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    #1: Light painting along Southbank in London with my Electric unicycle (from the same session as one attached to my profile). You can see Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece "St Paul's Cathedral" in the background which is just across the river Thames. I added a tutorial a while back on combining Lightpainting and Electric Unicycling: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/2734-light-painting-using-an-electric-unicycle-and-tron-costume/
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    I finally have an i5 in my hands! I wanted to make a post to document the process as I test it as well as to try and answer any questions the community has. If there is a certain test or questions please ask and I will try to get everything answered. Currently waiting for the battery to charge before I start recording and testing. Super excited. First impression is that it is unbelievably thin. The width is almost identical to a standard glass bottle. IBC Root beer tested. It also is definitely light, I haven't weighed it yet but the shipping weight was 22 pounds as a whole so it seems to be on par with IPS claims.
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    First time out on the new wheel. She also hasn't rode a wheel in some time so you might give her a break. We have been riding around town since this and she has grown really fond of it. I will get a few more local riders opinions when I get the chance.
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    The unexpected upside of getting an EUC for your son; he's now asking if he can take the dog for a walk, even when it's raining!
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    A quick run down of what I have so far, my first wheel bought March was a Ninebot One E+ here is Australia with no research at all. Saw someone riding a EUC one day and was very intrigued so I looked up what they were. Saw a few youtube videos so I decide to get myself one without doing any research except on who had them for sale, the only seller who had stock was a Ninebot One dealer. I went and pick one up and only after buying it I knew I paid way over the top. After unboxing the wheel I used 15 minutes inside the house getting a feel for it in my hallway using both hands on the wall for support. 15 minutes later I decided to take it out and with 30 minutes I was able to go around the block felt very happy with myself, but my feet was killing me. Within a week or two the pain almost completely disappeared the body sure adopts to new stress points very quickly. The Ninebot One E+ is a great starter wheel for anyone wanting to learn it can take a lot of heavy drops, scraps mine got punished pretty bad while I was learning how to ride backwards. I don't regret getting it but in hindsight had I had know what I could of gotten for what I paid for it I would never have gotten it. If you are a starter I recommend getting a second hand Ninebot One E+ if you can find one around for cheap learn on it do whatever to it and once you're done sell it off to the next learner. I bought the Ninebot One E+ as a toy to play with but within 2 weeks I realised it was so much more, but the problem with it was the low speed and limited range. So this time I decided to do some research and stumbled across this forum, it is here I researched my next wheel. I wanted something which was powerful, fast and had a descent range as I had a 16 inch wheel already the choice was limited to KS and Gotway. Reading the Gotway forums I knew there were plenty of QC problems with them, Kingsong would have been a much better wheel for safety but in the end I chose the MSuper V3+ 1300 WH it was a lot more powerful had a higher speed and the integrated handle made it easy. I knew the risk of buying a Gotway right from the start so even if something happens to it or me I have no one to blame cause I chose it fully knowing some of the issues Gotway was having this was right at the time of the melting cables. One the 4th week of starting my MSuper arrived, it was matte black looked really good but boy was it heavy compared to the Ninebot One E+. The riding style was completely different to the Ninebot One E+, it took a few days to get use to the way it rides. Since having it I have ridden it to work almost everyday that hasn't rained and have completely neglected the poor Ninebot. The MSuper is such a beautiful wheel yes the motor is loud, but it is so comfortable, smooth and stable, I average close to 30kph and she purrs along ever so gently, I choose to ride in the powerful mode and nowadays I leave the other settings to the preset. I don't even hear the first alarm until 32kph. I am sort on the light side which helps being only 65 kilos and with