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    Hello All, I recently got the MSuper V3S + 1600 model. I figured I'll contribute to the forums and give a review on it along with a speed test speed up to 30MPH~!. Please enjoy! Thanks. Any question do not hesitate to let me know! As always keep it wheel!
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    The brake light is 5 LED. Each LED is 20% battery level when stopped.
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    If you want to learn riding backwards without practicing, here is how I did it: each time when I had to brake to a full stop, I tried to go an inch or two backwards before to step down, increasing the distance after a while when more and more confident... I believe it took about a month or so to get to a confident yard or two with no sweat involved.
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    Just swapped my shells for the GotWay soft touch Blue. Still need to paint the handle and pedals flat black, but I'm liking how it's coming along. This might be the only GotWay Blue V3 820Wh in existence. ?
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    Hello All, I just got the MSuper V3S+ and figure I'll do a review and comparison to the rest of my wheels. Did a quick speed test of up to (30MPH)... I hope you guys find it informative! Thanks..
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    I like the idea of "riding impossibly slowly" - my aim! Thanks for the tips.
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    Where the rubber meets the road, it seems, doesn't get enough love here. So I thought I'd start a thread to share opinions about tire pressure, maintenance, etc. (starting with some of my opinions). I find tire pressure to be one of the most important components of handling and ride, and I'm a bit obsessive about it on my EUC's (probably carrying over from motorcycles and bikes). There are three things that make tire pressure a challenge with EUC's: EUC's only have one tire, low pressure has a direct impact on ride, and tire failures are unforgiving EUC's have unique bent valve stems that make it hard to find inner-tubes, and a pain to fill (you just don't want to do it) EUC tire pressure is a bother to check compared to any other vehicle, because the valve stems are hidden in the EUC cavity, and difficult to attach to a pump ... and there are probably other things. The net result is that you want to maintain the tire, fill to pressure and forget it. To that end, I've Slimed (https://www.amazon.com/Slime-10056-Tube-Sealant-oz/dp/B003V9XYNW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1487706156&sr=8-2&keywords=slime+bicycle) both my V8 and Zero. I used about 1/3rd of the bottle on each one. There is no effect whatsoever on the feel of the wheel, and I think it provides a certain security. In Chicago, I can take my bike into any number of convenient shops to buy and install a new inner-tube; but the same shops would just draw a blank with an EUC, and the inner-tubes are hard to find. Best to maintain what you have. I like to keep my tire pressure up at 3 bar (~44 psi). The sidewalls of my V8 and Zero tires both recommend 40-65psi pressure, and the V8 comes from the factory at 2.8 bar (~40psi). So for me 3 bar seems the right pressure, and both wheels feel good at that pressure. It's a real bother to fit a pressure gauge on the valve stem because they are bent against the wheel. I almost never get a seal on my gauge without several tries. So instead, I pumped the wheels up with my Lezyne pump (https://www.amazon.com/Lezyne-Steel-Floor-Drive-Black/dp/B005UND3CY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1487706504&sr=8-3&keywords=lezyne+pump) -- I recommend Lesyzne as the absolute best bike pump on the market -- and then put a Gozens 44psi cap (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HRIKIY0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) on the wheel. That way, I can easily check the pressure at the start of each ride. You do need to buy the Gozens at a particular pressure (BTW, they have bluetooth systems, which I think are a bit of overkill) but you get 4 of the basic caps for $9, so NBD.
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    Thanks ! I found out not to long ago - the issue is on the ACM you could just look back..... see see the indication.. not hem super you have to get off the wheel.. Not a lot of work just pointing it out.
