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    I regularly get tired of explaining in the Russian forum - what's the difference why the wheel broke? This is the marriage of the manufacturer. If it's a lot - the manufacturer sucks. I honestly sold both RockWheel and two years of GotWay, but I was very tired of the delirium that occurs with the GotWay. Even riders in the Russian Federation already understand that GotWay makes a disgusting quality. You, the majority, living in a civilized Europe or America - continue to argue with the fact that it will do so. No, it will not. The manufacturer must be responsible for its quality. His marriage and low quality can not be covered - "but he makes fast wheels." So what's the difference how a beginner "burned" the tester? That's for me personally no. This is the marriage of the manufacturer. I am the exclusive distributor of Inmotion and Kingsong since the summer of 2016, but I continued to sell GotWay so that the riders had a choice. And regularly argued with Inmotion and kingsong because of this. They forced me to refuse, but I resisted and sold. But what I was shown sales in 2017 - I was shocked. Here are the statistics. So do not do business. This is a complete absurdity. 33%. Claims, refunds, a blow to my reputation. I do not care about the reputation of the GotWay. But almost every breakdown in the Russian Federation was brought back to my reputation as a seller. You can try as much as you want to protect a low quality, but it will not get any better from it, unfortunately. Next, I drop out of the discussion, since you are not my sales market and convince you of the obvious to me is not very interesting. Also, my English is not so good as to communicate with you on equal terms and give arguments.
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    At that price I would buy it just to decorate. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love‘s Flammybot would look pale in comparison.
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    Introducing the new Gotway Monster EXTREME (not really)
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    With some persuasion, King Song sent him a 14D last week
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    I love unicycling.
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    Sorry, I bought out the inventory. Kidding... It was a thought, buying directly from the KS/GW/IM factories in large order quantities, a $299 S1 was the best deal around. Effective today, & the next week, all the Wheels on eWheels.com are going to be discounted by $25 & a free set of eWheels branded wrist-guards thrown in as well. Might not be the 50% from Segway, but if you've had your eye on a 16S/14D/14S/18S/MTen3, you're not going to find better prices in North America.
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    There most definetely is, and since this was a beginner, this can also be the reason why the full story is not revealed, beginners usually makes the "ohno" mistakes. I Would not be suprised if there was for example a situation like this behind the burned tesla: "aw man im tired of not being able to balance more than 10 met..HEY i wonder if i can burn rubber if i push against the wall while applying force to the wheel?"
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    I have! Just never thought to film it. Now I’ll be forced to do it backwards so I don’t look like a copycat.
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    Uhhmmmm.... Actually rode like this for about a kilometer to the garden waste disposal site. When you go above 20 kph with an empty wheelbarrow, it becomes quite jumpy.
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    As a more experienced rider looking back, I'm not so sure buying a really good first wheel is an optimal path because there are many times I could have fried my wheel but didn't. I simply didn't know better, and have great difficulty just staying on my wheel to be much concerned about anything else. Buy the S1, bash it up learning, and then buy a proper wheel. The $300 is training cost, with the bonus that you keep the wheel. Much better than learning on a KS14/16/Tesla, not saying they pop easily but instead the cost of mistakes is 4x as great. Damn, I'm kicking myself for not impulse buying. Always listen to your gut, it's hardly ever wrong.
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    The wheel is good. The seller (maybe) and Amazon reviewers are a disaster. People who try to ride for 10 seconds and then conclude it's impossible, people who give low rating because of delivery delay or damaged package, etc. Better trust some knowledgable opinions (here) than Amazon reviewers. Ninebots and the S2 are boring, but safe (and cheap), and seem to be pretty reliable. At least I haven't heard anything else. So either the Ninebot people don't post here, or it's not that bad. Anyone who wants to get a beginner wheel for little money, this offer is fantastic. Sure, you get a much better 14D for more than twice the price (almost 3 times)... but for 300 this is quite the steal. Nothing to complain about in my book
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    Don't victim-blame the buyers. If a noob can manage to fry the wheel (and I don't assume they do crazy jackass tests with their new 1000+ moneys device just to see what happens), then the wheel should not have fried. Same for selling. If you sell a wheel, it has to work. You can't blame the buyers for buying something you sell, even if you warn them about something you sell. How ridiculous is that? Or does the store page say "not usable for what we say it is good for"? I don't expect it to do that.
