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    Today I went back to the scene of my Gotway ACM 1600 accident 3 weeks ago. The wheel went into a major wobble as I was traveling approximately 25 MPH. I needed to find out if it was rider error, if I hit something on the trail or the ACM just decided to start wobbling on it's own. Today I found my answer: I ran over a wide gravel repair on the smooth asphalt trail followed by hitting a $30,000 pot hole (cost of my surgery). It was starting to get dark that evening and I should not have been traveling that fast. My Bad! Thank God I was wearing a helmet! Lesson to self: Don't be Stupid!
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    Hi guys, here is the first video of our group tour in Metz (France) today ! More videos to come
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    Walking @Rehab1's wheel out. Dan, your V5F+ found a good home and is being exercised properly Video may serve as a "step-over" technique demonstration for those who want to learn it.
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    Me and Sheridan Miller at the Ventura Park Pump Track doing tricks and trying not to run over any kids. Lol. 😲🚷 The little girls in the toy car were killing it, riding over everything, they even flipped the damn thing...then flipped it back over and kept cruising...no tears. The kids talking in the background are cute as hell too, the one kid thinks I can do everything and keeps saying I told you so to my friend every time I land a trick.
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    Solowheel lent us the brushes to try out... In our [random] tests on the public, they certainly do the job much more effectively than training Wheels. The current clamping supports are not very flexible for fitting to different pedal shapes, maybe the final design will be different. In the future I'd like to see the price come down so they can be offered as standard equipment for first time buyers. This could very well be the silver bullet for conquering the dreaded 'learning curve'.
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    You know, juggling while riding is a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be. And juggling in reverse - that's going to take awhile. And please, if you do this at home please don't drop a ball directly in front of the wheel like I did
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    I bumped into Tom while riding along the beach. He rides a Go-One 3 Velomobile, an electric assist German tricycle. This is very impressive in speed and acceleration. We rode together for a few miles.
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    @YoshiSkySun and @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" just can't help themselves. If they find a stray shopping cart ...
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    So on my way home from work today I got flagged down outside of an army surplus store by a police officer. I had stopped to cross the street and there happened to be a police officer coming out of the store . He yelled for me to come over ...so I did. To my surprise he only wanted to ask about how hard it was to learn and how much I paid . I think he might actually get one . He joked that I should ride up and see his chief and try to sell him on getting a few for the department to ride around town on . 😀 as we finished our conversation he first bumped me and told me to be safe . Overall a very pleasant experience.
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    No worries - I got this one. A Band-Aid repair isn't going to cut it. C'mon, Rehab1, let's keep some of the allure and mystery going there with something just a little bit semi-transparent and lacy!
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    Praying at The Wheel God Alter
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    San Diego Meetup Goodness:
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    So I was invited to a Gotway club ( @Marty Backe @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" @YoshiSkySun ) early morning ride down the Rio Hondo river trail to Long Beach, but was more interested in coffee and watching the Olympics to start a ride at 7:30am. It occurred to me while I gingerly sipped my coffee that we should start some EUC challenges of our own. @Sidestreet Reny has the tricks covered, but what about long distance adventures? So here's is a little video from my second test ride for a route that crosses most of Los Angeles County using the river bike trails. There are more river trails that lead further north and as you can see from the map of my journey, it is possible with today's long range EUCs. To begin this challenge, this route appears to be the safest. Who else has a cross city journey? https://youtu.be/tz_1t4cvvYM Thanks @Scouts Honor you rock!
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    That reminds me of my cast that I had to wear for three months for my scaphoid fracture (actually 3 separate casts) - on the first one, my daughter used her artistic talents to draw a pictogram of the incident. I saved that particular cast. It did come in handy explaining the inevitable questions, which for some reason always implied spousal abuse.
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    This morning I blew away my orthopedist’s expectations. The xrays look great. Everything is aligned. Staples are out. Unfortunately it will be 2 years before they can determine if the blood supply to my humeral head is adequate enough to keep it nourished. If not I will need an entire shoulder transplant.
