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  1. First EUC - Ninebot S2, Inmotion V8 or KS14D?

    ?? Both KS14D & V8 have max speeds of 30km/h / 18.6 mph, no? @e.motion what others don't seem to mention: You cannot go wrong with any of the wheels you've stated, just go ahead and buy one and start riding! You'll definitely discover deficiencies that you didn't realize were a priority, we all did! IMHO this is not a fair comparison, as the S2 is a 500W nominal motor, whereas V5D & V8 are 800W nominal motors. The higher power translates into faster uphills and less chance of instantaneous cutout/re-balance on hitting bumps at top speed. Problems will arise where you need to open the wheel. The V8 is by far the easiest to open out of all these wheels. Ninebot, even with it's aging tech, still has great re-sale, name value: the fact that you even included it in this discussion is proof of this. If you do purchase the S2 and learn that you want more, I'm sure it won't be difficult to sell it. Plus, the fact that the 2 cartridge-style battery packs are airplane standard friendly is a plus. You don't want to be carrying any of these wheels for prolonged periods of time IMHO. While the S2 design is probably the most refined, any trolley handle you attach will look unsightly and ruin the purpose of this design. FWIW the S2 has no headlight or taillight, and the side LED's are not the most visible from a front/back head-on view. Faster speed is not necessarily only about going fast for the sake of going fast IMHO. When riding alongside traffic like bicycles or even cars, not having enough burst speed to get out of your own way can be dangerous in itself.
  2. Video: Gotway Monster 100v version

    No apologies necessary!, just making sure our drool-factor facts are correct No, I'll be holding out for the NB1Z & KS18L. They'll need to upgrade the motor and solve some of the ergonomic and structural issues of this 70+ lb EUC for me to part with my $$. I get plenty of acceleration just fine employing seated takeoffs on my Monster.
  3. Video: Gotway Monster 100v version

    Checkout cart with ship to NYC comes out to ~$2888 on speedyfeetUK (no VAT), unless I'm missing something here.
  4. light last mile solutions

    Still, carrying around 22 lbs is not ideal IMHO, and I regularly lift FWIW. Adding a trolley makes it way better. The 800W nominal motor makes cracks and appropriate-sized potholes/divots (you obviously need to be vigilant for larger ones) no issue on mine on the crappy streets of NYC, especially after "upgrading" from the stock tire to the better alternative Mini Pro 70/65-6.5 tire. Rough roads and skateboard wheels don't mix IMHO. While I was never an excellent skateboarder, my daily commute at one point before EUCs used to be kick-pushing a Nickel board on 78mm wheels with a pretty hard duro rating. Tires to me are way better to navigate crap streets and rough terrain. I believe the main gripe about the Zboard series is that your feet/stance needs to be in pressing distance of the pads, which was the same issue with the Gotway e-board (which had even tinier buttons). You might want to check out the upcoming StarkBoard (17 lbs), which instead employs a gyroscope, much like our EUCs, so you are not limited to one particular stance. Maybe@Tishawn Fahie can chime in as he shot this StarkBoard demo below (and owns a Zboard as well): Coolness factor aside, the best compact, lightweight e-kick scooter is probably still the Fastwheel/Kuickwheel F0 (see here and here), coming in at 21.6 lbs, though you do sacrifice top speed (17mph) and uphill torque (most likely needs to kick-push start).
  5. Video: Gotway Monster 100v version

    Probably correct, as Ian announced this pre-order page a week ago on FB.
  6. Christmas & B-Day in one!

    Sure is (though mine was stocked with a tube.... waiting for my valve stem to take out said tube). The tire is important, but technique is more important IMHO. Natural inclination is to ride with legs flush against the EUC body, but this can be problematic at the extremes of EUC widths (too thin for wheels like V5/i5, or too thick for wheels like MSuper/Monster). For narrow EUCs, I ride ankles away from the body, feet towards the outer edge of the pedals; and for wider EUCs, I'll play with that ankles/feet out position and many times split my feet, one foot more forward, one foot more back. Doing so, I personally don't really experience any fight or flop to turning.
  7. Christmas & B-Day in one!

    With a proper tire, it's not squirrely at all, just that Gotway chose the wrong 70/65-6.5 Mini/Mini Pro Tubeless tire to ship on the MTen3 (really meant to be used in a tandem pair). Been riding with this tire (option 2) for about 2 weeks now on my MTen3, and no issues going fast (the stock tire used to pull me left and right the faster I went).
  8. Ninebot S1 melted wires - repair advice?

    Pendulums are one of the most power demanding tasks for an EUC, creating the greatest current. Doing so aggressively enough might create an overpower cutout, as the S1 is not the strongest of EUC motors. Definitely contact your distributor. If you are handy, I would cut off that black wrap to investigate if anything underneath has melted.
  9. Tesla problem

    If I’m not mistaken (not an EE here), there should be another row of 6 under those.
  10. King Song 18S

    Sliding your bum on the seat will help. So will (if you can) leveraging your stiff arm on the seat cushion in front of you to re-position your body [weight] lean (as if you were grabbing the reigns while riding a bull), pushing away to move lean back for decelerations. Size bias in this community (against bigger wheels) is real, so my guess is no. But, those of us who enjoy still having sensation in our feet on long rides can't live without seated EUC riding!
  11. King Song 18S

    Ah, good catch too! That's a whole write up I'm meaning to do soon. Not great news unfortunately, but will post when I get the chance.
  12. King Song 18S

    Ah good catch! I had moved it over there forgetting it said "sold" not "former", contemplating just abandoning my reclamation project, but all this KS18 talk has made me want to make a final attempt to convert into a KS18AY, as I have the board for it, just not the motor. Thanks!
  13. King Song 18S

    Um, agree to disagree.
  14. King Song 18S

    I don't think it's about the V8 being unstable. It's more about how much one feels more "stable" to ride than the other. I can say IMHO having owned both (still own the KS18), that the KS18 series definitely feels more "stable", especially considering the wider 2.5" width tire, as well as the batteries being located towards the bottom of the unit down each leg side (the V8 battery is located atop the wheel), as well as the overall heavier weight of the KS18 overall. But comparing the two is a bit unfair though, as they are built for completely different purposes: the V8 for lightness, portability, and greater agility; and the KS18 for cruising and comfort.
  15. Newbie! Which one? Inmotion V3 or Swagtron?

    Gotta love this forum: guy asks to pick between 2 model wheels, and everyone chimes in saying get something else. @aalenkin FYI you're not gonna find too much 2-wheeled EUC owner experience on here, as you can probably tell. Can't chime in on V3 Pro vs Swagtron, but keep in mind that there is an upcoming, double-wheeled iPS S5 (release date TBA) with probably superior stats to the wheels you mention here (supposedly double-motored as well, which no current 2-wheel EUC is apparently, according to one FB commenter). This is a big reason why one purchases a faster wheel: to have the burst speed to be able to dodge cars, etc. Slower ones cannot get out of their own way in these scenarios.