my gear on around 70 kilos max. I have taken the MSuper to over 40+kph a few times even at this speed I haven't heard the final alarm maybe it is because of my weight. The MSuper does this speed so easily, I can see why it would be easy to get hurt badly so I recommend leaving it on the factory settings until you feel more comfortable even than anything over 30+ kph is stupid if you're not wearing full safety gear so please keep that in mind. The good thing about Gotway you can decide what you want, you are free to change the setting however you please actually this could be a bad thing also but hey the choice is yours. Six weeks ago I bought myself another wheel this time I wanted a lighter wheel which was faster and had a better range than the Ninebot but was nimble for riding around the crowded city. Wow this wheel was so hard to get, no one was selling it in Australia, I emailed a dealer in Singapore but the postage was almost the price was the wheel, I emailed Jason who was very nice with his prompt reply saying he doesn't ship to Australia due to high postage costs, I even called manufacturer and was told that they won't have a wheel till mid June and if I wanted one I had to pay and wait. After almost giving up I found a ali seller who had it for sale, so I bought one but it took almost 6 weeks to get to me but at least it turned up yesterday. The new wheel I got was the Inmotion V8 and yes it is the international version as my app works perfectly, my impressions so far after using it for a whole day. First off the wheel is beautiful I think it's the best looking wheel out of the ones I have, the pedal is also the grippiest of the lot. The front light is the brightest out of my 3 wheels, the side panel lighting show is also very bright and is customisable should you be into creating your own. I am 180cm tall and the integrated handle is such a good height unlike the MSuper which is a little on the low side, The button on the handle omg what a brilliant idea why don't all EUC's have this feature, the pedal height is great for a 16 inch wheel almost the same as my MSuper so it won't get too scratched. The negative is after pumping the wheel up to 55 psi the tyre scraps the front plastic every now and then so I had to reduce the tyre pressure to 45 psi in order to stop this, not sure if this is a bad design flaw or just me getting a bad wheel. I give it a few more days and if I find more negatives I will post otherwise that's about it. Now having had 3 wheel I can say without doubt the Ninebot One E+ is never going to be used by me again, thought I was going to play around with it but now it's time for me to try harder to get rid of it even at a great lose. The V8 is a great wheel for what I bought it for it will serve it's purpose and in the coming weeks I am sure it will grow on me a lot more. Having own the 3 wheels I can say without doubt why I love my Gotway Msuper, the V8 feels fast and scary for some strange reason at the max speed of 30kph where as the MSuper is just cruising along nicely. The V8 is pretty comfortable but in no way can it compare to the MSuper, I read some where people were saying the torque was good in the V8 going up hills not sure if we are talking about the same wheel but my MSuper will eat it up up any hill on any day of the week. I thought the V8 was going to be a fabulous wheel, but it is only a slight upgrade from the Ninebot E + in comparison to the MSuper. The MSuper takes the crown out of the 3 wheels I have, if I had a chance to ride the V8 before I bought it I might have not bought it at all, maybe I would have gotten a smaller 14 inch wheel which is just as fast and a lot more nimble. Whats next my sight is set on the monster by the end of this year, just have to sweet talk my wife up a bit more. Now I know why so many people are buying Gotways, they truly are in a class of their own I have tried a friends KS18 he bought recently but it's not to my liking can't compare with my MSuper. Here is hoping Gotway improves on the QC I also would love Gotway wheels to be safer after reading all the terrible incidents, so far I have around 850 kms on my MSuper and it's still feels terrific touch wood I am one of the lucky ones. As they make more money I am sure the quality will improve, but with any electronics there can always be problems with things going wrong. I bought a Asus GTX 850 graphics card when they first came out a few years back it was expensive and i happen to get a faulty card and I went to get it exchange I had the same problem. Had to wait a 2 weeks to get another replacement as that whole batch was bad. This is just a short brief and quick honest review based on my own personal experience, this is so addictive like drugs and it becomes more expensive over time one wheel is never enough.