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    This is an experiment. Lately I've been recording my rides with a Garmin 60CS. If you have Google Earth installed you can view my recent 43 mile ride around some local Los Angeles rivers and paths. I want to accumulate a large collection of EUC friendly routes to ride Southern California. As people enter the sport in my local area I can point them to a collection of rides to try for themselves. If you have Google Earth installed you should be able to download the file, launch it, and Google Earth will take care of the rest. 20170225 - ACM ride on Coyote Creek and San Gabriel Rivers.kmz
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    Here is the response on the https://endless-sphere.com/ forum. This is a perennial discussion on the bicycle sites ... Re: auto slime in bike inner tube tire by amberwolf » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:38 pm There is; it was already stated that the tubeless version uses small chunks of rubber in it to help seal larger punctures (the regular slime does not have these, and thus can only seal smaller punctures. It also states this on the product packaging, and on Slime's website, AFAICR). Again, this was also answered, as a Yes with a caveat that it may clog the valve later, or your particular valve stem may be too narrow for the larger chunks of rubber to pass thru, and it may clog up the actual valve stem minus valve, just filling it. You could fix this by carefully pushing with something like a Qtip or similar-sized stick or tool into the stem's hole to push the chunks thru the rest of the way. I'm not sure if it was mentioned that you probably can't get the rubber chunks into a Presta-valved tube, so it probably won't work with them. All of the slimes will balance during riding, as they spread out over the outer circumference of the tube or tire. As soon as you stop, of course, they will all begin to run down to the bottom again, so the balance only exists during motion at sufficient speed to keep the stuff centrifuged to the outer circumference.
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    Commercial airline pilots are trained to know at all times where the nearest emergency airfield is so they don't have to fumble with maps when something goes wrong. I've walked off plenty of times in front of people, and riding a unicycle looks so absurdly difficult that people respect you...they aren't at all thinking what a dunce you are. With a helmet and elbow/knee pads it looks like a dangerous endeavor and you're treating it like a dangerous endeavor. The perception is mad respect for a person that takes such a risk. My personal perception is that electric unicycles is less dangerous than bicycles because bicycles are usually on the road where they get hit hard by cars whereas unicycles are usually ridden on the sidewalk. I almost always redo the thing that forced me to walk off. Those are the experiences (the edge cases) that will bite me in the future. I had a sunken sidewalk yesterday that I walked off; I saw it and knew it was trouble, but I went for it with predictable results. I walked the unicycle back, and tried again, and was walked off in the same way. It took me a few tries, including one where I walked the unicycle across the edges just to understand the dynamics of it all, and finally I was able to go across that questionable pavement in a smooth manner. Also survived an attempted mugging by a pack of little girls. One had her grubby little hand on the handle of my unicycle before being pulled away by her shocked mother. And I thought we lived in a good neighborhood full of unemployed white married women, but no, vicious brutes abound the sidewalk ready to ambush unsuspecting unicyclist. Be careful out there.
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    Each device should have a switch that could connect Extreme driving mode on And the adjustments should be able to choose from.
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    @Duf nice trip footage to work and back! Regarding the sore legs, have you tried shifting your feet slightly more forwards on the pedals? Not a lot but a little might help. I try to do heel toe heel toe movements on each side as well kind of like when you are standing for a long time. I think every bit helps to keep the blood circulating. Just be careful when you toe to maintain good contact on the front edge of the pedal. I'll also do slight side foot tilts in addition to slaloming which help a little. I'll have to work on one leg riding as that surely will help during longer rides to get all the pressure off the other foot I think.
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    I thought I recognized that area ... I used to live in Lakewood, and would ride my bike along some of those paths ...
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    https://www.amazon.com/Slime-10004-Tube-Sealant-oz/dp/B000ENSRS0 https://www.amazon.com/Slime-10011-Tubeless-Tire-Sealant/dp/B000C11PYW
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    Not to my knowledge.I've been using it for years in my unicycles,motorcycles and vehicles with both tubes and tubeless tires and it works great.Slime is to pneumatic tires what a rubber is to sex."A little extra protection" when used preventatively.It can also permanently seal a lot of punctures like it did on my ACM when I was riding it without protection.Plus if your Catholic,the church as no quarrels with it!
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    Me too. and then riding backwards. I can ride almost impossibly slowly, not quite there yet.
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    Headlight Mount for GotWay Msuper18 V3 - Preview pics of work in progress: Dear @danw872 is presently torturing his 3D printer with this thing. If it turns out ok, I will publish it soon.
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    Preferring to be on the safe side, I still would consider 45º angle to the earth gravitation as being a little too close to what is reachable by a non-extreme rider under non-extreme circumstances.
