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  1. EUC maintenance period

    Slight correction as lithium batteries don't like to be at full charge for long periods and will lose their capacity much more quickly if kept this way. Best kept between 40% and 80% charge and only fully topped up just before a ride.
  2. IPS 191 Turns on but starts beeping constantly

    I think you'l find that only 2 of the 4 pins are connected so any euc charger of the correct voltage could be used if you cut the wire to the 4 pin plug and join it to a good charger, just use your meter to make sure you get the polarity the correct way around!
  3. IPS 191 Turns on but starts beeping constantly

    You need to get a replacement charger asap! The batteries are obviously low which is not good for them long term and if they drop too low you won' be able to charge them. Lithium batteries tend to be best kept between about 40% and 80% charge for minimum deterioration.
  4. What's happened to the chargers that came with them?
  5. Don't forget that cars were originally required to have a man walking ahead of them with a red flag!
  6. Problems I see would be how to deal with damage? Do you charge a deposit or what. A few high speed run offs could easily wreck a wheel and not all users ride as carefully as you might!
  7. 16' vs 18' pros and cons?

    I don't think it's at all easy to find a retailer for Duraflex by Guard Manufacturing Rehab. You are in a unique position with your orthopadic supplies, I can't even find the sheeting on the manufacturer's web site let alone a retailer who sells it. Do you have a link for us lesser mortals?
  8. If it's just surface marking then dilute sulphuric acid works well on plastic, if it's any deeper then you could try T-cut or any of the other car paintwork restorers.
  9. Slime for tubeless tire

    Ive been using Oko for about 30 years on my farm. The off road version stopped the regular puncture problems i had on my tractor and trailers from all the black thorn hedges. I buy the on road version now in 20 litre drums as it goes into all my pneumatic wheels on everything from wheel barrows to bikes, quads, cars, trailers and of course eucs.
  10. Slime for tubeless tire

    Very similar to Slime, a thickish liquid with bits in it that you squeeze into the deflated tyre after removing the valve internals. It does occasionally block the valve when you're putting it in but a simple puff of air from an airline or pump will clear it to allow the full amount to be applied.
  11. Slime for tubeless tire

    I use Oko, a car road going version of Slime, in all my euc tyres includng my m10 3 and m10 2's with tubeless tyres.
  12. 16' vs 18' pros and cons?

    They all have advantages but having 14", 16" and 18" wheels in my garage I'm afraid to say my first choice when I grab one is still one of my 10" wheels.
  13. transporting NB1 E+

    Not possible to take it by air I'm afraid. You'll have to send it by carrier and a lot of them don't take batteries.
  14. Ultracapacitors vs li-ion battery

    Here in the UK with a little shopping around I can get off peak power @ 7.19P per kWh and peak tariff is 15.97P so even losing 10% in charging/ discharging the off peak works out about half price. We have no Gas and are fairly Heavy electriciy users but even so at today's prices it'l take me the full 10 year warranty period to break even on the house battery. But when do prices ever stay still? UK petrol prices are about £1.20P per litre = £4.54P a US gallon, my Tesla gets a little over 2 miles per kWh, so roughly 3P per mile. My BMW i3 does much better at close to 4 miles per kWh. I drive both vehicles in a fairly spirited manor and make the most of the 7 second 0->60mph acceleration of the i3 and the 4 second time of my Tesla, it's not the super fast Peformance model.
  15. Ultracapacitors vs li-ion battery

    I got a really good deal on 8 batteries to start with plus the Victron Multiplus inverter/charger plus the grid isolator and fitting for a little under £7,000 including VAT. I added the extra 2 batteries 4 months later for an additional £1,450 fitted. Each battery is rated at 2.2kWh but that is at an unrealistically slow charge rate. With my 3x E10 off peak periods of charging plus the tiny bit of solar this time of year I'm actually getting about 1.7 to 1.8kWh per stack or 17 to 18 kWh overall. At present with my electric ground source heating and 3 electric vehicles charging on the overnight cheap rate I'm only using 4% peak rate and 96% off peak.