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    First off, welcome to the forums, and sorry to hear about your accident. Where did you get the impression that Solowheel was the best? I think there are still some fans, but they seem to be few and far between due to the high cost to features ratio mainly. There is a new Solowheel Scorpion due out plus some interesting things from InMotion/Solowheel joint ventures. Exceeding the acceleration maximum of any wheel is bound for failure as the motor just can't perform miracles. If you're near the upper limits of speed already, and you try to accelerate quickly that may use up what power the motor has left without any ability to warn you or tilt back. Tiltback requires that the wheel accelerate a bit to adjust the tilt of the pedals/shell so it needs to put out a burst of power. If that extra burst isn't available it will cut out. Imagine your best athletic friend is pushing you while you balance over the wheel on a wheelbarrow. He's running near his maximum speed to catch your slight lean so you don't fall forwards. You decide to suddenly lean even more forwards, and he just doesn't have any more umph to push faster so you meet the ground. Up near the upper speed limits is where the danger zone is. I would advise against any sudden movements up there that may exceed the available power that the wheel has left to keep you safely balanced. The upper limit will also vary with battery charge level, rider weight, wind, and inclination of road so it's not really a well defined speed setpoint. In the future with much more powerful motors that are over-engineered, we may see one day that there is plenty of reserve energy from the motor/batteries to handle almost any situation demanded of it, but that day is still far away. As you reach the top speed for your weight and riding conditions, torque approaches zero. When torque reaches zero, you reach the ground at full speed. 26 pounds is on the light side for wheels. My Ninebot One E+ weights about 25 pounds. How much do you weigh? If you're on the lighter side, maybe an Imotion V5+ or V8 might be a good choice or a Gotway MCM4/KingSong 14C? It's difficult to find something lighter than 26 pounds that is still pretty good. Maybe a Ninebot S2 or the new IPS i5?
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    The end of yesterday's ride through Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. We rode a few miles of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) rail trail, then explored the town and waterfalls. The GAP trail is hard packed dirt and easy riding, at least in this area. The only minor issue was a few muddy spots since it has been raining a lot lately. With a connection to the C&O Canal Towpath you can ride from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. That would be an epic multi-day ride with camping along the way. This trail will always be remembered by me as the first time I successfully rode on one foot!
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    I designed a motor that has been patented in China, which will change the design of EUC.
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    Next to the ACM+, my current daily.
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    Our KS18S/KS16S, ACMS+ & V8s all arrive at the same time, late June/first week of July delivery. This gives an idea of what the process & lead-times are for getting product shipped to the US:
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    Hello readers and riders! I apologize for my English, if it has any errors. First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Ilya, I'm the iOS Developer since 2009. Also I have Ninebot One E since April 2015. Then I decided to combine these skills into my new app - DarknessBot. The application is available only for iOS 9.0 and higher. Ninebot haven't presented any official APIs yet, so I cooperated with the GyroMetrics developer - Paco Gorina (special thanks for helping with Ninebot BLE protocol) The application from the active EUC owners! It supports the following models: ► Ninebot One (C, C+, E, E+, P) ► Inmotion (V3, V3C, V3S, V3Pro, V5, V5+, V5F, V8, R1, R1N, R1S, R1S, R1T, R1AP, R1CF, R1EX, R2, R2N, R2S, R2EX, L6) ► Gotway (MCM2, MCM4, ACM, MSuper V1/V2/V3, Monster) ► KingSong (14, 16, 18) Features: ◉ Modify tiled interface that you can customize ◉ Displaying all available metrics through Bluetooth LE: ► Current speed ► Maximum speed ► Total mileage ► Remaining mileage (depending of rider's weight, the battery charging cycles, and weather conditions) ► Total runtime ► Battery level ► Temperature of the controller (not for all models) ► Power ► Voltage ► Longitudinal and transverse tilt (not for all models) ◉ Logging and displaying graphs of metrics (up to a month) ◉ Record video from a camera with a sensor display ◉ Changing the riding mode (not for all models) ◉ Changing maximum speed (experimental) ◉ Changing the maximum speed on limited mode (experimental) ◉ Changing lock mode (not for all models) ◉ Changing limited speed mode (not for all models) ◉ Compass and weather forecast ◉ Apple Watch support ◉ HealthKit Integration What next: ◉ One more thing Beta test 1.2 ◉ Support Ninebot One A1/S2 Application for free, but it has a few paid functions. So I provide 40 promocodes for this forum. Promocodes Download from Appstore
