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    Come along with me as I enjoy a late July ride along some of the Southern California river trails. It was a beautiful late afternoon day
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    After reading many threads and posts here about "how do you ride this thing?" I decided to write a guide for beginners. You can find it here on Amazon (Kindle book only). It's a short guide, just 37 pages with illustrations, so I priced it as cheaply as Amazon would let me: $2.99. But from July 27, 2017 through July 31, 2017 the book will be FREE so that anyone on this forum can review it. If you don't have a Kindle device there's a free app for smartphones and tablets, so everyone should have access. My goal is simply to help get more people into riding. It seems crazy that many manufacturers sell electric unicycles but don't provide good information about how to ride them. I don't intend to make a profit on this book. The proceeds from sales will reimburse me for the out of pocket costs associated with publishing (mostly the cost of a graphic designer who worked on the photos and layout). All subsequent revenue will be donated to charity, or I'll just make the PDF freely available. Your suggestions will help with a possible 2nd edition. Since most people on this forum are experienced riders, your thoughtful comments will be really helpful. Keep in mind the goal of the book is not to be a comprehensive guide to everything about electric unicycles. It should stay concise so that beginners will read it and not be intimidated. Please download a free copy in the next few days, and post your reviews here or on Amazon. Thank you.
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    I noticed after a couple of high-speed overlean crashes I pretty much cruise at 12.5 miles per hour. Going uphill, 12.5 mph, downhill 12.5, sidewalk 12.5, grass and gravel 12.5, road 12.5. Pretty much everywhere I park it at 12.5 mph. It's the speed where a runoff is scary but doable.
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    Hi all. Just an update on where I am with my recovery, Monster and ACM. Sorry if I waffle on. Recovery - My eye is still very sensitive and I'm still missing half an eyebrow though the battle scar is pretty impressive. My chest seems to have stopped hurting so much when using my left arm/moving about/not comfortable. My right wrist was feeling OK until my eldest daughter went to, jokingly, knee me in the leg earlier when we were being silly and my natural reflex was to block her... OUCH! My right arm and elbow had been quite good until I stupidly decided to unbox my Monster again, finally, and open my ACM to see what's up.I still can't straighten my arm and both my wrist and elbow click/crack when I move my hand/arm about. I'm hoping I haven't done anything to my neck as near where I had my op and where the problem area is has been a bit more painful than usual and my neck cracks and crunches as I turn my head which I think it did before the accident but not as much. Monster - It's been sat, boxed up, since Ian sent it back to me just as I had the accident. When I turned it on it started to roll backwards slightly. I realise this is likely due to the weight of the tow batteries at the back. When I put it up on blocks to see if it needed calibrating possibly it span up to full speed even though straight - I forgot to note which way the wheel span. Maybe it needed calibration after moving the parts from one shell to another? or maybe it was like this previously and I didn't notice? Anyway after a few attempts the Gotway app finally did it. It's currently on charge and I'm going to be going slowly on it initially to make sure all's well. Ian says the wiring is fine and everything connected/fitted right but take it easy just in case. Hopefully all is good and all three batteries work fine. I'll know more when I am able to get out and test the range after this charge. ACM - I shouldn't have, because it hurt my wrist and arm, but I couldn't wait any longer to take a look inside. For some reason the pedal isn't for coming off, even though I've taken them off previously, so I struggled to get the side panel off then back on after checking. It looks like the axle has snapped? The nut doesn't seem loose but the axle wobbles quite easily. I can't see any board damage so think it needs a new motor all together? Speedyfeet don't have stock of the motor in, currently, but I've asked Ian for a quote on him replacing it for me so I know it's done right. I am weary about self repairs after the Monster arcing incident and the ACM already throwing me off due to a fault. I'd be happier knowing it was done properly by someone with plenty of experience. I might also email Graham Goodbarn of Yorkshire Airwheels, where I purchased it, in case he is confident enough to do the repair, as he was fantastic with my early ACM issues and offered to do the board change previously but looking at the website I don't think he has stock either. To be very honest, after the accident and with the time that has past since, I am getting more and more anxious about riding again. Especially the bigger and heavier Monster. I am going to go look for some protective gear this week, ready for going back to work next week (if I've recovered enough to ride) as I want to get an idea of the sizes I need before ordering some decent stuff online. Ian said he's getting some D30 gear around Christmas and I think that's the way I want to go. My only awkward decision is the helmet. With how I fell from the ACM, and seeing the video of the girl falling from a standard unicycle and hearing the sound her face made, I know a full face is likely the best idea but mostly when going to and from work I ride at a quite sedate pace along the pavements - if someone was to see me on the pavement with a full face helmet it may draw more negative attention - especially from police? My longer rides out with my girls, around the lake and along the canal would probably be ok with the full face. In the two years of riding without a serious incident I was confident I knew what I and my wheels were capable of and felt secure and safe BUT after the ACM fault and reading about peoples other recent Gotway incidents with the newer models I don't feel safe now BUT it's my mobility seeing as I can't walk or ride a bicycle due to my problems so I need to get my confidence back. Sorry for the waffle, thanks for reading and any advice that may follow
