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  1. Here is what I can guess or read from rumors: 1. Smart-BMS that monitor each battery cell 2. 18" wheel, tubeless tire. 3. Dual battery packs with separate BMS. 4. Dual set of hall sensors. ( I think it should have 3 sets of hall sensors to over rule the one that mis-fire ) 5. Torque > 120 nm 6. fat tire ( 4" ? ). can climb stairs of height 10cm(?) Now, GW 18 has strong competitors: 9B Z
  2. I read rumor that Gotway will announce a new model on Aug 12, that is tomorrow. I wonder what it is. A model with suspension?
  3. I read a Chinese EUC forum, in which there is a short mentioning of the Aug 12 9B day, requiring tickets. It say that 9B is ready to announce new models, with some new tech in them. Maybe MK 3?
  4. There is an less expensive, lighter chase breaker: a bag of soybeans. Spread soybeans when the chaser gets close while your are on EUC. riding ahead of the chasers. I think this is especially effective on hard surfaces. Also, it is food you carry so there is a good excuse to carry and drop on the ground. Bring a slingshot to shoot the bad guy from a distance, forcing him to choose whether to charge or retreat. Then you ride EUC to keep the distance and continue slingshoting, until he is exhausted.
  5. A few days ago, I went to a bike shop. It has a few e-bikes in stock. Their prices are indeed between $2-6k. I guess a decent regular bike cost > $1000. Adding e-parts to it is another $600( to include a small battery). Plus the profit margin. So $2k is not surprising. EUC, on the other hand, has much fewer parts. The major cost of EUCs are the R&D, which does not cost much if one can sell many EUCs.
  6. Looks like a fan is easier and effective and cheaper solution. I guess I need the type that blows sideways like the one on video card to increase the air flow inside the shell
  7. where do you get power for the fan? say for msuper 3?
  8. Is there a easy inexpensive way to warn about the temperature inside the shell? I tried to use heat sensitive resistors and an UNO board plus a beeper. But that is just for experiement and is expensive and not sturdy.
  9. I guess it means that you take off those heat shielding white tubes.
  10. I saw a man was riding this thing alone C&O cannel. I talked to him. He told me it is a prototype. The man was black, not the one in the video.
  11. He should wear nice business suit, riding his briefcase. That is more fun.
  12. If it was not for the wheel, this i5 can be mistaken as a business briefcase. So, put a pad on that looks briefcase, cover the wheel, then I can take it into many business places.
  13. I just found this on youtube