheels which was shipped out within May the 1st, 2017 to May the 15th, 2017."
  9. @Linnea Lin Gotway thank you for being open & transparent about this fault, this is definitely the right approach for retaining the support of your loyal Customer base. As discussed elsewhere, it's important for Customers to be able to check what version of firmware they're using, & if necessary, load an updated release either by USB or through the App (as King Song do). It is not cost efficient for either yourselves, the Distributor, or the Customer to be shipping out replacement control-boards if there's an update that needs applying. Personally, I think firmware updates should ONLY be offered, if there are safety considerations. Even a company as large as Ninebot has had a chequered history with insufficiently tested firmware that results in more trouble than the benefits of the firmware update. Every change should also be Documented & made public, this is common practice, & will likely be a legal requirement in some countries in the near future.
  10. Thanks @esaj, @Marty Backe & @KingSong69 for corrections, will be tapping the fact checking powers of the collective consciousness in v2
  11. There's going to be an announcement very shortly about the 'New' Solowheel. If you're in the US & considering purchasing either a V5F or V8, now is the time do so, because by the end of the month, Inmotion branded Electric Unicycles will no longer be offered in North America. The new Solowheel branded products will be more expensive, how much more, I'm not at liberty to disclose at the moment....
  12. Thanks Vlad, we also have received some of your Customers for servicing in the past. WheelGo still continuing to sell/service Wheels, priority is on the US market, but there's still a few remaining V5F+s in stock at better prices than you'll find elsewhere...
  13. I can ask, not getting a lot of answers from GW at the moment, maybe a bit later.
  14. Got some additional info from GW this morning: They claim that this is the first time they've heard of these problems They're trying to gather the Motor Codes of effected units to assess if it's a batch problem It could be a firmware, at this point they're not certain The motor wire tubing is a new addition from mid-May
  15. GW come online in a couple hours. Will try to get some answer tonight....