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    I was planning a move to San Francisco and have never really lived someplace without a car and started researching things I could use for my commute. I once had a Brompton as well but I wasn't super excited about a Brompton on San Francisco's famous hills. Apparently bicycle theft is a cottage industry in SF so I started looking at smaller things I could carry into my destination - started with electric skateboards since I have skateboarded before and still enjoy snowboarding. But it seemed like nobody thought they were any good in the rain and if I was going to commute on it I would need it to work most of the time, even in rain. I actually got an urb-e before really finding out about electric unicycles but once I did I had major buyer's remorse. I have always preferred skates/boards to bikes for some reason and the unicycles really looked like something I would be more comfortable with. Now I have a KS-16s on the way and will probably be trying to sell my urb-e at a loss when it is nearly brand new. Oh well... but I am going to keep it until I actually am good enough on the euc to commute on it and since I've never tried it before I have no idea how long that will take. So my urb-e may get some decent mileage anyway. Anyway, I've been lurking on this forum for a couple months before I decided to take the plunge so at least you know I am certifiably crazy after seeing all your stories of cutouts, fried boards, and steep learning curves...
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    As an alternative to IOS users, I recommend buying a super cheap Android phone (Walmart special for $25) that is dedicated to the wheel. Then you can install the non-social version of the Gotway app (see download section of this forum) which will not reset your wheel settings. And with the Android phone you can then use the WheelLog app which is far superior to the Gotway app for monitoring your wheel while riding.
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    I believe that you are describing the phenomenon of wisdom being born out of experience!
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    Something tells me this will somehow be copywritten by Inmotion/Solowheel now and we won't see it on other wheels but I agree 100%. Started on the Inmotion wheels and it's the most incredibly useful thing to have and infuriating each time i have to turn my wheel off just to lift it up a set of stairs, over a large curb, etc. Once you get used to the button handle it seems ridiculous that other manufacturers don't have it on their wheels...
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    Man...how long are you riding now? In shortest time you build up a GREAT Euc collection :-) 5 wheels now, or? But as we all know, for a Gotway, you need a backup, at least one, or @Marty Backe ? ;-) No, serious: Great choice! if i would have the money easily....i would pick up a ACM/MSuper 84Volt, also!
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    Overlean means leaning forward more than the wheel can balance, which automatically leads to you falling forward, on your face Nothing to do with sidewards leaning (like in curves). Usually happens with combinations of high speeds (because the wheel's torque reserves go down with speed), heavy rider, a sudden obstacle/beginning hill that requires extra balancing power, and weaker wheels. Also more likely with low battery, and smaller batteries (less parallel blocks than a bigger one). So when the wheel runs out of power, or out of battery to provide enough power. In theory, you can overlean any wheel by going faster and faster, ignoring warning beeps and counteracting the tiltback, until the wheel can't keep up any longer. That's how self-balancing vehicles work by principle, they can't force you to slow down (only tell you to by beeps and tiltback) because slowing down would contradict the self-balancing and would hence crash you. So all the wheels can do is give their best til the bitter end. But with your msuper V3 ACM, you'd have to overlean it intentionally (ignoring warnings and tiltback), pretty much impossible to do it by accident unless you're going too fast already, and something crazy like a big bump or huge gust of headwind comes up suddenly. That's why fast/strong wheels (>1000W) with big batteries (>1000Wh) are actually safer in this regard: they have higher reserves. Like your wheel btw, did you ever confirm your msuper ACM safe from that oscillation bug?
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    I believe you are finding out why the Ninebot One E+'s maximum safe cruising speed is set at 20 kph. It's time to downgrade.
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    While learning I have set the speed limit on my V8 to 20kph (12.5mph). I've yet to feel any tiltback and have to say what I have done felt too bloody fast. A wise move on your part I think. "With great power comes great responsibility" Uncle Ben
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    I just got my MSuper V3s+ today. I was expecting the sides to not match and be white in color. But the was pleasantly surprised at how good the it looks and closer to the old 820Wh version it replaced! It is currently charging using the slow charger and I can't wait to ride it! Jason's fast chargers were shipped separately and I won't get it until later this week. Here is a picture of it!
