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    I'll be making a full post about this later today. Solowheel's/Shane's position is that he wants to block import of all other brands of Electric Unicycles into the US, he's even going after Segway/Ninebot through the courts at this very moment. For those with the knowledge about Shane's true involvement in the 'Invention' of the Electric Unicycle, this is a complete farce. No, I won't be selling any of the Glide series. I have a +$10,000 Inmotion parts inventory, this ought to be more than sufficient to deal with any after-service issues with the V8s we've sold; furthermore, we can continue to purchase parts from China. As you can imagine, I've tried to vigorously persuade Inmotion Management of the error of their ways, that this pricing policy will be self-defeating, but in their minds, the Solowheel joint venture is a fait accompli, not open to debate or revision. "No doubt there has been intense internal debate about the new pricing policy of the rebranded products, in my mind the negatives overwhelmingly supplant any marginal benefits of revenue from the higher prices. The arguments summoned against this dramatic increase include: Accusations of Price Gouging: Consumers who buy Electric Unicycles today are among the most educated & intelligent buyers in the US. They're going to know what the historical prices were, along with the comparable overseas prices in other markets & draw the conclusion the conclusion that they're being overcharged. Price Elasticity: this is the concept that if an Electric Unicycle is out of a person's budget, they will instead substitute the Electric Unicycle for another mode of personal transport that offers double, or triple, the capability per $. It doesn't look like there's been any serious analysis of this factor with the new pricing regime. Loss of credibility for the new brand: as a first action of the new company, this sends the wrong message to current loyal Inmotion Customers, that the new company is overpriced. Competition: even if Shane is successful at blocking King Song & Gotway at the wholesale level, he still has to face the facts that, 1) consumers can still purchase individually directly from China & there is nothing that can be done to stop this, 2) there are domestic US companies like Kiwano & Segway/Ninebot making similar products for a lot less money, 3) prices have to be in line for similar class of devices—this is the chief argument levelled against Solowheel within the Electric Unicycle community, that their products are overpriced! Dramatic Decrease in Sales: I predict the net effect of these factors, is that even with massively increased marketing dollars, many people will take an immediate dislike to the new company & the expensive rebranded but hardly improved products. Hope you're receptive to exploring the new pricing further."
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    The late afternoon of July 8th the Southern California riders hosted a Griffith Park ride for @The Fat Unicyclist(far right in the thumbnail below) as he was visiting from New Zealand. Even though he had gotten off his plane earlier in the afternoon he managed the ride just fine (I planned an easy route for him ). I think he really enjoyed the evening and I know we enjoyed his company (strange accent and all ). Be sure not to miss where he crashes my MSuper at ~6:30 into the video (sorry Kevin, I had to include at least one crash in the video, and you're it ). Also joining us were @who_the and @Kevin Grandon who drove all the way from San Francisco just to join the ride. Thanks guys! I still can't believe you made the drive And rounding out the group ride was @Stan Onymous, @jrkline, @Ando Melkonyan, @Sven, @noisycarlos, and @YoshiSkySun Thanks everyone for joining me on this beautiful day for a trip around Griffith Park. 10 riders is a record turnout for Southern California
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    Almost one month ago my ACM burned up when attempting an aggressive hill with @Sven See the whole story here: Today I've ridden my trusty ACM again for the first time. It feels like a long time, buy nothing like @Rehab1's odyssey (although his was totally self inflicted ) I had to replace the control board (gratis from @Jason McNeil - you're the man!) and the motor (purchased from Ian at Speedyfeet for ~$250). Here is the final picture before I buttoned it up. Not the prettiest, and I wasn't sure about posting it, but why not show my dirty laundry . I opted to remove all of the motor connectors and solder everything. And instead of trying to insulate the wires (my motor from Speedyfeet had 14 gauge wiring ) I opted for isolation. I used a crap-load of zip ties to route the cables and keep them from touching anything. I feel pretty good about this solution. Even if the insulation melts they can't touch anything. And I extended the motor cables so that I could route the Hall Effect Sensor wires far from the motor wires. Yes, all the wires still get bundled up as they go through the axle. But in my experience and a few others, the melting all occurs in the vicinity of the connectors. My theory is that this is a point of higher resistance and therefore highest heat. So the cabling that goes through the axle is much cooler. We're waiting for some empirical data from @Rehab1 to perhaps shed some light on the differential heating between the axle area and the connector area. So I'm finally whole again. All four of my nice wheels are in working order
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    Some off riding with my acm 1600wh, QC from 7th of march. No problems with the wheel at all, dit over 1500km since begin of april. Love the wheel, the performance, the power, the speed and the maneuverability. I think i can say that not all the gotway wheels have problems. And when the acm performs how it should perform it is a great wheel to ride.
