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    A little story some of you may find interesting... Yesterday I was taking a mid-afternoon ride along the beach on my KS14C. Beautiful Southern California day. As I was approaching the Hermosa Beach Pier I spotted two wheelers in the distance! Amazing. In the year that I've been involved with EUC's I've never come across a fellow rider, let alone two. As I approached from behind (they were traveling at a leisurely pace) I saw that that they were a young couple, in their early 20's I would say. He was riding an MCM and she was on a two wheeled Inmotion wheel. I smiled and waved as I rode past them. Needless to say they were really surprised. We stopped and chatted for a nice long time. The MCM was bought from Dion (@myfunwheel) and the Inmotion from @Jason McNeil (EWheels). All within the last couple of months. They had no knowledge of the forum and our local group rides that I organize. I think that I may have found a couple of new recruits. Hopefully they will join the forum. Now Brian, he was a little frustrated with his wheel because it would always tilt-back, and was about as fast as the Inmotion (i.e., not very fast). I took it for a little spin and sure enough, tilt-back must have been set to 10mph or less. I whipped out my phone and reconfigured his wheel (with his permission of course). Immediately he saw a huge change in his wheel. It felt like he just received an updated EUC. He looked very happy as he started zooming around (I turned tilt-back off). We rode together for a bit more before we went our separate ways. I'm hoping to see them during our meetup with @The Fat Unicyclist In hindsight I thought it must have been very unique from their perspective to have some guy pass them by on another wheel, stop, and reconfigure their wheel to make it perform much better, and then zoom away. I hope to have more encounters like this in the upcoming years
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    @Jason McNeil has been out in California the last few days, re-flashing all the ACM's and MSuper's (40+ I think) before sending them back out to the customers. When I finally was able to get to his makeshift workshop with my MSuper, mine was the last one. It took about 10 minutes to open, remove the bluetooth module, plugin the Gotway firmware loader, and download the fixed code (which took maybe 5 seconds to download). This is an interesting aside. Gotway had originally told Jason that they had caught his shipment before it went out the door, and re-flashed all the boards. Fast-forward to now when Jason is re-flashing all of the wheels. The process involves taking a razor blade and slicing the silicon that is holding the Bluetooth module to the control board, so that the Bluetooth module can be removed. Jason discovered that about one third of his 40+ wheels had the silicon sliced. This means that Gotway fixed 1/3rd of Jason's wheels, shrugged, and decided to ship the rest without fixing. Who knows why. Maybe they had a deadline to meet and ran out of time, or the workers told management that everything was done so they could go home. Who knows, but it's rather amazing. I've ridden my fixed MSuper in the mountains above Los Angeles for about 45 miles between yesterday and today. Lots of fast, rough riding with bumps galore. No problems. My final test was to repeat the scenario that threw me off the wheel two weeks ago. Here's the video... Everyone who is receiving @Jason McNeil's wheels in the next week or so can rest assured that they have a solid wheel that can take abuse. I'm back to lovin my MSuper
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    Look what the mailman brought us today. A brand new KS14S from KingSong, where the S stands for Sport. This is the latest Electric Unicycle from KingSong and I’m pretty excited as one of the first to review this unit. Let me know what you think about KS14S?
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    Day one on the fabrication of the EUC test rig. I will be using the Gotway ACM 1600 for the test runs. The fabrication of the rig should only last 1 week (famous last words). There will be a number of structural elements added to the rig as I proceed. Once complete a 2 channel temperature data logger will be installed with probes place directly next to the 3 motor wire bullet connectors and also the mosfets. In addition to the sensors various ropes will be used to simulate speed bumps. Here is the first test without any structural integrity added.
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    Was leisurely riding the bike trails this morning when a cyclist passes by me. I got to use my snappy comeback when he gave me some sass CYCLIST: You're not going to get any exercise on that thing. ME: I go to the gym for exercise. I do this for fun! CYCLIST: ... CYCLIST: Well, uh, go have fun somewhere else! A bit later, I passed him while going up a long incline and said "How's that exercise?" and then zoomed off. Hah!
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    Just for you @Rehab1 I took the raw footage and made a nice slow-motion film of the crash. The back-and-forth oscillation can clearly be seen right before I'm ejected. You can also clearly hear the single beep before it cuts out. For grins, watch my feet fly thru the air at the end
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    Hi . I know i am rowing against the tide here but there we go. First of all i want to express my respect and solidarity for the anger and frustration of people injured by defective gotway wheels . As a forum member and euc enthusiast i am grateful for their concern raising reports. I wish you all a quick recovery. This is not an endorsement of gotway products it is just a honest statement of my experience with this brand till this moment. Gotway had so many bad reports lately ( rightfully so as this kind of recurrent incidents show an unaceptable failure of basic QC ) . On the other hand i believe it is only fair that we report our good experiences aswell. I have had a msuper V2 680 in the last 2 years purchased from yorkshire airwheels and have done more than 2000 km on it in all kinds of terrain including lots of offroading without any failures at all . During this time i had some unexpected potholes and the wheel more than once saved me from my mistakes and attention lacking . Also , honestly , i never found a hill that this wheel could not climb. Recently i bought a msuper V3 820 and acm V2 820 , again from yorkshire aireheels. Yesterday i was ridind the msuper V3 looking at my phone to check speed and temperature ( as i am a bit scared of this wheel ) when i stumbled badly on an unseen pothole and lost my balance completely . I was already leaning pretty hard and i felt my body falling forwards even further . I thought , this is it , i am having my first hard faceplant on my brand new wheel , but for my surprise the wheel cought up with me from what i thought was an unrecoverable forward fall and enbarrasing face plant . I must say that i am impressed ! I love the gotway aproach to design and R&D . I still think they are tlhe DJI of eucs as both are pushing the boundaries of the technology and prone to failures consequently . Maybe it is a goog idea that gotway implements with their official distributors an immediate replacement insurace like DJI as this would give costomers some reassurance and allow them to track and correct the causes of failure more promptly . Despite the evident failures in manufacturing quality reported , i must say that the finishing in both of my new wheels is impecable . All and all , till the moment i am writing this (touch wood) i am a very happy costomer. Maybe i have been lucky with my purchases but so far my gotway wheels have surpassed all my expectations. I do try to ride sensibly and respect the alarms . I am a 95 kilos rider
