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    Hello All, It's been awhile since i've been on here but thought why not share my thoughts on this wheel, I was lucky to get. It's a prototype that was sent to me by Gotway America to keep. I decided to share my experiences with everyone. www.Gotwayamerica.com I also want to thank @houseofjob for helping me put this video together! I cant give an review since I just got it and want to spend time with it. Here are some specs. Motor - 1900watt Battery - (this model) 1020wh Built in Trolley - yes Light Belt - yes (reminds me of the ninebot days) Weight - 42.8 lbs Brighter head light compared to previous models. 4 pin charger - same as the Msuper V3s+ 84v Max speed so far - 30mph! Built in dual fan- silent could barely hear it. I feel like this wheel have some type of shock absorption.. Not sure how to describe it but it goes over cracks and bumps with easy. Very comfortable to ride although when trying to ride on 1 leg i'm experiencing a slight pain on my shin. Not sure if its something I have to get use to or is it because of the thin padding that was placed there. I created a video that should help with how it looks and test rides. Hope you guys like it. Also motherboard is now placed on the top of the wheel instead of the usual side next to the batterie. Cables seems to look well connected here are some pics. Again i hope this helps.
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    The world needs a new hero to save us from those soon to be evil Boston Dynamics robots...
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    I'm going to collect my ongoing thoughts about this wheel on this page. I just finished my range test and feel that I can offer some solid opinions about this wheel. BTW, I'm somewhat of a Gotway fan (did I understate that ?), so bear that in mind. So here goes... I own a Monster, MSuper V3s+, ACM V2s, and KS14S, and have ridden just about every other mainstream wheel that has been produced in the last couple of years (group rides are great ). The Mten3 is the funnest wheel that I've ever ridden. Is it the fastest? No. Does it have the most range? No. But is it fun? My God is this a fun wheel During my range test I rode it mostly on paved trails and sidewalks, but did a fair amount of dirt trail riding and grass riding. When on the flats riding straight I was doing 15mph (24km/h). It was not struggling, but I did not feel comfortable going faster because the wheel is super-super-agile and therefore not very stable unless your road is perfect and there is no wind. My range test lasted 2 hours 15 minutes and covered 20-1/2 miles (33 kilometers). Tell me that is not a respectable distance to cover on such a tiny wheel. Over 2 hours is a lot of fun time. My riding weight is under 170 pounds (77kg). For 18 miles (29km) I could do anything. Then under strong acceleration I started getting the beeps. The last ~mile was limp mode - 7mph (11.2km/h) or less. Unlike KingSong, Gotway lets you really have fun all the way to 15% battery (this is my only KingSong dig - sorry guys ). The wheel feels very solid when accelerating, and stops on a dime from high speed. At all times it felt that there was extra power in the tank. It really is like an ACM bottled up in a tiny package. When going up hills it has power, power, and power. With this Mten3 I finally feel like my feet are one with a wheel. It's OK when traveling at 15mph (24km/h), but is amazing below 10mph (16km/h). It feels like you are standing on a little ball that glides effortlessly wherever you think you want to go. Let me give you an example. When you're on a sidewalk and have to stop for traffic and wait until you get the walk signal, that's not the funnest of times is it? Either you're off the wheel or holding on to a post. Well not with this wheel. I actually found myself looking forward to getting a red light. I am not exaggerating! I can effortlessly do little 360 turns in the space of my body (I'll post some more video on this page later), and it's fun. If you can ride backward, this wheel is killer. I can do tiny pendulums all day long. So this wheel strangely is funnest when you're waiting. I'm doing tons of little 360's, pendulums, etc. The last couple of busy intersections that I crossed, I actually did a couple of mid-intersection 360's to give the people waiting a little show Effortless and very fun. I'm telling you guys, this wheel is no joke. You owe yourself to get one. I truly do not believe you would regret it. It would bring utter joy to your riding about town. And again, 18 miles (29km) of solid fun is very respectable. I'll post additional info on other features on an ongoing basis. I'm off for some night riding as soon as the wheel is recharged
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    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love I've quit until I moved into a new neighborhood, it is now done ! So I ride my EUC again, even though I'm a little nervous now when riding solo, and I got rid of my "slow" EUC, not because I like riding fast, but because I want to be able to escape if needed (28kph is a minimum, because most "normal" humans can't run that fast or not for long). I think that some events can take away the fun of EUC, but it is still an useful way of shifiting around in a city. I only know about one rider who stopped riding EUC, and moved on to electric scooters, he just felt like he couldn't go fast enough with his EUC (a V8), he was scared of fast EUC (in case of a failure) and wanted more power and speed, he is also a motorcycle enthousiast this may have influenced him. I think most people who get to know how to ride an EUC don't quit, even I who had the most trouble riding EUC in my city (that I know of) don't give up
