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    Paris, cars free day. 233 participants............
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    Short video competition with some mild bloopers at the end. First time seeing hoverboards ridden on one wheel.
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    @Hunka Hunka Burning Love I've quit until I moved into a new neighborhood, it is now done ! So I ride my EUC again, even though I'm a little nervous now when riding solo, and I got rid of my "slow" EUC, not because I like riding fast, but because I want to be able to escape if needed (28kph is a minimum, because most "normal" humans can't run that fast or not for long). I think that some events can take away the fun of EUC, but it is still an useful way of shifiting around in a city. I only know about one rider who stopped riding EUC, and moved on to electric scooters, he just felt like he couldn't go fast enough with his EUC (a V8), he was scared of fast EUC (in case of a failure) and wanted more power and speed, he is also a motorcycle enthousiast this may have influenced him. I think most people who get to know how to ride an EUC don't quit, even I who had the most trouble riding EUC in my city (that I know of) don't give up
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    The Hong Kong Electronics fair is probably the most important event in the Electric Unicycle/Scooter calendar. For the past two years, it's been divided between the Convention Center in downtown Hong Kong & the Expo Hall by the airport. This creates a bit of split in focus of the exhibitors at the two sites. At the Asia Expo, there's a couple board/scooter companies being represented, but really the only main recognizable brand being offered is King Song. Now onto the 18L: the booth had just the one Wheel available, I didn't have the opportunity to take it outside & try it properly, there is the possibility we can do this tomorrow: Release Date: the product is still in the prototype stage, design is mostly completed, but some of the small details, like the handle require further improvement. Based on conversations I've had, I don't believe that it won't be released until the beginning of next year Handle: it's basically an extension of the 16S, because of the additional height, this prototype version is not the most rigid when extended. It's hoped that the final production version will be the same as the 14D, with the metal handle. Ride: like the 18S, it feels lightening responsive, but because of it's smaller bulk & mass is easier to perform sharp turns Width: at it's widest point in the center, about the same as the 18S around 175mm. It feels comfortable to ride, with no pressure points to any particular point in the leg Pricing: still not set definitively. I put the case to the Marketing Director that to be on a level pegging with the Tesla, it needs to be set at around the same $1500 price. Will be meeting the Engineering team tomorrow to go over the specifics of technical stuff, they'll be more photos, updates & reports to come over the next few days. This is Flora, giving three thumbs up on the 18L
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    After a 22hr trip, just arrived in HK, @Joey Serrin is here tomorrow. Will try to post some pictures of the Wheel in the flesh sometime in the morning (local time), about 12 hours from now. Some other answers I'll see if I get for the 18L are: Put the Wheel on a scale to verify if it is really 18kg; for context, the 16S is 17.3kg. For a 18" with 12 more cells & only weighing 700g, that's good going. Pricing & availability Ask one of the KS Testers to prove its maximum speed What type of MOSFETs does it use? Is the handle made of the same magnesium alloy as the 14D or is it plastic? Are there plans to offer a seat later on? Does it have 4x or 2x speakers? Colours, are these concepts or actual production options that will be offered immediately? If anyone has any other questions about the Wheel, please post below & I'll try to find it out.
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    Before the car free day, saturday night fever:
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    At the back end of a group ride a couple of weekends ago, we met up with @Austin Marhold at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. I had a chance to see, ride, and learn more about his Pulse Glider EUC project. Austin spent some time chatting with us about his wheel and sharing what he could about its current status. As someone who has been involved with EUC's for several years, Austin's wheeling skills are first-rate, and the synergy between him and his wheel is obvious and impressive. The Pulse in person is every bit as unconventional as it appears in pictures and video, though Austin says the current design does not represent the end product. On its exterior, it shares nothing with any current EUC. Its 12.5-inch tire is unique among current designs, as is the rim, including a highly accessible and brilliantly-designed air valve. Its wedge shape — exaggerated by cladding to both protect it and camouflage its final appearance — appears odd at first, but seems highly functional and innovative, including a handle built into the leading edge. The fixed pedals, noticeably long and high, also serve as stands to allow the Pulse to "lean over" and remain still. I rode for a couple of minutes on smooth sidewalk surfaces. The Pulse was exceptionally responsive and torquey among the wheels I have ridden. The high pedal height — I did not measure — offers a very swively and agile ride. The responsiveness reminded me of my MTen3, though the Pulse's motor felt much more powerful, without the "steppiness" I sometimes feel on the small Gotway. After a few of us got to sample the Pulse, Austin rode up Market Street with a couple of us to end the ride. The power of the Pulse was once again on display, as Austin repeatedly blasted past my MSuper V3S+ as we pulled away from stoplights. Even during a brief experience, the potential of this project is obvious and alluring. I can only wish Austin the best in solving the functional and business challenges ahead.
