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    My shopping yesterday. Guess which was the heaviest
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    Just got my MTen3 and loving it like the rest of you are so far! Some things no one seems to be mentioning though: 1. The stock, Symmetrical Tire they include on the MTen3 is really the wrong tire for a small 10" EUC. Most every EUC out there sports a Directional Tire (arrow on the sidewall) which give more directional stability, something the MTen3 (with it's tendency for squirrel-i-ness) sorely needs. Not sure how prevalent 10" x 2.75" (or maybe even 3" wide, as there might be enough clearance) is as a tire size, but I know I at least will be searching for a Directional tread alternative ASAP. 2. As with all Gotways, the MTen3 will do pedal swaps! As it helps to have a wider base / wider feet positioning (basically not touching the side padding) to stabilize a smaller 10" tire going at speed (combating the squirrel-i-ness), I find the MSuper3 pedals significantly help with this (along with favoring one leg weight over the other). ... and the pedal arm positioning is high enough that there is no noticeable / incidental pedal scraping.
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    We have an order of MTen3 under production with Gotway, pushing them to complete before the 1st October Chinese Holiday—the entire country shuts down several times a year.... If all goes to plan, we should have the shipment arriving in the US sometime in late October. You can pre-order either the 325Wh or 512WH on our website. Our prices are better than those you'll find on Ali. https://www.ewheels.com/new-mten3-the-10-rocket-512wh800w-motor/
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    Was riding down the sidewalk at 5pm in Seattle. Approaching an alley a little faster than I normally would - there was a cop there to direct traffic out of the alley (and alley opposite) and he wasn't waving anyone forward. Looked clear. As I was nearing to cross, a car came up the alley - a little faster than he should have. I saw him at the last second. He saw me also. We both stopped. I did what someone here called a "power stop". I leaned back hard and pushed back with my legs. The wheel cut out due to overload/overlean. I ended up on my butt (uninjured). The wheel skidded forward a few feet (also uninjured). The cop commented: "that was a fast stop"! (As I was getting up off the sidewalk.) I'm usually super careful at alleys, coming almost to a stop until I can see it was clear. I guess the cop there gave me a false sense of confidence.
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    I have a fully working V3C (144Wh) that I've been thinking about selling. But for the future, the procedure is disconnect batteries, try to start the EUC to discharge the capacitors, then you can take stuff out. You NEVER remove stuff from the EUC with the batteries connected, that is a disaster waiting to happen. If you're interested in my V3C (it has about two months of use on it, and only very superficial scratches), send me a PM.
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    A stroll through my local park.
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    Didn't even know there's such a thing as "mountain biking shoes". Must research now... If you want to die, sure
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    Just went out for a ride with my Shimano SPD Mountain biking shoes. It was extremely comfortable and felt great on the wheel. I’m assuming since the shoes are designed to function as the pedal when on the bike the stiffness translated well to riding the EU.
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    I cannot emphasise enough what @esaj and @Scatcat said above. There are absolutely massive amounts of power in these batteries. Significant voltages and low enough internal resistance that instantaneous current can be well above arc welder levels. At the very least serious burns to yourself can occur, at worst you could burn your house down. These batteries also are not easily put out if they do catch fire as they are capable of releasing oxygen whilst burning. Surprisingly, considering you will be dealing with an electrical fire, the advice airlines give their staff if this happens in a 'plane is to use water as your aim is to get temperature down and prevent the heat passing from cell to cell causing a cascade of explosions and fires. You should always isolate the battery before working on anything and take the greatest care not to short anything. One great danger is that a short could weld itself thus making it impossible to remove the short. I'll never forget seeing a pair of pliers ( for some reason called 81's in British Telecom!) accidentally welded to a telephone exchange bus bar and that's only 50V lead acid batteries - bloody great big ones - but only 50V! As to replacing the battery and control board, do consider that you cannot be sure that the short did not also put a massive current through one of the motor windings (unless you had disconnected those) so it is possible a motor coil might also be damaged - probably unlikely, but possible.
