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    Well guys, here's the conclusion to my little Mten3 repair odyssey. I'm sorry @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", but you're not going to get my battery pack. Thanks for the push to dig deeper into though
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    I have determined why my Mten3 failed. To summarize, Gotway designed and/or provided a battery pack that is not compatible with the power requirements of the powerful Mten3 motor. Here is the video that lays it all out followed by some photographs. As I type this I feel inclined to write the battery pack off as a total loss. Considering how much a new battery pack would cost, I may have to buy a new Mten3.
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    Very first impressions of my new Tesla. @Jason McNeil at EWheels was kind enough to keep one in reserve for me, so when I called to see if he was truly sold out, he made my day with the news. So I drove down to his warehouse and picked it up. This guy is fast
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    For those of you who want to experience a little of the thrill of riding a Tesla, I give this raw footage from my first ride.
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    Me and my new Tesla
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    Hi guys, I was lucky enough to borrow one of the first Gotway Tesla 1020Wh in France to one of my friends, I rode on a Gotway ACM 1300Wh & Rockwheel GT16 for a while now, and a little on a Gotway ACM1600Wh, I will compare this EUC to it's current competitors (at least the ones I can talk about). My first impression when seeing it was how beautiful it looked. I already checked the pictures on the internet, and review videos, but seing it in real is something different. The glossy finish on the led rings gives a premium feeling to the EUC, overall I really love the design, very close to the Gotway MCM4 and close to a V8. I can say that for me, it is the best looking EUC that Gotway has come out with so far (this is subjective of course). First go with the Tesla, and woooow that is a freaking awsome EUC. The most noticable improvement over the ACM is that it is very smooth, the algorithm must be different, and also it is a very quiet EUC, I would say it's even quieter than the V8 !!! I have been riding on a Gotway ACM 1600Wh lately, the tiny pads of the Tesla sits much higher than the ones on the ACM, so overall it gives the impression that the EUC is much more stable at slow speeds. The acceleration is very progressive, it's not as brutal as on the GT16, but feels much more stable and stirdy than on the ACM, the 2000W motor sure gives confidence while accelerating. Regarding it's comfort, I would say it's more comfy than the ACM, compared to the GT16 it's hard to tell, the soft rubber under the pedals of the GT16 sure helps but the GT16 is so much more brutal than the Tesla, the Tesla feels much more gentle...The Tesla absorbs the shocks about the same as the GT16 I would say, maybe the GT16 has a slight advantage over the Tesla, not sure... At slow speeds, the Tesla is still very agile, it can go slower than the ACM, I measured 2.4kph on the Tesla, 3.6kph on the ACM, 2.3kph on the GT16. At high speeds, the Tesla is a beast ! Much more stable than the GT16 and the ACM, it doesn't have the slow tilt back that the GT16 has when reaching 40kph and above, at 44kph I felt very confident, and safe, I would say that it almost feels as stable as on the Monster, and more stable than on the Msuper3 that I have tested (although I didn't test it long enough to be sure at 100%). As I rode along, I felt that the pads are a little hard on your legs, I feel like there is some room for improvement here, or maybe it's because I'm small. When walking with the Tesla and it's trolley, it feels very natural, much more esthetic than the one on the ACM & GT16, and I would say it will probably last longer than the one on the KS16XXX being appart from the carrying handle. Lifting the Tesla is like any other EUC. Laying it against a wall is easier than on the ACM & GT16 because the trolley is centered. Performances : I measured 6.8s accelerating from 0 to 45kph with the Tesla, 6.5s on the GT16, 8.1s on the ACM, 9.4s on the Monster. Top speed with my weight on the Tesla : 53kph, GT16 : 53kph, ACM : 49kph, Monster : 51kph. I was suprised that the Tesla can accelerate as fast as the GT16 because it feels much more gentle, but I much prefer the acceleration on the Tesla. Reactiviy is not as good as the GT16 which keeps the lead on this one, still much better than the ACM 1300Wh & 1600Wh. I would say it is not the best Freestyle EUC overall, in hard mode it's not as hard as the V8 for example, but for an every day use it's perfectly balanced. I've rode it during the night, the front light is very very bright, it's all we need, you can now see what's coming from far away, it's brighter than the front light on the V8 & KS16B, it's simply the brightest light I've ever seen on an EUC, too bad there isn't the same thing at the back, the lateral leds are very nice, you can stil be seen from behind but I would say you should probably add a light at the back for safety. Regarding it's size, if looks quite big, but it doesn't feel big, in fact it feels smaller than the ACM, have a look at the pictures for size comparaison. To summerize, I would say that the Tesla is really really an incredible EUC, I didn't expect that much out of it, even though I haven't rode it for very long, I think it's my favorite Gotway for now, compared to the GT16, it's a better finished EUC imo, compared to the ACM, it's a big improvement except for the range (that I haven't tested, I would say it's about the same as a GT16 1036Wh). I see it as a great commuters EUC, it feels solid, it's powerful, silent, pleasant to ride...only the range would be an issue for me (I guess it'll gove 80km going 20kph). I would recommand this EUC to anyone who don't need +60km range, and who don't know what to choose between the ACM, GT16, and maybe the KS16S (that I haven't tested but if it's just a fast KS16B...)
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    Dancing with Mten3 between yard work duties.