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    Really looking forward to your explanations! And my sympathies for these assholes trying to ruin your livelyhood along with effectively ruining and undoing EUC progress, a big part of which is thanks to you -- Well, maybe we need to start review-bombing these new "Solowheels" wherever they appear. "Scam", "overpriced", "old technology" etc and pointing out the alternatives...
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    I'll explain it all later today.
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    Awesome video! So fun to watch! You are a terrific host!
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    Have ridden literally hundreds of miles in rain and standing water on KS14-C, Inmotion V8, IPS Zero and MSuper V3S+. Zero operational issues with any of them, or falls/slips due to wet surfaces or puddles.
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    Isn't the fan temperature controlled? I installed a fan together with a temperature switch which will turn on the fan at 50C and turn off at about 35C.
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    If anyone on here wants your stock old style ks14 or ks18 pedales enlarged please pm me for details. I have done a few already and all have been very successful with both fit and finish as well as longevity. Pedal length increased to 9". We can go longer if you weigh under 160lbs safely max weight of rider we have tested this on is over 245lbs and he rides pretty rough, had zero issues. $53 to have them done and that includes return shipping to your USA* address. (Does not includ initially shipping them to me in Washington)
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    Hey all, new member here from BC Canada, been perusing these forums for a little while now and found them very insightful, just over a week ago I decided to take the plunge into the world of electric unicycles. I decided to go with the ninebot one C+ (only because I found one for 300 dollars cheaper than the E+ and I wasn't even sure if I would like it) but I must say it's been the most fun i've ever had! I have been taking it literally everywhere around the city, off roading and exploring places i've never been to before simply because it is so much fun.. Now that being said, I have already decided to upgrade and purchased the inmotion V8 after doing a lot of reading on it, I think it will be perfect for me.. constantly fighting the speed limiter on the C+ and I have drained the battery fully every day since getting it a week ago so would like something with a better battery. The reason I chose the V8 is because it is a good mid-range model with a battery good enough to get me anywhere I need to go and back in my city but the speed/engine is good enough so that I won't be fighting the limiter constantly, while at the same time not so ludicrous that I will be tempted to go 30 miles an hour and kill myself haha because I don't wear any protection and don't plan on it. Also some of the features that are lacking on the ninebot such as a handle to walk it, kill switch, and headlight will be much appreciated and I can't wait to not have to lug around 30 lbs in stores, crowded places etc. Also I would like to add for anyone else here in Victoria possibly looking at getting an electric unicycle that I have had no problems with the authorities whatsoever, had dozens of police pass me without a second look and this was without any lights or protection whatsoever.. so I don't think that will be any problem at all, which is what I was slightly worried about before deciding to get it. Anyways just wanted to say hey and thanks for all of the useful information that people have contributed on these forums and for helping to convince me to pull the trigger on this hobby (it's the only thing that will get me outdoors)
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    Well, I got the tools and opened up the other side, which took some doing as there was a layer of rubbery silicone glue that held it together. The first thing I found out was that the washers really where washers, not the seals integral to the bearing. On the other side there where no less than two of them. If there were two on the first side where there now are none, I still have shards from one whole washer in the wheel! The second thing I found out is that the hall sensors are in a configuration that got me scratching my head: Note that it seems the sensors are buried in the coils, which kind of makes sense, but makes a visual inspection rather difficult. If anyone sees something that looks wrong in the picture please holler. Tomorrow I'll go over the cables and solder points, to make sure nothing is detached. Note on the right how thin the washer is, I'm kind of curious why they're there, and why if present, they're not a bit beefier? I suppose they're meant as some kind of seal/buffer anyway, but it seems like a strange solution. I did find more debris, I haven't even tried to pry it out yet, will wait until I have the time and concentration to do it right. I also need a multimeter to check all cables to make sure there are no shorts or bad connections. I've marked what looks like shards with arrows. There's more in other places, I just found a place where they're obvious. I now realise that I've had two events with strange noises that I though was debris stuck in the wheel, but that might well have been debris stuck in the wheel. You have to laugh about it, the alternative is to bawl my eyes out. I've ridden this wheel like 600km, and here I stand not knowing if I can fix it or need a new motor and maybe a new controller... If there's nothing wrong with the hall sensors and cables, the only thing left is the controller. But if I clean this, test the connections and still have the vibrations, then how should I know? That's the downside of choosing Rockwheel instead of Gotway or Kingsong, there's no servicing available on this side of the planet. Shenzhen is seven time-zones away. Sorry to sound down, but I feel a bit deflated. I've contacted the guy selling the wheel to me, to try to trace who sold it originally to see what they say about it. But I can't say my hopes are very high. Well the only thing I can do is try. I bloody love the ride, so at least I'm motivated. Right now I've made it into the worlds heaviest pizza. It's in a bag meant for pizza, since my poor lovely woman found the odour of silicone, plastics, resin, grease and oil less than thrilling. The most frustrating part is that I don't get to ride it, until I'm done. The withdrawal symptoms are a bitch, I itch all over and it's just two days.
