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  1. How To Learn The Electric Unicycle

    Because, they do not look Chinese, but also I could not believe KingSong would give such bad advice! Also, I may be wrong, but I think I’ve seen that girl before and she has given bad advice before like, for example, I think I’ve seen her insisting that if the wheel is to be stored unused for the winter it should be stored fully charged, and recharged every month - which is very poor advice for Lithium Ion batteries.
  2. How To Learn The Electric Unicycle

    Whilst I’m sure all of us agree with @The Fat Unicyclist above that we would REALLY like to see much more input to this forum from manufacturers like KingSong (whose wheels, all of us have great respect for) the thing is @Flora Yuan that the “elephant in the room” is that video you posted - it is truly dreadful and does not, as you posted it, show KingSong in a very good light! I do not think KingSong made it? It looks like it is from one of your distributors, but not only, as all the posts above show, is it’s advice on how to choose a wheel very, very poor, but so is its advice on how to learn to ride - that is advice from someone who can ride well and has completely forgotten how they learned. When you are first learning your shins and lower leg muscles are soft and easily bruised, the last thing someone who has never ridden should be doing is all that one footed stuff - it will hurt like hell and put the new rider off. The new rider needs to get both feet on the wheel and, ideally with someone (or at least something) to hold on to, learn the basics of balancing and foot position. Once they can ride the wheel OK - by which time the calf muscles and shins will have hardened up and they know where to position their feet correctly THEN is the time to practice mounting the wheel and THEN the exercises shown are useful.
  3. New Lower Pricing For Glide Series

    Yes you included! Since you felt empowered to mention them, let us take the Wright Brothers as an excellent example, wing shape had been known about for decades and was in the public domain so that is rubbish to start with. What the Wright Brothers did, and nobody else did, was learn how to control a plane, spent years and an awful lot of their money to learn how to fly and patented just that - control. Unfortunately they made a small mistake and specified roll control as wing warping. Glen Curtiss came along and used ailerons - hinged roll control surfaces to get around those patents and the mighty Smithsonian backed him to get Langley’s Aerodrome flying with the knowledge gained from the Wrights. They then proclaimed that the Aerodrome was the first successful powered aircraft (Langley was the secretary of the Smithsonian).This was a significant part of the Wright’s intransigence and, even today, in The Smithsonian there is a clearly displayed public denial that the Aerodrome could ever have flown in it’s original form - the price the Smithsonian had to pay to get the Wright Flyer One back from the British Science Museum to whom the Wrights loaned it in disgust at the Smithsonian. The point of the above story is that you appear to believe that had Glen Curtis’ been able to patent ailerons that should have made him the sole guy who controlled exactly who could build and sell aircraft if he was the guy with the aileron patent. I.e. nobody else’s patents matter is exactly what you are saying because that is pretty much what appears to have happened with Electric Unicycles, a small tweak to a number of existing patents that were already in place and are being used by other suppliers - not the least Segway themselves (who like the Wrights made a small mistake - in their case not allowing for one wheel as well as two.) The difference was US patent courts seemed to have more common sense in those days and eventually agreed the Wrights patent still applied - even to ailerons! Oh and why should shipping an InMotion V8 from Aliexpress, or any of the other excellent dealers out there be any more illegal than shipping an Inmotion V8 from Solowheel just because it has been renamed as a Glide 3? That is just nonsense.
  4. How To Learn The Electric Unicycle

