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    Surprise update, May 19th: Gotway now uses stronger wiring for the motor cables going from the motor to the connectors. They have been convinced by a dealer. Not sure how much it has to do with this So the problem is extremely unlikely to appear again and can be considered solved. June 23rd: it is a general problem that the wheels can produce higher currents than the cables can take, so melting is inevitable under the right circumstances. See this thread for a more up-to-date discussion (the exact same happened to this guy and me): -- Final update, April 27th: wheel is working again, Ian/Speedyfeet did a great job (and Gotway wasn't bad either)! A bit more results, top of page 16. Don't be afraid to use ACMs/Gotways on steep hills, just don't overdo it and be aware of the limitations of what you can expect your wheel to do (that applies to all wheels, no matter the manufacturer). -- Update #2, April 5th: this issue was a combination of lack of proper cabling (messy cable management + Gotway forgot to put heat sleeves around the various cables, though it is questionable how much that would have changed) and very high, continuous stress on the wheel, which led to the motor cables melting and shorting each other. So don't worry too much about the ACMs or Gotway wheels' safety, this event was more due to an outlier situation (though it does seem some components are too weak in general, and the improvements Gotway did won't fix that, the motor cables melting could happen again - see @Xima Lhotz's pictures page 15) - at least statistically, Gotway wheels are still good (if you're not doing constant steeper inclines). --> If you are concerned, open your side panel and see if the cabling looks good and has heat sleeves. That's the best you can do. Photos how it should look are at the top of page 15. <-- Just be aware under continuous heavy load conditions, the wheels (any manufacturers really, but KingSong for example would probably be a bit more trustworthy) might cut out on you, without giving you a warning beforehand (which is the scary part). Everything is not finished yet, but Ian is in contact with Gotway and this will be fixed one way or another. So far, good customer service from both. More updates when they arrive. -- Update: this issue is not related to the motor connectors at all. I initially believed it to be the connectors because they are a known issue, and the wheel shut off without any warning (like high temperature warning) and failing connectors would do that. What really happened is the motor cables themselves melted together and shorted. Pictures see page 5. Investigation on further details is ongoing -- Another day (or rather night), another Gotway incident... WARNING to everyone with a Gotway wheel, ACM, msuper V3, monster, does not matter (I think it's ok to post this in General so everybody sees it). -- So I just did a night mountain ride and my 84V 1300Wh Gotway ACM died on me with no warning. What happened: I went up a fairly steep mountain (but not extreme, really, an estimated max 20% [update: in hindsight, 15% is probably closer] incline maybe, but constant). It was mostly a hard dirt path, 80kg rider, 60% battery. I went fairly slow and the wheel semed far from its limits (easy acceleration, no warning beeps,...) After no more than 10 minutes, my ACM went dead mid-ride and I hit the ground (thankfully I wasn't going fast). It simply stopped working, tilted right forward and that was it. On inspection, there was a burnt stuff smell coming from the wheel (you can still smell it). Pushing the power button, the wheel beeps regularly and the 5 back LEDs all flash red. Even when the wheel is off, it is quite hard hard to turn the tire. The light is working normally (you can switch it to on/off/blinking as usual). Looks like this might be the well-known motor wires connector issue, but this time it's an ACM, not an msuper V3. Afaik this is the first reported such incident with an ACM. So be careful, all GW models can be affected (assuming it's no other issue). If you have a GW wheel manufactured before March (roughly), you have a problem. I have not yet opened the wheel for warranty reasons, will have to ask Ian (speedyfeet) what to do first. Quite bummed, I have a dead wheel, scraped knee and my left hand's palm is bruised. This could easily have been worse had I gone faster or been less lucky. What you can learn: if you have a GW wheel, don't ignore or wait on definitely fixing the motor connector issue (I'm pretty sure that's the reason) if you might be affected. @Marty Backe siliconed the connectors preemptively, I'm not sure if that's enough (*hint*). Completely new, safe connections are probably best. I was aware of what might happen but pushed on, and now I have the mess. Bad decision. Do not think "everything will be fine" just because it was until now, there are no warning signs before a cutout. hard gloves/wristguards are your friends. #1 safety clothing! there's literally no reason not to wear knee guards. Like your hands (palm/wrist), your knees are what realistically hits the ground in most crashes. be careful with higher and constant inclines. I did a 1.5 hour mountain night ride before which wasn't constantly this steep, and everything went perfect and it was quite spookily pleasant In hindsight, no idea how close to disaster I've been Also: F**k Gotway. The wheels are really nicely engineered, but the manufacturing sucks. Well, at least they say they fixed the issue (if it's the motor connectors). The best way to carry a 20kg disabled/non-turning wheel is to carry it on your (hunched) back, arms forward and folded around your head, holding the handle behind your neck, like a modern day millstone of (Gotway) shame. Maybe you get the picture It's better than the "like holding a baby" alternative, your arms will die soon. -- I'l sleep on it, possibly burn a GW effigy, and tell you more once I can look at the insides of the ACM. Looking forward to what your interpretation of the events is. Looks like the motor connector issue to me (or maybe it's a new, exciting Gotway quirk?), but I don't know for sure.
