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  1. I have tried to switch to FET alone. It does not help. They will burn as soon as you turn on the power. The printed circuit board has been damaged elsewhere.
  2. I did not use a stud ring on the video. Because I wanted more challenge.
  3. I have not seen such a thing. It would be nice to test. Where to get them?
  5. It is very difficult to find the original thicker cable. Which would be a thin insulator. As thick insulation takes up too much space. I solved the case so that the switch behalf of the original cables between. So I put all the wires double the amount of (non-sensor wires). Without the thick black protective cover. They just fit. But it requires patience
  6. The worst situation is this. The battery voltage is already low. You go uphill. There will be a bumpy which the tire will not get stuck, but you're just a strong leaning forward. PUF! That's it.
  7. Then, when the heat can be very good, the printed circuit board to kill a sudden spike in the power under heavy loads. It is not even a good cooling help at all. We need a well-designed and made of a circuit board. Those not yet anyone done.
  8. It's been a mind. But decent circuit board manufacturer has lost In practice, everything else is successful. And it is already planned. But hardly anytime soon is going to happen. Another problem is patents.
  9. I do not coil motors. I put the motor outgoing wires thicker. But, I've thought about it. I have a friend that the winding variety of engines and makes them much more performance in that way. He would be able to get something nice for the EUC engine I've noticed that at least the motor overheating is not a constant problem. So it could tune. Gotway does not manufacture engines.
  10. Also, the engine needs to be replaced. Overall, the exchange operation is laborious. The engine does not directly fit into place. The shaft should be replaced. Also, the circuit board must be attached upside down, and make the entire cooling as new.
  11. I have not tried. I prefer passive cooling. Because it always works if it is sufficient. All fans and others. In the end, they all break down
  12. Yes. I drilled a slightly larger holes. Before connecting. I soldered the cables, the cable thinner with a file right from the tip.
  13. Our cells have two 8S installments. So I download them separately, and then connect them in series when I start driving. A piece of cake. Poor quality batteries for cell voltage differences come out more easily. And even more so if it's very empty. There is preferably less than 3.4-3.5V.
  14. Yes. The torque is significantly better than a good quality lipo battery. The voltage does not drop during exercise, and super-fast charging is possible. Unfortunately, Hobby King batteries are not of good quality. So, they can not provide the best performance. But yes, they are better than any of the 18650 cell. By far, the best I have tested cell is 18650, the LG 3400mAh.