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  1. Solowheel Commercials Playing

    It's a typical completely dysfunctional arrangement: I had an US Exclusivity agreement with Inmotion from October of last year, in it, I even anticipated getting screwed over in this fashion & had a clause in the agreement which read: "In the event that INMOTION is acquired, taken-over, merged, or sold to an outside party INMOTION will make a provision that this relationship set out in this agreement is maintained." One day out of the blue, the COO, Bob, wrote to me that they decided that they were going to team up with Shane Chen & rebrand the Wheels as Solowheel. There was no consultation, negotiation or advisory, it was a total fait accompli. I put in a fair amount of investment to promote the brand, giving away free Wheels—the V8 even got featured on UnboxTherapy (2.2 million views), basically the biggest review concern on YouTube. We were putting regular large container-sized orders, so you can imagine my utter chagrin by this unilateral action. The withered Olive-branch that was offered to me was that I could continue selling the V5F/V8 at 60% higher retail price as Solowheel, which I knew wasn't going to fly with our Customers. To give you some sense of how this Company now operates (left-hand-not-knowing-what-the-right-does), they continue to supply that copy/paste guy in Quebec with V8s, who has no problem selling in US through eBay or Amazon, & they couldn't be the least bit phased that it's killing off any lingering demand for the $1600 Glide 3. Solowheel Seattle looks dead, there's also no reference to any of the previous Solowheel products on the Solowheel site. What does this mean for the future of the Solowheel brand? It's hard to say, but Shane certainly doesn't seem to be winning much goodwill, look at the current fiasco of the Iota Kickstart project (read comments section), it's running nearly a year late, even though the development is effectively being run by a Chinese Hoverboard company, called Gyroor. I had the good fortune of meeting the CEO/Engineer out in Hong Kong in October, really nice competent guy. They had some working prototypes, nothing very exciting, like a mini-me version of the V3Pro, but without the performance & the features. What's that saying "Things work out best for those who make the best out of how things work out". Since last year, King Song now have a much stronger line-up, eWheels has a new Exclusivity Deal, despite perturbations in demand, the Wheel market only continues to grow from strength-to-strength. I believe the ultimate winners will be those with the persistent sticking power.
  2. With some persuasion, King Song sent him a 14D last week
  3. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    An easy preventative measure could be the addition of an inline XT60 50-60A fuse. It's surely got to be a better solution than jury-rigging a conductive bridge between the packs for every turnstile encounter. Come on Gotway, get your act together, this is elementary level Electronics here!
  4. Sorry, I bought out the inventory. Kidding... It was a thought, buying directly from the KS/GW/IM factories in large order quantities, a $299 S1 was the best deal around. Effective today, & the next week, all the Wheels on eWheels.com are going to be discounted by $25 & a free set of eWheels branded wrist-guards thrown in as well. Might not be the 50% from Segway, but if you've had your eye on a 16S/14D/14S/18S/MTen3, you're not going to find better prices in North America.
  5. Looking for a lightweight EU for a 6yo kid

    We've still got some of these collecting dust, looking forward to selling the remaining stock over Christmas... If your primary criteria is slim & light, then there's really only one option, the IPS i5. https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-ips-i5-245wh-feather-weight/
  6. Amazon Prime is ruthless on Returns, whatever reason the Customer gives—it doesn't work, too difficult, not fast enough, not enough shine on the plastic—they can return it. These are stated as new. Amazon takes a 16% commission on the sale, I'd say that their return rate is probably around 20%; as such, I wouldn't be surprised if the economics of selling on Amazon isn't working out for Segway & this could be the last fire-sale bonanza for this model.
  7. Incredible, the S1 is listed for just $299! The S1 is the best thing to happen, nearly everyone who owns one wants to upgrade, go faster The primary materials periodic elements that go into the Wheel probably cost more than this! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M1SFFNE
  8. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Trying to work with GW on improving reliability on two technical fronts: up-rated IRFP4468 MOSFETs & the use of 60-80A fuses. The absence of fuses in their Wheels, as Marty has recently encountered with his MTen3, is not satisfactory. When the Wheel is in a jam, without any current throttling programmed onto the firmware, the battery will throw everything it has at it, with the inevitable outcome of either, 1) destroying the MOSFETs, 2) ruining the battery pack, or both, it's completely unnecessary. With a 20S6P pack, that momentary peak burst of power could well exceed 10KW, way beyond the survivability threshold. For the next order requirements, I've insisted that a fuse be added. Trouble is that I'm getting some push-back, GW Engineer's aren't convinced; apparently the Korean Dealer had GW do a limited run with an embedded board fuse & they encountered some cases of it blowing under 'normal operation'. From the picture, this looks to be a 48A (?), probably it needs to be up-rated to a 60A or 80A fuse, there's no good technical reason why the correct rating can't be fitted, with the desired function of sacrificing the fuse rather than having something more catastrophic happen. Remember the bad firmware GW put out in June? The purpose of that change was supposed to better manage the Current, with the intention of lowering the incidence rate of board failures. As sophisticated as the current roster of Wheels are today, taking the longer term view, the industry needs some fresh-blood competition, probably Engineered Outside of China to create a Wheel that is built with fewer compromises.
  9. Did you have your wheel stolen?

    Yeah, when all the mistakes in the listing are added up, it doesn't inspire much confidence that the person selling the Wheel actually used it—wrong Wheel size, 'kingsong' all one word, no charger, paucity of any detail info... I checked our serial number database, it's not in there. We really only started importing the 16S after May 2017, this serial is from an earlier February batch
  10. Jason,

    This is a suggestion to the KS 18L. I think KingSong should design the KS-18L handle both as a handle and a seat that can be height adjusted. This would be a great combination of KS16's convenience and the current KS18's not having a handle. If I want to move it around, I use the handle. If I want to sit down, I can use the handle as a seat. This would be best design!

  11. Help a Newbie Decide and Get Going!

    Quite by chance I was working on this Vendor Comparison Graphic this morning. I'm flying out to LA in a couple hours to meet with Joey in order to take on the Tesla panel swap operation (oh, the bitter irony!), as well as doing some spot checks on the MTen3 tubeless tires.
  12. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    We should be able to do better than that, there's a 75% chance of being up & running in the next 7-10 days. But your thanks should go out to Linnea, she's been simply an outstanding at coordinating everything over at GW.
  13. New KingSong 18L?

    I believe KS came up with this colour scheme when the KS18A was first unveiled back two years ago, the old-style 18A pedals are a clue. When out in China last month, they had one of these on display, more a cherry red than the metallic look of the picture. The problem with finding these colours into production is that it's a high risk in making a commitment for a large order quantity, if there's no demand, they end up sitting on the shelf loosing value by the minute... Without the logo & black speaker grills fitted, I've grown quite fond of the aggressive look of the 18S. It's like the Lambo equivalent in a Wheel, there's no warm fuzzy feel to it, visually conveys what it was designed for, speed & power.

    Marty's videos are becoming masterpieces in cinematography, videos are so sharp, nice selection of perspectives. Is your selfie stick also a tripod?

    Google has been really quite generous lately, within a week of posting a new product, we get the top position SEO rankings . Even for a term like 'King Song' & we're in second & third position, one below Wikipedia, while the 'official' King Song site ranks fourth What I particularly liked about this encounter, is that although it's what we all encounter daily, for the casual YouTube viewer, it's nicely sums up the type of questions they might have, using a head-camera, the quality is terrific. Not with the Wheel, because are sealed boxes, usually send out the with bonus set of eWheels.com branded wrist-guards. I've got a 20,000 print run on the way...