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    It will be only a matter of time before this unicycle gets me laid as I am constantly stopped by young girls wanting to know what I am riding. So I cannot say the attention is all bad. Plus I'm good looking so they appreciate me grabbing them as they attempt to stay on the unicycle. I will say learning to ride a unicycle in the city is a great way to get over embarrassment. After falling off in the middle of an intersection for what must be the 15th time I can say I'm cool with public failure and humiliation.
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    I've read that if you give your mini love, support, encouragement, and a stable home life, it will be less likely to run away.
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    I ordered a blue monster from Dion at Myfunwheel.biz, package came yesterday, upon anxiously opening the box, took off the charger then the top cover and to my surprise I notice it was not blue, it was purple!! So I proceeded to take it out of the box and let me tell you, the purple looks sweeeeett hahaha. It looks way better than the few pics that's on the net, I really, really like the purple. I haven't noticed anyone on the forum that has posted a purple one so just out of curiosity does anyone have a purple monster or know someone with a purple one?
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    You just need to retrofit one of these to your EUC... In fact, if you connect in 3-4, you would never need to recharge your wheel at all!
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    Silly question, from the image the plastics don't look cracked. Try taking the side panels off, you may find it'll go back together. If you need a video of how to take it apart, try this one....
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    Reason is that the developers do not ask for the necessary Android authorizations in 6.0, you need to set them manually. Go to "App permissions" and grant the Kingsong App "storage" and "GPS" permission. GPS permission is necessary for Bluetooth connection (I don't have time yet to explain this further), and storage permission is necessary for being able to do a successful firmware upgrade, if you want to do so at some time.
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    I had 4 XT60 Ports in Series, with 4 4S Batterys ... which where not all the same Capacity. So 2.2Ah, 1.8Ah, 1.3Ah and 1.3Ah, so the whole pack Capacity orients on the smallest pack which brings us only to about 78Wh which can be used. But he is a light rider and i was surprised we got upto 3 3/4 Miles - 6km Range when we came down to 3.3V Cell Voltage of the smallest pack. Now he said he still has laying around a lot of big 2.2Ah 3Cell Lipos from Drone flying, so we did another Mod and "upgraded" to 5 Ports in Serie, with a shortage Plug to bridge one port to still be able to ride my 4 cells. The Idea behind the 5 Port is now that we put 4 3S 2,2Ah + 1 4S 2,2Ah (16 Cells) which should bring us then to original pack capactity and it still should fit in the battery compartment as the 3S Packs are a little smaller. The XT60 Mod is already done - waiting that he comes over with his 3S batterys to do a new range test. Below pictures of the new mod and the 4S Lipos we rode in the video. The bridge Plug is for riding a 4S Configuration
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    @Marty Backe I was able to make the sale to a nice guy today. He is from Washington State, but is working in Huntington Beach for 6 months. Bought the wheel to learn on and have done fun while he's here. I told him to check out this forum and to look for group rides once he feels proficient. I'm getting closer to buying a new wheel. I'm leaning towards the ACM, but the 1600 Msuper is tempting.
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    Hello, As far as I can tell from reading up on this situation KINGSONG simply used lower grade metal in making some axles, most likely without prior knowledge one would hope! I just got my beloved, still, KS14C from SAV ( service after sale, vente) because the VERY moment I heard, felt the pillar touch the wheel I stopped and walked home only because of HERE on this very forum I was aware of this problem, THANKS! Now have a new motor, wheel and mother board and will hope that this one is made better, time will tell. May I suggest that if your seller does not want to provide replacement then contact KS China maybe and explain that others have had EXACTLY the same issue. ukj
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    Tried with Freeman A4H and it behaves the same. With small constant tilt it slowly accelerates and when put into neutral position it keeps the speed or sometimes slowly decelerates but that might be because it wasn't leveled precisely to neutral. The bigger angle the faster acceleration.
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    Yep, this. Thats kinda what I wanted to say. That could actually be a surprisingly powerful motivator - instead of losing weight for health or vanity, lose it so you can buy and use your dream euc!