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    So today after "may be" having solved my charging problems I spend my first 15 kms on my brand new Tesla. It was a fine but quite windy day, I had pumped up my tires to 43 psi for this first ride and I had recalibrated my Tesla, so the pedals are about 2 or 3 degrees tilted back, which I prefer with all my unicycles, since it gives me a feeling of more security and confidence when speeding up and cruising with higher speeds. It's just a slight adjustment however, nothing dramatic. I own and ride a Ninebot E+ (on which I learned), a KS16, an ACM (820Wh), and the MSuper V3s+ (which I ride most of the time). Now here is my first impression of my new Tesla: First of all: It looks really beautiful and shiny for a Gotway, I love the looks, but there is still room for improvement. The front with all the switches and charging ports looks ugly and they could have made it nicer with a simple bonnet like cover. The rear and side view however is rather beautiful. 2. It's very agile and responsive and it rides much more stable than my ACM. Is it as stable as the MSuper V3s+? So far I think not! And this is because today was a very windy day. I once got blown off my Ninebot E+ on a day like this in the mountains, and it was not pleasant! It seemed as if one of our mountain gods and spirits was making fun of me, blowing me off my path and I though I heard them all laughing when I landed in the ditch next to a rice field. So even now my MSuper keeps impressing me, how stable it behaves even in the strongest winds. If you consider the wind, the Tesla is not as stable as the MSuper I thought after this short 14 km trip in high winds. So the Tesla is very, very stable and solid, but the MSuper is rock solid. 3. The Tesla has lots of power and rides very smooth. 4. The battery was down to 80% (6 of 8 indicator lights) after my first 14 km. That was a bit disappointing, since I am used to riding my MSuper the whole week without charging and I never ever got down to 60% at the end of the week. I once rode the distance from Hikone to Nagahama and back, which is about 62 km and I still had 50% battery left. But for everyday cruising and commuting the Tesla should still have sufficient range. You just have to charge it every day. So no big deal. 5. Now when I got home and wanted to charge it, I had the same problem that I thought I had solved: The Tesla did not charge! I disconnected all cables again, reconnected them - green light! it did not charge. I disconnected all cables a second time, tested the batteries individually - green light! Both batteries did not charge, as they did, when I remedied this problem before. I reconnected everything again, tried to charge again - green light! The Tesla didn't want to charge. I switched the Tesla on to check the battery level (6 indicators). Just out of curiosity, I connected the charger with the Tesla switched on - RED light! It started to charge. I switched it off - Still RED light! It continued to charge and it is charging now. Since I have no idea of electronics, this behavior seems kind of magical to me and I have no idea, why it charges and why it didn't charge before. I will keep an eye on it. May be one of you has a reasonable explanation. Summary: 1. The Tesla is definitely superior to the ACM, that I own. 2. For off-road riding, long distance cruises and stability on windy days, the MSuper V3s+ plus is second to none of the wheels I own and (for now) it is in my opinion superior to the Tesla. 3. However, if I could have only one wheel, I probably whould choose the TESLA. It is stable, powerful, agile, great for performing tricks, looks beautiful and offers sufficient range for commuting. 4. But since I can have both, I will use the MSuper for touring and off-road mountain trips. I have been in the deepest woods with it where I am almost sure the Tesla could not follow ... BUT I will use the Tesla on rainy days and in urban surroundings and especially at night to show off with its beauty. It doesn't challenge my friends with their flashy fascinating V8s, but it's faster, lol! That's it for a first impression of the TESLA after a 14 km ride. (To be continued)
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    I'm going to use this thread to document my experiences with the Tesla. Hopefully it'll be mostly Triumphs, but with me there may be a failure or two down the road I begin with a stroll through a local park, taken from my first day ride with the Tesla
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    I regularly get tired of explaining in the Russian forum - what's the difference why the wheel broke? This is the marriage of the manufacturer. If it's a lot - the manufacturer sucks. I honestly sold both RockWheel and two years of GotWay, but I was very tired of the delirium that occurs with the GotWay. Even riders in the Russian Federation already understand that GotWay makes a disgusting quality. You, the majority, living in a civilized Europe or America - continue to argue with the fact that it will do so. No, it will not. The manufacturer must be responsible for its quality. His marriage and low quality can not be covered - "but he makes fast wheels." So what's the difference how a beginner "burned" the tester? That's for me personally no. This is the marriage of the manufacturer. I am the exclusive distributor of Inmotion and Kingsong since the summer of 2016, but I continued to sell GotWay so that the riders had a choice. And regularly argued with Inmotion and kingsong because of this. They forced me to refuse, but I resisted and sold. But what I was shown sales in 2017 - I was shocked. Here are the statistics. So do not do business. This is a complete absurdity. 33%. Claims, refunds, a blow to my reputation. I do not care about the reputation of the GotWay. But almost every breakdown in the Russian Federation was brought back to my reputation as a seller. You can try as much as you want to protect a low quality, but it will not get any better from it, unfortunately. Next, I drop out of the discussion, since you are not my sales market and convince you of the obvious to me is not very interesting. Also, my English is not so good as to communicate with you on equal terms and give arguments.
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    CicLAvia is an amazing recurring event that's suitable for everyone. It is soulful and collaborative, fostering community spirit, joy and festive exercise under the nurturing sunshine. Adults, kids, puppies, bikers, skaters, runners, hikers, meeting old friends, strangers becoming friends, music, lakes, bridges, tunnels, food and lots of it, discovering new mom and pop shops. CicLAvia was awesome, I loved it!
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    ...and I'm finding it amazing. My commute is 2.1 miles to train station, then 0.5 miles to work, so just over 5 miles per day. I started off about 12 mins to train station, and that is down to just over 8 minutes. With newly installed roads and sidewalks, I think I can get that down to just under 8 mins. which is amazing. About the same time it would take driving or less (no stopping at lights as I have side routes!). My 12-15 min walk to work is now about a 3 minute ride, maybe less. That alone saves me more than 20 mins a day. This morning I had about 10 mins to get to train, and really didn't expect to make it, but yet again it did not let me down. Less than 10 min ride! I now walk my dog 3 to 5 days a weeks on it, and find myself just going around town for an hour on the weekends putting about 10 miles on it (playing a little ingress, hitting 4 or 5 parks!). Selling my motorcycle now. Thanks KS for an amazing machine!
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    When are you updating your username to...?
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    Part 4...finally :-) Some words to what i am used to at the moment: I am regularly driving my KS18S all the time (received End of July 2017) and have done about 1300-1400kmh since then. I would call the 18S the best available 18inch in the moment, as its drive mode and behaviour is absolutly excellent and even outperforms the 84volt v3s+.... I literally HAVE to sold my V3 (67volt), because everytime i used it after the Ks18s i feared the V3 soft pedals to give way when braking hard or accelerating to fast. (to make it clear: they did not!Just a feeling!). But the differences between the both just have been that much that the V3 only worked as a dust collector at home! To make it short: I have high expectations and i am kind of spoilt by my main wheel! To make it also short: The Tesla outperforms all my exspectations! It is such an agile, reactive AND powerfull wheel...it is a pleasure to drive it! Finally, finally Gotway has managed to come back to a real rock hard pedal setting with no play at all!(which i last saw on the Mcm2s)! I allready heard that before, that they have a kind of new firmware on their new wheels, and hoped that this includes the Tesla, and was highly rewarded for my trust to but a Gotway again(despite all hardware failures, which i really hate). There are absolutely no pedal dippings when driving in curves, the pedals all time stay horizontal and dont “know” a tilt up or down :-) Idling on this wheel is a pleasure, as it is reactive and powerfull enough to shift you back and forth with ease! For me, drive and riding mode wise, the best 16inch wheel available! What also stands out, that it is relatively quiet and the high pitch noise, all GW have, can only be detected when listening carefully. I did not have that much Kilometers in this stadium...but from a feeling i would say the power consumption is quite good....but as sad, just a feeling until now. Also i did not beat the wheel to its speed borders...i am not that kinda guy, also in this first days i dont over accelerate...that comes with time. But allready with average risk-the acceleration abilities are stunning! Unfortunatly all IOS apps i know, dont show real voltage (always in the 60’s) and the amperage/wattage on all apps seams 2-3 times to high. i really would like to know the real numbers here!!! So, conclusion: Gotway has stepped up the game once more! The general quality got higher...while there are still some little quirks, but these can all be handled! Perhaps the assumed motor connector melting in reality will be never a prob...who knows?! Overall a fantastic wheel, with very great drive abilities and characteristics! Do i recommend getting one? Definitly YES! (as long not paying 2200 dollar ;-) ) Hopefully this little first impression was helpful! If there are any questions....don’t hesitate to ask! As none motherlanguage it is allways hard for me to describe the wheel beahviour, i hope you get the point :-) Will be continued the next few weeks.....
