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    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love I've quit until I moved into a new neighborhood, it is now done ! So I ride my EUC again, even though I'm a little nervous now when riding solo, and I got rid of my "slow" EUC, not because I like riding fast, but because I want to be able to escape if needed (28kph is a minimum, because most "normal" humans can't run that fast or not for long). I think that some events can take away the fun of EUC, but it is still an useful way of shifiting around in a city. I only know about one rider who stopped riding EUC, and moved on to electric scooters, he just felt like he couldn't go fast enough with his EUC (a V8), he was scared of fast EUC (in case of a failure) and wanted more power and speed, he is also a motorcycle enthousiast this may have influenced him. I think most people who get to know how to ride an EUC don't quit, even I who had the most trouble riding EUC in my city (that I know of) don't give up
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    My son got a MCM3. I made a compilation of him jumping in the skatepark. What is the current world record? (And please people, before commenting on protective gear. Kids fall in the skatepark all the time and most of them are not wearing full body armor.)
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    You did. You ran at high speed on low battery with the warning bleeps turned off. I, and the others replying here are astonished that you are finding this a surprise as it has been discussed ad nauseam on this forum and, indeed we have an entire section discussing wearing safety gear. Just to reiterate what has been said many times before: torque is what balances you and supports your weight. You lean forward, the motor torque tries to push you back upright that torque, almost as a byproduct, accelerates you. if you continue to lean forward, the wheel has only two options: accelerate you or drop you on your face. All electric motors have maximum torque at zero RPM. That torque drops linearly with speed, becoming zero at the wheels absolute maximum speed under no load. so, the faster you go, the less torque there is to keep you balanced. Lean a bit further forward, hit a bump, go up a slightly steeper hill at maximum speed and you can easily exceed the torque left to keep you balanced. Do that with a low battery where both voltage and current will be significantly lowered and you have removed a stinking big chunk of that safety margin. The wheel does not know how much you weigh so it cannot absolutely know how fast it can safely go. It has to make assumptions and those tend to be Asian assumptions where riders are much lighter. in fact a wheel whose app asks you how much you weigh and adjusts its safety margins according to weight, temperature and battery state would be a huge leap forward in safety (except many people would lie in order to go faster 😜). The only options available to slow you down are sounds (beeps, etc) and tiltback but tilting back takes even more torque. A low battery or heavy rider can fool the software and leave the tiltback until there isn't the torque to do it. Riding an EUC safely, like any vehicle, requires an understanding of its limits. You wouldn't charge up to a stop sign at 30 MPH on a wet road in a car and expect it to stop in 10 feet - that is just as much a safety limit as not pushing an EUC at high speed with a low battery.
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    My wife has often asked this question and I'm sure some of you also get asked by your spouses – How much do you spend on your wheel? (That’s the very polite version of the question ) So I had a spare half hour and decided I’d look at all my orders and list my expenditure going back to when I brought my first EUC back in May 2015. I’m always mending my wheel and replacing broken/worn parts – doing tricks definitely takes its toll on parts (as well as the body) . For example, “Spinning” quickly wears down the foot plates and tires. And practising “Penny Spins” can result in cracked shells and broken battery covers. And learning switch stance tricks (especially on slopes) resulted in a few burnt out control boards. With the exception of a couple of purchases I have used every part until it is worn out or broken. Some of the parts were damaged due to my stupidity – for example, I went through a number of trolley handles because I kept leaving the attachment bracket on when doing tricks. I have obviously also cannibalised my old wheels for parts – not that long ago I managed to bend the metal frame out of shape. I have stuck with the E+ mainly because I have invested a lot of time in becoming “at one” with its characteristics (With the