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  1. IPS121 forward inclination

    Sure I was riding with lower pedal forward. I tried with higher pedal forward but it's getting a little worse.
  2. IPS121 forward inclination

    I will have to ride and check better, but I feel that unconfortable dorsiflexion (for my body) begins before first beeps. I have to measure climb speed. For my short experience climbing garage ramp, IPS121 seems climbing quite well. PS: what do you use to measure speed with mobile ? I will try sports-tracker to have a speed log. Fabio
  3. IPS121 forward inclination

    Hello, this afternoon I rode 8 km in about 1h in a park close to my place. So, for me, the forward inclination is a minor issue, only with very slow speed, maybe attempting a sidewalk ramp (not sure about correct term), surprisingly, I found more unconfortable the generous tiltback, when riding at beeping speed (most of the time), because of the dorsiflexion of feet (not sure about correct english terms). I will record and post a video on next days, when riding and with friend available. Fabio
  4. IPS121 forward inclination

    Thank you for your welcome and thank you all partecipants to this thread. I have not yet tried to ride with higher side front. I will do on weekend. In Milano I was able to test ride only Ninebot and Solowheel. I don't know about other chinese brands sellers to test ride. I think 90% of EUC riders has problems to have a test ride session, or troubles with far far away support. Ninebot was 300€ more and with smaller batteries. Now I doubt it would be better to buy it from local seller and assistance, possibility to test ride, more modern, more features, no shipping costs. Solowheel too expensive. I trusted Jason reputation and his advice about a good 700-800 bucks EU. I have my thought about this, but other my previous thought about defective product happened to be false, so we could ask him to tell us why he adviced me the IPS121. He told me he used IPS121 for a long time, perhaps he loved it a lot. Fabio
  5. IPS121 forward inclination

    Yes, nice to compare tilt angles. Do I have to ride with higher pedal front sided ? I will give a new try tomorrow. Anyway, riding with 6 degrees backward it's your choice (because I think it's configurable). I have to ride with 2-3 degrees backward, no choice. I will write new feeling.
  6. IPS121 forward inclination

    Hello, below the link to measures I've made to IPS121. If it's not good, or need other testing I can do, I will do
  7. IPS121 forward inclination

    I will perform new measures, but Android application was around 2.5-3 degrees. I'm not good in English, I've not understood what does it mean "how Long it took until he wants to give it back???". Because it was my fault. I thought they were the exact same product "IPS121", so both with BT; because I had good referral about Jason, also receiving product from Europe. As you can see the shown price was the same. It's not about driving, it's about being tilted much more than I expected it's functional. I knew that touching/riding it I will spoil a bit so I waited for more infos. It was my mistake, reading I can get almost the same riding features from good chinese brands. I thought saving money with good chinese brands, without extras like speakers, lights. As above explanation, I expected BT, and I was supposing an EUC can balance it quite well. Ok, let's check first about the slight degree. I feel not comfortable raising front side 2-3 degrees. Again, let me demonstrate tilt angle first. What does it mean 2 Cents ? Fabio
  8. IPS121 forward inclination

    Jason, I spent 780€ for IPS121 you sold me. It's true I wondered BT was missing because Amazon was selling IPS121 with Bluetooth (note IPS121 and not IPS121+) http://www.amazon.it/Bluetooth-pollici-Elettrico-monociclo-auto-bilanciamento/dp/B01E5F8SEU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1461759048&sr=8-3&keywords=ips121 and I told you were right because it was not declared on WheelGo site. When I've received IPS121 I charged it and wrote to you by email that it was tilted when switched-on about 2-5 degrees and you didn't provide me any answer to that. So I rided about 15 minutes to realize it was not comfortable at all. and I wrote you again, and your response was it's peculiarity. I was not convinced about this peculiarity and I started to find for support on this forum. I sent you 3 pictures: one with level on the floor for reference and other two with level on the pedal. You posted on the forum only the picture with level on the floor telling it was perfect. The other two pictures, I admit were blurry because I wanted to focus also on green power led. You referenced your review where declaring slight aggressive tilt back. Tilt back happens when riding, and not when still. People knows the rest from this thread You are kind to provide a refund me as unsatisfied customer (buyer's remorse), so it's responsible I pay a fee . But I think I've received a defective product (or product with important peculiarites not described in product description), and I'm admitting to everyone I could be wrong, because it's my second wheel I'm riding, and so no experience. IF it's a defective product I think I should not pay any fee or shipping for refund. IF it's good product I will keep it and learn to ride. So I want to share with people reading in this forum, all data I will collect from now. It's not a fight, I would like to have clarifications from more experienced people reading on this forum. It's also funny a 780€ product does not have a tilt calibration that cheaper ones have. Fabio
  9. IPS121 forward inclination

    I could do, but I will lose warranty, that I think in this sad situation means NOTHING, but I will try to look forward.
  10. IPS121 forward inclination