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    Linnea has just informed me that they have identified a fault where the motor-side side-panel cuts into the motor wiring loom & may cause an internal break in the wires. They are Expressing a batch of new panels out to me tomorrow. Our shipment doesn't get into port for another week, so there shouldn't be any delay with getting our Wheels out in time. However, if you own a Tesla now, or have one of the way from another source, please contact your seller to get this replacement panel. Kudos to Gotway for being much more proactive on this issue.
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    Joey & I spent an afternoon at the King Song factory, talking about the specific technical details & release plans. While they didn't commit to a specific date, it is quite certain that we will not see the 18L until the first or second month of 2018. The new board type still hasn't been finalized & I'd prefer not to be the first crash-test-dummy to stress test the new system. The available battery space inside the shell is limited, I was told quite categorically that there will definitely will NOT be a 1600Wh version, at least it's not in the pipeline/ Here's a picture of the two motors side-by-side. From the outside there are no indications that the motor on the left is anything special, although it does have thicker axle. We put them on a scale & the two were exactly the same weight, resolution 50g.
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    Uhhmmmm.... Actually rode like this for about a kilometer to the garden waste disposal site. When you go above 20 kph with an empty wheelbarrow, it becomes quite bouncy.
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    Trying to work with GW on improving reliability on two technical fronts: up-rated IRFP4468 MOSFETs & the use of 60-80A fuses. The absence of fuses in their Wheels, as Marty has recently encountered with his MTen3, is not satisfactory. When the Wheel is in a jam, without any current throttling programmed onto the firmware, the battery will throw everything it has at it, with the inevitable outcome of either, 1) destroying the MOSFETs, 2) ruining the battery pack, or both, it's completely unnecessary. With a 20S6P pack, that momentary peak burst of power could well exceed 10KW, way beyond the survivability threshold. For the next order requirements, I've insisted that a fuse be added. Trouble is that I'm getting some push-back, GW Engineer's aren't convinced; apparently the Korean Dealer had GW do a limited run with an embedded board fuse & they encountered some cases of it blowing under 'normal operation'. From the picture, this looks to be a 48A (?), probably it needs to be up-rated to a 60A or 80A fuse, there's no good technical reason why the correct rating can't be fitted, with the desired function of sacrificing the fuse rather than having something more catastrophic happen. Remember the bad firmware GW put out in June? The purpose of that change was supposed to better manage the Current, with the intention of lowering the incidence rate of board failures. As sophisticated as the current roster of Wheels are today, taking the longer term view, the industry needs some fresh-blood competition, probably Engineered Outside of China to create a Wheel that is built with fewer compromises.
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    After the less-than-perfect-release of the last King Song App , I approached King Song about the possibility of managing the development of a new revamped App which would be more in line with what our Customers expect to see in an App. While WheelLog/WheelInfo/DarknessBot are very nearly there, these do not provide the ability to unlock the Wheel & perform other vendor specific functions. It's still early days, but here is the first mock-up. What do you guys think? For this first release, in order to keep it on schedule/budget, we wanted to keep it relatively simple. There's some ideas for additional features in a v2, such as locating your Wheel in a non-invasive way, if it were to get lost or stolen & performance datalogging. What are the Current Problems in the Current Release: App should NOT require additional permission setting to install on Android Interface is a mess, non-standard buttons & controls Connection to the Wheel is not stable, often disconnects, takes too much time connect Customer registration simply doesn't work. Customers do not want to be forced to register in order to perform basic setup & configuration Addition of features that serve no conceivable benefit, e.g., shutting down the Wheel There are no distinguishing differences in the KS Icons, so if Users install multiple versions, they are unable to tell them apart from the App list App is too large, at 37MB it's absurd size in proportion to it's functionality Quality of translation is extremely poor Distribution of Android is still not available through the Google Play store New App Design Principles Must support both Android & IOS Simple but powerful, no complex menu navigation Size of the App should not exceed 5MB To ensure high performance, downloads from servers located in either Europe or North America. Chinese Internet connections are simply not good enough Interface should by built on an existing GUI framework Permissions: no additional security requirements for installation, allow access to BT & GPS receiver (later) BT connectivity: must be stable, should use native Android/IOS BT stack User must NOT be required to register All information on one screen without being too cluttered Intuitive easy to navigate configuration What Functionality will NOT be added: Social: there are a host of other-better Apps for this Estimated Range: provides Customers with inaccurate data that creates confusion Shutdown: no possible scenario in which this will be included Path tracking: we will suggest a link to a 3rd party Apps that do the job better Main screen: Speed Battery level: both volts & % available Power avg over 1sec, bar graphs Board temperature Light status Horn Accumulated mileage, trip Serial number Setup configuration for King Song Wheels First connection to Wheel, Discovery & registration Unlock the speed from 20kph Calibration the pedals Upgrade the firmware Change head-light light settings LED lights, colors Change BT password Setup Ride modes Imperial or metric Customized name to unique ID mapping Firmware update process App detects the serial number & provides relevant FW choices Detailed change Log Ability to revert back to a previous version FW files to be stored on servers in North America for faster access Integrity checking during the download & transfer to Wheel Maximum BT file transfer speed to Wheel Datalogging Capability: Collect information into a log data file, can be disabled, ability set to maximum size Will be able to graph speed, board temperature, voltage level & power output Ability to export info as CSV using the standardized Share Future Locate Functionality: 'Locate Your Wheel' by uploading GPS coordinates Locate can be optionally disabled, but first time App connects to Wheel, connects uploads coordinates to server Feature can have 'optional' registration for device tracking
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    Late last week we received a batch of improved side-padding for the 14S. Since then I've racked up about 10 testing miles, & for me at least, it it's just incredible how this small change has completely transformed this Wheel. Looking forward to the feedback from Marty & some of the other US 14S owners out there It completely baffles me how a company like King Song can get to 95% of where they need to be with a new design, then completely screw it up with a bad piece of padding & crippling firmware. Just to give you some insight of what goes on behind the scenes: for the v1.05 Firmware improvement, KS were giving me a mid-November release date for getting this fixed; it took the threat of cancelling a 200+ Wheel order that was under production, & then low-and-behold v1.05 comes out the next day.... Same with the improved padding, KS goes into default response mode of 'Our Riders just get used to the discomfort'. I had to order 100 pieces at a pretty significant additional cost to produce these for our Customers. For overseas KS Owners, please get on your Distributors case for improvements like this, because the message doesn't seem to be getting through to KS. They (KS) think I'm just being troublesome & that everything was just perfectly fine as it was. Ultimately the power lies in your hands to get want you want in a Wheel. Rant over To celebrate the advancement of this little Wheel, the 680Wh 14S has just been discounted by $100 to $999 & $70 off on the 840Wh to $1,120 https://www.ewheels.com/product/king-song-14s-electric-unicycle-840wh/
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    I just looove slow motion. Expect more from me when i get my new camera xD
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    Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my crazy-too-many EUC videos, I have achieved a critical mass that allows me to own the Electric Unicycles channel on YouTube. I've wanted that name and have been somewhat surprised that it hasn't already been taken. Now when I'm out and about riding my wheel and people ask questions I'll be able to tell them to go to http://youtube.com/electricunicycles Over time I'll make it look prettier and provide additional links that may be useful to newcomers. I want to continue publishing videos that attempt to convey the fun and thrill of our sport.
