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  1. @AndyBoxx, @Bram, @Daroma, @Franky20, @Gabriel, @gotmotion2016, @johrhoj, @knetebol, @Lex, @Michael de Gans, @Milo Dorigo, @MvM, @razorfungi, @reyawn, @Tomek THE ARNHEM TOUR IS A GO Coming Sunday a group of EUCyclists will do the tour as described above. It is a route of 25 km through accidented terrain, most of which is car free. The meetup is at the backside of Arnhem station (called "Sonsbeekzijde") an we will start at 11:00 o'clock in the morning. During the tour there are two resting points (better charging points, because we do not need the rest). But, since the charging of an EUC is not that quick, you cannot count on a full recharge. So, even if it is a last minute dicision for you, if you are there, you can do the tour. If you know of EUC owners that would like to go, but do not read this forum, please inform them. Surely there are more than a few tens of EUC's around in the Netherlands.
  2. The weather forecast for coming sunday just got better. The forecast for Arnhem is now a dry day, but still pretty low temperatures (10 degrees C) and almost no sunshine. If enough ppl like to go, I will go too (because EUCycling is always fun ). Meetup will be the backside of Arnhem station ("Sonsbeekzijde") probably at 11 o'clock, maybe a bit earlier (certainly not later). End of planned tour is at Rheden station, but ppl with enough range in their EUC can make it back to Arnhem station (another 12 km). This is the last call for participants. Tomorrow at end of day I will announce if it is a date and with (at least) how many.
  3. As promised, the three parts of the route:
  4. By the looks of it, sunday will be very cold, and probably wet too. These are poor conditions. Therefor I propose to set a new date somewhere near the end of may to try again. What about sunday 21st or 28th? I am disappointed myself that coming sunday is off. I will actively promote a new ride near Arnhem, and see if we can get a large enough group. @Noillek , that Whatsapp group sounds very nice. Could I become a member of it? @AndyBoxx, @Bram, @Daroma, @Franky20, @Gabriel, @gotmotion2016, @johrhoj, @knetebol, @Lex, @Michael de Gans, @Milo Dorigo, @MvM, @razorfungi, @reyawn, @Tomek Please Let me know what sunday at the end of May seems best. I am looking forward to a nice group ride (only not in the conditions of coming sunday).
  5. There are features that are easy to implement and cheap, while being very useful. There are also features that are very hard to implement and expensive, while also being very usefull. Who is to say what is more important? A few idears: - bikes have a simple "stand" to keep them upright while being left alone. Why not something like that on an EUC? (simple, cheap, useful) - find a way to make ppl fall backward iso forward (hard and not always possible). - make it lockable, maybe as oldfashioned as a phisical wheelblock with key. The usefulness is not that great I think, for most of us do not leave the wheel behind in public places, or even outside unattended. - make it unstartable. Like a car, where you need contact key. Could be with key or electronically (but what if phone is dead?) What should be standard (imho) on all EUCs: - lights, overspeed tiltback, max poweruse alarm, good battery indicators, app
  6. I started on a ninebot one, and had the same upgrade wishes. First I bought a Kingsong 18, I loved the stability at speed and the range. Nevertheless I bought yet another wheel: the gotway msuper v3 1600. I did buy it because of the extra power. It has the same speed and stabilty as the KS, and a bit less range (but still a decent 50-60km). What I got back is more agility. To my surprise the GW turns easy (less easy of course than the nb1, but much better than the KS18). Also the trolley-handle is very handy. Between the two I recommend the gotway. These wheels do not come cheap though. As to your side question. The (trolley)handle on the GW makes the need to lift it a rare occasion. When I lift it, I need to shut down the wheel (with a full second press of the power button). It then is just like a very heavy shopping bag. Lifting the KS was more troublesome. Not only did I need to lift it more often, because of its heigh, the KS is much closer to the ground when lifted, making climbing stairs a real tour de force. I cannot offer information on upgrading to other wheels, because I have not driven them. Hope this info helps you.
  7. When I tweak the route just a bit, we could stop at: - The hunting lodge (Beekhuizenseweg 1, 6891 CZ Rozendaal, This is after about 8 km. - Paviljoen de Posbank (Beekhuizenseweg 1, 6991 JM Rheden, This is after about 15 km at the highest point of the route. This establishment closes at 16:00. The second stop it is pretty close to the train station, but we could take a scenic route down to the station of another 10 km. I think most (if not all) EUCs can make those distances, with the two one-hour-stops. Before making this plan official, I would like to say the following: - The group should be at least 7 ppl, preferably bigger - I am willing to contact the establishments to verify/arrange EUC-charging possibility - I can post the proposed route (I have three maps, for the three parts of the route) - When it all goes ahead, I'd like to make a video of it and post it here in the video thread. - If we start early, we can do coffee at stop one, and lunch at stop 2. If we start somewhat later, we can do lunch (12:00-13:00) at stop one and coffee/tea (15:00-16:00) at stop two. - Just to be clear - I now have one-route-for-all in mind of a total of 25 km. This means starting in Arnhem, ending in Rheden. (Rheden is only 10km from Arnhem via shortest route.) Currently I count 3-4 participants. Let me know if you are interested. The go no-go will be around 3-5 days before the event date of 23rd of April (when it is clear what the wheather will be).