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    @Jason McNeil Thanks for responding. I think it would be fair for me to say the entire community here sympathizes with the situation you find yourself in and supports you. You've made considerable effort to support Inmotion in the US and they are screwing you. I really thought Inmotion must have been forced into this but it sounds like they were willing participants. Shame. Very poor business decision I think. Speaks volumes about SoloWheel too. Rather than innovate and produce products people want to buy they hide behind lawyers, steal designs, and try to suppress the competition. I for one will not support this kind of company going forward. It seems like everyone could lose in this game. I look forward to your post later today.
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    I believe Inmotion are like Trump voters. They thought if they ally with the bad guy and endure his more wacky sides/pretend these do not exist, they get spared or even get some "trickle down". Instead, they (predictably) got scammed like everyone else, probably the worst. They effectively killed their US market. Who buys a 1500+ V8, even if they manage to ban other wheels (I have my doubts) that's a very hard sell as soon as people start researching. Good luck getting these on Amazon without 90% negative reviews, e.g. Also, who buys these crazy overpriced original Solowheels when even the overpriced V8 is a much better offering now? It's just stupid from every angle. Only explanation I have is that Chen is a vindictive baby and Inmotion thought they would get away with a deal with the devil.
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    I'm curious as to how Inmotion thought this would be a good move. What was their reason for agreeing to this? How long are the terms of this agreement? Is it only their unicycles that are affected? Will their V3 units still be available under the Inmotion brand? Their scooters?
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    Oh I would have loved to have been there! Nice group! To bad you live so far away!
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    Great video @Marty Backe! Thanks for the ride, the loaner wheel, and the awesome keepsake video (I just need to work out how to download it now). And great to meet everyone else too - especially the SF contingent (who travelled nearly as long as me to get there - only I got to sleep on the way). No worries about including the "fall" - any fall that you walk away from is a good fall.
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    Good job! Especially from an electrical engineer. As an electrical contractor, All too often I've had run-ins with engineers who never actually have any field experience and yet they want to tell you how to do your job from a book perspective. A good engineer always does some field work.If you ever want some part time work,let me know.
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    Finally a way to register where you live in the world and see who else lives near you. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1rj0BJqr1wpilPUmFC4blqlmAihI&hl=en_US&ll=17.085747915662058%2C26.13422055000001&z=2 First you need to sign in, then click "edit" Now add a marker to show your location on the map and include your EUC username from this forum and what type of EUC you ride Simples!!
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    The double flexmeter D3Os inspires confidence. Your lower arm and wrist is hugged from 2/3 up the radius to the knuckles, with protection that has enough flex to probably save you a break in the arm, but still quite stiff enough to stop overflexing. The third wrist guard I try, and the first that I feel really has a real chance of doing its job. The only downside during summer, is that it becomes somewhat warm being so substantial. But I plan to use it when going skiing this winter. I think it will work out well if I remove the skid-pads. For EUC use, they're not really in the way, but with ski-poles they will be.
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    Outside looking in, I really don't think InMotion [proper] had a choice here. InMotion Technologies was backed by several rounds of investments funding, including the most recent and largest $17M Series B funding by Tiantu Capital in 2014. (similar to the XiaoMi backing of Ninebot/Segway) Investors want Return On Investment (ROI), i.e. to make money $$$. They are most likely not anywhere nearly as emotionally invested in the product (EUC) as the founders (InMotion) or the customers (us) are. So, in return for the backers' investment in InMotion Technologies, they were facing a very potentially expensive legal battle against Shane Chen / Inventist (who, by the way, is backed by the billionaire NBA Mavericks owner Mark Cuban) in the patent troll capital of the world, the good 'ol US of A. This really has the feeling that InMotion's backers are forcing InMotion to cut their losses on their EUC I.P. (collecting their peanuts from the Inventist partnership), and refocus their efforts to make back the investor's money in their e-kickboard scooters line (which they've been currently doing) in a market that does not seem to have a big fat patent troll the likes of a Shane Chen / Inventist.