    Thank you Frankman, but don't you think doing this for a 780€ new product is simply absurd and drives me crazy ? Also if wooden support is fixed to pedal, I could not close pedals. Fabio
  11. Italian Discussion Group

    Si può fare tutto ragazzi, ma spendere 780 € per un prodotto di merda mi fa incazzare ed esaurire. Dovrebbe essere un piacere andare con il monoruota, ma averlo inclinato, non aver supporto mi manda in bestia e mi fa schifo usarlo. Peccato nessuno di voi sia di Milano per provarlo. Inoltre l'ho usato neanche mezz'ora sul pavimento piastrellato per evitare graffi nella speranza che Jason se lo riprendesse. Fabio Beh, li vende.
  12. IPS121 forward inclination

    From Electric Unicycle terminology: Tilt-back Tilt-back is a safety measure, where the wheel starts to tilt the pedals backwards at higher speeds to warn and prevent the rider from leaning more forwards. While it is possible to lean more and try to get more speed, it might not be wise, as you can trigger a mainboard induced cut-off due to overspeed. Most wheels have this (some let the user adjust the tilt-back speeds with app), but some don't have it at all (for example Gotways and Firewheel). I interpret tilt-back is a safety measure happening when riding. In IPS 121 you sold me, tilt is permanent. So I interpet it as a defective product by design, also without any method/procedure to correct this inclination. Peculiarity word for this behaviour is mistaking in my opinion. Fabio
  13. IPS121 forward inclination

    Ok, I don't know how to measure tilt when riding. I think it could be your riding inclination plus 2-3 degrees. I can ride, but it's not a good feeling. I used solowheel for 1 hour and it was complete fun. And also using in both directions was the same. Going to sleep. Feel exhausted from this situation of spending lot of money and not having what expected, and don't knowing what to do to solve. Thank you for your interest. Fabio.
  14. IPS121 forward inclination

    "There are a couple degrees of tilt back on the 121, that gets progressively higher the faster one goes, this is by design." I feel like sliding forward (with lower pedal front). I cannot even ride with higher pedal front. With Solowheel and Ninebot it was so natural to ride.
  15. IPS121 forward inclination

    I tried a lot of times with all available apps, imaging it did have Bluetooth. But this model does not have.
  16. IPS121 forward inclination

    If you are lucky that you can change your tilt via application, you could use for a day with 2.5-3 degrees, maybe trying both directions, and tell us what's your feeling, and if you willing to keep this setting.
  17. IPS121 forward inclination

    Also without Bluetooth on the board ? How could it connect to ?
  18. IPS121 forward inclination

    The Android app is oscillating between 2.5-3.0 degrees. I don't know how much is reliable. I send a new picture of level. The other one was blurry because focus was on power switch to show it was powered on. Fabio
  19. IPS121 forward inclination

    I found this position worse than keeping lower pedal forward. I can make better photo tomorrow, or find a similar app for Android. Can you advice an Android app ?
  20. Italian Discussion Group

    Ciao, il venditore mi ha detto che esce dalla fabbrica con il suo angolo. Sono davvero dispiaciuto dell'acquisto.
  21. IPS121 forward inclination

    Karger, IPS applications are for models with Bluetooth. This IPS121 does not have Bluetooth. I haven't read well specifications before buying. Stupid me.
  22. IPS121 forward inclination

    Jason, I know you were right when I thought this model you sold me didn't have Bluetooth, because it was never written on Wheelgo site. But I've not found on product description about this unconfortable "slight upward slopping angle" factory setting. I spent a lot for this product (for my possibilities) and I'm not satisfied. What could I do ? I sincerely hope for your help. Fabio
  23. IPS121 forward inclination

    Jason, you posted my picture with level on the floor (so perfectly horizontal) that I posted as reference for other two pictures where pedal is inclined. I think pedal should stay parallel to ground, and this model has incorrect calibration, that I cannot change at all. What could I do now ? I don't like to ride in this way. I hoped you replied to me also by email. Fabio
  24. IPS121 forward inclination

    Thank you for reply. Who sold me the whee, told me it's the model peculiarity. I think it' bad calibration. I don't want to ride with this setting.
  25. Italian Discussion Group

    Ciao, ho il monoruota da ieri. Nella confezione ho trovato anche una striscia di gomma morbida e un rotolino di biadesivo per incollarcelo. Siccome non sono mai decidermi, ho deciso di usarlo tutto e tenerlo insieme con lo spago. Dopo vado a provarlo. Ciao a tutti, c'è qualcosa che non mi convince nell' IPS 121 che ho comprato. Quando lo accendo, in posizione di relax, è leggermente inclinato in avanti di qualche grado, ma abbastanza da avere la sensazione di dovermi sporgere ulteriormente in avanti, e da renderlo decisamente scomodo se lo giro. Credo che dovrebbe essere indifferente la direzione in cui lo uso se il pedale è parallelo al terreno, Cosa ne pensate ? Già mi sto pentendo di averlo comprato. Fabio