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  1. A lot depends on the size of your wheel, a 10" requires a lot more concentration than an 18" that doesn't have much of a problem over small imperfections as Keith said. Personally I always tend to study the surface ahead to avoid the worst of the rough stuff, that's true when I'm riding a euc, a bike or even driving a car with the number of potholes we have on our roads now
  2. Problem on assembling an inmotion V3

    How long was it left at the bike store in pieces? What state of charge did the battery have when it was left? Batteries degrade very quickly if left in either a very high or very low state of charge for any time. They are best stored between half and three quarters charged and checked regularly with a meter if left unused for long periods, over Winter for example.
  3. Tighten MSuper V3S+ axle nuts

    I just cut a slot in a 21mm socket with an angle grinder. It's a pain in that you can only turn the nut a little before repositioning the socket or you risk cutting the wire but as it's 1/2" drive socket it fits my torque wrench so I can be precise in how tight the nuts are.
  4. Whistle while running

    I think you'll find the whistle is caused by the motor and is not a generated noise. Therefore you can only turn it off by turning off the motor. Some wheels hum and some whistle, there are a few that are almost silent. That's just the way it is I'm afraid.
  5. Electric pogo stick anyone?

    My son has the pneumatic pogo. They are indeed very high but the pressure and therefore the input and rebound are easily adjusted with a pump. Still not easy to master though as it's very different to a normal spring powered pogo where you are much closer to the ground and the bounce and rebound are quicker allowing you to adjust your balance more quickly.
  6. SoloWheel Xtreme demands extreme riding skills

    Being used to Gotways and King Song on hard settings I did find the Xtreme that Sam Clegg brought over when he visited very soft to ride. Not really enjoyable to ride for me, and to my greatest shame I dropped it going off a simple curb, it just didn't seem to get back under me quickly enough to stop me from having to step off forward.
  7. What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    I've heard it said that The Orville is more suitable for confirmed trekkies. I'm certainly enjoying it so far. But I am watching both.
  8. Uniwheel had very clever foot or leg sensors, not sure which but if both feet were off the wheel it shut down. It also shut down automatically when lifted by the handle, very useful for stairs. No trolley option though, but it was a lightweight wheel.
  9. Not really sure how this could be accomplished? If you have it switching off the power then the trolley handle isn't a lot of use as the wheel is too heavy to use the handle when powered off.
  10. So how thick is the padding on the Elite knee pads? Like I said before the pro x ones I have are about 6.5->7mm whereas the combined shin and knee pads are a bit thicker 9.5->10mm thick.
  11. Would you buy an EUC that could go 100kmh?

    Maybe it's just my age but I'm happiest cruising at 20->25kph. I have eucs that can easily go a lot faster and have tried faster speeds on occasion just for test purposes but I know the maximum speed that I have at least a chance of keeping my feet under me during an unplanned dismount. With only one wheel under you any minor fault or problem (something that can affect any mechanical devise no matter how well it's put together) is instantly catastrophic and I do not wish to become a candidate for the Darwin awards!
  12. Repair Shop for Non-Brand Unicycle

    Sounds like your batteries have discharged too far and are refusing to take much charge. The only solution I know of is a new battery pack.
  13. Has anybody Heard of this?

    It was partly because of Austin's posts that I was so keen to get my Mten2 a couple of years ago.
  14. Keep a spare Fuse near your fuseholder!

    Trouble with putting it on the outside of the case is that it's then in more danger of suffering fom water damage!
  15. Keep a spare Fuse near your fuseholder!

    Maybe a good case for a resetable fuse, maybe combined into the on off switch?