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  1. Gotway ACM top foam packaging

    If you can't find any, use a thick plastic bag like a good trash bag and push it into the box with the wheel in it. Then use a foam like Great Stuff to fill the space up to the top of the box. That has worked for me before. The bag prevents the foam from getting too far into the box and molds to the EUC. Once the foam cures you just cut it off at the top of the box.
  2. Request For Petition Feedback

    I like the idea of separating wheels from pedestrians, but don't know if having the wheels in the middle is a good idea. Any turns at all will require that the wheels cross fast-moving and large cars which is bad. It seems like urban planners are getting a lot better at designing for wheels (mostly bicycles) in a way that prevents conflict with pedestrians and cars. It might be useful to talk with some local urban planners to see what they are doing locally. Here's an article about my area that shows people are at least fighting about it, which is the first step in getting things done.
  3. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    I like the picture of the wheel (wheels?) on the armrest at an airport. I guess someone left it behind because the airline wouldn't let them take it on the plane.
  4. FIREWHEEL F528 Seattle area

    I still ride my Firewheel and it's coming up on 2000 miles so this one should have life left in it.
  5. SoloWheel Xtreme demands extreme riding skills

    Yeah, the stiffness can really change the riding experience. The Firewheel has a "comfort" mode that sounds a lot like the Extreme, it's WAAAAY to soft and sloppy for me. When I did a rebuild I wired it to "sport" mode which is still not as stiff as my KS-14C.
  6. NFL rebels!

    I was with you until cupcakes.
  7. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    Paper airplanes? Pffft, I've done those before.
  8. Has anybody Heard of this?

    I don't know why you're grinding that axe so hard against Marhold but I don't think personal insults have a place here. Let's get him to answer the questions being posed in the other replies and see what he says. Your job as a potential buyer/investor is to judge whether the company has a chance to deliver on its promises. The questions being asked on this thread are the ones I'd want to have answered before I bought. The video isn't a swindle, it's just typical over-the-top marketing. If you've ever been a part of a business trying to raise money to build a product, the marketing always ends up being a little overhyped. That's because you're trying to get people to give you money! Do things really go better with Coke? Does a name like Smuckers tell you it has to be good? Is KFC really finger licking good? NO!! In the EUC business it seems that everyone is buying motors and control boards from other manufacturers and combining it with their custom shells and firmware. Let's not forget that nearly all cell phones are made in China but they're quite a range of products from iPhone to cheap tossers. The difference is in the design, the software, and the quality control. If some of us had access to the factories, maybe we could build our own EUC as well. Would it be similar to a King Song or Gotway? Yep, because we'd be using many of the same parts! In the mid-1990s I went to Houston to see the Compaq PC factory. It was a custom building full of highly automated assembly line with conveyor belts and overhead tools that hung down so workers could install parts. Each PC was on a turntable so the worker could move it around easily. There were even some robots! A few years later I went to San Diego to visit Acer. Their "factory" was a bunch of folding tables in a warehouse. They assembled parts that were sent in from China or Taiwan by boat. The workers picked up the PC carcass and hauled it from table to table. It was barely a step up from what you could do in your own basement. Guess which company survived. Don't fool yourself into thinking that a company needs to spend lots of money on infrastructure to be legit.
  9. portable parking stand?

    The guitar stands are so inexpensive and close to what you want that it would be good if something could be added to deal with the problem. Perhaps you could add a "collar" at the top of the stand and attach it somehow? Maybe bend something out of a coat hanger and run it through some closed cell foam like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000PGO8T8/ then attach to the top of the stand? Not quite sure how it could be securely attached, maybe run the "legs" of the loop down the sides of the stand for stability.
  10. Uber in London discussion

    This article gives some of the incidents that led to Uber getting banned: https://www.londonreconnections.com/2017/understanding-uber-not-app/ In particular they are not reporting assaults immediately to the police. This allowed one person to sexually assault two different women over the course of a month. I've used Uber in London several times and have also found them super convenient, but they need to follow the regulations and these are not arbitrary rules. Uber is still losing a lot of money on every ride and as that article says, their long-term goal is to not have drivers at all. It's the only way they can become profitable.
  11. i promise i'll treat you better, baby...

    I'm moving to a new house over the next few weeks so I won't have a lot of free time. However, I'm moving to Silver Spring which means in the long term I'll be able to ride more in DC and vicinity!
  12. How much do you spend to maintain your Addiction?

    This thread should go into a members-only forum where outsiders can't see how crazy we are.
  13. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    I know the people on this thread may not sound sympathetic but I think we all have been here. Any rider has most likely experienced something similar. Our concern is that you have unrealistic expectations of what a wheel can do to keep you safe and we want you to understand before you hurt yourself. The EUC can only keep you balanced as long as the motor can generate enough torque and the battery can provide enough power. It sounds like your wheel "failed" because it wasn't in the safe envelope of operation as far as speed, acceleration, and battery level are concerned. These are variables that you control. It's more difficult to determine exactly what happened because you've turned off all the warning beeps and are expecting tilt-back to provide a sufficient warning. That is not a good strategy AT ALL, especially when the battery is low. The wheel requires torque to create the tilt-back effect and if there is no power it cannot do that. If you lean forward, especially aggressively, and there is not enough torque, you will get even further off balance. The wheel can't tilt back because it has no torque left, and you will continue to fall forward until you hit the ground. Now it's always possible that your wheel "failed" because there's a loose connection or something. To test that, turn all the warning beeps back on and ride it for a month without pushing the limits of acceleration, speed, and battery level. Does it fail? No? Then most likely you just overleaned it.
  14. I like the changes to the look in general. The new "like" seems unnecessary but harmless.
  15. Sorry, I'll be at a beer festival that day. Beer and EUCs my two favorite things.