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  1. Kingsong new app bugs

    Some good news [finally] to share, first from King Song: "Hi Jason, for Android APP, pls ask you customers to do an upgrade, then he will be able to set the speed. For IOS APP, we have submited to APPLE APP system yesterday, as soon as get approve, will be available to download." DarknessBot will soon also support KS Alarm/Speed settings I've also be in contact with Illya, the brains behind Darknessbot, about sponsoring enhanced support for setting alarms & tilt-back speed on the KS Wheels. There should be more news about this follow in the next couple days.
  2. Any reputable resellers besides ewheels.com?

    This is mainly still from the lingering effects of the month long Chinese New Year; I have one order from Mid-December which has just left Hong Kong. We had relied on consulting the Delphic Oracle prior to putting in factory orders; to my surprise she's not infallible, her consultancy rates are Olympian, so I might start using maths instead to try to predict demand. Current Stock: Solowheel G3/Inmotion V8, plentiful. Recently discounted the Wheel to $899 including the protective cover as a bonus King Song 14S, medium. Expected to sell out within the next 30-45 days King Song 18S, low. Half-a-dozen of the 840Wh types remaining in stock Gotway MTen3, low. Will be sold-out by the beginning on May Gotway ACMv2, medium. Expected there would be a gravitation towards this model over the Tesla, since you're get quite a bit more bang for your buck In Transit, Making Landfall 1st of May: King Song 16S, low. Predicted that the V10/V10F would make the 16S a hard sell, surprisingly 16S is still shifting well King Song 14D, high. Ordered a lot of these as our 'entry' level Wheel IPS i5, high. These will be available in a couple new color options, updated firmware with higher 23kph top speed Production Completed, Expected Arrival 2-3rd Week of May: Gotway Monster 100V, low. When I placed the order there were only 5x Boards available to buy Gotway MSuper 2000W Red/Blue, Medium. New(ish) MSupers in Red & Blue shells, 1600Wh capacity only. Gotway ACMv2 Blue, Medium. Special 'Marty' edition of the ACM in blue, 1600Wh capacity only. Gotway MCM5, low. Initial test run to get Customer feedback of the new MCM5, highest 650Wh capacity only. Inmotion V10F, none. All of these initial 30x pcs have been presold. In the planning/preparation stage: Gotway MSuper X, medium. Deposit placed for the initial production run Inmotion V10/V10F, medium-high. Large order placed in the expectation of the seasonal demand surge that's approaching MTen3, medium. Top up supply going into the spring-summer months. Ninebot Z, unknown. Might be shipping out during the 1st week of June. We're trying to secure enough for the preorders King Song 18L, unknown. Could be shipping out within a week either way of the Z Uncertain Future: Gotway Tesla. Will there continue to be demand for this model when there's the ACMv2 & V10F? I could be wrong, but the Tesla now sits awkwardly in the center between these 16" models. If you want the maximum power/range the ACMv2 gives you the highest spec on a 16;, if it's the aesthetics & reliability that are the most important, then the V10F will probably be higher demand. KS16S. When the V10/V10F production gets under full-steam, I sense that the KS16S is going suffer most, I could be wrong, but this is my sense. Other Product: on the Scooter front, we're going to be bringing in the new Dualtron 3 series & Speedway Vs. Also have a pretty cool 15kg/35lb, 20mph folding eBike coming online in the next month.
  3. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Yes, Inmotion are pretty much right on target: bulk air-freight for the first batch is expected to be sent to the US today or tomorrow, which will then be dispatched out to the preorder Customers who had opted for the Express shipping service; the container with the remaining V10Fs will go out early next week. Improved Handle: I'm informed that these first orders will be packaged with the original [loose] V5F handles; an improved type will hopefully follow a bit later on, awaiting news on this development time.
  4. Yet commercially available cells are stuck at the ~252Wh/kg of the Panasonic GA & LG MJ1s. The most popular cell used in PEVs (mainly H-Boards) is still the eight year old Samsung 22P. The 21700 format has the promise of increased longevity, high power density, but on the vital energy density spec, there's nothing in the pipeline that can match the 4 year top end 18650.
  5. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Working on this. At the February meeting, the R&D department were reluctant to offer larger pedals citing the mold cost. In light of the V10F pedal layout, I believe that Ninebot are going to have to respond in kind. An option that was discussed was to provide a C&Cd pedal as an optional upgrade. Motor Wire Upgrades: there's some good news to report on the motor wires, received this communication yesterday, "The wire diameter on the One Z is thickened, & the plug-in is also used for the terminals fixed by the screws, & the motor phase wire is replaced by the high temperature resistant material." My contact has given mid-May as the start of a limited initial production run. Another month to ship out to the US, so shipping to Customer ought to be mid-June, if everything goes to plan... Who is your source for this? The latest update I received directly from King Song, yesterday, is that they assembled a new prototype, but production is certainly not going ahead at full steam as of this moment. "18L we have assembled a new sample today, i will show you later. Still need some slight changes, Massive production can expect to start end of this month." "kick to unfold pedals" what does this mean? "side lights with programmable color and well visible from sides and front of the wheel " All three mfgs support this "Option for 2 chargers / fast charging" is this completely pointless? A ChargeDoctor has offered dual-input support for well over a year, there are many 4-5A fast-chargers on the market. Not completely sure when this change was made, but it could have been a few months back. There's always an element that something new might turn out to be a damp-squid. Those who use an Electric Unicycle are usually inclined to take on a higher calculated risk than the general population; you're going to have to review the available evidence & form your own judgement on what's best for you.
  6. KingSong Wheels Never Cause Faceplants - right?