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    Hy Folks, As some of you may have recognized....my Tesla has arrived on Monday! As always when i receive a new wheel, i want to nerve you with some of my meanwhile impressions and a kind of diary, to have a review over a longer usetime.... As Things like generell data of the wheels are covered in a lot of other threads, you will not find any technical description of things here, which are pretty clear. Just this: I have the 1020wh Version, the biggest -at the time beginn of November- and received the wheel from one of my favorite aliexpress sellers. Because of that nowadays aliexpress sellers are treated like padophile child abusers, this time the delivery of the wheel took as long as no other wheel i orderd before! Seams because of the intervention of a big European seller, all aliexpress sales gone done down the queue, with even the canceling of orders of one specific state..... I have an opinion of these aspirations to monopolize several markets, but for the forum netiquette i will take these for me this time :-) Lost the thread...aaah, no, because of this @&@€#” my wheel delivery even took 4 weeks before it was sent...plus the 14-18days normal delivery time :-( But now it is here, and what will i say....the first impressions are fantastic- especially for a Gotway ;-) From the outside it really looks like GW this time has put some effort into delivering a quality wheel, shell and overall it occurs just much better than the V3 or ACM.... some more: to be continued..... just in some minutes ;-)
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    OK, I have since more closely inspected the two cells and the damage appears to be localized to the plastic. I've measure the voltage on both packs and they are the same. Sooooo, I just soldered a piece of 12 gauge wire onto the tabs, and the solder seems very secure. I think I'll add another wire as you suggest for redundancy Folks, I'm going to try and put this wheel back together!
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    I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of a KS18S right now and couldn't help but prematurely start a review thread in an effort to channel some of my excitement. For the second time, I've been caught off-guard because the wheel arrived earlier than I expected. In a way this is positive because I haven't been able to obsess quite as heavily as I otherwise would have by checking the tracking all the time. My first wheel has been the Inmotion V8 that I imagine I must have around 500km on in around a month and a half of ownership. I've been satisfied that my decision on a first wheel was the right one for my usage. I was worried before I received it about the most common complain about the V8; the range. Fortunately, this hasn't been nearly the issue that I thought it might be. Most of my trips are short and that makes the convenience features of the V8, especially the weight, as someone who lives in a second floor apartment, an excellent city wheel. I was very hesitant about the idea of getting another wheel because I figured I will fall into the habit of going for the V8 due to laziness over time. Why go with the KS18S then? Even though I didn't feel in a rush to buy a second wheel, when I looked at the market, the advantages to waiting six months for the 18L or Ninebot Z series started to decrease in my mind. I'm confident I'll own a Z10 at some point in the future, but not for at least a year. I see that the rumour is that the release date has been pushed to back to April. That leaves the MSuper and KS18S in currently available 18" wheels. I initially was interested in the MSuper, and feel fairly confident that if I got one now that it would be a reliable machine, but I'll admit that the issues over the last year caused me to hesitate. Eventually the ability to sit became a minor obsession for me after watching @houseofjob ride his Monster. I read @KingSong69 's review of his KS18S and the quality of the Sports series caused me to look at this awkward shell design in a new light. So now it's 7am eastern time and I'm staring as the clock and refreshing the tracking to see if I should be getting the wheel around noon. Luckily I'm off today and can devote myself to this entirely! This wheel is an ewheels KS18S 1680wh model in black. I plan to paint my new wheel with plasti dip and will post some pictures when I get around to it, but until then I'll update here with my thoughts on the new ride.
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    Okay what's the scoop on these members who have gone missing? Have they wisely given up riding these one wheeled death and injury traps, or have they just moved on to greener pastures and other less hazardous activities? Can we now talk freely about them behind their backs and air out their dirty laundry? Feel free to add names to the list of the lost but not forgotten... . Lest we forget our fellow EUC brethren and sisthren. If you do not show up and reply to this post, I will have to officially close my detailed files on you, and the smack talk shall begin. @The Fat Unicyclist - long time rider, addictive Pineapple Lumps candy pusher, New Zealand's best known Xima Lhotz rider. He's back! @Cloud - moderator extraordinaire, KingSong maniac, bursitis sufferer, where ya be man? My psychic summoning powers have been defeated. @Carlos E Rodriguez - rubber of people the wrong way master, face planter perfectionist, here everyday then suddenly gone forever... @HEC - most annoying avatar member, smart as heck, thought you were a dude all this time until I visited your info page, gone way too soon, we miss you. @Greg Spalding - pediatrian with the most unusual fashion sense, jumping on the EUC bandwagon like an unstoppable madman, was looking forward to the ride learning progress notes, never to be seen again. @thefork - Swedish V5 rider master, relative of "thespoon," uncanny twin look-alike to the host dude of The Amazing Race Canada. Still alive and kicking! @nomad - spectacular Msuper crash survivor. Thought you were in it for the long haul, where did you go? @freetheoranges - dead ringer for "Sylar" from "Heroes," strange frequenter of the Discord chat and only the Discord chat, never quite understood your username meaning. @Bryan Wells - Ninebot addict and former KS18 rider, provider of large footed pedal adapters for those in need, grew a handlebar mustache and vanished into thin air... I'm thinking UFO abduction! @Merrittous MonoWheel - Monster Merritt Mountain riding enthusiast, dared to ride in Vancouver, never to be seen again... @John Eucist - I swore I thought Eucist was your real last name until it dawned on me, felt stupid about that for a while, but then I came to my senses. Are the collections of various EUCs now collecting dust? What happened to the one wheeled passion, man? Ever present in the background doing stuff! Who am I missing?