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    Long story short: I got tired of people asking me "what is that?" so I made business cards advertising this site. I hope you guys don't mind. If you want to print them out yourself, I've attached a Microsoft Office Publisher document that you could use to print these cards out on regular paper. Publication1.pub
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    It drives me crazy that every time KS makes an improvement to the pedal design, it's physically incompatible with the previous pedal support arm. Examining the original KS 14/18 grooved pedals, the follow on KS16 design with rubber surface & the latest grippy type, there's a different bracket shape which seems completely arbitrary. Could be wrong, but how hard can it be to make the slots align up from one type to the next.... Morning vent completed!
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    Gotway: "Cable Management... what is that?" Customer: "Well if the cables don't get hot or anything..." -- The board looks ok. The only problem description I can give is... there's a mess of molten cables in the wheel. Need your help here to find out what exactly happened, and some other questions. Finally, pictures: #1 Overview... looks more or less reasonable so far #2 Burn marks on the shell and the respective spot of the electronics #3 Board looks good, no unwanted sights or smells #4 Closer look at the bad spot #5 Motor connectors, and the bad spot top right #6 I don't even know how to describe this... #7 (this forum needs a confused emote) #8 Looks like everything just... melted together? Concerning the last 3 images, the big fat black cable comes right from the motor. At it's end (where the issue is), the 3 fat colored cables and a lot of thinner colored cables (which go to the top of the mainboard) come out and it looks like one of the bigger motor cables melted everything else? Hard to describe for me, I don't know what the other cables do. Questions: 1. Is the yellow battery connector (see pic 1 and 2) the only connection to the battery? Is there any other connector that can be disconnected? Ian wrote if I disconnect the battery, the motor should turn easily again, but it does not. Did I miss any battery connector? Does the short (assuming the melted mess constitutes one) prevent the motor from turning freely? Do you believe the motor is ok? 2. What are the thinner colored cables for? Does it matter? 3. Can you tell if the motor connectors are the good or bad (old) type without removing the black heatshrink around them? (might as well check now) -- Well, if you can help, thanks. I'm a bit perplexed now. Will make more pictures of stuff if anybody wants... Extra detective points go to @Rehab1 because he kind of predicted the issue: the cables themselves are too weak (that's my interpretation for now) Enjoy
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    Here's a few clips from my typical daily ride on the beach bike path through Hermosa Beach, King Harbor, and Redondo Beach in California. It's my first attempt at a video. Still trying to figure out the angles.
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    My 9 month old Son's first "ride", under very controlled conditions - one of us is enjoying ourselves, the other appears rather indifferent to the experience The buggy actually steers very well.
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    Success in upgrading the 3 motor wires! I was not able to pull 12 awg wires through the shaft so I went with high temperature 14 awg silicone wires. I am very confident in this modification. The wires will be routed directly to the PCB with no connectors! The strand count of the new wires is 400 compared to just 20 on the original motor wires. Here are some videos that show me soldering a fish line to the new larger silicone wire and then pulling it up through the axle shaft. The 3rd wire was the most difficult as you might imagine! Here are some additional photos on the mods.