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    No matter how nice it looks, it's a Ninebot. How can you live with such little battery? (and speed?) I did one loooong ride with my 1300Wh ACM and concluded that's not nearly enough.
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    I know your pain! You should do what I did... Go to LA and check out your upgrade options. They have a great hosting programme there!
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    Nice video, Marty! Thank you for sharing...looking forward to the next one!
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    That hill is a lot steeper than it looks in the video - I was going as fast as the wheel would lift me up that part, but then misjudged a small rock. It felt like the wheel slowed fractionally trying to summon the necessary torque... But I didn't due to my lean, and stepped off. Had I been more familiar with the wheel and the track, it would have been different.
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    I was only aware of the Sinclair computer. I never heard of this C5 vehicle. According to Wikipedia, Sinclair developed the C5 as an electrically powered tricycle with a polypropylene body and a chassis designed by Lotus Cars. It was intended to be the first in a series of increasingly ambitious electric vehicles, but in the event the planned development of the follow-up C10 and C15 electric cars never got further than the drawing board. Thousands of unsold C5s were purchased by investors and sold for hugely inflated prices – as much as £5,000, compared to the original retail value of £399. Enthusiasts have established owners' clubs and some have modified their vehicles substantially, adding monster wheels, jet engines, and high-powered electric motors to propel their C5s at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour (240 km/h). Photo by Prioryman - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=35368168
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    To be fair to @The Fat Unicyclist it wasn't much of a crash. What's hard to tell from the video is the fact that it was very steep there. Kevin had never ridden an Msuper or any wheel like it until about an hour earlier. I think he just hit a large rock and it threw his balance a little. This stuff happens all the time when trail riding.
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    Fixed! A new iOS version 4.0.1 has been released into the App Store. I just installed it and it fixes the light issue. After selecting the lights tile, a message pops up instructing the user to turn off the unit to fix the light issue. This means turn off the Ninebot, and then turn it back on again, and re-pair over bluetooth. The new lights panel in the version 4.0.1 app removed the middle slider/switch that became locked. Now the "lamp power switch" slider has been removed. EDIT: The new "Press to Switch Light Mode" twice requirement is still stupid.
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    Once I hit a dip too when I rode my V3 at night at about 25kph. The impact was so severe that not only I got immediate flat tire(the tube was broken on impact two places), but the aluminum rim also deformed. I felled but not injured because I was wearing motorcycle suit.
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    Well I've hit a few surprise bumps. One of them shouldn't have been a surprise, but idiot me was going slow and fiddling with the app... should have minded where I was going to paraphrase a well known 3 foot tall green jedi-master. That was a speed bump of the we're-going-to-destroy-your-suspension-if-you-go-faster-than-walking-pace kind. 100% up 6" and then 100% down in the span of maybe a foot including the crest and minimal gradation. I got airborne a foot or so. My feet both moved forward about 1" in that one, but I managed to keep my cool, stay on, and simply swore viciously over the quarter inch I lost in length for the rest of the day... But generally I go slow in the dark, even on roads I "know". You never know if there's some debris or other thing that have been added since the last time around. Also, three-dimensional vision is much worse in low light, including the headlights of a EUC and hand-held torches of most kinds. Even a shadow on a sunny day may be enough to ruin 3D enough to miss a crack, bump or depression.
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    Thanks For now I hope never to open the ACM again. It's possible, you never know My gut tells me that if the wires get so hot as to melt hard zip-tie plastic, I'm screwed no matter what I do
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    Just get an electric bike and pretend to pedal Or get so good at one legged riding that you can pretend to be riding a one wheeled skateboard, like @Hirsute That's the next trick I am going to try. But kudos to you for not pushing the matter. 0745 is probably just before shift change. If you rode at shift change, you would have at least a 15 minute window.
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    @abinder3 I wouldn't push it either. If they ban electric bikes it's not likely they'd allow EUCs. http://www.codepublishing.com/CA/HermosaBeach/#!/HermosaBeach12/HermosaBeach1220.html#12.20.220 12.20.220 Motorized bicycles and motor vehicles. No pedal-powered motorized bicycle, or motorized vehicle of any kind other than those used for the purpose of protecting life or property, shall be ridden, pedaled, walked, carried onto or otherwise enter any portion or the Strand walkway or beach at any time. A violation of this section shall be an infraction. (Prior code § 5-24)
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    Too late now, but maybe covering the wires with this sleeving might also help. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/like/332224901331 Truefit Thermal Sleeving withstands up to 650C.
