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    Learning to do tricks consistently on an electric unicycle requires learning technique, (lots of) practice/repetition, understanding the parameters under which your wheel operates and recognising (and attempting to control, or embrace) any variable(s). Controlling the Variables A variable is an element, feature, or factor that is liable to vary or change. If you are trying to learn to do a trick consistently then it’s a very good idea to have a think about what elements, features or factors could vary, and how these may be controlled. Some variables are more practical to control than others. I have listed some of the most important ones below, please feel free to add any I have missed. Environmental Variables Surfaces Different types of surface will all provide a very different environment for practising and performing tricks. A lot of flat surfaces are not actually flat. The most consistently flat and uniform outdoor surface that I have found are flat areas in professionally built Skateparks. Surface moisture reduces the amount of friction between the wheel and the surface which greatly affects turning and spinning – this can sometimes be used to your advantage. (This variable is best controlled by practising on the same high quality surface). Think Friction, Hardness, smoothness, bounce, incline, moisture, temperature Example surfaces which may all provide a very different riding experience: Concrete Wooden stage Dry Tarmac Wet Tarmac Paving Slabs Brick Marble Grass Gravel Dirt Temperature Different temperatures will have an effect on the riding surface, the tire, the motor, the control board, the battery and the rider. If you are practising in the middle of the day during summer then the wheel is likely to get hot much quicker. (This variable would be best controlled by practising indoors in a temperature controlled environment). Distractions Distractions can impact on practice sessions, obvious examples include: Noise Traffic Spectators other Riders Animals/Pets Electric Unicycle Variables Model Some electric unicycle models seem more suited to tricks than others. It may not be possible to perform some tricks on all models. You may have to adapt your technique depending on differences between models. Variation between wheels may include Wheel size Weight Centre of gravity (this can be greatly affected by where the battery is situated) Pedal Size Pedal Height Pedal Angle Pedal Grip Firmware Changing the firmware that runs on your wheel’s control board may change the whole feeling of the wheel. (This variable can be best controlled by not changing the firmware version). Riding Mode Many wheels have different riding modes which change the responsiveness of the wheel (E.g. hard/soft). (This variable can be best controlled by sticking to the same riding mode). Tire Type The tread and compound on a tire affects the huge difference on ride. (This variable can be best controlled by monitoring the tire tread and replacing with the same tire as soon as adverse wear is identified). Tire Pressure Changing the tire pressure makes a big difference. A higher pressure will result in a faster and more responsive wheel (but more difficult to control). (This variable can be best controlled by fixing the tire pressure as a parameter and regularly measuring/adjusting the tire pressure before a practice session). Battery Charge EUCs can respond markedly differently at different states of charge. (This variable can be best controlled by fully charging your wheel before each practice session). Accessories Attaching accessories to the wheel can impact on how the wheel behaves – these can alter the centre of gravity or restrict entry/exit to/from the wheel. (This variable can be best controlled by removing all accessories from the wheel or having the same accessories attached to the wheel when attempting to perform tricks). Personal Variables Weight Rider weight could be a source of variation. (This variable can be best controlled by monitoring your weight and adjusting your diet accordingly). Fitness (This variable can be best controlled by adhering to a regular fitness regime). Footwear Wearing different footwear can affect your riding performance. Variables include: Grip Sole thickness (this affects your ability to feel the foot plates) Padding & Support Tightness (This variable can be best controlled by wearing the same pair of shoes when performing tricks). Clothing Clothing can be a source of variation. Some clothes can restrict movement and even affect the weight or the centre of gravity of the system. If you are practising for a show it may be sensible to practice in the costume that you are going to wear for the show.(This variable can be best controlled by wearing similar fitting clothing when practising). Safety Equipment Safety equipment can affect your movement and centre of gravity. (This variable can be best controlled by wearing the same safety equipment each session).
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    My 17 year old son did even better. We are both snow skiers, ice skaters, water skiers, and ride and jump (including backflips) a sky ski. So we are used to balancing on stuff. The key is really understanding that to balance left and right you rotate the wheel left and right, you don't lean it in order to catch your balance, and you can't be a frozen statue. You have to actively rotate the wheel to catch your balance. It becomes subtle with speed and practice. Just wanted to share! We are loving it. We have to buy a second one because nobody wants to get off and let anyone else have a turn!
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    While we're doing xmas sillyness, FliteTestCrew did a good one this year...
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    Speaking of timing, look what just popped up on the channel 20 minutes ago...
