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    Well, I finally decided on what to buy ... and to my surprise, it wasn't a Kingsong 18. It's an MSuper 3 with the 1600 wh / 1500 w motor at 84.2 volts. The higher voltage was one of the key things that sold me. I sprang for the seat too, since frankly I think riding a EUC seated looks as awesome to me as some say it looks dorky to them, and because it should provide some relief for my back on longer rides. I'd be surprised if it really works for me since I'd have to squat really low, but there's only one way to find out ... I made a deposit with Jason and am going to put some more money on my card in the next day or two and finish up the process. Time to go buy some protective gear! Hopefully soon I will be sharing my enthusiasm more than my injury photos. Boy is this gonna freak out the dogs ...
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    I was just out for a ride to the seawall, got a few blocks and a motorcycle cop pulls me over while going from a road to a park. He asks me how long I have been riding the wheel, I tell him a month or more. He says that in Vancouver, it is illegal to ride these EUCs anywhere in the city. No sidewalks, bike trails, bike lanes, nothing. He says he could give me a $530 fine for riding it in Vancouver if he sees me again! He says they are classified as motor vehicles and cannot be insured either. I just spent $1400 cdn on this wheel, it's my commute to work, and my absolute favorite thing in the world and the cop says i will be fined $530 (which I cannot afford) if he sees it again! $#@%!!!! So now I am faced with not riding a brand new wheel, or facing an unpayable fine if I do. If you live in Vancouver or BC, or just give a damn for some reason, please email the Mayor's office, it's easy! http://vancouver.ca/your-government/contact-mayor-robertson.aspx 604-873-7621 Media relations mayor.media@vancouver.ca Address Gregor Robertson, Mayor 3rd Floor, City Hall 453 West 12th Ave Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4 I have not felt so absolutely devastated in a long time, I LOVE gliding my wheel! /Seppuku
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    I thought I'd share this event that occured to me today. I was going on my usual run, but as I was heading down a slight hill on a sidewalk I think I noticed I was going a little fast so I went to lean back to brake. At the exact same time I hit the tiltback speed so I was leaning back with the pedals tilting back. That was not a good feeling! It felt like I was almost going to fall on my back while my wheel kept going forward. Luckily I managed to ride it through , and I think it was just the odd timing of hitting the tiltback while trying to brake at the same time which was unsettling. During those few seconds I hoped that I wasn't overloading the wheel with a very high braking current. Thankfully all was fine. I have delayed the purchase of special riding pants with extra padding, but I might have to reconsider that decision as a hard butt landing would not be fun! Has anyone else run into this rare occurence?
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    Dear @rayna903, please correct me where I'm wrong. My sources for this post are https://www.facebook.com/1593003297614828/videos/1875867519328403 and http://www.iamips.com/product/showproduct.php?lang=cn&id=31. Apparently, IPS is about to release a new EUC called "i5", available in two models using either the common 18650 or the slightly larger 20700 batteries. It seems to be a "last mile" solution for lighter users with 350W rated /1000W max. motor power and just one pack of batteries (16S1P). While that sounds like very ordinary entry level, the shell design is uniquely flat and apparently made from some magnesium-alloy, which takes all the structural forces while keeping the total weight below 8Kg. Batteries appear to be Panasonic 20700B with 4250mAh. While it is certainly not a performance beast in any dimension, I think it's quite an interesting approach for the light & casual user. I am very curious for feedback from everyday users on how the new shell holds up and whether those 20700B batteries might be an option for higher performance wheels, too.
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    Over the past 2 weeks I have only used my Msuper to commute with the round trip from home to work is around 30 kms. Today I felt sorry for my Ninebot One E+ it has been sitting in my garage collecting dust for 2 weeks. So I decided to ride it to work, oh boy was it a long and painful trip. Without realising I have reached tilt back so easily and the maximum speed I can get is around 22kph. At this speed it felt like I was walking, I had to think the whole trip to slow down. I could have sworn that the Ninebot didn't feel this slow before. I am going to take public transport home and ride the last bit, don't think I will be able to ride home it was stressing me out. What a difference cruising at 35kph makes not even mentioning how uncomfortable it was also. Poor Ninebot is going to retire for good now.
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    What's a Ninebot?
