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  1. My Tesla Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I'm still wearing a bike helmet but if I get a faster wheel I'll be looking for something safer. The teary and dry eye problem happens to me too. This morning it was 18 degrees F outside and I had to go down to a trail cleanup event, it was brutal and I had my gloved hands in front of my face (gotta get that balaclava today).
  2. What's the biggest thing you've carried around on an EUC?

    I have been trying to do all my local errands on the EUC so in the past couple of months I've carried: various groceries, mostly in a backpack pizza boxes a six-pack of beer bottles in each hand plus two six-packs of beer cans in a backpack big but not heavy boxes being returned to Amazon cans of house paint a 40-pound bag of clothes to Goodwill The big bag of clothes was pretty tricky, it was too big to fit into a backpack so I wrapped some rope around it and used the ropes as shoulder straps. My KS14C behaves very differently with a 190-pound load on it.
  3. EUC racing?

    And when it happens you'll see it on https://www.reddit.com/r/theocho/
  4. Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    Wow, when you look at the channel it's deviously intellectual.
  5. Maximum speed List

    Don't tell @Shad0z!
  6. EUC racing?

    Definitely better to have something like a motocross track rather than a drag race. We all know it's not a good idea to explore the top speed. I think the perfect sponsor would be Bob Evans Pork Sausage because they are never over-lean.
  7. Compensation for 18S owners?

    The rider's weight (including backpacks etc) makes a big difference. I'm a small light guy and when we do group rides I rarely have to stop to recharge because I can travel at least 30 miles on either my Firewheel (only a 520Wh battery!) or my KS14C (800Wh battery). Your riding style can make a difference too. If you hold onto a pole and stay on the wheel waiting at intersections, the wheel still has to keep your entire weight balanced. "Idling" by intentionally moving back and forth uses even more. Higher speeds tend to use more power as well. I also suspect that "softer" riding modes use less power than "harder" ones, I think there may be a thread around here about that.
  8. thinking of getting an ebike for high speed.

    We've gotten electric bikeshares lately but I haven't had a chance to try them yet. They're not a bad deal, you can rent them for as little as $1 for 30 minutes and some will give you credit for future rides by starting with bikes at odd locations to reposition them. We have several companies--Ofo, LimeBike, Mobike, Spin, Jump, Capitol Bikeshare--beating each other's brains out trying to establish themselves. If you have something in your area you might give one of them a try. With so many of these around I don't think I'll buy a bike (electric or manual) any time soon! https://ggwash.org/view/64910/jump-up-dcs-hills-with-jump-bikeshare
  9. Okay, this guy is from Seattle for sure.

    Those look suspiciously like push-ups to me and should be disqualified because they appear to be exercise. As you know, riding an EUC is "cheating" and should require no physical effort.
  11. Oh yeah? Well then, where's the nearest Starbucks from your house?
  12. Bent rim

    @electricpen if you had an idea to get a new wheel anyway you might as well try to straighten this a bit yourself. Obviously it doesn't have to be perfect considering it looks that bad and it's still rideable. Youtube has a bunch of videos on fixing bent rims, both car and bicycle. Considering how close the rim is to the motor you probably shouldn't use heat, but if you do and it causes trouble you'll have a great story to tell: "Yeah, I had to get a new EUC." "What happened to the old one?" "Blowtorch."
  13. Bent rim

    Well it's always a good time to buy a new wheel. Since the wheel has an inner tube it's not like a car where the bead of the tire has to seal against the rim. Still, I would be very concerned about riding it that way. You might be able to bend the rim back close to where it should be by setting it on its side and using some sort of pointer barely touching the rim to check the rim runout. You won't get it to be perfect but it should be better than that!
  14. Call me a wimp but...

    I haven't been out on my EUC for a week because it hasn't been above freezing around here in Maryland, plus we've had a bit of snow making things icy. As long it's above freezing I can handle it, but those wind chills against your face are horrible. I need a ski mask or balaclava and have just been too lazy to buy one.
  15. action cameras. and protecting rights

    I had my camera attached directly to the Firewheel for a while but got vibrations similar to the ones Rehab1 showed on his video. It also puts the microphone close to the wheel which gives you the motor whine and any road noise. The gimbal footage looks great but they usually add a lot of size to the package and they are expensive so I wouldn't want to have them on the front of my wheel. Most of the Chinese Gopro clones come with a belt clip attachment and I've been using that on my belt. That gives you the vibration reduction provided by your knees and puts the camera in a place that isn't right in someone's face.