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    Sorry, but not, to chime in here! Get on your bike if you have one, if not maybe borrow, have a way to see speed, get going 40 kph, 24 mph, now imagine falling and the road rash and, or broken bones that might happen! I am all for the crazy guys who want to go fast, hopefully WELL protected, BUT, for the general market I feel high speed EUC will be not at all good for the pastime in general! I STRONGLY think that 25 kph is plenty fast for general use, maybe even to fast? UKJ
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    I think the manual calibration had a few other steps involved. From Ninebot: 1.Take the Ninebot One vertically off the groud. Take care and keep it steady. 2.press power button and the wheel will spin strongly,hold it steady. 3.when you hear a sound of warning(di,di,di) and the leds flashing red, - press the power button and keep holding the button until the warning disapear. 4. long press again and keep holding the power button till you hear the Ninebot to warning again. 5. Release the power button, and you will see a flash of yellow light which meaning your Ninebot is carlibrating. 6. you will hear the warning(di,di,di) with red flashing again - that means your calibration is finished,and the Ninebot telling you that it is off the ground which is not a good idea. So put your Ninebot on the ground and see if your it is right calibrated now.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the fellow wheelers from Yuriy Borodin aka @Дед62
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    Maybe - try a VERY resilient coating?
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    My channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCexlhtKYJ5IX_AUuEzB1eHQ BTW if anyone is interested in collaborating on making a film that could help promote the benefits of electric unicycling then I'd love to hear from you! My film making abilities are rather basic at present but hope to work on this during 2017.....
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    People continue to ride in spite of the risks, and in many cases after being injured, because the enjoyment outweighs the danger, just as it does for motorcycle riders, hang gliders, rock climbers, etc. However, sensible riding goes a long way towards minimizing possible injuries.
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    Awesome synchronized Christmas light show filmed from a drone!
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    Good thing I got this side job being a doorman at this tiny tower to fall back on just in case I can't work as a surgeon. Gotta have some contigency plans when riding an EUC!
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    RocketSkates, Electric Skateboards, most Electric Scooters, & the 'Hoverboard', all share the same fundamental flaw... Wheel diameters are too small. This is where the Electric Unicycle really excels, within the 14-18" sizes none of these other products are anywhere near as capable over the types of surfaces you encounter everyday.
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    Yep - Festive Robins to you all ! CBR
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    Merry Christmas to all of the EUC members and moderators that have made this forum a special place!
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    Thanks. Funny you should ask. The one of me was taken on a Motorola Moto G4. It's a very good phone, with a great camera. And it cost less than£130. The other two, Were screen captures from video I was shooting as I was wheeling along or standing( in the case of the ferry pics) from an iPhone 5. I really prefer the pictures from the Moto G4, and to think, it's really a phone, with a camera function, not a camera. it's brilliant. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love You're in luck. If you move out here, this one is for rent I believe. At least, that's what the bikini clad babe, sunbathing near it, told me. I can't be sure though, because she was speaking Swedish. ? merry christmas
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    Well, on the positive side, at least you can find your car. I think this is mine. Maybe. That's it - I'm moving to Spain. Who's with me?
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    You said 3 minutes. Here is your chance to put your money where your mouth is. If you can post a video of you completing this task in less than 3 minutes I will donate $50 to a charity of your choice. FYI - I have done it your way, (I have the scuffed knuckles to prove it) like I said, it went flat again after a few weeks - hence I decided to change the tube. by the time you get the tyre off, pull the tube out ... work the tyre and the tube off the rim, pump air back in (to find the hole), turn the rim to find the hole, let the air back out, find the hole again, patch it back up, put it all back together, re-inflate. I have nothing against patches, I will happily use them again, especially if I am out / away from home - this video is simply to help others who wish to change their inner tube.
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    overlooking the marina, Moraira, Spain. Full sun, light winds, 18*c . A beautiful little town on a beautiful day. Merry Christmas.
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    It's not really heat shrinking, but rather heating so it can stretch. It would be nice if you could heat shrink it to make it fit better, would be easier...
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    ...and then there's all the potholes and ridges covered by Autumn leaves...
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    Hey. Can someone explain why all hoverboards look the same . I can't see which one is from which company and so on. I personally bought two 10" ones from two different company's and they are simmilar except the look of the wheels . So who is making what ? And what are the real company's ? Because I'm starting to think that all those so called builders/sellers are buying at the same Chinese factory . If somebody knows names of real factory's and/or real manufactorers?
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    I cannot imagine how much time it took to set up the display and then program all of the computerized sequences! The homeowner is definitely a pro!
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    Yup, got my 9B1 from New Egg. Excellent price for a first wheel. I took it outside for first time today. Tried to ride while my daughter enjoyed her hoverboard Christmas gift. Oh boy, learning to ride these things are extremely difficult for me. After first 30minutes outside, I was questioning why I even bought the thing especially something I can not ride. But I kept at it. Still not graceful on it but I can go straight for 100 feet and stop without falling or dropping the wheel. I'll go out later and work on unassisted mounting. Baby steps.... Merry Christmas everyone...
