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  1. The Photo Thread

    As someone who did my own colour developing and printing for years using an enlarger with a colour head that allowed me to dial in any colour balance I wanted, it really was cost not difficulty getting a white balance that kept people using black and white for a long time. Also for longevity in (say) wedding photography, black and white pictures lasted so much better. Until Cibachrome came out colour pictures would fade very badly if exposed to the light for long. In practice the only colour I could afford when young was slides, which at least means I still have them in good order and dated right back to around 1968. Whilst processing labs had automated white balance capability with a good lab checking the results and modifying anything that wasn’t good enough. Home processing did need multiple test strips and had to be done in complete darkness and with temperature controlled to less than half a degree. So at home black and white was a hell of a lot easier and the results could be watched appearing under a red safety light and developing stopped as soon as the picture was the right density.
  2. Thank you for letting us know. I must say that I’m not at all surprised, we had one flurry of activity from him for about two weeks and then he hasn’t been back to the forum since September 4th. I don’t think he lasted very long in the job and he certainly squirmed about and became uncommunicative when challenged on the Inmotion / Solowheel deal. A real pity as good representation by Inmotion on this forum would be a huge asset.
  3. Help with my v5f

    Someone with a V5F might know better than me, but if the app is accurate to within 20% I would be amazed, all that is measuring is the revolutions so tyre pressure could be enough to set that out - and by the way, low tyre pressure would put more load on the wheel reducing its top speed too. Ideally using a stopwatch and measured distance would give the most accurate speed, GPS would be close. In any case see the below thread where Jason McNeil says top speed is in practice 23-24Km/h which is just over 14MPH.
  4. Tiltback

    Not exactly, it warns when a certain speed or certain state of battery has been reached and on many wheels is configurable so you can be more conservative on how fast you go. However, as @KingSong69 has said, on the Gotway wheels it is set relatively slow so to go faster you have to turn it off and rely on beeps only. Many consider this potentially dangerous- I.e. you need to fully understand what you are doing and why if you choose to turn tiltback off.
  5. London UK meetup

    Are you (they) sure about doing that - the weather is going to be pretty awful this Saturday - very high winds and rain. It looks like the latest US exports to the UK are their Hurricanes - thankfully watered down a bit by the time they reach us 😜 I guess that’s what we get for trying to leave Europe!
  6. Help with my v5f

    How are you measuring the speed as 10-13MPH? If the wheel is actually a V5F the difference between 13MPH and 15.5MPH is not much? so would need very accurate measurement to be sure?
  7. I think I only realised how much I do watch the surface ahead, albeit somewhat unconsciously, when I started riding at night and found the headlight on my KS-14 wasn’t bright enough to see what was there to trip me up, even though I was riding on paths with good street lighting - but with a surface not in the best state of repair! I wasn’t able to get back to full speed at night until I added a nice powerful bike light. Unless you are riding on very good surfaces and/or with a large (I.e. 18”) wheel such that a surface hazard isn’t too likely to be a problem then, if you truly have stopped watching ahead, I think you may be being over confident and, rather literally will be: “riding for a fall” 😜. In practice, I suspect you are still watching but without consious effort. If you suddenly find yourself flying through the air wondering how you got there, you will know you hadn’t been paying attention!
  8. Tiltback