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    They say the Monster is not an agile wheel. I respectfully disagree
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    SECOND IMPRESSION (ride two Saturday Morning) So I started playing with the air pressure. Initially, it was 31psi. (all pressures are approximate). I also tried it at 26psi. This seemed better, but I discovered that at 26psi, if I hit a bump(edit..in a corner) (also known as a @Rehab1 ), I got an alarming wobble. Not wanting photos of my nipples censored by @Marty Backe I fought hard to not fly straight into a hospital bed. (Just kidding, it wasn't that bad, in reality, but a wake-up call, that stability wasn't any better yet). I was feeling a bit more comfortable on flat, level paved or bricked surfaces, so I took to the hills, literally. When the west end of Eastbourne (Sussex, UK) promenade runs out, the grassy slopes and chalk cliff leading to Beachy Head (famous lighthouse and popular suicide jump off cliff), begin. My new tire, being somewhat of a slick, I was curious, and apprehensive how it would handle moist grass and soft mud, on slopes. Initially, it was pretty good, so I attempted a challenge; a steep damp grassy slope which was about 15 feet long but steep enough that I couldn't see over the top of it. I rode with my arms outstretched, expecting a face plant at any second, but, no, nothing! It made it no problem. So I got more adventurous and climbed more grassy slopes. Soon I was a few hundred feet above sea level (having started near sea level). It handles everything just fine. I was impressed. But, my battery was at 40% and the car was all the way at the other end of the seafront, with some hills in the way, so I took some photos, and headed home; even though I wanted to climb some more. Even descending on damp grass over soft mud, to sea level was a non-event. I'M STARTING TO LIKE IT. Part way to Beachy Head. Town of Eastbourne in the background. The path I took to get here is below the white tower block, but the path turns to wet soft grass as the path disappears below the hill. This is the way I came up. Look carefully on the right of the path, in the mud. That's my tire track.
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    I took a clip from a video I posted last year of me riding around with orthopedic braces. It bit me in the ass! Bad omen.
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    Just a bit from today's ride around south Tucson along "The Loop". Urban concrete and a lot of dirt. You'll see a near-wipeout toward the end where one of our guys hit a loose spot.
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    Yes, bottom line is there is some misunderstanding and misinformation going on in this thread. Cycling or fully discharging Lithium Ion batteries just ages them - it doesn’t “condition” them in any way to hold more charge. That is common VERY POOR advice that is a hang over from NiCad’s! fully charged is 4.2V/cell - end of story. That is all any device is doing to indicate charge level. Zero charge is more arbitrary and needs to take a view on the average level of current flowing whilst measuring it, but it is typically 3.0 to 3.5 volts per cell. Having said the above, Some “intelligent” devices will show charge level based on power drawn and power fed back into the pack, I.e. they have a wattmeter built into them, these can go out of sync very easily and need a deep discharge/charge cycle to sync them again. I do not believe ANY EUC has such a charge mechanism built into it - it tends to be in things like smart phones. So, bottom line, one pack becoming disconnected, or any such like fault will not change the percentage charged level, it is just read as a voltage. A fully charged 16 series pack will be 67.2V and 20 series will be 84.0V. You can only be sure of this with a meter. There is a high probability that any monitoring device on the wheel or its software may not be anything like 100% accurate. The charger may go a bit higher than this if the charge line has a diode protection on it which may drop the charge voltage by 0.3 to 0.6V. If the charger output is lower than this then the battery will not fully charge - ever. Cells become damaged if charged above 4.25V per cell (16 cell =68V, 20 cell=85V) so a charger voltage above this will damage the pack and may cause a fire. Since NOT charging to 100% improves the life of cells, the only downside is balancing. Most EUC’s have a crude BMS which starts shunting current around cells at above 4.2V thus clamping those cells at that voltage. Fully charging and leaving tricking for some hours will, therefore, ensure all cells are at 4.2V. If the pack is not fully charged at least occasionally then individual groups of cells can go out of balance (I.e. higher or lower voltage than others in the pack) if the pack is discharged very low then any low out of balance cells may drop to even lower voltage than the rest or possibly even get reverse charged - that will permanently damage those cells. (Another VERY good reason for NEVER deliberately cycling or fully discharging a pack if you think you have charging problems!) The BMS should always prevent any cells gettting above 4.2V unless the charge current is too high to shunt - which will happen if the charger output is set significantly higher than 4.25V/cell. Finally one or more cells being short circuit and dragging the charge below 100% is VERY unlikely. Failing cells tend to go “leaky” not full short circuit. What is way, way more likely to happen is the wheel would charge to 100% OK, but if left unused for a few days the voltage will slowly drop. An even more likely failure mechanism within individual cells is for them to go high resistance or low capacity, or both. In this case, the wheel will charge to 100% OK, and may stay at 100% or near it if left unused, but under load the voltage (and therefore % charge) will drop abnormally quickly ( it will always drop a bit under load even with good cells) and then recover when the wheel is stopped or the load reduced.
