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  1. GOTWAY Tesla: Double Redundancy [VIDEO]

    Nothing which deals with the upcoming Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV) Standard from CEN named EN 17128, we need real redundancy and we’ll see a bright future for EUCs or it will keep low volume (and will get much lower) as a sport utility not for road use.
  2. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    First time old stock is number one in sales
  3. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    No way. This is protecting your business case and this is the core asset.
  4. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    Isn't the motor running in FOC at that speeds? So a HALL sensor should be responsible only at low revs.
  5. Just a guess: There's no version/ release/ configuration control system in place. Second guess: There's no test concept in place. This is a problem we see at all EUC companies.
  6. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    @Marty Backe which is the production date of your new MSuper? Glad you had no serious injury.
  7. The Gotway Gods Destroyed My ACM

    The manufacturer needs to be aware of this temps because he (shoul) did exzessive testing and has thresholds in place. Nice to see that the MOSFETs withstand this peak loads right now. But if in the chain any other component has limits the firmware if the PCB needs to take action for a cool down. No one has problems when the EUC brakes you down in a controlled manner/ gives you voice message to protect the EUC. But designing it right from the start is better. The PLEV standard has some terminals short test to see not proper engineering on the cables and also link to the standard wich gives you the table to choose the right cables for the current load.
  8. The Gotway Gods Destroyed My ACM

    I prefer a motor without an axle and screw ports for the phases and a close by location for the motordriver(s). Would eliminate so much problems and gives room for more performance.
  9. The Gotway Gods Destroyed My ACM

    It's all about product specification and to keep the device in this figures. Thresholds, thresholds,.. What wound have happens downhill with speed and massive breaking? Are this devices are safe to ride? I would like to point towards the sentence safety.
  10. The Gotway Gods Destroyed My ACM

    My old MSuper V2 had kicked me off one time on a steep incline. Pedals to the back, slow down and then making tiltsforward/ backwards. After temp was fine under the threshold it stopped tilting. I waited some other 15 minutes and than rode very gentle the next km. Maybe they killed this warning at the new models or rised the threshold to much. It's a freaks business and no real engineering.
  11. Gotway pedals

    Done any finite element/ forces simulation?
  12. MSuper v3s+ cut-out

    As this kind of reports are coming up In the last days it looks like GotWay changed something on: PCB/ Firmware (they call it program) or Motor windings (kV factor) or magnets in the rim or cable routing (interferences) By doing real world tests or simulate this occasions on a bench they would see the problems as they pops up (in house and not at the customer). It looks like every batch is an evolution. So producing one year a clone of the master is very difficult/ not possible. If one parts alters it's a new configuration, so a new version and needs to be tested to make sure the EUC meets the blue print.
  13. KingSong KS16 firmware reversing

    The APK shows the link of the firmware download and can be downloaded with a browser. Upps. Esaj was faster. you can use Tools to go step by step back to code. Don't estimate to get source code with remarks.
  14. Acm 16 84V

    There were pics posted here with broken ACM pedals in the latest revision.
  15. Speaking in general: If we say a manufacturer we think about a company like an automotive company. This comparison is not true to the EUCs. Some so called EUC manufacturer made the move from assembling on the floor up to mounting the parts on the table. They produce the EUC in small batches. Each batch could be different (configuration management) to the other batch. There's no real quality testing/ testing again defined requirements/ a test book. If they state an EUC is specified to 120/ 150 kg than is that because of market needs and not that it's really specified for. They never made real stress tests with that weight. Searching the web you can find funny videos when they ride an EUC with two people to simulate this weights for a short time. Safe to ride: This wheels having a "safe" feeling today. "Safe" that it don't wobble at higher speeds and it takes curves today much more better than 2 years ago. But this EUCs having no safety features (dealing with thresholds and off threshold situations) by today. If a relevant component fails like reported here the EUC just fail. This is the basics to get a type approval or a certification for PLEV to be street legal in Europe 2018 and beyond. This manufacturers have to make such a big move: - having a product meeting the safety requirements from standards/ laws producing a type: Each batch is similar to the certified type. - parts from supplier are tested/ checked to meet requirements - The products are going through a defined quality process. A couple of a batch are tested against a test book. Not this kind of tests we see today. - the manufacturer knows (10 years records) what is produced in which batch. If a customer/ dealer needs parts he can supply a serial number (not the motor number) and the manufacturer knows about all parts (serial number of the motor (supplier, batch number), the pcb revision, initial firmware revision at production, batteries used (supplier, batch number),..)