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    Wha what? Sorry, always late to the party. I've been on holidays, and I was detained while on my trip to Bangkok. After going for a skinny-dip late at night after riding a KingSong rental wheel to a remote beach, someone stole my wallet with my ID and all my clothes except for my red sneakers, helmet, and a couple of bags of souvenirs! On the way to the police station to report the theft of my belongings, I passed by this Club where the ladies were super pretty , but they had very pronounced Adam's apples for some odd reason. I stopped by for a drink due to the hot weather , and little did I know they slipped me a Viagra in my drink! Luckily I escaped with my innocence mostly intact! Unfortunately for "Little Hunka" the swelling attracted tons of mosquitoes so I was itching and scratching my nubbin while riding around looking for the station. The police have not been very helpful to say the least! I've been showing them that I'm an upstanding member of the electric unicycling forum community, and I even showed them photos of my Ninebot! They keep thinking I'm German for some strange reason. I kept telling them "I'm Canadian, eh?" and "Why you arresting me, eh?" They seem to refer to me as Mr. A now. The WiFi here has been pretty flakey. I just hope my misfortunate doesn't leak out onto the interwebs! That would be bad. This is worse than a scene from "The Hangover!"
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    Hello All it's been awhile since I posted on here - I recently have recieved the Gotway Tesla 1020wh model and thought to create a quick video open-box and initial thoughts. Hope you guys like it! Thanks If you just want to see the night ride:
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    My apologies for these troubles. The background to this batch of Wheels was that a previous Distributor, JuicedWheels, contacted me about a week ago that he wanted to exit the business, offering me his KS16S stock. The timing was opportune, as our incoming shipment of Wheels was delayed by a week. The inventory was represented as 'new' & 'unused', I had requested that each box be power-on checked before shipping them out, somehow this one slipped though... I'd be more than happy to replace it with a new one that's just arrived & is now clearing US Customs.
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    My son got a MCM3. I made a compilation of him jumping in the skatepark. What is the current world record? (And please people, before commenting on protective gear. Kids fall in the skatepark all the time and most of them are not wearing full body armor.)
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    You did. You ran at high speed on low battery with the warning bleeps turned off. I, and the others replying here are astonished that you are finding this a surprise as it has been discussed ad nauseam on this forum and, indeed we have an entire section discussing wearing safety gear. Just to reiterate what has been said many times before: torque is what balances you and supports your weight. You lean forward, the motor torque tries to push you back upright that torque, almost as a byproduct, accelerates you. if you continue to lean forward, the wheel has only two options: accelerate you or drop you on your face. All electric motors have maximum torque at zero RPM. That torque drops linearly with speed, becoming zero at the wheels absolute maximum speed under no load. so, the faster you go, the less torque there is to keep you balanced. Lean a bit further forward, hit a bump, go up a slightly steeper hill at maximum speed and you can easily exceed the torque left to keep you balanced. Do that with a low battery where both voltage and current will be significantly lowered and you have removed a stinking big chunk of that safety margin. The wheel does not know how much you weigh so it cannot absolutely know how fast it can safely go. It has to make assumptions and those tend to be Asian assumptions where riders are much lighter. in fact a wheel whose app asks you how much you weigh and adjusts its safety margins according to weight, temperature and battery state would be a huge leap forward in safety (except many people would lie in order to go faster 😜). The only options available to slow you down are sounds (beeps, etc) and tiltback but tilting back takes even more torque. A low battery or heavy rider can fool the software and leave the tiltback until there isn't the torque to do it. Riding an EUC safely, like any vehicle, requires an understanding of its limits. You wouldn't charge up to a stop sign at 30 MPH on a wet road in a car and expect it to stop in 10 feet - that is just as much a safety limit as not pushing an EUC at high speed with a low battery.
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    My first YouTube video, yeah I know it's crappy, but you gotta start somewhere.
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    Hello ! I want to show you my finished Unicyle-Onewheel Project Wheel: old 16 inch Gotway 800W Battery: 2 pieces 60v 120 Wh Control Board: Microworks 30B4 with Bluetooth driving with it makes a lot fun !
