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  1. Have you looked at any of the texas instruments MCUs? I found a really good open source FOC for their delfino MCUs. It's set up for a large industrial servo all it really lacks is things like motor detection and hall sensor support. It already has a sliding observer for sensorless FOC but the VESC one may be more advanced. It wouldn't be hard to take some vesc code and turn it into a decent controller for vehicles.
  2. Someone on bitfenix had a 1500 BTC sell wall trying to keep it below 2300.
  3. Interested to see how the US reacts when they wake up, looks like segwit2x is basically a done deal now.
  4. It looks likely an agreement on segwit will be reached before the august deadline, not sure if there will be another dip this weekend as a result.
  5. Looks like this weekends crash is over. I still think ETH is overpriced it still doesn't have many real applications beyond ICO scams. Bitcoin is fairly useful and had years to slowly climb.
  6. When is the 92V version being released?
  7. Stumbled across this product on digikey, 600V 300 degree celcius rating on this wire. You would have to resolder the motor but might be a useful short term fix that doesn't require the axle to be redesigned.
  8. This is a more interesting ethereum based ICO
  9. I mostly ignore the ICOs. This one is uncapped and already 100+ million I wouldn't touch it.
  10. My favourites that I can think of now Event Horizon funny games Hell raiser 1 & 2 Screamers - Aged kind of badly due to VFX advances Kill List - low budget british film.
  11. a 2kw scooter motor, it's just running on a desk at the moment. VESC 6 firmware has an option that lets you run huge currents at low RPM for testing thermal properties.
  12. I have my controller running on the VESC 6 beta firmware now. I was running 70 amps through it for about 5 minutes without any issue, it doesn't make very good contact with the heatsink a properly made one could probably handle 100 amps or more, even at 70 amps the bullet connectors were becoming a limitation though.
  13. Yeah a cascade of margin calls and stop losses all going off at the same time.
  14. I saw that, pretty impressive scheme. Only happened because people did leveraged trades with stop losses set at market price rather than limit. They're all complaining it's the exchanges fault but I don't see how, everything functioned as intended.
  15. Just practice rolling and falling from martial arts, eventually it gets easy enough to to from a standing position.