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  1. There must be some sort of chip inside the motor, because we did try. It forced us to activate any time the motor changed.
  2. He does not have any NineBots anymore, but used to get them from a company in Florida, and Speedyfeet.
  3. It's been that way from the start. We always needed to get them activated.
  4. Unfortunately, the board still needs to be activated. The activation code will come from the dealer or NineBot themselves. Hopefully that's something you can still get, as it sounds like they don't want to be handing out boards anymore. The activation code is created when you give it your motors serial number. The serial number is what tells the board which wheel it is. I believe the boards for E+ and P are interchangeable, it just depends on the serial number as to what it gets set up as.
  5. I wasn't really thinking it was too heavy to add to the wheel, but rather if you wanted to remove it during a ride, it would be heavy in your bag. I've never ridden with a seat, so I have no idea if you'd actually want to remove it or not at any point.
  6. That's a pretty awesome offer. Very cool of you...
  7. Normally, I would not be a fan of mixing the two, but in this case, it could be cool since you are an actual woodworking master. Only issue I see is weight compared to the OEM which is quite light.
  8. I feel like they are getting better, but each time they figure out one thing, another pops up. At least they are persistent.
  9. For what it's worth, mine had the exact same problem when I bought it. The solder on the wires was never bonded to the port. When I tore mine down to paint the panels, I found this same thing. Pull off the horrible Hot Glue and the wire fell out.
  10. For those of you watching this from your couch, easy chair, toilet seat, I can tell you from experience that some of those hills were very steep. Video never shows how steep a hill really is, and some of those looked steep even on the video. Nice ride guys. Glad you both survived!
  11. Keep in mind also that you will need to activate the new board before you can ride it. Maybe ask your board seller about the procedure.
  12. If you unplug the motor wires and the wheel spins freely, then it's definitely your motherboard. I'm pretty sure that's what it is from your description. Fried MOSFET.
  13. Power button in front. So you can easily reach down and press it when you stop or start. It's usually done before leaving factory. If it rides fairly level and comfortable, then you are fine.
  14. The NineBot is very comfortable to ride either way. The only issue you might find is if it has been calibrated with a slight tilt forward or back (Normally Back when it's done). You might need to calibrate it again so it's comfortable.
  15. I'm usually on the loosing side of that, so finally I'm not!!! 😉 Not that I'm aware of. I use it for my EUCs and Mini Pro. Great app!