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    It's time to say goodbye to this ninebot forum. I bought my 9b1 E in June 2015. Two years, and 10400 km after, I have decided to update my EUC to another Brand/model. I have choose the KS-16S which is a beast of another world. Anyway, nothing bad to say about the 9b1, only good words. Never had a bad experience, and I have spent more tan 1000 hours above it, No doubt, rock solid wheel. I think that it is the better wheel I could have to learn. Now I will give this euc to my son, who at this time has an unbranded chinese generic euc (with the ugly 12 or 15km/h limit). So...two happy people for the price of only one euc My activity, since now, will be mostly in the kingsong forum. Thanks to the people of this forum, who help me at the start, and thanks to ninebot... very nice wheel.
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    Alpine eWheeling Picture Dump Every alpine town or village has it's "Hausberg" (house mountain). That's where the local kids learn to appreciate looking at the world from high above, train bob sled and ski. Hausberg of my present place of work, Villach, Austria, is the Dobratsch. That's this guy: 2190m / 7185ft high and subject to one of the biggest rock slides in recorded history: Ok, that was in the year 1348 and the temporary lake it caused is long gone, but the scars in the mountain side are still very present. Needless to say, I wanted to go up there and take a close look. Being an EUC addict, taking the car or - heaven forbid - hiking was out of the question. So I charged my trusty Msuper to the brim and chased it skyward: Yes, I made it to the spectators platform at the site of the rock slide and could enjoy spectacular views: But, that's where it ended. After a mere 15km ride and some 950m altitude gain, my huuuuge 820Wh battery had dreadful 17% left and the mountain top remained a distant dream. Ad insult to injury: after a nice downhill ride, it was back to 43% My new years resolutions to refrain from buying another GotWay until they got their QC act together, survived almost 24h after this devastating experience, and there I was chatting away with my EUC drug dealer of choice (www.electro-sport.de) about a non-bugeted-for-emergency-purchase of a wheel with the appropriate Oooomph for the environment at my new doorstep. Seconds later, I was battling PayPal to send a sizable chunk of money "to a friend". My girlfriend briefly considered divorce, when this cute package arrived two days later in my absence: With no chance for even the tiniest trial run, my shiny new 2400Wh GW Monster and I premiered in Paris at the 230+ EUC group ride through town. Great fun, but not much of a challenge for the Monster. So: Tadaaaa - 83% battery left! Dobratsch, here I come! Yet again, I had to turn around somewhat short of the very top. This time, it wasn't the wheel's fault, but the path turned really ugly and the signs left little doubt, I wasn't supposed to be here: After all, the views from up there left me with an inkling, there could be another mountain or two around, which are worth conquering, too: Dobratsch is entirely Austrian, the mountain ridge in the distance spans Slovenia and Italy. All 3 borders meet at a peek in between: Tromeja! And the plan for today was born To make a 70km / 1500m altitude story short: https://www.relive.cc/view/1221101970 And here are some impressions from along the way: The incline was pretty brutal: over 1000m altitude gain in about 5km ride. Mostly squeeze-your-thighs-and-push-it-upwards steep. Two stretches with about 300m altitude incline with no chance to stop for a cool down. WheelLog showed 74°C peak. If there ever was a situation to blow some MOSFETs or fry some connectors - this was it. But, accompanied by the reassuring humming of the fans, the Monster made it up there without even beeping at me. And it proudly displayed 61% battery at the top (42% when back home). Stupid me, with my newly acquired over confidence in battery life, I forgot (again!) to bring the charge cable for my phone. So, no evidence of the slightly longer ride home (navigating with a dead phone does that). My verdict after 1 week and 150km of Monster riding: I positively love that beast! Finally a transport, where my battery runs out way before the wheel's does Minor downsides: Yes, it is as clunky and as heavy as it looks. I don't want to carry that thing a mere meter. The stock (ACM-style) pedals don't allow mastering steep inclines (up or down) by simple pedal pressure - you have to clench the shell between your thighs and push it up or pull back to manage speed downhill. After a mile of doing that, it turns into an endurance workout. Will try Msuper pedals next and probably mount a bigger plate on top. With the many serpentine turns I've been doing, I noticed a distinct pedal drop on right turns and raised pedals with left turns. A bit irritating at first, but well manageable after getting used to it. But all that is penny-picking. Bottom line: it's a phenomenal wheel. Period.