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    Unfortunately, in my experience, people who bought from me GotWay very often just look at the characteristics and buy, then when it breaks - they are with big claims. During the purchase managers explain everything to him and talk about quality, but customers consider themselves smarter than others and buy by characteristics. And then they blame the dealer. Here it is classics.
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    Amazon has easy free shipping return policies so you're covered if you get a dud. Remember to go through Ebates.com or .ca (in Canada) for cashback. I got like $78 when I bought my Tesla from AliExpress by going through the Ebates click-through link.
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    And to imagine that you weren't going to buy this wheel "because it had nothing to offer you due to its limited battery." I knew it was inevitable. Now imagine if they tweaked the side panels to increase the battery capacity to 1600 Wh or higher...
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    That was a great review of the S1 S2 A1 whatever. Now I know what the main thing is that is not attractive to me. It's too white and no pads. But seems to be good quality. Looks like the IPS Zero.
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    I have a Ninebot One E+ which is the 16" older big brother to the 14" S2/S1/A1/Letterconfusion. Mine has a 320 Wh battery pack while these S2's have newer, fancy plastic encased (like a laptop) removable battery packs with a combined 310 Wh. I think it was targeted to people looking for a lighter, smaller wheel that maybe they could take onto an aircraft. The S1 lacks the comfy side panels for the legs, but you can get add-on pads for the sides and front/back. The S1 I believe also has a handy cut-off when you lift the handle. Ninebot One E+ (Flame Edition) Ninebot One S1(Pasty White Edition)
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    A beautiful late November day for a nice Tesla ride
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    Incredible, the S1 is listed for just $299! The S1 is the best thing to happen, nearly everyone who owns one wants to upgrade, go faster The primary materials periodic elements that go into the Wheel probably cost more than this! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M1SFFNE
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    Well that was cool. Who covers a bike trail for 400 yards? What was that all about? Under the approach to an airport runway?
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    An easy preventative measure could be the addition of an inline XT60 50-60A fuse. It's surely got to be a better solution than jury-rigging a conductive bridge between the packs for every turnstile encounter. Come on Gotway, get your act together, this is elementary level Electronics here!
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    From the package into a turnstile in 3 minutes. Must have been a beginner's mistake
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    @Marty Backe You are not alone with your Problem......on the French Forum the same battery fault happend to someone after 3 (in words: Three) minutes after taking his Mten3 out of package: https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/3967-mten3-batterie-cramée-résolu/?do=findComment&comment=82309 @allMten Owners: You should really check your battery!!!