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    Not much chance of breaking the brass tube, it's hard as nails. Ripping the brass tube out of the rubber tube, now that's a horse of a different color. The valve is already tweaked quite a bit from the factory, so tweaking it more could be the straw that broke the camel's back. It's tweaked, because the valve on the inner tube is installed directly on the center line but the hole in the rim is close to the bead edge. Also, you have to install the inner tube backwards, i.e. pointing the valve the wrong way. If you don't, the combination of a bent and angled valve, and an off-center hole to poke it through, causes the valve to stick out to the side unnaturally far. When I tried this on a 14c, the valve cap scraped the shell when it rotated. So off comes the tire again to install the inner tube backwards, so the valve is forced outwards by the rim, but faces inwards due to the angle of the valve in the tube. All this twisting is why I said
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    Sorry buddy! We must, we must, we must develop our busts. What concerns me is my nipples are hard and my voice is now an octive higher. Where did my cadaver bone from? Thanks Marty. No I can use my shoulder mildly active at this time ( nothing passive) and rely on pain feedback as the traffic cop to stop me from over exerting. The cop is definitely on duty. No lifting yet. In 4 weeks I will enter rehab for more aggressive range of motion and strengthening. Avascular necrosis can happen at any time. If the pain becomes excruciating a year or two from now the head is dying.
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    15-psi is extremely low and makes the wheel behave in an uncontrollable manner (wobble). I run my KS14 at 65-psi. I wouldn't go lower than 50-psi on this particular wheel. I think it's a fantastic first wheel, and a great wheel in general. Good luck with your learning, and have a fun time doing it
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    I added a flashing light to my ACM arm patch. When kiddos push the button it turns on. Fun!
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    I think it might be interesting to collect in this thread various newspaper/magazine articles about EUC, or published related stories. Here is the start. I made appearance with EUC in our local newspapers twice: first time somebody spotted me and my son riding on the beach, (newspaper page): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BS55vonWf0bC9f_VIA1UGN9ejzGGtjnA/view?usp=sharing and yesterday - we ran into a newspaper photographer, who asked for a short interview article with the video interview: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/life/watch-electric-unicycles-on-the-ocean-city-boardwalk/article_f1f39e31-b89e-559a-ac5a-ce79910b1a42.html Hey, @Jeffrey Scott Will, @GreenWheel - you've got some free advertisement in our land
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    here’s a crappy video of me riding my pasture tn on the ks-18s.
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    Safety-wise, it's not a simple better-or-worse, I think: there's no faceplanting in the event of cutouts, +1 DTM turning radius is always smaller with the introduction of an additional wheel, +1 EUC the DTM goes faster (40mph) than an EUC (current max of all wheels is ~34mph), and going faster is inherently less safe, +1 EUC the DTM has incredibly sensitive disc braking, whereas the EUC is a slower motor brake, +1 DTM the DTM is controlled via wired hand-controller, which introduces more user error than weight-balanced control on an EUC IMHO, +1EUC the DTM innately has a bigger blind-spot for traveling forward, as is the case when orienting your body in the skateboard/snowboard position, +1EUC Overall, I sold because there are several upcoming EUC purchases I want to make, and I found myself using my EUCs way more than the DTM, as the weight/size is prohibitive for my daily city traveling and tasks. I am more of a ride-to-get-somwhere-without-parking rider, so the DTM is not too practical on that end. I would say the DTM is really for long-distance weekend joy riding. Riding the DTM itself is great though! The feeling of riding it is what I imagine a cross between a motorcycle and a ripstik (gotta assume, as I've never rode/driven either). The learning curve is significantly easier than an EUC.
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    There is more to the story!