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    ^_____________________________________^ it was fun. as always. sorry forgot to tag members ... lol @Marty Backe @Jason McNeil @noisycarlos @Ando Melkonyan @jrkline @Sven @enigma35 @Stan Onymous
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    Anyone know a friendly witch doctor or shaman? I'm wondering if I need a hex removed or something, because I seem to be having quite the unlucky streak. I've been riding for over a year and logged hundreds of miles on my KS-14C with nothing but a few bumps and bruises, only to bang myself up pretty good the last two times I rode. Just a warning in case there's something going around... The first accident was user error, beginning of June. I was trying to cross an intersection between two busy roads. I hate this intersection; there's no crosswalk or pedestrian signal, and the first lane I have to cross approaches the intersection from around a bend, so you can't see the incoming traffic (and they can't see you) until they're almost on top of you. I had just entered the lane this time when a car came zipping around the bend. The right thing to do would be to floor it and cross as quickly as possible; that's usually what I do. But being out of practice (only a few rides in since a long winter break), I got startled and instinctively jerked the wheel hard to the left, trying to get back on the shoulder. The wheel tipped over and tossed me into the road, right in front of the oncoming car. Thankfully he was able to stop in time! I picked myself up and walked my wheel the rest of the way across (well, then had to dart back into the road to pick up my keys ). I thought I'd gotten away with just my pride being hurt, but I noticed my left big toe was starting to hurt badly. By the time I got home and had a look, the toe was already swollen and turning black, and a large hematoma was forming under the nail. I spent the weekend in a lot of pain before seeing a doctor on Monday. Turns out I had managed to fracture my toe and tear the nail bed, just from what I thought was a minor fall. I walked with a limp for about two weeks (no riding the EUC, obviously) and had to have the hematoma drained; I've since lost the toe nail (it will take 6-8 months to grow back ). Finally got back on the wheel for the first time last Sunday. Things went well most of the ride, until I got to around the 22 mile mark. I think I got caught up in the bright, sunny weather, nice scenery, the moment--just felt good to be riding again, ya know? I lost my concentration and started accelerating way too hard up a hill. Nothing major (7.3% grade per my GPS tracker) but I was low on battery by that point (showing 4 bars on the EUC and ~55V in the KS app). You can guess what happened next. The thing that surprised me was just how fast the cut-out happened, almost no warning--not what you'd expect from a KS. One second it's all good, the next second I get the sensation that I'm tilting too far forward, and then boom, one beep and the wheel cuts out. I hit the asphalt with my face, literally. Nose bleeding everywhere, vision went white, got faint and dizzy. I staggered to the side of the road and sat there for around 5 minutes until I could see again, then another 10 or so until I could keep my balance on the wheel. I made it the 2 miles to home (probably not too smart), and then it wasn't too long before my wife drove me to the hospital for facial x-rays and a head and c-spine CT. Amazingly my nose wasn't broken and my brain wasn't bleeding - hooray! But oddly, I did manage to badly bruise my right big toe--thankfully no fracture or bleeding this time though. But I've been practically wearing a bag of frozen corn on my face since the accident. I thought the real road warriors here would appreciate this picture. I bled on my EUC when I moved it off the road. This is the amount of dried blood still left on the underside of the pedal after riding it 2 miles to get home. Anyway, I'm feeling a little unsure about things right now. Funny enough, I had actually already ordered a brand new Monster from Jason, and it arrived on Monday. I know in my head that Monsters are (supposedly) unaffected by the recent oscillation firmware problem and that probably neither of these accidents would have happened on a Monster. But I haven't yet brought myself to open the shipping box; I have half a mind to return it. These accidents really brought home for me how much risk we take every time we step on one of these things. Right now I'm really wondering if I want to add even more risk by riding a wheel from a company we can't trust. Food for thought... Stay safe out there, ladies and gents (and protect your toes)...!
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    I'll be making a full post about this later today. Solowheel's/Shane's position is that he wants to block import of all other brands of Electric Unicycles into the US, he's even going after Segway/Ninebot through the courts at this very moment. For those with the knowledge about Shane's true involvement in the 'Invention' of the Electric Unicycle, this is a complete farce. No, I won't be selling any of the Glide series. I have a +$10,000 Inmotion parts inventory, this ought to be more than sufficient to deal with any after-service issues with the V8s we've sold; furthermore, we can continue to purchase parts from China. As you can imagine, I've tried to vigorously persuade Inmotion Management of the error of their ways, that this pricing policy will be self-defeating, but in their minds, the Solowheel joint venture is a fait accompli, not open to debate or revision. "No doubt there has been intense internal debate about the new pricing policy of the rebranded products, in my mind the negatives overwhelmingly supplant any marginal benefits of revenue from the higher prices. The arguments summoned against this dramatic increase include: Accusations of Price Gouging: Consumers who buy Electric Unicycles today are among the most educated & intelligent buyers in the US. They're going to know what the historical prices were, along with the comparable overseas prices in other markets & draw the conclusion the conclusion that they're being overcharged. Price Elasticity: this is the concept that if an Electric Unicycle is out of a person's budget, they will instead substitute the Electric Unicycle for another mode of personal transport that offers double, or triple, the capability per $. It doesn't look like there's been any serious analysis of this factor with the new pricing regime. Loss of credibility for the new brand: as a first action of the new company, this sends the wrong message to current loyal Inmotion Customers, that the new company is overpriced. Competition: even if Shane is successful at blocking King Song & Gotway at the wholesale level, he still has to face the facts that, 1) consumers can still purchase individually directly from China & there is nothing that can be done to stop this, 2) there are domestic US companies like Kiwano & Segway/Ninebot making similar products for a lot less money, 3) prices have to be in line for similar class of devices—this is the chief argument levelled against Solowheel within the Electric Unicycle community, that their products are overpriced! Dramatic Decrease in Sales: I predict the net effect of these factors, is that even with massively increased marketing dollars, many people will take an immediate dislike to the new company & the expensive rebranded but hardly improved products. Hope you're receptive to exploring the new pricing further."