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    Losing weight would be a good idea, if possible EUCs are surprisingly weight sensitive, both in terms of performance and (more importantly) safety. Think of them like helicopters - very weight sensitive, and if you're suddenly demanding more than they can do, the consequences are NOT GOOD AT ALL. 120 kg is the official upper limit for most wheels (this may not be a conservative limit, as it's from China) and you're 125. @Trey Lewis said it very well what's up. The big worry is you can more easily overstress the wheel. If you do that beyond what it can balance, you must necessarily fall. Think for example you're emergency braking but the wheel can't keep up and suddenly "slips" away from below your feet while you're leaning back, bad fall. Don't let that push you away from EUCs. They're fantastic little things Obviously, get one of the stronger wheels and enjoy! Just be careful because you're in perpetual "more than what it's meant for" mode and you will have to be more careful on what you can and can't do unless you want to crash because of the much lower safety margin. You can roughly say, wheel stress is proportional to weight (because so many quantities like torque, momentum, kinetic energy are proportional to mass), so if you're 80 kg and at 2/3 (67%) of wheel utilization (good safety margin), in the same situation at 120 kg you're at 100% and have no margin! Less weight should also give you quite steep and notable performance improvements. It's crazy what the difference in range and (safe) max speed is between 60 and 80 kg, for example. So sorry for the preaching, but this is a wonderful hobby and you really do benefit impressively from lower weight here. The stronger wheels would be Gotway and Kingsong models 16'' or more, >1000W motors.
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    Most wheels allow you to set the tilt-back speeds via application, and setting it really low like around 4-6 miles per hour allows you to experience it without too much danger. First time I experienced tilt-back back at 10+ mph I felt I was going to get killed on this thing, it is really easy to fall if you don't know the proper response to your wheel. Even though the tilt-back is a rather gentle motion, it feels violent because your body reacts to it somewhat like when a loud noise makes a cat jump.
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    Never heard of that. Very interesting comment though! Looks like it is more or less that (PIDs seem restricted to be linear, but you could use any function that makes sense). The thought simply was (for example), if the tilt is increasing you'll want a swifter acceleration than if the tilt is constant or already decreasing, where a softer response might be more pleasant for the rider. So angle alone won't work unless you want only very basic responses, and its rate of change should at the very least be used too. This is purely conceptual interest in how one would build a EUC. I'd love to see a list of what quantities the "advanced" Solowheel firmware considers (softer response in colder temperatures?) or what type of "controller" they use, but very likely they won't tell
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    Ninebot one E+ does not behave that way. It shuts off at less than 10 degrees forward tilt with no load. Like if it bumped you off and it was flying through the air. Good luck implementing that into the software. I hope I do not get sued for divulging trade secrets.
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    At least in Sport-mode, the Firewheel had very small deadzone, but it was there. I'm pretty sure that if keeping it level, it would continue turning at the same speed (not slowing down). Don't have a wheel to test with right now... From what I understand, you're basically describing a "PD"-controller/-loop (a simpler form of PID, without the integral). The letters come from words Proportional, Integral, Derivative. Proportional is the "immediate" error of the system (ie. offset from 0-degrees, what you propably meant with A, wheel is tilting back or forth), integral is the accumulated error over time (for example summing the errors over time, maybe with some filtering, to get the accumulated error) and derivate measures the rate of error change (dA/dt as you described it). There were some links to sources of different balancing unicycles/robots/whatever in the Firmware-thread. One of them described an unicycle (at least I think it was one of the unicycles, maybe the MIT-guy?) using a PD-loop for balance control.
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    I'll trade you mine for that terrible scuffed up Msuper
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    That's why I have the EUC now, for fun. And the MiniPro is the sensible, boring workhorse for getting things done.
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    Put a self destruct mechanism. And then buy a EUC.
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    KS16 wheeling around Helsingor doing sample footage with my Samsung S8+.
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    Ouch, man. The first are always the worst. A pristine vehicle is almost a burden because of all the tension until you get your first heartbreaking dings and scratches. It can be a relief to get it over with, like your first fart in front of a new girlfriend. Well, now you can get on with riding it and not being as scared. The EUC, I mean.