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    As much as I would like to, I'm not always in a position to instantly reply messages. Goal is to usually respond within a couple hours, or perhaps a day at most, but occasionally when the tasks pile up, it's not always possible. Will be hiring a couple additional hands in the next month or so, which will give some more capacity... Over the weekend I had a chance to try out a few different model tires, to assess which ones have the most, or least, amount of clearance: the worst are the Chaoyang HS-5146 (which is a pity since I have quite a few of these as spares...). Stock Kenda's are acceptable, but even within a production batch there small irregularities with the rubber deposit around the perimeter which is why some tires may rub & others do not. It has has also been observed that tires inflated to >60psi will be more prone to scrapping. CST has a 1.95" tire which has plenty of clearance, so will probably be ordering a supply of these to deal with occasional scrapping problem.
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    I have slightly modified the design of the lower bar ( thanks, Mono!) to include the supports, now I can safely rest the wheel even without a wall available.
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    In order to evaluate feasibility, I suggest to look at the size of the solar panels needed to recharge a smartphone, and the recharge times. Let's look at a relatively new device: http://www.solpro.com/collections/helios-smart. Forgetting for a moment the phone part, that device has a 5000mAh battery, i.e. 18.5Wh battery. It takes, in ideal conditions, ~5 hours to charge the internal battery. It has a 130 x 260.5mm solar panel, with a max power of 4.86W. In order to work well, it has to be oriented towards the sun almost perfectly A starting battery for a unicycle is ~160Wh. More than 8 times the size (there are smaller, there are bigger ones, scale things up/down for your scenario). So, in order to charge that battery in 5 hours (once again: assuming a perfect day and the panel titled towards the sun at the right angle), you would need a 50W panel, which usually is half a meter on each side (if you multiply that device size by 4 in one direction, 2 in the other, i.e. 8 times the size, you will get the same half a meter per side). Not really easy to carry (given how fragile those are). Clearly you couldn't coat the EUC in solar cells (not enough surface, too fragile to take the abuse of a fall, in any case being lot, between your legs and oriented poorly, won't generate enough to even start charging: below a certain sun exposure, the output of a solar panel is unusable), so an external panel is the only option. Would you be happy with a 5 hours recharge time on a perfect day? and that's for just a smallish 160Wh battery The other problem you will find, is that a EUC needs 67.V to be recharged, and solar panels usually are lower voltage (unless you get to pretty big size panels). Solar cells are low voltage, so you would need a lot in series to get to the right voltage. It's a lot easier to recharge a single 4.2V cell. While in theory you could use a step-up circuit, you'd lose efficiency and take even longer to charge. If yo look at the Sunpower range, 100W units tend to be 18V units, to get to the 67.2V we need, you have to get to their 435W panel (and you probably wouldn't want it, given the size and the multi-thousand dollar price) You could buy a standalone panel and use it, though... but unless you ride in the wilderness, you will recharge much faster from a power outlet... and big solar panels are not cheap. Frankly, once you take into account the size/weight of the panel, you would be better off carrying with you an extra 160Wh battery, already charged, and swap that instead
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    My first post to this forum About a year ago I read an article about Finnish guy riding a EUC in the middle of the snow in Rovaniemi. I decided that some day I want to have one too. With a lot of reading this forum and watching Ians reviews I ordered Ninebot C+ about a month ago. I watched all kinds of tutorials how to learn to ride but at the end I did it in my way. I rolled few hours in two days inside house from the corner of the living room to a kitchen taking support from everything i could on the way. Third day I encouraged myself out and it started to go very well! I was supposed to rode only in the neighborhood but I rode many kilometers around the area with a big smile on my face. Fifth day I was at work with my Ninebot. It was funny leaving to home while there was 20 or so people watching outside - no pressure to keep your balance ECU's are not that typical here in Finland. At way home I had my first almost face plant. I accelerated to a bridge where there is an increasing incline. It didn't seems so steep when riding. Suddenly my bot was beebing once and trow me away. I had my gear on (motorcycling is my other hobby) and I was luckily able to run an keep up (jogging is the other one). The bot was hurt more than I did with a nice scratches on it. I rode home and didn't touch it for few days. Yesterday rode another demanding route. Now when I went hills slower there where no problems. I thinks that situation before was just too tight with 450W motor and my 100 kg (220 lbs) weight. I was accelerating too fast in a demanding place. I think that for persons my weight there are better choices than Ninebot but when going easy in hills it's a lot fun too. Yesterday I got about 15 km with 220Wh battery going as fast as i could almost all the time. Last 2 km was in "limp mode" with a battery less than 20%. Uni-cycling is so much fun! After my crash I started to look my next wheel with more power. But that'a a another topic.