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    It does heighten my confidence but why can't this important information and other pressing safety updates be formally posted on Gotway's website so owners have immediate access? My 2 cents ( slight blowing of steam): We, as a revered EUC group, should not have to beg and plead for answers to our concerning questions? Owners of Gotway models, (or any other brand) have literally become non-paid surrogate representatives of these company's where forum members are forced to perform both R&D and product fault analysis on their wheels without having access to detailed specs or product information about critical updates that have been implemented at the factory! Question: Were any EUC members notified of the Gotway improved connector modifications prior to last night? Not that I am aware of! What prompted Gotway to initiate the modification? Hopefully it was Gotway representatives watching our forum and listening to member's concerns! We simply deserve more! A weekly or even monthly exchange of information is not that much to ask from company reps! If a critical modification is implemented at the factory please tell us!! Provide information on where to the purchase the improved parts ( in this case electrical connectors) and how to perform the modification including disassembly of the wheel. This is simple customer service 101 that would go along way to enhance Gotway consumer confidence and reduce presentiment. An added benefit would be increased sales which would be advantageous for both parties!
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    A quick film from Bromley Skatepark in South London. I'm a bit rusty at present as I haven't had a lot of time to practice. Skatelite surface = Super fast penny spins
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    Surprise update: lots of interesting information from Ian/Gotway! Quote: From Gotway they have confirmed that the cables were not routed properly. They have updated all staff to make sure they are routed correctly. They have also put in place a procedure where the connectors dont run along side each other (they are in a new position, not along side it other) to help with heat dissipation. Secondly they have added heat protection sleeves to the cables. Please see attached picture. I think with these changes they have learnt from the failure and changed process to match (as well as the change in connector style - since Dec 2016), the new wiring position process has been in place for the last month apparently). end quote He believes the same problem won't happen again, I still won't do that hill again but that's good to hear, no danger (knock on wood) with newer wheels with the improved cabling. -- He also had the clever idea to try and have GW send me a new wheel (without batteries) directly, so I could just swap these (easy, just some plugs) and it's good. Less work for him and I'd have an extra battery-less wheel for playing around with (ideally, just some cables are damaged, but apparently there might be more hidden damage) so win-win customer service here, nevermind if it works or not
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    So, my Monster 2400WH (first speedyfeetUK batch order, early January 2017 delivery) sports black plastic covered motor connectors, the same as in @Marty Backe's 2 Monster and ACMV2S securing cables videos below: And, in this Korean Naver Blog post (google-translated), an EUC service repairman (one of many; yes, Asian countries like Korea have such a service!), details the history of this particular Gotway motor connector issue (same has been happening in Korea), confirming that these black plastic motor connector soldering jobs are the culprits: The newer connectors are the metal bullet style (I believe; might be wrong) sporting white sleeves, the ones that both Linnea posted here, and the aforementioned Korean repairman posted on his blog (from the most recent ACM+): Additionally, the tech says that, on the problem cases, there wasn't enough solder to bond safely the 5mm motor cable to the connector terminal: .... and further notes that soldering jobs with cold solder at either end can result in the melting and severing of the bond under high currents demanded by the motor, alluding to a possible explanation of the issue at hand. He's also seen the occasional case where the bad soldering job causing the severing issue was at the motor cable-to-control board end. Apparently, with the new ACM+, they've soldered the crap out of both connector and control board ends. While the tech's solution is to just solder the wires directly together, I'm thinking I might do a whole new connector job on my Monster, soldering on these 8mm Gold Bullet Connectors that can handle 300A (I believe the Monster with 84V and 3500W max comes out to around 41A current max). If anyone more knowledgeable than I can refute this logic, please let me know.
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    I think everyone that is cancelling their orders or swearing never to ride a Gotway because of this post should maybe hold off a little, at least until @meepmeepmayer tells us what the failure mechanism is. When the KingSong's stopped functioning because one of their fuses blows, did people stop buying KingSong's? As far as I know they still use fuses, which I think is a bad design. Incorporating a fuse is a fast and dirty solution to preventing excessive current. Proper engineering can avoid a fuse. If @Jason McNeil's recent sales numbers (Gotway's, not his) are accurate then there are huge numbers of these wheels out there and it appears that the vast majority are not failing. I just hate to see people give up on such great performing wheels. But I recognize everyone has their own comfort levels in terms of perceived safety.
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    Not so much that there's something 'wrong' with them, but they will try to kill you every once in a while. It's a matter of taste, really - in many ways they remind me of my ex-girlfriend.