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    @Rehab1 that's the exact same music Tesla used for their light show in the video @Tilmann posted in the off topic section. But this is way more intense. I've never seen a light show like it.
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    I got a Ninebot One S2 for Christmas and I have exactly the problem. I disconnected the batteries, tried to load it, nothing. So I have to send it back to the shop.
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    You could also check whether the battery actually delivers voltage at its connector, in case you happen to have a voltage meter.
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    Or maybe the battery is missing? I read that the batteries are easily changeable on those models, take off the battery cover and see if the battery is there and plugged in to the wheel.
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    Hi Chris, I have tested the CD with the v8 (3pin model), see this thread: @rdalcanto How long does it take to charge the wheel with the fast charger?
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    That is your new car? Bummer! Top Gear might loan you their snow melter!
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    A brand new wheel that you have never turned on should better not have empty batteries.
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    Wow! that scooter has a bigger battery, higher speed, longer range and is cheaper than my Ninebotone E+. And it has suspension
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    When I had my flat, it was near the valve. I can't imagine trying to patch it without removing the tire from the EUC. I'd love to see a video of your technique!
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    You obviously haven't actually tried to do it then have you. For your info, I did pull the tube and patch it - then it went down again 3 weeks later - so this time I decided to replace the tube. To pull the tyre, hook the tube and then find the hole, patch and put it all back together will take the same amount of time as just replacing it. You'll see from my video, there is no need to touch the electrics - that was why I made the video, to make sure nobody makes the same mistakes I made. I'd love to see detailed instructions of 'pulling the axle and dropping the wheel - feel free to share.
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    more cheating, but I forgot about this thread, and the boards a little quiet right now obvs. This Is the ferry from Ibiza, or Majorca coming into Denia harbour on Wednesday, at the tail end of a 4 day storm. The storm was over, but the waves kept coming. The top of that concrete block is about 15feet above the water. Some waves crashed another 10 feet higher than that with a terrific boom. Just getting out there to the end of the jetty was harrowing, as every now and then a wave would crash over the sea wall onto the path. The wild jetty cats were having a bad week. I rode my wheel out there because it takes forever to walk. I got her in the video. Here she is, just visible at the bottom of the picture
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    Changing the charging port plug type of a wheel even twice is a terrible decision. That I find very unprofessional, even if they would have very good reasons for their last change.
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    This is a better look at the RocketSkates: (He actually has riden the V3s and V5F+ by Inmotion.) And he's actually ridden electric scooters.
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    Thanks all for the feedback! Much appreciated. Concerning the European law which might allow EUC's limited at 25km/h in 2018 -> Even if that law is in place, countries can set stronger limitations. So even at that moment, Belgium (and maybe other countries) will still have the limitation of 18km/h. Is it a viable a business? I believe (and hope ) so. Today true, most EUC-drivers are mainly interested in them for their speed and fun. But as more and more people will start considering them as a commuter solution, speed will be less the primary reason to drive one. Today indeed policeman didn't stop me yet, although even some of them came driving next to me to check out my wheel and asked me questions about them But exactly as @Ponne says, especially if you ever cause (or are part of) an accident, then you'll definitely be screwed. And as EUC's become more popular, the knowledge about it will increase at law enforcement instances. Happened already in the Netherlands, where police stopped drivers and took their wheel. To end with some good news: King Song is willing to work with me to limit the speed without the possibility to unlock! I also contacted all the manufacturers of the EUC's suggested earlier. Thanks for that. If there are more quality-EUC ideas, do let us know!
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    fab thank you, i have subscribed to everyone's channels too, we haven't got much updated content, wet, wild and miserable weather in Scotland as always.
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    Yes, I've had a C+ and an E+, I've switched batteries and chargers - they can all interchange.
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    Just opened the sides, things are looking pretty normal here. I agree that an empty battery on a brand new device would be a bit strange. It's also pretty weird that it is both not turning on and not charging...
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    Nah, the batteries usually lose capacity slowly, years even, and by that time you should have enough riding experience that you shouldn't worry about it. They are already dangerous when new
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    @TastyWithPasta sounds like it might be already charged, have you checked the app to see the battery level? The dealer I bought mine from charged it for me before I picked it up. If not, take it back to the dealer if you are nearby, you shouldn't have to take the charger apart, it is under warranty. I don't know what part of France you are located, but apparently there are a lot of EUC's there, check the French forums, or check SpeedyfeetUK.
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    cheating a little. This was Calpe, Spain, yesterday. About 4 times bigger than Moraira but still beautiful. Yes, those are people sunbathing. About 2 miles of lovely smooth promenade to wheel along, and lots of nice restaurants.
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    apps should have a password for parents who want's to limit the speed for young beginners
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    I dont think any policeman wil stop you. But, in case you are part of a incident were people end up with serious injuries there will be a big problem with responsibilty and who is going to pay.