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    Sunshiny Day today for me!! Thanks everyone for all your kind wishes! I'm very stiff but still vertical.
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    I agree that the company is too tight for the information about V10, and I am little upset too. The reason we do this way is: We want to keep our engineer and manufacture teams away from distracts from dealers and customers. You may doubt it when you see it, but here is why we think in this way: 1. We have gone through lots of experiences that we announced the product before we get full ready to for sales, and we thought everything should be okay, and we didn't give ourselves too much redundant time. But there always were unexpected problems came up, like some vendor failed to deliver, some parts not meeting the quality standard, some mould got broken and needed to refine, some new bug found in last minute, even the electricity got cut off for consecutive 2+ days in the industrial park... Actually InMotion's engineer team maybe is already the most experienced team in this industry, but we still can not predict everything, and make things right the first time. The physical products is more tricky than developing an App, we can't fix the problem by just updating the backend firmware, it may take us more than 4 days by just replacing some plastic shells if the color is not accurate. 2. We used to announce the new models in a very tight schedule, and then all the dealers and customers come to the company, pushing to deliver, and then they engineers and the quality managers are threatened by sales reps and all levels of managers of the company, and then they need to do some compromise because they have to take lots of pressure to ship out the products asap. The result normally was: The first several batch of products are not ideal, and then we need to accept lots of complaints and return and repair, and then the reputation of this new model was ruined, and customers got very mad, and then the hard work of all the team for the past whole year was wasted, and everyone felt frustrated. 3. We have made lots of retrospects and decided to learn from the failures, and we made a rule inside the company that: If we don't have stock in the warehouse, we shouldn't announce anything officially. A perfect plan is not enough, only the physical product stock makes sense for us. We need to create an better environment for all the team to focus the quality to avoid the same failure to happen once and once again. 4. We know there are lots of perceptions that most Chinese products and not well designed and manufactured, and Chinese products are named as knock off and low quality in general, and we feel very bad with that. We don't want to disgrace the country's reputation by our products, and we are trying to improve it from ourselves. It may not be the ideal way to balance customer demand for information and our internal progress, but unfortunately it's the best way we can come up for now. 5. There is lots of things needed to be improved for InMotion, and we are far from good enough. Most of what you said in this forum make sense for us, but it may take us time to execute them all. Apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate for all your patience!
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    Trail ride in the park
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    It's been over a year since I last took a wheel (my first MSuper V3) into the ocean. Today was a perfect mid-March day to take the MSuper V3s+ for my first beach ride of 2018.
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    I had a brief call with Bob last evening about the VX release. The details are going to be released tomorrow, so I don't want to steal the thunder from this announcement, I can say that this Wheel has everything I've been begging for over the past two years, even before the V8 was released. Inmotion Engineering department are definitely at the top of their game.
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    Hi there, I read various questions on how EUCs are spreading in Japan. So I decided to share some pictures and videos from our group here in the Kansai area. Please 😊 enjoy! https://photos.app.goo.gl/otwk8fFTsSQbnyM43
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    Starting to open up my eyes to riding again.
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    I posted this in @Rehab1 get well thread, but I'll also post it here too. In fall of last year, my friend and I made a little trip just to see Dan so we could ride with him. Initially thought we wouldn't be able to do it but in the end it worked out, and I'm very glad to have met Dan in person especially since we were the only outside electric unicyclists he has met or ridden with.