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    Thank you MichaelHensen for this important advice and thank you to meepmeepmayer for his picture. I just checked the new control board I got from Gotway and it has no blue Bluetooth unit mounted on it. Checking again the two video links they send me, the Bluetooth unit you describe can be clearly seen in both clips. But there is no instruction, when and where and how to remove it. So I would have probably forgotten it, if you hadn't mentioned the Bluetooth unit. Guess I have to open my MSuper first and see what it looks like in there. And I sure will take pictures of before and after, so nothing else gets overlooked. Thanks again to both of you! Your advice is much appreciated.
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    Hopefully with the wire bundle sleeve that should protect the wires passing through the axle as they are fed through. They may have increased the channel diameter as well? Hard to say. Nice job on the wire routing, Marty. Looks like a California freeway interchange in there. I might suggest taking it one step further by removing the remaining bundle sleeving to the coil relief at the axle and add in a few more zip tie separators. Did you test with a soldering iron whether the zip ties melt at 200C or less?
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    @Marty Backe One of the best solutions i've seen until today! Soldering instead of using a bullet connector and then keeping the wires "spread"?! Best choice in my opinion!!!
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    Where did you find yellow zip ties? They are very easy to see. You and @Rehab1 are improving the wheels, I hope Gotway is taking some of these ideas.
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    Looks quite neat! Makes me want to do it too (probably too lazy). Typo? Isn't 14AWG the better (thicker) one? You mean the connectors you just removed? So now the cables are free to melt in the axle? -- Funny how people here, you included, are doing the good work of gradual improvements that really the manufacturers should be doing...
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    Nice to see you up and riding on it again. Gives me some hope in my own predicament. When I cleaned shards from the magnets I was almost at the point of saying "F it, I'm buying a MS v3s!". My SO would laugh me into the next universe if I spent another $2000 on a wheel, after having had the last one for less than three months, I could bloody well lease a very nice car for that kind of money, including the gas. But I digress. I think there's beauty there, not dirty laundry
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    Not as advanced as @Rehab1 but just as cool in the solution, well done.
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    As expected, Inventist / Solowheel = patent trolling RIP InMotion EUC
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    I was thinking about upgrading fans in my monster to a top of the line pc fans but after reading this, maybe i should make a... precisely thoughtout air vent to let fresh air in but to block the moisture lol
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    Gerade gefunden.. https://youtu.be/orFE98LOY7U vielleicht könnt ihr das alle mal kommentieren...
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    You would think they should have designed the battery packs more rectangular and have them sit at the bottom of the case to help keep the centre of gravity down low. When you look at the Rockwheel GT16 they have a smartly arranged battery system with the control board horizontally mounted on top with direct air flow through the cooling fins. They could have taken it one step further with a top mount heatsink and the control board mounted face down since heat rises. Rockwheel could have designed a top side waterproof box onto which the control board with heatsink is screwed onto acting like a lid with a rubber seal. The heat sink fins that could be exposed to open air and air channeled through from the front. Seal the battery packs and use waterproof connectors, and there's no reason to fear riding in the rain. With the Gotway they could enclose the control board inside an aluminum case like what IPS does but make it water tight with waterproof locking connnectors on the outside. As long as the battery packs are well sealed it wouldn't matter much if water did get into the case as the critial components would be shielded.
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    I've ridden my IPS T260 in the rain several times without any problem owning to the compartments(for batteries and board) are well sealed and there is a metal case housing the board. I've also ridden my Msuper V2 in the rain several times without any problem owning to the compartments are well sealed and the compartments are high up ground. Although I've ridden my Msuper V3 in the rain once or twice(and with no problem), but I'm not quite happy with the water-proof ability because the mainboard is very low from the ground and there are gaps around the pedal hanger that easily let water goes in in case of wading. Edit: The power switch IMO is the most fragile thing for water to invade. Cover it with tape or plastic bag if have to ride in the rain.
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    Rats... hit low power mode, now stuck at a bus stop waiting for a ride home. She does still go at limp speed... soooooOooooo slowly! I gotta do me a @smallexis battery stash mod... these hills are killing my range!
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    Yep, it's already been established that the Monster overheats. So much for "Gotway wheels never overheat". Since it runs about 10 degrees C hotter than the ACM and MSuper it makes perfect sense that it does.
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    I can only agree. Especially for a Zero, the battery would become way to large to fit in. Additionally, I wouldn't trust this contraption to guarantee a good connection under all circumstances. OK for an e-bike, where battery failure means pedaling home, but not for en EUC, where battery failure equals faceplant.