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  1. Up date I used a gps to verify new speed settings unlocked, I think they are for a 16 inch wheel as when I entered first beep at 27 kph it starts at 22 so I will reset to 37, 38, 39, 40 and report back. There for on my 14 they do not add up! Kinda bummed as we wanted to just once GO FAST! ukj
  2. So now trusting more and more my rebuilt KS14C with new mother board and motor,wheel. I just unlocked speed settings and see you can go to 40 kp/h. Has any one done this? I did 30 easy on my old set up and just once for fun would like to FULLY protect full face motorcycle helmet included and push it! AND, Has anyone had over heat tilt back with V 1.25 on Ks14c 680? I do not know if it is just that I am happy to have my transport toy back but feels stiffer (better) and my tight backwards circles seem MUCH easier? What reasonable speed settings are you using, I used to set 1st beep 27 2nd 28 3rd 29 tilt back 30, does this seem reasonable again? Thanks ukj
  3. Hello, As far as I can tell from reading up on this situation KINGSONG simply used lower grade metal in making some axles, most likely without prior knowledge one would hope! I just got my beloved, still, KS14C from SAV ( service after sale, vente) because the VERY moment I heard, felt the pillar touch the wheel I stopped and walked home only because of HERE on this very forum I was aware of this problem, THANKS! Now have a new motor, wheel and mother board and will hope that this one is made better, time will tell. May I suggest that if your seller does not want to provide replacement then contact KS China maybe and explain that others have had EXACTLY the same issue. ukj
  4. Hello, Just got back my transport toy from repair of bent cracking axle. Must say Kingsong France took care of this factory problem with professionalism! Very glad from reading here to buy local just in case, THANKS! Questions please for those in the know. Does the new mother board over heat like the first? I already do not like the LOUD hello KINGSONG when turning on, BUT nice to not have to deal with blue tooth button to connect. Also interesting the loud "decelerate" warning but I have not reset factory speeds yet. Is there a difference in ride modes as compaired to gen V1 pcb board? How is Version 1.25 different from again the first? AND MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION.... Does the new axle bend and crack like the first please? Has anyone had unexpected shut down? I grew VERY confident in my V1 set up as NEVER had unexpected shut down but did have tilt back when idle over heat. Do I give the new set up the same? The first rides will include full face motor cycle helmet and FULL protection but as is getting warmer would like to go back to wrist guards only soon for VERY mellow sessions. And if I missed anything please let me know. THANK YOU UKJ
  5. I have looked for a FULL face light inexpensive helmet but have not found. Ideas please! ukj
  6. There is no doubt that falling even at low speed will force your body to "catch" itself from ground impact by placing the extended arms down, normally with palms down if enough time. I have personally seen MANY cases in MANY different sports where wrist guards not only protected the palms from scraping but FAR more important the wrist guards stopped breakage! I have to think it is better to have broken finger VS broken wrist. Even it I do a super short EUC ride I ALWAYS use wrist guards, and when doing any more FULL protection! To each his own! My jury has voted 100% for the use of QUALITY wrist guards as the very first element of EUC protective wear! ukj
  7. Charge Doctor set to auto stop at 90% should do the trick, sure like and trust mine. U K J
  8. Only because someone posted here I ordered this, was super cheap, fast shipping and works just fine. If I see an area that has been dinged then easy to add patch. ukj
  9. Hello, Because I need to send back my Ks14C for bent. cracked service, I needed to remove all the bangood padding so it will fit perfect in the original shipping padding and box. I did recall that here somewhere was advise on what product to use, found the thread here. For me today white spirit did the trick with loads of time and effort. If I could have sourced either of the above mentioned products would have been interesting to compare. ukj
  10. Thanks for the heads up Jason as I am having to deal with this now. ukj
  11. Update Now my Beloved Ks14C is not ridable as the left pedal support is in contact with the Wheel,motor almost constant. Sure hope when I get back home and contact the distributor in my country I bought from will be of help! Not trying to create a problem where it might not arrive but just thinking, what good deos a replacement Wheel,motor do as it will also bend and or crack like the first. Does anyone know if KS has made better stronger replacement axle that will replace the ones that fail? ukj
  12. As I have posted a new thread, KS problem, before reading this feel it belongs here as well. Noticed that my left side, opposit side of control panel, pedal support lower most part is MUCH closer to the Wheel, motor than the right and is not parallel with the motor, as well as is easy to see difference in pedal angle when in the down riding postition. As I bought it after tons of what I thought was good investigation and having a shoestring budget I am really bummed to find this. I will contact KING SONG FRANCE to hopefully see if the warranty will cover this problem? Do any of you out there think this should be covered as my warranty clearly states only motor and control board are covered. And now to read of at least 4 others seems like a a defect? Also see that the ks 14 c is no longer even being made, sure hope KS will own up to this problem and through KS France get me back safe. Any other ideas of a fix other than hydrolic press out? Thanks ukj
  13. Thanks for the replys. Having read here on this forum the benifit of buying local, I did. and even from the Distributor in my country (KING SONG FRANCE) NOW KING SONG EUROPE. So I will contact them and see what they can, will do hopefully ! The warranty is valid for 2 years and I am well within it so as it seems that mine is not the only to have this defect, sure hope it can be made SAFE because that is why I decided on a KS14C in the first place. ukj
  14. Easy for me as is apples and oranges. Riding rough trails on my mountain bike is by far my prefered cardio workout, which is simply not possible with an EUC as does not get ones heart to rate. Also not the same to ride a road bike for an hour for excersize compared to an EUC. That said still super fun to EUC for fun but not heart work out. With out exagerating to much I use each almost every day but I would say if I was to comute and had to choose it would depend on EXACTLY where and the route. I am sure some would be just fine to EUC where others would be much better suited to bikes. If I remember well I once read that a fit man on a good bike is one of the most if not the most effiecient machines known to man. So that is just fun to consider IMHO. ukj
  15. Hello, So fliped over my trusty beloved ks14 c and noticed that the space between the motor, Wheel and the alu pedal supports are not the same, one is noticeable closer and now rubs. Ideas of what to do to fix? It seems to function fine but any and all ideas welcome, thanks_ ukj