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  1. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I honestly wouldn't worry about the rubber thickness of the Z tire. Up close and personal at the CES booth, the tire treads looked super chunky, and being tubeless, it needs thickness to sustain air pressure. You really can't compare a 10" tire to something like an 18" or higher, the proportions are way different. For reference, my Monster's 22" tire is legit thick, like a motorcycle tire (in fact, you should be able to fit motorcycle tires on the Monster's 2.75-17 tire sizing).
  2. gotway tesla axle . and jiumping down curbs.

    I'll cushion any kind of remote impact of my weight on the pedals with my knees on all my wheels regardless. If you're into jumping, you'll just have to keep buying motors.
  3. gotway tesla axle . and jiumping down curbs.

    IMHO I wouldn't bump down high curbs on a Gotway regardless, thicker axles or not (FYI the Tesla possesses a thicker axle than previous Gotway wheels per @Jason McNeil). Constant pounding will lead to the loosening of shims that clamp the pedal arms to the axles to begin with, creating some play in the pedal resistance.
  4. Nice, join the club! This is a lesson in not to believe everything you here echoed blindly in majority on this forum. Many of those voices are not ones of a.) actual everyday user experience (with big wheels), and b.) expert skill level (I don't care how long you've ridden, that doesn't make you an expert; a humble swallowing of pride in that you don't know everything, and an un-ending desire to get better does). I regularly use my Monster to go everywhere, work, shopping, doesn't matter. The only factor is if my destination cannot store the size of my Monster properly. Also, a minor drawback is because of the perceived size, you are treated with fear by some pedestrians as if you are on a motorcycle, even if on a similar powered, smaller EUC, they react as if you're on a toy *smh. No reason to pick, just get both like I did!
  5. 16" Unycicle with 1600wh battery

    I’d say the KS18L will be good regardless, while NB has that stain on their launch record from the P, so the KS18L I think. More wait and see for the Z
  6. 16" Unycicle with 1600wh battery

    Big battery + 1600Wh + 16” basically narrows down to the ACM 84V series, only wheel that matches all your criteria.
  7. CES 2018: Ninebot One Z

    Like the MTen3’s tubeless tire, this tire will probably flatten as you ride, which is why in my pic it measures 3.75”, but the brochure states 4.1” wide. I don’t think this demo Z was ridden that much.
  8. Inmotion V8 4 prong charger issue

    Any EUC charger will usually light green if plugged into an outlet sans wheel. I would A-B compare with another working charger (if you have) and also another power cable proven to be working (I believe the stock V8 charger uses a 3-prong grounded plug).
  9. has anyone done a tire removal : Tesla

    I've helped a fellow rider do this on their Tesla, and yes, you need to split the shell, the pedal arm is encased by the shell. This is the case with most all Gotway wheels unfortunately.
  10. KS14M (800W / 174WH)

    KS14M 800W 174WH, upgradeable to 348WH AFAICS 20 km/h, goes up to 30 km/h with 2 batteries So this new KS14M model seems to replace the old KS14B (quick swappable batteries). Looks like unfortunately they couldn't implement a way to once again make this model quick-swappable battery-wise, so this model seems to be targeted as a cheap price point wheel / travel wheel. Baidu KS14M post TaoBao Product pages: 1 / 2
  11. A new 14”?

    This is just the already released King Song KS14S, 2400W max, not nominal (although this looks a bit low to me IMHO).
  12. Hmmmm.... may I ask where you heard this from? Thx
  13. Better view: This trolley is perfectly fine for me, clearly not an afterthought, plus the parking stand part of it.
  14. According to the Segway reps, still in play. Maybe they’re just refining it(?) Pneumatic literally means “filled with air”, but in actual use with tire terminology seems to loosely indicate non-tubeless tires (tubed or solid) AFAICS
  15. CES 2018: Ninebot One Z

    One more straggler pic I realized I didn't post that roughly measures the Z tire width: