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  1. how to prevent getting your EUC stolen

    I guess you could avoid seedy neighbourhoods, and parks after dark, and such ... The nice thing about an EUC is that you take it with you everywhere, especially if it is light or if it has a trolley.
  2. We've decided to take on The Man

    I love your text: 1) It goes into detail of rules and makes it clear the EUC is not (well) legislated. 2) You trying to help legislation/ rulings along. I would say that the EUC should be classified as small personal transport. A whole new category that enables you to go where pedestrians go AND where bikes go. I also think that different speedlimits (for different situations) should be imposed. Like 8km/h on sidewalks, 25km/h inside the city and 40km/h in the open. But it would be wrong to limit the max-speed of the EUC itself. If you go quicker, you get a speedingticket, just like cars. In the Netherlands, all these rules are quite different, and much more detailed. To the letter of the law, it is clear that the EUC is officially not allowed on public roads. At the same time, it is clear what course of action is needed for an EUC to become legal on the road. The manufacturer has to put in a request for its vehicle to be allowed as a special category of bike. The manufacturer(s) must prove (per EUC model) that steering, braking, lights, etc. is all in order. It is quite a list of requirements, but is also a list from which it becomes clear that this law is ill suited for EUC's (mainly because of steering requirements). The problem is that existing laws, that are perfectly fine for almost all vehicles and traffic, must be adapted to include EUC's, and that is complex lawmaking for just a few EUC enthousiast. I do not see it happen (in the short term). I hope you will succeed to get the rules in place that will allow the EUC's in your part of the world. Best of luck with it
  3. Best comments you have recieved while riding

    Just a little while ago, I was going uphill (5-7% incline) when I passed two skateboarders, standing still. One yelled: hey gimme a pull. I stopped and did pull him (just the one) up to the top. My wheel only managed about 10 km/h, but it worked.
  4. Noob questions about cutouts and other stuff

    This seems to be a Kingsong glitch. I had it on my KS18. It is almost certain a firmware issue. My remedy was to always have a little bit of speed before take off. I could best reproduce this behaviour when starting on uneven undergrounds and uphill.
  5. Got "pulled over" by the police!

    Great story Marty, tx for sharing. Let me tell you of my last encounter with the Police: I was riding on a seperate bikelane, along a normal road, on my way to work. Two policeman on motorbikes stopped (at a busstop) and then stopped me. "It is not allowed to ride that on public road", was what they told me. I know they are technically right about that (Dutch traffic law). Some while ago, when I started riding EUC's I mailed a "government traffic authority" whether EUC's were allowed. The response I got was that an EUC is not a vehicle according to Law, because all vehicles are categorized, and the one-wheel category simply does not exist. Therefore I was just a pedestrian with a moving aid, and needed to go where pedestrians go. This includes bike lanes when there is no pavement for pedestrians. So I told the policemen this, in a very friendly way of course. They then said something like this: "There is a motor in there isn't it? And that motor does all the work?". According to Dutch Law that is more or less the definition of a motor-vehicle. And this definition does not mention a number of wheels. I admit I knew that at that time. All sorts of regulations then come into play for motor-vehicles, including insurance, license, and official vehicle approval. I played it stupid. I said that they were absolutely right and showed them how the motor reacted to leaning forward and backward, I answered as if it was just a question of someone interested in the workings of the EUC. The policemen looked interested, did not make any more fuss, and let me go on my way. Since that time I have seen many policemen in cars and on motorbikes. I am sure I have been spotted several times. I have not been stopped by any of them again.
  6. Uniwheel Gadget show

    Still, ..., every now and then, I check here for news on this wheel. Disappointed again. 2020 ... lol, I am starting to think that it will not launch ever. Which is a pity

    Good info. I did not know that.