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    a bit of encouragement to those who like freestyle - something that seemed to be totally out of reach not long ago - eventually becomes a reality, provided that some efforts are applied
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    As a Star Wars movie machinery in today's reality For fast driving, I like sitting in this wheel ! Then he seems very stable . I did not great here though wery fast because I've already felt the functioning of the speed limiter ! To limiters fast accelerating throws a very very strongly back !!! It may even throw you away ! I am, however,very very pleased with this wheel ! Here a small video : https://youtu.be/cqPki7qFuLk
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    Hi guys, I just saw this new cute vehicle on kickstarter, it is designed by the inventor of the solowheel and the original "hoverboard", it seems to be a small double self balancing electric vehicle, very small and easy to use. It is meant to replace your foot on the last miles to home. It is easily transportable because it weights less than 4kg and it's really small ! With solowheel's reputation, I'd say it can only be reliable and durable, but that's only speculation. The specs are : Range: up to 8 miles (12.8 km) Speed: capable of 10 mph (16 kph) Incline: 15 degrees Weight: approx. 8 pounds (3.6 kg) Width: 7” (17.8 cm) Weight limit: 250 lbs (113.4 kg) Inflatable 8” (20 cm) wheel 1000W motor 100Wh lithium ion battery Charge time: approx. 40 minutes Front and rear lights Here are some pics of this new machine, what do you think ?
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    It's not for me, but I can understand the appeal of this product ! The ease of ride plus it's portability. It's meant to be carried in the bus for example, and ride it to home afterwards, or just to go to the local store, the range is about the same as a cheap EUC. It already has 204 594$ of funding on kickstarter !
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    That would make sense. Definitely a lot or room for error there. (Too bad the app didn't give the user the option to use the gps the app is on instead.) Allen
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    Nice ... finally received a UPS tracking #: 1ZA84R670448419794
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    Ninebot One is waterproof more than other wheels, imo. The cushions seal the battery and controller board very well from the water outside. But from the inside it is worse. There are few holes under the cushions that lead directly to the wheel compartment - the water and dirt come in through them. If you spend an hour to seal those holes with tape and/or thermo-glue and check if the heatsink is glued well - then your Ninebot One will be rain proof. In heavy rains I wear a big plastic bag on it to be 100% sure. PS: In addition, it's a good idea to remove a few sharp edges on the inner side of the cushions, otherwise they will puncture the battery and cause fire eventually. After this procedure you have to prevent the battery from moving around too much under the cushion.
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    Hi, From what I've heard, the inmotion V8 is a real IP55, and my friends who ride it everyday to work even with bad weather and snow, don't seem to have any issues. The V8 has more range (40-45km) and more speed (30kph) than the E+, it is well designed and really pretty, I'm not so sure about the resistance of the ACM, I've ridden it a little under rain but I don't trust it to be IP55. I think it would suit your needs pretty well, it's one of the top "16" wheels out there at the moment.
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    Thanks @abinder3 I come off all the time,but I rarely ride faster than I can run off these days. Most off the time its walking speeds over rough terrain, and I'm usually laughing out loud before the first foot hits the ground. This incident, and other times, when I'm slaloming near something like railings, when I think " Humm! What if I had a face plant right now?" If this thread helps one person from a bad wreck it would be worth it. Btw I titled it in seconds rather than distance, because distance changes with speed, but 2 seconds allows for different speeds.
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    A geocache along the Marty Backe 43 mile route in So. Cal. Geocache coordinates: N 33° 56.846' W 118° 07.052' Geocache name : GC6NG1F Geocache nickname 'Arch'. Geocahing website url: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/gallery.aspx?guid=49ea3de9-0d54-4a06-b477-eb75fa33e937 Under the historic arch. Near a terminus of the 43 mile euc route. Locally (Salem, MA) I'm still looking for the geocache 'Seadog' : GC170Z6
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    Please check KS web page - this is the "evidence" backed also by direct comments from the PL reseller who got whole new batch of KS14 and KS16 with new pedals - they are lighter, top is made from plastic and covered with grip, also the angle has been changed to rise the edges higher - to protect pedals from scathing.
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    Thanxs for your quick reply here 's my build i love portugal went twice on algarve perfectly magic as people .
