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  1. addendum: brightest headlight of any current EUC out. Also: best trolley handle of any EUC out grooves on either side to rest the V5 upright InMotion designed mudguard touch-based, non-mechanical power button, which won't malfunction due to rain upward-facing battery meter, easily readable while riding easy-access shell fold-out for inflating/deflating tire ability to separate motor/tire assembly from shell for easier tire/inner tube changes kill pin button to temporarily cut power to the V5, great for transport situations where you don't want the wheel to accidentally turn on. InMotion app has widgets (speed, battery, etc.) that can quickly be viewed on both iOS & Android without launching the full app
  2. If you look at the area on the pedal frame/support where the pedal contacts it while the pedals are folded out, there is the same transparent rubber/plastic piece. Early GT16s had an issue of this piece falling out, resulting in unintentional sever pedal dropping, thus the inclusion of extra pieces. However, it seems Rockwheel has been thoroughly gluing these pieces to the pedal frame; at least on my GT16, there seems to be little danger of these falling out.
  3. Depending on your weight, you might get slightly less or same range on the V5F vs a NB1E+. (288WH vs 320WH) If that's fine, then you should be fine with the regular V5F. But don't expect a much lighter wheel with the V5F over the +, as the batteries are the same amount of cells (40)
  4. @陈小杰 Thanks for posting and unveiling some of the RockWheel mystery, I'm loving my GT16 so far! I'm sure your Asian/Korean Markets have requested, but please, for the GT16, fix: brighter / more powerful headlight better, more accurate app battery metering for both iOS & Android louder speed alarms (but softer than power-on sound); or app volume-adjustable alarms 80% power-based top/3rd alarm, not just based on speed faster power-on (too slow right now) please make a simple and updated English language site with GT16 information and most recent Android app download Looking forward to the rumored 18" RockWheel!
  5. Stick with the usual EUC style inner tubes (bent and inward facing valve). 16" x 2.125" inner tube will work fine. You can always go wider inner tube than the actual tire width, but not narrower.
  6. Tire clearance on the V8s is very thin. When I owned and rode daily my previous V8, the tire rub was only noticeable at some areas of the tire when wheeling around, not while riding. During riding, the tire rub was not inhibitive to moving at all. My PSI for reference was always 5 under max, and my rider weight is 170lbs. You can try fitting the V8 with other tires than the stock Kenda, but most other brand 16" x 2.125" tires won't fit due to the thin clearance. (I was able to fit a Maxxis Hookworm BMX tire (16" x 1.95") successfully).
  7. IMHO the drop down of 2" from 16" to 14" is negligible, especially since you are still at 2.125" wide. I consider width way more important than the diameter. I've owned and ridden daily both E+ & S2 (the original S1), and IMHO, the S2 is exactly the E+ but shrunken down to 14", removing the pads. Except, the S2/S1 is better in the fact that it's, obviously, lighter than the E+, and the weight distribution is way more balanced (E+ is heavier on one side due to all the battery weight being in one leg pad, vs. the S2/S1 splits the battery weight across both sides in 2 batteries.
  8. That's why we all love EUC-ing in NYC! Nice report~ There's a hex grub screw below the pedal on the metal pedal support arm. Just find the right size hex key and tighten, super easy.
  9. Was already linked and covered on the forum.
  10. There is no Chinese version, etc. If you've been following Gotway's actions, they're not that organized and pre-meditated. Like all Gotway buyers, Korea has been experiencing the same Gotway wiring and connector issues that we all have. The only difference there is that Korean EUC distribution is centralized, and do significantly more business than single, one-off US distributors or the like, thus can demand their own fixes in exclusivity (guessing these fixes will at some point permeate to the regular line). And I emphasize fixes (listed in my original translated post); they didn't demand Gotway build them their own ground up rebuild of the ACM. So, naturally, the same ACM with fixes will obviously be better, but don't expect some v3 ACM out of the GEVKorea version.
  11. FYI, this was already covered on the forums already:
  12. Ninebot Mini's are 63V and GX12-4 pin. (only Ninebot uses 63V AFAIK, across their One & Mini line) With the LEMO + GX12-4 pin Charge Doctor V2 (33.50 € version), you can swap chargers between your C+ and MiniPro. Connectors & Voltage chart:
  13. Yes, all are 84V and GX16-3 pin connectors.
  14. @Joe Holliday really good for just 6 hours! For turning now, your legs are too straight. Try: Sharp right turns: let your relatively straight right leg on right pedal dip the right pedal down from planar, while your left leg's knee bends and counter-balances with left pedal rising up from planar (body of EUC tilts to the right, but your whole body maintains position squarely over the middle balanced plane of the EUC). It helps to think of initiating this dip in the right pedal with a dip in your right hip, which will emphasize your turn. Sharp left turns: just reverse the above.