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    When we were the exclusive US distributor of Inmotion Wheels, there were some exploratory discussions about getting the V5F/V8 UL2272 certified, even the possibility of paying for it ourselves. There wasn't much interest from Inmotion at the time, so it wasn't pursued further: Cost/Time: if there are no redesign requirements, the process takes several months. The fees to UL are about $35,000 per product & involves the destruction of between 15-20 Wheels during testing. Inflexibility: when a product obtains the UL mark, it is then locked into a specific battery model. Should the supplier, like LG, decide one day to end-of-life that cell line, then the product will have to go through re-certification again. In the case of the V5F, if we wanted to replace the Samsung 2.2Ah 22P cells with a more modern cell, like the 3.2Ah MH1, then it would be subject to undergoing certification independently. Voltage: the UL2272 spec sheet makes mention of an upper voltage limit of 60v. I've corresponded with an Engineer from UL about this, at the time I was told that it would be possible to have higher voltage packs, but since there haven't been any instances of this—example of Swagtron's V6/SwagRoller, it was re-engineered from an original 84.2v pack to 59.6v specifically for UL—I don't know if this correct. During the Hong Kong Electronics trade-show next week, King Song are expected to be announcing UL certified versions for the 14D/16S. While UL is an indicator of electronics safety, it does not necessarily follow that a device without UL is inferior, but how to convey this message to someone like Mr. VuNguyen? Perhaps providing him with the CE Certificate & Battery Datasheet would help your case. CE Certificate for the V8 http://images.ewheels.com/V8-CE-MD.pdf Datasheet of the MH1 Battery cells: Page 7-8 has some details about the torture testing process, there's some pretty extreme stuff, like charging them at 3x the standard rate, almost 10A! https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0674/3651/files/lg_mh1_spec_sheet.pdf
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    Apparently you are the only one who cares. I'm not riding a bicycle which obviously takes up a lot more space and would be dangerous to ride among crowds. The EUC takes the same space as a person and is very safe at the speeds that I ride when around people. If you've ever ridden your EUC within a crowd you would know how safe it is relative to riding a bicycle within a crowd. I was thinking of driving my truck there, but I'm glad you reminded me not to. The government creates enough laws that I have to obey. I'm not going to start obeying laws that don't exist. If I ever see a sign that says No EUC's, then I'll obey it. Until then you and your bureaucratic buddies can get off my back.
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    I took the Mten3 to the beach yesterday for a mid afternoon ride. I visited the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach, both landmarks in Southern California. For some reason I thought of @Hunka Hunka Burning Love at 5:20 and circled around for a closer look Venice Beach always serves up something offbeat
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    My grand-daughter's first short lesson on Luffy! Cinematography Credits: Grandson Logan
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    I had a pleasant surprise yesterday and got to ride with Michael Vu and his friend Monica. Michael drove up from Texas to visit Monica in Columbus, Ohio. He contacted me to see if I was available to ride. No way was I going to pass up a chance to cruise around with a fellow forum member and his friend.! They both drove up from Columbus yesterday afternoon (over 2 hours away) and we all met at International Park in downtown Toledo. Michael will be sharing his footage soon. From what I saw his video shots were excellent! Thanks Michael and Monica! It was a true pleasure to ride with you both! Great people and so much fun!
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    The video is recorded in vertical, so the center is the video. The side stuff is just added as it looks better than black space.
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    I cant wait until i get my pizza griptape. that will be fun to use
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    Here's my routine for practicing my backward turns. First I'll cycle thru the four quadrants of the compass by turning to the left, then I'll repeat the cycle but turn to the right. I try and exercise both sides of the body equal amounts so that I don't develop a favored side.
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    My shopping yesterday. Guess which was the heaviest
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    We have an order of MTen3 under production with Gotway, pushing them to complete before the 1st October Chinese Holiday—the entire country shuts down several times a year.... If all goes to plan, we should have the shipment arriving in the US sometime in late October. You can pre-order either the 325Wh or 512WH on our website. Our prices are better than those you'll find on Ali. https://www.ewheels.com/new-mten3-the-10-rocket-512wh800w-motor/
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    He was between 8 - 10 foot off the ground...those things are so hard to ride, I don't know how they do it?! Check out this other guy here in Los Angeles...