amount I have spent I could have brought a number of different wheels). It’s also been a good wheel in that I can easily maintain and repair myself (thanks to Speedy Feet’s videos) as long as parts are available. The only real design flaws that I have come across with the Ninebot E+ is with the built-in handle snapping off and the poor quality App. I have spent an equivalent of about £120 per month. I have ridden about 4000 Km in total (although a lot of the time I’m doing tricks (E.g. going around and around in circles ) rather than riding distance). If I didn’t do tricks then I’m pretty sure I could still be running my first wheel having only required a couple of inner tube, tire and foot pedal replacements. However, I have had so much fun and get a huge amount of pleasure from trick riding, and also from maintaining my wheel. I still get that butterfly feeling when I go riding! Date Item Qty Value GBP Price Per Unit GBP Supplier Comment 2015-05 Ninebot One 'E+' - Single Wheel Transporter (~35km Range) 1 895 895 Speedy Feet First EUC 2015-06 Ninebot ONE Trolley Handle 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2015-06 80mm Valve Extension 1 4.96 4.96 Speedy Feet 2015-08 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 2 26.9 13.45 Speedy Feet 2015-08 Ninebot ONE Parking Stand 1 18.95 18.95 Speedy Feet 2015-08 Ninebot ONE Outershell - White 2 35.9 17.95 Speedy Feet 2015-08 Ninebot ONE - Lower Footplate (Underside) 2 19.9 9.95 Speedy Feet 2015-12 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 1 5.35 5.35 Speedy Feet 2015-12 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Tire 1 20 20 Speedy Feet 2016-01 Ninebot ONE Trolley Handle 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2016-02 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 2 26.9 13.45 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Ninebot ONE Trolley Handle 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Ninebot ONE Charging Port 1 8.95 8.95 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Ninebot ONE - Foot Plate COMPLETE 2 39.91 19.955 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Footplate Spacer Set for Ninebot 2 7.1 3.55 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 1 5.35 5.35 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 2 26.9 13.45 Speedy Feet 2016-04 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Tire 1 20 20 Speedy Feet 2016-05 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 2 10.7 5.35 Speedy Feet 2016-05 Ninebot ONE - Complete Shell Set 1 85.5 85.5 Speedy Feet 2016-05 Replacement LED Light Strip Cover Ring 2 29.9 14.95 Speedy Feet 2016-05 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 1 13.45 13.45 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE E+ 320wh Replacement / Spare Battery 1 260.96 260.96 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE Charging Port 1 8.95 8.95 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 2 26.9 13.45 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE - Foot Plate COMPLETE 2 39.91 19.955 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Tire 1 20 20 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 1 5.35 5.35 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE Trolley Handle 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE Attachment Bracket 1 9.95 9.95 Speedy Feet Used only a few times for filming 2016-06 Ninebot ONE Footplate Bar 2 8.9 4.45 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE Outershell - White 2 35.9 17.95 Speedy Feet 2016-07 Ninebot ONE - Rubber Side Cover 2 17.9 8.95 Speedy Feet 2016-07 Ninebot ONE LED Light Strip 4 36 9 Speedy Feet 2016-07 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 1 5.35 5.35 Speedy Feet 2016-07 Ninebot ONE - Footplate Magnet 2 7.1 3.55 Speedy Feet 2016-08 Triple 8 T8 Exo Skin Shin and Whip BMX Guard (Large) - Pair 1 39.7 39.7 Amazon Ankle Guards - rarely used 2016-09 Ninebot ONE Charging Port 1 8.95 8.95 Speedy Feet 2016-09 Ninebot One E+ (Gen2) Single Wheel Transporter (~35km Range) 1 645 645 Speedy Feet Second Wheel - wheel rim buckled 2016-08 TSG Single Ankle-Guard Cam, Black (L/XL) Pair 1 21.95 21.95 Skatehut Ankle Guards - used everytime 2016-10 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 1 5.35 5.35 Speedy Feet 2016-10 Ninebot ONE - Complete Handle Unit 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet Snapped off within 2 hours of installing 2016-11 Ninebot ONE E+ / P Replacement Main Control Board 1 134.96 134.96 Speedy Feet 2016-12 Ninebot ONE - Footplate Magnet 2 77.02 38.51 Amazon 2017-01 Ninebot ONE E+ / P Replacement Main Control Board 1 134.96 134.96 Speedy Feet 2017-02 Ninebot One E+ (Gen2) Single Wheel Transporter (~35km Range) 1 495 495 Speedy Feet Third Wheel 2017-06 Ninebot ONE C, E, E+, P inner Shell Set 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2017-06 Ninebot ONE Upgrade - Outer Shell (Blue) 2 30.29 15.145 Speedy Feet 2017-06 Ninebot ONE - Foot Plate COMPLETE 2 37.85 18.925 Speedy Feet 2017-06 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover - White PRO 2 37.9 18.95 Speedy Feet 2017-09 Ninebot ONE C, E, E+, P inner Shell Set 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2017-09 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover - White PRO 2 37.9 18.95 Speedy Feet Totals 75 3841.34 Total Quantities: Item Qty 80mm Valve Extension 1 Footplate Spacer Set for Ninebot 2 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 9 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover - White PRO 4 Ninebot ONE - Complete Handle Unit 1 Ninebot ONE - Complete Shell Set 1 Ninebot ONE - Foot Plate COMPLETE 6 Ninebot ONE - Footplate Magnet 4 Ninebot ONE - Lower Footplate (Underside) 2 Ninebot ONE - Rubber Side Cover 2 Ninebot ONE Attachment Bracket 1 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 7 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Tire 3 Ninebot ONE C, E, E+, P inner Shell Set 2 Ninebot ONE Charging Port 3 Ninebot One 'E+' - Single Wheel Transporter (~35km Range) 1 Ninebot One E+ (Gen2) Single Wheel Transporter (~35km Range) 2 Ninebot ONE E+ / P Replacement Main Control Board 2 Ninebot ONE E+ 320wh Replacement / Spare Battery 1 Ninebot ONE Footplate Bar 2 Ninebot ONE LED Light Strip 4 Ninebot ONE Outershell - White 4 Ninebot ONE Parking Stand 1 Ninebot ONE Trolley Handle 4 Ninebot ONE Upgrade - Outer Shell (Blue) 2 Replacement LED Light Strip Cover Ring 2 Triple 8 T8 Exo Skin Shin and Whip BMX Guard (Large) - Pair 1 TSG Single Ankle-Guard Cam, Black (L/XL) Pair 1 My riding style:
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    Working on a way to slow my frantic life.
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    He was between 8 - 10 foot off the ground...those things are so hard to ride, I don't know how they do it?! Check out this other guy here in Los Angeles...
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    I just returned from a test run using the new 1.05 firmware. It's a home run All the way down to ~50% the max speed was ~18 - 19mph. I quit my run (time constraints) with the battery at ~28% under load, and I was able to maintain ~17mph. I'm very happy with that. It's soooo nice not to be limited to 12mph on a wheel like this. So I was able to enjoy a 3 hour ride at pretty much any speed I wanted (for a 14 inch wheel) with no incessant beeping or tilt-back. I had a blast of a ride. This is the wheel I was originally hoping for when I bought it from @Jason McNeil The 14S is as close to a 10-out-of-10 wheel that I can imagine. Big thumbs up
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    I have said that about a month ago...that the aliexpress times for Kingsong will come to an end. @Bambino @D i c K (ie) and myself could be happy that we got an 18S from there. I have got accusation and been blamed for "destroying my local market" , despite beeing very careful with any recommendation, always! But seams the wining and blaming about alisellers, done by some of the KS resellers and brought to KS China, now have succeeded. In my -personal- opinion these price, region and "exclusiv" politics from KS are in a nowaday global world, just somewhat of a joke! When an EUC costs about 750Dollar...is sold in Asia for 900-1000, is available on ali for 12-1400 and costs in europe about 2000-2600$...than -again: In my View- this is just an fraud to the consumer.... I have no probs to pay an good amount more, for some service and warranty, like in the states for example on ewheels, best example i know! But here in europe it gets more and more strange. Would you exspect to have your (double the price) EUC at first in the hand? No, you get it 2-3 months later, as the exclusive seller has to wait for its 50 wheels over sea container, to save some money more for air freight! But i have to stop ranting here and popping out "secret" internas! Yes, the most known alisellers we know, have been forbidden to sell KS...at least to countries with exclusive KS contracts. Also -from intervening by the exclusive sellers- the smaller aliseller now have to pay a MUCH higher price for KS..when ordering only one wheel. So it might be....in the near-middle future we will not see any KS on ali or other sale channels.... Is that good for the brand? I dont think so..... Will there be ways around this policies? Yes, there will be! I wont cover that now...,..but like said: The world is global....and if the sellers will take higher prices, they should do that by respectable services/warranty etc...not by only enjoying a "region" policy... Rant over!!!
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    Ive heard that this doesnt apply to a few people heavier than me, but for me 65 kg, it is how i stand when i want to accelerate and ride fast with full control. I have tried many times before to stand superclose to the machine as well, not just the heels, but that limits my mobility and can also hurt because of the seam going down the pants. alright.
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    It's been a few weeks since I received my KS14S. Today I finally had the opportunity to complete my final test before I produce a review video. There are some local mountains with extreme conditions that make for a great EUC torture test. The KS14S passed with flying colors. I was on the mountain for 3 hours 45 minutes, 3 hours of which I was riding. This really is a great trail wheel, and perhaps that's where it is best right now because it's a lousy street wheel due to the speed throttling. But in the mountains you rarely go even 10mph. I was able to take it up a couple of extreme trails that are difficult for the ACM. Perhaps because of the smaller diameter wheel which made for better maneuvering. I was able to overheat the wheel, but you'd be impressed if you saw what I was climbing at the time. But the results were worth it. The previous generation (KS14C) overheats at ~63 degrees Centigrade, which means it overheats a lot under strenuous conditions. Interestingly, the KS14S overheats at ~80 degrees Centigrade. I did not expect that. So KingSong has radically increased the temperature at which they are willing to run. This is good, because that allowed the wheel to get much further up the hill before stopping me. I can now certify that the KS14C will only overheat under the most extreme conditions. Normal humans need not worry I dropped the wheel multiple times today (this was a Category 4 trail in many places - 5 is nearly impossible to traverse), and a couple of times previously. I must say that I"m extremely impressed with the changes that KingSong has made concerning wheel turn-off times. Every single time the wheel has fallen, the tire stops spinning immediately. There appears zero possibility of the wheel jumping and dancing like Gotway. The KS14C could spin up during a crash, but not this version. It's perfect. I can't state this strongly enough - Gotway sucks in this regards. Whatever KingSong did, Gotway needs to steal it That's it. Thought I'd share a bit of my recent testing.
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    Rolling through the streets of Los Angeles with @Stan Onymous.
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    Once a year there is something in the Bicycle world called Crank Mob. An amalgam of Burning-man bicyclists and ravers taking over the neighborhoods of select L.A. Areas. This year it was west L.A. The event started at 10pm and was still going strong at 3:30Am when @YoshiSkySun and I left the ride to return home. We were the only unicyclists and got a lot of interest from the other riders. 4 out of 5 of the drunken revelers actually were able to get up and ride with help of an arm for stability. One guy even started doing loops around the parking lot on his own after just 5 mins. Safety warning- If one of these guys offers you water from their canteen for thanks, there is almost no chance it is water... I think we should all be a part of more of these rides to promote our sport/hobby. The truck horn you hear is from a 10' tall chopper bicycle that has the horn mounted on the handle bars. Oh and I hope Yoshi posts a better video later, but this is some of the ride...
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    I have rode this Austin's wheel many times. It's definitely got balls for a 12 inch wheel. Very easy to control and very responsive and agile. The pedals being very high does help. I can't disclose certain features as Austin wants it keep secret for now. Its definitely different from all the EUCs out there currently. He is looking for investors or VCs if anyone knows any😁
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    Ring lights are obviously very personal. I used to have your opinion, but now I have come to enjoy them when I'm riding about town in the evening hours. I think they look cool, particularly when they give the impression of wheel movement. Ideally you should always be able to turn them off. Speakers are not a replacement of the beeper. They are for playing tunes as you cruise. I really enjoy the speakers on my KS14S (and when I had the C). When I'm riding trails it's just plain fun to crank the tunes on your wheel. I see zero downside because they do nothing unless you connect your music device to the wheel. You need to get out from under your rock more often
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    My grandson giving my granddaughter her first lesson.
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    I started this madness 13 months ago (started riding in August 2016). In this period I have bought 10 wheels at ~$13k I fell deep into this rabbit hole. Four of my wheels were sold along the way, allowing me to upgrade. I probably recouped about half their original cost. So that helps a little. I know there are people who have bought more wheels than me and own more than I do. But I may have the record for number of wheels bought within 1 year (9 of the ten wheels were purchased in my first 12 months) And this is why I won't be buying the Tesla anytime soon. I need to cool it for awhile
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    There is a Linkedin profile, I think it's the same person: https://www.linkedin.com/in/austin-marhold-0822a358
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    I'm always a bit sceptical when it comes to claiming "big numbers", but the batteries could actually be pouch-LiPos instead of cylindrical cells (like 18650's or others), that would make it possible to drop the weight (no metal casings) and size (no "empty" space between cells) of the packs, and they can give out far higher sustained amps and take fast charging better (way above 1C), apparently due to much lower internal resistance vs. cylindrical cells. Downside is that they're also far more dangerous than cylindrical cells Vee/EUC Extreme has been using LiPo-pouches in his custom wheels for a couple of years, and showed his chargers pumping several kilowatts into them during charging This video is over 2 years old (June 2015, charging 370Wh packs at half power, 30A per 8S pack): Well, you probably won't get much out of the video as it's in Finnish... as for the battery output, suffice to say that his custom packs have had enough power to vaporize mosfet legs in the past
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    Just a heads up, I'm (still) not dead, just haven't had much time... last few weeks have taken their toll, I've got a shiny new project at work (on top of earlier ones), and started the embedded course at the uni of applied sciences. Unfortunately, the start of the course has been a bit rocky, as we were required to come up with a project plan on the first week, and make up component lists by the end of second week (at least if we want the school to pay for some of the components), and with the new work project, I ended up doing 52-hour workweek on the first week to get things rolling, and then reading through datasheets, taking best guesses at schedules and how stuff should work, designing hardware (first time I've had to deal with calculations of designing a switching power supply, btw), picking components and writing parts of a report detailing the course project for the rest of the time, sleeping a few hours per night. It's probably too ambitious (kinda like swarm robotics, with 5 robots to build from scratch) and my project partner really isn't that experienced with electronics or programming (but otherwise well versed in natural sciences, I'm sure he could walk over me in maths and physics anytime and seems to catch up on things fast ). So, lately I've mostly been either working at work stuff or the course project or sleeping. Throw in a couple of days on the weekends where I wasn't able to do much anything but lay on the couch and stare at the ceiling Last night I slept 15 hours straight just to catch up on my sleep deprivation (2.5 hours on the night prior, the course lectures are during early Friday mornings and I head to the office straight from there for a full work day afterwards, it's been like that for the past 2-3 weeks), and it's likely going to continue on the same route for a while still. But I guess the "worst" is over now, as there aren't any that tight deadlines at least for a while. I'm so far behind on following what's been going on at the forums, that I'll likely never catch up with everything, as I still have lots of unread posts going back to something like early August, if not older. We'd "need" a newsletter that sums up bigger stuff, but I doubt anyone's willing to do that, I have no idea what's going in Gotway / KS / Ninebot -space, just glimpsed that Austin Marhold has announced a new wheel, which I guess is the current big thing...
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    That's so funny. That happened to me (only once so far). In my case I had to step off when doing some backward runs and the wheel did its little Gotway dance. Both panels came flying off. On the positive side, the plastic seems tough so it probably won't break very easily. I love the KS14S in that the wheel instantly turns into a dead animal when it falls to the ground. Why can't Gotway figure out how to stop the wheel from spinning for 5 seconds???
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    Lol those people were drunk! They cut me off! we actually locked pedals when I tried to pass him. He pushed my pedal down while he was pedaling. The guy got off his tall bike and ran it up there all slanted at an angle so it would fit. Some of the tall bikes, they just get it moving and with a step and crank of the pedal they just scramble up. Some lean them against poles or a wall and climb up them. We watched this one dishevelled girl try for about 15 mins to get up on one. She refused help and wanted to get on it by herself. She never did.
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    Okay, I went for my first test drives today. Los angeles gave the streets a rain wash this morning, and the Mten performed perfectly. The 3" wide tire is really a pleasure to ride on. It is as stable as my V5f and actually more stable at high speeds even if I wobble on the tiny tire. Any side to side motion is very brief due to the tiny tire and quite easy to turn it into a serpentine riding style if it gets bad. I have been riding it up and down the hills to the various stores to do errands today, and so far just as capable on the uneven sidewalks as the V8, and quicker or feels like it is. Turning is a bit different because the small diameter tire allows the rider to do a standing twist more than lean turn. This is really nice and stable even over large bumps. The EUC is so small that I can grab it easier between my legs and bounce with it over bumps. My V8 always seems like it has a different trajectory while going over large bumps, but the little mten stays glued to my feet and moves seemlessly from air to pavement. This thing is much easier to place in a shopping cart or keep at my feet or ride on in stores. Lastly this thing is a blast to ride backwards or practice on riding backwards depending on your skill level. It seems a little bit plastic feeling, but so far has stayed together quite well even while jumping off curbs. I will get that moulding someone posted about earlier on in this thread. Surprised that I want to say it is a great compliment/ replacement to my V8 and is even faster. Its a good use of my safety equipment riding this thing as fast as I do. This thing would be great in roller derby's. I gotta get it to the crowd out here in Alhambra, the Roller Derby Dolls. after a first day I am completely impressed! Btw I was mistaken when I said 8 days earlier for the delivery time . Actually it was 10 days after the initial order, but only 8 days after they send the shipped notice. So still fast!
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    Guys, I have been in touch with Austin Marhold last night. I don't know him personally, but I have seen his name mentioned multiple times over the last few years. I was a bit intrigued by the videos I have seen on the pulseglider. I reached out to him and he has agreed to answer some questions about his project. He will record the answers so I can use them as a collaboration video for my youtube channel. Instead of me thinking up questions alone - I might include some of your input as well. So what do you want to know about the pulseglider? I can come up with these for a start What the story behind the pulse glider? Who is Austin Marhold? What is the secret to getting this kind of range/performance with a 9kg wheel What made you choose a 12" wheel? Would 16/18 inch be better? What is the idea behind the "top" heavy design and how does it help economics ?????
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    Here's the entire process of Sliming my new KS14S wheel. 14 to 16 inch wheel: 3 ounces 18 inch wheel: 4 ounces 22 inch wheel: 8 ounces
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    Just got mine today. Took exactly 8 days after the order, so not bad at all for the wait time. Especially since I just got back into town about 8 hrs before it arrived. Idaho was beautiful but rainy. Didnt get to ride with @GoinPostal , but even if I had made it there without a 7 hr diversion thru Nevada and Utah, it wouldve rained us out after about a half hour anyway. At least they really need the rain. I still rode thru Ontario Oregon for a half hour while waiting for my truck tire to be patched. The auto molding half form can be procurred from any of the auto stores, Pep boys, Oreilly, autozone. Check the packaging to make sure its the right stuff. I think its usually trunk molding and it comes in a couple of sizes or shapes. That Ali express store @Marty Backe mentioned is the BEST!
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    At the autumn EUC contest 2017 in Moscow
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    Let her watch this: Especially the ending part of the video. Make sure she doesn't miss it.
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    Thought the group would be interested in this. Just got the new Insta360 One, a 360 camera that, among other things, has a “Freestyle Capture” mode. This allows you to record in 360 degrees, but change what stays in-frame, then export the resulting video in 1080p. Also, it has “Bullet Time” mode that allows you to swing the camera on a string or selfie stick, then export the video as a slow motion stabilized video. Here’s my quick video in my driveway-the camera is stationary: Here’s a quick Bullet Time video. I hadn’t calibrated the stitching so it’s not very smooth.
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    Whew for a moment there I thought this was going to be a thread about erectile dysfunction. I've had a car follow me around a neighbourhood I was riding around in. It kinda creeps you out when you realize you're being tailed , but you get used to it. People are curious, and lots still have no idea what these one wheeled contraptions are and have never seen one in their life. We're used to them since we're inundated with videos and forum posts so it's easy to forget how mind-blasting it is to see someone riding one "in the wild." It just defies all the laws of physics we're accustomed to so I'm not surprised people are fascinated. I just hope the rubberneckers don't get into a car accident while they are watching me...