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    Had a little crash today. Nothing big, but still it happened and could easily have been worse. Was riding my ACM on a nice, wide, straight bike path and fixing my jacket's annoying hood (to help against the wind) aka not looking where I was going for a few moments (and especially not checking the ground ahead). What can happen on such a neat open path, right? Boom, a rock in the middle of the road! Most likely from a guy mowing the grass with a vehicle there a few moments earlier, and kicking the mower-endangering thing from the grass out of the way (= onto the middle of the paved path). And I went right across it. Here's the asshole rock from the inconsiderate mowing guy. Not that big, but unfortunately big enough. Took it home on the way back from the doctor, it was right along the way, that's why there are pictures. Not sure how exactly the crash happened, but I felt neither a big bump nor the pedals of my ACM dipping, nor any sideways tumbling. I believe the wheel simply stopped going as fast as I did (25km/h), so I was thrown forward, landed on my hands (wrist guards, thankfully, but that was all the protection I had) and slid to a stop. Basically like driving against a surprise curb. Results: Bloody knee with a deep-ish wound. But nothing worse than that. The road grated through my jeans (knee and pocket), as well as through my wind jacket, two layers of sweater and a tiny bit of my arm's skin (thankfully it was so cold today, this would have been an unpleasantly bloody matter in summer without the layers, now the arm is good). My clothing, decimated! Actually, much more than decimated, really have to go shopping now. Bruised (a little) shoulder. Again, not bad at all, but can take some weeks to heal (aka not feel it a little). Some bruising on my leg where my phone was. In the end, basically nothing happened injury-wise (though I went to a doctor just to be sure), and I got my apparently overdue tetanus immunization up to date this way Lessons learned: Look where you are going, really! EUC safety tip #1! Just because there's a nice wide track before you, does not mean it's safe, even if someone is riding/driving in front of you quite fast. Damn, wrist guards are really the most important safety gear everyone should wear! Without them cushioning the fall and the hard plastic preventing grating my hand, I might very well have the same kind of horrible hand injury @Jason McNeil was showing photos of a few years ago (don't look them up if you don't like injury photos). Now my hands are fine. No bruise, no nothing. Don't have ANY hard stuff in your pants pockets. That's in a place where your body lands on the ground, and anything hard will ram right into your leg muscles and give you a nice bruise in the shape of the very thing, or worse (keys would probably ram right into the flesh). No going up stairs for 2 weeks then (I had this earier, this time it was almost nothing). Same applies to any other pockets. Hard stuff in your jacket inside pocket would probably break your ribs (!), jacket outside pocket is right above the hip bone, etc. Don't have anyhing hard in your pockets when riding! Maybe back pockets are fine, unless you fall on your behind. The only other hole in my jeans except the knee is where I had hard stuff in my pant pocket. Knee guards are more or less the second most likely piece of protection you'll ever be glad about. Had two smaller crashes now (the first one, a low speed uphill cut-out, convinced me to get wrist guards), and it was wrists and knees under attack both times. Guess I should get a helmet before I have a third crash with "minor" injuries on the head making me wear one I never expected EUCs to be fast enough (when around 25-30 km/h) so that the pavement (potentially) ripping your skin away would be an issue (like it is for motorbikers). But in a crash where you don't hit anything, this may be a more considerable thing than impact protection! I don't like elbow guards or crazy full body armor, but I'm seriously thinking about some abrasion-resistant jacket, ideally padded (most of all on the shoulder, maybe elbow too). Easy and fast to take on and off. Maybe a motorcycle jacket? Again, if this had happened in summer, no idea how my arm would look now. Also, never expected to ever think about shoulder protection, but you'll always fall a bit sideways and then that's where you hit the ground, too. [These are in imho order of importance] TLDR: Look where you are going and always check the ground before you, also protective clothing works (you wouldn't believe it), and consider abrasion, not just absolute worst cases (cut-out, rammed by car) when thinking about protection. Hoping this helps someone, or at least offers some entertainment. (Any ideas what to do with the rock?)
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    Quite by chance I was working on this Vendor Comparison Graphic this morning. I'm flying out to LA in a couple hours to meet with Joey in order to take on the Tesla panel swap operation (oh, the bitter irony!), as well as doing some spot checks on the MTen3 tubeless tires.
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    For my first 4K video I took a ride today along Redondo Beach on my KS14S. A beautiful November day in California
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    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love @Jason McNeil @Marty Backe @meepmeepmayer ....and all other interested :-) I just received my Tesla....and first impression is that Hotway is trying to step up the quality a bit! Wheel looks much better on first look, and yadayadayadaa...will make a “Tesla diary review” in a own thread :-) But this here deserves an own!!! Rememebr the post from Jason with the broken cable and that GW solved that by new shell parts? And that Hunka has a message that on our batch time the problem already has been solved and we are in no need to worry? Well, i was right that the rim around the magnet is the culprit for hitting the motor cable.... First photo...you can see they are on same height (shell side by side to cable): And -ATTENTION- here now how Hotway is fixing such an issue, so we dont need to worry anymore: That really made my day...nothing to say anymore...quality assurance by Gotway Like said...other than that...first impressions are good, just one small hint: Motor cables are now (same as on ks18s) one fat strand each phase and thicker than ever Review/diary to come :-)
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    I'm pleased to announce that doctor DPD delivered a healthy 15kilo baby eh,... Wheel today. It enjoyed its first meal of a selection of amps, and volts, and now It's resting peacefully in its crib, while the rain falls gently, but persistently through the cold night air.. the parents haven't decided on a name yet, so for now there just going to call it ks16s 840. But they're both mystified why it's black 😳
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    Sorry friends for my english. Its google translate. Its a very big topic to make it by their knowledge. If somebody can do better - use original http://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=51168.msg1199893#msg1199893 P.S. The recall company for Gotway is not included. Therefore, statistics on the Got are slightly larger in reality. Means further I shall be guided by such logic: I will take the number of sales from February to July (take the month of February as a spare, since some devices could first travel) Wheels will be loaded according to the following logic - inmoshen v5, v5f - one wheel; v3c, v3pro, v3s - one wheel, msuper680 and 820 - one wheel, acm680 and 820 - one wheel and tp. Conclusions look at the very bottom of B-) March GotWay 1. ACM 680 - does not turn on - controller replacement 2. ACM 680 - does not turn on - button replacement 3. MCM4 - do not peep - replace the peeple 4. MSuper1600 - does not turn on - motor replacement, replacement of the controller 5. MCM4 - the wheel twitches - the soldering logic 6. Msuper1680 - does not turn on - controller replacement 7. Msuper1680 - burned-out controller replacement 8. Msuper1680 - does not turn on - controller replacement KingSong 1. KS16 - does not turn on - controller replacement 2. KS18 - does not turn on - controller replacement Inmotion 1. V3 - does not turn off: dance: - display replacement 2. V8 - does not turn on - replacing the button connector 3. V8 - LEDs are not lit - LEDs are replaced 4. V8 - does not turn on - controller replacement 5. V3 - does not turn on, does not charge - replace the controller, battery 6. V3 - noise at driving - bearing replacement April Gotway 1. Msuper1600 - does not turn on, the handle is broken - the controller is replaced, the pen is replaced 2. Msuper680 - twitches - resolves the logic 3. ACM680 - does not turn on - controller replacement 4. MCM4 520 - does not turn on - controller replacement 5. GotWay ACM - does not turn on - controller replacement 6. MCM4 - does not go more than 12 km / h - controller replacement 7. MCM4 - extraneous sound when driving - bearing replacement 8. MSuper1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 9. MCM4 - does not turn on - change the power button 10. Msuper1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 11. MCM4 - jerks when driving - motor replacement KingSong 1. KS16 - does not turn on - controller replacement 2. KS16 - does not turn on - replace the fuse 