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  1. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    My mistake for not adding our watermark to these photos...
  2. Gotway ACM axle shims

    Not trouble at all, I'm sure we can help you out, we get regular supplies for parts from GW, it ought to be no trouble adding some more if necessary.
  3. Gotway ACM axle shims

    Hmm, I need to chat with Joey about this; as a Customer of another Wheel from us, I'm sure we can oblige you in providing the shims for this operation. Sorry about this response...
  4. anyone riding Dualtron Man???....

    We'll be bringing in the new DualTrons as well once the production gets underway. Dualtron/Speedway are way ahead of the game, think of Speedway as the Gotway for Electric Scooters. Even their 'entry level' Mini4 is capable of 28MPH, with a 748 battery pack. As a Wheel Rider there is certainly an element of lameness while holding onto anything, but as @houseofjob wrote, there's other advantages. What I love most about the SW IV, is that the deck is long enough where you can carry a girl passenger on back, snugly holding on for dear life . The SW IV has no trouble getting up to 50kph, I've even eclipsed the 60kph mark once. The suspension & braking are superb, you're also not constantly worrying about cut-outs, so can be much more aggressive in sustaining high speed. When in hurry to run an errand across the causeway between the Beach & Miami, there's no question about grabbing the scooter for the job. We'll be making a series of review videos about these over of the next month.
  5. Problem with Brand New KS14s

    Did you use the Wheel at all before performing the FW update? It's highly coincidental the connection between the update & board failure, but there hasn't been another reported case of this before, so the evidence for causation is not certain. I'll drop you email with what we can do for sorting this out.
  6. New Rider...Just Received My King Song 14D

    A valve extender shouldn't really be necessary on any of the King Song Wheels, a standard bike/car nozzle can be inserted & locked to inflate it.
  7. Solowheel Brush

    Solowheel lent us the brushes to try out... In our [random] tests on the public, they certainly do the job much more effectively than training Wheels. The current clamping supports are not very flexible for fitting to different pedal shapes, maybe the final design will be different. In the future I'd like to see the price come down so they can be offered as standard equipment for first time buyers. This could very well be the silver bullet for conquering the dreaded 'learning curve'.
  8. Kingsong-NEW App iOS new Version 3.0

    Yes, after unlocking the Wheel with the v4, you can then update the firmware without the requirement to register with this version of the App: images.ewheels.com/KSv5.apk
  9. Kingsong-NEW App iOS new Version 3.0

    You do not need to register to update the firmware with this App version. The only change in the latest 18S firmware update is to unlock the Wheel once it's attained 200km. images.ewheels.com/KSv5.apk
  10. Any tips for getting KS-16S set up properly?

    I've tested the App on the iTouch, & Joey tried to register with his iPhone, neither works. On the iTouch the interface is built to an expected resolution, so the fields aren't displayed properly. On the iPhone neither the telephone or email validation system appears send the verification code. The only solution at the moment is to borrow an Android phone to unlock the Wheel with the v4.
  11. Kingsong-NEW App iOS new Version 3.0

    King Song completely screwed up by releasing an App which cannot be registered before leaving, without any contact, for their extended 3 week holiday. If you're on Android, there's the v4 version of the App which doesn't require this registration mess. It's best to use this earlier version of the App to unlock the Wheel's speed. http://images.ewheels.com/KSv4.apk Unlocking the Speed Potential: Out of the box, the Wheel is electronically controlled to a maximum speed of 12MPH. The easiest way to obtain the unlock code is to use the below online generator tool (link below). It requires the Wheel's serial number, found in the 'Speed Limit Decoding' section of the App. When entering the value into the ISN field on the online Unlocker tool, please use the colon symbol [:] between each two characters, otherwise it will generate an 'unrecognized' error—when entering the code through the App, no special formatting is needed. The App interface is not the best, if any of the values are outside the permitted range, it defaults to 18/19/20/20kph settings. For your Wheel, the 18S, you can set it to 0/0/39/40. Speed Unlock Tool: http://electricunicycle.org/kingsongunlocker/

    Thanks, I'm working with a superb video editor who's able to make turn raw dross footage into gold. Yeah, completely agree, this is going to be a top priority for this year.

    This video was taken back in October, during the last day of the Hong Kong Electronics fair. On the last last day, I realized I hadn't any video content from the visit, so asked permission to recruit one of the King Song Riders from the show, & trek out to find somewhere fun to ride. It started with a few hairy moments, when we had to traverse a single narrow lane access road from the airport with trucks passing within inches from us, the rest of the adventure has been recorded for your viewing pleasure
  14. Solowheel Brush

    If it works, I'm going to be putting in an order for a batch these. It may look crazy, but the principle looks sound. There's undeniably a need for an effective learning aid for newbies.
  15. Safest EUC?

    Product brand reliability is definitely a point-in-time & model question. I can attest that while King Song has been pretty good with their 16S/18S, but there have been a few recent incidents of sloppy assembly & poor QC result in DoAs from the factory. To a Distributor, getting a Wheel from the factory that does not work is utterly unacceptable, because it's a demonstration of two failures: the first is that there's fault somewhere in the production process; secondly, perhaps more importantly, that the QC was side-stepped. One of the cases that illustrates this was with a 18S where the Customer reported he was not able to charge it beyond 58v. We did the logical steps to troubleshoot like sending out a replacement charger, same. He then shipped the Wheel back, I tested the pack, which was fine; then, the charging port, also fine; opened up the fuse junction box to see if anything was mis-wired in there. Finally, I swapped out the board & the Wheel was able to charge. The root cause was that in the 18S, the charging input is now feed into the control-board, where a reverse diode resides, & somewhere in the circuitry it was giving resistance from 67.2v to 58v. When presented with the evidence, King Song claimed to never have seen this problem before. We shipped the Customer out another 18S, which had exactly the same fault!!! Joey trekked up to LA to test charging the remaining 25x 18Ss, all were able to fully charge. So the fact that this particular Customer received two Wheels with the same fault is quite the statistical anomaly. In my experience, although Gotway has had a more chequered history of their product development, they have been a lot more responsive in helping their Dealers/Customers with parts. In the above mentioned case, King Song refused to send me any replacement 18S boards, released the half-baked App which cannot be registered the same day & then took the next three weeks off One of the topics I hinted at on another thread are that Gotway are working on a new board, they're testing out a MOSFET with a spec of 1000A peak, 300A sustained, this should make it virtually indestructible.