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  1. I'm all for the speed limit. It would be good if it could be a firmware option? Use the software to select the speed limit or not. I often rode my Ninebot on the tilt back and never once had it cutout. The ACM I took to 25 mph max and the Monster 22/23 mph though I think once maybe I took it to 28 mph, according to a radar speed sign at the bottom of the road where I work.

    Your comment, below, regarding the Solowheel ad.... I don't see you wearing any in your video?
  3. E-bike not working out...

    Thank you for your ideas/advice. i really appreciate the feedback. I'll take a look at some of the bikes you mentioned and see what positives & negatives they may have but I think where bikes are I am limited to ones in the city bike style I have due to needing a more upright riding position for two reasons. Firstly the issue I have where my legs become painful, stiff and feel weak is the same with my arms so leaning forward with more pressure on the arms would cause more problems. With my current situation I struggled riding home, even with throttle, due to my arms aching. I also need to be more upright so I can keep my head straighter as my op limited my range of movement and tilting my head back is uncomfortable and quickly becomes painful. The pedal assist (Bafang 500w motor with 5 levels of assist (no idea of torque but the throttle can get me up the hills I've tried so far - If I can stop myself pedaling!) plus throttle with a 48v 15.4ah battery) really only needs me to turn the pedals - like being on an exercise bike with no resistance, even on the hills I have to ride up. Me being me though can't just ride steadily along - for 25+ years I always used to cycle everywhere quickly, because I could, so cycling again now I keep pushing myself and the bike even though now I can't. I can feel this but where it really makes a difference and is noticeable is when I want/need to do a bit of walking and realise I can't do as much as when I used to ride EUC's. Another reason for this style of bike was i need something that folds small enough to put under my desk at work as it's a bit of a trek to our nearest bike shed at the back of the building and I need to get to the front for the lift access. I may end up doing 90% EUC travel, because it is MUCH easier and save the bike for weather the EUC's can't handle. At the moment I need to just think of how to get through my current pain/weakness situation. If I ride it won't get better but walking to and from the bus is no easier. i've not got any time booked off until early April but when i was last like this I couldn't manage beyond a week of getting the bus. I can't think or concentrate properly when I'm in this level of discomfort/pain so will have to have a think during my time off in April.
  4. Hi all, This is a long one, sorry, but when I get like this I waffle more than usual as I think I need to explain myself and the pain/trouble I'm going through to help others understand. I'm feeling quite down, and also very angry, at the moment. As some know I used to be very active. When I was younger I used to run everywhere. Getting older I either walked or cycled everywhere and could easily do 10/15/20 miles per day with no effects. Then I started having problems with cycling. I would get so far then my legs would feel like I'd cycled the Tour de France or something. They felt very weak and painful and I had to walk back pushing and leaning on the bike. I had never had this before. This was around 5-6 years ago and the end of my cycling days. After the cycling stopped I found I was still able to walk a few miles, though I didn't have the opportunities to do the longer walks to see if I'd be effected, so I carried on walking but after a year to 18 months I suddenly couldn't even walk a few hundred yards without extreme pain, weakness and tiredness. It was now also affecting my work as it meant I was unable to walk to on site meetings. Work were very understanding and my role became more desk bound (not that they had much choice) while I seeked medical advice to find out what was going on. It seems there were a few problems but no definitive answers as I was passed from specialist to specialist until it was found that I had compression of the spinal cord in my neck. This had been causing migraines that knocked me off my feet for weeks. It also affected my fine motor skills and pins & needles in my hands and feet. I also have degeneration of the lower spine which might be what is affecting my legs . Anyway after seeing a neurosurgeon for a while I was sent for an op to remove the bone spurs that were compressing my spinal cord and fuse two vertebrae together. The pins and needles and migraines stopped and I have slightly better fine motor skills now but since the op I've had pain on the left side of my neck to my shoulder which is treated with Amitriptyline which is an antidepressant and good for nerve pain apparently. I am also on Tramadol full time for my lower back pain though it sometimes isn't enough so I top up with paracetamol & ibuprofen. My leg pain/weakness is still there, hence me thinking it may be related to my lower back problems. If I manage it properly, as I seemed to be doing with the EUC's, I am able to do more activities, day/shopping trips and rides out with my girls. This is where it starts to go wrong... I recently got an e-bike because I found one where - I was sat upright - so as not to cause more neck pain - I can't put my head back as you normally would when leaning for a normal bike had big chunky tires - to absorb lumps and bumps so as not to aggravate my back too much and pedal assist - so I'm not working too hard.... Only I am... by cycling, even assisted, my legs are hurting and feeling weak and because I am controlling the handle bars my arms are doing more so they too are feeling weak. This means that when I need to do something else which requires some walking I am very quickly in pain and feeling weak for days afterwards. Yesterday I needed to pop for some shopping. It was around a mile walk but my wife met me along the way in the car to pick me up. Whilst walking around the store I was in pain and feeling weak and was getting sharp stabbing pain in my lower back which had me responding verbally as well as the usual winces. When we got home I popped for a lie down but it didn't help. As per usual, when not managed well, I am aching all over with my legs feeling the worst and I feel weak and tired. I rode in to work today but I'm not sure I'll be riding in tomorrow - unless I charge the bike up and try just using the throttle. I really could do with work providing me with a laptop so I can work from home 1 day a week, maybe Wednesday, to break up the week and give me a little recovery time rather than keeping going until i can't go any longer like when I had my accident last year and couldn't/didn't ride for 6 weeks plus. I was only walking to and from bus stops then but it was too much and I ended up booking time off work to recover and going back riding the Monster. I hate the limitations more than I hate getting public transport but I don't drive. I should go back to my Dr but previously, after the Op, I was just given various meds until they found something that managed the pain level I had IF I wasn't doing too much. They didn't know what was still causing my problems other than if it was damage caused by the compression that may/may not mend over time - it hasn't. I don't want to be taking time off work again being passed from specialist to specialist as that's more tiring than trying to manage the pain and weakness myself BUT I'm not doing that too well at the moment while riding my e-bike. Driving could be an option but I could struggle passing the test as I have concentration problems (though not as bad while riding the EUC's) and I'd still be doing things with my arms and legs that could aggravate pain and weakness - in particularly the arms with the steering. Again sorry for the waffle. I find it easier putting this into text than talking but also sharing makes it a little easier than just bottling it up to the point where I am snapping at little things and sat in the office almost in tears at the frustration and anger that this may never get better and I have to resign myself to finding easier ways to get about other than a mobility scooter.
  5. As in the title... R.I.P. Stephen Hawking 1942 - 2018. The world has lost a fantastic man. “I believe the simplest explanation is, there is no God. No one created the universe and no one directs our fate. This leads me to a profound realization that there probably is no heaven and no afterlife either. We have this one life to appreciate the grand design of the universe and for that, I am extremely grateful.”
  6. Monster Time ......

    I don't need to pretend I use assist most (probably 99%) of the time as it really does help, when the battery gets low I can definitely tell the difference, but if really tired or need a quick burst I'll use the throttle. I don't have any photo's or videos on it yet. At the moment I've just been concentrating on getting to and from work but once the nicer weather hits I'll get one of my girls to get some photo's etc I am keeping my eyes open for reviews of the Ninebot One Z10 once it gets released. If it's as good as it seems and is reliable I may be tempted but I'm also hoping others will release similar designs for more choice.
  7. Monster Time ......

    Now that does look cool!! hehe My only problem would be it's lack of speed and distance. I've taken a hit on speed already with the e-bike. Also I am not sure about legality? Just because it says you don't need a license or helmet - It's a scooter which isn't legal in the UK as far as I know? E-bike law covers pedal bikes with pedal assist and you have to pedal to set off not be able to use the throttle. Mine is slightly over powered and the throttle can be used 100%, though it can be changed to need pedaling first, but if I ride carefully and responsibly no-one will notice/know.
  8. Monster Time ......

    During Ian at SpeedyFeet's 1000 mile ride he managed to melt the motor cable connectors but that's the only issue I've seen - other than a poorly designed shell! He changed the connectors on my Monster so @KingSong69 shouldn't have any issues there.
  9. Monster Time ......

    These look cool and I'd love to mess about on something like this but unfortunately they are definitely not legal. I need something I can use daily as my go to transport. I don't drive and prefer to be out and about independently rather than totally rely on public transport - for longer trips my wife drives. Using the EUC was dodgy but I got away with it, The e-bike is slightly more powerful than legally allowed but not obvious. These things.... scream illegal
  10. Monster Time ......

    You're welcome. I'm glad you like it. I'm missing EUC's for sure as even with pedal assist I am doing more on the e-bike than I did on the EUC's so I am hurting more also feeling tired and weak. Hopefully warmer weather, eventually, will help ease some of the pain. Anyway - Wow! I love the trolley handle. I used the extra height the seat gave the Monster to push it along. Have you tried riding sat down yet? 45km/h? You've pushed it further than I ever did already. I don't think I got it to 40km/h and it felt quick. The e-bike is much slower in comparison lol I tend to ride at 29kmh For the sluggishness have you tried changing the ride to hard? It might make it a bit more responsive. That might not help much with breaking though with the weight. I'll try and keep up with your updates - especially with the ACM.
  11. I purchased the official one from Ian at SpeedyFeet. Personally I wouldn't use third party BUT if others have used them then the choice is yours. To prolong the life of the batteries don't charge via fast charge too often though. I generally used the standard charger and only used the fast charger when I needed a faster turnaround.
  12. Wind

    Exactly this. I used to have the ACM almost sideways on really bad days but the Monster just stayed upright like a tank through the wind.
  13. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Hmm. He mentioned "There were a few times I needed the assistance of my employees" which means more than twice or it would have been a couple?
  14. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I wish I could get it right with two hands let alone 1! lol I'll go for 7 times total.
  15. Glad to see you're ok and that you have sense to wear protective gear but please seriously - SLOW DOWN! One wheel shouldn't be able to do such speeds, have extra power for reserves sure but not for speeds too much can go wrong. What if someone steps out in front of you or you come off near a pedestrian or worse in front of a vehicle? Your EUC can be a right off and so could you/someone else, even with safety gear. More countries aren't going to make them legal if they're too risky. Manufacturers need to focus more on making their products safer and more reliable before there's a fatality. Sorry for the rant. Ride safely.