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    Sometimes the wheels come from the factory needing calibration, as yours does. You must re-calibrate the wheel so that the pedals are level when you turn on the wheel. My understanding is that the Gotway app is available from the iTunes store. I'm sure if you do some searches on this Forum you will find directions on how to calibrate the wheel and where to get the IOS app.
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    I can not understand how a dogowner can think of running with the EUC and his dog ON A ROPE! I have a dog myself...and she loves going with me while i am driving my EUC....but all this without rope!!! I just have to power on my wheel...and she comes directly around the corner and knows that we are going to run now! so she is not a poor dog...its the opposite, since i have my EUC i am here personnel beloved master :-) but like said...going on a rope i would find a torture for every dog!!!
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    <secretly installs Gotway app, writes special one press code to stealthily switch MCM4 settings to tiltback at 18 kph for the win> Still have to find a time to go for a joint race ride. I'd just be careful with some Gotways. You never know how secure these wheels are against unscrupulous tiltback hacking.
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    The EUC slots neatly between walking and bicycling, and I personally treat it as such. It doesn't have the speed of a bicycle and when it does it doesn't have the stability nor safety of a bicycle. In some ways it is the best of walking and bicycling. Need to go faster than walking? Get on it! Need to cross terrain you can't on a bicycle (indoors, steps, rough paths)? No problem! Just pick it up! When I need to get somewhere and don't want to dick around, I reach for my V5F+. Compact, trigger handle, great cover, small, fast enough. I've even removed the handle so it's even more compact. Remember, 13mph is faster than any of us can jog. I do admit my MSuper is more akin to a motorcycle. At least the feel though not the speed. One takes the MSuper out for a Sunday ride but it's my KS14C and V5F that gets the love.
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    @Rehab1 -- I think you missed a couple of words in that sentence. I wrote "... or (if equipped) use the cut-off button in the handle." Maybe it should be more clear? I was thinking of my own Inmotion V5F and Airwheel X3 when I wrote it. (As an aside, I think every modern wheel should have a cut-off button in the handle!)
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    I use the Race Icon mirror, available at Amazon, but of course I don't know where in Japan. Here's my review For backward riding you can view my 10 episode series where you can watch me learn. Here is Episode 1 and you can watch the rest from there.
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    I think it is rider/wheel-dependent. I don't want to set a bad example for others, but I have nearly 2,000km on my E+ and have no issues riding near 25 when terrain permits.
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    I'm with you Herman. Always pushing the limit and having the EUC yell at me. Seems we are in the minority. 30 km/h(or just under to stop the incessant beeping) is where I cruise at on clear straight paths. I tend to be more cautious on terrain I am not familiar with or bumpy untested roads.
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    This route has eye candy and is exhilarating on my Gotway Msuper3.
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    With my helmet mirror, I find my situational awareness goes up. With a helmet on, and the wind noise, it is far to easy to miss a reasonably silent car, or bicycle coming up behind you. But since the mirror is in the peripheral vision all the time, I kind of get a feeling I'm not alone even when not looking directly in it. And doing a fast check takes but a few moments, and minimal movement of the head just to cover all the dead angles. The hardest part for me, was learning how much the mirror skews the perspective, and how far away/close things really are. My mirror are rather convex, so things are really quite a lot closer than they look in the mirror - much more so than your typical rear-view mirror in a car...
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    You may want to research rabbit diets. Carrots are supposed to be an occasional treat. “Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?” -Obama
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    Don't be shy Marty....such a handsome reflection.
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    weird, my mind is playing tricks on me, I think it saw white for some reason! just goes to show you your mind sees what it wants to see. I saw your falling video many times too! I have bicycle pumps and they are not going to go on the valve no matter what i do to it. i need probably a 90 degree valve extension. nuts! I see tishawn ride his msuper with the seat on it and ian's quick video on it, seems like they are pretty good on it. will definitely let you know what i think of it after i get some time on the wheel so i can compare it with the KS18S.
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    Haha, thanks for the advice @eddiemoy. I hear you can buy a new shell for the KS for less than $200 so I may just beat it up and buy a new case when I think I'm done with the beater phase. There is also someone selling a ks 14-c used on craigslist locally pretty cheap that I may pick up as a practice wheel.