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    I had a funny situation while riding this week I was going downhill narrow street and there was a guy going uphill in his car. When he noticed me, he smiled, put his arm out of the window and we 'casually' high-fived Totally made my day
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    I don't know, My MSupers have taken quite a battering. One of them bounced 3feet in the air this weekend
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    I was riding around in a parking garage in a hotel last night and notice this sketchy hillbilly chasing me. I was freaked out. Turns out he was filming me because the euc was blowing his mind. We ended up having a beer by the pool. Nice guy
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    So my wife insisted I go to the urgent care place last Saturday after last week's EUC-football debacle. She insisted I broke a bone, but they took x-rays rays and initially said that everything looked ok, giving me gloating rights all week, despite persistent pain in my wrist. Well, the clinic called back today, and the radiologist's report says I indeed have a fracture of my scaphoid bone. My wife actually CHEERED, being overjoyed at the news that she was right all along. We went back, got a heavier duty brace for my wrist. Now I just have to let it rest for a few weeks while it heals. Here's the radiograph. You can see the hairline fracture through the large bone in the lower right hand quadrant of the photo, about ⅔ of the way up from the bottom of that bone. My first break in 56 years!
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    The Huntington Beach area is amazing for rides, or at least it was when I lived around there. You can go from Santa Monica through Huntington and Newport Beach on bikes and I suppose on EUC's, though I left before there was such a thing around. But the long long walk goes basically from L.A. proper down to the nuclear power plant at Diablo Canyon ... perhaps past, I can't remember. I did it on rollerblades way back in the day. You'll find yourself cruising through the happy, casual whimsicality that can only be found in beach communities and nowhere else,which is just wonderful. The freshest air in the vast smoggy vicinity, that wonderful relaxed beach mood, all the high school prom queens from all over the world who come to try out the dream of Hollywood mixed with all the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren of all the high school prom queens for a hundred years before them, churning out more and more beautiful children who made ever more beautiful, beautiful people in a culture in which being beautiful is a very big thing indeed and the pressure is always upward .... Tell him, if he doesn't know the area: Prepare to be amazed. To have your head turned around every day as if that were something that happened to everyone everyday everywhere. It's intoxicating, dangerous, confusing. Much worse if you're a young man.
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    @kasenutty sorry about your accident. Glad you're ok.
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    Here in Germany it is only permitted with 18KmH with handlebar, registration and insurance to drive. With this change, however, it is only possible to drive with the kneebar, in addition, the insurance expires upon manipulation of the speed (> 18KmH). The police pulls ninebots, which only go with kneebar immediately from the traffic. I have it back because I drive with the handlebars much safer and I do not want to do anything illegal! In other countries, of course, the legal issue may be different. Switching the two magnets is really easy. Greetings Donald
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    Hi. I'm about to buy my first EUC too, and I swing from about 205 to 215 pounds fairly regularly, with my natural weight at about 210. Researching EUC's emphasized to me that I simply don't have the freedom of choice many EUC'ers have. Especially not if I want to ride safely. But also if I want to have a reasonable range and ability to climb hills, which are everywhere around where I live. And even so that I don't cause heat stress on the machine that could damage the internals or become a safety issue during rides. For all those reasons, I can only use the strongest wheels ... and that with rare exception also means the biggest and most expensive. You can go smaller, and some people report using wheels at well over their recommended weight limits. But it sounds like asking for trouble. And while most of them might exceed weight limits or put unusual stress on a machine for a minute or an hour, that's different from exceeding them every time and all the time. I narrowed my search to 18 inch wheels, the Gotway Monster 22 inch wheel, and the higher power Gotway ACM+, a 16 inch wheel that is exceptionally strong and that gets many positive reviews. These all meet your recommended weight capacity at 300 to 350 pounds. Jason McNeil at ewheels.com put together a graphic that gathers those machines toward the right and will give an idea on pricing: https://www.ewheels.com/electric-unicycle-ultimate_ewheel_comparison_ips_airwheel_ninebot_king_song_gotway/ One thing to point out about it -- both Gotway and Kingsong are coming out with or have already come out with updated versions of the larger wheels, so some of the text on Jason's site and on every site I have seen is a bit outdated. Battery capacity, power, etc., is something you should confirm before being sure you're really comparing apples to apples and not to oranges. I would recommend you read and study the text on all the sales pages for each of the larger wheels on Jason's site. It tends to be more up to date, and what is said about one wheel often applies to similar wheels and sometimes isn't written as well on the a similar machine's page. Finally, I really loved the review and riding videos of speedyfeet, a British distributor, on youtube. He goes into lots of depth and takes long rides that show you the capabilities of many machines, both on and off-road. Marty Backe does reviews too, and has lots of riding videos that I particularly like for showing the kind of performance you get and issues you can run into on hills and trails. And of course you have found a great resource in the forum here. Welcome! P.S.: I don't mean to slight anyone else's contributions or sales sites by not mentioning them here. I just wanted to start the ball rolling regarding additional information/entertainment sources, is all. There are many great contributors on the forum and on youtube, as well as more than one or two well-reviewed sales sites.
