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  1. Hope (probably a naive optimism) is that someone at GW pointed this out & the later batches of ACMs+ have proper soldering in place...
  2. The surprises never cease... It's funny because I just shipped myself back that test ACMs+ last week, the plan was that if I could get through the work backlog from the Firmware mess (sorry for radio silence, that's why I haven't been on the forum recently), I was going to pull out the thermal camera & test the 5A current charging.
  3. I'll explain it all later today.
  4. I'll be making a full post about this later today. Solowheel's/Shane's position is that he wants to block import of all other brands of Electric Unicycles into the US, he's even going after Segway/Ninebot through the courts at this very moment. For those with the knowledge about Shane's true involvement in the 'Invention' of the Electric Unicycle, this is a complete farce. No, I won't be selling any of the Glide series. I have a +$10,000 Inmotion parts inventory, this ought to be more than sufficient to deal with any after-service issues with the V8s we've sold; furthermore, we can continue to purchase parts from China. As you can imagine, I've tried to vigorously persuade Inmotion Management of the error of their ways, that this pricing policy will be self-defeating, but in their minds, the Solowheel joint venture is a fait accompli, not open to debate or revision. "No doubt there has been intense internal debate about the new pricing policy of the rebranded products, in my mind the negatives overwhelmingly supplant any marginal benefits of revenue from the higher prices. The arguments summoned against this dramatic increase include: Accusations of Price Gouging: Consumers who buy Electric Unicycles today are among the most educated & intelligent buyers in the US. They're going to know what the historical prices were, along with the comparable overseas prices in other markets & draw the conclusion the conclusion that they're being overcharged. Price Elasticity: this is the concept that if an Electric Unicycle is out of a person's budget, they will instead substitute the Electric Unicycle for another mode of personal transport that offers double, or triple, the capability per $. It doesn't look like there's been any serious analysis of this factor with the new pricing regime. Loss of credibility for the new brand: as a first action of the new company, this sends the wrong message to current loyal Inmotion Customers, that the new company is overpriced. Competition: even if Shane is successful at blocking King Song & Gotway at the wholesale level, he still has to face the facts that, 1) consumers can still purchase individually directly from China & there is nothing that can be done to stop this, 2) there are domestic US companies like Kiwano & Segway/Ninebot making similar products for a lot less money, 3) prices have to be in line for similar class of devices—this is the chief argument levelled against Solowheel within the Electric Unicycle community, that their products are overpriced! Dramatic Decrease in Sales: I predict the net effect of these factors, is that even with massively increased marketing dollars, many people will take an immediate dislike to the new company & the expensive rebranded but hardly improved products. Hope you're receptive to exploring the new pricing further."
  5. Piece of cake, we'll have the process down to 5 min a Wheel
  6. Chatting with @Vincent Bourdeau about the impact in France, seems that the French GW Distributor already had the Downloader tool, so the situation there was mostly contained. Obviously it's an embarrassing episode for GW, but the worst of it was the lack of transparency & openness during the debacle. The information was bound to come out, why not be frank about it? When it comes to bad news about faults/defects, there's a general tendency towards wishful thinking, even when the evidence is so palpable that it smacks you in the face.
  7. Gotway sent us this 'Downloader' tool yesterday. The accompanying instructions are essentially: Disconnect power & discharge the capacitors Remove the BT module & connect the 'Downloader' to this interface Choose the board's configuration ACM/MSuper/Monster, voltage & resistors—there are two types, a R001 & 0m50, this latter is the new board type & uses v9 of the firmware, R001 loads v8. After the firmware is loaded, the Wheels needs to be calibrated & that's it! I've got about 40 of these that need this operation. Catching an early morning flight tomorrow morning to get this started on this project. Predicting I'll be quite the Expert by the time I reach the 40th Wheel... Thanks Gotway
  8. what do you mean "perform upgrades yourself"? As i understood only Jason/trusted resellers will be able to flash the boards..... From what I understood, there's a unique cable interface, which GW refer to as a 'downloader', that communications with the board.
  9. Just US.
  10. I think it might be possible, it will be a good opportunity to test out the newly applied FW.
  11. Afraid it's looking that way.
  12. That's what was promised to me. These are the last of the V8s, next availability are going to be Solowheel branded Wheels, with the higher sticker price.
  13. Thanks, that makes sense.
  14. This one is...
  15. I first reported the occasional cases of tiring rubbing to Inmotion in October. The following two batches were mostly scrape-free, but then the batch which arrived in Mid-May had a number of the Kenda tires with 1-2mm variance around the diameter, this increased the probability of rubbing out-of-box. Obviously it's not a great Customer Experience to receive a beautiful shiny new V8, to then have a lame scrapping sound drawing attention to the otherwise completely stealth ride. I made a bit of stink about it; since then, the new tires should be 1.95" with a couple more mm of clearance... "checked with tech-team our new inner tire will use this size on our V8,so 16"x 1.95" size is correct."