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  1. Hehe, don't worry, I am tall enough, it doesn't go that high
  2. @andrewnyer Hi Andrew, the harness line is a windsurf harness line. Length of 24 inches. I bought it in a windsurfing store. Attaching it to the handle is a bit tricky. On one end, I could just pass it around the handle. On the other end I used a mini carabiner. On the picture you can see two carabiners, because I sometimes used an extra one to attach my helmet to the device. Currently I used this solution as well as the trolley handle. Trolley handle is very good to go around in shops, mall etc. But harness line is best if you have to quickly jump off and on, typically for passing some high curb edges. So I'll probably keep using both the harness and the handle.
  3. Yes I observed that it beeps much earlier when facing heaving wind. Once I was having the app open on my smartphone ant it was showing 25-26kph, already beeping. They possibly changed their algorithm recently.
  4. More scary: Ninebot One E+ can be turned off while riding it If a large insect hits the button when you are at full speed, you might fall.
  5. Nice ! But 25 bucks without batteries... oh my...
  6. I saw many of such devices on, but I didn't buy yet. I am looking for one that sounds like a bike bell.
  7. Would be soooo great
  8. Hi folks, I sometimes accidentally lift my Gotway ACM 1300wh when it's still on. I know I should not. Then it starts spinning like hell. I know that's normal. But it looks to be impossible to turn it off while it's spinning ? The only way is to wait that it automatically turns off ? People around me were being scared by the beeps Thanks for any suggestion !
  9. If I remember well, there has been another post about some youngsters attacking a member of this forum. And it was also in France. Sounds like French youngsters don't like new technologies... Too sad
  10. The latest versions of ACM (s+ 1300wh and 1600wh) come by default with pedals that are quite similar to MSuper pedals. Quite good
  11. I felt even more slow, the day I decided to... walk
  12. How many km did you do in that ACM ? Normally Gotway is relatively robust isn't it ?
  13. I think the roads and cycling lanes are well maintained in the US. You don't have much potholes and bumps right ? Do you wear a full helmet or only a cycling helmet ? I would try going fast with a full helmet and protection gear, in some area where I don't have potholes.
  14. @Pingouin you tested it at 48kph ? I don't know if that is madness, but at last you got balls I think I never exceeded 30kph