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  1. I must confess the one thing that slightly haunts me when I ride now is the old guy I met in hospital years ago with a cracked hip having fallen off a chair changing a lightbulb. It does worry me how a seemingly minor injury can affect an older person. 1976 I had a bad motorbike accident that had me in an out of hospital for a year. This old guy came in, really just for bed rest, as he had only cracked his hip, it didn't need setting, traction etc. He told the most amazing stories of fighting in the First World War (so I guess that made him at least 76 years old) and all of us who were mobile enough would gather around his bed to listen to them. However he would always end them with " I've had a good innings, but I've had enough now." A nurse confided in me that she had seen this before and she was convinced he would die. I couldn't believe it, he was animated and seemed in generally good health but, sure enough, within a week he was dead. I still wonder if it was the result of shock from the injury (which maybe would have been better treated these days?) or whether he really did will himself to death at a time of his choosing?
  2. It always amuses me that most EUC instructions say something like: "Not to be used by persons under 10 or over 60 years old". Good on you for giving it a go at 79 ;-) I learned at 60 and had never ridden a unicycle (although I had skied and windsurfed when younger) it took me a couple of days of riding up and down a narrow hallway so as to use the walls for support before plucking up the courage to venture out in a park using lampposts, trees, etc to help get me balanced on the wheel before moving off. After about a week I was comfortable riding on sidewalks but using posts etc to help me get started. It took more than a few weeks before I could consistently just hop on and go without some support, however that was mostly because where I live there is so much street furniture that I didn't need to. By far the most useful aid in public is a strap to secure the wheel whilst riding it - not pulled tight, that ruins your balance - but held loosely to stop the wheel running away from you if you fall off and hurting you or someone else or damaging (say) a parked car. Headgear, goes without saying (I hope) but the single most important safety gear I've found is wrist guards. Not only are reactions not as quick as you get older, so you will probably be unable to stop yourself putting your hands out if you fall but I found, the hard way, that a sprained wrist takes months to heal at my age.
  3. I'll let someone with better local knowledge than I reply as to whether you can ride OK in Boston (lovely city by the way -I've visited several times - one one occasion for rather longer than I expected when we got stranded there due to the Iceland volcano stopping all air travel a few years ago;-) ). However, have you thought about how you are going to get a KS-18 to Boston? The batteries are a reall problem for air transport and, even if you manage to get it to Boston, it may well be even harder getting it back to China again. I am also not at all sure I would want to carry an 18" wheel on public transport?
  4. @Whinters, I'm puzzled by your above comment as the smaller wheel isn't a "baby" version that you will grow out of. Really whether a 14" wheel or 16" (or even 18") is 'better' depends entirely on how you intend to use it. Indeed, if I remember correctly @Paddylazwent from a 16" Lhotz to the 14" V5F+ and has been waxing lyrical about it ever since ;-) Really a 16" wheel is better over rougher ground, woodland trails etc, but the lighter, smaller, easier to carry 14" excels if you intend using it in town including (say) carrying it on a bus or train. Having said that whilst 18" really is an off road or long distance, not really to be carried at all wheel, both the 14" and 16" work well enough on and off road and can be carried well enough. I ummed and errred between 14" and 16" as I do a fair bit of bridleway riding, having settled on the KS-14C (before Inmotion was available) I've found it handles the bridleways fine but also fits nicely in a shopping trolley when I roll down to the shops. If I bought a second wheel to complement my KS-14C I would buy the V8. if I was in the market for a new 14" wheel I would buy the V5F+, unless I really wanted the range of a big battery Kingsong; In all cases in the UK I would personally buy from @Jason McNeil's shop in the U.K. As his service and support is excellent (IMHO)
  5. You might, however, find that the slightly softer (squishier!) "Cycle" mode is a little less tiring on long journeys as the softer response can put a bit less strain on your feet. In theory, at least, it should also improve range as it is not constantly braking and accelerating hard at your slightest movement. I do tend to revert to it on long rides as my 340Wh wheel doesn't have the greatest range. Rest of the time it stays in "Player" mode though.