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    Although I've fallen several times over the past 3 years I've been riding, I've managed to avoid serious injury except for road rash. That leaves a mark but otherwise leave you fully functional. Today was a wonderful day for a ride so I decided to go for a long loop around the area from my place down the Rock Creek Park. While on one of the trails I wasn't going any faster than 8mph at the time and probably slower when I hit a bump from a tree root during a turn. Usually I can easily run these off but this time the wheel was a little bit turned so when my foot came down it was turned inwards. I could feel my right knee separate and with that I buckled and fell down to the ground. No scrapes, no visible signs of injury, almost full motion of the joint, not even a lot of pain, but I couldn't put any weight on my knee; I could feel the joint try to slide off to the right when I tried to walk. Using the KS14C as a crutch, I backtracked on the trail for about 500 feet until it met a street, and called an Uber. Fortunately the driver was very helpful and carried my EUC to the house plus helped me to the front door. Honestly I'm surprised how little it hurts, there's some swelling but I've taken Motrin and am using cold compresses to reduce the swelling. I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning, in the meantime I'm hobbling around the house using my rolling office chair. I suspect it's a pretty serious tear so no doubt several months of rehab. The good news I think is that knee ligament injuries are pretty well understood since they're common in sports. Of course I'm getting ready for my wife to arrive this evening and tell me "I told you so." Now that's gonna hurt. Here's my path, it was really a wonderful ride. I'll see what the doc says about being able to ride again, but I'm still game. Be careful out there!
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    Good footage from Singapore group ride with lots of long, elevated walkways.
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    Practice, practice, practice... a few variations of figure "eight"
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    Same ride to work, different wheel....
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    Hi Guys, I’m Mirko from Milan and this is my first video with my new EUC Gotway Tesla. Thanks for watching!
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    Yes, you are right! I'd like to share another insight about our decision. Actually InMotion started from mini-segway in 2012, and our team began to research it from 2007 when we were in college. We developed InMotion R0 which as attached in early 2015 half year before Ninebot mini Pro, and it's low cost hub motor and no handlebar in hand which were huge changes with the previous design. Previously we have 8:1 ratio gearbox for both of the motors which means the wheel had tremendous torque and can save rider from falling in case something unexpected happens, and without a handlebar in hand, riders can not have the same acceleration and brake reaction, which means less power need for the motor, and so we can use low cost hub motor directly. We knew it's doable, and the market would be huge because the retail price could drop dramatically(Note: InMotion mini-segway retail price was between $2000-$2500 in 2014). But we dropped the idea and stopped this project in the end, at the same time, Ninebot developed its own design but with the exact concept, and sold the products a very cheap price, and it's heard that they just surpassed 1 million units sales by the end of 2017 for this single model. You may feel irrelevant when I type this, but it's the one of the core reasons that why we seems so hesitate and low efficient in terms of developing new models of self-balancing devices. The biggest concern that caused us to drop the mini segway of InMotion R0 is, we felt guilty with developing these models. Because we thought the we couldn't conquer the safety issue by this design, the system is not stable enough for riders especially for kids who don't have basic knowledge of the principle of how self balancing device works. We didn't want to face too many falls and injuries from the wheels, and we told ourselves that we were not ethical to develop this model even we could see there would be a much bigger market out there for this model. We gave up, and we began to develop more safe products like electric scooters and e-bikes. InMotion board members were against the idea of developing Unicycle until the birth of V3 in 2016, because of the same reason. The prototype of InMotion V3 was almost developed by one of our co-founders himself, the company didn't give him team or resources and he just used his spare time designing and assembling, and in the end he succeeded to convince the board members to set up this new product line, but he met lot of resistance during the process. Even today, we still have the same concern with developing faster wheels, and every accident we got from customer pushed us back from high speed wheels. We know high performance wheels are always have high demands, and we know we need to do something, but there's always some sense of conflict in the culture of InMotion. I know if we made our determination more decisively, we could do a better job in terms of new models.
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    The EUC Rebuild Contest Winner Dumb Roll Please Congratulations @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" ! The actual score was 166. JR’s guess was 163.
