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    Yes, bottom line is there is some misunderstanding and misinformation going on in this thread. Cycling or fully discharging Lithium Ion batteries just ages them - it doesn’t “condition” them in any way to hold more charge. That is common VERY POOR advice that is a hang over from NiCad’s! fully charged is 4.2V/cell - end of story. That is all any device is doing to indicate charge level. Zero charge is more arbitrary and needs to take a view on the average level of current flowing whilst measuring it, but it is typically 3.0 to 3.5 volts per cell. Having said the above, Some “intelligent” devices will show charge level based on power drawn and power fed back into the pack, I.e. they have a wattmeter built into them, these can go out of sync very easily and need a deep discharge/charge cycle to sync them again. I do not believe ANY EUC has such a charge mechanism built into it - it tends to be in things like smart phones. So, bottom line, one pack becoming disconnected, or any such like fault will not change the percentage charged level, it is just read as a voltage. A fully charged 16 series pack will be 67.2V and 20 series will be 84.0V. You can only be sure of this with a meter. There is a high probability that any monitoring device on the wheel or its software may not be anything like 100% accurate. The charger may go a bit higher than this if the charge line has a diode protection on it which may drop the charge voltage by 0.3 to 0.6V. If the charger output is lower than this then the battery will not fully charge - ever. Cells become damaged if charged above 4.25V per cell (16 cell =68V, 20 cell=85V) so a charger voltage above this will damage the pack and may cause a fire. Since NOT charging to 100% improves the life of cells, the only downside is balancing. Most EUC’s have a crude BMS which starts shunting current around cells at above 4.2V thus clamping those cells at that voltage. Fully charging and leaving tricking for some hours will, therefore, ensure all cells are at 4.2V. If the pack is not fully charged at least occasionally then individual groups of cells can go out of balance (I.e. higher or lower voltage than others in the pack) if the pack is discharged very low then any low out of balance cells may drop to even lower voltage than the rest or possibly even get reverse charged - that will permanently damage those cells. (Another VERY good reason for NEVER deliberately cycling or fully discharging a pack if you think you have charging problems!) The BMS should always prevent any cells gettting above 4.2V unless the charge current is too high to shunt - which will happen if the charger output is set significantly higher than 4.25V/cell. Finally one or more cells being short circuit and dragging the charge below 100% is VERY unlikely. Failing cells tend to go “leaky” not full short circuit. What is way, way more likely to happen is the wheel would charge to 100% OK, but if left unused for a few days the voltage will slowly drop. An even more likely failure mechanism within individual cells is for them to go high resistance or low capacity, or both. In this case, the wheel will charge to 100% OK, and may stay at 100% or near it if left unused, but under load the voltage (and therefore % charge) will drop abnormally quickly ( it will always drop a bit under load even with good cells) and then recover when the wheel is stopped or the load reduced.
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    Toughen up guys! @Marty Backe carries all 10 wheels in his Backepack.
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    Congrats on the new wheel ! I too started with a mini pro and hit rid of it after about a week . And just like you I bought a 14D to replace it . If you haven’t used the decoder to unlock the speed limit yet id recommend doing it . Top speed is about 19mph. Which is nearly double the mini pro but I find myself wanting a bit more speed too but trying to zigzag and carve turns and stuff definitely adds a level of fun. I also have a 16” gotway ACM that goes a bit faster . I’m 29 , you’re the first person I’ve seen around my age.
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    The contest I promised will be up and running under the General Discussion category shortly. It is simply titled EUC Contest. Thank you again for everyone’s kind thoughts and warm wishes throught this ordeal. Dan.
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    I love the sound of the new ACM2 motor. It has a smooth pulsating sound that exudes power Here for your enjoyment...
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    Wow, thanks to everyone for all the fantastic advice. This community is extremely welcoming and supportive (that's pretty hard to find on the internet these days). It might eventually be worth making a wiki or something that contains advice for beginners. It was something that was missing when I was searching (a lot of veteran riders but the good beginner advice is hidden deep in threads...having it organized could be helpful ). I definitely didn't do the 15 psi on purpose; it just came that way in the box. I was too excited when I got my wheel and I jumped on it immediately without checking the tire pressure I'll definitely experiment with the tire pressure. I'm going to try the high PSI first, and then somewhere in the middle next (I weigh 150 lb, so I can probably get away with some lower pressures). Awesome to hear there are a lot of riders in the Bay Area. Someone actually rides one to my work, so I'll have to track him down as well. I'll join as soon as I feel a little more comfortable riding...trying to learn how to ride backwards, that is harder than it looks
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    If only it had an extendable handle... One that you could pull out / up when needed, allowing you to "walk it" beside you.
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    Come on Marty! You can’t just buy one bookend! They come in pairs.
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    Im sure we'll get into 10000 miles range by the time this is over, but I have personally have done roughly 1000 miles/ 1650 km,
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    So on my way home from work today I got flagged down outside of an army surplus store by a police officer. I had stopped to cross the street and there happened to be a police officer coming out of the store . He yelled for me to come over ...so I did. To my surprise he only wanted to ask about how hard it was to learn and how much I paid . I think he might actually get one . He joked that I should ride up and see his chief and try to sell him on getting a few for the department to ride around town on . 😀 as we finished our conversation he first bumped me and told me to be safe . Overall a very pleasant experience.
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    Agreed, I honestly just want to ride my Tesla and post happy impressions of my experience using the device. Marty, you’re one of the reasons I purchased a unicycle, your love and passion for it definitely shows. I’ll send my unit back to Brad, and I’m sure he and I will work things out, that’s the optimists in me. Sometime people just have to communicate better that’s all. Brad cool in my book.
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    I have a slightly different take. I don't see ever EUC riding more than a couple of hours or 20 - 30 miles. We usually stop and look at things or talk to people along the way, so two hours of riding ends up taking up about a half day. After after which we've had enough, especially on vacation. Too many other things to do besides ride the wheels all day. So, I'd gladly have a smaller battery to get lower weight. Of course, if you need to commute a certain distance daily, I can understand wanting more battery capacity. I'd be interested in a poll to ask how long a typical EUC ride is. Do most riders continue keep riding until the battery gets too low? So far, I've never come close to running my 14C battery. Getting down to 1/2 capacity is relatively rare. But, my total mileage isn't as high as many on this thread--somewhere between 1000 and 1500 kilometers. Just about the same story on my new 16s. Only a couple of hundred kilometers so far. For me, a bigger battery isn't better.
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    The "Dark Theme" option was removed due to a bug that I cannot resolve. Just put your sunglasses on.
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    Sorry! Sending parcels international is a pain. When I sent a 1 pound mainboard to @esaj for analysis it cost $60. Based on that the shipping cost to your side of the world would have been prohibitive. This is a very special ACM. The only thing that breaks is bones.
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    that’s nice. i wonder if they’d let u fly with ur roomba.
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    https://www.cabinzero.com/collections/adventure/products/military-lightweight-cabin-bag-44l-military-black I've purchased the cabin zero bag. It will fit your Kingsong 14.
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    I'll second what @Marty Backesaid. This is a fun wheel to play around on. Not for riding distances, but in bad weather one can enjoy this wheel plenty in a basement or even a one car garage.
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    Buy it. As an advanced wheel, it's the funnest EUC you will ever own. Evidenced by a few used sales like this one it's probably not for everybody. But I suspect that the people who never get it either don't have the skills or bought it for another purpose other than to have fun. Don't buy this for practical reasons (although I use it for all kinds of practical stuff around town). Buy it to have awesome fun. Checkout some of my Mten3 videos for a sample of what I do with it.
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    I suppose you only travel where rolling things beside you is easy and convenient.
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    Why you want to carry it? It carries you. Oh, you want to carry 30 pounds on your back. Just get a pack and fill it up with dirt. Good exercise.
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    I would have bought it quicker... if you hadn't pt those silly shipping restrictions on!
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    April might just be perfect.
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    I’m acting like the Z10 was never announced until April rolls around and @Jason McNeil / ewheels.com throws up their pre-order page for May delivery! *fingers crossed no production delays* *fingers crossed on the longer demo unit foot-shaped pedals*
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    Beautiful car! Are you considering purchasing one? I know where you can find a free Tesla along with an awesome riding helmet.
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    Maybe for my wife to help bring back her senses.
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    Welcome @King Llama, enjoy your 14D, it sounds like you are. There's a group of us that gets together weekly, usually Sundays, we're on Facebook as "Bay Area Electric Unicycle Group." Check us out sometime and join us, lots of different wheels to try out!
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    Ambitious idea! If you simply want a stronger Monster shell, I'd just take an existing one and reinforce it with some layers of fiberglass (or carbon fiber if you're fancy). But probably you're more interested in the CAD+production process of an entirely new shell. Quite a lot of work, though
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    Here's another one folks, and it's barely used. Great opportunity to get the funnest wheel in existence, IMHO. Not for beginners, this is an advanced wheel, but if you have the skills this will put a smile on your face every time you ride. If I didn't have so many wheels I'd buy this one as a backup to mine.
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    I have to come to the defense of Gotway. Their wheels do not have a tendency to cut-out. Here's the deal. Gotway makes the highest performing wheels out there and their philosophy is to give total control to the owner of the wheel. KingSong locks the high speed capability until you have ridden X miles. Gotway doesn't. KingSong maintains tilt-back, Gotway allows you to turn it off. Etc., etc. You can configure a Gotway wheel to be just as safe if not safer than a KingSong wheel. Turn on the alarms. Don't disable the tilt-back and set it to a reasonable speed (35 km/h). And in this scenario I think Gotway wheels can be safer than KingSong because they can have more power reserve than KingSong. The reason you see more reports of cut-outs on Gotway wheels is because there are a lot of thrill seekers out there who want to see how fast they can go, so they turn off all the safety features and push the wheel to the limit. I guarantee you that if you configured the Tesla to have the same limits as the KS16 you would never have a cutout. But if you want to go a bit faster and take the risk, Gotway lets you. KingSong doesn't. I'll pick freedom and choice (Gotway) most days
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    $750...Great shape as you can see...just need to get rid of a couple wheels...money will go toward an 18S just incase you have one you're looking to get rid of. Of course, I don't expect an even trade if you do. I put the blue painters tape on to cover up the rainbow coalition of lights. I took it off just to show that it wasn't covering anything but the lights. Fun wheel! Very agile! Very Powerful! Shipping from Houston, TX. Original box and charger included. Adrian
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    Hmm. @Marty Backe is making this sound really appealing. My commute is pretty smooth . No real rough patches . Wonder if I could use it to get back and forth instead of my 14 or 16? 🤔 is this still available?
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    I have this one, totally capable and well strong enough to carry a 14, have used it for my Zero and 14C. I also use it as a backpack, has lasted nearly two years, not bad for Ali Express merch... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Camo-14-16-Inches-Electric-Scooter-Carrying-Shoulders-Bag-Unicycle-Backpack-for-One-Wheel-Scooter-Monowheel/32853583795.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.34.569d4cebGRRFjN&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2_10152_10151_10065_10344_10068_10130_10324_10342_10547_10325_10343_10546_10340_10548_10341_10545_10084_10083_10618_10630_10307_5722316_5711211_10313_10059_10534_100031_10103_10627_10626_10624_10623_10622_5711315_10621_10620_10142,searchweb201603_2,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=89b5b24b-c8b1-49c2-aa36-82b7f4947630-4&algo_pvid=89b5b24b-c8b1-49c2-aa36-82b7f4947630&priceBeautifyAB=0
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    The funny thing was I actually saw a roller bag with extending handle to carry the wheel. I couldn’t quite figure out how that is better than just rolling the wheel. It was $100 and the reviews said the straps would tear off if you tried to wear it with the wheel inside. 😂
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    They are expensive. Funny....yes weight has a major bearing on all electric vehicles. Unfortunately you will not see the realistic 150 km range with 3 people/ luggage statistics on the Tesla window sticker.
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    i bet this would work. http://www.ninebotus.com/ninebot-one-series-backpack-light-grey-and-red/
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    Welcome and congratulations on your progress! Age has no relevance on this forum. We all love to discuss EUCs and offer advice, when requested or not. You just received some excellent advice from revered members.
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    A valve extender shouldn't really be necessary on any of the King Song Wheels, a standard bike/car nozzle can be inserted & locked to inflate it.
