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  1. Have you checked that the wheel nuts are tight on the axle? It's quite common for them to come loose on various makes and models of euc.
  2. Yes it works out at just under $53 at todays exchange rate, but as I said normally you have to add 20%VAT at the very least to everything that finds it's way to the UK.
  3. Think I'll order a pair to replace the cheap Chinese palm protectors that I got when I started on eucs.
  4. I'm trying to work out why these seem to be so much cheaper over here in the UK. Normally by the time you add 20%VAT and import duties most things cost at least the same amount in UK £s as US $s yet I can get them for £40.99 from:
  5. Was your ride the one on the left or the one on the right of the picture?
  6. With the latest Tesla 0->60mph time down to 2.3 seconds I would stick to electric and save the expense and hassle of the Lambo with all its servicing and running costs!
  7. Local government. I'm on the edge of the Cotswold area of outstanding natural beauty, (ANOB). THEY don't even let you put up a garden shed larger than 6 cubic meters external dimensions without permission!
  8. Regretably the old boy who built it for me is now dead I'm afraid, he was a real craftsman which is very rare nowadays. The bit to the right of the garage was an extra bit of excavation the digger made to position itself to dig out the footings for the garage foundations, rather than fill it back in we built in an underground room for oil tanks, two 3,600 litre ones for heating oil and diesel road fuel and a smaller 1,000 litre one for red agricultural diesel. It can be accessed through the 6' x 4' dog kennel that we put in to space the oil storage away from the garage. I built it all 25 years ago after winning a five year fight with the planners.
  9. The first one was my cheap EYU.CO which had a different torque setting for each side. Then Jason told me the torque for my IPS wheels. Then Jane Mo found the correct torque for my Mten2 when they loosened off enough on my first long ride for three of the four tapered clamps to fall out (strangely enough it was still rideable like that). One got lost so I had to make a new one on my bench grinder.
  10. My Mten2's can take my 95Kgs up to about 22Kph according to the GPS on my phone then they can cut out a bit unpredictably, but at that speed even an old man like me has a reasonable chance of running it off.
  11. I wasn't very happy with the picture in picture because the front camera gives a mirrored view which can be quite confusing. I've used the M10s to go to town and back lots of times. That's over 3 miles each way and a very steep long climb all the way back. The centre of Bath has a few cobbled streets which it is fine on, the main hassle is the flag stone pavements that have occasional wide joints, fine if they're across your path but awkward if you hit the longitudinal ones at a shallow angle.
  12. To be totally honest you are normally better off padding your leg rather than the wheel when you begin. If you pad the wheel the impact and pressure on your legs that causes the bruising and pain is lessened by the padding but it is still there, whereas if you pad your legs the impact is on the padding and never affects your leg directly!
  13. Having had the nuts come loose on 3 of my wheels, including my very first cheap wheel, I tend to remove the nuts and refit them with some loctite thread locker to discourage them from working loose. I've always tried to find the manufacturer's recommended torque and used a torque wrench and a monkey wrench to hold the frame as in this picture I've posted previously.
  14. You do have to watch out for lumps and bumps as they do get more unsettled when you hit them, however they are so much more nimble and lighter that unweighting them to hop up steps is a lot easier. I dont do many videos as to be honest I feel a bit of a tool riding along with a selfie stick, but here's one I did in the privacy of my own driveway 2 years ago just to try out the picture in picture feature on my S5 phone.
  15. Yes I still ride both of mine, still my favourite wheels for messing around on to be honest. I was quite disappointed when the Luffy came out with a lower spec and haven't got around to looking at the Mten3 in detail yet.