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  1. Thanks for sharing all this great information!!!! About the issue, I had the same when developing my OpenSource firmware, that the motor would run faster to one side and with a bit less noise... and that happen when I were using no FOC control, where the FOC angle wasn't adjust automatically and was hardcoded -- and depends only on the hall sensors signals timmings. And this makes sense in my experience, if that angle is not "like at the middle", the motor will run with different speeds on each side. I would say the hall sensor you used for some reason outputs his signal with different timing. I would try to change all the 3 for the same hall sensor reference.
  2. Changed my opinion about that, please read here:
  3. Maybe find the pin that does calibration on older board and try the same on the new one? I mean the pin of the STM32F103
  4. @KingQueenWong this firmware seems unfinished, maybe a prototype and maybe only to evaluate the PD parameters of balance controller. - the messages printed out over UART are for debug purposes only - there are some needed functionalities that are on the code but not used: UnderVolt_Protect(); FallCar_Protect(); - the PD parameters for balance controller are adjusted/or defined using some hardware switches/keyboard. Those parameters should be needed for correct working of EUC but are not stored anywhere - although there are STMFLASH_Write(); and STMFLASH_Read(); on the code, again they are not used. So, maybe this firmware could be used to find this PD parameters before to hardcode them on the final production firmware that may be similar to this one. It is really great to have this firmware for EUC, it clears out a lot of questions I had :-)
  5. Thanks!! Makes good sense for me.
  6. The kalman filter is used only to get the process out the angle -- not for the balance controller. And the complementary filter is commented and instead they use the kalman filter. For balance controller seems they do PD controller, with speed and position as inputs for the controller. Does anyone knows what type of filter is this one: uint16_t ADCDataHanle(uint8_t ucChannel), on ADC.C file?? all the ADC measured values pass on that filter before being used.
  7. Look at the wikipage of EGG app where there is the contact of Mr. Lee that is selling if you contact him by mail.
  8. I would say that the frmware is reading the motor speed using the hall sensors signals and that your motor have a different number of poles from the original motor, resulting in a different speed reading and so it the limit at 10km/h.
  9. Near but not equal. That 3 power resistors to measure phase current makes the firmware to be different...
  10. @KingQueenWong good to know!! however, I was expecting that one point would be about environment.
  11. @KingQueenWong can you please answer to my question: what are the main motivations for you to work on this project and also for the EBike firmware??
  12. Don't wast time and money about GEN1 -- it is just like the S06S EBike motor controller that you just draw. The big different is that it does not do FOC: it just have powers resistors motor current sensor (no phase current sensors) and the mosfet drivers are with transistors just like S06S controller. Also do not have bluetooth module. - https://github.com/EGG-electric-unicycle/documentation/wiki/Generic_Controller - https://github.com/EGG-electric-unicycle/documentation/wiki/MicroWorks-18km-h-controller-board - https://github.com/EGG-electric-unicycle/documentation/wiki/Generic-EUC---GD32F130-microcontroller - https://github.com/EGG-electric-unicycle/electronics-gen1_boards/tree/master/generic_electric_unicycle If was a translation from Portuguese to English, would take me only 2 hours using google translator ;-) -- but the comments aren't translated by google, just a few variable names were translated. @KingQueenWong I would like to ask you what are the main motivations to work on this project and also for the firmware of EBike.
  13. THANKS!! You are our spearhead :-) :-) I still have GEN1 boards with me, maybe I can try the firmware or at least look at hardware and see if it makes sense... The code is not extensive... would you please be able to translate all the comments?? -- would be a good investment, and if this firmware is for Gen1 EUCs, that would be perfect at least for historic reasons!!!!
  14. That's great!! Maybe we should continue the discussion on the Endless Shere forum, on the thread for this firmware, for EBike controllers. I think people prefer to talk here only about EUCs.