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  1. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    Yet another medical update. Went to my first rehab session today (really prehab since I'm likely to get surgery now) and the stretching/exercises really help. Also visited the second doctor. He said that his main concern was the tear in the meniscus since that generally doesn't heal well. It's not necessary to have an ACL and the MCL will heal back, but it does increase the chance the joint will dislocate and tear the meniscus more, leading to arthritis. He asked if I planned on riding or doing other stuff that might stress the knee and I answered "probably". With that in mind he suggested surgery in the next month or so to clean up the tear and fix the ACL. Sounds like the surgery recovery won't be any worse than what I've already been through. If I'm lucky I should be able to ride by the end of the summer. Gotta get some of those knee braces that Rehab1 showed off in his thread!
  2. Miami Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

    Really sad. I noticed the missing center too. It's a pedestrian bridge so the people on the bridge wouldn't be adding a lot of additional load. As thin as the platform is, it seems like the center tower and radial struts would be very important to supporting the structure. I'm not even sure that the center support alone would provide enough stability. There's another video here with a clear side view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rfYISaVCFM
  3. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    Man that pisses me off when it happens. I'm convinced that sometimes the delivery folks just skip the delivery if they're running behind. Maybe they're lost and trying to deliver to the same number on a different street but I would sure hope that a good delivery person could read street signs.
  4. King Song Charger Getting Very Hot

    Chargers don't seem to be of the highest quality. I had a 2 amp charger with a fan that I used sometimes because it's light so easy to carry in a backpack. One day I plugged it in in a Starbucks and it started making smoke. Is your charger a fanless one? Is it the simple 2A black plastic "brick" that it seems like most wheels ship as standard equipment? I have 3 of those and none have failed, but I don't use them that often because I bought a 4A charger that I use with a Charge Doctor. If the wheel was really low on charge when you plugged in it might be normal to have it warm up a bit, I've even had the connector get a bit warm in that situation. When I use the fanless ones I put them tall end up on a hard surface (not a rug or sofa for example) but that's just me being paranoid, I don't recall them ever getting super hot.
  5. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    Can I say that riding an EUC is doctor-recommended?
  6. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    The funny thing is, now that the swelling has gone down there isn't a lot of pain, just a bit of soreness at times. It's just that the joint feels really "loose" and I'm hesitant to trust it, even with the knee brace. The feeling of your knee sliding apart is pretty gross, even if it doesn't hurt much. I think you've had a tougher time so I'll send all my luck over to you. I suspect I'll eventually get surgery but other than the long recovery period I'm pretty optimistic. The tough part will be explaining to my wife that I want to get back on the wheel.
  7. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    In the followup the doctor referred me to another specialist (the Georgetown team doctor) for the posterio-lateral horn injury. Supposedly it's sometimes better to fix that before it scars over.
  8. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    I wasn't, but my knee didn't impact anything. In fact, I didn't have any visible scratch. A knee pad wouldn't have done any good. The foot hit the ground pointed one way but my body was headed a different direction, and the knee tore apart in order to split the difference between the two. Football players wear knee pads all the time which protect their kneecaps, but they also get ACL/MCL knee injuries from the same kind of sudden-direction-change motions.
  9. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    If you want extravagant you should see my medical bills! Fortunately I have good insurance but it's still a $35 copay per visit.
  10. Baltimore MD, USA

    Oh God I am so sick of stilt walker aliens!
  11. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    I got a relatively cheap knee brace to keep the knee together for now and I'm doing exercises to stretch out the ligaments before surgery. I think it was $35 from the orthopedist. It's kind of like this one with the hinges on the side. There are non-hinged ones that are mainly to keep your kneecap in place, my daughter has used that one due to a field hockey accident, but I don't think those help much with ligament issues. Is it sad that I'm already thinking about how long it will take to recover before I can ride again? I think it's likely to be 6 months or more though. I will definitely wear the brace as extra insurance and may buy another one for the other leg.
  12. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    Well, another update. On Friday I just got back from a trip to the west coast for a conference, and wasn't really feeling that bad. Going back to the ortho on Tuesday. Here's what the radiologist says about the MRI, sounds like total carnage in there so I'll definitely need surgery.
  13. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Tegaderm feels like a second skin and isn't bulky like a bandage, pretty awesome stuff. Also prevents you soaking and staining your clothes. I hear sheep poop is better but it's hard to come by here in the states and Trump will probably put a tariff on it.
  14. Adding "Reverse Diodes" to the Charger Port

    Don't short out the connector on the wheel, you can easily ruin the connector. You could try measuring with a voltmeter but be REALLY careful because it's pretty easy to accidentally touch the outer metal ring and short the connector through that. Here is one that I have experienced with a wheel that doesn't have reverse protection. If you haven't plugged in your charger for a while and plug it into the wheel before you plug the charger into the wall, you will usually hear a "pop". That's the voltage from the batteries in the wheel quickly charging the output capacitor in the charger. It's better to plug the charger into the wall first so that the output cap is close to the battery voltage. You could put your own diode after the charge port connector inside the wheel, but it will need to be beefy enough for the max current (say 10 amps or so assuming it's got some air around it to cool). The diode will cause a voltage drop of about half a volt but you should look up the exact number for the diode you choose. As a result of that extra drop, you won't charge the pack fully and it probably won't reach the voltage to do balancing although that may depend on the BMS.
  15. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Yeah, at least for me the Tegaderm was good for road rash. The wound wasn't too deep but it was w i d e.