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    More Mten3 fun, this time at the beach. It got away from me a little bit too
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    I tell you, if I was selling EUCs I could sell a million of these Mten3's. What a blast of a wheel
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    My wife has often asked this question and I'm sure some of you also get asked by your spouses – How much do you spend on your wheel? (That’s the very polite version of the question ) So I had a spare half hour and decided I’d look at all my orders and list my expenditure going back to when I brought my first EUC back in May 2015. I’m always mending my wheel and replacing broken/worn parts – doing tricks definitely takes its toll on parts (as well as the body) . For example, “Spinning” quickly wears down the foot plates and tires. And practising “Penny Spins” can result in cracked shells and broken battery covers. And learning switch stance tricks (especially on slopes) resulted in a few burnt out control boards. With the exception of a couple of purchases I have used every part until it is worn out or broken. Some of the parts were damaged due to my stupidity – for example, I went through a number of trolley handles because I kept leaving the attachment bracket on when doing tricks. I have obviously also cannibalised my old wheels for parts – not that long ago I managed to bend the metal frame out of shape. I have stuck with the E+ mainly because I have invested a lot of time in becoming “at one” with its characteristics (With the amount I have spent I could have brought a number of different wheels). It’s also been a good wheel in that I can easily maintain and repair myself (thanks to Speedy Feet’s videos) as long as parts are available. The only real design flaws that I have come across with the Ninebot E+ is with the built-in handle snapping off and the poor quality App. I have spent an equivalent of about £120 per month. I have ridden about 4000 Km in total (although a lot of the time I’m doing tricks (E.g. going around and around in circles ) rather than riding distance). If I didn’t do tricks then I’m pretty sure I could still be running my first wheel having only required a couple of inner tube, tire and foot pedal replacements. However, I have had so much fun and get a huge amount of pleasure from trick riding, and also from maintaining my wheel. I still get that butterfly feeling when I go riding! Date Item Qty Value GBP Price Per Unit GBP Supplier Comment 2015-05 Ninebot One 'E+' - Single Wheel Transporter (~35km Range) 1 895 895 Speedy Feet First EUC 2015-06 Ninebot ONE Trolley Handle 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2015-06 80mm Valve Extension 1 4.96 4.96 Speedy Feet 2015-08 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 2 26.9 13.45 Speedy Feet 2015-08 Ninebot ONE Parking Stand 1 18.95 18.95 Speedy Feet 2015-08 Ninebot ONE Outershell - White 2 35.9 17.95 Speedy Feet 2015-08 Ninebot ONE - Lower Footplate (Underside) 2 19.9 9.95 Speedy Feet 2015-12 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 1 5.35 5.35 Speedy Feet 2015-12 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Tire 1 20 20 Speedy Feet 2016-01 Ninebot ONE Trolley Handle 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2016-02 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 2 26.9 13.45 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Ninebot ONE Trolley Handle 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Ninebot ONE Charging Port 1 8.95 8.95 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Ninebot ONE - Foot Plate COMPLETE 2 39.91 19.955 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Footplate Spacer Set for Ninebot 2 7.1 3.55 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 1 5.35 5.35 Speedy Feet 2016-03 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 2 26.9 13.45 Speedy Feet 2016-04 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Tire 1 20 20 Speedy Feet 2016-05 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 2 10.7 5.35 Speedy Feet 2016-05 Ninebot ONE - Complete Shell Set 1 85.5 85.5 Speedy Feet 2016-05 Replacement LED Light Strip Cover Ring 2 29.9 14.95 Speedy Feet 2016-05 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 1 13.45 13.45 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE E+ 320wh Replacement / Spare Battery 1 260.96 260.96 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE Charging Port 1 8.95 8.95 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 2 26.9 13.45 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE - Foot Plate COMPLETE 2 39.91 19.955 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Tire 1 20 20 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 1 5.35 5.35 