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    So, technically my first post was my panic "HELP!?" thread below for my first EUC, but I wanted to just post my intro here. (thanks again for those tips). I'm still waiting for a fully functional V3Pro, but looking forward to it. At least I was able to play with all the features (save recharging) on this first unit I finally got and really like the design compared with other EUC I've seen. Also, the app is really nice, even though a lot of it is in Chinese. As far as myself; I'm an older guy (46) in Texas (electronics engineer) that has been riding motorcycles since I was a kid (had 7 MC's) , damaged both my calf and foot muscles 3 years ago by improperly (not stretching) while riding bicycles, so I drifted into electric scooters (have had 4 ezip scooters in last 3 years) ezip450, (2) ezip500's and my current ezip750. With these ezip scooters I could hit 4 local parks in 45 mins. But these things are not easily transported. Also, I even had one of those garbage hoverboards for about 6 months, so at least I learned to ride that thing, but wheelbase is too small to really use those. I'm finding all of these alternative transportation ideas coming out really interesting. I even purchased a hybrid car based on my ezip scooter experiences (very small Honda CRZ). Seeing lots of new consumer items from electric skates, skateboards, scooters, etc. Cool stuff. My current MC is a 2004 Katana 750F....alas, not riding much this past year due to work lifestyle. I modified one of my ezip 500's to a 36V system and was able to get it over 20mph easily, but suffered a bit on distance, so I learned speed is not my most important concern on scooters. So, that's why I leaned toward the V3Pro. I am Very interested in the V5F or V8 , but I decided to go with the V3pro...at least for now. In my experience, anything over 10mph is pretty good. Will see how all this works out. I live 1 mile from train station, and work 5 blocks from destination, so this thing may even take me out of my car!
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    Wee J @ his school talent show, they were a bit short on space. We played a video in the back ground as he wasn't able to fit a flying trapeze or aerial silks in his school. LOL
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    I must respectfully disagree to set at least the record straight concerning my beloved KS14C and to inform others. I did not jump curbs, no drops taken, and am not heavy at 75 kilos and my axle went bad anyway! And also did not ever get over the hip pain hurting stage to ride one foot, still not, so this might have also added stress even for super short periods of time, but it sure seems ANY EUC should be able to handle one foot riding for extended periods of time! I just advise all those with maybe even ANY E U C, but for sure any KS14C, to check the spacing between the pedal supports "pillars"? and the wheel, motor sides. AND STOP RIDING IF YOU HEAR ANY SCRAPING SOUND AND CHECK AS SAID ABOVE! It also could be very well true that some axles are and will remain just fine, while others fail. I am VERY interested to see how my warranty replacement axle holds up? ukj
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    Spoiler alert: The storage limit thing will soon be a thing of the past but not just yet. Hope I can get it done within a week or two.
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    It comes with an extender for the valve. Has a screw and cap system to hold the valve away from the shell due to the narrow space. It makes air on the go more of a hassle due to needing a screwdriver but is otherwise kind of neat.
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    Everything included. Charging port is very small and seems to be unique to the i5. The power button and charger are on the handle. Initial power up feels like the power button is placed very ergonomically. It really is hard to get beyond the narrow nature of this wheel.
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    Okay, this may be just another crazy idea but hey, I figured I would throw it out there. There is a bike trail from Washington DC to Pittsburgh PA called the Great Allegheny Passage that seems like it would be a fun trip: https://gaptrail.org/ I checked and their official policy allows EUCs. If they don't check the rating on the motor you could even ride a Gotway Monster! "Bicycles with an Electric Assist System are considered to be any unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, or quadracycle with an electric motor not exceeding 750 watts of power, a maximum weight of 100 pounds, pedal-assist, and top-speed utilized not in excess of 15 miles per hour, or less if otherwise noted.* *This definition is in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission Public Law 107–319, 116 Stat., Act 2776 and the Federal Highway Administration Title 23, United States Code 217." Just to give you an idea of pace and time, take a look at some of the organized tour sites. They have people covering about 50 miles a day which should be easily doable for most EUCs and leave some time for off-trail exploration. The entire trip takes 6 days. https://wilderness-voyageurs.com/adventures/pittsburgh-to-dc-gap-and-co-bike-tour/ Pittsburgh area also has the steepest street in the United States if you want to test your EUC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canton_Avenue I am completely out of vacation this year but would really love to do this some day.
