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  1. If the tyre isn't round it may be that it isn't set on the rim correctly. You could try deflating it and re-setting the tyre beads on the rim before inflating it.
  2. If you want to go high tech/high cost then G-form sell shin pads that are very effective.
  3. You wouldn't be an aracnophobe by any chance would you?
  4. You mean to say that your MP breaks the law in Westminster!!! Segways have been the subject of a legal ruling and are definitely illegal in any public place in the UK!
  5. As the magnets and windings on a euc are set just inside the rim that is the point where the force is applied. The effect that the radius of the wheel would have on torque to be directly proportional to the distance between the axis and the contact point of the tyre and how close to the outer radius the magnet/coil interface is set. Some of the bigger wheels have spokes or extensions between the motor and rim which will obviously reduce the available torque through the leverage and gearing this creates. Still the biggest problem with bigger wheels is physically applying enough forward lean via the relatively small pedals to make use of the torque. It's easier to lean 5┬░forward on a small wheel with the axle close to your feet and the ground than it is when the axle is half way up your leg. This is what I found with my Msuper V2 high torque anyway. I ended up attaching two lumps of rubber to the case just in front of my shins so that i could grip on them more easily to push forward.
  6. I would suggest that it would be a good idea to practice splitting your Msuper down so that you are familiar with the process should you be unfortunate enough to get a puncture. You would be wise to put some puncture sealant, such as Slime or Oko in the tyre to help prevent this, but a spare inner tube wouldn't be a bad idea as the bent valve tubes used on eucs are not widely available.
  7. You are unlikely to get any new euc that's worth having at that price point. Cheap eucs tend to have small unreliable battery packs which are unable to supply enough power for even the low power motors that they are equipped with. This makes them fairly useless for anything other than a lightweight kids toy. If you want to enjoy riding a euc I suggest you spend at least twice as much on a decent known brand and then protect it from getting too many scratches during the learning process.
  8. For off road 14" and 18" wheels are not easy to get suitable replacement tyres for in the correct width, but you can get a Schwalbe Mad Mike tyre in 16" that has a reasonably aggressive tread pattern. A lot depends on the terrain and distances you expect to be covering.
  9. If it starts spinning in one direction just tilt it back the other way until it starts to reverse, then either turn it of or adjust the tilt until it's in balance and stops spinning. SIMPLES!!
  10. I'm sure I used to be able to long click on the "edited" note at the bottom of a comment and see all the previous versions? It doesn't seem to work now so maybe it's me confusing other forums and FB?
  11. They require any motorised vehicle capable of travelling over 6kph to have insurance, which is impossible to get for a euc. It's not always enforced by the police but is sometimes.
  12. I hope you don't run into problems crossing either Germany or Austria as I believe the police have been issuing tickets to people illegally riding wheels there.
  13. That's the one!
  14. There was a comuter drive through on a euc in a futuristic railway station on one but I can't remember the name of the film.
  15. My old IPS 132's had secondary pedal mounting holes on the hangers about 30mm above the ones the pedals were mounted on. I soon moved them up and found them much more pleasant to ride.