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  1. Battery question

    No. The 820wh ACM is only 64v whereas the Monster is 84v. You cannot mix the batteries or i would have done it when my ACM died. IF you can stretch to a 2400wh Monster then go for it otherwise what do you want the Monster for? a 1600wh MSuper V3 would possibly get better mileage than a 1600wh Monster due to the weight. I damaged 2 of the batteries on my Monster & , with the rediculous price Gotway ask (it would be more expensive buying three batteries separate than buying the 2400wh Monster all in one), I could only replace 1 of them. Now I only get a little bit more mileage than I did on my 820wh ACM! Not worth the money. I wish I'd gone for the MSuper V3 now - especially as there are mud guards available for it. My Monster sprays at just the thought of wet/rain.
  2. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    Well It's been back just over a week & so far, as I'm still recovering from the pain & weakness caused by walking, I've only used the Monster for work so far. I was riding for 2 days before I decided to look at what sort of mileage I am getting so my spreadsheet starts with the battery at 80% and the range 363.76 km/226.03 miles. Today I've gotten to work and there were a couple of occasions where the Monster beeped at me but I was going fairly quickly up slight hills. As I was getting to the turn off to work I noticed a radar speed sign? show 28mph. I thought there was a car right behind me but when I looked there wasn't so that was me! It definitely didn't feel like 28mph. So anyway the battery now shows 30% and the range 388.97 km/241.69 miles a difference of 25.21 km/15.66 miles in 50% which means, potentially I will only get around 30 miles/48 km. I was getting around 25 miles on my ACM so either the weight/power difference of the Monster is hindering it or it isn't using the two batteries? I'll do a few more charge/discharge cycles and keep monitoring it but if this is right then for what it's cost me so far it isn't a worthwhile purchase for me. I wanted the Monster for the range but thanks to the shell being weak & needing replacing then the batteries arcing I'm not going to be getting it.
  3. GOWAY Tesla: Teardown Video

    Did anyone else notice the length of the trolley handle? "1 foot 16 inches" so 2 foot 4 inches then? I like the look & sound of the Tesla especially the, potential, 60 miles on a charge. I won't get that on my Monster with 1600wh! also I see the "Gotway Tesla Teardown" got derailed & became a Kingsong discussion?
  4. Any update on the Monster mudguard please? My Monster has become my day to day EUC and with the rain/wet in the UK the spray is a pain and when it's dry the dust along the canal is a problem.
  5. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    It's on route back home! I took today off work because I really struggled yesterday & without at least today extra to recover I'd have started work next week feeling worse than when I started this & not even make it to Thursday. I've spent the day sleeping pretty much but already feel a little better for not doing the travel into work. My Monster has 1 battery replaced & new motor cable connectors & has been tested. It should be with me Monday so depending on how I feel I'll hopefully be back riding into work Tuesday. Ian's been great & I really appreciate everything he's done to get me mobile again. As always service way above & beyond. I also want to say a massive thank you to everyone here who has given me help & advice & been here when I've needed to sound off. It's a great little community & I'm glad I can be part of it.
  6. Where to buy a Ninebot9 charger?

    I'm not sure what the charger for that looks like. Is it also called the Elite? Have you checked ebay? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ninebot-Elite-charger/132305497351 http://www.ebay.com/itm/ninebot-elite-segway-electric-self-balanced-vehicle-100-240V-internationcharger-/253111068289?hash=item3aee986681:g:RVQAAOSw32lY0ojr

    The Coca Cola truck isn't looking very festive this year... That looked like a nice relaxing ride. Thankfully sound can be turned off so, I could enjoy it too, because I'm not a fan of that music tbh.

    Haha! I never wanted to rock one in the 80's let alone now (I was way too young to rock one in the 70's) also I haven't used cassettes in MANY years. I prefer to be stealthy and enjoy my music (mostly Lossless) to myself with decent head/earphones or my bone conduction headset while riding.