    No I certainly do not, and I do not think anyone else on this forum does either. The general opinion I find expressed on this forum is that 16” is the sweet spot - not too heavy, not too big not too small to be “skittish”. Whilst I did learn on a 14” wheel, I think generally, unless operating on nothing but dead smooth paved surfaces a 14” wheel takes a bit more skill to ride well than a 16”. The weight, price and potential to really hurt yourself if you screw up does tend to make the 18” less ideal as a beginners wheel, but even those have been successfully used by some keen beginners. It is the sort of riding you intend to do and the sort of terrain you are going to do it in that should decide the wheel size you go for- not necessarily how many hours of experience you have under your belt.
  5. Reversing the steering on a bicycle is a common trick often seen at fairgrounds and village fêtes with the public challenged to win a prize if they can ride it which, like almost anything, can be learned - see below. In reality, I know this is easily learned as it is exactly like learning to fly my model helicopter upside down where everything except roll control, including throttle is reversed. I did need to practice a few hours on a simulator first but I can do it with ease now. However reversing forwards and backwards would be quite a different thing, leaning back to accelerate forwards would push you further back accelerating harder, pushing you further back until you come off. I think @kasenuttyis spot on, it would shoot out from under you just like treading on a banana skin. I’m not at all sure anyone with less than superhuman abilities would be able to stay on such a machine.
  6. It’s nylon cord so easily cut. Like any nylon cord you can stop it fraying by melting the cut ends or, better still, use a hot knife to cut it - that will seal the ends at the same time.
  7. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Did you EVER get any response from him - or has he quietly faded away? A Google search against his name doesn’t reveal any updates at all online newer than October 2017.
  8. Honda Uni-Cub

    Yes my first thought was that it would only be of any real use to someone with a disability, but then it occurred to me that it’s stool like sitting and foot position, plus the need to weight shift to control it would exclude quite a lot of lower body disabilities and pretty much all balance difficulties, in fact the only group I could imagine being able to easily use it would be those with reasonably full motor control but little body strength, someone with chronic COPD or emphysema for example. Where as the Blumil https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/collections/blumil-wheel-chair/products/blumil-self-stabilising-wheel-chair I would have thought would be usable by anyone with sufficient arm strength to be able to move their upper body. I guess as an office chair it would certainly work - albeit I cannot imagine any of the companies I’ve worked for forking out for them unless a really solid case for improved productivity could be made - that will challenge the Six Sigma practitioners!
  9. Failed full charge 4 lights beeping no resistance

    What were you doing when it stopped? I assume be 4 lights you mean it is showing as fully charged? I am assuming by no resistance you mean the wheel turns freely even if powered up? If you have only had it since Christmas Day and this has happened without it being heavily dropped (which might have unplugged something at least) I wouldn’t do anything else to it except take it back where you got it from, it shouldn’t fail in two days. To investigate further yourself would mean opening it up and that is worth doing only if out of warrantee.
  10. Honda Uni-Cub

    How is it even possible to produce a wheel THAT heavy that is only capable of going 6km at 6km/h. At 25kg it is twice as heavy as (say) a KingSong 14D which is 5 times as fast with 5 times the range. For a major company to produce something with THAT poor a specification is incredible. What makes it even more underwhelming is its “innovative” side rolling capability as well which should mean it can balance even whilst standing still - and then they ADD A STABILISING WHEEL! This has to be the single worst product Honda have ever produced!
  11. Severe tilting-even after level calibration

    Did you calibrate it before or after the problem occurred?, what does it say it’s battery level is? Did anything happen prior to this problem - crash etc?
  12. Thank you Marty 😀. From left to right the woods are Hickory (with Padauk for the nose - the reddest wood I’ve got ), Chamfuta (AKA Pod Mahogany), Panga Panga, Hickory again (sapwood which is why it is so light), Purpleheart and, finally Oak. The sleigh is Walnut. How many did you guess?
  13. To all, thank you all for your entertaining, thought provoking and challenging posts throughout the year. I hope you have a good rest and Santa brings you nice new self balancing toys to play with in the new year 😀 I’m still having lots of fun with my scroll saw I got last year so, this year, I made my own Christmas decorations (above) 😜.
  14. No riding on the pavement makes no difference, this was the first UK prosecution: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/man-ended-up-six-points-12031624. Riding on the pavement and also 6 points on licence for no insurance. Like others I’d happily pay any insurance or licence fee but it doesn’t exist. A 15.5MPH electric bike is perfectly OK and does not require licence or insurance but as soon as it does not have peddles it is illegal. Dumb or what!
  15. WheelLog Android App

    Really, so why don’t you tell us what wheel you have got and how you use it, so we can see whether wheellog will be any use to you - always assuming you actually HAVE a wheel and know what wheellog is as you are posting lots of one line meaningless comments that make me think you are a spammer?