  6. The clue is in the name - not Cheng but Chen, born in Beijing- I don't think he has any problem arranging manufacturing "in low cost countries" - one at least ;-)) I personally doubt the Solowheel's price has much to do with manufacturing costs.
  7. A 16" wheel is certainly on my want list and the Inmotion V8 would be top of that list, but I've retired now so money is a bit tight and I'm not doing the mileage to justify it. The KS-14C is doing everything I need really, the only problem I do have is that the range is going down now preventing me being some of the longer trips I did last year. I'm aiming to put 4 off 4 cell LiPo batteries in the empty battery compartment on one side, if only Hobbyking ever get the cheap ones I want back in stock.
  8. First time it got fairly windy (25MPH+)I took my wheel to my local park which has a pretty much square path around its parameter. it is quite open so I didn't have to counter much gusting but the only uncomfortable bit was going into wind where it very noticeably had the wheel beeping at much lower speed and the lean forward felt an awful lot. Sideways on the lean into wind was certainly odd but kind of fun after a while. The main surprise to me was that it seemed easier to handle the wind on an EUC than on a bike. I wonder if less side area and twice as much weight through the one wheel instead of two made it grip better but I'm sure I would have been pushed around a lot more in gusts on a bike. Like @Pingouin I would be a lot more worried about rain on my not at all waterproof KS-14C
  9. After a fright like that it sounds like you had better consider incontinence pants - as a bonus, they would give extra padding as well ;-)
  10. Trouble is a constant speed (any speed) on the flat takes very little power it is just overcoming friction and windage so speed is, in itself, meaningless in @Jason McNeil context here. Acceleration is all power just think of drag racing for example, however unlike a drag racing car, the EUC has to still have the power to balance at the same time. The only way I can think of expressing acceleration meaningfully would be by expressing it in terms of g-force I.e. 3m/s/s is around 1/3 G (9.81m/s/s ) However it would be quite an EUC if you could really feel the g-force under acceleration;-) I guess expressing it, or thinking of it, in terms of how steep a hill it can climb at constant speed is one way as that is directly working against the acceleration due to gravity.
  11. ........ in the design software they were using - not the wheel! That video was an advertising piece for a design software. Personally, I think they got embroiled in Patent issues they couldn't resolve cheaply enough. I also think it must now be dead in the water as it has been overtaken in all except its safety concepts - that and the use of LiFePo4 batteries are the bits I would like to see other manufacturers copy. My wheel already doesn't have the performance and range it had when I got it less than 1.5 years ago, with LiIon cells.
  12. If your windings were getting anywhere even close to the 370 degrees Fahrenheit that standard lead/tin solder melts at ( modern lead free solder is even higher) you would have wrecked the magnets well before that as too much heat demagnetises them. Copper wire windings in coils are usually lacquered to insulate them from each other (that lacquer needs to be scraped off to solder them.) Overheating coils in motors or transformers is a common cause of damaging that lacquer and shorting the coils - so another reason not to use silver soldering!
  13. @Will, just to add to what @EUC Extremeand @esaj have said above, I've considered adding 4 off 4s Hobbyking cells to my existing 340Wh 18650 cell battery. The big problem is balancing them, I have suitable chargers as I fly electric helicopters up to 12S and planes. You could take the balance leads out of the side or take the packs out to charge them individually but it would be a pain and they do need balancing, at least every so many charges (say every 10 or so?) this had been discussed before on several occasions, here for example: and also here:
  14. The number of times this error gets repeated is amazing! Power holds you upright if you lean forward that power, or more correctly torque, has to counter your leaning forward and, doing that has to result in an increase in speed. A reduction in power or speed = faceplant - pure and simple. It is because you are approaching the limits of torque, that the wheel has to do something to stop you continuing leaning forward, so the options are tilt back vibration or beeping. I would agree that, at high speeds vibration or beeping might be safer than tilt back.
  15. Spot on, yet again another harmless device that falls completely foul of the UK's out of date and out of step laws - no peddles so it's not an electric bike, no type approval so it's not a motorbike so it's simply illegal!