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    Since @meepmeepmayer posted his topic 'One more Gotway Warning) ACM Died on Me' I decided to perform an autopsy on my new ACM 1600. During my complete tear down I have found some concerns along the way about the wiring, inadequate Mosfet heat sink, and the the ability for moisture to infiltrate key electrical components of the ACM. Many of the 24 images and videos have already been posted under the 'One more Gotway Warning' topic but as my destructive journey continues I thought it best to continue my updated posts here. I sincerely hope some useful knowledge will be gained from this endeavor. I also hope I can put the wheel back together again!
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    This is something I was never aware of! I need to re-evaluate my soldering techniques.
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    Maybe they need to use wire separators like they do with spark plug wires to keep things separate. Or just use thicker wires from a redesigned motor to start with and not have to deal with these problems? If wires are getting that hot to warrant using heat sleeves for protection and not to protect the wires from external heat that seems to indicate something isn't quite right to me. It's sort of like buying a hair dryer, but noticing that they have a heat sleeve all the way down the cord... The cord gets warm during use, but it shouldn't be hot enough to melt or cause problems for adjacent cords.
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    Did you know that EUCs have been legal in Finland since 1.1.2016? The legal limits are a maximum of 1000W nominal power and 25km/h top speed, units with a maximum top speed of 15km/h are considered pedestrians from the legal point of view, above that, same as bicycles (with some exceptions, like allowed to ride on walkways with "speed adjusted to pedestrian traffic"), see for example here for details: http://www.kaleva.fi/uutiset/kotimaa/segway-ja-muut-kevyet-sahkoajoneuvot-ovat-jatkossa-laillisia-kulkuvalineita-liikenteessa/716277/ Kevyisiin, enintään 15 km/h kulkeviin laitteisiin sovelletaan jatkossa jalankulkijan liikennesääntöjä, eli ne rinnastetaan potkulautoihin ja rullaluistimiin. Isompia, enintään 25 km/h kulkevia sähköajoneuvoja saa käyttää polkupyöräilijän liikennesäännöillä. Segwayn kaltaisia tasapainottuvia kulkuvälineitä saa käyttää myös jalkakäytävillä, kunhan niillä ajaa enintään kävelynopeutta. Isommissa laitteissa täytyy käyttää polkupyöräilijän tavoin kypärää ja niissä tulee olla heijastimet ja äänimerkinantolaite. Or for the full law text (somewhere in there, plus the details probably spanned more parts of the law collections than just this): http://www.finlex.fi/fi/laki/ajantasa/1981/19810267 Sooo... technically the faster/more powerful wheels are still illegal. Take a wild guess how many police officers actually can identify the different models, or test drive them to see if they go faster?
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    I'm sure that he's buying the ACM because it's currently the best EUC on the planet
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    As I continue to follow this adventure I'm more convinced than ever that Ignorance Is Bliss Use and enjoy the wheel for a year or two and then buy another. That's my plan anyway These are not designed or built for long life spans or maintenance.
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    High temperature test on my new ACM silicone wires. The video clearly shows the insulation was never compromised at the end! Only a grayish film appeared on the surface but easily wiped off. Amazing wire! High temperature test using a blowtorch on an original ACM 1600 motor wire that I removed. At the end the test shows the insulation of the wire is clearly compromised by the heat!
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    I totally agree! Unfortunately dummies like me (referring to just me) buy a wheel that is the suppose to be the greatest and fastest with the largest Mh battery and then become the guinea pigs for shaking out all of the problems. Oh well...it will be be an nice educational adventure. I love that idea! I do think there is enough room to snake larger wires down through the shaft but it will be tight. Yes I head of that! There is only .010 clearance between the outer perimeter of the stator and the magnets mounted on the wheel. I used my .010 thickness plastic business cards to perform the alignment. I am not at the stage of reassembly yet but it was a hurdle I needed accomplish sooner or later. Here are some photos, some with my colorful business cards placed between the stator and magnets. The 1st and 3rd photo depict a feeler gauge I used between the stator and magnets to determine the exact clearance I would need. The 4th photo shows a micrometer measuring the thickness of my business card and the last photo is a wonderful piece of art work.