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    Ovviamente dissento completamente e nello stesso tempo concordo pienamente . La colpa è esclusivamente del rider . Se poi vogliamo nasconderci dietro pagliuzze. ..ben venga. Ricordi quando il barone voleva sbloccare non so che ruota ? gli ho fatto il sermone. Per me non c'è differenza fra chi disabilita il tilt back via sblocchi crack o con un semplice click sull'app. Un rider che disabilita il tilt back ..fà la sua scelta. Così come se decide di ignorare il tilt back cosa che rende ancora più vicino il momento del cut-off causa maggior consumo . Il dislivello poteva essere anche di mezzo millimetro o esserci 0.5 mm di acqua .. se sei allimite è una rulette russa a base di ampere ...anche un colpo di vento puo bastare. Mi sembra quindi non si possa parlare di un problema ne software ne hardware, visto che succederebbe con qualsiasi ruota spinta vicino alla massima velocità del motore. Possiamo parlare di limiti dovuti alla teconologia e alle leggi fisiche...quello si... e tu li conosci bene Ai clienti che comprano gotway spiego poche cose , una di questa è la velocita max di sicurezza da tenere e nei casi in cui è successo il cut-off si sono assunti la responsabilità e imparato la lezione . A volte le parole non bastano. per il resto lo sai anche io sono per i 20km/h ...ma no law no changes ..leggevo a tal proposito un articolo ieri http://www.20min.ch/ro/news/geneve/story/21995104
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    @Marty Backe , great video! That Tesla looks like one mean machine. I like how you swapped out the usual white sneakers for black ones. Gotta go full ninja on that wheel
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    Also remember we are dealing with small numbers of customers here in total so it may be hard to see how big the reliability problem really is. Let's imagine that 20 percent of all Teslas fail and require service or replacement. That's a huge number but "just" 1 out of 5, meaning there could still be 4 out of 5 happy Tesla users posting in this forum who are baffled about why the others complain and guessing they may have done something dumb while riding. It's even worse for a dealer looking at this failure rate. Now instead of simple transactions where you sell wheels and take your meager profit, you're having to argue with Gotway to get replacement parts, spending a lot of time on customer service, and potentially taking a loss when Gotway refuses to replace parts but you still do the repairs to protect your company's reputation. That sounds like the situation EcoDrift may be in. Anyway, that failure rate is just a guess and undoubtedly not the real number (it could be lower--or higher). Just like plane crashes, any EUC crash is usually a combination of several factors including operator error, mechanical failure, road conditions, speed, software, battery level, etc. For any crash or failure we should want to find out as many details as possible and not write them off before we know the facts.
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    I did flip the axle upside down when I had a crack and it worked just fine. I did it just as a temporary solution before getting new axle so the pedals woudn't scrape the motor in the mean time. It was a gamble as the axle could have broke off entirely at any time after this but it didn't before I got a new one.
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    You Americans crack me up... It's a bend in the road - that's all!
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    Well, that's going to blow @Marty Backe's budget!!!!
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    In Germany, there were several sales last month for the s2 (320wh) for 299 euros on Amazon and a large electronics retailer. It made a perfect 4th wheel for kids. Urban360 rates it as the most reliable one after INMOTION v8/v5.
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    idk about you guys but 3 days in I was still beating the crap out of the wheel and to some extent myself just getting to the point where I could cruse around long enough for my feet to start to hurt from trying to wrap my toes around the pedals twice. it wasn't a 2k watt tesla either. it was an 800w 11mph ips. I managed to burn the board in it in about a week. amazon replaced it for me. (yeah, i got my first euc from amazon after seeing a friend cruising around on one) btw, i have about 120 km on my new tesla and it rides beautifully. it's strong and quick and handles easily. it's quickly becoming my go to wheel, tho i wish default led mode was bubble gum machine off.
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    We're not disputing that Gotway wheels have had a problematic history across its models. We understand that as a dealer it's no picnic having to be the middle man between Gotway and the customer. It's just that when we see a horribly damaged wheel we wonder whether there were some details that the customer may not have disclosed. Any wheel can blow up under the right circumstances. Some are due to manufacturer defects for sure and poor quality control while others might be due to customer fault. Thanks for sharing the photos. No one's disputing your poor experience dealing with Gotway, and we respect your opinion about their products. It's still good that people have some choices in the EUC market. Gotway might never reach the quality and reliability level of King Song, but then again we hope they will someday. For now users buying Gotway need to accept the risks associated with this brand in order to enjoy the features and remember to not blame dealers for issues that develop. People risk averse need to settle for more reliable wheels and accept that they may not be quite as fast or long range. Dealers not willing to deal with problematic Gotway wheels should refuse to sell them or continue to pressure Gotway to improve as they have more clout.