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    It's that time of year again for some Gotway melting and burning @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" (Monster), @YoshiSkySun (1600wh ACM), and @Stan Onymous (KS18S) joined me (KS14S) for a ride in the hills above Whittier California. First we visited the Whittier Classic Car Show and then headed into the hills. Unfortunately, during a very steep hill climbing challenge, Jeff's Monster blew a MOSFET while at the same time melting one of the motor wire pads on the control board. A double-whammy Enjoy the video
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    Now that I’m a year into riding and with a few hundred miles on my wheel, starting to get the kids involved:
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    @YoshiSkySun and @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" joined me on a 50+ mile ride, lasting over 4-hours, along the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel rivers of Los Angeles.
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    Here's some snowy riding again, before it melts away! I should get a camera stick, and probably an actual camera too Lots of looking at the ground, which I just can't seem to help.
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    This is because the consequences of making a split-second mistake can be so profound & life-altering. Even for yourself, who is the very model for prudence & exercising due-care had an incident where your helmet blocked the noise of the triple beep. At that moment, the probability of falling off the torque cliff was perilously grave—think of us forum members who would have been bereft of your insights & humour. Consider the personal pain & suffering of high-speed related accidents: in the case of @Rehab1, a [now] comparatively low-speed 20MPH crash resulted in major surgery, loss of income during convalescence & a whopping $75k medical bill. I'm certain that many serious injuries do not get reported. As some others have pointed out, all it takes is for one highly-publicized high speed cut-outs to go viral (e.g. witness the kamikaze chap on the highway), so that Wheeling, instead of being the transportation solution to the future, will become stigmatized, with ensuing draconian legislation, just as we witnessed the association between Hoverboards & incendiary domestic scenes a few years ago. The immediate objective is not to Nanny-proof the Wheel, but to do everything that's reasonably possible to reduce the probability of Operator error in a momentary lapse of concentration, thus impairing his future. One of the problems of the current high-performance class Wheels, is that they bestow a false sense of invulnerability. I have to admit to being personally guilty of this, 'Yes', we think to ourselves, 'Wheeling can be dangerous & others have suffered misfortune, but I'm endowed exceptionally unique skills, so that this won't happen to me!' Here is a clip of a local Miami Rider (we've never met in person) in the moment right before his crash, prompting me to try to do something about preventing this scenario.
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    Solowheel is still there, and InMotion San Diego team will take care of all the services of InMotion V5/V8 and Solowheel G2/G3, this is for sure. But Shane gave us very hard time, and he changed his mind and strategy too fast, and it's hard for us to keep following his directions. Fortunately we have full control of InMotion, and it won't be a concern for us to change anymore.
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    Here's something different from the sunny beach videos we've seen here lately! Made a quick video (my first!) while commuting: My face and hand were freezing! Copied from the description, as you can't read it from the embedded version: My voice isn't too loud, partly due to the extreme temperatures going on. -24°C is actually pretty normal in Finland, but in March? Nope. The polar vortex has leaked some super cold air to the whole northern hemisphere, due to climate change heating up the North Pole. But even that doesn't stop me from commuting with my One S2! To correct myself, I'd say the weather is absolutely gorgeous, but the temperatures are extreme!
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    My Mten3 has been missing for a month since my accident. I think my wife hid the wheel but I found it earlier today. Parden my messy garage.
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    Yeah.....the addiction got me bounded :-) @TremF has made me such an good offer, that i can not regret :-) So there was no chance...i had to take his Monster and slightly damaged ACM into my garage! Thanx for that btw, Trem! Here is the first update of what i have done with the Monster...i installed a trolley, as without trolley for me its a Nogo :-) And i am allready waiting for a 3d printed mudguard from Mathias in Norway, you sure know him as EU Guy.... Monster pics....btw. NICE color :-) More of an review, or lets better say an diary, like on all my wheels will follow! In short: Hell man, thats the commuter wheel like no other! While i am not that fast riding guy and have a natural “break” on my KS18S at about 35-38kmh....i allready made it to 45kmh on this 22inch Monster and it felt like nothing! Ok, nothing is perhaps a bit overdrawn...but you can easily put at 30% higher speed on this massive wheel size, without noticing it! There are -certainly- some disadvantages to this wheel also...again in short this are , for me, the sluggish torque and bad brake, but for me this was to be exspected and later on, when i get more trust into the wheels abilities that will for sure get minimized! So conclusion after a week: I love it! Keep an eye out for updates.... what will happen to the -defect?- 820wh ACM?...will it be running again? will It have a second live in a 2500wh Ks18s?.....to be continued....
