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  1. Original Gotway 18 "battery I will be charged with 8A current. Cables and connectors have been replaced. There have been no problems. I'm not afraid to raise the charge current anymore because I believe BMS will not last longer. Facts about the information I do not have.
  2. The cables are going to be new. And probably not PCB can withstand that. Or maybe you can download past, straight cells without PCB. Yes it will straighten the cells even if the download passes. The rechargeable battery must be reasonably large that the cells are not angry
  3. The model is V3. Eli 12 FET. The video was taken yesterday. The date of the camcorder is wrong, as many have. I did not cut out the date because I did not think it was freaking it out.
  4. The video has been taken yesterday. The camera dates are wrong. The model is V3.
  5. Adding pins is easy. The only really hard thing is to find the right tire. The pins I use are really of high quality, but the price is as well. Over the euro.
  6. There is no actual web site. I wish I could. But I do not want to do it :D But here are some pictures.
  7. The axes have been dimensional drawings. So, it is worth measuring for each axis separately. That certainly will come tight. Other dimensions do not matter. As long as they are a little up there For this very reason, the drawing shown in the figure does not have exact dimensions. Always fit each part separately.
  8. If you get a new shaft, the exchange is basically pretty easy. The only awkward thing is getting the old out, and the new one in place. It requires a crush. It seems that Gotway is not willing to provide a mere shaft. So the only option is to do that somewhere. But. If the shaft has torn from the beginning of the thread, it can be corrected by another means. And it's better than the original attachment. No nuts are needed at all. At the same time, you can easily raise the pedal height. Small holes are drilled in the axle. The locking screws go to them. With this system, the shaft will never loose again.
  9. I have tried to switch to FET alone. It does not help. They will burn as soon as you turn on the power. The printed circuit board has been damaged elsewhere.
  10. I did not use a stud ring on the video. Because I wanted more challenge.
  11. I have not seen such a thing. It would be nice to test. Where to get them?
  13. It is very difficult to find the original thicker cable. Which would be a thin insulator. As thick insulation takes up too much space. I solved the case so that the switch behalf of the original cables between. So I put all the wires double the amount of (non-sensor wires). Without the thick black protective cover. They just fit. But it requires patience