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    Problem is ....all the amperage draw goes on one 16seriell cell system! So you have an enormous voltage sag....as those batteries are not build for continuous high amp draw.... on "idling"-back and forward that becomes the worst possible...(amp draw wise) also it is normal that the batteries "recover" after a while... like said before: instead of dumping money into a weak system over and over again (mohoo)...you should save this money up for a decent wheel....
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    I Traveled Songshanlake last week, with my friends, it's cool.
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    The Uniwheel is scheduled to be released at a simultaneous press conference along with Trump's tax returns.......
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    As I mentioned earlier, and always raising interest, I am currently upgrading my IPS 191 "Lhotz" 340 Wh with an additional 16s pack of 18650 cells. So here is some documentary about this mod, so anyone can consider if it's worth it. Some details: I use Samsung SDI INR18650-30Q cells, as they are available quite cheap around here and had some good tests, beeing able to output 20A cont. while beeing rated by Samsung for 15A. However, turns out that even at 20A this cell can compete with the infamous LG HG2. Rated at 3 Ah this gives me 3*3,7*16=177,6 Wh additional capacity, making my Lhotz a roughly 520 Wh wheel! As these 30Qs have an internal resistance of only 18 mOhms, as opposed to 35 mOhms of the stock Panasonics IPS uses, this should nearly half the voltage drop under load, giving me either further additional range, or at the same range less limitations due to low voltage. Well not gonna bore you any longer with this, here are the pics. First, starting point: (the beeper was moved up prior to taking this photo, otherwise this is how the internals looked) How do we get 16 18650s in there? First idea: Fits comfortably in there, but wiring would be a real mess. So I came up with this: Nice and thight, and all the cells relatively compact together. I will not document on how to build the actual packs from the cells, this has been documente often enough on the internet I you want to do this, just keep in mind there is no space at disposal, just make those packs as tight and small as possible. Packs assembled and test fitted in: As you will have guessed, I will hook the new pack to the BMS of the wheel, thus all the thin white cables. In the bottom left corner you can see the connectors and how I dasy chained them, so i can plug both batteries to the BMS. I will do the same with the XT60 connector, so I don't have to touch any of the origianl wiring, besindes some relocation. Thus I can always extract my additional battery without much fuzz. As the packs are positioned tight against the metal controlboard box, I added an extra rub protection cardboard layer inside the shrinkwrap of the packs. But there won't be much rubbing here, it's a really thight fit! I should further mention that the sprew posts in the places where the new battery sits need to be removed. Left to do: finish the connections, fix all the wires in place, fasten the batteries,
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    There are endless little eccentric laws. Almost like religious scriptures in that I suppose the interpretations are limitless. But yeah, most of the royal parks are BEAUTIFUL during the extended........1.2 days of good weather we have a year ??
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    Lol. Not as fancy as it sounds. But yeah.....technically London has 8 Royal Parks. If you're lucky you might spot Elizabeth under a tree finishing off a bottle of JD........usually just during summer-time though ?
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    Like you, I frequently ride on sidewalks, and I think the key is courtesy. My goal is that pedestrians feel neither annoyed nor endangered by my riding. When I encounter pedestrians, I usually go out into the street if possible. If I stay on the sidewalk I slow down to "walking speed" and refrain from weaving among the pedestrians.
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    Playing with Olga's Inmotion V8 a little
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    Great video and soundtrack! Bonus points for slo-moing the falls you sadist ?