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    Desde España llega el nuevo grupo euc. Team Offroad Saludos!!
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    I hacked into the medical billing database and managed to get a breakdown of the fee codes, one of which might reveal a bit more about where the money goes... 02/06/18 PHARMACY GENERAL CLASSIFICATION (S42202A).... SURGEON'S MERCEDES BENZ / SUMMER COTTAGE DOWNPAYMENT. $34, 733.00
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    I am back , was away from the forum for a long while. Dont quite have a very good excuse for that, but hoping to be active here again. It's great to see all of you again! Cloud
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    Having already owned a Tesla 1020 Wh, I recently purchased an MSuper V3s+ 1600 Wh with the Tesla Motor because I wanted the 1600 Wh battery for longer rides and the 18-inch diameter wheel for trail riding. I bought the Tesla from Jason McNeil at EWheels.com (https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-gotway-tesla-16-1020wh-1900w-motor/), who always has AWESOME customer service and support. I bought the MSuper V3S+ with Tesla Engine from Chen at AliExpress.com (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Latest-upgrade-Gotway-Msuper3S-1600WH-84V-Life-150KM-the-maximum-speed-of-55KM-H-the-fastest/32832913078.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.W2jVF1) only because Jason didn’t have that particular model in stock at the time. My experience with Chen was very good and I received my wheel on the East Coast of the US, about 11 days after ordering it online. So, that was also a good buying experience. I bought my wheel from Chen for $1,781 … the price on the website now is $2,380 … so wait for the price to go down, or try to convince Jason to carry it at EWheels. Truth in advertising, I have not cracked open the case of my MSuper V3s+ to see if the motor is the Tesla motor, but with the ride setting set to “sport” mode on the MSuper V3s+ the pedals are incredibly stiff and it feels like the Tesla with a lot of raw power and responsiveness. After putting about 300 miles on my Tesla and about 100 miles on the MSuper V3s+, I figured I’d write a review and let folks know my thoughts. BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT Both wheels are awesome! If I could only have ONE wheel I’d take the 1600 Wh MSuper V3S+ with Tesla Motor, but that’s primarily for the extended range and versatility of being able to take the wheel on street and trails without issue. RIDE CHARACTERISTICS Both wheels ride and handle very differently and the closest analogy I can think of is the difference between my road bike and my mountain bike. The Tesla is definitely a road bike. It handles incredibly well on the streets, with powerful and smooth acceleration and plenty of top end range to power out of situations quickly. The taller case sits higher on my calf, just below my knees and allows me to grip the wheel more securely and feels more stable when accelerating or braking quickly, or when turning at high speeds. The Tesla feels more fluid and silky smooth on the street and is my favorite wheel by far on the road, hands down, no contest. The MSuper V3s+, in my opinion, is like my mountain bike. It handles fine on the street. You can travel at a good speed and it has good acceleration, and like the Tesla has plenty of top end range left to power out of situations. But, I must say that 25 mph on the MSuper V3s+ feels like more work and less stable than 25 mph on the Tesla, where speed is deceptive and you often don’t realize you’re traveling as fast as you actually are. The case on the MSuper V3s+ is not as tall as the Tesla, so I find that I accelerate a little bit slower because of my inability to control the wheel at a