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    Another perspective on my juggling practice while riding the Mten3
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    @Marty Backe approved as long as I agreed to this simple wardrobe modification.
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    Hi guys, here are a few pics of our 24 rider group tour in Metz (France), 35km, lots of fun !
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    Well, I just got back from my longest ride yet, 13 miles. I've had this wheel, my first wheel for one week now. I put a grand total of 85 miles on it! Riding these EUCs is as fun as i thought it was going to be. I find myself making up errands during the week when I am at my shop, just to have an excuse to ride the wheel to Home Depot or some where else.
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    Toughen up guys! @Marty Backe carries all 10 wheels in his Backepack.
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    Congratulations on your new wheel! That feeling that you shouldve gotten another wheel means you are hooked. You made the right decision on the KS14. I believe it is upgradeable for the battery which may give you more speed or more time with your higher speed. This wheel will always be useful since it is so portable and easy and fun to ride. Besides, there are so many great EUCs coming out this year, that you are better off waiting til they all come out and make you next choice when the fields are fat with product later this year. I am 150lbs and I ride at 50lbs on the tire with no problems. Lower tire pressure can inspire the wobbles. Also you should check the tire pressure about every two weeks of riding. I find my tire will lose air after a good two weeks of riding. You dont need an extension for the KS14, just pry it away from the wheel like Jason said. I use a chopstick or a flat pencil so I dont scratch the wheel paint. Find @who_the , since he lives in your Ville, and you can ride with his group of like minded wheelers, maybe even get a feel for a few more brands. Welcome to the club.
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    So A few weeks back I asked about this modification to a KS16 (replacing the 2.125" tire with a 2.5" tire). I also started asking about 2.5" tires. The tires I bought are in the first link. Photos of someone else's 2,5" mod in the second link. Obtaining a 2.5" tire in Europe proved difficult, although I'm sure someone has them in stock, somewhere. @IPS Malta came to my rescue by shipping me 2, 2.5" tires from China (he spends time in China). The 2nd. tire is for my KS14. I was trying to buy them via Chinese websites, but wasn't sure what I was doing. @IPS Malta did all the thinking for me and made it a simple error free experience. He sent me the two tires I asked for. He did not imfluence my decision in any way. So A BIG shout out to @IPS Malta, who went out of his way to help me even though he doesn't know me from @Adam Hi @Adam . Fitting the tire was my usual routine, you know, fit it wrong, do it all over again, that old chestnut. Actually, I didn't fit it wrong, but with the 14" tire, I tried to fit it as it was intended, i.e. tubeless, with a stand-alone valve. The first problem was the existing vale hole in the rim was too small to pull the new valve stem through. So I drilled it out a bit. But the hole is so close to the edge of the rim that the rubber base of the valve intrudes into the space where the tire meets the rim. As a tubeless tire, it is critical that this interface is sound. So I cut back some of the valve base, to clear the bead of the tire. Of course, as you can guess, when I put the tire on, this area would not hold air. So off with the tire, and in with the factory innertube. Then I read a thread where someone's innertube had sprung a leak from rubbing against the tire. So off comes the tire... no, not really. I let the air out and sprinkled in a liberal dose of talcum powder, to reduce the friction. Cleaned the talc from the bead to prevent the tire from slipping and ripping the valve out of the tube. For the 16", I went straight to the innertube/talc route. So far this seems to be working fine.
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    OMG so funny! Made my day!
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    It is just a waiting game . The blood flow to the humeral head was disrupted from the break but a portion of bone was still attached that is currently vascularizing ( supplying some blood) to the head. Below is a picture of a sound anatomical head. Nice and round ball with an even articulating surface of the socket. This is a photo of avascular necrosis of a humeral head. The head is decaying due to lack of blood flow. I had one of the top trauma orthopedists in the area perform the surgery. That is why it took a week before surgery could be scheduled. I just need to be active and exercise daily to increase the blood circulation throughout my entire body and pray for the best. I healed exceptionally well. No more sling. After another month I can begin rehab on my shoulder to gain range of motion. No high fives yet.