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    Gotway sent us this 'Downloader' tool yesterday. The accompanying instructions are essentially: Disconnect power & discharge the capacitors Remove the BT module & connect the 'Downloader' to this interface Choose the board's configuration ACM/MSuper/Monster, voltage & resistors—there are two types, a R001 & 0m50, this latter is the new board type & uses v9 of the firmware, R001 loads v8. After the firmware is loaded, the Wheels needs to be calibrated & that's it! I've got about 40 of these that need this operation. Catching an early morning flight tomorrow morning to get this started on this project. Predicting I'll be quite the Expert by the time I reach the 40th Wheel... Thanks Gotway
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    Hey guys! I joined the forum today after placing an order with Jason for an Inmotion V8. I figure I'd get the order in before the upcoming upheaval and price increase because of the joint venture between Inmotion and Solowheel. Jason is a really nice guy and processed my order over the phone personally. I can't wait to get it! My wife and I will be learning to ride on it. My hope is my wife loves riding and I can give the V8 to her and maybe get a KS-18s for myself. We'll see how that goes. Any tips or hints on learning how to ride an EUC would be appreciated. - Allen
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    Almost one month ago my ACM burned up when attempting an aggressive hill with @Sven See the whole story here: Today I've ridden my trusty ACM again for the first time. It feels like a long time, buy nothing like @Rehab1's odyssey (although his was totally self inflicted ) I had to replace the control board (gratis from @Jason McNeil - you're the man!) and the motor (purchased from Ian at Speedyfeet for ~$250). Here is the final picture before I buttoned it up. Not the prettiest, and I wasn't sure about posting it, but why not show my dirty laundry . I opted to remove all of the motor connectors and solder everything. And instead of trying to insulate the wires (my motor from Speedyfeet had 14 gauge wiring ) I opted for isolation. I used a crap-load of zip ties to route the cables and keep them from touching anything. I feel pretty good about this solution. Even if the insulation melts they can't touch anything. And I extended the motor cables so that I could route the Hall Effect Sensor wires far from the motor wires. Yes, all the wires still get bundled up as they go through the axle. But in my experience and a few others, the melting all occurs in the vicinity of the connectors. My theory is that this is a point of higher resistance and therefore highest heat. So the cabling that goes through the axle is much cooler. We're waiting for some empirical data from @Rehab1 to perhaps shed some light on the differential heating between the axle area and the connector area. So I'm finally whole again. All four of my nice wheels are in working order
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    The late afternoon of July 8th the Southern California riders hosted a Griffith Park ride for @The Fat Unicyclist(far right in the thumbnail below) as he was visiting from New Zealand. Even though he had gotten off his plane earlier in the afternoon he managed the ride just fine (I planned an easy route for him ). I think he really enjoyed the evening and I know we enjoyed his company (strange accent and all ). Be sure not to miss where he crashes my MSuper at ~6:30 into the video (sorry Kevin, I had to include at least one crash in the video, and you're it ). Also joining us were @who_the and @Kevin Grandon who drove all the way from San Francisco just to join the ride. Thanks guys! I still can't believe you made the drive And rounding out the group ride was @Stan Onymous, @jrkline, @Ando Melkonyan, @Sven, @noisycarlos, and @YoshiSkySun Thanks everyone for joining me on this beautiful day for a trip around Griffith Park. 10 riders is a record turnout for Southern California
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    I've been a silent peruser of this forum for too long! A time comes when that's just not OK anymore and you have to get involved... Hello all! I'm Lewis - I've been riding my trusty (touching several logs as I type that!) mSuper v3 here in Leeds, UK since Jan for daily commute and have been loving it! Discovered EUC & migrated due to long-term knee problem (used to love cycling) & this fantastic device has saved me a slow death from boredom (i.e sitting in traffic). I want to say that I think this forum is a truly brilliant place - it's rare to find such a positive, informative and communal place on the web (perhaps I'm looking in wrong places... haters.com wasn't too friendly). But - seriously - I feel I owe everyone here a thank you all for your inputs and shared experiences which I have found so helpful and enjoyable over the last few months. Electric Unicycling sure is a fascinating & fun way of getting about - although I can't help but feel I'm playing one long game of Russian roulette, always the subtle dread of the cut-out & faceplant looming like an odd smell on an otherwise lovely day! Anyone else get that? Surely the evolution of this tech must see some failsafe built in... On a sidenote, I co-run Music Vine (musicvine.net) which provides great music for use in videos etc. I may be able to sort out a discount for community on here if useful for anyone - just drop me a message if interested :-) Looking forward to getting involved on here and being part of this great community!
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    Chatting with @Vincent Bourdeau about the impact in France, seems that the French GW Distributor already had the Downloader tool, so the situation there was mostly contained. Obviously it's an embarrassing episode for GW, but the worst of it was the lack of transparency & openness during the debacle. The information was bound to come out, why not be frank about it? When it comes to bad news about faults/defects, there's a general tendency towards wishful thinking, even when the evidence is so palpable that it smacks you in the face.
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    As most already know I've had an operation for problems with my spine. I used to walk or cycle a hundred plus miles per week, including just over 2 miles each way to and from work - sometimes taking the longer, more scenic 5.5 mile route. I love being outside in the fresh air. My spine problem and possible nerve damage has meant I haven't been able to walk/cycle for 3 or 4 years now. After my op, which helped but didn't fully resolve the issue, I decided to look into other ways to get out and about - other than a mobility scooter seeing as I can still stand - as I don't drive either. For the past 2 years I have been getting about on an EUC. I started with a Ninebot One E+ 320wh then upgraded to a Gotway ACM 820wh and, once it's repaired, I also have a Gotway Monster for the longer cruises.