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    Very near to next upgrade (just some tests ) with : InMotion support finally working without disconnects and faster than expected.Thanks to @Cedric Hauber for his help. Speed Alarm and Battery Alarm. Speed Alarm vibrates the iPhone when over set speed. Repeats every 10". Hope Apple likes it (they don't like repeated vibrations). It works OK in background son no need to block sleep mode for this. Speed and Battery alarm may be configured to send notifications to the iPhone or the AppleWatch. They inform you are going too fast, your battery i too low or has recovered. MultiWheel support. With that, those of you lucky enough to have many wheels from different brands may : Select a different set of alarms, notifications or passwords for each wheel. So you may have 20km/h and 25% batt for a Ninebot One E+ and say 30 km/h and 15% batt for a Gotway MSuper 3 There is a selector to select which wheel you may connect. In InMotion wheels you need to enter a password (if not set "000000") in the settings. It is stored with the wheel data so is not asked again. For the moment is in plain. Probably new version will store it in the keychain. So if you have a V5 and a V8 you don't have to go entering passwords each time you change the wheel Bug Hunting, my favorite sport for some time now. Completely redesigned AppleWatch communications. Now it is the watch that asks for data the iPhone. It is not superfast but hope will solve problems with new version watches. Will try to finish tests and validate values next week and send new version to AppStore next weekend. New Ideas There are may ideas for the application : Auto calibrating speeds and distances with the GPS (There sure are problems with some wheels) Connection with the Lumos Helmet. A Swipe in the watch or the iPhone in the right/left direction will start the right/left light arrows (don't know if is possible) Begin the preparation for a statistic study about Driving modes and uses Breaking characteristics The idea is to get statistical data to understand how we use the wheels ad what are theis performances. Will start a new topic to develop it, get ideas and colaborations. That comes from talks with Barcelona Townhall and the normative they are preparing We did some easy tests to show the EUC are no so bad when an emergency break is needed That followed to uses, politness and which is the correct way to handle most commuting situations So thought if we get many Gyrometrics runs may analyze how we are using the EUC To do it, it would be necessary to extract and anonymize relevant data and send it to a server for analysis and try to get som insight.
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    Ah, the fine sound of ego's clashing like the skulls of fighting wildebeasts. When things go sideways, I mean really badly, you'll probably be wondering your whole life what really happened that day, at which point did it start spiralling out of control ...... There quite some egotistical maniacs and sociopath around, or just completely stressed up people who completely lose for one or the other reason, so it doesn't even have to be personal. Starting a confrontation (or heating one up someone tries to start up with you) is pointless if you are not prepared to end up defending your life and potentially die in the process. You will most surely not die from saying "yes Sir", "thank you for your advice", etc to any idiot or *hole.
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    Pedals are super easy, removing external shell could be little bit tricky especially the first time, but then again the worst thing that can happen is that you brake one of the plastic clips on the outer shell - which is not so important if you want to remove white shells anyway. You don't have to deal with any cables or electric parts. This video will help:
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    Since you already have white v5f+, all you have to do is order external shells and pedals in black color from @Jason McNeil and change your v5 to black version in 15 minutes
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    @nomad after some heavy rain last fall I underestimated the depth of the puddle on the fine gravel path, which resulted in submerging the wheel up to my ankles and later in similar issues like yours (occasional squeaking noise and feeling that the wheel does not turn as smoothly as it should). Solution was quite simple - I've opened it, cleaned the dirt and sand, and then sprayed some WD40 around the axle on both sides of the wheel - it spins like new ever since. That Convoy L6 looks like powerful, but also sizable and heavy flashlight, how do you plan to mount that on the wheel or helmet (especially with external battery)? I am using Lezyne front and rear light (Micro Drive 800XL and Strip Drive Pro). It's small but powerful, has various light modes and integrated usb rechargeable battery that lasts for hours if you are not using the very brightest mode. You can even use the handle in open position without any problems. I've got the set for 70 EUR on Amazon sale.
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    Thank you both for bringing this delicious video to my attention. ???? . I may have to watch it again ?
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    Welcome! My Inmotion V8 is capable of handling my 12-mile roundtrip commute up and over some of San Francisco's biggest hills on a single charge with some room to spare. But, my KingSong 14C could do the same thing – twice. On a single charge. I also find the KS-14C motor to be somewhat stronger up the steepest of hills. Though you've got a good 30 lbs on me. And, second "but," when pushed continually up extremely long, steep grades, especially in hot weather, the KS-14C can overheat. I have not yet pushed the V8 up the same hills with the same duration. (The hill in question was not in San Francisco, it was in Guerneville, Northern California.)
