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  1. Hi folks, Coming from Ninebot, I am used with firmware upgrades. Is there no firmware update functionality on Gotway ACM ? Cheers
  2. The speed you will reach without tilt back will depend on soooo many factors New / old tyre (can change a lot !!) Battery charge level Temperature Hill / bumpy / flat road Wind
  3. I have ninebot one e+ since a year and half. I also tried Inmotion v8 once. I think Inmotion v8 is faster, more powerful and has more range. It also has a nice trolley handle and a front light. It's definitely better than ninebot. More expensive though...
  4. @da_toni I didn't ask what version, I didn't think the burning motherboard issue would be related @Mrd777 I hope they will use that time to produce a more robust version of the GT. The concept is great (small and powerful) but needs extra engineering.
  5. Hi folks, I was passing by Paris yesterday, and it was a great opportunity to pass by Urban 360 ( where they have many wheels in stock, and even available for testing ! I was so excited to test the GT16, but that was the only wheel I couldn't test. Because the motherboard of the GT 16 they have in stock just burned after 100km ! I have been talking with one of the guys working there. He basically told me That version is not supposed to be a prototype, it's the production version If you want to change the tire, it's a hell: you have to deteriorate the shell to access it (aaargh ) The support of the pedal was originally having a piece of rubber that detached after few time, causing the pedal to brutally fall down of 4degrees (dangerous ) he replaced the bad rubber piece by a plastic stuff, but it looked like DIY The pedal surface is in rubber, so you need to add your own grip Isolation against humidity should probably be fine In general, this wheel is dangerous and Rockwheel should rework it at engineering level My personal observations were The wheel is really tiny, doesn't feel hard to carry by hand The pedal is quite narrow, even for my feet that are not so big (40/41EU size) The rubber part of the pedal is kind of big enough, but the metal part underneath is really small, not sure it gives enough stability When folding up the pedal, there seem to be no magnet like for Ninebot or Gotways, so the pedals might just not keep folded after a while The on/off button is located just under the handle, which is handy to pick the wheel up and turning it off with one hand (Gotway should do the same IMO) I thought there would be a kind of "shock absorption" mechanism under the pedals, but it seems the pedals are screwed with the shell, no possible vertical motion of the pedal So I decided to give up on GT16 for now. Maybe I would buy a later, upgraded version if they ever upgrade it. Off topic: I took this opportunity to test the ACM 16 and MSuper v3 in a row. I was disappointed by the MSuper, it doesn't feel easy to sharp-turn at all. The ACM is sooo much more handy to take sharp turns. I definitely prefer the ACM and I will probably buy it instead of the Rockwheel. That's it guys. If you buy the GT16, be very careful.
  6. Yes they have to, the current version is apparently not safe (yet).
  7. Most of us are addicted to electric unicycling. What is the main reason for each of us ?
  8. I personally live around Brussels. Comments are usually quite good. However people sometimes have strange behavior. Recently a woman walked fast towards me, like she wants to collide with me. I instinctively stepped down the EUC, causing it to fall. The woman went away like nothing happened. Was strange, but I didn't encounter agressions. However I know this might happen. Technology make people curious at first. Later on, they often reject it like "we live better without those gadgets". Especially in Europe where people are not really fast tech adopters.
  9. Did you buy on this spanish AliExpress website ? Is there no english speaking version ?
  10. Nice, keep us updated ! I'm going to try GT16 in Paris by the end of the month. Can't wait !
  11. So if I get it well, the ACM is not made to jump on it and accelerate very fast as for the Inmotion v8. You are better to get on it, ride a few meters and then accelerate. Is that right ? I often heard that it's not a good idea to accelerate fast few seconds after turning the device on. It takes few seconds to "heat up".
  12. @Tishawn Fahie You speak about a lighter wheel that would be as powerful ? Rockwheel GT 16 might be your next wheel after MSuper ... Yes technology is going sooo fast nowadays
  13. ... And why not a Rockwheel GT 16 ? They say it's lighter than MSuper and even faster ?
  14. ... You mean... seriously ? That would be just amazing. However I'm wondering if it would be tough enough to sustain against all the bumps during the life of a EUC.
  15. Until now it was mainly recreational + groceries + going to meet some friends downtown From now on, I work at reasonable distance so I will probably commute with EUC every now and then I didn't have serious troubles but I changed tire after 750km and I did some DIY mods on it