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  1. King song 16

    Hi Cserna thanks for your message I just reply to your email, i did ask already to the factory the manuel the English or Spanish, let me get back to you very soon. Thanks
  2. Photo - Gotway MCM4 vs King Song 14 inch 800W physical comparison

    i confirm i ride everyday at 28 km/h with no heat problem
  3. KS 14-C is just the best motor on a 14 inch , there is no other EUC can beet it today in 14 inch , very close to the GW18, the 14 is just soo urban , so small !! ... !!! i love my KS
  4. KS-18A 800w 680wh

    KS 18A 500W should not go over 30 km/h from informations we got, they don't have the tilt back too KS 800W not over 35 km/h, Personally i reduce to 31 km/h max on the 800W
  5. KS-18A 800w 680wh

    I believe motherboard have been retouch from informations i got
  6. KS-18A 800w 680wh

    KS 18-A become CE, FCC, MSDS, that 's great new for all of us !! the better one is the model 1100W / 3500W peak wth a 1360wh. can't wait to receive it
  7. KS-14 vs KS-14B same? Cheapest?

    Hi Rim, The B have a 500W/ 2000W motor with a 174wh batterie ( you can easily take ofF battery and replace with a new one ) that's the cheapest one The C right now have 800W/3000W motor with a battery from 340Wh to 680Wh , you can not take it out by yourself You battery will go for years if no problem, they is not need to change them normally
  8. King Song 14(c) tire pressure?

    I got this information in Bar .... 3 to 3.5 max
  9. KS 16 inch

    We got the information of November 15th but i feel it will take longer
  10. KS 16 inch

    Whose next ? http://www.wepix.net/upload/xegaPu8R/ks-16