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    Of course that is unenforceable, but it gives a certain feeling of unity. That is one of the things I have always liked about Great Britain. A goat in need of food? And you can get in to any tavern just by having a goat on a leash and saying that? Sorry, I don't understand your vernacular. Does the goat get a beer? Ohh, I get it, you tell your wife that you have to get some food for the goat, and there's a pub there. Sorry, goat, I will get you something to eat, but I'm a little thirsty right now. Ohh?, maybe now I get it. You have a goat, that pays for a good night out. So you would need two goats a weekend. Darn it, I ran out of goats.
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    Just found this video, did you know she is Fergilicious? Looks like she had her up tops biggered.
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    4.1.2017 EUC Extreme snow trails My snow ride a few days ago: The streets were plowed, but most of the surfaces had some snow or ice. Pavement was visible only in small areas. I rode with great difficulty down one street, the wheel lost grip and fell. Got back on the wheel, rode down a street, around the corner, struggling the whole time, ran into probably 1 inch of snow, the wheel bogged down but at least it did not fall. I went back inside!
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    Very weak...announcement of a wheel to go 30kmh with batterie under 340wh??? lot of cut out claims over 25kmh..which is no wonder russian tests proved some mysterious behavior over 18kkmh....going down with power by half.... to name some of the downsides... in general -ME personal- would not claim IPS anymore a top notch producer....as they have since 1,5 years no new product and not even one wheel over 340wh.... the Lhotz -as it comes out 15 months ago- ...was great...but that was the last we heard from IPS. my 2 cents...
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    Double tap already implemented About the vibration, I had it in the Watch and take it out. Has problems when the application is not in foreground as then it doesn't responds. There are some background posibilities with WatchOS 3 but will see if they are fast enough.
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    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love Thanks for getting me in trouble again! My wife caught me ordering each one of your crazy new gadgets! Luckily I am prepared
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    Hi everybody, I'm a guy from Germany who recently learned of the existence of electric unicycles and now I want one! Badly It's like a bike, just so much better! No sweating, just step on it and flyyyyy away! So nice... After some research, the Inmotion V8 seems to be a great model (and company) and I almost ordered it. But I have second thoughts if it's right for my use case (or rather, what I imagine I'd use it for - I have zero experience with EUCs, I could be totally wrong). Here's what it should do ideally: 1. I would like to go up hills (or rather mountains), because they're nice. No narrow, winding hiking paths (mostly), but think paved or (firm, good) dirt/gravel/farm roads with possibly some noticable incline. Something which might be quite exhausting with a mountainbike. Some examples (I'm dreaming a little with the first one): https://www.google.de/search?q=grossglockner+hochalpenstrasse&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiHmt_tmsPRAhXIEiwKHfm2C_gQ_AUICSgC&biw=1920&bih=971 https://www.google.de/search?q=alm+strasse&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjDw9LynMPRAhXGdCwKHSGzCtoQ_AUICSgC&biw=1920&bih=971 https://www.google.de/search?q=alm+weg&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjm7tj8nMPRAhVFFSwKHV8mAmoQ_AUICSgC&biw=1920&bih=971 So, strength and endurance is the #1 thing. 2. Locally it would be mostly flat terrain, 50% paved and 50% farm roads, with the occasional forest footpath 3. If possible, I want to go in the rain or snow (no mud or something bad like that, just wet weather, wet leaves, wet pavement and so on) Here's what I don't care about: ultra high speeds (25 kmh/15 mph is almost too fast already) doing tricks bluetooth speakers, LEDs, ... despite the bike comparisons, it's not a replacement for a bike (city driving, commuting etc.), purely a relaxing leisure device for nature use (though maybe it will replace the bike in some situations) I know going up hills and mountains needs a lot of energy and is going to eat battery like crazy.. Maybe wanting to use a EUC for that is just unrealistic? 1 hour battery life in these circumstances would be enough though (longer is of course better, but I guess 1 hour is asking too much already). Maybe EUCs are just more fun to use in the flat, on paved roads, and they're ill-suited for the entire offroad/mountain idea? I chose the Inmotion V8 because I didn't want to go lower power-wise. But it might be too weak, also I'm worried about wet weather with this beauty. So, here's where I need your help to get more realistic ideas of what is possible and what I should actually care about with my first EUC. I never tried one, after all. Maybe I just end up going on flat, paved roads and loving it? Max cost is 1500€ (same number in USD) - I'd really like to stay closer to 1000, but up to 1500 is ok. Any higher cost, I'd just go for the Inmotion V8 as a can't-go-wrong-with-this first EUC. It's a very nice model already! Then, if I really like EUCing but the V8 is too weak for me, I can get something significantly stronger (and more expensive I'm afraid) later when I have more experience (4000€ Gotway Monster lol, no, but I'd take one for free certainly...) My weight is max 85 kg (190 lbs) with everything (clothes, backpack,...) Hope to hear your input and where I'm unrealistic or just plain wrong. Any recommendations on other models in the below 1500 range that could suit me better? Thanks!