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    I was going to edit the above post to add things, but since the way to do it nowadays for everyone seems to be to make a new post and get insane post counts with very little content, I'll go that route too... As for the effort required to put them on and taking off, an example I can offer is from yesterday morning. I was riding to school early in the morning, about +7C outside, and my hands were cold. I had forgotten to put on thin woollen gloves I use under the Flexmeters, but luckily I had them in my jacket pocket. So, while riding down a long stretch of road that only curves around a bit and has good visibility, I peeled back my jacket sleeve, took off the left hand Flexmeter, placed it under my armpit to hold it, fished the gloves from my jacket pocket, put on the glove, put on the flexmeter and then repeat it for other hand. All this while following the edge of the road, so I'd say they're pretty easy to put on and take off... well, yeah, of course it matters that I've used them for such a long time, might not be that easy if you've only just got them.
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    I wonder how much it would realistically cost to start an electric unicycle company in either the US or Europe from scratch and bring a product to market? I can imagine there is a very long list of skills and resources required, especially if you are going to match or exceed the competition. The abbreviated accounts for Uniwheel Ltd (June 2015 - September 2016) are available via the UK Companies House website (uploaded end of June 2017) which may or may not give an indication of the kind of expenditure made by such a startup, although sadly with Uniwheel I don't think the product was ever released. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09657577/filing-history
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    you must unlock the speed limit.. just go to speed limit decoding in the app, copy your vehicle serial number and then paste that here http://electricunicycle.org/kingsongunlocker/ under "ISN value" it will give you a code under "unlock code" copy that unlock code, go back into the app and paste the code into the code for authorization.. should be unlocked now, then go back into speed limit setup and movie up the ollie speed firstly, then set your speed limit alarms to something less than the ollie.. if you only want one speed limit alarm like i have mine set to, set the class 1 and class 2 to "0" and then move up the class 3 to anything you like, it will beep at you once you reach that speed.. ollie speed means the maximum speed that the uni will let you go before forcing you to slow down.. do not ever set that to 0 lol
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    Cool, is that Forest Park?
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    Thanks a lot for vouching for us, guys! We do indeed do our best to deliver to our local customers on the same day, stock the parts, provide repair service and let you try before you buy. Welcome to EUC.NYC Family, Kevin!
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    With the M. Becke seal of approval & a title of 'Buy one Now!!!' it was remiss of me to not have posted earlier. Seems like the post-MSuper/ACMs+ GW firmware fiasco cooling off period has ended—like a spouse unable to keep away from a battered relationship, the lure of the latest shiny new GW model is all too strong to resist!
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    With all the various EUCs available on the market, what makes you believe that people will want to buy the Pulse Glider instead? What makes it more special than the competition? It has been stated that assembly and QC will be based in the US. Is this to help protect IP, maintain quality assurance, and to avoid the Chinese from cloning the PG? How will you be able to stay competitive in terms of pricing when the Chinese have mastered cheap manufacturing at the factory level? Due to the high cost of batteries alone, won't an US made Pulse Glider even top Solowheel retail pricing? If the PG is that much better, you can bet the Chinese will obtain one to copy it. Once that happens, how will you keep US-made PG's competitive? Could you detail some of your experiences and education that has allowed you to embark on such an ambitious project? What are your qualifications? What has been your investment personally so far in this project? Do you have a business plan, and could you detail what steps you will be taking and what contingencies you have in place in the event a problem develops? Looking back at the UniWheel project, how will your company be different and how will you avoid leaving investors and people placing pre-orders hanging with empty promies? Without giving away too many secrets, how will your Pulse Glider be that much better than your competition? What's going to make people think damn I want to buy that Pulse Glider instead of that Gotway, Ninebot, InMotion, or KingSong wheel? Pricing now is already averaging around the $1300-1500 USD mark for a good performance wheel. Where will the Pulse Glider be priced at? How will customers deal with warranty repairs? Will you have a dealer network in place to help with repairs and to obtain spare parts? Will there always be spare parts available for older models or will they be left orphaned like the KS18A? What successful and unsuccessful projects have you completed? Why did they succeed or fail? Could you tell us how determined you are to complete the PG project and pursue it to fruition? New start-ups these days can often be short-lived leaving investors hanging (eg. Lily Drone). How will your company be different? What is your mission statement and personal goals?