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    If it's not filmed, did it really happen Yes, backwards and on the Mten3 would be cool. Please wait until there's snow on the ground
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    Hi all. Yesterday I enquired at the shop about what I heard regarding a Tesla V2. The answer I got was "It's what Gotway always does". Meaning, of course, putting out a 2nd version of their wares. Suffice it to say, that's no "confirmation" at all. So (at least for now) this rumor is busted.
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    Gees I've been on the lookout for a good beginner wheel for a short commute to and from the bus stop. Although I'm still being drawn to the m3ten for some reason..... just not sure how it will truly handle sidewalks.
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    @Frankman I noticed in your photos that you still have the shipping "bumber" pads on your pedals. Must have been new. Anyway, If you've still got them, stick them to your pedal arms so that the act as a cushion when your pedal fold down. Poor mans suspension. They hold up quite well down there.
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    Amazon Prime is ruthless on Returns, whatever reason the Customer gives—it doesn't work, too difficult, not fast enough, not enough shine on the plastic—they can return it. These are stated as new. Amazon takes a 16% commission on the sale, I'd say that their return rate is probably around 20%; as such, I wouldn't be surprised if the economics of selling on Amazon isn't working out for Segway & this could be the last fire-sale bonanza for this model.
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    Generally, your feet get better over time. Certainly did with me. I know that some people always have some level of discomfort, but I can now ride for 40 miles with very little discomfort. Over time you develop techniques such as shifting weight between your feet to alleviate discomfort. I think if your rides are always ~10-miles or less, than your feet will always get painful towards the end. But if you develop endurance for 40-mile rides, a 10-mile jaunt becomes nothing.
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    Me waiting for Gotway's response:
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    esatto, infatti un piccolo dislivello c'era (hanno postato anche la foto dello scalino, vedete sotto) e se è stato sufficiente a fare andare in cut-off la ruota, voleva dire che andava veramente, ma dico veramente ai limiti della stessa...
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    @zhirafovod - You're in the US. You should get your IPS a130 from @Jason McNeil. Best customer service out there and he has it in stock. In fact, it's a special edition for just for his business. It has a better battery. Get it here. https://www.ewheels.com/product/ips-a130-turbo-edition/
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    Oooh. That's more than I expected. Still, if you did the maths and concluded it worked for you, good for you. Enjoy, it. I love mine, Its like a personal moving disco.
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    I paied 750 Euros and the warranty was two years for the motor and the mother board. They gave me all the connectors and the instructions to make the exchange, because the KK16S battery pack has a 3 pole connector (MT60) instead of the classic XT60 connector. At the moment the old KS16B is without its batteries and I have not yet decided what to do. Perhaps I'll buy new batteries with a BMS on Aliexpress, to make it working again.
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    I'm not sure what i'm more jealous of @Marty Backe the weather you have compared to the UK, the fact you have dedicated cycle paths compared to the UK or the fact you have your tesla when mine is still waiting for my chinese friend to hand it to UPS!
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    Just don’t bonk it against anything, cause it will fry instantly.. oh and as Marty showed us, don’t climb long steep hills. Other than that, Gotway is great! (Mostly)
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    Today I gave up, at least temporarily. Waking up and looking out, you could barely see 50m because of snow in the air. This is when I was going to work, biting the bullet and taking the tram. It's OK, but takes twice as long.
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    I tell everything as it is. And it is by his honesty that he earned a great respect from all Russian riders. My store is the largest in Russia. I managed to work with all the factories (airwheel, ips, unknown brands of unicycle and now with all the tops). I know everything about all the wheels. This is my business - electric unicycle. I understand it perfectly. And therefore, I sincerely believe that at least Russian monocers should go for quality goods, which are not listed in my past posts. And lastly - I had a goal to show the reliability of this or that brand. To argue with owners from other countries, in which I do not sell goods - I do not have much desire. Therefore, consider rockwheel a quality wheel - your right. I just can be happy for you. Since it has not broken down yet, like most of my customers.