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    Hello I m a new menber located in FRANCE Thanks for all the works you ve done with the 30b4 motherboard and spécial congratulation to MATT J for his brilliant stl print i m using .. Does someone found the solution because the 1.1.0 beta still doesn t want to discover my bluetooth device on SAMSUNG GS5 6.0.1. If HYPERAIR can post the solution it ll be magic . Thanxs for your help .
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    There is no new App yet, still 1.4. But if the mentioned new function should really be used, there MUST be a new App version, maybe it will come in the next days. However, I uploaded 1.25 because I heard the speed reduction to 25 km/h will now chime in at 30% battery, not at 50%, which sounds good, I'll test that today.
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    A starting about 2:35 it looks like that guy is fighting a wheel who's battery is too full. It looked like it didn't want him to ride down that hill, and when he remounted, it was tilted back a long way. I find that pushing the wheel forwards with several short thrusts from the knees, is enough extra energy demand to allow the CB to relax the tilt back, until, next time, when short thrusts from the knees works again. Eventually the "crisis " goes away. But when ever I encounter this, every direction seems to be down hill. Grrrr! Sod's law I guess.
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    I don't think anyone at Gotway intentionally purchased breaking screws and low melting solder (if that's even the case here as it's just conjecture at this point), but it could be more a matter of someone accidentally selecting some inferior quality items from other manufacturers at a certain price point without realizing the specifications of the components. A lot of these wheel components are outsourced to different specialized companies. I bet Gotway orders the boards from MicroWorks who might be the ones who are soldering leads onto their boards and passing them to Gotway to add on their end connectors. That might explain why the solder could be melting at the connector side rather than the board end as it could be different solders they are each using. I'm sure someone at Gotway could do some simple checking of the solder, but the disconnect problem could be rare enough for them not to look too deeply into the problem but instead to just adopt crimped connectors which hopefully will nix things in the bud.
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    I just checked both my V8 and Zero, and in neither wheel does the valve stem or Gozen cap touch anything, either the rubber or the plastic case. So I guess any problems are product specific, but certainly worth noting. With respect to the grease and grime, my observation is that this is an electric wheel, so we aren't really bathing the engine and suspension (whatever there is of it) in petroleum products as we would a car. I'm a fair weather rider, so stay out of oil patches, tar pits and rainy days ... I'm not expecting too many problems either with Slime or with the pressure caps.
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    yes, three or four rounds, each independently knotted, just in case no, but that sounds feasible as well I didn't know that one
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    In the video you can see that my EUC can run almost horizontally.
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    That would of course help a lot Could be. But to me it poses a problem. It tilts so much that my shoe touches ground in sharp turns. I also think it tilts mostly when turning to the right. I have however not tested that too much. As you say: it only happens at slow speeds for me to.
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    UPDATE: After speaking with Tina(a KS representative) she told me to kindly speak with Carey (engineer at KS) since I spoke mandarin we had no language barriers. All comments were thoroughly explained to Carey and he tentatively listened and responded. 1. Speed should not be reduced We can increase the speed to not allow any speed drops after 50% for KS16-a/b/c Available in the next firmware update v1.25 to be made AVAILABLE TODAY (Feb 27, 2017) HOWEVER it is not possible for any other KS-14 and KS18 wheels due to the safety factor. Carey went on to explain how the wheel would not withstand aggressive accelerations if the speed limit drops. 2. Customizations on Alarms Carey understood and will try to implement these. However Alarms 1 and 2 can be turned off when set to 0 3. Light setting should save The light setting can not save due to the way the motherboard on the wheels are engineered. However it is possible for the newer KS wheels (KS16s). For existing KS16 wheels you may turn on the bluetooth and if the lights are on quickly push the bluetooth button (whilst its on) for around 1 second to turn off the lights. 4. Lights locked in place/ not alternating Carey said this is doable and will be put out soon. 5. Wheel does not "spin out" when lifted off the ground Not possible due to the engineering of the trolley handle. Because there is no sensor for the handle the wheel can not come to a stop when lifted off the ground. 6. More customizations on pedal tilt Was considered 7. Bluetooth Password Understood by Carey 8. Rename KS device name Understood by Carey 9. Headlights Brighter lights are available on the newer KS wheels More Flashing options for existing wheels will be considered 10. Firmware updates consume more power Carey said that this is definitely not true. It may appear as such on Wheellog because the wheel has faster acceleration due to the new V1.23 update.