higher angle, and I find that turning at high speeds is significantly more difficult. Of note, the pedal dip on the MSuper V3s+ during turns is significantly more pronounced than the Tesla, which is probably a function of the different control boards between the two models. The pedal dip on the MSuper V3s+ is annoying and I much prefer the way the Tesla handles in that regard. Whereas with the Tesla I can grip the wheel just below the knees and lean my whole body into the turn like you see motorcycle riders do on the track, I can’t do that with the MSuper V3s+ (at least not yet) and that’s with over 100 miles on the wheel. I can still turn at a decent speed, but the handling characteristics of the MSuper V3s+ are much different than the Tesla. I’ve also found that I much prefer riding the MSuper V3s+ with the ride setting set to “medium” mode vice “sport” mode, whereas my Tesla stays in “sport” mode. ON THE TRAILS On the East Coast where I live we have a lot of wooded single-track trails. Lots of tree roots and ruts and only small hill climbs with 30 – 45-degree angles for no more than 50 – 150 ft elevations. Rides are through the woods with no real rocks or significant hills of which to speak. In both cases, both the Tesla and MSuper V3S+ can handle the trails, but the design of the MSuper V3s+ is so much better on the trails, that I’m never taking my Tesla through the woods again. The larger diameter wheel of the MSuper V3s+ smooths out bumps and tree roots and the fact that the front and back of the wheel are exposed and not hidden behind a case or plastic mud guard means the wheel can really attack uphill and downhill terrain with ease. Also, the lower case of the MSuper V3s+ makes it significantly nimbler in closed quarters, despite the larger 18-inch wheel diameter. I can turn the MSuper V3s+ on a dime at low speeds, but have more difficulty with the Tesla because of the higher case on the Tesla. As far as performance, with the Tesla engine in the MSuper V3S+, I can fly up hills while accelerating and keep up with mountain bikers on the trails with no issue. I had more fun hitting the trails on the MSuper V3s+ than I do with my mountain bike! FINAL THOUGHTS While both wheels are amazing, the overall versatility of the 1600 Wh MSuper V3s+ with the Telsa motor makes it the clear winner if you’re only going to have one wheel. But, if you’re the type of person who has a mountain bike and a rode bike because you don’t want to compromise on either experience, then I highly recommend getting the Tesla as your “road wheel” and the MSuper V3s+ as your “mountain wheel” and let them excel within their respective terrains. You will not be disappointed!
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    Hey, I already paid the extra $5.23, I’m not made of money here it is with its little big brother
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    No Way! I canceled all of my patients tomorrow just to savor the V10XF16E spec announcement. I’m calling Wikileaks and Putin.
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    I'm not riding my EUC in a national park. Everywhere I ride (bike paths, local parks, etc.) has plenty of people playing their own music or making other noises that you won't hear in the back country of Alaska. Or the sound of traffic noises. So yeah, I 'blast' music out of my KingSong wheel or attached bluetooth speaker. I will turn it down or off when riding in town or through a populated park, etc. During our group rides we will also 'blast' music. It's actually very enjoyable - get it try some day. BTW, you can play motor sounds through the speakers too, to a horn that can be activated by my Pebble watch. Lots of potential uses. I for one like this feature and hope Gotway adds it some day too. It's a big plus for me. Just one persons opinion.
