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  1. Looking forward to your story. I've got mixed feelings about missing the adventure. I would have probably been on a Monster too. 😳
  2. Yeah, mine came with a Chao Yang tire. Recommended PSI 35-45. The ride is smooth like a Cadillac!
  3. I concur. My KS16S feels comparable to my first-gen 67v ACM. The 84v ACM is in a league of its own. Well, until the GT16 arrived.
  4. Whew, that's reassuring! I really feel like a beta tester on this one. I think you might be the only other owner on this forum.
  5. @Marty Backe's recollection of the power button behavior was incorrect. It works as you describe. Yeah, that's what I'm worried about, some sort of arcing in the motor. It only does it at certain points in the rotation of the wheel/motor. Move the wheel a centimeter or two in either direction and the sound stops. Here's a video that demonstrates. So, question for those that know more about electric motors than me: would you ride this one?
  6. So my three alarm levels are set at 38,39, and 40 km/h. I have tilt-back set at 42 km/h. These setting suit my riding style. The wheel feels plenty fast at 35 km/h. I never ride with the wheel beeping. The only time I would get into beep territory would be when I'm passing a bike or something. I don't anticipate ever hitting 40 km/h. The tilt-back is at 42 km/h because even though it's a subtle tilt-back, I only want it as a last resort if I can't hear the beeps.
  7. The KingSong 16S is fun. My first wheel was a Ninebot One E+. I always had the ride at the firmest setting. Since then, most wheels feel mushy, especially GotWay. The KingSong 16S (and the older KingSong with firmware 1.25) have a really firm ride that I appreciate. I'm not a big fan of pedal dipping. I also like the trolley handle, built-in lights and Bluetooth speakers on the KingSong 16S. That said, for my typical use case my favorite wheel is currently the 84v 1600Wh GotWay ACM 16. The acceleration and hill climbing ability are second to none and it's a really fun ride. It's really heavy which wouldn't be great for lugging around. But all that weight at such a low center of gravity contributes to a really stable ride, especially at speed. I need more time with the Rockwheel GT16, but we may have a new king of the mountain (climbing).
  8. I did and the body has pre-drilled holes to attach the trolley handle. But I don't plan to attach it. I love how compact the body of the GT16 looks and don't want to add to it. It's definitely easier to carry than the ACM 1600Wh. If I'm going somewhere that I'll need a trolley handle, I'll take the KingSong 16S.
  9. Actually, I got this one from "Rockwheel Store" on AliExpress. It was my first purchase from them. I ordered on March 6 and it was delivered yesterday. I saw a reference to a faceplant at 40km/h so I have tilt-back set at 39km/h. I typically never go that fast anyway. Initially, tilt-back was stuck at 20km/h and the iOS app wouldn't change it. The wheel would beep when applying the setting, but the tilt-back would still revert to 20km/h. It was a pretty subtle tilt-back. I wasn't even sure that's what it was at first. I finally found a link to the Android app in a YouTube video description and was able to set the alarms and tilt-back. I think I have the alarm levels set at 38, 39, and 40km/h. I haven't heard those alarms yet, but have had one overcurrent warning beep going downhill with a fully charged battery. One oddity I've noticed is that the battery guage on both the Android and iOS app always reads 100%. Also, the LED battey level guage on the wheel seemed to always show 100% too. I finally figured out that it only shows the actual reduced battery level under load. It floats back up to 100% when braking or stopped. I think. I'm reluctant to attempt a range test.
  10. Super helpful. Thanks!
  11. The video has been picked up by a bunch of news agencies. This story mentions that I was riding an electric unicycle: Really relieved that everyone made it to shore. There were a few minor injuries (dislocated shoulder, cuts, scrapes), but it could have been so much worse if one of the people had been crushed between the boat and a piling.
  12. The wind was crazy today! I saw a sailboat get tossed into the King Harbor pier by a big wave. All four passengers made it to shore.
  13. Here's a few clips from my typical daily ride on the beach bike path through Hermosa Beach, King Harbor, and Redondo Beach in California. It's my first attempt at a video. Still trying to figure out the angles.
  14. No judgement intended, I was merely providing a status update for anyone that's curious. I'm happy for them to take as long as they need to get it right. I've been stung a few times as an early adopter of new models. Any idea what the third color is? Google Translate just says "Other Facial Color".
  15. I just got a status update on my GT16 order from Rockwheel Store on AliExpress: "Friend, I'm very sorry, because GT16 mainboard system is upgrading, currently being debugged, may need two weeks to transport"