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    That song has never sounded so good. Which gets me thinking. You put great music in your videos but you ride without music. What gives? I hate riding without my music. If I leave my headphones at home, it's like someone died; "oh, no, not the music". (No, I don't ride in traffic, and there's no one around going faster than me, except Nigel, the electric skateboard rider I bump into from time to time along the Eastbourne seafront). Have you tried taking your music along with you @Marty Backe?
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    But wouldn't representatives of Solowheel be expected to set a good example? But I guess this isn't a Solowheel sponsored event so even Solowheel employees can go sans safety gear. Still seems bizarre why people don't care about their bodies. I'm not a safety Nazi for sure, and I don't always wear gear, but I still wonder what the thought process is.
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    Take it to @Marty Backe . Tell him you bought it from him a while ago, and demand your money back. He's sold so many dodgy wheels he'll probably fall for it.
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    Five or six riders and the only protection I saw was wrist guards on a rollerblader that got passed. Two riders with hands deep in pockets, one, whilst weaving past pedestrians. Just saying.
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    As a new EUCer ( damn you @John Eucist ! Only joking?) I, too am concerned about this grey area or "falling between two stools" as @Vik's puts it. (Is that a Norwegian expression? but imagine you are an insurance company. Some dude walks in off the street and says "insurance my EUC. £€$2,000,000. Public liability should do, and make it cheap". What would you do? I'd show him the door he just walked in through. Now tweak the situation to car or motorcycle insurance. question: how long have you had a licence? Which country issued you license? have you had insurance before? With whom? Etc etc. WE DONT HAVE LICENSES PEOPLE!!! No one know what level of proficiency or safety we possess. I'm a EUCer (John !!!) but I can't jump up or down kerbs, go backwards, or loads of other things you guys take for granted, and some can leap tall buildings in a single bound ( @EUC Extreme , I'm looking at you here) how can we expect someone to put £€$2,000,000 of their dosh on the line if you don't know who you are insuring? maybe we need a worldwide governing body (voluntary membership) which, amongst other things, issues licenses based on video proven, community established levels of accomplishment in several key areas of EUC safe handling skills. It would be like a driving test, only you would have yourself videoed ( with proof of ID similar to how AirBnB does it) doing all the required EUC procedures to a satisfactory level. Submit the video with ID proof, pay your fee, get shiner EUCer lichen in the mail. I know I wouldn't pass, if I was tested today, I'm still learning. But most of you could. there would have to be a processing fee, and admin fees for when governing body X or insuring body Y enquirers into EUCer Z's legitimacy. And the cost of printing the natty plastic EUCer licenses. Sounds anti, our freedom loving sport/activity, but governments across the glob will be cracking down on us more and more as the number of EUCers increases, and the number of EUC related incidents rise.
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    It's both. They fall between two stools because they never cannot suck enough money from people - and they fidgets in their chairs because they say "go green" but in the same time don't want to make EUC's legal before they've found a good way to make some money on them..
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    Yes...this is shocking. I only found out because my colleagues alerted me. I would like to know the back story. Was the guy riding inconsiderately, did he collide with car, was he disrespectful to the officers. I rang up the company that insures my electric bike and added the unicycle ( the guy had to check with his boss first, but sorted it out with £2m public liability cover). Now, at least, they will have to find another reason to prosecute me :-)
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    His unicycle got confiscated by not having insurance that show a deep level of corruption by UK judges and legislators since they are fully aware that unicycles can not be insured and that insurance for unicycles do not exist, if a judge asks for something that he knows does not exist that is beyond the law that is called corruption. In the USA there are similar levels of corruption for example gasoline motorized bicycles in California are legal acording to article 406a, but the article says they have to be registered, and I was told that I had to register the bicycle and get plates, I went to DMV and got a temporary permit since they had no clue on how to proceed several weeks later I get a notification that my registration is void. I go to DMV and I am told by them that only vehicled that have a VIN can be registered, then I ask them what do I need to do and they reply " nothing it is a bicycle and we do not register bicycles, we only register vehicles that have a VIN", well acording to Californiia law a bicycle with a motor of under 2 HP and with an speed under 30mph is allowed on the roads based on article 406a as long as it is registered, but such a registration is not allowed since bicycles do not have a VIN. So this is the case of a junk law in which compliance it is impossible.