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  1. Looks like a fan is easier and effective and cheaper solution. I guess I need the type that blows sideways like the one on video card to increase the air flow inside the shell
  2. where do you get power for the fan? say for msuper 3?
  3. Is there a easy inexpensive way to warn about the temperature inside the shell? I tried to use heat sensitive resistors and an UNO board plus a beeper. But that is just for experiement and is expensive and not sturdy.
  4. I guess it means that you take off those heat shielding white tubes.
  5. I saw a man was riding this thing alone C&O cannel. I talked to him. He told me it is a prototype. The man was black, not the one in the video.
  6. He should wear nice business suit, riding his briefcase. That is more fun.
  7. If it was not for the wheel, this i5 can be mistaken as a business briefcase. So, put a pad on that looks briefcase, cover the wheel, then I can take it into many business places.
  8. I just found this on youtube
  9. Anyone wants to get a role in a movie? Just do some EUC riding in Hollywood to grab the attention of a movie director or screen writer. I know there are many girls run around there naked just to catch some attention. Why don't they rider EUCs? This way, one can become a celebrity fast. Dam, I am old and not handsome for this purpose. Else I will do it. Hey California riders, ride in Hollywood, Beverly Hill, or wherever movie directors might pass by.
  10. That can hurt your figure badly if you fall. Use a soft bell such as a rubber ducky. Also, the sound of rubber ducky is is just too cute for those in front of you to be annoyed. They will step aside with a big smile.
  11. This is my horn, squeaky rubber duckies. They are effective, fun, fun, cheap and protect your hands
  12. No, Once the new control board is installed and the EUC working, my attention shifted. But I kept the old board, just in case I can scavenge some parts from it in the future.
  13. Install these on the euc, facing backwards: 1. Stronger flash light to blind attackers. Better if it blinks at some frequencies. We can modify the rear LEDs to do this. 2. Pepper spray to stop attacking dogs. I imagine that when attackers chase you, they need to breath hard. Put some spice in the air will slow them down. Faster EUCs will help only if you can ride at the speed > 36km/hr safely. I am imaging a KungFu movie in which the hero is riding an EUC, with bunch of badies chasing after. The hero just make a fart made from blue cheese, the badies fainted after inhaled the organic gas. The hero then ride backwards to help the badies to part their evil doing parts from their enablers
  14. Great, my son and I will participate.
  15. The loop is probably too long for 9B1s. And the best views are along the river. I would like to suggest to go alone the river more.