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  1. Married

    Just thought I'd stop by and tell everyone I was able to get Alice to Marry me last weekend. Feb 14th. I thought it would be good to have a date I wouldn't likely forget. It will be nice for all the stores to start putting hearts and flowers out days before my anniversary. It didn't hurt that I told her it was because I wanted her to be my Valentine for the rest of my life either.
  2. IPS 680+ vs IPS Lhotz 340 Review

    That's where I got mine. cheap, and they work. They even have a rubber inside to keep it from shorting. The only trouble I had was the "ring" that holds the chain... On my Wheel, I would have to pull out the plug to attach it right. For now I'm just careful with the cap when I'm charging.
  3. Ninebot tipped forward

    @Jason McNeil can't fault your logic....but what good is a Wheel that you can depend to fail you at a safe (recoverable) speed when you can't relax on it because you know it will fail? I like the ideal of a Wheel that fails are know "only" to happen at higher speeds. Then then I know if I keep it below that speed I'm safe. I feel we are saying the same thing....but I'm looking at it from another angle.
  4. Ive decided to start losing weight

    I would post a pic of me on my scales, but I don't want you guys looking at my feet I'm not really trying to loose weight, just eat right and take vitamins. oh I added CoQ10 because I heard it helps the older folks.

    Really good ride. That is were I'm aiming to be.
  6. New Order

    If your not a Beta tester, does this mean you can give us you thoughts of the Wheel, and maybe a review with video??!
  7. Took my IPS191 to a local mountain bike trail.

    @Marcus Matos nice video When someone tells you that Wheels are lazy and no exercise, please don't hit them just show them this video. It looked like a good work out.
  8. Ive decided to start losing weight

    I've been fighting weight my whole life. I've had good luck on a couple programs. The problem is to keep it off. That takes a life style change. I don't change very well. I didn't get heavy over night. Gain a little, loose it, gain it back plus a little. Being in the military for years helped because two times a year you had to be weighed and measured to keep your job. The one thing I know I can do to start loosing weight is to not eat after 4:00 at night. Just that one thing gets me slowly loosing. But will I? Most likely not. Evening and night are the only time I get to relax and eat. I've been told my entire life that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That said, For me it is the one meal of the day I can skip and hardly notice. The days I have something to do, I get up and get moving. Next thing you now its noon or one o'clock.
  9. 18in wheels comparison

    That is sweet. Neal said he most likely wouldn't be selling them. I'm interested though. How does it ride?
  10. Feeling as alien… :)

    @THA just keep on stepping
  11. IPS ZERO

    That is a fine looking Wheel. I hope you have as much fun as I have on my generic.
  12. KS 14" 800w 840wh first impression and learning

    Good video. Thanks for sharing. Do you see what I was saying?. More relaxed, being able to do more on it. The funny thing about it, the increase came from you just spending time riding. It will get better still.
  13. Feeling as alien… :)

    Think about the small town "look". My little town is about one mile by one mile. Small towns have their clicks. I used to work all the time, so no one knew me ....even while living here for years. So I get all the standard looks, like when I'm in the city. I also get a "Don't let him notice us and he will go away" look. Something like what you would give a stray dog.
  14. Stanford University Ride, Stanford, California

    @KaleOsaurusRex What wheel will you be riding?
  15. EUCs @ CES 2016

    Sweet looking Wheel. Looks like something I would like. I've been looking at and reading about EUCs for so long now I just jump to the specs. Will it be fast enough, can I ride it long enough, and last but not least, will it carry my fat ass.