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    Outtorquing the IPS lhotz with 80 kg while hard braking is quite easily possible, guess how I know... The motor is actually more of estimated 500W nominal spec.
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    Hmm, 80 kg rider (= ~100 kg with wheel) at 15 km/h braking to a stop in one second (which isn't short) needs 1736 W of power. 20 km/h makes it 3086 W. So I guess, hard braking can overpower pretty much any wheel. 32 cells on the Lhotz, means 15A per cell for 1000W. (I think that's probably nonsense) Battery might have folded first. No guarantee on these numbers or their interpretation, I'm a noob. -- No idea how much motor power would be needed so the wheel would loose traction on pavement rather than the motor being overpowered. A lot, probably. -- Conclusion: everybody lobby for 5000W nominal wheels with 5000Wh batteries that can go 100 km/h. For safety!
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    Protective Cover for Self Balancing Electric Scooter Kingsong KS18 and Rockwheel GT16 $90/E76
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    I'm always happy to save some money, but with more expensive stuff, personally I'll get it at least inside the EU-zone, as usually after shipping, customs duties & VAT, imported goods aren't that much cheaper anymore and in case of trouble, the warranties (likely) work better in western countries But each to their own... Like Jason points out above in this thread, there are lots of costs regarding importing (not to mention rent & utilities etc, if you ran a brick&mortar -store, and probably lots of more "smaller" side-costs that come with running a business). Also, at least an European seller has to deal with much more stricter consumer protection laws, so they may sometimes have to pay for warranty repairs out of their own pocket, if the manufacturer says it's not under warranty or such, and then need to put a little bit more extra on the prices to cover for such cases, and make some profit in the way to support themselves / pay wages if they have workers etc. I seriously doubt selling wheels is a "gold mine" for any of the western sellers, despite the prices being higher than in Asia. They aren't really a "big volume" product that is being sold in large quantities, which also pushes up the price a bit (low sales -> have to charge more per wheel to make a living). When it comes to "exclusive" -deals, it's a bit different matter... that sounds like a "gray area" monopoly (aren't monopolies usually illegal, unless driven by a government? ). Like the whole InMotion/SoloWheel -deal in the US, what happens now if a US customer orders an Inmotion from China? Or if some other seller in US sells "plain" Inmotions without Solowheel -stickers? I undestand they can't sell them as "Solowheels", but the OEM is still Inmotion...
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    Wow, you put MSuper pedals on. So funny, but good to know that pedal scraping hasn't increased noticeably. I do like that Gotway has standardized on their pedal brackets so that we can do things like this. The stock pedals work great for me, and the red rubber inserts really help to keep my feet stuck to the pedals. Regarding the tire, I have been looking at other 10 inch tires - there are lots of options out there, which surprised me. Maybe at some point I'll experiment a bit.
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    We've been over this before, again wrong way around... the spark occurs BECAUSE the MB capacitors are discharged. Were they charged to the same voltage as the battery pack, no spark should occur, as there'd be no voltage difference and thus no current flowing (I = U/R, current = voltage difference over resistance)... What the anti-spark connectors do is charge the capacitors to same voltage as the battery pack through a resistor before the final very, very low resistance connection is made.
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    For the very few who know me, I was wearing protective gear and did not get hurt during this. Nevertheless, I thought it would be useful to others if they saw how this happened. During a pleasant ride on the closed portion of the 39 out in Falling Springs northeast of Pasadena, I experienced a cutout after hitting a little pit and bump in the road. I was wearing a gopro on my helmet that caught the incident. You will notice that I immediately tried to recover, and slow down to reduce potential injury. While slowing down, it cut out which led to me falling on my butt. The wheel powered back on after it dumped me but fortunately did not go off the edge of the mountain. My location was at the following link (a great place to ride, but doing so at your own risk considering this portion of the road is closed to "pedestrians, or any motor driven cycle"): https://goo.gl/maps/vGgr66msUJR2
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    I've had my Flexmeters for over 2 years, bought early in summer of 2015, although they didn't see much use in the summer of 2016 (no working wheel, just some rides with a friends' KS16B), in total I'd guess I've put them on and taken them off hundreds of times, and taken a couple of falls palms first, although not from very high speeds. The worst damage from falls has been a small cut in my pinky (in 2015), I guess it would have been much worse without the guards. On mine there's some wear & tear, in general they're still OK, but the fabric at the left-hand one has torn partially on the sides near the skid plate. I think that's because I have this weird habit of fiddling around with the left hand skid plate sometimes when riding, no idea why I do that No D30-markings on mine.