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    Then, when the heat can be very good, the printed circuit board to kill a sudden spike in the power under heavy loads. It is not even a good cooling help at all. We need a well-designed and made of a circuit board. Those not yet anyone done.
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    Good idea! And put a bit of new flux on it! Don't move the wire while it cools! Or everything starts at point 1....
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    Historical moment, Gotway has now more posts on this forum than Ninebot!
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    It wasn't to hard I took my time, the hardest part was the head lights, I basically pressed it against the unicycle and use a pen to mark the cut out but slightly smaller than the actual cutout so the pen mark won't show then I make the necessary adjustments, no tape measurer. Here's a pic of my 1600 feel free to copy which ever style you like, oh and also get some clear 3m tape because the tape that they provide with the foam doesn't work to well in the matte material,10mm will be fine
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    Funny...the DHL delivery truck arrives at my house at 10pm last night! What company delivers packages that late at night? I had rerouted the new motor for delivery to my work address since I would not be home during normal delivery times and I needed to sign for it. For some reason my home address was still on the guy's computer. So this poor guy drives up my dark driveway after working a 12 hour shift and rummages though 30 packages in the back of his truck only to find out there is no wheel on board.. I had a feeling but I helped the guy anyway. Then I find out the guy still has to deliver the remaining packages in his truck before going home. He was cussing out DHL all the way saying he gets sick worrying about what might happen when deliverying packages to people's homes this late at night. Last week he was cornered by 2 German Shepards. I hope he made it home safely!
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    We are living in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province China this summer. Here's a picture of a local Xi'aner with is Inmotion V5 which he uses to tour around the city
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    After riding the new MSuper a couple of weeks ago, side-by-side with my ACM, I can say that the MSuper's shell is similar to the ACM, but the ACM still has a more rubberized texture. They are not the same materials. But it does appear to be an improvement over the original MSuper. Having now put over 800 miles on my original MSuper V3 820wh wheel, and dropped quite a few times, I can say that the MSuper is not a fragile wheel. I don't feel like I have to baby it at all. Of course you can always have a freak fall where it spins out of control and hits in just the wrong place, causing serious damage. The same could probably be said about most wheels. Being a wheel that you're going to learn on, I think it's a good idea to add padding on the various corners. When I learned on my ACM I went to Home Depot and bought a 8' length of rubber copper pipe insulation (not the foam type). About $5. Then buy a roll of 3M Low Residue Duct Tape (leaves no residue if removed within 6 months). It's an inexpensive alternative to Gaffers Tape. Use that to attach the rubber to the wheel. The tape is also available at Home Depot.
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    The shell, assuming the rubberized version sold now is like the ACM's, is virtually bombproof (the screws are the weak point). These wheels are much sturdier than you think. If you want to use a leash, obviously fix it to the real handle (not the retractable one). You need to worry about scratches mostly, the wheel won't fall so hard while in training, it will just spin out. Underside of pedals and especially the pedal brackets (had to metal file mine clean) is in most danger, as well as any protruding corner (like the side panel extrusions' corners, side panel corners, and the top parts of the wheel, especially the front and back "corners"). The only place where you realistically need to protect against impact are the front and back corners on top.
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    I have tried to show what would become this hybrid tire shape after mounting : According to my experience with this kind of tire, the final shape would be close to the picture.
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    Reason is that the developers do not ask for the necessary Android authorizations in 6.0, you need to set them manually. Go to "App permissions" and grant the Kingsong App "storage" and "GPS" permission. GPS permission is necessary for Bluetooth connection (I don't have time yet to explain this further), and storage permission is necessary for being able to do a successful firmware upgrade, if you want to do so at some time.
