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  1. Seems like you could just run a bead of silicone over that to get a seal where it's popped out. You might even be able to pull the entire seal out carefully and then replace it with silicone without opening up the case. (The seal will get a bit thinner when it's pulled, so it's just a question of whether the adhesive will let go or the seal will tear.)
  2. Not to mention the fashion police. Those sandals and cargo shorts are just horrid!
  3. Yeah, to me the 14-incher is the best form factor for city commuting because of its maneuverability and light weight. Maybe the KS-14S comes close? In the meantime I'm happy with my KS-14C. On our group ride last weekend I had the only 14-inch wheel but had no problem with any of the terrain we took on and made the entire 32-mile ride without recharging.
  4. Hi @thead and welcome! Search for "wobble" for some other possibilities for the wobble, the position of your feet can make a big difference.
  5. If a standing desk is better for your health than a sitting desk, then I would think a standing EUC would be better than sitting on a bus!
  6. Another possibility for the evolution of the EUC mode of transportation is that vendors will find a good hardware "platform" and then just tweak the firmware and cosmetics. That is what Tesla seems to be doing with their car models. As long as the battery, control board, and motor are solid you can do other changes without too much disruption to the supply chain or sales process. It might even be possible in some cases to retrofit features in older wheels by upgrading firmware. In some ways that looks like what KS is already doing, they have one app that supports all their wheels even though not all the apps have all the features in the app.
  7. I dunno. Over my career I've worked for several years in two different industries where the majority of coworkers were female. It didn't seem to me like there was any more or less drama in those offices than in the predominately male ones. Then of course, we didn't groom each other the way chimpanzees do, that might have made all the difference.
  8. I can imagine some sort of in-motion battery swap using external packs but in that case you could roll for a very long time! If you had a Monster you could even ride sitting down. At some point the hard part would be staying awake.
  9. I think you misspelled Unicorn, a mythical creature that seems awesome but unfortunately does not exist.
  10. @Justina I see you've meet Hunka. Here is my suggestion to your video production people for the next one. Honestly though it was a very well done video and I appreciated the good English subtitles.
  11. I can qualify for "Best Faceplant on an EUC" "Longest Continuous Ride" without feet touching the ground might be a possibility for me, even when going through a city, if I can lean on a pole while stopped at intersections. Do they need to have a Guiness rep present when you do the record, or would a video suffice?
  12. I have suspected this myself, maybe I will try some experiments on my KS-14C and see if I can report some hard numbers.
  13. Are the axle nuts staked with metal shims the way they are in many other wheels? The Speedy Feet teardown didn't mention any but it looks like some may be there. It seems unlikely they'd spin loose. Or are you saying the axle was loose from the factory? There needs to be a tiny bit of play so that the bearings don't seize when they heat up, maybe there were too generous with the play.
  14. If you're relatively small/light and they're big you could say, "Do you weigh over X? Oh sorry this model is limited to X. Some of the other models can handle bigger riders though." That said, I have let a few dozen people "ride" my Firewheel. Usually I have one arm and often a friend has the other arm and we make sure they don't fall over. Mainly it's just so they can get the feel of the wheel and understand how it works to lean forward/back to move. There was one kid, maybe 15 years old, that I met with his family at an outdoor restaurant and he wanted to ride. So his dad and and I get him started and he rode like 30 feet without either of us helping him! He'd done skateboarding and used a hoverboard so maybe a little more experienced with the process, but still!
  15. What is the line? If you had to say "I'm just a hunka hunka burnin' love" I think we just got Punkd.