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    I know some 280 pund riders that ride a MCM4. I have rode one with a an EUC in each hand and it seemed to perform fine. With that being said, I wouldn't recommend it. Most wheels feel capable of carrying pretty heavy loads but you put yourself at a lot higher risk of something going wrong. If a wheel has a listed top speed of 30km/h for example and is rated for a 200 pound rider you can imagine cut-off limits are a safe disance above that. Bring the weight above listed requirements and you narrow that cut-off gap. Potentially to a dangerous level. Weight also greatly effects your range. I am sure if you listed why and where you are riding we could offer some solid advice. Are you commuting? Distance? Also, prepared to be hooked and have your life changed, not even joking!
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    Forearm. And that was two weeks after. It took a long time to heal. I peeled a lot of layers.
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    Here, here, three cheers for things that are less fun.
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    I have an EUC and while it's more fun, I think I prefer the MiniPro because it can do more.
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    I've taken a bit of time and drafted this technical drawing showing how it all works.
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    Maybe I'm not understanding what you wrote, but I can't imagine how that would be possible even if I wanted to
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    That was awesome of you! What sort of mileage is he getting on those batteries?
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    $#§% I'm 5 minutes too late.
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    Hello, Just got back my transport toy from repair of bent cracking axle. Must say Kingsong France took care of this factory problem with professionalism! Very glad from reading here to buy local just in case, THANKS! Questions please for those in the know. Does the new mother board over heat like the first? I already do not like the LOUD hello KINGSONG when turning on, BUT nice to not have to deal with blue tooth button to connect. Also interesting the loud "decelerate" warning but I have not reset factory speeds yet. Is there a difference in ride modes as compaired to gen V1 pcb board? How is Version 1.25 different from again the first? AND MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION.... Does the new axle bend and crack like the first please? Has anyone had unexpected shut down? I grew VERY confident in my V1 set up as NEVER had unexpected shut down but did have tilt back when idle over heat. Do I give the new set up the same? The first rides will include full face motor cycle helmet and FULL protection but as is getting warmer would like to go back to wrist guards only soon for VERY mellow sessions. And if I missed anything please let me know. THANK YOU UKJ
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    Electric Unicycling is just about fun... Bought a broken Airwheel Clone for 30 bucks with broken battery. Though I could use the charger for my Kingsong. Just for fun I put in some drone batterys (4 LiPos 4S) which is Unicycle voltage. Then I gave it to my friend who never was on a EUC before. Immediatly he got hooked:
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    Yeah, that one exactly Couldn't find the blog since I didn't remember the French name of it That's a pretty long ride...
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    yes, i was close to tears! i'm glad i'm not the only one - well, not glad that a lot of us have smashed up our wheels - but i appreciate the solidarity
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    Ride the hell out of it and buy a new case when you get all super good
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    Wow, that's painful to see. You're the second person in so many weeks that have had a freak fall where the wheel does one of those crazy spin-outs. @TremF messed up his Monster in a slightly similar way. I know we like the idea of having pretty looking wheels, but I think it's the nature of the beast that no matter how careful we are, you're going to lose-it eventually and it's going to get banged up. From a short distance away nobody but you will notice it, and certainly the vast majority of people who've never even seen one will notice - they'll be distracted by the bigger picture of a guy going down the street on one wheel But my condolences anyway
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    Hey dudes, I slept the pain away all day and am feeling a little better. Heres some road rash I got through my jeans. The worst pain is in my right ribcage, it got squished but didn't break. I felt it squeeze down though. I was wearing a helmet only, but thankful that I was. It could have been much worse, I am surprised it isn't more serious. I got the wind knocked out of me, it was a hard slam. Wrist guards are a good idea. It was pretty scarey. It's just so fast when it happens. You can't really do anything. This was my own fault, for sure. I usually need to learn stuff the hard way
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    Since she's my teenage daughter, I guess the question of upgrading is up to me—I'll be paying for it! This was literally her fifth day of riding. Amazing how fast she picked it up. I made myself wait four months before I upgraded from that Airwheel X3 to an Inmotion V5F. This ride alone made it worth every penny, so I can heartily recommend making the upgrade as soon as you can!
