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  2. The Woot Deal is Back! $399 Segway miniPRO Personal Transporter (Certified Refurbished)
  3. Alien caterpillar meets the Resistance <insert your own caption >
  4. take it apart and place it back in. if that seal is from inside it should stay where it should be.
  5. Hello ir-fuel, i'm located in Hilversum, that's 30 km under Amsterdam. The wheel has a 550w motor and a 320wh battery. I can do around 20+ km on a full charge, most off the time full speed. Ofcourse when you drive slower you get more km's out of it. But slower - i never did, so don't now how much km's you get then. The speed is around 23/24 km, and when you really push it it will be 25km When you try to get harder the tilt back kicks in, and forces you to get slower. Keith is right, the V5D was for the asian market, same specifications as the V5F. But it is a very smooth and easy ride on it.
  6. well... as much I respect the fact of cut out engine and painfull falls I would like a bit more top speed on straight runs. Im not one of those people who push EUC to check the abbility and run on an edge of risc of injury just for fun as life is most important It is just anoying when my V8 shout "please slow down" most of the time when riding straight I still respect it and lean backwards when V8 is telling me off 😁 but... at least i know now that I can only have this app on Iphone which I havent got 😂😂😂 so no go fortunatly or not I wont find out how is to ride 35KM/h 🤔🤔🤔
  7. I've had my IM V8 for a few months now. Got it from @Jason McNeil at, and couldn't be happier with that transaction, by the way. I dumped it a few times pretty hard when first learning to ride, and I think this problem developed as a consequence of those accidents. I could be wrong about this, but I speculate that on one of those occasions the wheel was subjected to forces that separated the two halves of the main body long enough for one of the seals to herniate. So here's what it looks like. You are looking at the wheel lying on its side with the handle pointing at you. The yellow arrow points to what looks like a section of white foam/rubber seal that has poked its way outside. I haven't disassembled my wheel so I don't know if it even has such a seal. But that's what it looks like to me. What do you think? And what do you think I should do about it? I could just razor it off, but that would seem to defeat the purpose of the seal. I wouldn't necessarily care so much about that, but the breach is right at the top of the wheel where any moisture that gets in is going to dribble its way from top to bottom wreaking who knows what havoc. I could disassemble the wheel and try to tuck it back in, but that looks pretty daunting to this not very mechanically inclined rider. When I watch the disassembly videos, it looks separating that particular seam is practically the last thing you do. Are there any shortcuts, or will I have to just suck it up and take the whole thing apart?
  8. Wel, i think i'm an wheel addict too, but like to try all the stuff that is assumed to be good
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  10. A panoramic POV (point of view 360fly camera) photo of Salem Harbor following the eclipse
  11. sounds good, I hope this is an easy fix for you, Please post the video as this will be helpful to others. thanks
  13. I took @Tilmann's Fender Design and added a Parking Stand to it. Introducing my Parking Fender. EDIT: Just to clarify, I did check the Thingiverse License before I posted all this. It appears I am allowed to make changes and remake it?
  14. Paddy, I can only talk from experience of LiPo batteries going bad, but everything I've seen and read about 18650 suggests that failures should be similar, albeit they should last a hell of a lot longer not only because LiPos are way more fragile but also in model aircraft they get really badly treated - 1C or higher charges and 20C plus discharges, most of my flight batteries last 6 to 10 minutes in flight, I.e. averaging a 10C discharge, an EUC should have at least 1 hours run time so an average of 1C or less. Firstly, I fly using 2 to 6 cell LiPo's which should have been fairly closely matched at manufacture yet it is very rare for more than one cell to go bad in a pack so there is a definite randomness to it. Ignoring physical signs (a cell puffing up) the often noticeable change is significantly increased internal resistance, I.e. Under load the pack will drop its voltage more and the maximum current will be reduced. Our chargers show every cell's voltage and a failing cell will often be lower when it's been used but sometimes reaches full voltage quicker (I.e. It's capacity has gone down) Sometimes, leaving the pack for some days, that cell may have dropped to a lower voltage, I.e. It is leaking charge - which I think is that Lithium metal whiskers starting to partially short the cell. The problems you have with an 18650 battery pack in an EUC is that there are a) cells in parallel and b). not usually any monitoring of the individual cells by the BMS that reaches the main control board so, it is highly likely you will only see range reducing and a greater voltage drop under high load (high acceleration or a hill). It would probably be easier to spot if you commute on the wheel so start to see changes day to day - but a colder day will also show the same effects. Using a charge doctor might show you that the current is reducing more slowly or indeed stops reducing and settles at a low level. As @Slaughthammer has just said above it might slowly discharge lowering the pack voltage after a few days Chargers, like any electronics, could last for generations or fail tomorrow, there is no effect other than plugs wearing out that could be seen as ageing although electrolytic capacitors ( the big cylindrical ones) can potentially dry out with age but it's fairly unusual- I'm still using a Sony CD player I bought in 1986 and the Casio calculator I had at school (which, OK, replaced a slide rule) still worked when I put a battery in it last year. As @Chriullhas already said above, if it is reaching full voltage off load it is probably OK, with a Charge Doctor you can also confirm it reaches full current as well.
  15. It was GREAT !!!
  16. Practice and practice! Ks18 is a very special wheel...needs time to get used to! But thats all... For new wheels you need adjustment time...for the ks18 some more :-)
  17. If you charge your wheel to 100% and let it sit for some hours and the charge has dropped a bit, that might indicate a bad cell. Or if you don't reach full charge at all... They charge or they don't. They typically don't charge improperly. If the app shows a full charge, you got a full charge, no smart meter involved that could fuck up.
  18. My GT16 rockwheel starts straight but as it accelerates it bends backwards as the speed increases but tilt back is set to 50 km h someone has the same problem?
  19. Maybe they could - but normally they should have a reason. Imho mostly age? you should notice it on decreased range. for more details you can read through A first quick test for the charger should be to measure the no load voltage? for phones it could be different with the "smart capacity meters"? Or just too many (new) apps draining the battery?
  20. Low tide at 5pm after the eclipse. (Salem, Massachusetts)
  21. Yes, it is the same. 4 patterns - no user-definable, 4 colours can be defined freely (without white colour)
  22. Hi, It's perfectly normal, I had a KS18B, I am a light rider (60kg) and I had some hard time to turn it even if I had already traveled 1600km on my other EUC, you just need to get used to it. I now have a Monster, and it is at least twice as hard to turn, but I love it and I ride it with ease now (1260km on it), it did take me 400km to really get used to it, so don't worry you'll have a blast with your KS18S in no time Like meepmeepmayer said, practice practice practice...but have fun too ^^
  23. Thanks for help... I have to pratice more... If i have no results, i send the wheel for both, ok? ehehehe
  24. The last minute of the eclipse... Live on YouTube
  25. Your first wheel? Then that's normal. Solution: practice, practice, practice, ride, ride, ride, rest comes by itself. You can also send it to me if you like, AND I will generously pay for shipping
  26. I did wear that helmet on the way down when we were gong faster than 15 km/h But too hot on the way up, also I still hate helmets, trying to get used to them.
  27. This sounds like a bad one, you better send it to me.
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