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  1. With the padding, you can manage to compensate for any directional tendencies through your foot placement and shin pressure. But switching from the msuper to the mten always trips me up due to the significant difference in handling and power.
  2. When and where to ride a Mten?

    The mten and mten2 needs to have the additional padding added in order to ride comfortable. I find the stock wheel to be very hard to ride and control as it is entirely through your feet versus your feet and legs. I like the mten and mten2 very much also and is nimble as heck.
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  4. I had the same problem on my mten2. The battery pack would not hold a proper charge after riding it the first few times. Factory warranted the battery and the new battery works great now. Shipping back to china was expensive and many carriers would not ship lithium. I was charged an import tax for shipping the core back. But glad it is working now.
  5. I come to the conclusion that all tires leak. The gas eventually permeates through the rubber requiring that you top off the air ever few months. I noticed that my wheels have different rates of natural deflation (not related to physical damage). Perhaps it is due to the seal against the metal valve stem, or the usage of tubeless tires. Can you guys share your experiences? Please be sure to state the following: Make, Model, Size, Type of EUcthe frequency that you refill? What psi you discovered when tire pressure was low?What psi you fill to?What you use to fill the air?For me, so far I have the following: GW18-MS, GW18-HS, GW10, Solowheel16-classic2 mo, 2 mo, 1 mo, 5 mo20psi, 22psi, 3psi, 18psi45psi for allI use the mini electric compressor on my portable 12v battery jump starter, I check with separate digital gauge.The GW10 handles by far the worse when deflated. But since it is tubeless, the sidewalls are hard as a rock and you can't tell as easily that it is flat like with regular thin-walled tubed tires.
  6. What a Jerk!

    I'm sometimes glad I have the gw18. It weighs like 40 pounds and if you can't ride it, it is heavy as hell.
  7. We have a new law in effect for 1/1/2016 for California. It is geared towards the electric skateboard crowd but is written in such a way that it applies to many PEV's including our electric unicycles. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201520160AB604 It basically says the "electrically motorized board" is "313.5. An “electrically motorized board” is any wheeled device that has a floorboard designed to be stood upon when riding that is not greater than 60 inches deep and 18 inches wide, is designed to transport only one person, and has an electric propulsion system averaging less than 1,000 watts, the maximum speed of which, when powered solely by a propulsion system on a paved level surface, is no more than 20 miles per hour. The device may be designed to also be powered by human propulsion." Some caveats are that you need to wear a helmet of some sort, and must be at least 16 years old. Local municipalities can still ban this locally but must have local legislation that specifically bans it.
  8. Roller Disco is at 6th Avenue and Fulton. Your meeting is sending people to 35th Avenue and Fulton. Hope folks know. I'll come if I can make it.
  9. I'll bring my cricket stick.
  10. Riding in Washington DC

    I went to DC earlier this year with my Gotway 14. DC is such a perfect spot for riding an EUc. It's flat a majority of the streets are either numbered or letter is corresponding order. The quadrants are measured as NE SE NW SW with the capital as the center. The police are really cool cats. Its pretty similar to riding your EUc in London.
  11. GW14 MCM2 vs. KS800

    Is the KS800 also a 14" wheel?
  12. There is no real noticeable (real-world) difference between the AMK and the HB versions based on feedback from the members who have both. You're in good shape. Enjoy the wheel..
  13. Anyone know the best price for a gotway 18?

    Should be roughtly ~RMB7800 translated to your currency rounded up, before shipping. Shipping should be another RMB1000-1500. The trolley accessory and/or larger battery size model may cost you more. Custom shell colors may also carry a surcharge.
  14. GW 18 5000km Trip

    What do you mean, like from normal usage? I think the only real wear item (barring abuse) is the battery. The controller board is solid state and the motor only has one moving part (the bearing). For the 5k km Tibet trip, they added a custom metal top to the GW18 and string enough battery packs together to obtain ~2000wh.
  15. Gotway in the US

    Inventist still holds the patent for electric unicycles in the USA. Most USA EUc (non-Solowheel) vendors receive a cease and desist letter from them shortly after opening. Threat of lawsuit is probably a reason why.