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    Hi, I'm looking for someone, who can help me with my wheel. Maybe you could help? I bought Kingsong KS14S few days ago. Everything was fine, until today. The wheel suddenly stopped to balance. It happend, when I was riding. I wasn't riding fast, so got no injuries. Now if I'm turning it on, the wheel don't stand vertical (it tilts forward and backward, gyroscope don't lock the wheel). The battery is about 75%. When I'm turning wheel on, the green lights shining on both sides of the wheel like nothing is broken. The wheel don't spin if lifted up (motor is not running). Don't know what happend, I will be grateful for any advice. SN of my wheel is KS14D4W170825F001, what wonders me here is why the number starts with KS14D... like motherboard would be from older wheel? I bought this wheel from Mr Chenyanming Chen from Aliexpress that has good reputation on this forum.