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    "Crossover" Returning Boomerang Just a bit of electric unicycling fun from this morning's practice session - an extension of the "returning boomerang" - where the rider takes the opposite path to the wheel with both the wheel and the rider returning to the start point at the same time. This tick could potentially be jazzed up by tumbling (somersaulting) around the circle, or perhaps performing it around something more interesting than a set of cones!
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    Nothing not to get. North American EUC sales is a blip compared to Asian or European sales. Just launch any of these EUC apps, like the InMotion app, that will show you geo-located riders across the globe. Asia and Europe will show proliferations / seas of dots, while a populous country like the US, at best, has a handful of freckles in the major coastal city centers. Gotway answers to power distributors with financial weight, most with brick and mortar stores, who send their representatives to Shenzhen, carrying fielded user complaints. I have never seen or heard of a brick and mortar EUC store in North America. Plus, what most don't consider: Most of the key people at a small mom & pop EUC co are not going to be able to have meaningful conversations in English. Only the international sales reps like a Jane Mo or Linnea will somewhat be able to relay the message, but, as in any business, things get lost in translation, especially if you are not able to speak directly to the source (ie. engineers, higher ups) China is not a free democracy like a US; censorship is real! Most likely, international Gotway reps can even access a site like this via VPNs. Count in the difficulties with English, and you can understand the lack of presence on a forum like this.
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    Als begeisterte Fahrer eines elektrischen Einrads habt ihr Euch vermutlich schon mal Gedanken um die rechtliche Situation in Deutschland Gedanken gemacht. Fakt ist (leider), dass alles, was per Motor betrieben wird als KFZ gesehen wird. Und wenn dieses KFZ zudem schneller als 6 km/h fährt, benötigt es ein Nummernschild. Dies ist die vereinfachte Variante. Da ich seit einiger Zeit mit dem E-Longboard eine ähnliche Situation habe (das Gerät fährt 38 km/h) und mit Team Blau bereits einige Katz & Maus-Spielchen hatte (die Jungs tun nur ihren exekutieven Job und können ja nix für die veraltete Gesetzgebung) möchte ich gerne mein Wissen teilen. Das Problem besteht im Grunde ja darin, dass der Gesetzgeber eine Pflichtversicherung vorschreibt, die Versicherungen diese aber (noch) nicht anbieten. Im Gesetz steht jedoch auch, dass eine Versicherung euch einen Versicherungsschutz für ein KFZ gewähren muss (Kontrahierungszwang, https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kontrahierungszwang) sprich, wenn ihr ein Fahrzeug habt, welches als KFZ deklariert wird, muss euch die Versicherung auch einen entsprechenden Versicherungsschutz anbieten (siehe auch § 5, Absatz 4, http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/pflvg/BJNR102130965.html). Die meisten Versicherungen werden versuchen sich aus dieser Pflicht zu stehlen indem sie erwähnen, dass dieses KFZ keine Zulassung hat - jedoch ist dies so nicht vom Gesetzgeber vorgesehen und damit keine Ausrede. Wir hoffen ja alle, dass ab 2016 auch elektrische Einräder europaweit zugelassen werden, bis dahin hilft hoffentlich folgender Artikel: http://www.elektro-skateboard.de/forum/szene-talk-63/rechtliche-auseinandersetzung-1396.php Tipp: Schreibt an eine Versicherung, per Post, ohne Angabe von Telefonnummer oder E-Mail und bittet um eine KFZ-Versicherung für euer Einrad. Bewahrt das Ablehnungsschreiben in jeden Fall auf!
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    Here's the thread: This should be the general idea: I see the P-minus -point at the top of your image (black wires), and I *guess* the B-minus is next to B+ (the minus might be obscured in your image) at the lower part of your image. But I'm not 100% sure on this, so better wait until you get confirmation...