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  1. I have found that Slime is for smaller punctures like thorns and such, whereas Stan's is for larger particles. I have had great success with Stan's....not so much with Slime. Here's the link. Product is $5. https://www.amazon.com/Bottles-Stans-Sealant-Bottle-Tubeless/dp/B01GN5YTIE/ref=sr_1_2?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1494940140&sr=1-2&keywords=stan's+tubeless+sealant
  2. I just got my old X8 out of the closet for a friend to ride and charged it using my Charge Doctor (has ports for both Airwheel and InMotion V8). When I tried turning the X8 on, the lights turn on and beep then die out as if the battery is drained. I've tried it several times now and it is always the same result. Did the Charge Doctor fry my wheel somehow or could sitting in a closet for 5-6 months have been a factor? What do I do to get it fixed? x8 2.wmv
  3. Yeah, Original purchaser only. The first line of their warranty: 1. Warranty Inventist Inc. warrants to the original consumer purchaser of the Solowheel (“Purchaser”) that the product will be free from defects in materials and manufacture on the date of purchase and will remain serviceable for a period of one year after the date of Purchaser’s purchase, subject to the exclusions in the following paragraph.
  4. Well, I just had to pay $300 to have Solowheel replace the motherboard on mine because I wasn't the primary buyer.....Stevenvo, if you can confirm this I would love it if you'd send me documentation.
  5. My Airwheel X8 lasted me two years before I upgraded to InMotion's V8. I still use it as a back up wheel. It definitely has several thousand miles on it..easily.
  6. I've been riding the V8 for over a month now and am totally in love with it. It is the smoothest, most balanced and responsive, incredibly stable riding wheel I have been on. I own 4 other wheels, and generally when my tire pressure is lower I experience wobbles and slight delays in motion...when it's 45/50 PSI + it's squirely and over responsive. I would say to the original issue posted that it is probably a tire pressure thing or rider not in sync with his wheel, yet.
  7. I have the fast charger from Jason.
  8. The instructions that come with the V8 charger are wrong. They say to plug your wheel in first, then attach it to the wall. Doing it that way makes the battery indicator appear to charge but it doesn't. You have to plug it into the wall first and then your wheel. The charging unit will actually make quite a loud noise like it's taking off when charging. I didn't ride my V8 for 3 days when I first got it because I couldn't figure out the charging situation. Enjoy your V8! I do mine!
  9. Yeah, so Jason McNeil helped with the error in the directions. Plug it in to the wall first and it will work. Thanks Jason!
  10. For whatever reason I only received the one charger from Jason when it was shipped...and actually the first charger had the wrong port on it, so the one I have is now the 2nd one that they sent separately. So, this is my 2nd issue with this wheel. The charger has two lights, red and green, The green one never changes to red when plugged in.
  11. I just bought an Inmotion V8 with a fast charger from Jason, and have been having HUGE issues getting it to charge. I have tried replacing the fuse on the box. When I plug it in, the box has one red and one green light on before and after I plug it in. The wheel acts like it receives the plug and starts doing it's little blue charging light. Several hours later, there is not any more charge than it started with (under 25%). HELP!
  12. Why are you getting rid of it?
  13. @MonoI used to work at a car rental agency and would spend a lot of time picking up clients at autobody shops. That is the first time I heard about people getting rear ended and having to use their insurance to cover the vehicle they were pushed into. Since then it has come up several times with people I know having similar experiences. Here's an entry from a legal site in Washington state: Because basic traffic laws mandate a driver must be able to come to a safe stop if the vehicle(s) ahead stops or slows down. Incidentally, this traffic rule also governs sudden stops. If the subsequent driver cannot come to a safe stop, chances are he or she is not driving in a safe manner and probably not as safely as the driver in front of him or her. How Does Damage From a Rear-End Collision Belie the Basis of Liability? In nearly every rear-end collision insurance claim, vehicle damage tells a great deal about what happened. Specifically, resulting vehicle damage is able to demonstrate and even prove how the accident transpired. If one vehicle's front end is damaged and a second vehicle's rear end is damaged, there is usually no big mystery or doubt surrounding what type of accident occurred. Namely, a rear-end collision must have occurred, in which one vehicle struck the rear of the other vehicle. I've seen reports of similar laws in Australia, India, England, etc. So it's pretty much the same. There are the random outliers where someone went through the courts and fought to not be found liable but those are few and far between.
  14. Again, drivers should be paying attention to the road. They accept that responsibility when they get behind the wheel of a car. Regardless of the type of distraction, they still have a responsibility to handle their car in a safe manner, otherwise they shouldn't be driving.
  15. One important thing to remember is that DRIVING IS A PRIVELDGE, NOT A RIGHT. When you get behind the wheel of a 4 wheeled vehicle (car/truck) you are committing to being responsible for your conduct when driving that vehicle. Period. If you are stopped and someone hits you from behind that is the other drivers fault. BUT, if they push you into the car in front of you that is yours because you should have left a larger space between yours and the car forward of you. It is unfortunate that the driver got in an accident. The fact that there weren't any bikinis around for him to stare at says nothing because if there were would the accident be the woman's fault wearing the bikini? No. The driver of that car is at fault for the accident because he wasn't paying attention to the road. Period.