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  1. Indeed, in my case I did not feel the MSuper tried very hard when the board burnt. What happened to my MSuper was that I bumped on curb by the pedal side twice in a rainy day. The second time, it turned to bump the curb in the front. Both happened at the walking speed. The EUC did not try hard to spin. Then the EUC did not balance. Turned the power off and on, still not working. Turned off and push, I feel the motor resistance. After 20 minutes, I turned on and the EUC shaked. Turn the motor off, the motor resistance is gone., still will not balance. I opened the EUC cover, I did not find water in the control board housisng. This is puzzling to me because the control board always worked fine when I climbed 20 degree inclines slowly.
  2. I remember someone accidentally pushed the Msuper under a bench and the top was pressed down by the bench, and the EUC still want to go forward. Then the MOSFET blew up. Before, when I climb 20 degree incline, the MSuper3 handled it with ease. Maybe the rain gets into the case somewhere caused short circuit? I do not know. Anyway, I ordered a new control board from Speedyfeet UK. As for replacement MOSFET. I see that on ebay, someone is selling IRFB3207 I(o)RB619P. It is close to the ....625P in their model number. I guess it can replace the MOSFET in GW control board. Will give it a try when I get time.
  3. Today, I was riding in light rain. I bumped my GW MSuper V3 at a curb at low speed. It stalled. Then it refused to balance. I opened it up and find that one mosfet is burnt, with pieces of plastic near the legs gone. I am weighing for the following choices: 1. Get a new control board. Pro: fast and easy. Con: cost about $170. 2. Buy a new mosfet to replace the burnt one. Pro. Cheap (<$4) and fun. Con: Have to figure out where to get this mosfet IRFB3207 I(O)RP625P 67EV, takes longer, and the board may have some other issues leading to the mosfet to blow up. Please make some suggestions.
  4. If you are testing GT16, I would like to share some comments I read from Chinese GT16 riders: 1. It is a nice wheel, 2. except that it's tilt back speed or warning is fixed by speed, not relative to battery levels. For example, GW gives warning beeps when power usage is 80+% of what the battery can provide. GT16 does not give such warnings. So, the rider has to reduce speed, not relying on the beeps or tiltbacks, when the battery is <60% full. As a result, there were some bad faceplants already. Marty may take a look at whether GT16 provides over-power warnings.
  5. When climbing hill of 20 degree on my Msuper 3 67v, just lean forward to press the pedal is not enough, one has to squeeze the Msuper on the pads using lower leg and bend it forward to produce more demand of torque. I have not been able to over lean the Msuper 3 in this way yet ( at low hill climbing speed). My calculation shows that the pedal length of the MSuper 3 is just driving up a 18 degree incline with reasonable margin for your shoes to press. At speed 0, one can put about 44kg of force on the front -1cm of the pedal. At half of cutoff speed, one can put 22kg of downward force.
  6. The charger's efficiency is computed as outputEnergy/inputEnergy = 1 - heatProduced/inputEnergy. For the GW charger, I would say that the heat is like that of a 5-10w light bulb. The input power is roughly = output power = 1.75A * 67.2v = 117.6w. So the efficiency is about 1 - 7.5/117.6 = 94%. This is good considering most good power supply unit (PSU) of a computer is rated as 80+, and PSU with 90+ rating is much more expensive.
  7. How to open the case? I do not see any screws. Are they hiding under the rubber feet?
  8. I put the charger on my office trash can which has a flat top made with stainless steel. I find that reduces the temperature of the charger. To reduce the temperature further, I will use another flat piece of metal to contact the other side of the charger. I did an experiment by putting a big kitchen knife over it. It helps. More ways to reduce the temperature: 1. Put it over a laptop base fan 2. Put CPU heat sinks from my old computer on the charger. Or use the heat sink from my old video card 3. Use USB fan 4. Drill some holes on the charger case to facilitate air flow. I have not done so. Danger.
  9. To measure the highest temperature achieved, use Non-Reversible Temperature Recording Labels SMALL SELF-ADHESIVE TEMPERATURE RECORDING STRIPS TURN BLACK AT 38°C TO 260°C (100°F to 500°F) I found it at Or and there are others. I do not know how big the labels are. If it is small enough to put on the wires, then we can get a reading of the highest temperature there. Then we can decide whether actionc are needed.
  10. How difficult is it to replace wires into the motor? I think that some wire maybe a little damaged when bending, so it cannot carry the amp it said to be able to carry which is already low even it is not damaged.
  11. Self defense plan: 1. wear good protection gear, for your safety when face planting and self-defense. 2. Install a pepper spray facing the back of EUC, with trigger on the glove, so you can spray when bad dog or human chasing you. You should only do this if you can ride fast to run away.
  12. We should have a anti-theft device build into the EUC that allow you to track where it is and how fast it is moving, and LOCK it, even short circuit it.when you want. So, they will get many face plants when they do joy riding. OOps, most of them are too lazy or too stupid to learn anything useful and legal. So do this prank in a hoverboard.
  13. That 500rmb is just a deposit. The real price is > 4000rmb.
  14. It is easy to avoid expensive shipping because of the battery. Just setup a one-man shop in USA for example. Your company send in the unicycle without battery to the shop. He assemble a battery pack for it and then ship to your buyer.