    I assume you mean “tiltback”? It has been discussed on a number of occasions that, if you continue to lean forward on a self balancing device - I.e. Segway or electric unicycle or anything else, it has to accelerate to keep you from falling on your face. I.e. the torque has to exactly match your weight pushing forward and that torque has to come from acceleration. Eventually the device will start to run out of torque ( power) to hold you upright and you WILL fall on your face. Well before that happens it has to try to “encourage” you to stop leaning forward. There are only three ways it can do that: Tiltback - start to lean the peddles backwards to encourage you to stop leaning forwards. It requires more torque to do this so it must do it well before you are going too fast. It is possible to still accelerate, but the more it tilts back the harder it gets to do so. Make a noise - beep or say “caution” or whatever. There is a danger you might not hear it or will ignore it. Vibration - to the best of my knowledge only Solowheel did that I.e. make the wheel motor vibrate to warn you. Of the above, only tiltback can really force you to slow down as it can eventually tilt back so far it is impossible to keep riding the wheel. Several wheels do this on low battery, eventually tilting back so far that you have to step off. Some people do not like it as, on some wheels, the tiltback can be aggressive enough to frighten the rider into falling off - thus defeating its use as a safety device. But if it is well implemented it is the safest way to stop the rider going too fast. EDIT: here is an example of low battery tiltback that @Jason McNeil of https://www.ewheels.com/ demonstrated :
  9. Even more important, where LiFe cells are concerned, is the very high current capability with tiny drop in voltage, meaning you do not need massive packs to get safety out of LiFe cells they will hold their voltage until virtually empty. As well, of course having massively higher cycle life. So they are absolutely ideal for “last mile” light weight commuting rather than going miles and miles on the things. Several wheel manufacturers have used LiFePO4 batteries, including Solowheel and Uniwheel. Universally, at least within this forum, users have complained vociferously about the cost versus poor capacity. So, bottom line, people do not want to pay the price that short range LiFe wheels cost. IMHO, cold weather is every bit as dangerous as aged batteries and, actually, does an awful lot of aging itself. I keep my model aircraft batteries in a heated bag in winter now.
  10. IPS t350+ Help with unlocking 30 kph

    @William Bird, I believe speed is restricted until you have clocked up 100kM, have you done that? there is also an extensive discussion of this below, ignore the first post, the original poster quite unnecessarily changed it as he found his was an older wheel limited to 20kph, but the rest of the discussion may well help you?
  11. I Love eBay!

    I just do not get collecting at all. A one week old sachet of sauce can fetch bids like that ( or can you just take the pee on eBay?) Meanwhile, I’m going through my fathers estate and our “inheritance” was that he has virtually every British coin minted since 1860, all in neat coin collecting folders and as far as I can see they entire collection is worth a few hundred pounds at most, in fact the pre-1920 silver coins look to be worth more as their scrap silver value as they are 92% silver worth about £12/oz Heaven only knows what to do with the “surplus” coins that are not in collections: there is 5lb in weight of copper farthings alone (1/4 of one British old penny - so about 1/8 of a US cent in money but not legal tender since 1960. The other thing is we were quite poor growing up, so to see all this money hoarded when it had a damn sight more value to us then than it has now is even harder to understand.
  12. If you are in Antarctica, you are going to have to. be good at modifications. Lithium Ion batteries don’t take too kindly to sub zero temperatures!
  13. My V8 just died

    @mezzanine, Whilst any manner of horrible things might have happened, the simplest thing is most likely so it could just be nothing more than a dodgy power switch. Soft switch or not - it is still a mechanical switch that can fail. Disconnecting the battery may, just possibly, have done nothing more than allowed the switch to make contact again temporarily due to moving it about. My guess would be that the switch plugs into the main board, if it stays failed, try checking it is plugged in OK and testing it with a meter to see if it makes contact ok when pressed. My KingSong 14C was less than two weeks old when its power switch failed. Thankfully I had bought it from @Jason McNeil so a new switch was fitted for me very promptly.
  14. Charge Doctor

    Yes it is so close to linear providing, of course that you treat empty as 3.6 Volts and not 3.0v per cell. OCV = Open Circuit Voltage. SOC = State Of Charge.
  15. Charge Doctor

    It doesn’t, read the thread we already have on this that I linked to. What capacity the battery is at if you cut it off at a given voltage entirely depends on the charge rate you are using. Cutting off when the current reaches a certain figure will pretty much give you the same state of charge regardless of charge current providing the charge current is high enough in the first place. However what percentage charge is in the battery at a given current cut off will depend on how many amp hours the battery is. For example: Charging at 1C the battery will be at less than 50% charge when it reaches 67.2V at 1/3C it will be at something like 85% charge.