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    Nice, I "lighten" the wheel when going over curbs, taking the impact by bending my knees, not really hopping up. It seems to work well, never fallen going over a curb, but it doesn't always work "perfectly", as in, if timed wrong, the bump will move my feet a bit on the pedals, and is not as graceful. As for falls, I've had 6 falls in total in something like maybe around 3000+km total with 4 6 (forgot I rode a friends' KS16B last summer and had Vee's / EUC Extremes MCM2s on loan) different wheels, but no real damage to myself (so far, let's hope it stays that way ) thanks to the gear. My first and worst one was the very first day I got my 14" generic, I had learned to mount it that day (hopping on and off the wheel for about 20-30 mins, the street I live in hasn't got anything near the road to hold onto, so I had to learn without any support) and could ride forwards and turn in wiiiiide circles, usually I just rode to the end of the street, stepped off, turned the wheel around by hand and rode back to the other end . At one point, I mounted, accelerated and probably just lost my balance, pushing the pedals backwards, causing the wheel to brake and fell down on the pavement. I've been wearing full gear all the time since the first time I ever stepped on an EUC (well, to be precise, I didn't get the wrist guards until a bit later after starting), so no harm there. Second fall was on my 3rd day, coming down from a speed bump, I guess I went too fast and the wheel just toppled forwards. I took a few fast running steps, hit my shoe on the curb (my toe was aching a few days afterwards, otherwise ok) and rolled onto a lawn, I also videoed it and I smashed the camera Later on that same wheel (maybe a week or two), I tried running it as fast as it can up an off-road hill (at that point, I was pretty much constantly riding at the tilt-back as fast as I can, which probably was around 15-18km/h or so). Of course the wheel gave up on a bump, and I took a few running steps before landing on my hands, the kneepads and skid plates of the wrist guards taking the damage (scratches). On the Firewheel, I once fell from a low(ish) speed going over badly ground frost damaged pavement. Again the protections cushioned the blow, only damage I had was a bit of skin lost from my pinky The last fall on the Firewheel was when BMSs of the custom packs cut power on downhill (overcharge... the BMSs were the wrong type), I don't know if it actually counts as a fall, as the wheel just shot off under me and I landed on my feet taking a few running steps and coming to a stop. The Firewheel shell got badly damaged, I got most of it repaired, but it never was really waterproof after that. My last fall was sometime last week (I think), nothing dramatic. We went to a really curvy and stony path with a friend, maybe about 20-30cm wide in the middle of the woods, something you wouldn't probably even try with a bicycle and I was riding the KS16S. My pedal got caught in some stones at near walking speed and as I stepped off, I slipped and fell to my back, but had a backpack with my jacket in it, so it cushioned the blow, and I just got back up and continued riding. No damage to the wheel.
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    I walk the wheel down, no exceptions. However, I have occasionally dropped off a sidewalk by accident on my V5F, once was a huge drop (to me) and...nothing. The wheel did not skip, there was no loud noise, there was no heavy impact, nor loss of balance. It's as if you'd be better off just pretending the drop doesn't exist. I've fallen many times by slowing quickly and bailing when my wheel gets stuck. Saying that, I absolutely do not drop down any curb. Well, if it's an inch high, and even then I do not do that on my KS14C. Now going up small curbs using a little hop, that's a lot of fun and I do that a lot. Approach the curb (maybe 3 inches max), cruising slowly, bent forward with bent knees, and right when the front tire catches the lip of the curb jump up! I don't squeeze the wheel at all but rather just let it crawl awesomely up and over the curb. Occasionally I make a perfect leap but much more often I'm a bit (or a lot) of balance. Great fun! You'd be surprised at how much fear is involved in jumping up a tiny curb like that which, realistically, you'd have to be a total dork to injure yourself, but I assure you I chicken out plenty of times when approaching a curb to jump. Some of those curbs look like this to me...
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    Considering that the axle needs to be hollowed out to have wiring come out of one side plus it requires a flat side or two, wouldn't it make life a lot better to just have a larger bearing and axle diameter? That way you can pass through heavier gauge wiring easier, flatten sides all you want and eliminate the possibility of axle breakage completely? Sure the motor covers would need to be able to accommodate the larger bearings and thicker axles would be needed, but in the end a little over-engineering can avoid problems from ever occurring. If an axle breaks once, it likely will happen again. Why not eliminate that possibility with some simple changes? How much can a slightly larger bearing and axle cost in the large scheme of things? If you ask someone do you mind paying a little extra for an axle that can never break, or do you want a wheel with an axle that might not break if you're lucky, which one do you think they would opt for after riding somewhere for 30 kms in the middle of nowhere?