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    i am still not convinced that this was a "pure" mosfets failure... To all who are a bit in electrical connections: a "cold press"- crimped connector is able to give a much higher resistance to the connection...what in result means, that even more heat is produced there. but we will have to wait till the wheel is open :-) Also: Linnea stating that this failure "only" happens to "some" 84 Volt Msuper, THIS has been the mosfets...is pure sarcasm...and questionable at least! We have undeniable proof here in the original thread that some 67volt Msupers also failed..melted connectors/shorts etc etc... On the french forum, there are also documented ACM and Monster failures (which btw. was commented by GW France " only first batch of monsters :-) ).... Then i think: Even IF it was not the connection anymore....is it any better, that then instead the Mosfet blows when much torque is needed for a certain time? As far as i now the Acm was not used out of its "flight envelope".... but maybe it makes me just sick of hearing of one fault after the other....connection, mosfets, pedals.....yeah, pedals?!, any Gotway statement here? It really, really is time for the competition to give us some alternatives!
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    Thanks for the report, and sorry it had to happen to you. Since I have the same wheel (and like hills) I have a strong interest in knowing what happened. Based on the symptoms I don't think that it's a disconnected cable. The case that I saw first hand exhibited a wheel that was on but the wheel did not balance. But the lights, beeps, app connectivity, etc, worked as expected. Your symptoms point to a motor failure, which if true, is very rare from what I've seen. And not fixable unfortunately. A motor that has shorted will create a strong burnt smell The motor will be hard to turn when off If one of the wires inside the motor came off these would not be the symptoms. That's why I think it was either a short or too much current was flowing thru the coils and they melted. I fear that the wheel will be a total loss, but certainly it will fall under the warranty since nothing a user can do should cause a motor to fry. Good luck, and let us know what happens
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    It can also jump from ground to your hand! Guess how I know! When getting hit with the spark from a high output coil, it's above 40,000 volts and feels like getting hit by a hammer! I've had it happen many times over the years.
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    My buddy and I riding in a plane and EUCs to go get some good Texas BBQ.
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    From all the new boards and motors that I've seen shipped from GotWay and other manufacturers, they already come with connectors and everything in place ready to plug in. They also come with tires and foot brackets installed, but not pedals. It's simply a matter of removing Motor and Motherboard, and replacing. But, you need to use new Heat Paste on the Heat Sync to Pedal Bracket, and put new glue on wires where they plug into MB. If not done correctly, you can heat up again. I would suggest Ian do this since you have not gotten into this before. He will also inspect for any other damage, and from what I've seen of his warranty work, he's pretty thorough. I'm sure he's not posting anything yet since he has not personally seen the wheel, (like you say, premature). After his inspection, if he finds a need to post, he definitely will. He's not shy about throwing things out there when they need to be. If this is a one off problem, he may not bother. It does happen. I'd be curious to see what the new routing is on the wires. That's a very simple fix for everyone to do. It probably consists of not having them lay right next to each other, or next to any metal that can short them if hot. Also, adding heat shielding is user friendly if you don't have any on there now.
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    With your Kind of damage i would let Ian repair that! A complete Motor and board Change you will certainly not like to do.... Very good that they Change the complete Motor, cause who knows how far the wires are melted even inside the Motor!
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    What you describe here applies to almost any EUC. None of them are safe and can be dangerous. Just saying.
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    The wind was crazy today! I saw a sailboat get tossed into the King Harbor pier by a big wave. All four passengers made it to shore.
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    Here one of my designs. I call it The Sherpa. **Coming Soon is an offspring of MAX and Sherpa** eta 1 month
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    I am learning a lot about Hall Effect Sensors but I have not been able to locate the exact sensor yet. Hopefully tomorrow. A Gotway representative did email me with a quick note for me to contact the seller. Nice! I don't think The Green Fashion Travel Shop will be of much assistance locating the proper sensor but I emailed them anyway. No response yet. I did find out that the sensors used in the GW ACM are considered 'Latched'. I am not sure about other wheels but I assume they would be identical. Here is a nice little video explaining how these sensors work.
