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  1. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Motor is wider in proportion to tire width. This way, wider magnets and coil is used to increase wattage and torque. But these metals are heavy.
  2. @D7flat9: I would say 1/3 of the original price after 18 months is not far from fair. The battery has about 1/2+ life left ( and hence less safe), the body scratched, new models appeared. I would say that just sell it in Korea, and get a new model back in US. Disclosure: I am trying to sell my 9B1E+(<2000km) and KS-16 (<1000km) here in US, and I doubt if I can get 1/3 of the original price + $100.
  3. Ask Me Any Inmotion V10F Questions

    @Marty Backe : I ope you can do the following tests: 1. Bump/pothole/tree roots stability test: The wider tire of V10 allows the tire pressure to go down to 2.125/2.5 = 0.85 of 2.15 tire's pressure. Please compare with another 16" wheel with 2.125 tire with this much pressure ratio for rider's comfort over a bump or pot hole. After that, inflate to the same pressure to repeat the test. 2. Hill climbing test for with about 30 degree angle. 3. Acceleration test: Get a friend of similar weight as yours. Do acceleration test to see who is faster. 4. Pendulum test to see how easy it is to do it. 5. Continue pendulum-ing to see how if possible to overheat it. 6. Single leg gliding to see where it is hard on your calf comparing with other models. 7. Lift-up speed test to see the cut-off speed. 8. Twist test to see whether the control tilt to sides. For single core control board, it is known that when you keeps twisting the EUC with hands, the EUC may misbehave. I remember some EUC's tile forward when turning. I think V10's dual-core may have an advantage here. 9. Figure-8 test and Radius test for agility. .......
  4. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    I have 3 wheels. Now, I want to unload them for v10 and 1z10. Is it easy to sell my used EUCs? Any suggestions?
  5. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Higher height makes one leg tricks easier on our legs.
  6. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    V10 looks like a very competitive model in the price range. Comparing with V8, V10 uses a much stronger motor, with wider magnet, coil etc. That will generate much more torque, with the price of more weight. InMotion said that the motor is 230% stronger than V8. InMotion dare to use the largest pedal, indicating that the torque is large enough. The 30 degree "climbility" is the result of larger torque and pedal. And its tire is wider, more beautiful and well built( if V8 standard is kept)! I would say that this v10 is very competitive compared with GW, KS in the 16" market, and is a well rounded EUC for most EUCers. Z10 is in the different category for dedicated off-roaders with a bad trolley. In the city, V10 is both beautiful and practical. Now the only things that can stop v10 are bad reviews.
  7. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Rumors on Chinese forum said that Z8 Z10 in "mass" production in June, consistent with @Jason McNeil's report of getting preproduction sample in May. But, by that time, a tariff of 25% may be added. That will create a kind of job called smuggler.
  8. Maybe e-bikes will pave the way for EUCs?

    ebike regulations in states https://peopleforbikes.org/our-work/e-bikes/
  9. Maybe e-bikes will pave the way for EUCs?

    e bike law in NYC is to be changed, for the better. http://www.bike-eu.com/laws-regulations/nieuws/2018/4/breakthrough-for-e-bike-legislation-and-use-in-america-10133473
  10. The Story Behind InMotion And Solowheel

    The program description is vague
  11. The Story Behind InMotion And Solowheel

    @Jeffrey Scott Will , There are a lot of people ask me about my EUC when I ride around. You should have an ambassador program with cards for us to distribute. On the cards, there is some discount code so you know who referred to you. You can give some rewards to your ambassadors for their referrals. Probably this way, you can sell some V3s to your ambassadors too.
  12. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    A little info a day, I am bored away. Do a 9B1 Z style of promo video plz. Talking about 9B1 Z, where is it now? still in the cloud. Disappointed.
  13. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I keep my expectation low. In fact, the info released so far is not very impressive.
  14. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    This year will be an interesting year for EUCs. Dual CPU has nothing to do with dual driving systems. Just like my 8-core computer, if just one capacitor is blown, the computer dies.
  15. Update from China: New IPS Wheel

    Great, finally, IPS is making a great progress in the right direction for the next generation EUCs. The characteristics of the next generation EUC, IMHO, are redundancy in driving system, close monitoring of cells and load test when EUC starts, shock absorbers. IPS's new model looks like to have at least two of this characteristics. However, I question the wisdom of implementing these characteristics on a 14" wheel instead of on a off-road model first. I think that off-roaders are more demanding in safety features and are willing to pay more for such features.