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE Trolley Handle 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE Attachment Bracket 1 9.95 9.95 Speedy Feet Used only a few times for filming 2016-06 Ninebot ONE Footplate Bar 2 8.9 4.45 Speedy Feet 2016-06 Ninebot ONE Outershell - White 2 35.9 17.95 Speedy Feet 2016-07 Ninebot ONE - Rubber Side Cover 2 17.9 8.95 Speedy Feet 2016-07 Ninebot ONE LED Light Strip 4 36 9 Speedy Feet 2016-07 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 1 5.35 5.35 Speedy Feet 2016-07 Ninebot ONE - Footplate Magnet 2 7.1 3.55 Speedy Feet 2016-08 Triple 8 T8 Exo Skin Shin and Whip BMX Guard (Large) - Pair 1 39.7 39.7 Amazon Ankle Guards - rarely used 2016-09 Ninebot ONE Charging Port 1 8.95 8.95 Speedy Feet 2016-09 Ninebot One E+ (Gen2) Single Wheel Transporter (~35km Range) 1 645 645 Speedy Feet Second Wheel - wheel rim buckled 2016-08 TSG Single Ankle-Guard Cam, Black (L/XL) Pair 1 21.95 21.95 Skatehut Ankle Guards - used everytime 2016-10 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 1 5.35 5.35 Speedy Feet 2016-10 Ninebot ONE - Complete Handle Unit 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet Snapped off within 2 hours of installing 2016-11 Ninebot ONE E+ / P Replacement Main Control Board 1 134.96 134.96 Speedy Feet 2016-12 Ninebot ONE - Footplate Magnet 2 77.02 38.51 Amazon 2017-01 Ninebot ONE E+ / P Replacement Main Control Board 1 134.96 134.96 Speedy Feet 2017-02 Ninebot One E+ (Gen2) Single Wheel Transporter (~35km Range) 1 495 495 Speedy Feet Third Wheel 2017-06 Ninebot ONE C, E, E+, P inner Shell Set 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2017-06 Ninebot ONE Upgrade - Outer Shell (Blue) 2 30.29 15.145 Speedy Feet 2017-06 Ninebot ONE - Foot Plate COMPLETE 2 37.85 18.925 Speedy Feet 2017-06 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover - White PRO 2 37.9 18.95 Speedy Feet 2017-09 Ninebot ONE C, E, E+, P inner Shell Set 1 49.96 49.96 Speedy Feet 2017-09 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover - White PRO 2 37.9 18.95 Speedy Feet Totals 75 3841.34 Total Quantities: Item Qty 80mm Valve Extension 1 Footplate Spacer Set for Ninebot 2 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover 9 Ninebot ONE - Battery Cover / Leg Support Cover - White PRO 4 Ninebot ONE - Complete Handle Unit 1 Ninebot ONE - Complete Shell Set 1 Ninebot ONE - Foot Plate COMPLETE 6 Ninebot ONE - Footplate Magnet 4 Ninebot ONE - Lower Footplate (Underside) 2 Ninebot ONE - Rubber Side Cover 2 Ninebot ONE Attachment Bracket 1 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Inner Tube 7 Ninebot ONE C & E Replacement Tire 3 Ninebot ONE C, E, E+, P inner Shell Set 2 Ninebot ONE Charging Port 3 Ninebot One 'E+' - Single Wheel Transporter (~35km Range) 1 Ninebot One E+ (Gen2) Single Wheel Transporter (~35km Range) 2 Ninebot ONE E+ / P Replacement Main Control Board 2 Ninebot ONE E+ 320wh Replacement / Spare Battery 1 Ninebot ONE Footplate Bar 2 Ninebot ONE LED Light Strip 4 Ninebot ONE Outershell - White 4 Ninebot ONE Parking Stand 1 Ninebot ONE Trolley Handle 4 Ninebot ONE Upgrade - Outer Shell (Blue) 2 Replacement LED Light Strip Cover Ring 2 Triple 8 T8 Exo Skin Shin and Whip BMX Guard (Large) - Pair 1 TSG Single Ankle-Guard Cam, Black (L/XL) Pair 1 My riding style:
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    My fast charger is generating a bit of heat. And someone is pretty happy about that.
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    I finally got off work today and took a well desired ride around Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon, Ohio. Not to many people strolling around so I was able to use the drone in a few shots.
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    Prayers to your brother for a speedy recovery!! I have never rode a Onewheel Plus before but unfortunately any of our wheel's motors can cut unexpectedly for various reasons. For safety's sake Onewheel should take down the leaderboard congratulating riders who have the fastest current speed!
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    Working on a way to slow my frantic life.
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    Everyone wants to be a hero. Okay okay fine... here we go!
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    Spontaneous evening ride, despite the autumn weather with damn wind, rain, and general cloudyness. Ended up bein 54 km. Gotta love big batteries This is at the end, when the weather got a little better and the clouds opened up. In the bright spot, if you look closely, you can see the pyramid top of a snowy mountain. It's the Großvenediger, Austria's 5th tallest mountain (3662 m), which is looming above the valley, a white pyramid at the horizon behind all the other mountains, shining in the sunset.