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    @EUC Extreme I have always wondered why you don't make your own performance type of EUC. I would buy it even if it costs $5000 or more. Just like cars or motorcycles there are the cheaper ones and better quality higher output like Ferrari. The closest we have to a high performance is the 84v euc's but even that is at a poor quality.
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    Scary!! I'll be soldering all of my wheels from now on.
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    I just posted this on the Gotway Facebook page
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    Ok let's not make too light of the subject here.. It's not the end of the world maybe but I really hope this kind of stuff won't be repeated and they learnt from these mistakes by now, or we can look forward to more banning! This is something that should have never left any factory employing even the most basic quality control procedures that could be called sensible for this type of machine. These guys need to wake up. I'd place an order for an 84V ACM 1300Wh or an 84V Msuper 3 1600Wh today but I mostly need a wheel for relatively safe commuting.. I just want a nice ride arriving at my destination in one piece, not only this week, this month or this year, but every day in the long rung. I'm not looking to do extreme sports at 7 AM in the morning showing up at work a bloody mess (or not showing up at all because my EUC suddenly failed unpredictably at 40 km/h throwing me under a truck)... Accidents can always happen due to rider error with serious consequences of course, but that should preferably be the only cause of an accident, ever. I don't want to be over dramatic but these reports just make me sad and angry, especially at this price point. At the same time I very much appreciate that any problems are brought into light, so we can make better informed decisions for ourselves. And also inform the manufacturer what happened and that the community is not happy about this. That's what we're here for, sharing information and having fun, right? I'm not saying GW is all bad and I'm not saying I'll never buy another GW wheel! I'm just saying it seems to have limited use for me how it looks at the moment. It just doesn't strike me as a friendly dependable everyday urban environment commuter vehicle so to speak... They could and need to do better, I do realize other manufacturers may be no better (except maybe Inmotion as mentioned before has a clean record so far). But, only KS18, ACM, Msuper and the Monster so far allows riders to reach continous speeds significantly beyond 30 km/h. I think crossing that line by default calls for another level of responsibility, a level arguably not on display.
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    Hello there! I am new to this forum and I am also new to King Song. But after having read a lot of the threads here, I decided that the KS16S is probably the best wheel for me - maybe not as fast as a Gotway ACM but safer and with more of a quality oriented design thinking. I ordered it directly from Diana@szkingsong.com last week and today she gave me the UPS tracking number for it. Diana has been very helpful and service minded, so I am now super excited to actually try out the wheel when it arrives in 10 days or so...! Although I am still very much an amateur, this will be my third wheel. I started on an Orb Wheel X2 that is now broken after having suffered too many bruises, but then went on to an IPS Zero and a Xima Lhotz. Will let you know what I think of the KS16S when it gets here!
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    Cute! So where is the padding? I see this funky little shaped red pill in the area where your ankles would sit ( probably for the pedals) but zero padding for the calves. With the narrow shell profile and no padding my knees would be banging into each other when performing sharp turns or navigating any bumpy terrain. As @meepmeepmayer alluded to the design has a professional looking, expensive, aesthetic, business like appearance. It has Trump written all over it!
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    Okay, the deed is done! Talked to Jason a few minutes ago and paid off the remainder. He says the latest shipment of wheels is preparing to head across the ocean and he expects them to come in right about on schedule in the first week of June. Add a few days from California to Oregon and I should have my new MSuper. I will spend the meantime squirming in anticipation.
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    The speed is relative, with a cart like this, in downhill you can be faster than a Ferrari Testarossa
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    In a way, I think it's scary how safe people make it sound. Riders like Duf and Marty regularly talk about hitting pretty high speeds on their Monsters and MSupers and sometimes not even noticing. I find the same thing happens with cars. When you can really feel the road, like in a small economy car, you know how fast you're going and it's easy to stay at a safe speed. In a luxury boat, you float along and have no idea you might be well into the danger zone ...
