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  1. MSuper V3 Mods

    I guess it's been a while since I posted here. Just did this the other day. Real Gold Leaf.

    Two MTen’s

  4. Newbie need opinion

    Mileage as mentioned above, but I also like the twitchy feeling on the NineBot. It can turn quickly and is very sporty with a firm tire. EDIT: I don’t believe the riding on ice comment meant it handled poorly, like riding on slippery surface, but rather very smooth like on a sheet of ice.
  5. Newbie need opinion

    I doubt it. The wobble is indicative of when you are first learning. It has to do with your comfort level, muscle memory, positioning on the wheel, etc... I think a firmer tire might make it even worse while you are learning, but since it only takes a couple minutes, you could sure play with tire pressure to find what feels just right for you. I know that some people that tried my tire pressure preferred the lower pressures, and vice versa. It's truly up to each individual. Changes of only 5 psi make a considerable difference on the ride, so maybe try a few.
  6. Newbie need opinion

    It probably does. It’s just that many of us preferred running higher pressure after we had mastered riding because it gave us a more precise ride. I agree though, while learning, 35psi is a good pressure. Not too firm, not too soft I believe even the side of the tire shows a lower tire pressure, but many of us ran higher with no I’ll effects.
  7. Ninebot One S2 problems with App

    Oh! I wonder if the server that is hosting the video is having issues. Hopefully someone else with that wheel will chime in with some more info. Sorry I’m unable to help.
  8. Ninebot One S2 problems with App

    Have you tried fully uninstalling the app, and then reinstalling it?
  9. Newbie need opinion

    Speed Limit is only applied when Limit is ON. Max speed is around 13 mph, depending on your wheel. The wobble is likely being new to riding. When you get more comfortable, and when your legs get used to it, the wobble goes away mostly. If you get tired, it may come back. Good Job going a block on second day. That's impressive. You'll have it in no time. Try not to go too fast at first as the wobble can happen at higher speeds and cause you to fall off. Also though, too slow and it's hard to control. Control going slow is something you will need to practice after you are comfortable riding it normal speed so you can maneuver around people and pets.
  10. Hi ninebot fans

    That padding should work well. Nice job of covering it. You’ll be happy you did. I keep seeing those battery cover pads torn to heck.
  11. Hi ninebot fans

    The white and black leather came along in later batches. It’s a nice look.

    Yeah, just a quick guess on my phone it’s 26-27. That’s nuts.

    That’s a crazy shot right there. 😜
  14. From E+ to P speed

    Sounds good. I hope it lasts a long time for you. It may with the settings you have implemented.
  15. From E+ to P speed

    Very Cool! I love this stuff, but I'd be hesitant to ride it that way just because the E+ and P have both had issues with their Mosfets.