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  1. Stories that Lift Your Spirits

    It seems the whole group have been inspired by the story and now that are all offering the toy electric cars they get for referrals to kids wards in their local hospitals. It'l soon be the standard way for a kid to get to the operating theatre at this rate!
  2. Stories that Lift Your Spirits

    Here's a nice story from the Tesla car group I'm in: https://www.driving.co.uk/news/tesla-owner-donates-toy-sick-children-drive-operating-theatre/?CMP=Sprkr-_-Editorial-_-ST_Driving-_-Unspecified-_-TWITTER
  3. The Tesla car has pure induction motors, only one on the early model S but two motors on the later model S and X models, a euc uses a permanent magnet motor moe similar to the motor used in a Nissan Leaf! The BMW i3 uses a highbrid motor that has permanent magnets which increase in power by using induction. It's amazing really how different the motors are. I've had a Tesla model S 90D for 29 months and a BMW i3 BEV for 25 months and my son bought a Nissan eNV200 van which uses the Leaf motor and battery 7 months ago.
  4. Bike Laser light on euc

    I found the exact same problem with the two I bought. Mine also have a brake light function. I fitted them to our electric bikes instead, they work great on them but even with the higher mounting point the lines are fairly close to the bikes.
  5. I'm sorry, I see a lot of up votes for this post, but am I the only one who has a problem with someone deliberately contaminating a children's sand pit with dog poo? Have you never heard of the blindness that dog poo contaminated with toxocara parasites can cause!
  6. B&Q add in UK

    Nice to see eucs appearing in adverts now: https://youtu.be/zJ13YsCtV7Y
  7. I had one fitted to one of my old IPS132 eucs. It was great on muddy cycle tracks but does cause a little bit of extra noise and vibration on tarmac.
  8. Big Foot Pedals by Smoother

    Only thing I would be a little worried about is the rough narrow edge of the ally. If it ever does a bucking bronco impression when you unintentionally step off it could take a hell of a slice out of your ankle! Might be an idea to fit some push on plastic edge beading just as a precaution? Something like this!
  9. Can you describe how to program the percentage charge please as there are no instructions with the charger and I can't find any link on your website that leads to instructions. "Our charger allows you to program the end of charge in the range of 80 - 100%. Read here for more information:" The button only seems to change the charging voltage and ampage.
  10. Solid tire?

    The old Gotway M5 had a solid tyre. It was the main reason I never got one. My experience with solid tyres is mainly on wheelbarrows (real ones, not the Chinese electric kind) on my farm. They are not good, they are harder to push, don't deal well with rough surfaces and transfer every vibration through the frame they are attached to.
  11. Flat tires

    The 16" Mad Mike tyre I fitted to one of my eucs already had a Kevlar anti puncture layer built in. They definitely help but are not completely puncture proof.
  12. Plastic Welding?

    Maybe you could trim some small strips of plastic from the edge of the shell itself in non critical areas, that way it's sure to be a perfect match!
  13. Here in the UK there are two seperate sets of rules that the carriers apply. As a company it is possible to ship batteries via air with some but as an individual private citizen it's just about imposible.
  14. Your analysis seems fair to me. I have both and both have been known to fail but not entirely unexpectedly as my sons and I push them fairly hard, we're all around 100kg and the hills are steep and long around here, some 18°, including my driveway and the hill it leads onto.
  15. Dream Electric Unicycle

    You seem to continuously come out with a load of c**p! Even Tesla only warrant their car drive trains and batteries for 8 years!!