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  1. Who wants your old king song pedals longer?

    May we assume you are using about 4mm alu? For those of us here in Europe or other places to far to ship cost effectively, and for all the other D I Y guys out there, if you do not mind let us know exactly how thick and exactly of what grade of alu you found works best please. Thanks in advance! UKJ
  2. Any chance a little more info as I also ride a KS14C? Battery size? charge level? Grade of "steeper part of hill"? Your weight? Your speed beep and tilt back settings? Firmware version? I will say again that I have NEVER had a cut out on mine even V1 axle and mother board and now v2 new axle and mother board. I ride "faster" almost everyday and also climb hills at speed so this info is valuable for me and maybe others please! ukj
  3. Safe Speed Poll

    Then why not edit your interesting post? ukj
  4. Safe Speed Poll

    Did you mean to KPH in the ( ) ? ukj
  5. KS-14C Not balancing

    Not to be negative but informative, by using correctly the exact fitting quality phillips head screw driver, one will never strip heads. One needs to know how much force is needed to get a bolt, screw tight but not strip either the threads or head. If you find yourself lacking the good tool, do your self a favor and get one! ukj
  6. I must respectfully disagree to set at least the record straight concerning my beloved KS14C and to inform others. I did not jump curbs, no drops taken, and am not heavy at 75 kilos and my axle went bad anyway! And also did not ever get over the hip pain hurting stage to ride one foot, still not, so this might have also added stress even for super short periods of time, but it sure seems ANY EUC should be able to handle one foot riding for extended periods of time! I just advise all those with maybe even ANY E U C, but for sure any KS14C, to check the spacing between the pedal supports "pillars"? and the wheel, motor sides. AND STOP RIDING IF YOU HEAR ANY SCRAPING SOUND AND CHECK AS SAID ABOVE! It also could be very well true that some axles are and will remain just fine, while others fail. I am VERY interested to see how my warranty replacement axle holds up? ukj
  7. Other than having to replace the motor, wheel due to axle cracking I love my ks14c! It has NEVER cut out other than a few over heat tilt backs when idling for extended periods. And now having what I think is a better generation motherboard and v 1.25 firmware it seems even better. I now have the feeling form a safety point of view that it "senses" less battery and litterely tells me to slow down! ukj
  8. KS14c level calibration.

    Because I find myself riding backwards almost half the time now does it not make sense to level, meaning no tilt forward or back? ukj
  9. Any one 40 kp/h KS14C new set up?

    Thank you very much for the last reply! I do not know and have no way of knowing if I have a 16" controller but sure seems such as GPS speeds are showing what would be the same RPMs but of course slower due to less circumference of my 14" wheel, the math works out perfectly. But the good news at least for me is that it feels stiffer, does not seem to over heat when idling and for some reason my backwards feels much better! I will now set all beeps to max as well as tilt back and live with it. I will also contact KINGSONG direct and ask about this situation. ukj
  10. Any one 40 kp/h KS14C new set up?

    Ok, I will try only (1) one more to explain my question as again the last sarcastic poster does not understand. I set my speed beeps on my KS14C V1 at 1=28 kph 2=29 kph 3=30 kph and tilt back 30 kph I checked these with a trusted GPS and found these numbers correct. I was quite happy with this set up, and by the way NEVER have had even high speed tilt back let alone high speed crash or face plant! Crusing at about 27 kph felt just fine and would slow down when hearing first beep, but did get to 31 kph when FULLY suited up just for fun ONCE! Very safe thank you very much! NOW.... As first axle bent, cracked it has a new motor, wheel and mother board with firmware v 1.25 Again as done with the first speed settings set exactly the same with new app. But controlled with GPS and then the circumference of a 16 inch wheel as compared to a 14 factored in I am thinking that at least on my EUC the settings are allowing about 88% of true speed I feel because it is using the 16 inch rpm as opposed to 14. So now when I reach 27 kph it calculates 30 which sucks! This is why I thought as I saw the app would allow up to 40 kph I could set mine higher to get to back where I was by simply increasing by 12 %. So I ask, Is there any way to know if my firmware is set to 14 or 16 inch wheel? Can it be changed? Is there a way to set the speeds higher on the latest app? Only replies that address the above specific questions will be considered please. ukj
  11. Any one 40 kp/h KS14C new set up?

    Wow normally I am very nice but now must reply. The pdf above says nothing about KS14C! And is the above poster able to read and understand English? My question is clearly stated, I am sure my Ks14C firmware is not allowing a true 30 kph as is set for a 16 inch wheel rpm as stated above, even quoted! I am quite sure that I was able to get to and slightly above 30 kph with my V1 mother board and firm ware confirmed with good gps, and now even set to the EXACT same speed settings it simply will not again confirmed with gps. ukj
  12. Any one 40 kp/h KS14C new set up?

    Again my question PLEASE! How were you able to go faster than 30 kph as you mention above? How did you know it? And for replying to some comments above. I have NEVER had a cut out with my then older V1 KS14C and now so far so good with new wheel, motor and mother board. Other than annoying over heat tilt back with V1 also never had high speed tilt back set to beep 1= 28, 2= 29, 3=30 tilt back 30 as well. I checked this with gps and was close. BUT now, When checking with gps and doing some simple math I am quite sure that the apps 30 kph max is for a 16 inch wheel NOT my 14, THUS why I want to be able to ride a TRUE 30 kph max. I have a feeling I am stuck going 30 kph RPMs for a 16 inch on my 14 inch, why I ask if it is possible to set app speed settings higher. Any and all info well taken! ukj
  13. Any one 40 kp/h KS14C new set up?

    Please help! Has anyone been able to set the "ollie?" better term "tilt back" higher than 30 kph? I have tried MANY different unlocked settings but can not seem to get more speed. As I see that you should be able to go to 40 kph I would sure like to set mine to, first beep 37 second 38 third 39 tilt back 40 How can I do this please? The best I can seem to do now is 27, 28 29 tilt back 30, even when setting 1 and 2 to 0 still can not get tilt back to go past 30 kph. ukj