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  1. NYPD could care less about EUCs (they also care little about most small traffic infractions) unless the Mayor is on a campaign to appease the small faction of potential voters (read: old people) who complain about e-bikes (well, complain about everything, really). Sidewalks are fine, as long as you are respectful of pedestrians. The only real times I've personally been given a hard time were when the NYPD were on edge due to all the Trump stuff, and when Mayor De Blasio had a vote-getting directive out to confiscate e-bikes and make good press earlier this year; both times met with just warnings / slaps on the wrist. Also, occasionally, the rare, over-zealous park official will tell you to dismount, as e-anything are not allowed in NYC parks (just a warning again), but that's seemed to tapered off as the amount of e-board riders have tripled (coincidence I think).
  2. Nice! Hopefully we can get a big group for at least one of the dates~
  3. For all NYC area riders, which Saturday would you prefer to [group] ride Summer Streets 2017? (check all preferences above) Thanks! (running the same poll on the FB NYC Electric Rideables Group Ride page here)
  4. I'm sure there are some early i5 adopters, but think that turtle's pace of 20km/h / 12.4mph is keeping many away (I know it has me from pulling the trigger). I'd rather wait to see if this 16" S5 (albeit doesn't seem due out this year) is a similar package, but with at least 25km/h or faster max speed.
  5. Yeah, someone said the same about Rockwheel on here, but same thing, still another Chinese EUC co
  6. InMotion Technologies is a Chinese company, not Korean. There are no Korean EUC companies, just e-kickboard scooters & e-footbikes (DualtronMan/TamiWheeler) makers. InMotion IMO was more susceptible because they have more $$$ than any other EUC brand being sold in the US not named Ninebot/Segway. Legal 101: you sue/target rich people [companies], not poorer people [companies]. Poorer people [companies] don't have as much money to give, thus not justifying the legal expenses to pursue.
  7. Lean your torso and or, slide your butt around the seat (i.e. don't just stay in the same place on the seat).
  8. Monster with seat is 27" high.
  9. Seated riding is the best for [absorbing] bumps! You can either slightly stand up on the pedals right before to absorb them, because you end up just sitting right back down, ...or.... I also stiff arm the front of the seat, and the same result, sit right back down (same stiff arm I use to do mild-medium accelerations).
  10. Best. Post. Ever.
  11. FYI Casey owns an SBU (EUC with a seat) and and what looks to be an Airwheel X3 in the black colorway. Jason sent him a KS14C, which he tried, then gave away.
  12. KS18 form factor is not like any other EUC, it requires a slightly different technique to maneuver. True max unlock for KS18S apparently is 50km/h, but you must ride 1,000km, can't just unlock with code (see FB post here).
  13. Hmmm... could be due to my personal body physics, but definitely not an issue of ankle flexibility; I can place my feet flat if I wanted to, but then it throws things off because you tend to want to ride like you do when riding normal standing, place weight on the feet, which is the biggest mistake of riding seated IMHO. The weight needs to be focused on the top of the seat where your bum is for the free-est of movements riding seated.
  14. Hmmmm... I find it easier to go faster seated, bum never gets sore. Think you just need to get more of the hang, get used to the sliding.
  15. Interesting. So the online tool doesn't unlock the full 50km/h. I guess you really do have to ride 1,000km to get the full 50km/h (there was an FB post recently showing this). When I ride seated, I tend to leverage my hand/straight arm leaning on the front of the seat to both initially sit down, and then to control slower to mild acceleration while seated. From my experience and every seated EUC video I've seen online, only the balls of your feet are on the pedals, not your heels (can't theorize why, but probably something to do with balance). Turns are compensated by sliding your butt and torso to the opposite side of the turn direction.