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    In the ballpark of 4500+€ (roughly $5400) for 4 wheels + spare/custom parts, accessories and safety gear, but about 1/4th of that went into a failed custom-battery project... What can I say, it's an expensive country, and at the time I wasn't aware of 1RadWerkstatt's existence. Almost all of my trips are just recreational, sometimes in the summer I actually wish I didn't have remote work so I'd have a good reason to go riding to work and back I don't want to calculate the cost per kilometer, because that would be just depressing The "funny" thing is that I didn't even have a working wheel last summer (2016 I mean), and this summer we (again) had pretty lousy weather. Getting kinda cold to ride again, but I did go pick up some packages and then came back the "scenic route" today, wearing long johns & thin gloves under the wrist protectors, +8 Celsius, dark and slight rain outside
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    That's a pretty steep hill climb... even for Marty. You know something is going scary fast when the Chinese put on a full face helmet and wear safety gear. There's also some Monster Westerner weight testing video as well that follows... Looks like a sales video:
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    Everybody should start with a cheap wheel. Beat it to crap, don't worry about how it looks or what a beating it takes. Because your wheel will take a beating while you learn, it's just the way it works. Learning isn't easy either, it's frustrating, time-consuming, and painful. But it's all worth it.
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    Version 2.0.3: Added: - Samsung Tizen SmartWatch support, App for Watch here, thanks @julio_map, who made it! - Two average speed, one for whole time, and one with speed above 2 km/h - Power is removed from main screen, now Avg Riding Speed there. - "Ride time" now counts only when speed above 2 km/h, old "Ride Time" moved to "Journey Time" - User Distance multiwheel support (assigned to Bluethooth Mac address) Fixed: - KingSong Light switch - Some minor fixes WheelLog_16092017.apk
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    @NevNutz is many times the wheeler I am, and a dealer too. Not too many opinions on wheels I hold in higher regard than his. I haven't ridden the Pulse Glider but would of course love to, and report back what I can.
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    Congratulations! The Mten 3 is a hoot to ride and very easy to work on. For instance if you need to quickly remove the black plexiglass covers to inspect the leds no tools are necessary. Just miss a pedal during your mount and when Mten stops spazzing around on the ground the covers are off. Easy!
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    I don't think you are quite realising what is going on here. Lithium Ion chargers do not "drop to zero" they do this: hold the current at the maximum (1.5 Amps in this case). The voltage slowly rises as the cells charge. When the voltage reaches the maximum, hold the voltage at the maximum (4.2 V x no of cells) which should be 84V in this case. As the cell voltages rise closer and closer to 4.2V per cell the current slowly drops. At some point the charger goes from red to green to indicate the battery is charged. This will be triggered by the current dropping to somewhere around 100mA to 200mA. That is all that happens, current continues to flow and the cells continue getting closer to 4.2V. Not all cells are made equal, some will reach 4.2V before others do. The BMS will shunt those cells to halt the voltage increase, allowing lower cells to continue charging like this if the charger gets above 84V then when all cells have reached 4.2V all of the BMS shunts will turn on and shunt current around the cells. They cannot handle a lot of current, typically around 30-50mA. If the charger stops at 84V then current will slowly drop to zero, but it is an exponential curve, in theory it will take infinite time to get infinitesimally low. The BMS may cut charging on the input side, but I doubt 84.5V would be enough to trigger that function if it exists on the BMS.
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    A quick google search told me it would look something like this..........................
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    I'm using IOS 11 and all my bluetooth devices work, my 14c connects just fine as well. If this is really bugging you, I would be willing to send my 14c in exchange for your 18s, because I cannot bare to see you bothered by this.