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    My first KS14S ride
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    Hello everyone. We tested Ninebot Z for your in China. The videos shared here are from my channel. I will upload all videos in today. Other videos; Ninebot One Z playlist.
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    Slightly off subject. I fabricated a door opener strap system this week for a family that has an ability dog. The mom just sent me a photo. The velcro adjustable strap was from a previous design I used to tether my wheel.
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    Hi man, sorry, it's obvious there's misunderstanding. Now I can tell you, we never forgot to add searies number, instead, we will first add it in the mainboard, then sticker on the EUC pedal, then sticker on the outside carton. You can see every EUC must pass the test before delivery(video below), if we forget to add in the series number, how can we ride the unicycle as in the video. So why did missing happen? It was after testing, on the last QC (we had 3 times QC during all production process), my colleague pressed "reset to defaults” buttom, and then shutdown unicycle before reset competed, this cause missing series number. And we send out the EUC without notice it. Anyway, this problem only happened 5 months ago, we soon solved the problem, and never happened again. Very sorry for our stupid operation mistakes. However, series number can add again easily under your local agents' help.
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    He was between 8 - 10 foot off the ground...those things are so hard to ride, I don't know how they do it?! Check out this other guy here in Los Angeles...
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    My brother is in the hospital at the moment after an accident at 20+ miles an hour on the Onewheel+. He said the engine suddenly cut off and the nose instantly dropped forward and threw him to the street. His lung is collapsed and shoulder is dislocated. I don't know what may have caused this I wasn't there when it happened. I just wanted to pass this along so if you have one be careful.
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    I know we are supposed to be good ambassadors for the EUC communuity. Luckily I did not receive a ticket for this one. Yes I know, I'm a rebel..........................
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    Did a little testing last month in Vermont with a DJI Spark drone. Unfortunately it kept getting "hung up" by trees and would stop auto-tracking. Otherwise it's a pretty nice portable unit.
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    Although I have not had the chance to do a full range test yet,I think I have to concur with @Marty Backe's take on this wheel,this thing is freakin awesome.Although it is a little bigger than the original Mten,it has twice the power and speed.Awesome,totally awesome,as Spicoli would say!
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    A Speed Leaderboard does seem like they are asking for trouble. I'm glad there is no mechanism for doing the same with any of our EUCs. The only thing worse than a Leaderboard would be one that offered a prize for the fastest rider.
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    Just a try out with the action cam in front off the ACM. Hope it gives a idea off a commuting ride.
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    @YoshiSkySun was kind enough to give me his crash and burned ACM, for spare parts My final collection of retrieved parts was much smaller than I had anticipated. This video provides a closer look at what happens to an ACM that careens off a river trail at 20+ mph into a saltwater river. Sorry Yoshi
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    Here's the entire process of Sliming my new KS14S wheel. 14 to 16 inch wheel: 3 ounces 18 inch wheel: 4 ounces 22 inch wheel: 8 ounces
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    I just returned from a test run using the new 1.05 firmware. It's a home run All the way down to ~50% the max speed was ~18 - 19mph. I quit my run (time constraints) with the battery at ~28% under load, and I was able to maintain ~17mph. I'm very happy with that. It's soooo nice not to be limited to 12mph on a wheel like this. So I was able to enjoy a 3 hour ride at pretty much any speed I wanted (for a 14 inch wheel) with no incessant beeping or tilt-back. I had a blast of a ride. This is the wheel I was originally hoping for when I bought it from @Jason McNeil The 14S is as close to a 10-out-of-10 wheel that I can imagine. Big thumbs up
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    I have said that about a month ago...that the aliexpress times for Kingsong will come to an end. @Bambino @D i c K (ie) and myself could be happy that we got an 18S from there. I have got accusation and been blamed for "destroying my local market" , despite beeing very careful with any recommendation, always! But seams the wining and blaming about alisellers, done by some of the KS resellers and brought to KS China, now have succeeded. In my -personal- opinion these price, region and "exclusiv" politics from KS are in a nowaday global world, just somewhat of a joke! When an EUC costs about 750Dollar...is sold in Asia for 900-1000, is available on ali for 12-1400 and costs in europe about 2000-2600$...than -again: In my View- this is just an fraud to the consumer.... I have no probs to pay an good amount more, for some service and warranty, like in the states for example on ewheels, best example i know! But here in europe it gets more and more strange. Would you exspect to have your (double the price) EUC at first in the hand? No, you get it 2-3 months later, as the exclusive seller has to wait for its 50 wheels over sea container, to save some money more for air freight! But i have to stop ranting here and popping out "secret" internas! Yes, the most known alisellers we know, have been forbidden to sell KS...at least to countries with exclusive KS contracts. Also -from intervening by the exclusive sellers- the smaller aliseller now have to pay a MUCH higher price for KS..when ordering only one wheel. So it might be....in the near-middle future we will not see any KS on ali or other sale channels.... Is that good for the brand? I dont think so..... Will there be ways around this policies? Yes, there will be! I wont cover that now...,..but like said: The world is global....and if the sellers will take higher prices, they should do that by respectable services/warranty etc...not by only enjoying a "region" policy... Rant over!!!