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    @Jason McNeil at EWheels.com is supplying an 84v Fast Charger, for free, with all the 84v Gotway wheels that he's selling. As of early July. That may change over time of course. When I bought my MSuper V3s+ from Jason this charger was included in the box, along with the Gotway supplied charger. Here's my overview:
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    I'm always curious as to how people got started in riding on a single wheeled, electronic balancing device. What got you started in this crazy hobby/sport/activity? For me, I saw a video by Walk Off the Earth where some of the background dancers were riding on mini segway rides. Interestingly enough I think they were Inventist Hovertrax hoverboards. I've always been fascinated by the self-balancing technology ever since the original Segways were invented, but the cost and size was too prohibitive. The Walk Off The Earth video led me to discover Casey Neistat who reviewed the $200 hoverboard thing: This was of course before all the fire scares were reported. I ordered one from AliExpress, and it was a lot of fun. Incredibly nimble and amazing to ride. After buying another hoverboard with larger wheels from AliExpress, I saw a video showing these EUC's which blew my mind. I quickly bought a cheapo generic wheel to try out from AliExpress as it was actually cheaper than the hoverboards I had purchased. I had a heck of a time learning to ride it. It was so difficult to trust the wheel with a slight forward lean that I almost thought I would never be able to ride. After persisting at it, I finally was able to do some rudimentary laps around a basketball court and ended up purchasing a Ninebot One E+ never looking back since. The hoverboards are collecting dust downstairs, but I hope to sell them off. How did you get interested in electric unicycles? What's your story? How did it all begin for you?
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    Rest assured, I'll take care of any repairs that are needed. I'll pay for shipping both ways also, it's unfortunate Gotway shipped us faulty boards resulting in all of these problems.
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    I first heard/read about the original Segway when George Bush fell off one. I remember being entranced by how futuristic and weird it looked. Seeing it somehow stay up at that riding angle. You'd be surprised how many people have no idea about even the basic concept of gyroscopes. Anyway, I went on holiday to Madrid in 2007 with my then-girlfriend and I booked what was then a brand new concept - the Segway Tour. The guy who ran it was some banker who had quit the City, and bought like 6 of these £5000 machines (They still cost that!). Seems hilarious now, but it was TERRIYFING getting on it for the first time because it was so alien-feeling. We had the best day zooming around the city seeing all the sites in 3 hours. I did so 'well' (my gf was a retard) that our guide at the end used his special key to 'treat me' and unlock the 'high speed' option on my Segway.........*drum roll*........18KPH!!!!!! At the time, this did feel like warp-speed. It was a great holiday but all I could think about on the way home was the Segway. I was a student at the time and obviously could never afford one but I remember thinking to myself, if only someone could take this tech and put it in something smaller and cheaper. Even then though I would never have believed that this could be done into something as small and slick as an euc. Fast forward to two years ago....I'm walking through Wimbledon and some guy comes out of nowhere on what I now know is an Airwheel X3. I was smitten instantly.......
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    @Marty Backe, @noisycarlos, @jrkline & @Sven Went on 4 hours River trail (plus some city tour) in southern California. It was hot and sunny but overall smooth & incident free ride. River > Park > Street > River > Park > and on and on and...on
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    Late last night Linnea revealed more details into the nature of the fault: the Engineer(s) thought it would be a good idea to implement current limiting (exact code snippet please?!) in an attempt to mitigate the type MOSFET of burnouts that Marty recorded on his ACM during that steep hill climb only a couple days earlier—obviously not from that specific example, but from a handful of other Users. I don't think it's fair for Marty to be the unofficial test pilot for GW Wheels Heading out to LA on Thursday to get started on this project. When dealing product safety, monetary considerations are subordinated to reliability.
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    Ian from Speedyfeet just posted a great video reviewing the Inmotion V8. His company is really diversifying.
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    Well, well, well, look at what I found! @陈小杰 Take a good look at this: Do you see the metal shavings? One stuck on a magnet, the other stuck between a magnet and the stator. They're part of this: A washer that used to sit between the bearing and the stator. It was obviously wafer-thin and obviously broke after about 550 km... Finding metal shavings all over the inside of the motor kind of explains why it behaves strangely. I really hope I've found them all. I will have to do without the washer I'm afraid, because I really don't think there is a shop where I can find paper thin washers of that size...
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    I'm making my first post here, but I have been reading this forum for 2 or 3 months now. I discovered electric unicycles after I discovered (and purchased) a hoverboard. I had a 10 inch one, good high end, and I used it to commute around my city, as well as for stress relief and fun. It had a 12 mile range, and a top comfortable cruising speed of 8 to 9 mph once I got good with it. One time, I tried to push it to the max while using GPS to clock my speed, and I managed 12 mph before I lost control and had to step off, which resulted in me running the fastest I have ever run to avoid face planting. I did not do that again. Not a month later, it snapped in half while I was trying to learn to ride it off curbs. When I started looking to replace it, I discovered EUCs. They make more sense in a lot of ways, so I started started doing research. This led me to want to purchase one, but for a while, I had to spend my money in other directions (new computer, new car, house repairs) first and then save up. When I found myself with enough money I purchased a GotWay MSuper V3s+. The three I was choosing from were the KS18s, MSuper V3s+ and Monster. Monster seemed a bit much... and Jason @ eWheels advised me that I "probably wanted the MSuper" when I asked which he would recommend. Fortunately the firmware has been fixed during the various delays since I was able to pay him (bank spent a week thinking about my CC purchase before releasing the funds, then Jason apparently had inventory delays). I just got a notice that the shipping label has been created, so I figured... it's time to sign up and say hello. Hello! I know buying an MSuper V3s+ may not have been something that many of you would probably have advised for someone who has never ridden an EUC before, but the way I tend to approach things is... research what fits your needs and will last and genuinely make you happy. Then buy it... then meet whatever challenge learning how to use it presents, and master it. I have come to the conclusion through experience in my life that I can do anything, as long as I set my mind to it and persevere. This will be an enjoyable challenge, just as was learning to ride the hoverboard. The rewards will be long term, since EUCs have a future and are going to doubtless grow in popularity and commonality. Knowing me, I will also eventually have to have a KS18s (or better) and a Monster (or better). As far as I know, I will probably be the only person in my city with one of these devices for quite some time. Some day (hopefully soon) I will be good enough to join some of the closer of you for group rides. And to all of you who have been so kind and generous with your time and wisdom to post videos, I have watched them, and appreciated and enjoyed them. Thank you for the information, entertainment and the pleasure of coming to know you a little better. Perhaps my chance to post videos will come some day. So any advice for going from 0 to MsuperV3s+? By the way, here's an interesting thing... shipping label created on the 10th, in Cali. Supposed to arrive by FedEx Ground on the 11th in Florida. Ummm.... does this mean they have trucks doing 126 mph for 23.97 hours a day? Or is this being shipped by air? Hmmmmm. Okay, I'll stop talking now.