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    There're so many recent posts here it's too time consuming to answer individual points, so I'll type generally. use a loosely held strap; prevents: run always, bad crashes, scratches, attacked ankles ( you can lift wheel off ground killing its energy source) bad back from constantly bending down to grab the wheel, etc. always wear full protection, especially wrist guards and a helmet. Never mind the dork factor. Any injuries you sustain now will be with you long after your perception of people laughing at you. Besides, they are strangers so who give a flip about what they think of you. I'm still nursing a wrist injury from October (with wrist guards) so imagine if I wasn't wearing them! Try to practice in a secluded place. On lookers are not good for your practice karma. don't try to master stepping on, one foot at a time, until you can ride for hundreds of yards at a time, with ease. Use a mounting aid, like a wall, a fence,or lamp post; anything you can lean on to get on calmly, placing your feet properly. Plan your training and rides around these mounting aids. Stepping on, unaided comes much later. You guys are trying to sprint before you can crawl. if you need high heeled boots to move forward, or you can't maintain forward movement, try standing up straight. Or possibly your feet are too far back, move them forward, simple as that. No one else needs heels to wheel properly. don't start on grass, or even ride on grass, mud gravel, or dirt; the smoother the training surface the better. Grass is still hard to start on for me and I ride on every surface, including quick sand( but not very long ?) grass also hides small holes and dips that will throw you off, I know, I've seen me do it. No, there isn't a lot going on in our heads, once it clicks. We "clickers" talk, text, listen to music, make/take phone calls, sight see, take videos., weave, slalom, dance, eat, drink, mountain climb, do tricks ( not me). None of that would be possible if our minds were preoccupied with wheeling. It just happens, and you absolutely stop thinking about it, trust me/ us. You've just got to put in the hours, but put them in, in the right order. I had over 200km before I even tried to get on Unassisted, and about 100km more before I got it down, and I'm still not good at it at 900km, a bit hit and miss. Once you can ride, the other parts are easier because, if they succeed... You can ride away, and not just fall off. It's much less exhausting that way, and you can start to enjoy this aspect of the experience, even though you can't get on unassisted, or turn, or , or, or... All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. What's the point of mastering getting on if you can't ride more than 3 feet? Get riding down first, then add the launching unassisted and stopping gracefully ( anyone can stop without grace), and turning, wow, that was a challenging week. Dont believe there is only one right way to do any of it. One solo wheel training video says the way to turn is to twist the wheel left and right. Nonsense, that is only one way to turn. There are several, and they will all come to you as you discover them, while riding for hundreds of yards at a time, over hundreds of km. the distance mounts up fast, believe me. This is the time when you can try little things, or more accurately little things try you. Those many "oh shit" moments, while trying to stay on in a straight line, eventually add up to one giant " I get it now" moment, that is called the rest of your wheeling life. There was a time when if I looked left or right, I fell off. Now, my head's on a constant swivel enjoying the view, watching my path, planning my route, etc, even almost all the way to my rear as @Mono suggested was possible, or riding with my eyes closed, or looking straight up at the sky, also @mono suggestions ( I think he's trying to kill me). Any experienced rider here can do the same, and most of us felt frustrated and defeated, like you do now, at some stage. Some picked it up fast and some not so fast, but everyone who stuck with it gets to enjoy low level gliding, when ever they want. it will come, trust us. One day you will wonder what all the fuss was about. personally, I really enjoy making it look completely effortless as I wheel past gawking crowds, down by the beach. I clasp my hands in the small of my back, check my phone, admire the scenery, ride impossibly slowly, change direction without seeming to move anything, zoom off at will, stop and admire the view, continue on my way like it's completely normal. Its a lot of fun. Some of them must think it's some kind of magic. Which it is, in a way, a magical mystery tour, is coming to take you away. What are you waiting for? oh, and never show off ( as in hard acceleration, hard stopping, etc) it always ends in a humiliating and often painful face plant. Just riding one of these things with ease and grace, is all the showing off the "walking dead" need see to be impressed.
