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  1. I don't use graphs much myself, but that seems to be the way it is. The author updates it pretty regular, I wonder if we can send in suggestions.
  2. They just updated it with better Apple Watch support, and now Siri Support. You can ask "How much charge is left in my Wheel" and it will give you mileage and percent left. Mileage now gets smarter over time the more you use it, so it should be quite accurate after a while.
  3. Darknessbot is my favorite. It's on iPhone, not sure about android.
  4. That's AWESOME @WeeJ!
  5. That is unfortunately how it is designed. I don't have mine anymore, but I remember hearing the latest firmware raised the level to 40%. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. To prevent the strong tilt back, you can ride slower. If you stay under the tilt back speed, I believe it's 6 or 8 mph, then it won't tilt back until it gets closer to 10%. They should not have caused that until 20% at least, but they are erring on the side of safety.
  6. Here is the switch I used. I’d recommend a larger one because this one is too small for my finger. I have to use a pinkie most of the time. Yakamoz 12mm 1/2" 3V Led Light Metal Self-locking Latching Push Button Switch Industrial Boat Car DIY Switch Black (Blue Ring)
  7. Here’s my external switch. This runs my EL lighting, but similar concept. I removed the switch in the EL Module and soldered wires on and ran to this switch. You’d want a momentary press switch instead of locking like this one.
  8. Strange it does not save the pairing. I guess because it does not have a backup battery. I would have thought it would be saved in ROM somehow.
  9. NineBot was not completely innocent in this either. My wheel had no issues, but I know of a number of wheels that did. Burned boards and cutouts were happening about as regular as GotWay.
  10. @meepmeepmayer i agree about the picture in picture. I’m just learning how to do videos and I’m not very good at them. And it took many hours just to get that one, so I was done... 😉 The MSupers were dominant on the ride by a margin. Smoother, cooler running, and a lot more powerful. The reason the KingSong did so well is because the rider, Sam, is an expert doing tricks. He makes lots of things look easy. Spins, jumps, 360’s, etc... I only know my battery specs, for sure. The trip was about 15 miles each way and about 10 of those on the trail each way. I used 40% battery one way. I did charge at lunch just because I only have an 820Wh battery and didn’t want to be stranded. The trail was not super steep most of the time. A couple times it got close to 12-15 degrees. It was mostly just bumpy and that was hard at times. I do very steep climbs often (10-25 degrees), so these hills were easy. Even though my legs were very tired at the end, I never tipped over once Oh, actually, the KingSong and MSuper V2 had similar battery range as me. They both run 850Wh, I believe. They both charged at lunch just to be safe. The 1600’s did not charge and I think they hade around 25-30% remaining at the end. (If I’m remembering that correctly) Here is the relive of the ride. The last section where it leaves Pacifica quickly is where I forgot to turn off Strava and was driving. Check out “Morning Ride” on Relive!
  11. It’s because once we are comfortable riding these, we make it look easy. Just like a gymnast makes a backflip look easy. I don’t really mind the goofy comments. I normally just smile and ride on knowing I’m enjoying my trip more than they are.
  12. Exactly. I hear smart a$$es comments all the time that it’s so easy and lazy to ride these. Pfft. 😉
  13. The ride and scenery were awesome. Camera work was a bit rough. Both cameras have Optical Image Stabilization, but I needed a gimbal for this ride. It’s rougher than the video shows, but I know, everyone says that... 😉 The group is top notch. If you are ever in the area, we’d love to have you come along for a ride.
  14. Obviously modeled after EUC Extreme. 😜
  15. LOVE this!! ❤️ Thank you for sharing.