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    Ninebot have tentatively promised to provide a pre-production Z10 sample next month, working with KS for a 18L sample, & Inmotion for the V10. The problem with Florida, is that there's no proper 'proving' grounds with the completely flat topography. Thinking about having all the new Wheels shipped directly to LA & doing a shoot-out at Griffith park with @Marty Backe, @abinder3 @JKLINE, @YoshiSkySun & anyone else in the area who might be interested
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    You are kidding, or? Safe in what terms? I know without any problems about 5-6 of such "out of the blue" failures..... Come on, man! You dont have to find a excuse for Gotway....their reputation quality wise is garbage anyway. First it was "out of nowwhere" riding into the blue, then it was "perhaps sligtly" breaking, now it was breaking to hard??? And whom not to blame when not the Tesla? Is braking not allowed anymore on a Gotway? Downplaying such accidents does not help the EUC Community, the opposite is truth. When nobody kicks into GW's ass...they will never improve with their 3rd party PCB. And to all others: No, iam not just a KS Fanboy, at the moment i have a Monster and ACm myself and owned the Tesla before! I really would LOVE to have a safe, reliable wheel.... The performance of the Tesla is kick-ass, but what does this help, when the chances of a defect board are driving alltime with me? I guess i really will start to recommend to newbies to take all but NOT a Gotway! Here in the forum, where us freaks are and know about the risks, its ok to drive a performance dangerous wheel like that(while the truth is that this is also NOT Ok)...but not for a newbie who is barely knowing the technique and just raises eyebrows when hearing of a MOSwhat?!!! Really: GW quality sucks! When i received my Tesla, i opened it up. The capacitors where bent over 90degree away from the board, i would guess drawing on a wire when installing batterys has done that. My motor connectors where lying over the board/Moswhats...when the shrinktube would have just sligtly melted that would have mean catastrophic electric short. On the "v3" version now they introduced air vents in the shell. Good luck to former owners. "v2"? Aaah V2 have been the new sidepads which dont cut through the motor wire anymore:-) Good luck to former owners, but sorry, i-i mean Gotway- repeat myself. In the early we have people had shorts, then mystery falls out of the blue with the wheel still working after,then some typical mosfets burns.....The Version iterations and and and... I really dont get it anymore!!! Aaah wait the fun begins again now: First MCM5 are in beta-test now, whats next???? Sorry,grumpy rant over :-)
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    Saturday in San Diego, full Mission Bay loop! Best group ride I've had in quite some time. Good people, good fun:
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    The mten3 I purchased from @Evel_Knievel arrived on Wednesday of this week. Due to a recent medical issue with my son I haven’t had a ton of time to ride it but my overall impression so far is that I’m gonna love it . It really is like a tiny rocket ship. It climbs like a champ, turns on a dime and the braking is pretty impressive too. I commuted to and from work on it yesterday and my only issue so far is that it does feel a bit unstable at speeds above 15mph. I pushed it to 35kph on the way home and on dead level, smooth asphalt it reached and held this speed with no issue . No excess motor noise , seemed like the motor handled the speed very well. I think that it really shines around 8-12mph though . The maneuverability is insane ! It performs 360 degree turns on the spot. Jump 180’s? ...piece of cake on this thing . If you’re on the fence about buying this little guy like I was ....just do it . It brought an instant smile to my face that hasn’t gone away since . ill write a more comprehensive review once I put more miles on it
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    I agree and don't blame the wheel.That hill hits nearly a 45 degree incline in places and I'm a 200lb. rider.Every wheel has it's limits. The good thing is that there was no overheating/burning of the motor wires and connectors which has plagued many a Gotway wheel.
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    I began this experimental repair process in @Charles McLean topic titled Plastic Welding? Charles topic is excellent and that I hope someone finds the proper method to weld broken EUC shells. Unfortunately I have not had any success plastic welding so I tried a different technique involving a metal strut and epoxy. My initial preparation for this repair can be found in Charles topic 'Plastic Welding?' This topic is more of an experiment to determine if my simulated repair is successful. I begin with a weight test by first adding first 2.2 kg to the shell, then 4.5kg and ending with a total weight of 9kg. Further experiments will be performed in the coming days that will test torsion and impact resistance of the repair.
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    God that looks like fun! Almost everyone is having fun.