    I listed these pro's and cons before. Mind you that they are my personal experience having ridden both wheels. The pro's for Kingsong are: - price - speakers (if you are into music while driving, but there are other ways to get music on the way) - rides both ways, also in dark (back and fronlights on both sides) - lights go on automatically - visible battery indicator while riding The cons for Kingson are: - manouvrability - small pedals. I have shoesize 46 (11) and it matters! The pro's for Gotway - Power (but then, I am quite heavy) - More manrouvrable then Kingsong. - the handle (I use it a lot and is really convenient) - more reserve power. The cons for Gotway - the price In most respects, both wheels perform the same. Both have very stable rides in a straight line. Both make about as much noise. Also range and speed are comparable. I think that the Gotway is safer at higher speeds, because it has more reserver power. The cutoff speed of the Kingsong is just 5km/h above the max speed, while Kingsong (with higher max speed) has at least 20km/h higher cut-off speed. I could have listed every pro of the Kingsong as a con for the Gotway, but I listed them as I experience them. For example, I do not consider it a con that the Gotway does not have switcheable front/back lights. Also the visibility of the battery indicator is not that important, when you can see it on your app. Overall I like the Gotway better.
  9. Encourage Gotway change with my wallet

    Although I cannot deny you your own logic, it does not uphold for me. My KS broke down, my GW did not. But more important: My riding experience with my GW is so much better, that I will not go back to KS for a while. My added joy riding GW in stead of riding KS remains a huge selling point for GW, no matter all the cold facts about distance and speed.
  10. Although the flyboard is a nice piece of engineering, and, although mastering the flying is an awesome feat, and, although the feeling of flying must be really really great, i hate to say it, its not practical at all, nor is it economic transportation, like the modest EUC totally is.
  11. EUC's and your body

    My experience: Before I started to ride EUC's, I had lower back complaints. Somehow, they are gone. I gained core stability. Leg muscles get new kind of strains. Especially off roading trains the upper leg muscles, somewhat like skiing does. Standing still for longer time obstructs normal bloodflow in the feet, resulting in that numb, sometimes painful feeling in the feet. The crux here is to let the blood flow by lifting your feet now and then. The more you are comfortable riding, the more you naturally adjust foot position every now and then, or shift weight on them. I think bloodflow to the feet is dependent on footwear, and probably depends on your weight, and (other) genetic predispositions. In my case, in hot weather, I seem to get that numb feeling sooner. And bruises? Yes. those footholds did collide with my ankles in the beginning. No other bruising for me.
  12. What kind of EUC enthusiast are you?

    I am definitely a commuter. I am also a bit of nrs 2, 5, 7, 8 and 9. The wheel makes me wanna get around with the very pleasant experience of doing it on an EUC. Enjoying nature too. Go everywhere, everypath. Do not know how to define this as a catogory ... I often just step on and see where it leads me this time.

    Credits for this video goes to @Bram Just posting it, because I was there too. It was a nice ride and a great opportunity to meet some fellow EUC enthousiasts
  14. EUC Netherlands, Dutch

    @AndyBoxx, @Bram, @Daroma, @Franky20, @Gabriel, @gotmotion2016, @johrhoj, @knetebol, @Lex, @Michael de Gans, @Milo Dorigo, @MvM, @razorfungi, @reyawn, @Tomek THE ARNHEM TOUR IS A GO Coming Sunday a group of EUCyclists will do the tour as described above. It is a route of 25 km through accidented terrain, most of which is car free. The meetup is at the backside of Arnhem station (called "Sonsbeekzijde") an we will start at 11:00 o'clock in the morning. During the tour there are two resting points (better charging points, because we do not need the rest). But, since the charging of an EUC is not that quick, you cannot count on a full recharge. So, even if it is a last minute dicision for you, if you are there, you can do the tour. If you know of EUC owners that would like to go, but do not read this forum, please inform them. Surely there are more than a few tens of EUC's around in the Netherlands.
  15. EUC Netherlands, Dutch

    The weather forecast for coming sunday just got better. The forecast for Arnhem is now a dry day, but still pretty low temperatures (10 degrees C) and almost no sunshine. If enough ppl like to go, I will go too (because EUCycling is always fun ). Meetup will be the backside of Arnhem station ("Sonsbeekzijde") probably at 11 o'clock, maybe a bit earlier (certainly not later). End of planned tour is at Rheden station, but ppl with enough range in their EUC can make it back to Arnhem station (another 12 km). This is the last call for participants. Tomorrow at end of day I will announce if it is a date and with (at least) how many.