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    Congrats! Let the fun (and a bit of pain) begin When I was learning on the ACM I went to Home Depot and bought an 8 foot length of copper pipe insulation. They sell two types: foam and rubber. I used the rubber type, and it's only ~$5. Then, again at Home Depot, buy a roll of 3M Low Residue Duct Tape (it won't leave any mess on your wheel when you remove it a few weeks later). Use that to secure the pieces of thick rubber to the strategic areas of your wheel. It'll look butt ugly but it's very effective.
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    YEAH: Other View: Nice work from 1Radwerkstatt, if you ask me :-)
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    You say GW will spend a new Motor...and a new board. I would guess that a new Motor, means just the Motor, no rubber tyre, no pedals! So you would not only have to completly dissasemble the ACM, also you are needing to Change the tyre and the pedals to the new Motor. As your Motor cables are burned/melted very hefty, a Motor Change is a wise Thing! Otherwise you risk that the wires are not only melted where you can see it, they couls also be defect inside the axle, where they are "packed" the most! This dont have to be, but at least -if no complete Motor Change-i would inspect inside the old Motor then.... Then also: You have had a very respectable short because of the melting...who the hell knows if not some parts of the boards are damaged now! That said...that is all work for the seller...in my opinion! Beside the shipping costs: From German law that would be the sellers part, also! But as this was a european Business...i would not insist on that..perhaps yoou pay sending to Ian...an he when sending it back to you.... What i find a bit unusual is that Ian didn't say anything more about it....after he posted the "footrest braking" photo/warning on his Website...i would exspect that he warns his customers about very hefty or Long steep inclines, also!
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    Wow, that's some incredible footage that you shot. Only a few views - you need to post it somewhere - that's the makings for a viral video They must have been terrified when it was capsizing - glad they weren't injured (which is amazing)
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    Using a simple Inclinometer app on your phone should provide you the incline (lay the phone on the ground). Thousands of ACMs have been sold and apparently working in the vast majority of the cases. You have the bad fortune to experience one of the outliers. Get it fixed and then enjoy the wheel
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    Standard charging rate for most of the 10A cells used in EUC battery packs (in 18650 format) is 0.5C, maximum charging current is usually 1C. Since the KS16S uses 3500mAh cells, 0.5C would be 1.75A per cell = 7A for the entire pack. Actually, since the capacity to use for this calculation is the minimum and not the nominal capacity, it's more like 3400mAh x 0.5 x 4 = 6.8A I don't know which cells they actually use, but it could be an LG MJ1 for example: https://eu.nkon.nl/sk/k/Specification INR18650MJ1 22.08.2014.pdf So for the KS16S or the KS18, 4A is still well below a standard charge, but for smaller models using only 2 parallel rows of cells and maybe lower capacity (3000mAh), 4A would be more than a standard charge, although still within limits for a 1C charge. I guess they just wanted to keep it simple and define one standard charging method which is OK for their entire product line, or there is a limit imposed by cables or circuits between the charging port and the battery pack. I wonder what Chris from 1RadWerkstatt thinks about it, he would know for sure if the KS16S can handle 4A chargers.
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    Hey, I recognize that line! The information from a 16S Customer was that initially the Wheel charged, then stopped on the subsequent attempt; this evidence led to the incontrovertible (& erroneous) conclusion that it was a fault with the Wheel, possibly associated to the higher charging rate. Based on what we now know (one of the wires was on pin 2 instead of pin 3), it's not known what, if any, risk is associated with 4A charging with the 16S. Because there are four parallel packs, there should be ample margin for this load to be shared among the packs, so this could very well be a CYA move to limit warranty claims for poorly assembled battery packs or something else.
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    Now I have the motor rotating on both directions and seems robust. I think I can now move to the balance code, well, but before I need to implement max current protection because when running on batteries I need to protect the system other way I can imagine the board to burn almost instantly :-) Here a video I recorded to demonstrate current state of motor control of the firmware:
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    I did the same. Pipe insulation works well. I attached it with double sided tape. I would plan to do a progressive approach to riding. 1- 20 mins per day gong forward along a wall. Do that for 3 days until you feel you get the hand of it controlling. 2- do short unsupported forward runs. Mounting and dismounting. Do that for another week. 3- start riding on wide road at slow speed and don't be tempted to go too fast until you practice stoping. If you dismount at high speed you will hurt your anckle or knee. 4- learn to fall and roll. Always ride ready to fall. Don't get caught by suprime. Be always ready to take evasive action and dismount and fall and roll. This will assure no injury and you can re-mount keep going.