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    I got my VF5+ from ewheels yesterday, and was pretty confident I'd be able to hop and go. Instead, this seems impossibly, incredibly difficult. You don't realize just how difficult it is until you're standing next to it. It is, improbably, just a wheel with pedals, the ultimate simplistic form of a vehicle, yet it cannot work with a very sophisticated set of sensors and computers working for you. I'm in awe of this wheel and the technology. Apparently the only way I know of dismounting the vehicle is running off it (all learning on grass). Hopefully that habit can be broken. I don't know if unicycles can become mainstream. Not one person in my office wants to have a go on it. Their reaction is more akin to incredulous horror. After about twenty minutes of practice, I got out my dress boots; the extra heel height and the rigid ankle high leather allows me to place the weight more on the toes while keeping the entire lower leg locked. Also the heavy leather protects my ankles from the pedals during falls. The boots helped a lot--just like shifting into a higher gear. It's remarkable how the human mind works; something so difficult becomes, after a while, not so bad as the human mind adjusts.
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    @Mrd777 Sooo....., I'm not completely sure I'm qualified to answer the question I think you are asking. What I think you're asking: Which one do you like more, the 2017 1200W KS-18B or the 1500W MSuperV3S+? (i.e. the latest models out, both I have never owned) It seems important to distinguish, as: for Gotway: the 67.2V operational MSuperV3's (personally never rode) do not exactly drive like the 84V operational MSuperV3S+'s (personally test rode) and for KingSong: the 800W KS-18A (personally own) does not apparently drive like the newer 1200W KS-18B (personally never rode) I can speak on the 800W KS-18A mkII, as I own this wheel and have ridden extensively. I can speak on the 1600W Monster, as I own this wheel and have (now) ridden extensively (don't think you were considering this model). And I can speak on the 1500W MSuper3S+ from a few hours, test-ride experience perspective only (not enough IMHO to intimately and definitively speak on the idiosyncrasies of an EUC). * And also, the Monster rides different enough from the MSuper3S+ that you cannot infer the same ride even within the same GotWay family line (main difference, besides the implications of size/weight: Monster pedal response / resistance is significantly harder than the MSuper3S+ pedal response / resistance >> both wheels set to the hardest Sports mode) As I have no direct owning experience of either current models, ..... Some observations partly based on this forum / partly based on my experience of previous generation (800W KS-18A) and sister models (Monster/MsuperV3S+): Pedal Response / Hardness: As @KingSong69 has continually stated on these forums, the newer 1200W KS-18B carries a harder pedal response / hardness / resistance than the previous 800W KS-18A (which was not the softest out there to begin with). The MSuperV3S+ in Sports mode, on the other hand, is basically the softest pedals I have ever ridden on an EUC bar none (and I've ridden every brand). Pedal hardness to begin with is a matter of personal preference, but if you are looking for the same brick hard response as your new V5F+, the KS-18B will be much closer than the MSuperV3S+ Not sure what you mean by "agile acceleration", so let me break things down in comparison to what you know in the V5F+, as I own and intimately know that wheel as well: V5F+: I would classify the V5 as most like "agile acceleration", as acceleration on this wheel is a consistent combination of torque-y-ness and ease across all its speeds, both accelerating from rest, and accelerating across the whole range of it's speed. MSuper3S+: Acceleration here for the most part stays true to the Gotway signature acceleration: very floaty and effortless, very little resistance feeding back on your pedals while summoning a tremendous amount of power. The only caveat here is acceleration from rest or accelerating uphill. If you don't know any better, you might be hesitant to lean harder in these situations (which was me previously) due to overlean cutouts, which most other EUCs would be subject to. However, the 84V Gotways (ACM 1300WH, MSuperV3S+ & Monster) I believe have better safeguarding / tuning as a result of the higher operational current (my theory), where you can lean extra harder than the average EUC and summon a tremendous amount of power for these situations. I would define these accelerations more as "power accelerations" than "agile accelerations". (based on my Monster experience and corroboration with a fellow NYC MSuper3S+ owner) KS-18B: I can't speak directly on KS-18B acceleration here, but, FWIW, a.) my 800W KS-18A acceleration