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    Aren't we a passionate bunch of folks over here? My suggestion: let's concentrate our emotions to the joy of EUC riding and try to find a rational approach for the quality concerns at hand. I am convinced, we represent one of the strongest EUC user organizations on the planet, maybe the strongest of all. "With great power comes great responsibility" (Voltaire or Spiderman - take your pick). The EUC "industry" is young, wild and immature - Quality Management is not! So, let's adopt and adapt principles which proved to work for Quality Assurance and find the most effective way to bring our persuasive powers to the manufacturers and drive some real improvements. Today, GotWay is the object of most quality concerns, a while back a seemingly endless series of botched ninebot firmware updates had us worry and with the Rockwheel comeback, we may see the next quality debate in the making. Consequently, our approach should be generic and not restricted to just one brand. There must be quality in product design and in product assembly. From what I can tell, it will be easier to agree on common goals and desired principles for Production Quality, so let's start with that:
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    Hey Guys, I emailed my local MP who is positive about EUCs as she uses segways in Westminster. Bristol is a very green sort of city that is tech focused. There is also an initiative being set-up by the Mayor of Bristol for green alternative transport. I am hoping that the legality of these devices will be talked about. I'll keep you updated with any news.
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    Family size Cheez-it and a glass bottle.
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    Jumping up 10 cm curbs is much easier than we might think. Start with a loop attached to the wheel's handle to lift the wheel by your hands when jumping. It is to take confidence and train your speed, balance and synchronisation (don't decelerate, keep a constant low speed). Then try to squeeze more the wheel between your legs when jumping until you don't need the loop anymore. It's the only tricky part because depending on the trousers, the grip might be different. The Firewheel (and probably the Ninebot too) is particularly hard to grip because it's heavy and because of less thickness at the top contrary to other wheels). On the contrary, because of the geometry of its housing, the Gotway 14" and other Ariwheel clones can always be lift up if the tops of your feet are turned insided enough, you'll never "mis-squeeze" them. I don't fear jumping 20cm with the Gotway, I'll think twice if it where the Firewheel. Once you are synchronized enough, you'll see the climb up can be ensured as much by your lifting of the wheel as the rolling inertia of the wheel itself. Even with small curbs, I try to jump more or less to reduce shocks to my wheels. As a side note, for jumping down a curb, don't decelerate either and don't do at low speed because you might get stuck with the pedals (in fact, the wheel gets stuck, while you fly).
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    I wonder if this can even be pinned down to any coherent answer, riders and wheels both being built so differently, but humor me if you will and share your opinions and/or experiences. Do you step off your machine when a curb comes along? Do you go up or down stairs on your wheel? Jump? Do you slow down or speed up to do it? How safe do you think it is to do any of that, either for your health or your machine? Would you recommend it or advise against? And do you yourself practice what you might think should be preached?
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    Coming DarknessBot 2.0! - Added Siri Support. Say on connected EUC: "How much charge is left in my car?" - Added Neural Network. More smooth remaining mileage prediction - Improved Apple Watch App - Added Rockwheel (GT14, GT16) Support - KingSong / Gotway: fixed voltage and battery level
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    We're just all trying to subconsciously win a Darwin-award...
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    12 inch, power 1200W, very suitable for mountain off-road EUC. Also use the 247 package MOS, the controller will be installed in the middle of the motor.
