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  1. Some people here use Charge Doctor to charge only up to 80% of the capacity to prolong the battery life. The problem is that by doing so, the cell balancing is not triggered, which may damage battery pack. Thus, periodically, one still have to charge to 100% to let cell balancing to work. This raise the question: Can we mod the charger to charge to a lower voltage, say 80% of 4.22V, but still do cell balancing? It is possible, according to a post in Chinese EUC forum,. . For example, A Gotway or IPS charger has an adjustable resistor with a screw to adjust charging voltage. The screw is covered with some red glue to prevent unwanted changing. get rid of the glue, turn the screw to adjust the charging voltage. Here are the pictures of opened chargers with the screw circled by a pen. I do not know how much the voltage can be adjusted. If anyone has many chargers ( @Marty Backe?, @Duf?, @Rehab1?) , please take one of them and try.
  2. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    GT is testing wide tire EUC (16"?). It is much wider than 9B1Z https://tieba.baidu.com/mo/q/movideo/page?thumbnail_url=http%3A%2F%2Fimgsrc.baidu.com%2Fforum%2FeWH%3D368%2C640%2Fsign%3Dadad08c58182b9012fc7be3e40bb915b%2F55e736d12f2eb938f9015910de628535e4dd6fe7.jpg&video_url=http%3A%2F%2Ftb-video.bdstatic.com%2Ftieba-smallvideo%2F5_613a204aec9ed87a1a661e72d40b305d.mp4&product=tieba-movideo&fid=3822129&fname=电动独轮车&firstDir=网友俱乐部&secondDir=网友俱乐部
  3. NB1 S1 is selling on JD.com (in china) for 1699RMB, a little less than $300. Wow, NB is going to clear generic EUCs out of existence. Probably NB got a big discount on large order of batteries? Maybe NB is trying to get a lot of hesitators out to start EUCing, so that later they will buy NB1 Zs for upgrades? Anyway, at this price, if those people are still watching, then they will not buy EUC anyway. Are we getting many newbies with NB1S1 on this forum recently?
  4. Today, I was riding on the way out of campus. A car followed me too close after me. I extend my arm and waved backwards to signal him to backup. Yet the driver ignored. If I fall, the car would run over me. I hate this fucking bastard driver.
  5. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Really? I think current BMSs monitor each parallel block. They do not do pre-riding test by test-loading each cell to determine its health
  6. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    The "cracking sound" at low speed is also reported in a Chinese post in their unicycle forum about a month ago. The sound was thought to be produced by the dual hall sensor system that may give not so uniform, possibly conflicting signals. I imagine that the positions of each pair of hall sensors differ a little, and hence the times they fire are a little different. At low speed, the difference in time is longer. This difference makes it harder for the control board to act in one way or another. I think a better way is to use 3 parallel sets of hall sensors, ie use one 3-hall-sensors-group in place of the current 1 hall sensor, and use the average of the two closest signals within the tolerance range( proportion to speed or expected speed) to make control decision. In terms of probability of failure, suppose the chance for 1 hall sensor to misfire is p ( say p = 0.0001 ), then for the single-set-hall-sensor motor to fail is A=1 - (1-p)^3 because there are 3 sensors and one misfires then motor misbehaves. For a 3-sets-sensors to misfire, one of the 3 3-parallel-sensor-group to misfire. The probability for such event is 1 - (1 - q)^3 where q = Probability( 2 or more of 3 sensors misbehave ) = p^3 + 3p^2(1-p) = p^2*(3-2p). This gives the failure rate of B = 1 - (1-q)^3 approximately 3q = 3p^2*(3-2p) approximately 6p^2. The probability for single hall sensor set to fail is approximately A = 3p. The improvement A:B = 1:3p = 1: 0.0003. In other words, for every one occurrence of the single-hall-sensor-set to misbehave, there is only 0.0003 occurrence of misbehavior for the 3-parallel-sensor sets. This is a huge improvement. I hope 9BZ to succeed in making hall sensor redundancy true. I wish that its wide tubeless tire can absorb stronger shocks. I want NB1Z to include battery monitor /diagnosis system that can track the health of each battery cell. I pray for the rumor that NB1Z's motor torque is 120Nm+ to be true( in comparison RW's torue is about 50Nm?). These four features should be the direction to go and should be the characteristics of the next generation of EUCs. These 4 features will make EUCs much safer! Since Segway already had dual sets of hall sensors ( I heard ), it may not be very difficult for NB to use the tech in EUCs. Talking about EUC generations, I think the EUC is already in generation 2. The generation 1 EUCs are represented Solowheel, plus many clones, Airwheel, IPS. They demonstrated the basic working principles. The 2nd generation is represented by 9B1s followed by IM, who made EUCs beautiful with quality construction and reasonably reliable and inexpensive. GW pushes in the performance direction by increasing motor power and battery size. KS integrates good points about NB1 and GW and IM and combines them. Now, NB1Z is trying to make breakthroughs into Generation III for EUCs. We should applause its effort and reward it if delivered. While the Russian distributor's video review is not positive, I still hope the better for the NB1Z. The unit he tried was an early prototype. 9B is aware of the issue and is trying to fix it. Now NB1Z is due for beta testing around the end of Dec ( rumor says). I will wait for the review. It is strange for the timing of releasing this old review. I guess he wants customers to buy his existing stock rather than waiting for NB1Zs.
  7. Commute on bikes and EUCs alternatively for variation to make life more interesting.
  8. Just got hit by a bus

    Attach the cam on the helmet. To increase be-seen-visibility, I wear bright yellow jacket. I am looking for a light to attached to my helmet's top, with lights swirles like the police light. That will get driver's attention since it looks like a police device. Anyone knows such a light?
  9. Anyone into target practice at the range?

    Interesting. I am thinking about buying a compound bow. The problems is to find a shooting place. I can shoot in my backyard. But if I missed the target, the arrow will fly into a wall, destroying the arrow. Suggestion?
  10. Just got hit by a bus

    @mezzanine. Thank God that you are OK. @FULspeed, How to you attach this camera to EUC?
  11. WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    @Marty BackeThanks. Any other smart watch works with WheelLog?
  12. WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    IT has slider to set current ttrigger. It also allows typing in a numer <= 50 Forked version?
  13. WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    OK, I found it. Thanks. Now I remember that I used it before. But the current alrm 's maximum allowable current is 50A. How do you set to 90A?
  14. WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    @Marty Backe, How do you set warning buzz in WheelLog? I cannot find where this Maximum current setting is.