    @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", I don't understand, you have have the KS18S & GW Monster (ACM as well?) yet you voluntarily still ride a two year old 30kph, 800W KS16B Wheel? Why?! @Marty Backe for fairness sake, let's take stock of what GW were pushing out at the same time as this vintage Wheel; a 67v ACM with MOSFETs as fragile as a Song Dynasty vase & motor wires that have the dual-function for making toast on the way up that hill. Yesterday I made a statement that there's been no reports of a ACMv2 dying, but that this was premature. This morning I received a dreaded 'I received my brand new ACMv2 & within 3 mile it cut-out, no longer turns on'. I wish I could say that the failure rate for GW is now as good as KS, but I'm afraid to say this is not the case. On a statistical basis, there is a 15% chance of a new Tesla/ACM board blowing within the first hour of use, if you make it through this critical danger point, then the likelihood is it's going to hold-up over time.
  7. Gotway MSuper3 - Axle Problem?

    Good call, I've put the request in for XT90S in the next production batch. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/xt90-s-anti-spark-connector-2pairs-bag.html?___store=en_us
  8. Short Review of the V10F

    Yep, it's the GX12-3. The connector on the US V8, the G3, is now a GX12-4. For this 960Wh pack, a 5A charger is going to be more beneficial. It's a shame Inmotion moved away from the V5F USB type charging port, it was so reliable & easy to plug charger in. I believe it had something to do with the Chinese Electronics Regulatory body not being familiar with this type of connector. Not on the prototype, just the charging port under the flap. Yes, tested this out, still works on the V10F Same as the V8. Question, when you need to turn on the light while moving, do you stop & do the long-press, or reach down & perform the action under movement? I can't bring myself to fully trust a Wheel enough to the extent of pressing the power button while riding . Exactly, it comes up in the BT discovery as "Unicycle Audio" Generally accepted range figures are 25Wh/mile for ~20MPH cruising with a 160lb rider on flat terrain. There's a bit of variance depending on the model Wheel, but these estimates seem to hold up pretty well. I understand there's the possibility that this programming may be adapted, as the power margins on the V10F are vastly higher than they were on the V8. Believe Inmotion want to see what the market response is first, make sure there is good safety record before do any tweaking of this kind. Axle Diameter: @Bobwheel also shared some details on the axle thickness, it's a 17mm wide axle, that has a machined flat profile at the top that locks it into place with the pedal arm (similar to KS). I need to do some comparison measurements, pretty sure this is the thickest axle of any Wheel motor. V10 & V10F Have Different Motors: I was really surprised to learn that the V10 & V10F use different motors. Not entirely sure what the driver is for this, perhaps cost. This may change as volume production gets underway.
  9. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Received pricing details from Linnea last evening. Your prayers may be answered, in a way at least: there will be a 650Wh option, which will retail for around $1,170. For those with a limited budget & an insatiable MSuper X craving, you could order a 650Wh (which is still 84V), then slap in another 650Wh pack at a later time, at a cost of $400, when you find you're in need of that additional range later on. On the 1600Wh, price is comparable to the existing MSuper V3, under $2k.
  10. Sent you a return label to have the Wheel evaluated/repaired an hour ago. Since you have nearly 1000 miles on the machine, it's doubtful this is a firmware fault, as it would have been exhibited many, many miles earlier. There's been a few incidents of Wheel nuts coming loose on the ACMs, this will be the first point of investigation.
  11. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Maybe she looks more attractive in person like the MCM5 was. In the side-by-side with the MSuper V3, that X isn't winning any hearts on looks alone. I like how they're providing detailed 'what's new' for their Wheels (perhaps they've taken a cue from our site ). I'm frequently suggesting to Linnea that they need to emphasize these points more, Buyers need convincing that a new Wheel is exciting enough to make an upgrade to. Is it just the angle, or is the shell width asymmetric?
  12. Depending on your weight, the V5F might be underpowered. Also consider the KS14D, which is considerably more powerful with that 800W motor, & much high quality control-board, but the battery packs only has 32 cells vs 40 on the V5F. I'm really hoping Inmotion will produce a 60 cell 14" successor to the V5F. On one of the sides it's completely empty, with a small redesign, maybe another 20 cells pack could squeeze in there without bloating the Wheel from what it is today.
  13. Max Weight Limit

    Until last week, I would, but I've received the first reported case of a 250lb Rider cut-out at max speed. Until KS release the 18L, there's no denying the dominance of GW in the high power class across the ACMv2 & MSuper.
  14. Max Weight Limit

    The numbers were derived from manufacturer spec, reported failures for the model, estimated pedal mounting loads. With the latest GWs, I would probably rank the 2000W MSuper & ACMv2 above the KS18S now. Reluctant to put the Monster on top of the pecking order because of the shim wearing issue. Since the change of MOFSETs, all the most recent Boards in the Gotways have been substantially up-rated. Don't believe there's been a single reported failure on a new ACMv2 board yet? Inmotion have a weight limit on the V10F of 260lb, but looking at those gloriously large pedals, & all the other high power equipment in there, surely it could support a 300lb Rider? Thing about weight & performance, which may seem obvious to forum readers, is that the performance figures & weight are NOT ANDed; you cannot have a 290lb Rider, using the Wheel at max speed, going up the steepest incline... I have a self-appointed task to create a diagram that will try to show the weight limit danger points of the different model Wheels, simply as a guide so that new Riders will have a better perspective of this point.
  15. Short Review of the V10F

    V10 Product page is now Live, will be Developed more over the next week or two. Sorry @houseofjob, will get to the other questions tomorrow.... https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-inmotion-v10-v10f/