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  1. They've got a newish site on: www.kingsong.com (a bit of a joke, but the hosting is under my GD account ) Even the best Chinese companies are pretty hopeless at maintaining content—perhaps they don't see the correlation between sales & effort invested. My personal view is that they're missing the boat with the defacto 84v voltages now used by Inmotion/GW. You can throw as big motor as you want in any new 18" Wheel, but if the voltage falls below the critical required threshold for the speed/RPM, it's not going to be a good performer. Can't believe how pathetic it is that their App Developer still hasn't added the Location permission (almost a year now!) to the .Apk install package! I've written, pleaded, begged, tried to get other Distributors to make fuss about it, now beyond caring stage...
  2. Good spot, that would make sense! I wonder what compelled Panasonic to run such an unfavourable test?! Was it a joke of some bored Panasonic Engineer "Let's put these cells under conditions which will kill them the quickest". It almost nullifies the discharge portion of the lifecycle test.
  3. Official datasheet is out for the NCR20700A cell & the longevity data isn't great at all. There's a 33% linear degradation rate from 0-300 cycles. I find it anomalous that the 10A & 20A discharges have exactly the same curve, while the 30A discharge has a bigger gap (as you would expect). If used for EVs, there's going to be a pretty substantial capacity penalty over time. https://akkuplus.de/mediafiles/Datenblatt/Panasonic/Panasonic_NCR20700A.pdf
  4. Poor guy, I'm sending him out a set of replacement parts...
  5. You must have agents working in the factory, how else do you explain how you're so on the mark!
  6. I'm quite certain we'll see a return to Blue/Red, in a communication yesterday, wrote: "About the purple shells, maybe I'll order a couple sets as spares. In the West most owners prefer subtler colors like the Blue/Red, purple might be a bit too much for some."
  7. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed that video. In the limited two months that I've interacted with GW staff, it's wonderful to see how open & adaptive they are to critiques & suggestions.
  8. Don't quite see how you drew this conclusion. The considered Buyer will have an appreciation of what's involved, there is no misleading of the facts.
  9. It's just a statistical observation. I've been selling Wheels for over three & half years, my firsthand experience is that when most novices try the Wheel before buying, there's not a very good chance of following through on a purchase. I know another company in the UK who had also tried this model, in fact, they were pretty committed to it, with weekly sessions, dedicated individual, etc., they dropped it after a couple months.
  10. Original 288Wh was a miscalculation by IM marketing department (or perhaps they had the usable Wh value, which no-one else applies). The V5F has a 320Wh pack—40x cells, x 2.2Ah x 3.6v = 316Wh, so close enough...
  11. Wasn't aware that these even existed. Thanks! Based your comment, within 5 minutes I ordered a pair. The two conflicting requirements of riding are 1) looking cool (or not too foolish), 2) adequately protecting yourself against the unexpected mishap, or trying to gauge the appropriate level or risk you're prepared to take. I always ride with wrist guards now, such a minimal inconvenience, & knowing firsthand how debilitating/painful it is to suffer injuries to the hands, for me they're indispensable to riding.
  12. 5. Your signature tells the rest of the tale I just visited Vincent in Paris from URBAN360 last week (will post my thoughts from this trip a bit later). From what I saw, most people trying out Wheels were existing Wheel owners, which of course makes a lot of sense.
  13. True. It's one of the reasons why allowing people to try the Wheel is actually detrimental to sales. Typical initial impression by punters is 'how hard could it be?'—classic case is Richard Hammond on the Grand Tour/TG Christmas special—then their confidence takes a beating, feel disheartened & give up on the idea... For the serious Buyer, they do the research, know that there's going to be a bit of pain involved, but once they pay, they're are committed to making it work.
  14. Let's take the case of a powerful Wheel, which might have 2KW of battery power available but only needs only 500W of power to cruise at 35kph (not exactly numbers but for illustration). Which means the battery is only giving 25% of what it's capable of. Now the the case of the Board, momentary requires peak of 750-1000W to keep an overweight person from toppling over but can only provide 700W, the cells are taxed beyond what they're able to give. Result: cells get very hot, increasing the statistical odds of cell failure. This is not theoretical, the empirical evidence of the service life of boards is just atrocious, according to one supplier I know they can expect 25-30% of battery failures in a year of moderate use.
  15. Think about it, the control-system on any self-balancing device has one primary mission, to remain upright. With smaller motor/wheel & large burden to support—especially when starting out, a Rider's movements are going to be jerky & uncontrolled—the system is going throw whatever power it can to keep this person upright, maxing out the battery's range ability to provide sufficient power for what's demanded of them. This scenario is not uncommon with the Boards.