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    My interest began shortly after watching Mike Tyson fall off his hoverboard. It was a news sensation! A small two wheeled gyroscopic conveyance dumping Iron Mike on his ass! The rest is history. I was hooked riding the boards and then transitioned to EUCs shortly there after. Best move I ever made ( except for marrying my wife and having kids)! This short journey has introduced me to this wonderful forum and all of the camaraderie that has followed. Thanks!
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    Hey all, new member here from BC Canada, been perusing these forums for a little while now and found them very insightful, just over a week ago I decided to take the plunge into the world of electric unicycles. I decided to go with the ninebot one C+ (only because I found one for 300 dollars cheaper than the E+ and I wasn't even sure if I would like it) but I must say it's been the most fun i've ever had! I have been taking it literally everywhere around the city, off roading and exploring places i've never been to before simply because it is so much fun.. Now that being said, I have already decided to upgrade and purchased the inmotion V8 after doing a lot of reading on it, I think it will be perfect for me.. constantly fighting the speed limiter on the C+ and I have drained the battery fully every day since getting it a week ago so would like something with a better battery. The reason I chose the V8 is because it is a good mid-range model with a battery good enough to get me anywhere I need to go and back in my city but the speed/engine is good enough so that I won't be fighting the limiter constantly, while at the same time not so ludicrous that I will be tempted to go 30 miles an hour and kill myself haha because I don't wear any protection and don't plan on it. Also some of the features that are lacking on the ninebot such as a handle to walk it, kill switch, and headlight will be much appreciated and I can't wait to not have to lug around 30 lbs in stores, crowded places etc. Also I would like to add for anyone else here in Victoria possibly looking at getting an electric unicycle that I have had no problems with the authorities whatsoever, had dozens of police pass me without a second look and this was without any lights or protection whatsoever.. so I don't think that will be any problem at all, which is what I was slightly worried about before deciding to get it. Anyways just wanted to say hey and thanks for all of the useful information that people have contributed on these forums and for helping to convince me to pull the trigger on this hobby (it's the only thing that will get me outdoors)
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    It's with sad news that I'm here to say that my brand new (now scratched to hell) MSuper V3s+ is afflicted with the now infamous Gotway oscillation syndrome. I had just picked it up personally from @Jason McNeil a couple of days ago while he was out in California inspecting his latest delivery from Gotway. He's a great guy to hang with btw, and we (Jason, myself, and @Sven) had a fun little ride in some local hills. Andy, you need to post that video you made! Of course I tested mine a day ago by riding (slowly - which is key to remember) over various bumps, curbs, etc. No problems. Yeah! But this morning was my first opportunity to take it for a serious ride. I setup my camera and filmed a short mini-review introduction to my new MSuper (God I wanted to love this wheel) and then took it out on the road. As you'll see in the video below, about 3 minutes into the ride I'm on a sidewalk, probably not going faster than 15mph. I travel across a street and up on to the sidewalk, and that transition was enough to cause it to instantly oscillate and throw me off the wheel. My take away is that the wheel has to be traveling at a fairly good clip for this to happen. But as you can see, I was not exactly traveling at an extreme speed. Jason is screwed with his recent shipment, and I must say anyone who has received a unit within the last month or so is risking their skin if riding the wheel faster than 10mph. Even though I say in the video that I'm probably going to ride it, I'm not. As I rode home I couldn't make myself go faster than 10mph for fear of the oscillation. There is zero warning. There's absolutely no fun riding a wheel under those conditions. I have no clue how Gotway is going to prove any recent wheel delivery is without the problem. They clearly lied to Jason regarding his shipment, and he must be one of their best dealers. When I get a new control board (I assume), how will I know Gotway did anything. Who wants to gear up and ride 15 - 20 mph into a bump to test it? I'm sure I'll be more open to the idea after a few days, but not now. My left wrist and hand is getting worse as I type this Well guys, I only have my Monster and KS14C to ride now, and summer months are upon us. What a bummer. Enjoy the video The thumbnail is 1 second before the crash - ouch.
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    So Fedex finally delivered my King Song KS-18S today. At first it looks big compared to the other wheels I have. I got it from eWheels.com. It came with the fast charger with voltage readout. 4amps max. Had about 45% charge on the unit. I charged it for 30 minutes, got up to 60%. I rode it around my property for a bit. It isn't difficult to ride. I did notice the leaning back that was mentioned before when you turn. So it is in the KS-18S also. I'm so used to going fast, I keep on hitting the default limiter of 20km/h. The tilt is more pronounced than on the KS-16 I have. It is more like the ninebot the way it tilt back more dramatically. Maybe it is because it is so much taller. not sure. I spend about 20 minutes trying to learn to ride sitting down, no luck! I dropped the unit twice already! Jason had included some bumpers. I think I should have put it on before trying to learn how to ride it sitting down. It looks like it will take a bit of work to learn to ride while sitting down. I had a tendency to over accelerate the unit when sitting. It almost feels like learning to ride all over again. very discouraging. The other problem is when the unit runs away from you, you can't really catch it since the seat is on the handle. The speakers are much louder, but they are not clear at the highest volumes. The turning is about the same, though I can see why some would think it is less nimble. Anyway, here is a picture of all my wheels so far...
