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  1. What a great use for a euc! I love the protective shell, out of interest what did you use as a release agent between the original plaster bandage and the poured plaster replica of the luffy? I used to make canoes and kayaks from Fibreglass, Kevlar and Carbon Fibre with both polyester and epoxy resins, getting good moulds were always dependant on getting a good release between the positive and negatives.
  2. In my opinion you should forget the training wheels. The generally held opinion is that they don't really help at all. Having ridden a unicycle in the past you will probably pick up the basics within an hour or even less, they really are much easier to ride than a regular unicycle, but be careful with your knee problems as running off the first few low speed stumbles/mistakes could be a problem. Initial learning is best enhanced by a colleague, preferably two trotting along each side of you for a little support via your hands.
  3. You won't be able to stand still to film as it's like a bike and you need to be moving for side to side balance. However once you've mastered riding it you find it much more mobile than a Segway and they make great camera platforms.
  4. Easiest way to get started is to find two friends to run along either side of you holding your hands. You can normally motivate them by offering them a go, This has added advantages as they might get one as well so you'll have someone to ride with. Groups are much more fun than riding alone! My wife picked up the basics in twenty minutes this way and then complained that they were running too slowly so I had to ride along side her holding just one hand. Both of us are 61 years old so it's never too late to learn!
  5. Your weight and the gradient of the road will have a big effect on when the warnings kick in. All present eucs have difficulty giving high power outputs once the batteries are down below half charge. That's the reason so many of us pay a lot more money for the maximum battery size when there is the option, despite having no real desire to take on major long distance journeys.
  6. An out of balance well has very little effect on a rich as the speeds are so low. Not like a car at all.
  7. I was told by the installers of my two electric car charging points, two seperate firms six months apart, that soldered joints are not acceptable for any high power electrical connection as the temperature can rise high enough to soften the solder and that is why crimped joints are specified by all the regulations. This also applies to the ferrules they crimp onto the flexible braided charging cables before inserting them into the clamping screws.
  8. Sounds like a very bulky, heavy weight solution to me esaj!
  9. You show me a way to gear an internal combustion engine so that it can instantaneously switch from forward torque to rearward torque from zero miles an hour. Once you conquer that small hurdle the electronic control of the process for it to self balance is fairly simple, relatively speaking anyway!
  10. I seem to remember that only the later versions work on an iPhone, early versions like mine and yours are android only.
  11. That was my first thought too. A lot of charging transformer have no reverse flow protection so if you cut the power to them but leave them connected the secondary coils will stay energised and drain the power back out of the battery.
  12. How about a bike handle bar accessory bar? Just try putting it into a Google search and you'll see several designs but something like this might give you the little bit of extra height you need.
  13. It was idling on my KS that burnt out the mosfets on the first board so be aware it can cause serious damage as well as running your batteries down fast.
  14. Have you thought about the huge amount of increase stress your extended levers are going to put on the motor? Cheap eucs tend to be underpowered to start with and the further you put the weight away from the pivot point/axle the more power will be required to keep it balanced. I'm not saying it won't work but the amount you are able to lean and therefore accelerate is likely to be severely restricted!
  15. Often it's caused by riding beyond the capabilities or limits of the board. But very few do it knowingly. I've had this with both my KS and my Gotway mcm2s. One was climbing a kerb during a long fairly steep hill climb and the other was idling a little too vigorously.