3. KS14B - does not turn on - controller replacement 4. KS16 - does not turn on - controller replacement 5. KS16S - vibration at driving - alignment of a rim 6. KS16 - turns on once - button is replaced 7. KS16 - does not turn on - controller replacement 8. KS16 - does not turn on - replace the fuse Inmotion 1. V3 - does not turn on - battery recovery 2. V8 - the engine lock button does not work - reassembly 3. V5 - turns off - controller replacement 4. V5 + - at 11 km / h raises the pedals - replaces the controller 5. V5f - noise during driving - bearing replacement 6. V8 - does not turn on - replace the controller, replace the battery May GotWay 1. Luffy - does not turn on - controller replacement 2. MCM4 - vibration while driving - controller replacement: neg: 3. MSuper1600 - not calibrated - controller replacement 4. MSuper1600 - ignition controller: laugh: - controller replacement 5. MSuper1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 6. MCM4 - short circuit - replacement of the controller 7. MSuper1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 8. MCM4 - does not work correctly - soldering of the sensors of the hall 9. MSuper1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 10. MSuper - does not charge - re-solder charging terminals 11. Luffy - not calibrated - controller replacement 12. MCM4 - twitches when driving - Resolving Hall sensors 13. ACM680 - twitches when driving - soldering logic 14. GotWay Monster - does not turn on - controller replacement 15. GotWay Msuper680 - does not turn on - controller replacement KingSong 1. KS16 - does not turn on - replace the fuse 2. KS16 - does not turn on - replace the fuse 3. KS16 - does not turn on - controller replacement 4. KS14B - does not turn on - controller replacement 5. KS14B - does not charge - solder battery 6. KS14C - flooded with water - motor replacement 7. KS14B - does not charge - balancing the battery Inmotion 1. V3 - does not charge - battery replacement 2. V8 - does not charge - soldering of the battery cables 3. V5F - not calibrated - controller replacement 4. V5 - does not turn on - flashing 5. 4. V3 - does not turn on - display replacement June GotWay 1. ACM - does not turn on - controller replacement 2. Msuper 1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 3. Monster - vibration while driving - soldering of the sensors of the hall 4. Msuper 1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 5. Msuper 1600 - not going - controller replacement 6. Msuper 1600 - controller controller - controller replacement 7. ACM - knocking on the road - soldering the controller's elements 8. MCM4 - Кз controller - replacement of the controller 9. Msuper 1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 10. Msuper 1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 11. Monster - vibration while driving - soldering of the sensors of the hall 12. Monster - does not connect to the application - replace bluetooth 13. Msuper1600 - strong vibration at driving - replacement of the controller, soldering of sensors of the hall KingSong 1. KS16 - does not turn on - controller replacement 2. KS18 - does not charge - re-solder battery 3. KS14B - does not turn on - controller replacement 4. KS18 - not charging - soldering the charging connector 5. KS14C - does not turn on - controller replacement (failure to repair) Inmotion 1. V5 - does not turn on - battery replacement 2. V3pro - twitching in motion - Resolving Hall sensors 3. V8 - does not turn on - replacement of the power button 4. V3pro - does not charge - solder battery 5. V8 - does not turn on - controller replacement 6. V8 - disconnected during driving - controller replacement 7. V8 - does not charge - battery replacement 8. V8 - does not turn on - controller replacement July GotWay 1. ACM680 - does not turn on, the case is broken - replacement of the controller, housing 2. Msuper 1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 3. Msuper820 - does not turn on - controller replacement 4. ACM - extraneous sound while driving - Resolving Hall sensors 5. Msuper820 - extraneous sound when driving - Resolving Hall sensors 6. MCM4 - K3 on the board, does not turn on - controller replacement 7. Msuper1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 8. Msuper V2>: D - jerks when driving - controller replacement 9. Msuper820 - does not turn on - Resolving Hall sensors 10. ACM - does not turn on - controller replacement 11. Msuoer1600 - knocking on when turned on - controller replacement, hall sensors 12. Msuper680 - does not turn on - Resolving Hall sensors 13. Msuper820 - does not turn on - controller replacement 14. MSUPER 1600 - Msuper1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 15. MSUPER 1600 - Msuper1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement 16. Msuper1600 - does not turn on - controller replacement KingSong 1. KS14C - does not turn on - controller replacement 2. KS18 - does not turn on - Reset the power button 3. KS16S% -) - does not turn on - controller replacement 4. KS18 - low mileage - battery balancing Inmotion 1. V5f - does not turn on - replacement of the power button 2. V5f - does not turn on - replace the fuse 3. V8 - noise during driving - soldering of the sensors of the hall 4. V5 - driving noise - bearing replacement 5. V3C - does not turn on - battery replacement 6. V5F - does not turn on - controller replacement 7. V8 - does not turn on - flashing 8. V8 - does not turn on - replacement of the power button 9. V3 pro - jerks when turned on - controller replacement 10. V5F - does not turn on - controller replacement 11. V5 - does not turn on - replacement of the power button 12. V8 - does not turn on, resampling the hall sensors 13. V8 - the button for locking the motor does not work - the button is replaced 14. V8 - disconnected during driving - battery replacement 15. V5F - does not turn on - battery replacement 16. V3pro - power-on error - controller replacement Conclusions: 1. Here there is a full percentage of marriage for any service call due to electronic or electrical problems (here, mechanical damages and tire punctures are not taken into account) The percentage of rejects from sold devices during the period February-July 2017 is indicated. In brackets, my comments are highlighted by a frame. Inmotin: V8 - 4.8% (excellent quality: wow :, there were a lot of sales) V5, +, F - 5.88% V3c, pro, s - 7.8% KingSong KS14B - 3.33% KS14C - 15% (due to low sales, as the model changed to 14d) KS14D - was not in the service (selling was enough) KS16 - 7.33% KS16S - 1.12% KS18 - 17,24% (transition to sports) KS18S - was not in the service (sales were moderate) GotWay MCM4 - 18.57% ACM 680,820 - 36,6% ACM 1300 - 35% (a small number of sales, according to my personal feelings this is the best of the gothweb) Msuper 680,820 - 11,11% (the average number of sales, here statistics is more visible) Msuper 1600 - 36.98% (every 3 users of a pregnant soup met in the service, the statistics could be a little lower, because in my memory there were repeated calls for the same problem) Monster - 23.4% (a small number of sales) 2. And here now I will show the statistics of the marriage in percent only on the controllers and sensors of the hall. Inmotin: V8 - 1,97% (the standard, as I already said) V5, +, F - 2.71% V3c, pro, s - 2,12% KingSong KS14B - 2% (reference wheel standard) KS14C - 10% KS14D - was not in the service (selling was enough) KS16 - 3,33% (the percentage of the marriage is halved due to the fuse on the board) KS16S - 1.12% (reference) KS18 - 6.89% (the percentage of rejects decreased threefold, 18 of the usual words had problems with the charging connectors and balancing the battery) KS18S - was not in the service (sales were moderate) GotWay MCM4 - 14.28% ACM 680,820 - 26,6% ACM 1300 - 14.28% (all problems are of the same type - controllers or hall sensors) Msuper 680,820 - 9,25% Msuper 1600 - 34,24% (every 3 users of a pregnant soup met in the service, the statistics could be a little lower, since in my memory there were repeated calls for the same problem) Monster - 23.4% (a small number of sales) Final output: Let's break our conclusion by brands. - Inmotion is very good with the quality of monocols and this statistics confirms this. Sales were many and the statistics complete. Inmotion keep it up, there is much to grow. But in general. Well done. - KingSong - the average percentage of rejects for old models (14c, 16 and 18). And the phenominal results for the new sports versions. I also want to note separately 14B - the best wheel for entering the monocoque tusovka in relation to quality. You pay a little, you drive sadly, but not in service: laugh:: laugh:: laugh: - Gotway - it's bad ... We need to work on quality. No model can compete in quality with either kingsong or inmoshenom. There are weak attempts at Msuper680, 820, but not enough. Msuper1600 - generally horror. 84B and the controller from gothve is a nuclear device. As I have already written many times - buying goths makes sense only when you understand what you are taking. Exceptionally speed. If you are not about the actress, unfortunately, goths should not be considered. I very much hope that the gothwa will draw its quality to the level of the standard set by Inmotion and KingSong. P.S. If you have something else to count or see - ask questions in the topic - I will try to find answers to them. Since October 2017, we will have a new program for recording faults and everything will be much better and clearer in it.