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    So this happened a while ago, but for some reason didn't feel like posting about it (or even posting at all for that matter). But yesterday started reading up on the tesla and other crashes, so i thought i'd 'contribute'. It ended up being a fairly big wall of text, so i've put a tl;dr at the end. This happened back in september on a warm but windy day. Had the Gotway ACM for a couple of months and started to feel - maybe to- confident. The weather was nice and felt like accelerating but had a fairly strong headwind so might have over leaned a bit. The tiltback was set at 35km/h (used to be at 30 but got annoying to be tilted back all the time) and instead of slowly being tilted back (probably because of accelerating?) the tiltback was sudden which in turn caused me to lose my balance. Because i lost my balance i fell/flew forward and first landed om my right hand and slid a bit, then on the right side of my head and slid some more followed by either shoulder,elbow, wrist or pelvis on te left side and somewhere along the way i might have turned my head (atleast i recall seeing both sides...) and saw my wheel come to a standstill against a big sturdy flowerpot. Managed to get up go to my wheel, then couple minutes of trying to find my balance (probably cause i banged my head) inspected for injuries. Luckily i was wearing elbow, knee and wrist guards but unfortunately it was summer so just a tshirt and shorts. Because of shorts and sliding my knee protection didn't help much (just slid upwards) nor did the elbow guards (might have caught the first hit, but have roadrash). My shoulder didn't look to good though and the wound on side was fairly deep . So managed to get back on the wheel somehow and to make an even longer story short spend a night in the hospital with a heartmonitor and the following night under family supervision because the crash caused a small crack in my skull... But that wasn't it... I also had backpain and at first they thought just a strained muscle. Didn't improve in the following month or so, so went back for x-rays which didn't show anything, so advisement was fysiotherapy which changed the diagnosis to a touched nerve and another month later I still wasn't convinced it improved so they changed diagnosis to either a moved disc or something equally bad. So the suggestion was to first try an osteopath before an MRI. She concluded a locked rib and some other stuff (probably unrelated to the accident, but earlier surgery). These sessions actually felt like they made a difference and in february i was finally able to consider it at least healing... So pictures! Three pictures of injuries (as far as i was able to take them, elbow not included), one of the maybe overkill bandage they put on the arm and two of the effects on the gear. What i was wearing at the time was knee and elbow from G-Form and wrist guards from Flexmeter and just a standard bicycle/skateboard helmet. I don't want to think on how my skull or wrist for that matter would have looked and i'm pretty sure i'd have spend time in the ICU unit instead of a regular bed for a night. I think i used the wheel again november (had to wait a month for the cracked skull to heal) since then I replaced the helmet with a Kali Interceptor (for some reason i still don't feel like wearing full facial) and bought a kevlar hoodie with protective pads in elbow,shoulder and back (but don't use the latter). Kevlar because it lightweight and is supposed to protect in case of sliding. The wheel still works fine but disabled the tiltback cause i don't trust it anymore but all the other alarms are still active. tl;dr: Fell due to sudden tiltback (and inexperience maybe). Injuries limited because of wrist guard and helmet but overall road rash on knee, thumb, elbow, shoulder, pelvis. Small crack in skull and 'locked' ribs. Wheel survived and got back on after about a month or two but with a small protection gear upgrade.
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    I disagree, Roo. I keep my music at full blast as I ride around town and people are always pumped up and excited. You'd be surprised how many people pump their fists to my sick beats and seem to be trying to sing along as loud as they can, even though they obviously don't know the words very well.
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    I love having all my wheels stand on their edge, it’s perfect for charging too. They all get a car molding strip that works perfectly. The wheel is very stable, and you also add a layer of protection. It stands with light facing the ground too.
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    Fun ride with the GotwayFellas but it's still so damn cold here in Italy !!!!
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    It would really be hard not to love the Monster.Mine even survived being totally submerged for about 5 seconds.I had to pull 175 amps to finally kill my Monster.Fortunately @Jason McNeil and @Joey Serrin saw @Marty Backe's video of me burning up my board on "Overheat Hill" and got me a replacement board in the mail and to me in less than 5 days so I won't suffer from MWS.(Monster withdrawal Sydrome) Ewheels has kick ass customer service!
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    A fun fast ride on my Tesla. This is my first video wearing full body armor. Top speed during this ride was 28 mph.
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    Alright...I need to spill the beans. @Marty Backe already knows. So do my employees. 1/2 hour ride today. Wife factor is still in play but she does not follow the forum.