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    I knew how to ride a unicycle already from riding one as a kid, but still had a real rough 3-4 days when I started the EUC. I didn't seem like it helped me learn the EUC, but maybe it would've been even worse if I hadn't ridden a unicycle as a kid. It still seemed hard and painful though
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    I bought a 20" unicycle form Amazon. (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003R9U9J8) I was curious as to how hard it is for a person who knows how to ride an EUC pretty well now to learn to ride a manual unicycle. I'll create a log here of my attempts for those who are interested: 7/25 - spent about 20 minutes on the unicycle. using a fence to try to get on. got a peddle bite on my left shin. had wrist guards on, figured out half way though it was in the way. don't need them because falling off a unicycle is just stepping off. felt like impossible to learn. spent the whole 20 minutes just trying balance, staying upright. After I was dripping in sweat. About the same as I remember when learning to ride the EUC. 7/26 - spent another 20 minutes on the unicycle. again along a fence, but this time the balance wasn't as difficult. I was also able to ride it a maximum of 3-4 revolutions before falling off. Two peddle bites! Got punched in the nuts with the seat! But progress!
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    Your advice is dead on Marty! I took your suggestion last week and I'm very pleased! Time for me to combine all of the data now.
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    Unit came with the battery almost depleted. The included 1.5A charger would take probably 10 hours to charge. I also notice the charger is really hot after a few hours of charging. Worrying. I took it for a spin, notice the pedals are not level, they are slanted a little forward. Anyone know if this is normal or do I have to recalibrate it? After a minute or two of riding, it seems to not bother me as initially. It is a great wheel! much more maneuverable than the KS18S. I can immediately do reverse on it. Feels solid and very stable! Now I understand why it is so popular. Just hope there are no bugs that will kill me since I like to ride pretty fast. I've asked Jason to ship me the seat accessory. Will see how it compares to the KS18S in seated position. The tire valve is very difficult to get to. I think I need some flex valve stem to pump air into it. @Marty Backe, why does yours have white side panels? It isn't the same batch as mine? So far liking it a lot! It might become my favorite wheel.
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    I don't know about the Soloshot, but what about the hidden wave runner that keeps the surfboard above the water?
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    Try one of these hand mirrors Marty.
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    Should be fun to watch Henrik! Hopefully you will be able to review products before they come to market like Casey Neistat. Having an independent reviewer of gadgets from a person of your caliber will be helpful on making purchasing decisions. One item I have been patiently waiting for which remains on back order is the Soloshot 3. I hope my money is well spent but the only reviews so far on the SS3 come from the manufacturer. Have you followed the development of this product?
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    My younger brother used to sleep with his eyes open, kind of freaked the whole family out. Rabbits are good pets, I think they like to eat lettuce, but not that cheap stuff, not iceberg, have you mixed it up with Romaine? And what about cabbage?
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    @steve454 I think I have more 130 videos on my Drones & Electric Unicycles channel and some of the relevant ones are now reuploaded to Mr. Unbox
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    If you don't protect the wheel, you will have a lot of damage to it. I would suggest getting a ninebot one c+ from ebay, new cost $400. I beat mine up so bad from learning! I wouldn't want my KS16 looking like my ninebot. My first wheel the airwheel x3 is also in bad shape from all the times it got dropped. I used it to learn going forward and then from that point on I used the ninebot to learn just about everything else.
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    Hi! Nice wheel choice. Space to learn: firm, level ground, and a wall along it. The first balancing will usually be along a wall. Here's a learning video that tells you exactly the right things. Where did you learn of EUCs? Always interesting to hear, and there's a thread for it:
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    To Paddylaz: Sorry, I did not see your question on 2nd page. When I received the new V8 the tire it had 45 psi, and it was scrapping the plastic cover. When I lowered the PSI to less than 40 there was no scrapping, but the tire was under inflated, and the ride not as good. With more than 45 psi the scrapping got worst. Now with the new tire, I am very satisfied with the ride. I ride at least 3 times a week with about 11 miles per ride day. I have gotten lots attentions. I am still not seeing others riding it. The market could definitely grow. Just waiting for a good movie where the stunt person is riding this.
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    Coolio. Given by the success of some of these Youtube unboxing channels, don't forget us lowly EUC fanatics once you're rich and famous And keep EUCs among the phones and drones to spread the word.
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    yes, i'm 5'8 and i have to hunch over and hold it by the seat. it is doable, but it isn't comfortable to walk around.
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    I've hit about 27 kph according to my Gyrometrics app, but that was going a little too fast downhill. I think around 30 kph is the motor's cut-off point so there is still some breathing room for my weight class. The tiltback kind of keeps you below 20-22 kph unless you don't mind riding it. I find the lower front muscles of my legs get a little annoyed doing that.