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    @esaj I know, but inspired by the thinness of the i5, I meant without the bridge, the wheel bodies being like one wider body. You'd have to develop a clever firm clipping mechanism, and make it so the pedals don't block each other (maybe by having the two wheels tilted differently and the pedals designed being so they are out of each others way in clipped mode). And you could clip together 3,4,5 wheels then (5*6 cm = 30 + pedals might mayyyyyybe still be doable). @kasenutty It's literally like a bigger hoverboard. If you want a decent big tires hoverboard for uneven ground, not the worst idea! Here's a (the only I think) video (German):
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    Thanks @Carlos E Rodriguez! While we are on the same subject, we are closing in from two different angles: You are talking "fire fighting", I am talking "fire prevention". Bear with me, please, I am little of a technical expert, but a consultant at heart: I have seen time and again, how businesses fail by just reacting to problems at hand, but neglect to develop a systematical approach to prevent such problems to occur in the first place. It's part of the growing pains of small enterprises, I guess. Investing in quality often seems like a luxurious waste of money initially. Why hire a completely unproductive "Quality Engineer", when you don't have enough people to assemble desperately awaited orders? That's where I believe we must step in: Regardless, of what design principles we prefer (enforced safety limits vs. choice to deactivate the safeguards), none of us wants to faceplant, because of crappy parts inside our wheels or stupid, undiscovered mistakes during montage. Here, we all agree! So, it's up to us to let the manufacturers know, that we expect 2018 EUCs not only to be "faster, higher, wider", but positively more reliable. Every. Single. One. Next year, I want to unpack and test ride my new wheel with sweaty palms from pure excitement - not the sweat of fear, my new pal may fail me miserably. And I beg all of you, to help making that happen.
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    Sarah rode around the block and said the pedals felt really nice, large compared to the wheel but in a good way. I am about to test it myself.
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    Initial review of the KS16S below.... Please subscribe... Kingsong KS16S high speed - 35 km/h ....
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    Nice trails, and a big thumbs up for getting off the trail. I was just thinking the other day that I need to travel off-road more. If I can cut across a field, do it!
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    I have done over 1000km on my E+ running 1.4. I have not had any problems. I have run my battery down so low that the max speed is a brisk walk. It has never cut out. When you say that most people have little faith in Ninebot what are you basing this on? I thought Ninebot machines were generally considered to be quite reliable, well built and safe, albeit somewhat slow and boring by current standards.
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    Like someone said before: There are a LOT of different Versions of KS18.... For ME it seams you get a pretty old Version, because a seller with knowledge would stand our that IT IS the latest Version of KS18AY (or18B called). SO: The seller has no knowledge or it is a old Version of KS18 (which i think more) Inthe states as far as i know only @Jason McNeil is selling the latest Version of KS18, called KS18AY or KS18B and from July on the Sports Version with more power = KS18S I would definitly NOT RECOMMEND to buy a unknown Version KS18, from an unknown seller! There are huge differences in the Versions, so be warned! Example: KS France made a sellOut of their KS18 2-3monts ago to very good Prices...as i asked if this where the latest AY....they were not...
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    @Jason McNeil of ewheels.com expects some KS18S in early July. If you can wait until then, I'd recommend getting the KS18S from @Jason McNeil. Also, if possible, I'd recommend getting the 1680wh version. Once you get comfortable riding it, you'll find that it's very easy to put more than 25 miles on it in a day. I weigh about 195lbs/6ft tall and I get about 55-60 miles with about 15% battery left (I have the KS18AY with a 1680wh Sanyo battery) . I do have a tendency to ride about 3-4 mph from the top speed whenever possible though. I'm sure that if I limited my top speed to about 15mph, I'd probably be able to add at least another 5 miles onto the range. Allen
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    when I started out about two months ago I bought (splurged, really...) a fancy-schmancy carbon full face helmet, wrist guards with dual splints and skid plates (thanks for the recommendation in one of your posts, @esaj...) and knee-pads. I hadn't worn the knee pads at all - just once, I think, since starting riding. but today I decided to wear them, now, whenever I go out riding. there's been a lot of (not undue) fuss about wheels cutting out for various reasons, whether it be an issue with firmware or components/engineering/pick one - but if you're riding around and you're not familiar with the terrain you can just as easily wipe out. today, I rode about 15-16 km and I wiped out twice! first one wasn't really a wipe out, as I didn't fall down, but my wheel fell - I was going uphill on this bike path and decided to turn around. it was kind of narrow and as I was exiting the turn the wheel dipped more than I thought it would and I stepped off... not too bad. fast forward- I'm going about 7mph, not too fast, on a sidewalk I hadn't ridden down- there was one slab of the sidewalk that was jutting out way above the others. I thought,'i can't ride over that,' and the decided I would try to jump it. now, I haven't worked on jumping so this was kind of risky. basically, my jump failed... I don't really know what I did, but it was a weak-ass hop, haha. I ran off the wheel and stumbled forward about 10 feet, dropping the bottle of tequila I was carrying (didn't break!) falling onto my knees and hands on the sidewalk. msuper's fine, I'm fine, tequila's fine... anyway, for whatever reason, you could fall. I might have had a banged up knee or two and bloody palms if I hadn't been wearing my gear. oh yeah, I also found a $20 bill on one bike trail!