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    Big day for me — broke through 1,000 Miles between two Wheels. Break out the Champagne 🥂 Started riding these crazy things last October (2017) so not too bad a pace considering how many un-ride-able days due to snow and cold up here at the foot of the Rockies. KS 18S Miles: KS 16S Miles:
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    You’re doing great! I would love to see you riding with a guitar. Be safe!
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    Hijacking a thread is WHAT WE DO BEST. No thread survives intact after about 6 posts. That's why it's so hard to find anything; it's always buried in a completely different subject.
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    I'm not ashamed to admit that I still get wobble, and I've ridden over 1500Km over all kinds of terrain. At low speed, it's no biggie, but at speed, it could @Rehab1 you right to hospital. so I can't bring myself to ride much faster than 15mph. It comes unexpectedly, which is bad because I fear it can strike me at any moment. Moving feet forward is an obvious remedy, but I'm already hanging off the front of the pedals, and I've noticed that emergency braking is compromised when you can't put a good amount of leverage into your heels because they are closer to the axle( in this forward-footed stance). I once descended a long hill in Javia, Spain with the balls of my feet flapping above the pedals because I was leaning back so much, in order to maintain an acceptable amount of braking. That was not comfortable. I've also noticed that in this forward position, when I need to power over something, or up a sudden incline, I'm rolling off the front lip of the pedals rather than, applying force to the pedals. I once approached a steep uphill driveway at a low speed. There was an added raised ridge across the bottom of the driveway, so the climb started with an amp spike to climb this ridge (I should have been going faster, but it was really steep) after the bump I rocked forward, balanced on the front lip of the pedals, and proceeded to "wind the windows down" all the way to the top of the driveway, all the time almost toppling off the front. I still don't know how I didn't face plant; good window winding skills I guess. In fact, wobble was the main reason for my recent 2.5" tire upgrade. It hasn't helped yet. Ironically, because of the peculiar characteristics of my new tubeless tire, I have found that I have to move my feet back from my normal position, in order to reduce the strange turning characteristics. On a positive note, my breaking has become more powerful.
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    You really need to calm yourself down. It comes off as a personal attack to me or, at least, I'm cooler than you because I can crash at 25 mph and walk away from it. I don't comment on your stuff because I have nothing really to add to it. However, the way that this is worded is unnecessary and I cannot stand for it. The man got hurt and it was serious. You could have easily asked, "I was wondering if you were wearing any safety gear at the time?" https://www.forbes.com/sites/tanyamohn/2011/09/30/low-driving-speed-can-cause-serious-pedestrian-injury-and-death-report-finds/#6c9b2d9057ff "One of the most significant findings of the report was that the fatality rate goes up substantially as speed increases beyond relatively low speeds. At low speeds, below about 15 miles per hour (m.p.h.), risks are low and increase relatively slowly with small increments in speed. However, as speed increases above 15 m.p.h., small changes in speed yield relatively large increases in risk. The death rate more than doubles for pedestrians when speed increases from 25 to 35 m.p.h., said Kissinger. “That’s a big number. That’s something we hope all drivers will think about.” EUC's are a strange ride in that when you come off you're pretty much wearing as much protection as a pedestrian. You could die from going 25 mph. We're lucky Rehab did not.
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    There are thousands of both good and bad examples of falls/folds that can be amazing and daft. Age and physical condition are just some of the variables that count when someone hits the ground... @Rehab1 autorotated and walked away from two helicopter accidents, but crashed with some serious damage on an EUC... And some persons just breaks their necks on their way to the loo... Life's a bitch
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    It does but also makes me very angry. So avoidable. When I hit the pavement the inside structure of the helmet left a gash above my eye. I circled the area on the helmet. Upon close inspection, before I painted the helmet, there were some scratches beneath the chin guard. 4 more days before the bandage and staples come out.
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    Yeah, I'm grateful Rehab started this thread and has continued to update it. The forensics of the scene of the accident is valuable because it's much easier to visualize exactly what happened and that there wasn't any mechanical issue. I've spent time thinking more deliberately about safety as the weather starts to warm up more and my EUC use increases. This thread has kept safety front and center in my mind. I value the use of EUCs so much as a practical form of transportation that I have to remind myself to be as conservative as possible because it's easy to let the enjoyment of riding tempt you into taking more risks.
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    Sunset/night time at the skatepark with some selfie runs with a few tricks and big jump.