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  1. As you look on both pedals you see the point where the pedal scratches the body is different to the other side. You need to break the sharp edge with a 45 degree cut (with a rasp). I had the same issue over here with the old pedal. The new ones are better manufactured.
  2. Reading LVD (http://www.ibf.at/fileadmin/infomaterial/2016-11-21_LVD_Guide.pdf) specially $51 Safety Objectives it has the same sentences as street laws: 2. Protection against hazards arising from the electrical equipment Measures of a technical nature shall be laid down in accordance with point 1, in order to ensure that: (a) persons and domestic animals are adequately protected against the danger of physical injury or other harm which might be caused by direct or indirect contact; (b) temperatures, arcs or radiation which would cause a danger, are not produced; (c) persons, domestic animals and property are adequately protected against non-electrical dangers caused by the electrical equipment which are revealed by experience; (d) the insulation is suitable for foreseeable conditions. 3. Protection against hazards which may be caused by external influences on the electrical equipment Technical measures shall be laid down in accordance with point 1, in order to ensure that the electrical equipment: (a) meets the expected mechanical requirements in such a way that persons, domestic animals and property are not endangered; (b) is resistant to non-mechanical influences in expected environmental conditions, in such a way that persons, domestic animals and property are not endangered; (c) does not endanger persons, domestic animals and property in foreseeable conditions of overload. And EUC must comply also to Safety of machinery 2006/42/EC regarding Article 1and 2: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32006L0042&from=DE And this was a Short introduction where PLEV has started some time ago.
  3. My first thought: Inmotion pedals, Kingsong style (way to long motor cables, 6 MOSFETs, no real heatsink) and a Gotway Battery attached. MOSFET heat would go to the battery. Sad. Or maybe a new CXM? Edit/ As my irony is not always feasible I edit this post. In my personal opinion this device looks in it's current state not ready/ finished. It has technical design elements I wonder: - the motor cable is very long which is not good, should be as short as possible. The motor cable is to close to the battery. The cables spec us up to 200 degree Celsius - the PCB (what can be seen from this picture) has not a really big heatsink. It may have problems like the KS14 with overheating. It's not a low powered motor as the mcm2s (my speculation). Heat from the PCB could also warm up the battery - the photo looks like 6 MOSFETs, maybe bigger housing like Rockwheel looks like. Because of my weight and longer tours a 14 inch EUC will never fit for me. So I don't care about.
  4. As all the manufacturers are so small it's easy to take over market with technology in place and the financial backup. No need to buy competitors. They can't follow mainstream. Inmotion looks different to all other manufacturers.
  5. Why do Gotway release the Luffy? What's the market expectation? Was there any demand?
  6. What's the deal about? Who initiated the deal? Does Inmotion need to use an other name? Not really.
  7. I wondered also on the Wh but thought maybe a different cell type, arrangement. The 1600/ 2400 Wh is maybe not valid. I focused on 100 V.
  8. Only performance and not safety in mind. Gotway/ Kebye is going more and more into a niche market (currently good selling). A 55 kph EUC (OMG) should come with a good quality concept and some safety features to make sure you don't hit the road because of weak design or a PCB/ power system failure. The KV factor of the motor is optimized for speed/ higher rotation. Wondering on low speed behaviour in different situations. I like to see a power/ torque over rotation diagramm based on the maps of the PCB. This values put over in a drive resistance graph would show the story. 100 V looks like, as the 84 V did before, a device is covered by the low voltage directive (http://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/electrical-engineering/lvd-directive_en) but not by the General Product Safety Directive http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/consumers_safety/product_safety_legislation/index_en.htm
  9. Ther're so much roumours on a joint Venture/ take over regarding Inmotion and Solowheel. Is that based on April fool or is there going on the next round of market consolidation and positioning for the next years? I ever called Inmotion an underdog.
  10. Crimping is a wide definition. Real crimping where the teeth go inside the wiring is good.
  11. As mentioned before the app is not working with MSuperV2 (includes V1 and all Gotway EUC using Seriial Port Protocol (SPP)) with iOS Devices using BT LE only (e.g iPhone 4s and newer). I wonder if Apple would let pass an App wich doesn't fulfil the dev requirements.
  12. Why does the app likes to access health data? How can the app support MSuper v2 on a iPhone with BT LE (SPP problem?). Anyway, I'll try it
  13. Looks like. Same trouble with a KS16 over here.
  14. I bet they didn't do fem simulation. This design could,t work.
  15. After seeing this pictures I'll move back to the red rubber pedals on our ACM. This kind of EUCs will fail the stress test of PLEV very early. So hopefully this will give us much more quality and well designed parts and products in the future. The today's assembly companies are not on the level to be called manufacturer. Far a way from engineering a product.