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    Quick story posted as a warning. My E U C mentor has his beloved 9bot with over 3000 Ks now DOA! We live on the Med sea and have a over flow pond that a board walk follows for about a mile. Great place to uni! He is VERY skilled, backwards one foot slalom, extream off road, over I meter off ledge jump drops, ect. While dismounting all alone he lost hand grip and the EUC drove itself into the pond! Very freak accident as he explains! He quickly recovered, compleatly disassembled, warm blow dryer thinking all was OK. When turned on poof, now fully dead. SO, Even very skilled riders can have a mishap, this time killing a good unit, but could have MAYBE under different circumstances caused harm to someone!! Be careful out there! UKJ
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    How Long is a Chinese EUC engineer.
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    Balancing gets easier the more parallel cells you have, as differences tend to even each other out. And even if they don't, balancing will just take longer, as voltages stay exacly the same, only capacity is increased. As for how i hook it ups, its quite easy. Just put all the balancing wires in parallel to the main battery. Thus each single new cell is paralleled to the two cells already there. Electrically this is just one single 16s3p pack, seperation is just physical. Of course I will monitor balancing in the future and if the BMS can't handle it, I can still charge and balance each batterypack iniviually. But I don't expect any problems. I will post some pics of the wiring later on.
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    I think this might be your problem. Did you shunt the BMS of that batterypack as well? besides, I don't think it will make much of a difference, if the voltage drops that fast, you just bought a crappy china battery. I guess it doesn't even remotely reach the stated properties in terms of capacity and current delivery.
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    i think they key is to ride responsibly, not putting yourself or others in danger, then police etc are more likely to be understanding and allow you to continue on your journey.
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    I'm not sure what you mean. Hadrian's wall is very real. The Mongol empire and invasions westward into Europe was vast. The Mongol's are reported to have taken a security role in Silk Road goods transit before the Mongol empire fell apart: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongol_Empire From an epidemiology point of view the rat born parasite, now traced to a region in central Asia, was the cause of the Black Plague at a time when the cause was not clearly understood and the consequences of contracting the disease were grim and devastating.
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    Actually, quite the opposite. Legally speaking the Queen owns ALL property in the country. Including our houses. But this is deep within ancient unenforceable, unused law. The same sections in the old scrolls along with being allowed entry into all taverns if you have a goat in need of food......
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    Don't you love it when it's up to the officers opinion or mood, instead of actual laws.