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    I thought some of you guys would appreciate how effective Slime is at fixing a tire. My tire in this case @who_the and @Kevin Grandon - this is what ruined the ride. Hope you guys got some riding done at Venice Beach.
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    I am a weak man. Last night, temptation proved to be my undoing and I OPENED THE BOX. In my possession is a brand new basic black ACMs+, sporting 1600wh 84v batteries. ACM, ACM burning bright In the suburbs of the night What immortal foot or guy Dare ride thy fearful symmetry? I have joined Team Gotway. Soon I shall be sneering imperiously at those with lesser machines while riding with mild fear and anxiety from the insane speed and possibility of a cutout. First impression - what a fat, heavy, little piggy of an ewheel. I shall call it THE WARTHOG.
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    I had a hard time deciding what to label this post. Hopefully I captured the proper spirit of the information I'm providing here. Although this post is specific to my ACM experience, the MSuper and Monster uses the same hardware and unskilled Gotway labor, so I think it applies there to. Do you think it's a stretch to say that it applies to all Gotway wheels Yesterday I reported that I was not able to charge my ACM I partially opened it to troubleshoot and eventually determined that one of the two wires going to the charge port was loose. Wiggle it just right and I could charge the wheel. So guess what I get to do? Yep, tear down the ACM So here's my ACM on the bench again. Doesn't it look pretty? What I'm about to describe will not be a surprise to any of you Gotway lovers out there . At this point I take it all in stride and laugh. If only these wheels weren't the adrenaline machines that they are I'd have other options. I had to peel away the standard hot glue that is the Gotway adhesive of choice and then the lose wire simply fell away. Hmmm. I grabbed my 100mm Canon macro lens and took a couple pictures for you folks. @Rehab1 was interested in some pics and @Jason McNeil might also be interested because of the Fast Charger that you provide. First is the wire that goes into the solder socket of the charge port. A nice looking cold solder joint that made zero bond with the charge port socket. And here is the charge port. Notice all the beautiful solder in there? Oh wait, yeah, there is none You have to love Gotway workmanship and quality control. I know, I'm rehashing old news, but allow me some laughs at their expense for the inconvenience that they put me through Are we really to believe that the motor bullet connectors don't fall prey to the same crappy workmanship, even if only on Mondays? For those who aren't familiar with the background, the bullet connectors require the same soldering capability that is so aptly demonstrated here. I'm happy with my choice to cut out the connectors and solder everything. It's all blurring together in my mind - maybe the motor connectors are crimped now? Yeah, I think so. Good news, because this is just another example of why Gotway employees should not be allowed near a soldering iron So clearly the hot glue was maintaining a mechanical connection between the connector and the wire. After six or so months it finally gave out. Because of the mess of removing hot glue (why in Gods name is hot glue required anywhere in a wheel instead of mechanical fasteners?) I opted to not touch the other wire. I'll cross my fingers that the person got that one right. It feels solid for whatever that's worth. The next point is well known to many of you I'm sure but I'll state it here again. The wire going to the charge port and to all the batteries is 20 gauge wire. I counted 18 strands. Solid (1 strand) 20 gauge wire is good for ~6 amps. 18 strand wire is good for ~3 to 4 amps. I ever so briefly contemplated replacing the wiring but that would entail a huge amount of work, including opening each battery. I don't think it's wise to push 5 amps (EWheels 5 amp charger) through these wires. Not for extended periods anyway. I've been using the Fast Charger at the 4 amp setting and I'll continue to use that. 5 amps would probably be OK, but we're starting to operate at the margins now. I'll stay a little on the conservative side and stick with 4 amps max. I don't think there's much more for me to learn about the ACM, so please Gotway Gods, leave me alone for awhile EDIT: I forgot to mention that my fix was to properly solder the wire to the charge port. Easy peasy
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    Day 6 of our road trip Paris Amsterdam
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    Wait a minute... Is the keyboardist keyboarder keyboard player in this video the same guy doing the Inmotion videos? As for my story... I had a short commute to work, and started looking at better options (than driving a car 6km return each day)... Saw EUCs then got distracted by something shiny. Then our office relocated (now an 8km return trip) and with bugger all parking to be had. Then happened to see someone riding one up the main street in Auckland (which has a bit of a hill to it) and remembered... Bought an Airwheel X8 and spent some time trying to learn it (without assistance). Caught up with my reseller when he happened to be in town and got some tips and then promptly outgrew my wheel. So I moved on to an IPS Lhotz which I try to use as often as possible - Note: I recorded milage on my car between six monthly services after getting my wheel... 378km (and still the same tank of gas). But it is the next chapter that gets interesting... I am a couple of weeks away from a trip to LA, which will include a group ride of Griffith Park, courtesy @GotwayFanBoy (aka @Marty Backe). This is an isolated Kiwi's chance to try a few of the wheels he's looking to upgrade to next... Monster, MS v3S+ (firmware dependant) or maybe KS18. Then I just need to convince @Jason McNeil to ship one over to me...
