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  1. Android App Lhotz on Samsung Galaxy S3 mini - parser error

    I have the same phone! If you find a solution post it here please

    how did you fix it?

    In the firmware 4.1.2 you can kind of disable the Leds. If you ride with the atmosphere light settings there will only be a brake light. When standing still it will still show battery level.

    no it does not. I will not connect.
  5. Generic EUC battery problem

    It is likely the bad cell. You could try discharging the 4V cell to match the others. But I guess it will only increase range slighty after charging again..

    Oh no.. I hope it's only a manufacturing problem and not all zeros are affected.

    Which version do you use? Android or iOS? I have the Android version and the headlight function does not work after any amount of restarts I did the firmware upgrade.. wheel still working. But it took 5 minutes and you have to restart the wheel after. No idea what they changed I have driven ~100km on an ips Lhotz.

    uh oh. Went through rain today and could not turn the wheel off afterwards! 30 minutes later I was able to turn it off.. Im worried the internals are soaked. Are there instructions for disassembling the machine somewhere? I should be more careful Did anyone get the headlight function to work? Its shown in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSB8xYuY-As. But the button does not work in my android app.

    Build quality is solid except one pedal moves around slightly in its hinge. It is only noticable when unfolding the pedals. Acceleration is great. I watched the power meter when accelerating hard and I had a hard time getting above 60%. But I had no problem overpowering it on braking. Very similar to the Lhotz. I tried a 35° short skateboard ramp and failed.. But I weigh 90kg with backpack and did not expect it to work
  10. IPS ZERO

    It is less noticable but not completely gone. But the wheel is still somewhat louder than my lhotz at high speeds. Edit: the grinding noise _is_ gone. Just the engine noise left
  11. IPS ZERO

    Just completed my first pleasant 11km ride on the Zero It is comparable to the lhotz when riding on pavement, dirt and grass. It had no problem with my usual trail with moderate slopes and different surfaces. Climbing feels easier on the zero compared to the lhotz and the unmodified pedals provide more grip than my lhotz with added tape. I stopped after 11km because the app showed 16% left. Still a long way to unlock the 30 kph though. Right now there is no way to disable the lights completely.. but one of the modes shows battery level.
  12. IPS ZERO

    quick test outside. Working fine except strange noises when riding above walking pace. Does anyone know this noise/how to fix it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlbGluoqus8 I hope this noise is not by design. And I got my first scratch on the wheel.. tried curbs and had to step off...
  13. IPS ZERO

    I have no scale here right now. But it feels much lighter than the Lhotz. <10Kg possible.
  14. IPS ZERO

    Its raining heavily. The Review has to wait. Micro teaser. https://youtu.be/ySazcFqLKeE I like the wheel so far :)
  15. IPS ZERO

    You cant switch on with charger. But bluetooth works anyway