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    (Once you’ve properly ‘unlocked’ the speed as posted above.) And to keep yourself from going insane from listening to constant beeping while riding, set the Class 1 & 2 alarms at ‘0’ and the Class 3 alarm about 3 or 4 below whatever you have the ‘Ollie’ speed set at. This way, you will only hear ‘beeping’ just before approaching the ‘Ollie’ or tiltback speed.
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    I don't have an Inmotion or parts for it, but I'd be interested to know if you have any idea why the battery exploded? You took the mainboard and the battery out from the wheel, but did you still leave them connected... do you think the battery could have been still shorted over the mainboard? I guess the BMS safeties are either very lacking, or got burned in the initial short and the battery remained shorted, causing it to heat up and finally explode. A good reminder for everyone to be careful with the batteries, even "empty" ones (unless the cells are totally dead at 0V, they can still hold enough charge to cause a fire or explode).
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    So glad you made the point that your prices will be competitive with Ali. Many members including myself did purchase our Mten3's through Ali because of the availability but if a poll were taken today and you stocked the wheels in a similar time frame as Ali the majority of us would much rather purchase through your company! Knowing your excellent reputation and customer service I myself would gladly wait a few more weeks for an EWheels shipment to arrive. Having the spare parts available for the wheels I purchase from you has always been big plus! Knock it out of the park buddy!
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    I have been through this process on 2 different chinese online sellers... Like said, the only reason they do this is to avoid credit card scam. They are not looking out for COMPLETE copys of the required documents...on both times i gave them a copy of my identy card, but with only my name and adress visible(which they have anyway) and all the numbers, id‘s have been totaly blacked out. And a copy of a stupid bill, where my adress and the credit card number can be seen. (but nothing else) The hole purpose of this is just to check if there is a real person behind this credit card, not to grab your identy card numbers or anything else of personal information.... Your credit card number can get easily stolen when you slide it somewhere through, and there can be a copy of your credit card on the roads then...why european sellers or american dont do this checks? i would guess that in the states the credkit card fraud is not that often(from adresses IN the states) and even if...they can get a grab of the user/adress, as its in there nearby. This credit card scam is known to happen in China/Asia mainly...And also: who knows what american/european online sellers require from a buyer from china/asia , so from other side of the world? As this check happened the first time to me, i was very upset also, and contacted the service of the company...they then explained it better, and made clear they were not out for complete copy’s or more data. When thinking a bit longer about it, i -at least- understand the motivation behind it. In the end none of the companys got any more information as they would have before...ah, no, they have seen a ugly some years old identity card photo :-) Yes, it is not consumer friendly....but in the end its just for getting rid of credit card scam in asia, and as i want to take part in global buying perhaps its just needed then. They could definitly describe their motivation better...... Dont be to happy about Paypal....there you can run in -a lot - of other problems, and obviously some of the advantages of credit cards are completly missing.....but this would be a new thread :-)
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    Did you push the "set the default settings" button in the developer app after putting in the serial number? I had to set the tiny fonts on in android settings to reveal a 4th button in the developer app that set it to default settings. after this the wheel worked again.
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    The Mten3 is perfect for taking with you. I've been throwing mine in the back seat of my car, etc. It is absolutely nothing like the Luffy. Only a slight resemblance. You can think of the Mten3 as a miniaturized version of an ACM - lots of power, torque, etc. For example, I think the Luffy has a 350w motor versus the 800w motor of the Mten3. The Mten3 has a ring light and extremely powerful headlamp (Luffy has nothing). They really are apples and oranges. @Jason McNeil has decided to sell the Mten3. Checkout Ewheels where he talks a bit more about it, and do yourself a favor and buy one (you can thank me later ). I'm convinced that anyone who rides this wheel will fall in love with the pure fun of riding it along with the practical aspects - it can move you from point A to point B very fast if need be, and A & B can be 18 miles apart.
