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  1. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Tesla is on the harder side of responses for Gotway, but yes, V8 is harder (not by much though). Tesla trolley feels thinner and thus, not as sturdy-feeling as the V8 trolley, but does the job. Tesla absolutely feels more stable (V8 always felt a bit top-heavy to me). The Tesla, dare I say, felt like the most stable 16" I've ever been on, and that includes, Ninebot Ones, ACM, KS16 series, V8, GT16. Really felt like the rubbery and heavier-end CST tire plus egg-shaped design, what with the weight distribution, contributes to this. Chinese forums are saying the Tesla board has been improved to run cooler than previous MSuperV3/ACM/Monster 84V boards. Plus, they quote the same "dual-redundancy" that is stated on the Ninebot One Z10 marketing points (still not sure what this is). As well, they say the shell construction (carbon fiber, constitution, etc) seems better. Personally, I look at the Gotway Tesla quality / engineering as an extension of the improvements brought upon by the MSuperV3/ACM/Monster, as the design is not original (see MCM4), and the internal components carry all the improvement signatures seen adopted in its current predecessors. Unless you're really trying to carry out the trifecta process of running a wheel into the ground (heavyweight rider + super prolonged inclines + tropical climates), doubt we'll see the same frequency in the same issues we've seen this past year in Gotway.
  2. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Flying? That video he's going super slow. Was interested more at cruising speeds of 20-22mph, smaller puddle conditions I would actually face, etc
  3. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    @electricpen how was the mud butt factor? does the MTen3 in rain need a mudguard you think?
  4. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    I'm not saying the e-scooter isn't more stable, because it is. But that doesn't mean you can't go at speed with a lesser sense of stability on the comparable size EUC. The 'theoretical' termage use is not what you are alluding to here; I use it because this MTen3 technology cannot literally go the same e-kickboard scooter speeds, that's all. Obstacles was never a part of my argument; obviously smaller size wheels going over divots and such, on either EUC or e-kickboard scooters, are problematic regardless.
  5. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    Again, IMHO it's technique; if you don't favor one leg at speed, yes, you get speed wobbles, any EUC size. With favoring, no. Agree to disagree.
  6. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    Ah, I see. I still don't think this is that significant enough that a 10" EUC cannot theoretically cruise comfortably (relatively speaking) the same speeds as a 10" e-kickboard scooter.
  7. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    ?? e-kickboard scooters have no gyroscopes, they're just simply a platform over 2 wheels. EUCs are balanced by their gyroscope. IMO, with equal expertise, they're on equal / comparable footing for this tire size vs max speed argument. As long as you have the knowhow to travel at speed on any EUC, there is no reason, theoretically, you can't travel the same comfortable cruising speeds on a 10" e-kickboard scooter that you can on a 10" EUC; simply that the demands and engineering of the EUC motor and ergonomics are not quite as simple as the e-kickboard scooter for the EUC technology to have caught up to the same speeds as the e-kickboard scooter, that's all. Agree to disagree.
  8. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    The heel-toe thing is more to alleviate foot pain on the foot that is not being favored, and also out of my feet being bored, so not the most important part of it (ie. the favored foot is pretty planted)
  9. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    Like skiing technique, no real upper body movement is necessary when traveling at speed (or ever for that matter); the legs and hips should do all the work, even for turns. What I'm referring to is just favoring weight slightly more on one leg versus the other, as opposed to standing equal weight on each foot, equally placed on the same symmetrical pedal positioning, as this tends to create wobbling at higher speeds. In order to emphasize this favoring I tend to do the following: split my hips so my hip plane is more diagonal to the EUC body plane, not perpendicular I also tend to slip my feet ever so constantly with each switching of favored feet, pivoting by lifting heel-toe-heel-toe, etc. also of note, just like in skiing, if I favor my right leg, then I tend to turn left (like an outside ski in skiing), and vice-versa. so in preparation of a left turn, I start favoring my right leg. (addendum: Ah @steve454 just realized you just said this!) Most of the high speed 'wobble' issues people complain about on these forums (especially for InMotion wheels) I personally have strong suspicions that people are not employing this. Me and @Citi Wheel have a fellow rider friend saying he had wobble issues on his V5F. @Citi Wheel mentioned the favoring weight note/cue, and now he has no more wobbles. And if you learn to ride this way, InMotion wheels turn like a dream!, which is a big reason I am so fond of them, particularly the V5.
  10. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    They do. And EUCs self balance, what's your point?
  11. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    Meh. e-kickboard scooters have a common wheel size of 8-11" and often go 45-75km/h comfortably. 10" EUC going 35km/h should be no issue as long as you know to ride favoring one leg, like any fast EUC; dunno what all the fuss is about...
  12. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    Same deal with the Tesla. I'm pretty sure the light is fixed, so no angling down. I guess you would still need to employ a 2nd bike light angled down.
  13. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    if you were asking me, no, there isn't sorry.
  14. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    That's the exact comparison we did when @Tishawn Fahie dropped by with the Tesla, against my GT16. The 2 companies are different driving feels; apples and oranges. But torque and acceleration are comparable, just that the Tesla has higher max speed. Also, the Tesla is a bigger overall body, so feels sturdier. Beginners might say 'more stable', but if you ride well enough, that all doesn't matter as, in the end, you're still riding on the same 16" x 2.125" tire.
  15. Gotway ACM just died @ 30kph+

    @EU_Newbie hmmmm, not a lot to go on here. Where is your ACM from (dealer)? Is it new or used? What version ACM is this, 67V or 84V? What is your skill level or month(s)/year(s) riding EUCs? What was the battery levels when you started and crashed? How hard were you accelerating? Was the wheel still powered on when you went to go pick it up post crash? Did you hit anything, bump, etc, before you went down? Was there any oscillation / vibration when traveling high speeds before going down?