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  1. Must have missed quote but hope you get the idea. ukj
  2. Only thanks to this very forum did I buy local "just in case" Sure glad I did. Bent , cracked axle sent in , replaced , works even better thanks to new mother board. No need to name but will say I went as far to the top as possible. Still almost daily riding me new and improved EUC. Thanks to all who posted "buy local from reputable"! ukj
  3. Is counter-steering a thing?

    I hope to bring this thread back to life and pose hopefully a simple question and get more feedback please! Does one HAVE to even if just a TINY bit counter steer a E U C? Other things? I have read and reread the wiki explanation and tested myself but still not convinced either way. Also on my pedal uni and bike. Other sports snowboard, skateboard, ski, surf. It is true in real life for me that when I ride my bike at normal speed hands free and push gently the left handle bar forward ( right turn) the bike will turn left. Same on motorcycle. Thoughts, ideas, reasons why? Thanks, ukj
  4. Ok now I understand this just makes lowering and raising pedals easier and faster. I guess I am used to having to do this by hand, but maybe this winter will look into doing this on mine, thanks! ukj
  5. What am I missing? Why mount a magnet if not using metal shoe soles? Kids unfolding pedal? Sorry simply do not get what you are trying to do? ukj
  6. Does KingSong always beeps early?

    And that is a VERY nice feature and notice it much more with my new mother board and REALLY like it! Just makes PERFECT sense for SAFETY! Just might add as am here, now have about 1,000 Ks on my replaced KS14C motor and new M board, she and I are most pleased! ukj
  7. This mod seems to grip to my liking both barefoot, tennis shoes and boots. I did though make the side to side grooves wider. ukj
  8. I find that barefoot while idle, juggle practise in my living room affords the best control as in direct contact with pedals and out door like above post super stiff sole leather boots feel just fine. I would hesitate to "pad" pedals but if needed gel inserts and, or less tire pressure. ukj
  9. As with learning almost any new skill 15 min a day but every day is better that an hour here and there, and less than about 10 min of total concentration will be of little use. Also mentally visualising before bed aids much more than one would think! There is no doubt that the VERY best way to learn BOTH E U C and Pedal U C is to have 2 people at your sides palms up and rider palms down walking alongside at the comfortable arms length for all. I, we have taught many both doing this. Because it is sometimes hard to find willing assistants a tight rope over a smooth surface is also a good way. Look forward at the horizon, relax and "let it ride" knowing your mind and body can do this for you! ukj
  10. Now the question is just like Porsche, how many syllables do you pronounce! ukj
  11. KingSong Notice about buying EUC on Ali express

    Just to relay my experience. My beloved KS14c suffered famous bent, cracking pedal support making it not ridable after about 1,500 Ks. Thanks to some great posts here saying to buy local, I bought from the distributor in the country where I live. I emailed and called and after a little hassle was told to send it back but only in the original box which I am lucky to have kept! I referred to the post and photos again posted on this very fine forum to show that I, and others, believed this to be a factory defect that should be covered under warranty. They quickly not only replaced the motor, wheel but also have new mother board and she rides even better now! So yes in my case Kingsong and their now european distributor did take very good care of my situation thank you very much! ukj