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    The smartphone on a long stick gimbal offers a lot of interesting views and angles. Very unique!
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    Add to the list of EUC advantages: More economical transportation = more money available for massages!
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    Fantastic Jason, and those are good prices. So much nicer to buy locally (you) versus from China. I'm glad you decided to carry this "Rocket" as you call it Where were you a month ago I hope you sell a ton these. Everyone should experience the fun factor of these wheels. It's been a month since I've touched my ACM or Monster, and barely the MSuper. What's wrong with me
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    You can also get the carbon fiber looking 3/4" strips and place it over the glossy black part for a full carbon fiber look. They are fender and door moldings and the biggest selection around me was at Pep boys, but the others both had the carbon fiber ribbon. It has 3M sticky stuff on the back for quick installation, and is easy to both cut and bend to shape. I did my own version of the half moon molding. Its around $20, and will look professional. I also picked up a little convex mirror for my wrist guard as a rear view mirror since I never ride without them and I ride on the streets.
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    Why is the working day sooooo long....The V8 and gear waiting to roll. Looking forward to the ride home! 6 hrs and counting.
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    My kingsong ks-18s was 1000€ cheaper from the rockwheel store then from the official Belgium dealer... It was sent to me and I didn't need to pay additional taxes or transport costs...
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    So all the people in this Forum (and elsewhere) who bought the Mten3 from the Green shop on Aliexpress are riding bad wheels I better throw mine in the trash The Mten3 is a fantastic wheel.
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    Playing advocate, there's a couple disadvantages that local Dealers have to contend with when competing with Ali: Taxes & Duty: it's been my experience at the individual package level, the Ali sellers place a negligible declaration value on the product, while legitimate sellers must pay 21% VAT on declared value & an additional 6% duty for importing into the EU. These taxes are factored into the higher sticker price. Airfreight: for almost two years, any large battery device has to be flown in as Dangerous Goods class 9, the commercial rate for this is priced at >$10/kg, compared to $4/kg for regular airfreight from China to most EU destinations. On a Wheel like the KS16S or Tesla, factoring in the dimensional weight, the going rate is >$300. Do some CN sellers mis-classify goods in order to get reduced freight rates to make it more economical? Parts & Service: the probability of a Wheel requiring warranty servicing within the first year is substantial. Some EU countries, by law, have to provide a two year warranty. The manufacturers that I have worked with make no allowance for on-site warranty parts. The process is that the Dealer must purchase parts themselves, deal with getting defective Wheels repaired & out the door, & then apply for the replacement spare parts in the next order. Turn-around times from order placement to delivery is usually 7-8 weeks, which means that to have an adequate supply of parts can require an investment of tens-of-thousands of dollars for several different models/variants. Exclusivities: where the seller has to procure through a Distributor, who takes a cut of the margin, it obviously has quite a big impact on the local prices.
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    Fantastic location to ride! Got any more video of that ride/area? This tiny bump (didn't see much of a pothole or anything in the video) should not have led to a cut-out. You weren't even going that fast or anything taxing. Downhill is basically free. How much was the battery approximately? This looks suspiciously like the oscillation issue. When and where did you buy your wheel? Can you post a photo of the sticker on the box (the serial number, which is under the bar code, starts with the production date, which is the interesting part)? Maybe your wheel is affected, this would mean any bump could lead to a repeat - be careful! Then you'd need to re-flash your board or get a reflashed one to be safe.
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    Also, see @trya's comparison between the Luffy and the Mten3
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    That they can get super cheap phones running an operating system that is given away by Google for free and whose phone’s OS can’t be upgraded?
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    I'm using IOS 11 and all my bluetooth devices work, my 14c connects just fine as well. If this is really bugging you, I would be willing to send my 14c in exchange for your 18s, because I cannot bare to see you bothered by this.
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    I'll only quit if I become disabled (hopefully not because of an EUC ) It's like I took the Red Pill. There's no going back for me. @meepmeepmayer - yeah right. You're going to quit
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    My grandson giving my granddaughter her first lesson.