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    The main thing is the ADC and PWM hardware, this is where most of the STM32 are limited they're very much general purpose MCUs. For example the max PWM resolution on some c2000 PWM is 170ps vs 4ns on the stm32. The ADC conversion is twice as long on the more general purpose MCUs. The biggest limitation is the inputs most of the more general purpose MCUs do not support differential analogue signals or delta-sigma modulators. Most of the newest current sensing ICs need either of those. Then there's other options such as using GaN fets at high frequencies to reduce the need for electrolytic capacitors and using them allows the entire 12V supply to be eliminated. At the moment I have STM32F4 446RE and 405, freescale kinetis kv31 and Ti C2000 f28377S The F4 446RE is a slightly faster and cheaper version than the VESC MCU, 180mhz vs 168mhz 512kb/128kb vs 1mb/192kb. Kinetis KV31 m4 core at 140mhz ?Similar to the STM but quite cheap to buy. C2000 f28377S technically the cpu is pretty weak for general purpose tasks but includes a special FPU which basically has an ASIC that can perform all the complex math needed for FOC in hardware. If that wasn't enough it has a second FPU that can run tasks without using the CPU and has access to ADC + PWM. Also has high res PWM, differential ADC and hardware based delta sigma processing. In theory the C2000 should be much better for an EUC if it performs as advertised. I need to run some benchmarks on them all using FOC loops kalman filter etc. But I don't know how to make the code to test them out.
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    Welcome to the club! Good to hear about new happy EUC users. As you say, the 220Wh and 450W motor is a little on low side for a higher weight. But as long you're aware about the boundaries of your own EUC (all of them have them), you'll get more and more pleasure of riding it.
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    no way - it's solid. mine only came apart because it smashed ridiculously hard into the ground multiple times in a row. i mean, REALLY hard... don't let it get away from you!
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    If you look at the area on the pedal frame/support where the pedal contacts it while the pedals are folded out, there is the same transparent rubber/plastic piece. Early GT16s had an issue of this piece falling out, resulting in unintentional sever pedal dropping, thus the inclusion of extra pieces. However, it seems Rockwheel has been thoroughly gluing these pieces to the pedal frame; at least on my GT16, there seems to be little danger of these falling out.
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    I can make completely new designs anytime now, I sorted out all the minor issues on my test boards. I can adapt them to anything now. Only thing preventing me is finding someone to help with C code.
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    Parroting pretty much what Slaughthammer already said, but it certainly sounds like you have a blown mosfet half-bridge, either on both sides (high- and low-side mosfet) or just one or the other and it shorts the battery when you turn the power on (either immediately or when it switches the not-blown mosfet on) and blows the fuse. Easiest solution is a new mainboard, although you could try replacing the mosfets too, but it's always possible they've taken something else with them. Having it repaired by a professional can fast become more expensive than a new board, depending on the type of problem, but if you've got the tools and at least basic soldering know-how, you could always try yourself, the parts probably don't cost much anything. The lower powered wheels use cheap mosfets usually, probably something like around 1-2$ / piece, even the "higher end" IRFP4110's used in Gotways and GT16's are something like 3-4$/piece and the KS16S mosfets are around 8$/piece.. If you have zero experience with electronics and/or no tools, then probably not a good idea unless you want to start learning...
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    Hi, silly question, can you confirm you haven't accidentally put the wheel into "speed restriction mode" in the App? Are there any beeps accompanying the tilt back and what are the LEDs on the wheel doing when this happens?
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    After a fright like that it sounds like you had better consider incontinence pants - as a bonus, they would give extra padding as well ;-)
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    If a company can sell not one, but two unicycles to a customer 6000 miles away, they can certainly reply to emails and ship a logic board to a customer who is adamantly asking to pay for one. Your replies were not helpful in any way.