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    I love your thoughtful polite opinion! I held a vigil at my Toledo Children's Memorial 2 days after the tragedy struck at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. I was sickened by the loss of innocent children's lives! I agree that laws in America on gun owner's rights need to be tightened. I do not belong to the NRA because of their far right views and see no place in society for assault weapons in the hands of citizens! Look into the eyes of the precious little girl holding candle at the memorial! It states volumes but unfortunately our fickle American society moves on without any thought or consideration for the families that lost their young children on that horrific day!
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    Normally I do not participate in off-topic discussions, but I feel pretty strong about this. I am against guns in the hands of civilians. If you are a gun enthousiast, go ahead, own a gun, practice, have fun, but do it in a controlled environment. Leave your gun at the club. Most guns in the house, in the street, in public places are accidents waiting to happen, and be honest, many accidents have happened, some of them heart sickening. As a European, I am simply stunned to hear that the gun-lobby actually helps to create laws, that make it impossible to have a good gun registration in place. I know that most Americans want better gun control. That is not a big surprise if you know that in the US the death by firearm per capita (excluding suïcides), is the highest in the whole world. This means people shooting other people!! I find that a horrifying thought. Somehow the government does not do what the ppl want in this case. Whatever and whoever stands in the way of sensible gun control is, in my humble opinion, at least partly, responsible for this. I do not see how open carry (or concealed carry) in any way will improve on the situation. Btw. Thanks for the Jim Jefferies vids. He's a very funny comedian.
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    The way I read this was, believe nothing, open up your Gotway and check against the pictures!
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    Yep, saw that video. Just to be clear, I think Gotway's solution of letting the board go up smoke is crap too. It does not take bleeding edge electronics design to arrive at a solution that does not require a mechanical fuse and gracefully shuts down the power electronics. @jrkline had his 14C blow a fuse as he was climbing a steep hill. I was there - put a real damper on the rest of the day.
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    We know that the current Gotway wheels will tilt-back and stop when the board temperature reaches 79c. So I really don't see how temperatures could destroy a board directly. I don't think we have any direct proof that high temperatures have caused any failures. We surmise that that's the case, but we really don't know. All we know is that cable connections have broken. Is that because of heat or cold solder joints and vibration, or a combination of the two?
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    I'm not sure whether JimB is trolling or not, but I do have a standard response to this idea that we should never restrict freedoms simply for public safety. Most developed countries cannot refuse medical assistance to someone who is injured, and a lot of these injuries end up in unpaid bills picked up by the hospital or State (this is in particular a problem with ER which is causing many hospitals to shut their ER simply for economic reasons). It also increases insurance costs for everyone when one person accrues high medical bills, creates political problems when mothers and wives pursue victimhood narratives, and so on. Thus someone who doesn't wear a helmet, and suffers permanent brain injury which makes them wards of the State, becomes a huge burden on all other taxpayers, and a sop on the medical system that deprives responsible people of care by sucking up resources. My daughter is an intensive care nurse, and the majority of her cases (in Arizona) are motorcycle head injuries due to not wearing a helmet. Most are terminal, and most of the hospital bills (which run into $10millions) will go unpaid. This is a major reason for malpractice claims. In short, I think there needs to be a law to protect taxpayers and society from the irresponsibility or bad luck of individuals who won't wear a helmet when having an accident (or won't stop smoking before they get cancer; etc. etc.). If we were cruel enough to tell these unfortunate souls to just disappear and don't bother us (as you might see in more primitive societies) I guess this wouldn't be a problem. But laws protect all of us from irresponsible people that hurt all of society, sap our economic health, and create endless opportunities for victimhood narratives that derail our healthcare and political system.
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    Yep - that's totally normal for an Airwheel. Hence the need for research before you buy On the plus side, the X8 is a far more suitable starter wheel than anything big, bad and fast. You don't want to be making the riding mistakes that you WILL make as you learn and tackle more types of terrain, when you are doing 38 kph. It's a good idea to get really really good on your X8, and then upgrade to something faster and more powerful, when your biggest mistakes, falls and faceplants are already behind you and learned-from...