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    Hi, everyone! This is my first post here (and certainly not my last one ;-) ). I'm Justina and I've fallen in love with electric unicycles. It all began from curiosity "how can I improve my daily commute?", and when I bought my first EUC, it instantly became my hobby. Then I met some local enthusiasts and our small group started growing. After a while we started a project together that over time has become www.ElectricUnicycles.eu Our mission is to increase people's awareness of electric unicycles and show them it is not a gadget or a prototype - it is the best way of personal transportation in the world. And it's available now, everywhere! Our goal is to change people's thinking and replace their bicycles with electric unicycles, for daily commute. We live in the 21th century, why do we still use technology that hasn't changed from 200 years? It's time for a change, for people to know about EUCs! I create videos for our YouTube channel (anybody has seen my vids before?), where I try to help you as much as I can - either with choosing the righ wheel, or to do typical stuff like changing the tyre. We have just added new general videos with real life scenarios with electric unicycle usage: Electric unicycle vs bicycle - for commuting - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmmPaLxP4pk Electric unicycle for meetings - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lDgp59N3ZU If you like them, feel free to share! Many more coming soon! -------------------- Besides this, we also have an European shop with only one category: electric unicycles. We believe this is superior to any two wheelers or scooters and everyone can learn how to ride it, just how everyone had to learn riding a bicycle as a kid - we just don't remember this now. I have a huge €100 discount for all forum members, for the following electric unicycles: * 2017 KingSong KS-16S (840 Wh) is €1514 for forum members, * 2017 Inmotion V8 (480 Wh) with carbon fibre-like kit is €982 for forum members, * 2017 KingSong KS-16C face-lift (680 Wh) is €1075 for forum members, * 2017 KingSong KS-14D (420 Wh) is €886 for forum members. Heads up! We do not collaborate with everyone. We collaborate with the top league manufacturers exclusively, to deliver the best electric unicycles only. Everything comes with a 2-year warranty, a gift, and of course functional mobile app. Dispatch up to 24 hours if not stated otherwise on the site. Do you live outside Europe? Contact me. How to get the €100 discount? It's easy and will take only 3 minutes: 1. Like our new Facebook page (click) 2. Share our Facebook page on your FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/ElectricUnicycles.eu/ 3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (click) 4. Register on our website: https://www.electricunicycles.eu/ 5. Download and rate our mobile app on the preferred system: Android (click) or iOS (click). 6. Contact me by sending a private message here, or via Facebook / website - simply text "DONE" :-) I'm here for you if you have any questions. Also, I'm looking forward to talk to you about EUCs overall, I will start replying to other topics here for sure! Best Regards, Justina PS. This is how we do it:
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    Hi guys, Don't you think a bicycle looks odd comparing to EUC? It's much bigger, you have to park it etc. - sounds like having troubles. Since I started riding on EUCs, I have a strange feeling when observing bicyclist, like they would ride a horse and were from another century (I'm talking just about transportation purposes, not sport or hobby). I assume from most people view, riding a bicycle is completely normal, because it is here for 200 years and there was nothing else to make a contrast. I think the major problem with people to switch from bike to anything else is the fear of learning something new. Everyone thinks it is hard to learn EUC, but the truth is it's not. Everyone had to learn how to ride a bike as a kid, we just don't remember this. Then people do a driving license, and then they are older and older, and with age they start to ignore new things that have a learning curve. I am a woman, and I haven't ridden any other such devices or haven't done any extreme sports like skateboarding etc., but I was able to master an electric unicycle. If I could do it, everyone can do it! But how convince stubborn people it is easy and fun? Check this out. Do you think it may work?
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    Woohoo! Finally. It has arrived! Delivered quite late in the day and I only just got chance to open it. Initial observations: Looks even better in real life. The default blue rotating LEDs are not as offensive as I expected (I'm sure some other patterns are) Lighter than expected. I had been stressing about excessive weight but the balanced and thin form factor and nice handle make carrying effortless. I can see big advantages to the kill switch under the carry handle. This should be standard on all EUC's of carryable weight IMO. I have the 2.15 Kenda tire. Inmotion promised @Jason McNeil these would ship with the 1.95 tire to avoid the scraping issues reported by existing users. I see no sign of scraping at the moment. Infact there are several millimeters of clearance in the problem area but I have not checked the tire pressure yet which could blow it out to the point of contact. Kenda tires stink! I may be wrong but I believe the directional tire is mounted in the wrong direction. This is a bit of a bummer as wet weather traction is a big deal in FL but I will look again tomorrow when it isn't so late. Again, I may be wrong. Integrated trolley handle is an awesome idea. I've only wheeled it around my lining room but there is no doubt this is (like the kill switch) will be invaluable for going about commuting, shopping, etc with the wheel. My Charge Doctor and protective foam tape were omitted from the package. I've emailed Jason to see where they are. As I'm a new rider I really wanted to put the foam tape up and over the carry handle before I rode it. This is where the official Inmotion cover doesn't reach. Might have to go to the auto store for some of @Rehab1s protective bumper stripping. The 2.5A eWheels fast charger is smaller and lighter than expected. This is great as I expect to occasionally carry it with me for a quick "coffee shop" boost on rare extended range journeys. I am major bummed that SoloWheel has ruined this wheel for the USA. It looks like it was perfect at the old Inmotion price point. To Shane Chen I say this... May the flees of a thousand camels infest you arse! More observations once I get chance. Alas. Now it is bed time for dreams of one wheeled freedom.