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    My grandson giving my granddaughter her first lesson.
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    Two of the most common KS dislikes is the deep power-on 'Hello King Song' baritone voice prompt, which has the unwanted side-effects of frightening small children & enraging dogs, & the logo of questionable artistic merit, prominently emblazoned on the side padding. The first of these has been corrected—or at least suppressible through the firmware—& finally we have plain padding available for the KS14D/KS14S/KS16/KS18 series. Going forward, most of our new KS Wheels will be sold without logos. eWheels Customers get free shipping on parts, including these pads. https://www.ewheels.com/shop/
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    My Chinese suck! But anyway, its something about this EUC Club taking a couple of Tesla up the most challenging hill they can find. Test was successfully completed and mission achieved, saved for 1 Tesla smoking out. Pro-Gotway fellows said something about a capacitor or MOFSET fell off or burnt up, but its not a mainboard problem. He said its completely acceptable since the rest of the Tesla were in working order after successfully overcoming this hill challenge. It could be one bad wheel out of a bunch of them. No biggy, said the fans. He said the faulty part has been sent back to Gotway for investigation and further improvement to the design of Tesla. Also, they said the temperature of the wheel was within safe limits after hillclimb. Then the anti-Gotway fellows insinuated that Gotway has a long history of problematic wheels, so Tesla being problematic as well shouldn't be a surprise. They said Gotway designed Tesla to be a high-speed cruiser, so not surprised it burnt up on this hillclimb. Well, that's as far as I can make out of those messages. Lucky for me, there're no real hills over at my region. LOL
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    Attested by motorcycle cops!
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    Hi, Where do you live ? I know here in France we often get coments that we don't want to do some effort/sport, because EUC are often compared to bicycles. However, I really don't think that people think that only 14 years old use them, the average here is 45 years old, it could almost be considered as a "old man's hobby" Mentality has to change, and it will change with the energetic transition that is slowly occuring, cars are incredibly expensive, and the average family will have more and more difficulties to have one, electric rides will rise, and I think people don't usualy see us as "old kids" or lazy people. IMO stigma will decrease, and EUC are a real mean of transportation ! I have a car, I could afford to use public transports, I could take my bicycle, but EUC is just convenient and fun ! I do almost everything with my EUC (go to work, shopping, meetings, w-e walk...) and I only take my car when I need to travel fast on long distances. Btw EUC are not that cheap, and I have never been considered "poor" (not that it bothers me that much..poor people are also respectable) because I ride EUC, quite the opposit in fact. My advise would be not to care too much about what other people think, if you like EUC riding, just ride and enjoy
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    Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've uploaded a video about unicycles Here is a short video, old pictures for the promotion of the next meeting on the 15th of October
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    I hate this „exclusive“ politics by KS...this has allready gone to a point where european customers pay about 1,5 to 2,5 the price as on aliexpress.... When you then think about, that the aliexpress sellers in their prices cover transport and customs AND profit, you can say that we in Europe pay about 2-3 times the prices that the wheel costs in China.. It is getting a kind of sport only for rich people here in europe and will not help to sell Kingsong just one more wheel! Lets create a „healthier“ market? @Flora Yuan I really have to lough about this...... I think i should stop „promoting“ Kingsong and trying to convince people from the safety aspects Kingsongs have over other brands...as this is getting into a rip off...And btw: GW here in europe is exactly the same! At least they leave the decision to the customer where to buy and at what service level. Time to change my nickname... Sorry for the rant!
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    @Philfree here is some video, we went for a beach ride with my son, he is on Inmotion V8 and I'm on Mten3. I had to let some air out from the tire to handle the beach sand, originally it was at 40-45psi, I think I lowered it to something around 25-30... The second part shows some freestyle moves I try on Mten3 - they are not as stable as on my mcm2s or V5F+ - mostly because the pedal feels a bit slippery (the smaller the wheel - the stronger the lever pushing you off the pedal in one-legged position), I need to either get used to it, or add something for better traction, or increase the angle of the pedals ("raise the wings").
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    Why is the working day sooooo long....The V8 and gear waiting to roll. Looking forward to the ride home! 6 hrs and counting.