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    Even better that Musk's batteries ... the battery you don't need to charge and generates above 50% of their maximum power for as long as 5,730 years; glows in the dark so no need for disco lights; warms your legs on a cold day. What's not to like? http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/news/diamond-batteries-could-use-nuclear-waste-to-generate-electricity-for-mille/?utm_source=All+About+Circuits+Members&utm_campaign=0d0db0240c-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_01_11&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2565529c4b-0d0db0240c-266723477/
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    This is a bit more trickier than it might look at first. With your RC background you're well aware of the high peak currents device can pull of those batteries and the losses on the length of the cable (even with proper AWG / diameter) as well as on any additional plug on the way and how much they can heat up (not mentioning interferences). So adding about 2m of cable and some Dean or XT plugs might be a bit of trouble here. The other factor to consider is the security. What happens during the accident / unexpected step off or run away wheel? Will you get strangled or grazed / cut by the lead? Will the firmly attached battery rip through your backpack then flying around smashing bystanders on their heads? Will it tangle into your feet prohibiting you from saving yourself from faceplant? I'd say maximum caution should be taken if you're planning to do something like this.
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    Oh man.....every time I see a black v5f+ I get jealous. Beautiful. ?
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    @xebeche So I'm not the first with this problem, great to know some cleaning and WD40 solved it for you, thanks for the tip! Great looking V5F+ you have, discreet bumper strips, sleek functional lights and I assume that is the Chao Yang H-5167 tire from your excellent tire testing thread. Whole thing has a professional look, nice job! That Lezyne Macro Drive 800XL looks great for mounting on the handle like that and even rechargeable without removing it if you want. Mounted higher up than the integrated headlight it's much better shining down from that position too. My plan is to simply hold the flashlight in my hand. I guess it could be mounted on top of the handle too somehow but it probably won't look as sleek due to the shape and size.. As the batteries also need to be removed for charging the Convoy L6, it would need a mount so it can easily be clipped on and off, or maybe some velcro.. However holding it in the hand should still give some better illumination than mounted lower down on the wheel. I also suspect the L6 might just be too powerful to mount on the wheel, I'll see when I get it, but I think going in the bicycle lane with a beam over 3000 lumens probably dazzles oncoming cyclist! I much prefer the warmer white (5000K) tint, not the biggest fan of cool white (bluish) lights.. Holding the torch I can easily point it down and adjust the angle so not to blind people. My regular commutes are not that long so I don't think holding it will be any real problem, I can switch hands if it gets heavy. So that's my thinking but I've never really used a flashlight regularly before, we'll see how it works out!
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    Me neither. IMO that MoHoo thing is not fit for purpose, and even less so with a duff battery pack.
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    You ride in a Royal Park? I will google Royal Park immediately sire.High class British orchestra playing
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    Alarms and notifications The switch near the Speed and Battery Alarm fields in the settings dialog allow you to enable sending notifications to the iPhone/Apple Watch. Speed notification is sent just when passing from a normal to a too fast speed (just once every time) Battery notification is sent when going below the set battery level and resent if you recover from regenerating.
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    How to use multiwheel support Everytime you connect to a new wheel it gets recorded with all its preferences. With the My Wheels selector it is read into the preferences screen. Unfortunately a last minute bug doesn't close the selector automatically. Just select your wheel and click back.
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    Now to Ues autocalibration If you have many rides recorded first make a connection to the wheel so it is recorded in the database. Once disconnected your wheel name and serial ni will appear in the settings. If not click My Wheels and select it and back. Then click recalculate calibration, will compute new calibration factors from your stored rides.This values will update automatically with every ride. The scaling is only for presentation. Data is stored natively. The scaling may be turned off disabling the enable corections switch
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    I'm trying to find the article/diagram to shunt 3 year old TG-T3's BMS. Any help? Thanks!
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    Well, that escalated quickly. I go offline for a couple of days and come back to a looong thread. Sorry, when I posted the video I didn't realize how charged that subject was. It makes complete sense in hindsight, but personally I've always been nice to the cops, and the cops have always been nice to me. It was interesting to read all the points of view though. Thanks guys.
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    @Paco Gorina wow! speed, batterie alarm and that all for multiple wheels?.! perfect! one thing: to repeat a speed alarm only all 10 seconds? is a bit to. long time window...my 2 cents....
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    New version changes name to Gyrometrics