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    Thanks, I think I just peed my pants a little watching that video.
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    I would feel very disappointed with a machine that failed so catastrophically within a couple of thousand miles.
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    Ohhh, wonderful! It works! Shipping such appliances to the world is part of the "German Initiative for Global Garage Learning Experience (GIGGLE)"! You know, "Give a man a fish..."
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    Seems to be a shop in Taiwan, neat. People seem nice. I love how the shell is not mirrored, but also flipped, so you only have one shell part that fits both sides. Power button on the one hole, charge port on the diagonal hole, cool. It's just quite neatly constructed.
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    Not sure, but I think the 1.25-firmware dropped the slow down to 25% or 30% of the battery, I've had a good number of 30-50km rides with dside over the past week or so, and he hasn't hit the warnings (KS16B / 840Wh, firmware version 1.25). My KS16B (680Wh) is still on 1.23 and it starts beeping above 25km/h after the battery drops below 50%, but I didn't notice it tilting back at that point (yet, I think the reductions go further the lower the battery voltage drops). Probably should update it to 1.25. The lowest I've gone (so far) with the KS16S at 1.0 -firmware has been something like 35%, and it hasn't changed the warnings to happen earlier (or then I just haven't noticed, helmet + wind at high speed can make it hard to hear the beeps).
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    For the record, I have never been 265lb. So let's start by dialling back to the 240lb mark to save Marty any unnecessary stress... And yes, I will have a rental car, so getting somewhere is not an issue - though as my plans are coming together it seems I will only be free from midday Sunday through to Tuesday afternoon. But if that does work for anyone, I'm definitely keen. If something does come together, don't plan anything too adventurous - I am somewhat "range challenged" (as batteries don't seem to like me) and being on a borrowed wheel won't help me relax too much either. For me though, even a shorter trip to your local Tilted Kilt (first round on me) would be fantastic - I don't get much opportunity to ride with others back here. And I'm also keen hear rider comments on thier wheels (and actually see the wheels too) as I now need to decide on my next upgrade...
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    Trying to demonstrate the distance that for me is comfortable.
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    As soon as it came in I went looking for a banana. Dreadnought Martin and a Fire extinguisher.
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    Cute Dad and Daughter video I hope we will see steadily rising number of kids riding, and steadily rising number of families riding!
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    I've uploaded the sole of my shoe, and compared it with the pedal rubber. As can be seen in the picture, there is a rubber overhang, the inner line is the extent of the metal parts of the pedal. The metal is approximately 20x9cm, the rubber is about 21x10cm. The positioning of the shoe is actually not ideal. In the perfect world, I would place the foot about 1-1.5 cm further out (0.5"). With this position my ankles touch the sides of the case in a place that has a sharp ridge, which is not very comfortable. But if I place it further out, I feel like the shoe almost wobbles on the edge. If I place it further back, my ankles are behind the center-line, and further forward I feel like I'm going to fall off If I lean hard - and would fall if I hit a curb just wrong. The teal-blue parts are a rough outline of my foot, the blue and red parts the soles that take most of my weight, and the red are the parts that should have support but doesn't. This story is regrettably true for most western riders, I have size 43EU, which in Sweden is the most common male shoe-size - with mean deviation between 41EU and 45EU. Maximum shoe size for this pedal with ideal foot support, is probably 40EU or maybe 41EU, not more. Can the wheel-makers please stop making pedals smaller than 25x12cm? This is my second wheel, and both suffer from this problem. It is ridiculous! It wouldn't cost more than a few cents to make the pedal big enough. I'll have to look into the possibilities of modding the pedals or see if there's a bigger pedal compatible with the fastenings...