    I'm not a fan of light rings I think they look tacky, cheap & uncool. Kids toys should have colourful lights by all means but I get enough attention riding without looking like a fairground attraction too lol. My Ninebot really bugged me even though I turned the lights off except as an overkill battery level when I was stopped. If a company wants to add them then so be it so long as there's an option to turn it off completely Where the speakers are concerned, for me, the beeps are loud enough (especially the low battery beeps when you still have many miles you can travel on a Monster) so hopefully they won't play them through stereo / quadraphonic speakers or even worse - TALK to me! lol I can't do with wheels that talk either. Also - ghetto blasters where a 70's/80's thing and should stay there I'll go and crawl back under my rock now hehe
  10. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    That's what puzzles me. When I disconnected that batteries from the mainboard I discharged the capacitors first thing - not that that mattered because I never got to plug them back into the mainboard anyway. When I was connecting everything back up I started by connecting the batteries and was then going to connect them to the mainboard but the two on the battery side arced & seeing the damage I left it as is and closed the Monster back up. I THINK I had connected the little connectors together before doing the big ones if that makes any difference?
  11. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    As the batteries aren't going to be used, unless repaired, I don't think he will replace the connectors. He didn't mention doing anyway and it doesn't make sense IF I then can't/don't get them repaired? I think he said it's the motor connections he'd replace though my head is mashed with all this & work at the moment so I can't think. If I can get the batteries repaired I'll def look into some decent rubber gloves - ones that won't melt with the heat if they do arc. My worry, though, is them arcing and damaging the batteries again. I heal. I've contacted 1radwekstatt so will see what comes back.
  12. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    Thank you. The price is what I expected though he has gone back to Gotway asking them why their price is so high when prices have dropped recently. As I said previously the batteries are the most expensive part of an EUC. He's just rang and he's going to stick just one of his demo model batteries in (to lower the costs) and give it a ride. He's also going to replace the motor connectors as after his 1000 miler the ones on his and Jon's Monsters had warped and he knows I use mine a lot with it being my main transport. I can look into either getting the last battery in the New Year or see if I can get the damaged ones repaired as he said he can send those back in case I want to try and get them fixed. It's just the safety factor of transporting and storing them. Ian has said about sending the batteries back so I can send them for repair. My only issue is when they come back trying to connect them again. I don't fancy a repeat of the last time.
  13. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    When I got the ACM I don't think the MSUPER V3 hadn't been released let alone the 84v versions I didn't realise the code was so easy to see. Thank you. As for the box... it's somewhere in the loft lol I found the Monster one quite easily but don't remember seeing the one for the ACM. I'll start feeling better once I'm mobile as the pain will ease off a bit again & the freedom will clear my head.
  14. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    Cheers @Rehab1. I think the initial burns on the batteries were caused by bits of the inside of the connector when it blew though it sounds like there is internal damage too making them worse when charging and stopping the battery charging normally but not altogether. With how much a spare battery for my 320wh Ninebot cost I am dreading hearing how much 1600wh for my Monster will be. I am guessing around £500 - £600 each so £1,000 - £1,200 for both Unless I sell some stuff on Ebay I may have to settle for my Monster being 1600wh rather than 2400wh but I really wanted that possibility of extra mileage hence the purchase over an MSuper V3. The arm, although still a pain, I can cope with as it is getting better slowly but the extra walking is aggravating my spine problems. I can't get comfy at night because of neck pain, while I'm walking I have an electric shock sensation all over my back, I have lower back pain and my legs feel like I've run a marathon. I'm also feeling really low & snapping at the slightest things - likely a mixture of the pain & frustration at my limitations again. Sorry for bringing it here. This is EUC support etc not mental health support.
  15. Ouch. Nice paperweight!

    Previously he didn't open the battery side. This time he has and he's had the batteries on charge over the weekend and the black spots got worse and they aren't charging up right. I've attached an image of one of the batteries. Also the ACM is 67v and the Monster is 84V? I don't think the batteries are compatible? The ACM is still out of action. Neither SpeedyFeet nor Yorkshire Airwheels have the motor in stock and I need to get the ACM open again to get the motor code. At the moment if I do anything like using a screw driver, using a can opener - things that mean rotating my right arm it clicks and hurts still from my accident. Just rotating my wrist it cracks and my arm (possibly elbow) makes an awful grating sound so, seeing as I can't use it anyway I may as well send the ACM off to be looked at and repaired. My batteries have the same black spots as in that post. I don't fancy trying to reconnect batteries again after this incident. Ian has said I can purchase two batteries from his demo unit rather than waiting for new ones. That way he can fit the batteries & get it back to me ASAP. He's just waiting on the price of batteries & I know it's going to be painful as they are the most expensive bit :( I have 3 birthdays, my wifes car's MOT and Christmas just around the corner. I may have to part with some collectables/gadgets to cover this. I can't be without an EUC though as it's my mobility. This past week has been very painful and tiring having to walk more and use public transport & depressing not being able to generally get out and about.