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  1. I got a slightly different model:
  2. My favorite question: "Have you ever fallen off / crashed?" Then I show them my scars. I let people try the wheel if they want though. It's amazing how some people get the hang of it almost immediately, especially the kids.
  3. Compare that to the Segway, even the company owner died. Clearly, adding wheels increases the chance of death.
  4. Coil Dope was a must-have for flyback transformers that drove the old CRT monitors and TV sets. Otherwise you got a high-pitched squeal.
  5. Marty's failure was on the wiring harness, which should be one of the parts you just don't need to worry about. Things like wires and connectors should be properly sized so that they rarely fail and are protected/monitored by some other weak link in the path. We shouldn't need to measure everything inside the wheel because some things just shouldn't fail. Imagine if your car could get hot enough that the coolant could melt the radiator hoses before you received a temperature warning! In any design there must be something that is the weakest link. A good design should ensure that the weak link fails as softly as possible and with sufficient advance warning. The EUC makers just don't have this part figured out yet. Over the years we have seen almost every part of the EUC fail in unpredictable ways.
  6. Yeah if there was a "Hold my beer" in there it could have been fatal!
  7. Oh Hunka, only you can make a total electrical failure seem mouth-wateringly delicious.
  8. Well if they said you had to pedal an electric unicycle by moving a crank shaft around with the pedals then that device hasn't been created yet. Even the SBU had static pedals, even though it had a seat. I see your point though, and it's a good idea to ask in advance whether *only* a pedal-assist system would be allowed. There are quite a few hand-throttle e-bikes and I wonder if it's their intent to exclude them too.
  9. Okay, this may be just another crazy idea but hey, I figured I would throw it out there. There is a bike trail from Washington DC to Pittsburgh PA called the Great Allegheny Passage that seems like it would be a fun trip: I checked and their official policy allows EUCs. If they don't check the rating on the motor you could even ride a Gotway Monster! "Bicycles with an Electric Assist System are considered to be any unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, or quadracycle with an electric motor not exceeding 750 watts of power, a maximum weight of 100 pounds, pedal-assist, and top-speed utilized not in excess of 15 miles per hour, or less if otherwise noted.* *This definition is in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission Public Law 107–319, 116 Stat., Act 2776 and the Federal Highway Administration Title 23, United States Code 217." Just to give you an idea of pace and time, take a look at some of the organized tour sites. They have people covering about 50 miles a day which should be easily doable for most EUCs and leave some time for off-trail exploration. The entire trip takes 6 days. Pittsburgh area also has the steepest street in the United States if you want to test your EUC. I am completely out of vacation this year but would really love to do this some day.
  10. You OBVIOUSLY haven't tried hard enough! Even so, congratulations!
  11. Checks "Top Members" list.... Sees name there... I FULLY SUPPORT THIS USEFUL FEATURE.
  12. Since the speakers already need to be there to give the warning beeps, there's no cost savings there. The bluetooth needs to be there for the app, so no costs to shave there either. I suspect this is one of those "we might as well" features. I have it on my KS14C but haven't used it because I don't want to bother people as I ride by. I can see how it might be nice though. In Maryland you're not allowed to ride/drive with earbuds so if you want to listen to music the speakers would be handy.
  13. Wow, love that rear view! Great protection for your head as well, obviously, but with it being 95 degrees here in Maryland today I'm not sure I'd want to put my head in that oven.
  14. This guy put a mailbox on top of his EUC to use as a seat then rode 1600km. So there are other crazy people. There are some good things to learn from the trip. He has some statistics on the last entry: Most importantly for you @Uliana he only covered 60km to 110km per day. If you plan to spend some time in the cities you visit and get good sleep, do not plan for 100km to 150km per day.
  15. Electric cars in some areas can use the express lanes at no charge. I think EUCs should get their own lanes too. Stealing an EUC should be a capital offense. EUC riders should get a free coffee from Starbucks every day. Other than that they should just treat us like any other person.