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    Nice early November day (I had to put away my shorts ) for a ride around the park on my Gotway Mten3
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    In the following, I omitted those sentences with just adjectives.. Only translate those with substances. Ninebot One Z是纳恩博独轮系列中的旗舰版,延续Segway双余度高安全性血统,是俊美与野性结合的高性能独轮车,再一次颠覆独轮平衡车的设计和性能! Ninebot 1 Z is the flagship... It inherits Segway's dual redundancy safety design... Ninebot One Z采用进口高倍率动力电池组,容量前所未有,续航持久。超大功率电机,马力强劲,时速35 -45km/h,满电续航40-100km(三款车型详细情况参照底部参数表),电机双霍尔备份,能够减少摔车风险,提升整车安全性。 ....Extra powerfull motor...... dual sets of backup hall sensors to increase safety. ((Me: So there are 3 sets of hall sensors? Me: Another source said to have >120Nm torque ).Ninebot One Z采用全新超大宽胎设计,直径18寸、宽4.1寸,兼顾性能和体验,在高速下可更稳定行驶。颜值爆表的实力派,碾过所有地形,唯一的限制只是你的驾驶技术!全新宽胎从抓地力、越野性能、稳定性、故障率和承重上都具卓越优势。这是首次在独轮平衡车上应用真空轮胎技术,可避免遇到扎胎情况并避免频繁充气。 Tire size = 18*4.1 inch....This is the first time tubeless tire is used on an EUC. It is good in both performance and comfort. It makes high speed ride more stable. It will roll over all terrain, with the only limit being your driving skill! (Me: OK, It is like a tank ) The new tire is superior for traction, off-roading, stability and weight bearing. It reduces the chance of puncturing. It avoids the need to inflate frequently. Ninebot One Z有两个3W高亮前置照明灯,照射距离达8-10米,照射宽度达3-5米,轻松穿破前方黑暗,夜间骑行安全无忧,同时2W红色刹车尾灯可主动进行安全提示。有别以往而精心设计在轮胎外侧的轮毂氛围灯酷炫十足,上万种色彩随心改变,DIY你的骑行时光。Ninebot One Z has 2 front light of 3W each. It shines 8-10 meters ahead, 3-5 meters wide. It has 2W rear light which gives safety hints. The ring light on the sides....... Ninebot One Z新增强大的音效功能,配备独立扬声器与多种音效包,你可以通过手机APP来自定义音效效果。一边欣赏沿途中的美丽风景,一边感受骑行中的律动感吧!Ninebot One Z's new features include powerful sound effect, with independent speakers and sound effect packages. You can define the sound effect via phone APP.....(Me: So I can make it sound like a car? a motor cycle? and the sound effect is related to my driving/braking speed? Woooom Woom?) 新增一体式显示屏,可显示电量、蓝牙和限速模式,时尚美观。 Another new feature is unified display showing remaining charge, blue-tooth and speed mode. Ninebot ONE Z系列产品由不同材质壳体区分,并采用砂纸防滑的镁压铸踏板,防滑效果出众。模块化设计更方便拆卸,可自由拆卸挡泥板由三个安装固定点保证稳固可靠,一根铝型材件保证强度,并避免出现晃动和共振现象。此外,电池盖也可轻松拆卸更换。 Ninebot One Z .... uses magnesium pedals with excellent anti-slip sand paper. Modular design makes replacing parts easy... The mud guard is fixed by ...yet strong and avoid vibration and resonance. The battery cover is easy to replace.Ninebot One Z可通过蓝牙连接到你的手机App,不仅能查看骑行状况,随时调试机身参数,实现故障诊断,还可进行个性化的设置和随时随进行云端固件升级,不断提升驾驶体验。 Using Ninebot One Z APP, you can check machine status, adjust parameters at any time, conduct real-time diagnosis...... (Me: Real-time diagnosis. Can it tell me whether it is time to replace which battery cell? or hall sensor? or warn me about a loose screw?) Ninebot One Z设计有标配拉杆,伸缩后高度可达90cm,符合80%的人群使用,方便外出拉行,上面也可附加其他物件进行DIY设计。整车防水等级为IPx5,电池防水顶级为IPx7,无惧各种恶劣天气。防护套装配件:侧面软胶、顶部软胶和提手软胶,保护壳体同时提升骑行舒适度。 Ninebot One Z has the pull handle in the standard package ( vs, optional accessory), on which you can add other stuff for DIYers ... Water proof for whole machine = IPx5. Battery water proofing = IPx7 Accessories include pad for side, top and handle...
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    Jesse, I'm struggling not to insult your intelligence. You've asked to ride a cheap wheel, at 30kmh, with no helmet. You've realized that 15mph is "fast enough", and are opting for a better wheel. Good. Now it's time to re-think about the helmet - and wrist guards... Experiment - find a 2 foot step stool. You're 6 feet tall. So standing on the stool, your head is about 8 feet high. Now, fall forward onto your head. From 8 feet, your head will ONLY be traveling 15 mph as it hits the pavement. My helmet HAS hit the pavement (with my head in it) - I'm glad I had it on. Now wrist guards. Same foot stool experiment. But don't land on your head this time. Stop your fall with your hands. But wait... that's too simple. You knew the fall was coming and have time to roll. This time, you need to tie a rope around your ankles. Have a "friend" stand behind you, and when you're not expecting it (you're still on the stool, right?) have him yank your ankles out from under you. Consider this - many places REQUIRE bicyclists to wear a helmet - and bicycles have 2 wheels. If there's a problem with a bike, you coast to a stop. On an EUC, if there's a problem, you land on your face.
