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  1. Age Thread

    I would guess that it is more prevalent among older people because we have more disposable income along with more time. Many 20-30 somethings are developing their careers and/or are raising a family.
  2. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    I bring a good book or do some crochet to maintain the fun level while riding slow. There's nothing more fun or rewarding than to complete a new cat scarf while riding. Honestly though, while riding fast is a adrenaline rush, minimizing the risk of injury is more important to me. So I just try to tune in and enjoy my surroundings more. Carving on the EUC can help wake up the brain a bit if it becomes too monotonous. I travel about the same speed as I go when I'm riding my bike (18-20mph) and I'm perfectly fine with that.
  3. Dream Electric Unicycle

    Comeon now....let's play nice. This isn't a battle to see who can top each other on insults. lol Changing each cell would actually be possible. Just like with changing batteries on a remote control or larger battery operated device with AA batteries. And they don't have to be at the same voltage in the series....just at the same voltage for cells in parallel. So it isn't an impossibility. You could add in a battery that is a lot lower than the rest in a string and would just have to balance out the whole string before use. But what I think @exoplanet does not understand is that with proper balancing, the batteries are not likely (barring manufacturing defects) to have single cells failing prematurely since all of them are new when assembled and all of them experience the same load over time so they all wear down the same. Very small differences in internal resistance is why we have balancing to compensate for different cell charge/discharge characteristics. There is also the issue of having a larger battery pack to accommodate cell swapping. To make it very safe, it could require parallel cells to be swapped together in a pre-assembled pack before adding it to the string. But again, it would have to be a larger, battery pack which may not offer a return in value versus increased cost and increased space requirements.
  4. ninebot e+ tried to kill me

    @exoplanet, your reputation on the forum is quite bad (-17 as of this post). If you are actually seeking help with your EUC many people are here to help and take your questions seriously. But if you follow it up with something that is obviously stupid, people will feel you are just trying to troll and will stop even trying to assist you. I won't try to help you again until your reputation improves.
  5. Tesla First Day Fun! - Motor Cutout at 34.3 MPH

    For this type of activity, yes. You will have more data being recorded so a more accurate representation of your results for review. "Smart" recording is more for very long events like a century ride or something longer. It will adjust the recording frequency to conserve battery so the results if you are changing speed or direction may be not represented as well. 1 second recording will always provide consistent results. I use a Gamin 1000 and Fenix 5X for tracking activities and have never needed Smart.
  6. Tesla First Day Fun! - Motor Cutout at 34.3 MPH

    Looking at the graph, your speed spikes up quite a bit from your average speed then down to zero. Were you doing something to increase speed quickly right before the fall? Is your Garmin set to 1 second recording interval or 'smart' recording interval? I think it is amazing you took a fall at speed and walked away with no injury to yourself! Good job on wearing all the protective gear.
  7. ninebot e+ tried to kill me

    It would work for discharging but that is not a very controlled method since you have to have something to set and hold the wires a certain distance apart to set the current discharge rate and monitor the voltage closely. But before you discharge, you really need to check the balance of the cells. If one is already low, you have to get it back up before you would be able to discharge the pack because the BMS will just cut off the whole pack when a single cell gets too low.
  8. ninebot e+ tried to kill me

    yes. A charger used for LiPo and other types of batteries popular in the remote control hobby. If you don't have one and want to purchase one, I would recommend one that is good for multiple battery chemistries (LiPo, LiFe, Pb, etc) and multiple cells (ie 1-6s) I had good luck with this one while I owned it (before getting something bigger): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00466PKE0
  9. ninebot e+ tried to kill me

    I had an issue with my battery pack where one of the cells was out of balance. I was continuously topping off the charge rather than letting the battery get down in voltage very much due to just going on short rides. Over time this appears to have allowed one of the cells get out of balance due to a difference in internal resistance of the cells and not giving it enough time during charging to balance. This resulted in the BMS cutting out on me on a ride. I opened up my pack and checked the balance of cells. Then with an RC charger, I charged individual cells to get it all back to about 4V/cell. At this point I did a discharge test down to about 3.4V then did a full charge with the charger and all cells balanced perfectly. I wouldn't worry about it damaging the other cells from this if it's only a single cell really low. For example, if one cell was at the cutoff voltage of 3.2V the remainder of cells would only need to be at 4.27V to indicate a fully charged battery.
  10. Another new Kingsong (16S) Owner

    Umm...Maybe that's because it's hard for those people to post?
  11. ninebot one s2 battery pack trouble.

    That's an odd issue. Did you figure it out yet? The BMS appears to be cutting off the output.
  12. New firmware v1.03 Kingsong Ks-16S

    I had the same thing so updated using an Android tablet I have instead.
  13. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I guess I did. For me, between the Ninebot One Z and the KS 18L, I'd choose the latter if I had to choose today. The Ninebot is better looking but KS has the history of being more reliable. And I've never heard of any stories of KS abandoning their customers.
  14. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I'm sure there are specific reasons for this. I have mine as well and elaborated on mine earlier. What is this wheel missing that would have interested you?
  15. Riders in Orlando, FL?

    Good 21 mile ride today @JES! Thanks for the invite!