  8. There are several nice options for a ride, that include the posbank. 1) start in Arnhem, finish in Rheden - trainstation Arnhem, sonsbeekpark, rozendaal, posbank, trainstation Rheden. (About 17 km. Your EUC range should be at least 25 km because of the height differences) 2) start and finish Arnhem. Same as 1) but back to train station Arnhem along the river IJssel. (About 30 km, EUC range needed is about 40 km.) 3) from trainstation Rheden a tour around and over the posbank. (about 12 km, but a EUC range needed of around 20 km) There are of course many more options. The routes mostly are by dedicated bike paths. I gave the distance, and the needed minimum EUC range. The minimum EUC range is as you would in real world flat conditions (which is always much less than the specification by the manufacturer). Routes one and two are easily combined of course. A whole group could do route one, while a part of the group extends the ride with option two. For me personally: - I would like to do the second option. - I only like to go in nice weather When there is some interest, I can explore some further and make routemaps. Just let know (via this topic) if you are interested. I include the list of names, so you all get a notification of this post @AndyBoxx, @Bram, @Daroma, @Franky20, @Gabriel, @gotmotion2016, @johrhoj, @knetebol, @Lex, @Michael de Gans, @Milo Dorigo, @MvM, @Noillek, @razorfungi, @reyawn, @Tomek
  9. What you are forgetting is the 400-800 Wh that the EUC adds to the equation. That 475 Wh in your graph is the energy used up by a human that is just doing nothing other than being alive. The total energy for human + wheel is 875-1275 Wh. An e-bike might very well perform better than an EUC.
  10. Sounds good. Personally I would like to see some of mother nature, not necessarily off road. I will be able to do 50 km, but that is probably too much for most. What distance are we looking for, and where will it be? I am living in Arnhem and could find/plot a route of any distance in this beautiful environment. Just let me know if this is a good idea.
  11. I have a NinebotOne E+. After approx. 300 full charges, I think I am beginning to notice a diminished range but I an not even sure about it. Warmer weather is to come and I should check my tire pressure again. If my batteries became really old, or damaged, I can simply buy a battery replacement set. Replacing it is very simple (just a few screws and clicks) and everyone can do it. There are even vids on youtube showing how. Aren't battery replacement sets available for all (reputable) EUC's?
  12. I am afraid you are not well informed on two accounts: First: On the 9th of April 2011, a man (in the Netherlands) shot 23 people in a mall, 6 died. This same man had applied for a gun lincence and was denied one. However, he applied again (years later, after a suicide attempt) and was given the license. This was not supposed to be possible, this was human error. The gun-restrictions are such that this license should not have been given. There is no telling how often such bloodbaths have been avoided, as a result of our gun-restrictions working correctly. Second: The Netherlands have a multicultural society, with both ethnic and religeous diversity.
  13. Normally I do not participate in off-topic discussions, but I feel pretty strong about this. I am against guns in the hands of civilians. If you are a gun enthousiast, go ahead, own a gun, practice, have fun, but do it in a controlled environment. Leave your gun at the club. Most guns in the house, in the street, in public places are accidents waiting to happen, and be honest, many accidents have happened, some of them heart sickening. As a European, I am simply stunned to hear that the gun-lobby actually helps to create laws, that make it impossible to have a good gun registration in place. I know that most Americans want better gun control. That is not a big surprise if you know that in the US the death by firearm per capita (excluding suïcides), is the highest in the whole world. This means people shooting other people!! I find that a horrifying thought. Somehow the government does not do what the ppl want in this case. Whatever and whoever stands in the way of sensible gun control is, in my humble opinion, at least partly, responsible for this. I do not see how open carry (or concealed carry) in any way will improve on the situation. Btw. Thanks for the Jim Jefferies vids. He's a very funny comedian.
  14. I'd like to come to national meetup someday, but this date i cannot make it. A nice summersday would seem more agreeable. Have fun at the meetup for all participants. Please leave a review of your experiences too
  15. When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is ... Several red flags were raised (by me) while I was reading the above: The general content suggesting I would be stupid not to do it, and outsmart greedy ppl. Also "see if i am eligible" ????? When I am I should feel lucky i guess. And of course it is limited and I should be quick about it (do not think for too long). Mind you ... i am NOT saying that I know this to be a scam. Just be carefull! By the way, I did not find anything on Gotway facebook page. Can you supply a link?