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  1. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    I have not meet any ridicule about riding EUCs. I do not know whether there are someone in those silent majorities ridiculed me in their mind. Even if there are some of them, I do not care. As to "car is more expensive" and hence associated with higher status kind of thing, that may happen in poor countries where car is still a status symbol. In the place I live, cars just do not have that wow cool factor. I did some experiments as follows: Tere are many people ask me about the price of the EUC I am riding. So, I tell different people different prices to see their reactions. I found that the higher the price I said, the more wow kind of expression they show. I guess that if they check price later on internet, and found that the current price is much lower that the one I quote, they may feel that they got a good deal and pull the trigger.
  2. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    The video showing a man going down steps and the pedal tilted backward, causing the rider to fall back. In another part, the rider riding over a curb, he said that the pedal tilted up. I guess that the engineers are trying to fix the issue of older models where after repeated bumps, the pedal tilts forward, and they over corrected.
  3. KS 16 - B Not Working

    @steve454, thanks
  4. KS 16 - B Not Working

    Thanks RobValley, The "Reset to default" works. By the way how to make @RobValley?
  5. KS 16 - B Not Working

    I received the Engineer's Test App from Miss Yuan. I put in the serial number. But, my KS 16 still will not balance itself. After I turn the power on, it spins like crazy. So, I do a level calibration, via regular Kingsong App (Android). But I failed. This is what happened: 1. Turn the power on. Wheel spins madly. 2. After it stopped, I connected the App. go to the Level Calibration. 3. Pressed the Level Calibration, heard 5 beeps. The App said that there should be long beep after that 5 short beeps. But there was no long beep. 4. I turned the power off, then on. The KS made a few weak short beeps, then long continuous beep. 5. Wait for the long beep to finish. I tried these options: a) hold the power on for a long time after long beep starts; release power on button after long beep starts 6. After the long wait, turn the power off. Restart. The EUC still will not balance. 7. I send the video about this to Miss Yuan. She has not answered yet. Please help. See the video below: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4ISwkghzCnkVC1uZE9JdEhoQU0/view?usp=sharing
  6. I quit from Ninebot E+ and found that I am addicted to MSuper3.
  7. KS 16 - B Not Working

    Connected to kingsong app. It shows that the serial number is missing. How to put the serial number back?
  8. KS 16 - B Not Working

    II have the same problem as RobValey's video shows. It happened when it was charging and I turned the power on. Then I think that my ks may need to recalibrate. So I turned the KS app on, connect via Bluetooth, press the calibration on the app, then the EUC become half dead. By "half dead" I mean that it does not move, make weak beeps when the power button is pushed, and power off when I release the power button. Frustrating....
  9. Here is what I can guess or read from rumors: 1. Smart-BMS that monitor each battery cell 2. 18" wheel, tubeless tire. 3. Dual battery packs with separate BMS. 4. Dual set of hall sensors. ( I think it should have 3 sets of hall sensors to over rule the one that mis-fire ) 5. Torque > 120 nm 6. fat tire ( 4" ? ). can climb stairs of height 10cm(?) Now, GW 18 has strong competitors: 9B Z
  10. I read rumor that Gotway will announce a new model on Aug 12, that is tomorrow. I wonder what it is. A model with suspension?
  11. I read a Chinese EUC forum, in which there is a short mentioning of the Aug 12 9B day, requiring tickets. It say that 9B is ready to announce new models, with some new tech in them. Maybe MK 3?
  12. Self Defence Options when EUC Riding

    There is an less expensive, lighter chase breaker: a bag of soybeans. Spread soybeans when the chaser gets close while your are on EUC. riding ahead of the chasers. I think this is especially effective on hard surfaces. Also, it is food you carry so there is a good excuse to carry and drop on the ground. Bring a slingshot to shoot the bad guy from a distance, forcing him to choose whether to charge or retreat. Then you ride EUC to keep the distance and continue slingshoting, until he is exhausted.
  13. E-bikes are much more expensive than EUCs

    A few days ago, I went to a bike shop. It has a few e-bikes in stock. Their prices are indeed between $2-6k. I guess a decent regular bike cost > $1000. Adding e-parts to it is another $600( to include a small battery). Plus the profit margin. So $2k is not surprising. EUC, on the other hand, has much fewer parts. The major cost of EUCs are the R&D, which does not cost much if one can sell many EUCs.