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    I was riding home from the park earlier today, so I pulled in my drive way and while I was trying to find my key in my bagpack this car pulled up in my driveway, I though it was jehova witness so I waited till he got out of his car to see what he's gonna say and his first words were "I been following you" 😧 and wanted to to ask me questions about the unicycle, so he asked me some questions and told me how cool he thought it was, Then he left. I have had people stop in traffic to ask me questions and not care who's behind them but never have I had someone follow me to my house hahahaha, crazy
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    I tried my new King Song KS-18s 1640Wh and decided to make a video of its cruising speed. I'm 6.2 feet tall and 210 pounds. So far, it's very stable, reliable, fun etc. Link for the video is below:
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    I'll only quit if I become disabled (hopefully not because of an EUC ) It's like I took the Red Pill. There's no going back for me. @meepmeepmayer - yeah right. You're going to quit
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    Some pics from last Sunday. Including the obligatory "cow looks at ACM" pic of the day. A cold and occasionally rainy day (had to wait under a tree for a bit for a strong rain cloud to pass, and it was light raining some of the time, but the wind dries that quickly), but riding was needed anyways. I can only repeat myself: if you think it's too bad weather to ride, wrap up, do it anyways, and you'll love it and be glad you didn't stay at home. EUCing is not a warm/good weather only activity at all! The ACM is in every picture, find it if you can
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    Give it a shot....email to 1radwerkstatt.de and ask if they could replace the BMS!!! It is nonsense to put this Batterie cells to garbage! A BMS is just about 20-30 bucks plus Installation costs! No Need for pay for complete new pack! I have done a Batterie upgrade there for my MsuperV3 67Volt...and 1rad could even have that exact right and needed BMS for you in there store....(leftover from mine!)
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    Maybe it's just my age but I'm happiest cruising at 20->25kph. I have eucs that can easily go a lot faster and have tried faster speeds on occasion just for test purposes but I know the maximum speed that I have at least a chance of keeping my feet under me during an unplanned dismount. With only one wheel under you any minor fault or problem (something that can affect any mechanical devise no matter how well it's put together) is instantly catastrophic and I do not wish to become a candidate for the Darwin awards!
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    In the interests of science (and because I forgot my work pass today so got an extra ride home and back this morning) I managed to test my V8 at 30% bettery to determine the tiltback speed. 47% 29.89kph 41% 29.19kph 38% 28.56kph 30% 28.01kph 29% 27.87kph 28% 27.85kph Several of these tilback alerts came as I was accelerating out of a curve and some of those were immediatley preceeded by a high current draw alert. In particular when I came out a curve at 30% battery the first alert I received was "High load at speed 27.41 and current 24.99" followed by "Tiltback at speed 28.14 at limit 28.01". 24.99 Amps! And honestly I wasn't really even leaning hard into the wheel! Think about that for a second. The V8 is equipped with LG MH1 batteries (rated at 10A max discharge current) in a 2 parallel configuration (2 x 10A = 20A max discharge current for the pack). At a 24.99A draw I was pulling 25% more power from each cell bank than the manufacturer rated and I wasn't even trying. This is on a fairly new wheel (2 months) with 250km on it and just a handful of charges on the cells. This is probably why I got through this without a fall. Knowing this I feel that if you accelerated hard at 25kph and with only 30% battery on a wheel with 1000 miles on it (multiple charges and some aging of the cells) you quite simply overwhelmed the ability of the battery pack to supply the required amount of power to the motor. The wheel could not provide the torque to catch up your lean and you faceplanted. The V8 is a great wheel but it has limitations. It is a mid range wheel and you are asking high end performance from it. If you want to be doing >25kph and still lean hard you need to look at a KS16S or better still a 18S or one of the Gotway models.Oh and pad up to the hilt.
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    A little fun between house chores
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    I thought about that too. The problem though is that it depends on the rider to a very large extend. From the geometry viewpoint it is easy to see the wheel diameter is instrumental. A 3 inch curb with a 3 inch wheel means you have to climb straight vertically 1.5 inch until the axle is on the level of the curb (assuming there is no deformation of the tire). Tire size matters a little, because a wider tire has more deformation tolerance which also smoothens the upward path and it protects the rim better. For the curb shown in the vid, the speed limiting factor would be for me wheel diameter with a 14" wheel and fear of rim damage with a 16" wheel 2.125 tire (below 50 PSI). That is, the Ninebot Z fat tire would be an advantage in this case.
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    My fast charger is generating a bit of heat. And someone is pretty happy about that.