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    It certainly did seem to continue driving forward for a short distance, almost with the front casing on the ground. Then it seemed to either shutdown due to a detected error state or in an effort to maintain that forward lean it had to accelerate harshly either to max speed and cutout or until it caught up with the ejected rider, ran him over, and tumbled causing shutdown. Either way this crash sucks and had me highly reflective. If this is the result of bad firmware processing again it is very bad news for Gotway's rep as the Tesla needs to be their shining star to prove they can build a safe wheel to the rest of us who are not prepared to drink the Gotway Koolaid. If it is hardware failure (I heard the wheel was ridable so unlikely) then again this is a big QC setback for Gotway especially given some of the disappointing assembly discoveries this own forums members have made when looking in their own new wheels. If neither of the above caused the crash then it is result of the guy being allowed to operate the wheel out of its safe operation envelope because the bump was nothing, the guy is a featherweight rider and it was not cold (people in shorts). If the battery were so low as to allow this to happen then Gotway (in this instance but my comment is to all manufactures) must introduce stringent non-overridable battery based speed limiting that actually works. Maybe Kingsong was on to something with the heavy handed battery induced speed limiting on their old firmware. If the guy were riding so fast that the motor had insufficient torque to drag his skinny arse over that very minor surface imperfection then again max speed must be limited by non-overridable tiltback while there is still plenty of power in reserve.These limits needs to be set considering realistic rider weights and imperfect riding conditions. These devices are not the 12mph toys they were 3 or 4 years ago. They go insanely fast for a one wheeled device. It is just a matter of time before someone dies because of crap QC, crap components, or insufficient limiting of abilities. Manufacturers need a change of mindset and to step up and do what is needed to reduce failure rates and increase safety margins. If that means a safe 50kph wheel needs a 4kW motor and 8, 10, even 12 parallel battery packs, weighs 100lb and is priced at $4k then so be it. I know there are those who will shout that a speed limit impinges on their freedoms but come on, this is downright dangerous now. Accept some limits now or massive overregulation later after some poor bastard has died and a lawmaker pays attention. <soapbox goes away>
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    More photos on the accident site where the Taiwan Tesla rider fell. Personally, I think its a faulty unit rather than him being too fast or road conditions being appalling. Tesla at 80% battery should not cutout for such a small bump at moderate speed. If I were him, I'd try to claim Warranty for a replacement unit. What are you views on this? https://www.facebook.com/groups/GotWay/permalink/1621618561229793/?comment_id=1622089671182682&reply_comment_id=1623027251088924&notif_id=1510916311504072&notif_t=group_comment_reply
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    We should be able to do better than that, there's a 75% chance of being up & running in the next 7-10 days. But your thanks should go out to Linnea, she's been simply an outstanding at coordinating everything over at GW.
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    #4- How to go on with several impulses, and strengthenings of supports?
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    Me waiting for Gotway's response:
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    For those of you stuck in cold weather, here's a little diversion: A tour of some Southern California beaches on my Mten3 - a perfect touring wheel for the beach
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    Although there is room in the case for extra plastic reinforcement of the side panel mounting points, there does not appear to be room for extra or larger battery packs unless they design expanded side panels to go laterally in dimension. That would tend to make the wheel too wide I think. Unless they move to 20700 batteries or do a @smallexis custom battery stash I don't readily see higher than 1020 wh capacity happening without an extensive shell redesign. Maybe with a split battery pack of 132 wh or something in each side that might give you over 1300 wh without making the sides too wide? It might be possible... I'll open up the other side later, but I bet the trolley handle also limits things. They made this shell streamlined as the outer edges are concave, and although it looks pretty good that way, it really limits how many batteries you can stash in there. It's nice that it doesn't resemble a PC computer case, but at the same time a wheel has to kind of resemble a computer case if you want more battery capacity. Just look at the Msuper, ACM, and Monster. They have large, rectangular shaped casings that you can pack mega batteries into. They also weigh a ton. The Tesla appeals to people wanting to go moderate distances at a fair clip who don't want to lift a massively heavily wheel. Going from 18 km to 60-80km (?) will be a breath of fresh air in reducing range anxiety. Regarding the shims, I bet they are the same as in the ACM and MSuper? Gotway wanted a slightly softer metal to help avoid axle damage which makes sense in a way. If the axle was larger or they used a different attachment method that weak spot could be minimized. I don't plan on crashing my wheel (famous last words) so hopefully the shims will last. I weigh 167 lbs so I'm probably within the design specifications for shim longevity I'm hoping. If you look at my Ninebot with 1400 kms on it now, I've never placed much padding on it except under the pedals. It's still in pretty good condition. It uses a similar shim system that Gotway likely borrowed from. I tried riding it about 5 feet in my kitchen, and it felt pretty solid. I don't know what setting it is on from the factory as I haven't tried the app yet.
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    Special thanks to Marty for asking me to put in a request to Gotway to change this behaviour. Evidently the long >45° cut-out delay was in the firmware intentionally. Here's the behaviour with a FW tweak. I'm in the process of trying to coordinate getting a new Downloader tool, where this improvement can be applied to all GW models by just sending in the control-board for reflashing... https://photos.app.goo.gl/XQBWIFRwpygy841v1 https://photos.app.goo.gl/nrA8RJzJPcL3HD3l2
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    Might take a while, as I'm still keeping busy... on top of having already fallen behind on my school project (it's a bit too ambitious when it comes to the amount of boards that needs to be made, most of the "grunt work "is still ahead, 4-5 larger and ~20 smaller boards to go, a few tens of hours of milling and a few thousand solder joints, and then the software... deadline in 5 weeks), I'm also changing jobs after next week, and there's still some loose strings to tie and documentation to write at my current job. Also already attended some meetings and stuff at the new employer here and there, as we're trying to get a head start on the project before I "officially" start working there full-time, which hasn't really helped with my schedule, as I needed to work longer days then at my current employer to make up for it.
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    In another Chinese forum post, the poster said that 9B is still working on to make the dual sets of hall sensors to work in harmony, and 9B is adding new features. I guess this means delay.
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    Happy Halloween ride from the San Francisco Bay Area Electric Unicycle Group!
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    Actually it's the reverse, motor on the right is the 18S, left one with the thicker axle is new 1900W-2000W. Please take these motor ratings with a bucket of salt (this applies to all Wheel makers). There's not a shred of documentary evidence, that I've seen, proving that these Wheels can sustain anywhere near these power outputs. Without massive amounts of supplemental cooling to keep heat buildup under control, over time something is going to fail at >1500W sustained output; it might be the board, connectors, the pack... What I do know, is that neither KS or GW do rigorous lab torture testing to failure analysis on their kit. New product testing is empirical, Riders use new products up steep slopes, high speed riding, which is okay, but doesn't give the full picture.
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    Shipping to Canada was an expensive proposition; not only were the shipping costs with Fedex Ground double the cost of the US, about $90 on average, but then Fedex would saddle the Customer with the standard sales tax rate of the province, & as an extra special bonus, tack on what was referred to as a 'Brokerage fee' for the privilege of handling your package. This Brokerage fee was calculated on the declared value, so in many cases it was an extra $50-$75 on top of everything else. We do some fairly decent shipping volumes, occasionally I check in with my Fedex Rep to try to get some improved rates. Last week we shipped a Wheel to Nicaragua & negotiated some better International rates. What was most surprising is that after the change, there was a massive rate reduction for the Express services to Canada, which seem to defy logic. We can now send a Wheel to Canada overnight, or 2nd-day, at less than half the cost than it is to send using the same service within the US. The other wonderful thing about the Fedex system, is that when sending by Express, there are no brokerage fees, so you actually save money by getting your Wheel 3-4 days earlier!!! Obviously, these saving are going to passed down to our Customers. Right now you can get your Wheel shipped out to Canada at an extra 50% saving from the already unbeatable Express shipping rates.