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    Despite the cold and an uncertain time, our wheelers have had the courage to come, true warriors Thank you for your participation. Here's the video, have a nice time
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    Hi All, Moving in from the Firmware topic into its own topic for Open Sourced Hardware. Over the next little while I will move all the content from Firmware onto this post. I've been working on Reverse engineering the Gen2 boards as a starting point for development. Should have that done and posted today. We hope to be able to use the same Git to do both Hardware and Firmware advancements. I will post the important links as they come to this page. Lets keep the topic to Hardware. Although I have a Mechatroincs background my firmware skills are limited so we will definitely need some support from our Firmware buffs. Welcome to the topic. Mo
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    Folks, please let me know your opinion about our first try at the GotWay unboxing videos... I know there's plenty I can improve, and hope to do so in the upcoming videos! 22" GotWay Monster Electric Unicycle - unboxing 18" GotWay Msuper V3S+ 84V 1600Wh Red - unboxing 16" GotWay ACM S+ 84V 1600Wh - Black - unboxing Upcoming unboxing: Luffy! Also, please visit our online store: EUC.NYC Thanks! Dmitry (646) 88-382-99
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    Interesting, didn't even know a dedicated European dealer exists. Although they've listed everything as "liquidation sale", so probably the actual company has stopped producing the wheels or at least they're not going to buy more... Not bad prices, but I don't think I'm going to sink more money into the FW Even fully restored, I wouldn't have much use for it after I get the new wheels, and probably would end up selling it at a considerable loss Yeah, mostly it was just waiting for them to come into stock... should be here by the end of the week, unless the courier fucks something up It's -1C still outside, but should get warmer by the end of the week, so right on time. Not from Bjorn, I actually got another offer in private after that, and since the price wasn't bad, I thought having a spare-wheel wouldn't hurt (I don't think I can convince my GF to learn to ride ). Nobody knows yet what issues there might still be with something as new as KS16S, especially since the motor and the mainboard are completely new and it even runs different firmware than the older models (the last I checked, KS16S firmware was still at version 1.0, B's and olders use V1.25, and apparently they aren't compatible). And even if there are no issues, I have another wheel to play around and maybe test some mods (yeah, and soon after that I'm going to need a new KS16B -board )... Or probably could sell it at a small loss or same price, if it looks like I won't be needing it.
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    This is what I got, which I like because it has the digital pressure display. Make sure you get the "1000" series if you want the digital display... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BNGIGEQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    AFAIK, Ninebots use 15S2P packs, 55.5V nominal (15 * 3.7V), 63V max (15 * 4.2V). 65V would be overcharged (around 4.3333..V per cell)... Maybe the wheel is warning of overvoltage? Is it the original charger or some after-market fast-charger? The output voltage is too high! 3.7V * 15 = 55.5V. For 16S, it would be 59.2V, usually rounded to 60V by the manufacturers (and for typical Wh-calculations of the 16S -packs).
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    Ok, went to Amazon and ordered a rearview mirror (thanks Marty Backe's videos for the idea), a Triple Eight certified hard helmet, and wrist guards. Still have good knee guards from rollerblading days. Also, my first smartphone ever, a super-cheapie, just to go with the app. I'm not a big phone guy. Love my kindles Fires but they use the Amazon-specific operating system that doesn't have access to the Android store without jailbreaking, and I'm not going to go through all that. Plus I don't want to crash with them; too valuable to me. Thinking about elbow pads but haven't pulled the trigger on that yet. Oh ... and I read Marty saying he uses Slime in his tires preventatively to help deal with punctures, so I'll go get some of that too. My hobbies are usually dirt cheap, so this is an unusually expensive deal for me ... but it does look like it'll be the most fun I've had in many years. Thinking of using one of our many spare dog leashes as a tether while I learn, lasso-style around the handle ... Oh, and ya know what ... I don't have anything to inflate the tire with ...
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    Thanks, after reading that I am convinced it is exactly the same problem. I'm running 1.25 since 2 months, and before 1.23. And now, I need to say I had a similar incident approximately 6 or 8 weeks ago, but at that time I thought it was my fault, because I started not holding a pole, but just as usual with stepping up the 2nd foot. I thought I lost balance, but now I believe it was the same issue, because I was wondering back then, I didn't have the feeling that I did something wrong.. Meanwhile I can sometimes reproduce it, only when I hold a pole, stand still for 15 seconds or so on the wheel with both feet and then lean forward very slightly. It never happens when I lean forward heavily to accelerate faster. However, I can't reproduce it each time, I would estimate 1 out of 10 tries. @Jason McNeil: Serialnumber of my KS16B is "KS16 D3B0 1604 26003". I bought it in July 2016 if I remember correctly. Maybe it's something like that, but as I mentioned above, I can only rarely reproduce it, and it happens only, when I try a smooth start (therefore now I'm nearly always starting like in a Ferrari ). I don't think it's something like that, because the wheel is always running after such an incident, I just need to pick it up and move it back and forth 2 times to ride again. Thanks all for your thoughts. To me it looks like a firmware bug, or at least an issue with the Gyro.