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    Ive heard that this doesnt apply to a few people heavier than me, but for me 65 kg, it is how i stand when i want to accelerate and ride fast with full control. I have tried many times before to stand superclose to the machine as well, not just the heels, but that limits my mobility and can also hurt because of the seam going down the pants. alright.
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    It's been a few weeks since I received my KS14S. Today I finally had the opportunity to complete my final test before I produce a review video. There are some local mountains with extreme conditions that make for a great EUC torture test. The KS14S passed with flying colors. I was on the mountain for 3 hours 45 minutes, 3 hours of which I was riding. This really is a great trail wheel, and perhaps that's where it is best right now because it's a lousy street wheel due to the speed throttling. But in the mountains you rarely go even 10mph. I was able to take it up a couple of extreme trails that are difficult for the ACM. Perhaps because of the smaller diameter wheel which made for better maneuvering. I was able to overheat the wheel, but you'd be impressed if you saw what I was climbing at the time. But the results were worth it. The previous generation (KS14C) overheats at ~63 degrees Centigrade, which means it overheats a lot under strenuous conditions. Interestingly, the KS14S overheats at ~80 degrees Centigrade. I did not expect that. So KingSong has radically increased the temperature at which they are willing to run. This is good, because that allowed the wheel to get much further up the hill before stopping me. I can now certify that the KS14C will only overheat under the most extreme conditions. Normal humans need not worry I dropped the wheel multiple times today (this was a Category 4 trail in many places - 5 is nearly impossible to traverse), and a couple of times previously. I must say that I"m extremely impressed with the changes that KingSong has made concerning wheel turn-off times. Every single time the wheel has fallen, the tire stops spinning immediately. There appears zero possibility of the wheel jumping and dancing like Gotway. The KS14C could spin up during a crash, but not this version. It's perfect. I can't state this strongly enough - Gotway sucks in this regards. Whatever KingSong did, Gotway needs to steal it That's it. Thought I'd share a bit of my recent testing.
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    Some off-road action for your viewing pleasure.
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    Me and my new MTen3
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    Griffith Park Saturday morning ride. From the left: me, @Stan Onymous, @JrKline "Wheel Whisperer, @noisycarlos, and @YoshiSkySun And check our Yoshi's new riding gear - very cool.
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    @meepmeepmayer arrigato Another video:
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    Reading through various topics of this forum it is really not hard to come to conclusion that Gotway is one of the EUC manufacturers that has serious repeated issues with QC. It is also obvious that people who own their wheels are often not satisfied with the way that company handles these issues and complaints. It's a shame, because otherwise they have very attractive product portfolio. If we ever want that this "sport" of ours that we love and EUC-s in general as a mode of transportation to have a chance to go mainstream, QC is the first thing that has to be seriously addressed. Unlike other emerging green & alternative modes of transportation, we have only one wheel and anything failing inside the device usually means nasty rendezvouses with the pavement. Or maybe I am getting it wrong and the majority of people here would like this to stay a hobby only for "die hard fans" - literally?
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    I went to Pokagon State Park in Indiana today and rode next to their long toboggan run. This place is packed with visitors in the winter. I used the Passport Hover Camera for some aerial shots. Passport recently updated their software and it followed me like a charm. I rode at a moderate speed (no @Marty Backe gear required) as I was not sure if EUCs were even allowed.
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    Marty looks like he's the type of super hero that goes to the neighborhoods after a long day of fighting crime and hands out candy out of his fanny pack to the kids but never let them touch the wheel
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    I did an acceleration test between the KS18S and Msuper V3s+. Scary. I think I can push the KS18S harder, hence the results...