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    My best half and partner in crime , the love of my life , My wife
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    Sorry for the poor quality sound (my air conditioner was running in the background). I give a run down of my safety gear. Hopefully it will be useful to some newer riders. Marty
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    I had an accidient by a power cut off. Drove at max speed when the 9b1 E+ as pulled the pedal back, I moved back and when leaning forward again then suddenly lost power. Result: Lots of excoriations of the reight half side of my body. Mainly landed on the right hip causing a serious laceration which had to be stiched in hospital. Later clottted blut had to be taken out by an operation. 4 days in hospital. Really dont trust the device any more. Just recently my nabour had a similar expierence with another 9b1 e+ from a friend, however lower speed and injury not as serious. Date of purchase: May 21, 2017Model Ninebot One E+Firmware version, can be provide when I am out the hospitalMilage total 150kmSpeed approx. 22kmUse of app (yes or no) noweather conditions, good and sunnyroad conditions, try tar roadbattery charge 90%wear and tear,
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    Is Linnea a she? I thought Jane Mo is. Over the period of about one year, the local riding group where I am in is the most notorious for frying MOSFETs of the new generation GW EUCs(namely ACM, V3) among GW community, because there are a lot of hills here, and 'wild riding style'. The way GW handles this is quite simple: send us new boards, we ourselves exchange them, and send the bad ones back. I'm now still in possession of two V3 boards, one is bad waiting for repair/return, the other is new waiting for somebody the moment. The first ever incident happened here was an ACM of one of my fellow last August when we were climbing a hill together at night. His ACM just stopped, smell and smoke were coming out, and we opened the cover on site to exam, here are some photos: As can be seen that at least one MOSCFET burned, cable fastener melted, and outer tube of the motor cable also burned. Fortunately, nobody was hurt because of those(may be ten) incidents. Among these incidents, there are three exceptions: one is the shorting connector(result to burnding of MOSFET anyway), the other two were not related to burning MOSFETs(one is the bad 5V, the other is mine showing on the right of the first photo that unable to switch on) But why these MOSFETs burn before any warning? I had a conjecture that drive circuit/firmware is mulfunction in some rare situations resulting the direct shortage of the 3 phase bridge.
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    My understanding from reading the previous threads is that Gotway was tweaking the firmware in an effort to reduce excessive current draw that could result in melted cabling. That problem has been there for a couple of years, and it's only a problem if you push the wheel extremely hard (steep hills) for extended periods of time. I'm sure they realize now that no firmware change is going to help, and eventually they'll have to go with better cabling and maybe updated wheel axles. So although melting cables is a problem it doesn't have the urgency or bad consequences of a firmware bug. I really don't think you'll have anything to worry about (famous last words) Surely you know by now that Gotway is an information black hole. I think the only assurances you can expect is that your dealer will stand behind the wheel. FWIW, after Jason flashes my wheel (hopefully Saturday?) I am going to armor up and repeat the scenario that threw me off a week in a half ago. Hopefully that will help to regain everyone's confidence (including mine) in their fix. I'm going to drink a couple of beers first to mentally prepare for this
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    For me it was August 2014. I was on a vacation with my wife in Seattle and waiting for a bus. A guy rode up on a Solowheel and I thought it was awesome. My wife thought it was scary. When we got back home I did some research and found a cheap ($300) generic 14-inch wheel on AliExpress that went 12kph at best. It took me a while to learn to ride and I got some big bruises on my shins. I thought it was awesome. My wife thought it was scary. But I needed more POWER! Joined this forum and started reading about all the wheels. @EUC Extreme was riding a 16-inch Firewheel at the time so that's what I got. After a few problems I learned how to fix it and enjoyed the near-30kph speed but got dinged up after a few cutouts. I thought it was awesome. My wife thought it was scary. Just recently bought a KC-14C which is my current favorite ride. It brings my total wheel collection to three. I think it's awesome. My wife has given up on scary and just thinks I'm crazy.
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    Always liked to ride mountain bike in the woods, but health issues started at age 20, and finally got diadnosed with EDS at age 35. I was forced to stop working, and a few years passed when I barely went outside at all. I got to try a Segway-type vehicle at a shopping center demo, and loved the tech right away, but I couldn't stand upright for more than 10min. Started looking for a seated version, and found the Airwheel A3. Very expensive at the time so I decided to forget it. In June 2016 I saw a video article of a local guy with MS riding the A3. That pushed me to finally try it at a distributor. I was hooked immediately. Still expensive, but it was a complete life changer for me. Suddenly I was able to do all shopping and trips to the post office and pharmacy by myself, and I cried when I recorded a video message to my gf from the top of a hill in the woods I used to bike a lot at. At 2000km with the A3 I grew tired of the top speed of 17kph and the wobbly ride from parallel wheels without any suspension (the spring is for the seat only). Searching for an alternative I had seen EUCs online, but I knew I couldn't stand up for long enough. And I heal very slow so I didn't want to take the risks. With the help of this forum I decided to build an A3 derivative from two Lhotzes. I didn't even plan to ride one, but being an exciting device I decided to quickly try it after all. After three 15 min rehearsals (once a day) I was able to stay on. That's when the riding and learning got so extremely rewarding, must've pumped endorphines so I couldn't stop! The 2000km with the A3 have done wonders to my muscles, so I was able to ride the Lhotz for a lot longer than I thought. Especially now (2000km with an EUC in 3 months), I can ride for many times longer than I can stand up! I don't understand why. Could be the constant slight movement pumping blood, and ofcourse the endorphines, the enjoyment of feeling like flying. I'm still going to build the seated two-wheeler since I can't go shopping with an EUC (can't walk more than 100m). I know I can't stop unicycling, so I eventually need a third EUC. Why wait, right?! I love to ride fine gravel bicycle trails in the woods. Some of them have steep hills the Lhotz can't handle, and from a few accidents I have learned that the Lhotz is not as powerful (= safe) as I thought. I ordered a Kingsong KS-16S yesterday. 😁
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    Mini Pro - I bought one on a whim and wanted to find a Mini Pro owners forum. I found this place and immediately started watching EUC videos and also immediately realized I had bought the wrong device. Don't get me wrong, the mini pro is quite nice and fun to ride around on, but the EUC is everything the Mini Pro was missing. I tell people this when they ask about the difference and why I like the EUC more: The mini is always trying to keep you from dying. The EUC is always trying to kill you. That's why it's more fun
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    You know it, Steven. I'm waiting for them to release Marty V2.0 for EUC testing purposes.
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    I just received this email from a Chinese company that sold me a replacement ACM board that arrived 2 weeks ago. Now I have 2 bad boards! New message from: xiaoq-cn (136) Hi Daniel, sorry to disturb you! We got to know that the mainboard you bought last time may have problem in firmware. So please stop riding it recently, we will arrange ship out new mainboard to you once we got the.new mainboard from factory. Please reply our message if you can see our message. Thanks!
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