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  1. NB1 upgrade : 708WH !

    I have not sent batteries since the hooverboard incidents but the dangerous goods form is just a simple form that a company fills out at the airport. Usually the ff has all the necessary documents for them to be able to ship batteries. BUT as I said they might have changed routines after all the hooverboard fires.
  2. I guess this forum is not the best for those tactics as they are members building nuclear powered EUC's in the mod threads?. In general the knowledge here is better then at the companies making them. I would imagine it works better in places with more casual/first time buyers. It's like me trying to sell vacuums to NASA?
  3. Well you can't save them all?. To be clear, I do not know if http://www.e-wheelshop.nl is good or not but these kind of things doesn't help them.
  4. Ninebot one shutoff

    You have probably overleaned. I never used the 0 setting when i was new as it was very responsive. I gradually made that adjustment as i got better. Does it work now? If not the motherboard/battery probably is fried. I know that some brands have problems when battery is low but i have driven many km with ninebot c+ (on low battery) and it has never shut down on me.
  5. I wonder when people will learn? If you meet a girl that you like, do you: Talk shit about all other guys so that she finally has to pick you or do you show her that YOU are the best choice and don't care about the competition?
  6. AVG has become malware itself

    I've never heard a company admit that they sell your information
  7. AVG has become malware itself

    This video says everything I need to know.
  8. Anyone knows about new 14" Ninebot A1?

    Why can't companies leave it to the customer to decide kph vs milage. If it's safe of course .
  9. AVG has become malware itself

    Hmm. I think I installed it on my mothers PC. What has changed?
  10. KS16 -- CE Certification and Warranty

    The real question is who is doing the EC checks and how big % do they check?
  11. KS16 -- CE Certification and Warranty

    To be honest, when did you look for CE marking on your toy from China? And I rather take reputation before a stamp any day. Because ISO, EC etc. Is just as good as the company makes it. And it's just not China for that matter, it happens here in Scandinavia too for different reasons. I've worked a long time in oil companies and you would be amazed what risks people are taking when money is involved. Just look at the latest volkswagen scandal. Anyway have a nice day a drive safe?
  12. 3L3kTr1X Un1cYcL3r #H4rDk0r3

    It doesn't really matter what we call it as it will probably be called "insert brand name " after the most mainstream model. I think.
  13. Anyone knows about new 14" Ninebot A1?

    What a beauty! Hopefully they don't have the same problems with fw/motherboards as the previous models.
  14. Ive decided to start losing weight

    Whatever works for you of course. I like my way as I dropped 35kg and haven't gained it back since ( or a little bit last year but I'm on par now) BUT I would advise everyone to train their body NOT for weight loss but for health reasons. I know the scale doesn't move as fast but you will feel better.
  15. Ive decided to start losing weight

    Good job! For those who have a hard time following diets should try to not eat anything with wheat such as bread and pasta for example. Also stay away from alcohol. I usually eat meat and sallad twice a day plus some fruit and I'm never hungry. Nuts is also a good "snack". Also all kinds of stomach problems disappeared and only comes back after a night out with beer, pasta and pizza.