is no slouch (falling somewhere in the middle of the V5F+ and MSuperV3S+ in terms of torque and ease), and b.) the newer 1200W KS-18B is supposed to offer more torque. Speed: MSuper3S+ reported safe max speed: 45km/h || KS-18B max speed: 40km/h ...... it is what it is. And now, some annoyances to consider: Quality Control: There are already 3 concrete reports of MSuperV3/V3S+ gyro wires disconnecting due to bad solder jobs. This alone would give me pause in purchasing an MSuperV3S+ (to be fair, most owners have not experienced.... yet), and these stories are always in the back of my head while cruising on my Monster (I've already committed to monthly Control Board checks myself). KingSong, on the other hand, while having had their own share of QC issues, have never had QC issues of the disturbing kind like the aforementioned Gotway MSuperV3/V3S+ gyro-soldering issue. Cripple mode: Both enter crippled, reduced speed mode way too early IMO, considering both battery packs are 1+kWh, but the current KingSong crippling is way way too early at sub-50% threshold (Gotway is sub-20%). Not a dealbreaker for me personally as I usually don't ride far below 50% on any wheel if I can help it, but annoying nonetheless. Beeps: Not mentioned much, but I find the lack of user-settable speed alarms on the Gotways annoying, unlike my KS-18. I personally don't like to ride with the phone apps, so like to custom set the speed alarms on my KingSong more as a speed indicator rather than a warning. (I believe Gotway is 2nd alarm = 34km/h or off, 3rd alarm = 80% power, no off). Also, of note, while both companies offer tiltback, I am too scared to set on my Monster (currently off) due to reported cutouts from 62.7V operational MSuperV3 riders setting their tiltbacks too high (30+km/h). And, on the KingSong side, while tiltback works great, I would love the ability to turn it off, as too much tiltback occurrence seems to throw off calibration faster. Unfortunately, no one on these forums, including me, AFAIK, has extensive owning experience with both the KS-18B AND MSuperV3S+, only one or the other. Also, because of it's form factor, I personally don't really regard the KS-18 series (taller, rectangular) as a direct comparison to the MSuperV3 series (circular). The MSuperV3 handling compares better with other, circular EUCs, like the majority of 16" EUCs out (Ninebot One, InMotion V8, etc), while riding the KS-18 series, when you really put the time in, handles and turns differently. If it were me, I would wait both to see if there are more MSuperV3S+ incidents, and what the specs turn out to be for the rumored due-out-this-year 2 new KingSong 18" models: KS-18B mk3(?) revision and the new form factor (rumored to be shorter) KS-18 (I myself am waiting, hoping KingSong makes the move to 84V operational as Gotway has). I don't think you can really go wrong with either wheel, but I also don't think these wheels are the straightforward, head-to-head comparison you are assuming here; really depends on your priorities, preference. Personally, I will stick to my current 22" Monster, and possibly upgrading (spec dependent) to the next KS-18. Sorry for the long drawn-out non-answer~ Also, if you're on FB, DM me your user name if you wanna be added to the NYC EUC group chat there; a lot of useful knowledge shared by local riders, as well as the occasional group ride.
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    I also made styles suitable for parking support and now for King Song KS 18a my extras complete and assembled : https://goo.gl/photos/twv5juFbYyG1R9ow7
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    I don't get it why some people try to outlaw all currently available EUCs, including all their natural future technological development and improvements. I don't see so much wrong with any and all of the EUCs that we can buy now. Of course, all EUCs can and should be improved and regulated (say a speed limit and a deceleration requirement), but I would rather prefer to see evolution than revolution. I have the vague suspicion that someone not yet in the market tries to overtake, monopolize and profit big time (as the thread title suggests). I am all for measuring and certifying reliability, however dictating the technology how to achieve it (redundancy) seems to be the wrong approach. And that losing the bell means to push or carry the EUC home isn't in my list of (even remotely) relevant safety priorities either. On the positive side, I have doubts that a legislation outlawing all currently operated and available EUCs is likely to succeed in those European countries where EUCs are currently regarded/treated as legal anyway.
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    Minimum order 10 pcs, they also have a 16" listed, which is not available either right now, so only 14" currently available. I would have preferred a 16" myself as well.