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  1. Tesla problem

    @Flow I can try to advise you in Finnish if you contact me.
  2. Tested - Gotway Monster with Upgraded Knobby Tire

    If you keep it cold, problems may occur. But when the circuit board warms up, the "problem" is removed.
  3. Dream Electric Unicycle

    I'm not. Pedals too low, and it's too slow. I expect the sale to become a fast EUC. Anyone. At the moment everyone is too slow and I do not want to get that.
  4. Dream Electric Unicycle

  5. MSuper V3S+ lasted 5 months...

    I do not think that mosfet is a problem. And I do not think the overheating is. Because I certainly have enough cooling. The problem I think is a software, or some other component. Because breakdown is usually the smallest event of a crash or event. In use, they do not break easily. They break down at low speed.
  6. MSuper V3S+ lasted 5 months...

    The same reason as ever before. For some incomprehensible reason, it just breaks down. Nothing seems to help.
  7. MSuper V3S+ lasted 5 months...

    Just yesterday for one of my Gotway did it again. My brother drove it. I've put it mildly sick of this.
  8. Which EUCs has the highest payload?

    I am a self-made all the changes. Unfortunately, I do not have time to make these changes to other users. But hopefully their publication will also help others.
  9. Where to buy a Ninebot9 charger?

    I already bought a new one. Thanks for the tips.
  10. Where to buy a Ninebot9 charger?

    Thank you. I did not know it was also called that name. It explains I did not find a charger anywhere.
  11. Where to buy a Ninebot9 charger?

    My Ninebot9 charger apparently broken. Where can I buy one for convenience? I tried to browse the sellers list, but the links did not work. So this is Ninebot9 http://aijaa.com/pKdDjo
  12. How much do you spend to maintain your Addiction?

    At this moment I look forward to something suitable for me. There is still not one that I would like to buy. I do not want just a little better than the V3 GW. I want it to be clearly a challenge for off-road driving. So much more power and speed.
  13. How much do you spend to maintain your Addiction?

    @Esaj I think I've mentioned it here in the forum. At the beginning of the hobby I did not really know what to buy and what I would like. So I ordered eight devices at one time :D http://aijaa.com/I5qeOz
  14. 18" tire for winter use. How to get one?

    I do not use any of these. But I think that the first one would be the best of these three.
  15. The gloves are self-made. They are hard on the top and soft inside. They are exactly my shape. They prevent the straightening of the fingers and hence they can not bend to the unnatural position. They are easy to put in place and take away. So you can go above the fold without worrying to anything. They get support from the wristbands, so no point in the hand can bend. I've fallen in these incredibly frequently, and they are like new. Other equipments are blends from a variety of species. Many experiments have been found to be suitable. I rejected a lot of shelters simply because they do not agree to this species or that agreed with each other. Almost everything I have edited my own needs.