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    Thank you. The price is what I expected though he has gone back to Gotway asking them why their price is so high when prices have dropped recently. As I said previously the batteries are the most expensive part of an EUC. He's just rang and he's going to stick just one of his demo model batteries in (to lower the costs) and give it a ride. He's also going to replace the motor connectors as after his 1000 miler the ones on his and Jon's Monsters had warped and he knows I use mine a lot with it being my main transport. I can look into either getting the last battery in the New Year or see if I can get the damaged ones repaired as he said he can send those back in case I want to try and get them fixed. It's just the safety factor of transporting and storing them. Ian has said about sending the batteries back so I can send them for repair. My only issue is when they come back trying to connect them again. I don't fancy a repeat of the last time.
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    I got my Mten3 today and rode it for about 20 minutes. My impression is very good, I support all the Marty's statements about this wheel, although I can't say that I'm as exited as Marty What I like the most - is the power in a small and extremely agile wheel. I wanted a small wheel for quite a long time, and this is actually my third wheel < 14". The first one was IPS A130, the second - Gotway Luffy. My impressions about IPS A130 can be found here: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/666-ips-a130/#comment-21972 Luffy feels close to A130, i.e. the power is about the same, but it is more agile due to its 10" (vs 12" on IPS). I probably can add a few comments by comparing Luffy and Mten3. Power: there is no comparison, Luffy is weak compared to Mten3. I can easily overpower Luffy by over-leaning backward when switching from forward to backward, not so on Mten3. I feel on Mten3 about the same as on my old and extremely reliable MCM2s. They have very similar feel (in terms of power), but, of course, Mten3 is a lot more agile. Agility: Luffy and Mten3 feel about the same, very tight and quick turns, easy to ride slow, great maneuvering. However, on Luffy one has to be careful with acceleration/deceleration and reversing - there is real danger of overpowering the wheel, the riding style has to be smooth, non-aggressive. Speed: I probably wouldn't dare to go over 25kmh on such a small (albeit unstable) wheel unless I'm on ideal surface. Both wheels can do 25, and even though Mten3 can go beyond that - I doubt that I will ever use that. On KS18 30kmh feels like not fast enough, but on 10" - 20 feels like too fast Pedals: great on Mten3 and OK on Luffy (smaller but comfy enough). Luffy's pedals are a lot lower - this is a disadvantage compared to Mten3, but may not be a big deal if one maitains the smooth riding style. Weight/Size: Luffy is significantly lighter and smaller, even though both wheels are 10". One can easily carry Luffy in the backpack - but I wouldn't do this with Mten3, as it is a heavier and bulkier. You can walk with Luffy in hand for a long time - not so easy with Mten3. Light: great on Mten3, no light on Luffy. Battery: on 200Wh Luffy I rode for 15+ km, Mten3 will probably ride me for 30-40 km. Body: similar shape on both wheels, Mten3 is more polished, but I think that the black plastic is too weak and can break easily (have to be proven), also it is connected to the white one very unreliably and you can detach it easily with two fingers (and as easy to snap it back)... I don't like this flimsy connections. Tire: great wide tire on Mten3, I think I will be able to ride wet sand on the beach, probably better than my 14" wheels. This is just an assumption, it has to be tested. Price: Luffy is about half the price of Mten, and this is fair. Surprises: due to fat tire you can almost stand still on Mten3 with a little twisting or very small pendulum. I didn't expect it, but I was able to do on Mten3 all the tricks I can do on 14"+ wheels (not that I do many) - various reverse movements, one leg, and even one leg backward/forward on the "wrong side"! However, I like V5F+ better for tricks - perhaps because I'm not used to Mten3 yet. The bottom line: even though both wheels are 10" - in my view they are in different categories. Luffy would work better as the "last mile transporation" device - if all you need is to ride it from train/bus to the office, or around the campus, and easily carry it around while walking. Also Luffy is a great wheel for kids. Mten3 is a fun wheel, as Marty describes it. It is very good for riding "for pleasure" as one of the wheels in your quiver In my view, by its "functionality" it might be close to 14" light wheels (MCM2, V5) - however, due to its agility - it feels a lot different. Given that I use wheels for fun, I think that I'll part with my Luffy