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  1. Insights: InMotion V10

    @Bobwheel Yes, please make that offroad EUC! We all want proper suspension wheels (at least I do!).
  2. My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    It’s really hard to take a pic with the small clearance without a complete disassemble or an endoscopic pic. I’m just a layman enthusiast Lol https://ecodrift.ru/wiki/monokolesa/predseriynyy_inmotion_v10f_ne_kataemsya_a_izuchaem_ustroystvo/
  3. My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    My quick peek into the V10F shell / tire-motor crevice looks like the under-side of the heatsink is exposed to the spinning wheel (active as a fan), which is a common design to many a recent model EUC. I briefly de-shelled into just the control board layer, but there was no obvious signs of any fans in there (though I didn't do a complete disassemble). The @EcoDrift V10F disassemble didn't seem to reveal any fans either. Wow, wonder how much it was because of the unit being a pre-production stress/abuse test model vs actual V10F capability. FWIW IMHO, after subbing it in as my daily driver this week, the V10F feels plenty powerful for most conditions, but not to the degree of the recent 84V Gotways to feed your Gotway fanboydom
  4. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    That's for the initial S. China pre-order batch, hence why I referenced "New". (note that Asians have smaller feet than Westerners) None of us know if the later international version batch will have the new pedals. *fingers crossed* EUC manufacturers roll out minor changes/revisions all the time, batch after batch. Take for example the new air vent holes on the newer Gotway Teslas, etc. Plus, production often gets delayed for the minor-est of things that we take for granted, like rubber pads, etc. Maybe they didn't want to delay the initial batch being S. China-only. Pressing new molds tends to be the most expensive process in wheel-making it seems.
  5. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Pedal Lengths (approx.): V10/V10F - 9.5" Z (New) - 9.5" MSuperV3 - 8" KS18S - 8"

    +1 for BOSS, some shake and not the perfect gliding of a gimbal (although there is a place for that too IMO). Ultimately, if you want your viewer to feel like they were there, there's gotta be some shake to make the viewer feel like they were there, experiencing it. Plus, I hate carrying more stuff, more weight. My 2 cents.
  7. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    V10/V10F Pedal Dimensions Length (longest part): 9.5" Width (longest part): 5 1/4" Thickness: a smidge over 3/8" Pedal Surface to Ground (V10/V10F): approx. 6"
  8. Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    Ah, this would never work for me, as I need to slide around the seat for turns & speed control, but cool mod @scubadragosan!
  9. My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    @that0n3guy I’ve heard all those eboard motors plenty here in NYC, they’re exponentially louder, audible over the loudest NYC street noise. (I was very shocked at how loud they were the first time up close and personal!). The V10 is a baby whisper in comparison. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love You are a treasure to be cherished on these forums~
  10. My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    @Rehab1 I really don't think the motor noise is an issue, it's the same noise the V8 had that only happens when rolling, and is instantly covered by any light conversation, music, and especially street noise IMHO. Here is a clip of me doing figure 8's on the V10F, you can hear the motor noise fairly well here I think.
  11. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Because Chinese dealers are always honest and never sneak sell stuff on the side, right?
  12. Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    For me, the no drill is more about keeping resell value high (as one forum user can tell, I don't keep wheels that long haha), satisfy the used wheel buyers innate wish to feel like they're buying a fairly unadulterated wheel.
  13. Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    @US69 Yes, I already have the long generic trolley for this mod, but I don't want to hurt my baby! In my dreams, I wish for a hinged KS18 seat that can flip up and lock to act as a trolley! (and the V5 handle is all wrong for the KS18, unsightly on a non-circular wheel IMHO. It already feels too tall on the V10F! Can't imagine on the K18 height.)
  14. Kingsong 18S Trolley Handle

    @Nick R Nice! Can you still fit the seat and ride seated? @scubadragosan Nice! Yes, please do post pics and let us me know if you can still fit the seat and ride seated. I would also like to do a trolley on my KS18S without drilling.
  15. My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    It's 2 different sounds that often get confused. The high-pitched whine is the PWM noise from the motor, you know, the ones that all the dogs go crazy for,.... literally. The actual noise being made by the V10F (as well as other InMotion wheels) is a motor noise, non-PWM (as if it was mechanical gears or something, tho I'm not an EE). The frequency is more of a mid to mid-low, sub-to-1kHz frequency, normal mechanical noise. IMHO the InMotions, including the new V10F, is whisper quiet, non-existant noise on the PWM front, but not the latter "motor gear" noise. I much prefer the latter!, unless I'm in a room full of senior citizens. Then I know they've already lost that part of their hearing and I won't bug the crap out of anyone, ha!