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  2. I5 for Heavy Rider?

    For heavier riders, lower powered wheels are not practical... The torque limits of the wheel are reached exponentially quicker!
  3. EUC Rebuild Contest

    @Rehab1, I see sometimes, your left hand touches the EUC body, but not doing anything, does that count?
  4. V8 / Solowheel Glide 3

    I'd wait until the V10 is announced, too. Can't be too far ahead. Unless you absolutely hate battery capacity and need lower weight.
  5. The Photo Thread

    There are two kind of people, the ones that already know that wet wood always is a deathtrap, and the ones that might still learn that wet wood always is a deathtrap. I have a special hatred in my heart for people who build wooden bike and pedestrian bridges. Pure thoughtlessness.
  6. What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    Just finished 'Altered Carbon' - was underwhelmed to be honest. I think it's a shame James Purefoy was passed as Bond in favour of Daniel Craig. He's passed it now but ten years ago, he would've been perfect.
  7. EUC Rebuild Contest

    I guess 107 then
  8. smart drifting battery

    Typically the extra connector is used for balancing the cells within the pack, from there you can read the voltage of each cell. The coloring on the wiring is a bit strange though so you might want to validate with a meter. Since it is a 2P pack it looks like you can only balance each pair as a group which makes sense in a typical 2P configuration. Usually 6 wires should be in the second connector for a 5S pack.
  9. V8 in trouble

    Looks like you need new inner shell halves so you can screw in that control board cover. A new control board cover and motor wire connector. A new battery charge connector? Just was on a ride where the Gotway Monster 22" motor wires got so hot they melted the soldering holding the yellow wire onto the board and released the wire. Not as easy to remedy as that V8 motor wire connector on a dirt trail 3 miles from the nearest Hardware store. I say do the rebuild! Put some foam padding around the control board cover and battery like someone else did on their V8 recently in the forum. Its still a great wheel if its running with that much damage. I have said it before, the InMotion V8 is the Subaru Impreza of EUCs.
  10. EUC Rebuild Contest

    Your closest so far. The correct answer has been provided to Moderator @Marty Backe . He can then share it with the other moderators.
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  12. What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    I forget "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" there is only one season, hope they do more
  13. V8 in trouble

    Pretty impressive mileage, but time for serious maintenance before you do any more..
  14. KS-16S max speed (help)

    I’m not an expert on all things Wheel, but it’s my understanding that there is a KingSong app for iOS but apparently the new version of the app is experiencing some difficulties at this time, hopefully now that the Chinese New Year holiday is now over they will get the new version sorted out for the iOS folks. I am heading out a little later with my GPS for a little comparison run, mostly just for grins. I’ll give you some feedback later today 😎
  15. V8 / Solowheel Glide 3

    I have two things to say about this... First- Happy New Year!🎉 Second- When When when? I really am excited for the release!
  16. V5 shell removal

    We need to re-film the instruction video based on your experience, thanks!
  17. V8 in trouble

    We've got lots of spare parts in San Diego office, please let me know if you need anything or our assistance.
  18. V8 / Solowheel Glide 3

    Awesome, cheers guys 🙏
  19. V8 / Solowheel Glide 3

    Yes, they are the same wheels, only the brands are different. V10 will come back to be "InMotion" brand again.
  20. V8 / Solowheel Glide 3

    I rode the Solowheel Glide 3 at CES in January and they actually seem a little quicker somehow. Yes, all the calibrations can be done on them the same way as on InMotion's app. Pedal angle, calibration, speed limiting, handle release button, it is all in there. I am not sure that you will get the Solowheel glide3 in London. I thought you would still get the InMotion v8 but no, not yet on using the app from one to control the other. There was some discussion of that recently, but I didnt see a resolution yet. You can still use the social part of the InMotion app even if you have a Solowheel. You just cant show up in the weekly mileage contests or initialize the wheel with it. Yet... Also with the move to San Diego from Seattle, the Solowheel company has become much more cheerful and fun. Almost like the move gave them a Sunnier outlook on life after all that beach riding.
  21. I5 for Heavy Rider?

    I rode the I5 for the first time yesterday. It's an impressively thin wheel but didn't impress me with the sense of unlimited power like the the Mten3 provides. My riding weight is in the low 170's. It's hard to say with any certainty, but I think the Mten3 would provide you a much better sense of security. The I5 is a 14-inch wheel with a 500-watt motor. This verses the 10-inch 800-watt motor of the Mten3. I think the I5 would feel very under-powered for you. The I5 is very impressive as an ultra-portable wheel for carrying, etc.
  22. KS-16S max speed (help)

    Hey Master Blaster, You don’t seem preachy at all. I totally appreciate the feedback. There is no part of me that wants to nose dive into the pavement, so these speed tests are in short bursts and not indicative of how I plan to ride. I upgraded from a Segway One S1 because as much as I loved that wheel (very smooth and nimble), I wanted more range and to be able to cruise higher than 10 MPH. That 12.5 MPH top speed just wasn’t quite enough, and it will push you back to 10 quite willingly. Now that I’ve started to get used to the additional weight and extra 2 inch diameter of the KS-16S, I am loving it! It’s super smooth, and the sensation of carving with it is just fantastic. I’m also really digging having some pads to brace my leg against while leaning into a turn. The S1 is a cool looking wheel, but not too forgiving on the ol’ shins. If you get a chance to go for a ride, then let me know what you find. Ultimately, everyone here is right, and the biggest thing I need to do is get my friend back over here with his Android phone so I can verify that the Ollie is set to 35Kph, and not 30Kph. Thanks again!
  23. V8 / Solowheel Glide 3

    No no, that helped a lot! But since only your motor is from the new wheel....do you have any idea whether an entirely new Glide 3 would allow me to still use the Inmotion app? I don't really want to mess around with the Darknessbot thing, regardless of how much people like it. I like keeping things official.
  24. Need help with app V8 on Huawei Mate 10 Pro

    Please, how can I have wheellog working with my v5f? I been trying few times without success. I detest the social part of immo too, because this I have not euc app installed
  25. V8 / Solowheel Glide 3

    I have a rebranded motor from Solowheel on my old V8. It works great. i use Darknessbot app on i os so I can get the 35kph speed enhancement. I have heard that Solowheel's app allows for higher speed at higher battery power till the battery level drops. The apps control the functions you mentioned above, so Yes they still allow for all the calibrations. Darknessbot does not do 'forward calibration' but the Solowheel and InMotion apps do. My advice between the ks14s and the V8/glide 3 is to determine your range of rides. I can only get about 18 miles of reliably fun riding out my V8 before the speed limiting at low battery levels makes it a patience game till I get home and can recharge it. I can always carry the extra battery in a backpack, but that makes it the same weight as the KS14s. The KS14s is also a fantastic wheel. The speakers are better sounding than the ks18s, and the range is around 30 reliably fun driving miles. The ks14s also has no problems cruising at 18-19mph for the long haul with the 840wh battery pack. That said as a V8 fan, I always have the feeling of regret when riding the Ks14s that 1. The V8 could give this a better feel, and 2. Why cant the V8 perform like this.... I guess thats not much help, but still
  26. help please my ks-18s only charging to 90%

    @Keith do u have any idea why my packs are reading 90% and 93% after being on the charger? i appreciate ur great explanation but i still don’t have any idea of what is causing this less than full charge except for the electricbike guy’s explanation. do u agreewith him? what would u do if these were ur wheels? thanks in advance.
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