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  1. This post may help for all kind of (hover board) electric scooter fault diagnosis. most of the faulty issues are because of some cables inside are loose or disconnect. It usually caused from the shaking when riding or carelessness of factory. it will be easy to fix by yourself instead of wasting too much time for replacement. the scooter has 3 circuit boards, one big main board and 2 co-board. other light indication: 1 times at once: in part C 2 times at once: haven't seen 3 times at once: motor broken or short 4 times at once: in part H 5 times at once: in part B 6 times at once: battery problem. try to replace a new battery. 7 times at once: battery side co-board problem. try to replace the co-board. 8 times at once: power button side co-board problem. try to replace the co-board. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- how to reset the mini smart scooter (hover board) resolve the imbalance or lost control issue how to replace (change) circuit board more info please view: wheelive.com
  2. very happy to see wheelive is in the list. wheelive is from China and US, i m the master of wheelive. also the fastwheel, inmotion, ninebot, weerda reseller. also JasonLam (ebay seller). we are a team.