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    Some pics from last Sunday. Including the obligatory "cow looks at ACM" pic of the day. A cold and occasionally rainy day (had to wait under a tree for a bit for a strong rain cloud to pass, and it was light raining some of the time, but the wind dries that quickly), but riding was needed anyways. I can only repeat myself: if you think it's too bad weather to ride, wrap up, do it anyways, and you'll love it and be glad you didn't stay at home. EUCing is not a warm/good weather only activity at all! The ACM is in every picture, find it if you can
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    I just returned from a test run using the new 1.05 firmware. It's a home run All the way down to ~50% the max speed was ~18 - 19mph. I quit my run (time constraints) with the battery at ~28% under load, and I was able to maintain ~17mph. I'm very happy with that. It's soooo nice not to be limited to 12mph on a wheel like this. So I was able to enjoy a 3 hour ride at pretty much any speed I wanted (for a 14 inch wheel) with no incessant beeping or tilt-back. I had a blast of a ride. This is the wheel I was originally hoping for when I bought it from @Jason McNeil The 14S is as close to a 10-out-of-10 wheel that I can imagine. Big thumbs up
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    Yesterday, a fantastic bright, warm and sunny autumn day, I was riding along river Mur, on one of my preferred pathes. (BTW, thanks to @LanghamP, pointing out that the battery lasts a lot longer in "riding mode" than in "player mode" on my KS16, that's really true, and extended some of my rides in the last days by some nice kilometers). I was rolling against the sun, and saw a bicyclist approaching, driving on his side of the bike path, like many others I already met today. I saw him staring at me, and so I know he noticed me, and didn't have any thoughts that something bad could happen. Suddenly, approximately 10 meters in front of me, he changed to the (his) left side, so approaching me in collision course. An immediate emergency brake on my side (I was rolling as I do mostly, around 25 km/h) didn't help, and also a try to escape to the right side into the meadows, because when I changed directions, he always did exactly the same, so we ended in a collision. It was not that fast anymore, so I could jump off and run it out, though I had troubles to keep the balance. He just stopped. He was a 16 year old boy, saying he is sorry, and telling me he was so puzzled by my appearance, that he didn't take care of his riding, and was somehow magnetically attracted by me. I was laughing, just telling him that this is nothing magical, but just a segway like thing, only with one wheel, and asked him to give it a try. Though he didn't, he seemed to be relieved by this explanation, and also by the fact I was not hurt, and then we both went our ways. However, this was the funniest accident I ever had in my life: people bumping into me because they can't believe what they see. For me it was especially surprising, because normally people here do not care much if you pass along on an EUC. Although I got some views and had to answer 4 or 5 times some questions since the 16 months I'm riding now, I never had anything close like this boy, who seemed to think I came to earth directly from starship Enterprise or something.
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    Hi guys, Here a some pics our little group tour, with @meepmeepmayer who came frome Germany to ride with us !
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    Update: The Monster Inside After some fierce abuse, beating my poor Monster up the mountain sides (pls see my "Alpine Picture Dump" a few posts above), I inspected the inside for melting wires, burnt connectors, discolored sleeves or any sign of stress. Happy to report: Nada! Njet!! Nothing!!! Thumbs up, GotWay, I am positively surprised
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    Sorry for the double posting. How, why??? I don't know
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    Msuper3 at American River Sacramento
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    Thanks a lot for sharing this! Looking forward to share more skills, tech, mission, vision and whatever I can share with you guys!!! . All the best! Alex
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    I'm honored that Alex of @EWheelMotion shared his latest You Tube video compilation with me. I wished he had more time to share his EUC experiences on the forum but understandably he is very busy.
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    Hey ho, just beware...on IOs 11 several bluetooth devices do not work anymore! My Ks18s can not connect anymore to my phone....only music still works...but the other part of bluetooth/all my apps! is just not visible anymore on the iphone options bluetooth page! And no: Thats apple fault..not Kingsongs.....it is reported for several other devices also. Hav not tested yet on my Gotway...so if you want your wheel Apps usable: Do not update to ios 11! EDIT: My Gotway V3 is also NOT visible as bluetooth Device anymore....Nothing! So Gotway users also: Dont update to IOS11
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    The second day of the WE in Royan (France)
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    Today (10-1-2017) is warbirds annual display at Beverly airport in Massachusetts. A fellow I talked with said he was learning to ride one at home and wondered how long it took me to learn to ride. I offered my Ninebot to him for a ride and took a video of his competent mount and ride.
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    This is getting real nasty! You can have your opinion but injecting disparaging comments into your diatribes has no place on this forum! You made your point. Please stop the insults!
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    Last Sunday we visited Shenzhen bay Park... on the opposite side of the sea, there's Hong Kong. Here are some pictures to enjoy the place