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  2. Thanks for the video. I do see that inner fitment rim and see what you mean. Is there any play between the rim and the outer hub? If not then maybe the magnets/stator facings are laterally skewed slightly resulting in the friction contact previously. Interesting.
  3. Did you do the battery mod to secure it? Also there are some holes that allow dust and possibly water ingress in. I used some electrical tape to seal those off.
  4. I think Banggood sold them a while ago. They had modular battery packs that were easily removable. It was another one of the myriad of generic wheels produced. TJCooper had some battery issues causing cutoffs early on while learning to ride likely due to some inferior cells in the pack..
  5. Making a msuper V3 (or ACM) sales video with the hill climbing abilities would be downright criminal at least if you don't mention the restrictions. The GW wheels can comfortably do 20% or more inclines, but after a few minutes (depending on the actually produced current) the wire insulation melts because the wires get too hot. And the wheel won't warn you, just short and cut out on you. So these streets would be fine (they're not that long, after all), but nobody should get the impression that longer steep inclines are a good idea - they certainly are the guaranteed opposite of a good idea if you don't make enough preemptive breaks to allow the wiring to cool down. Just saying I know you don't plan to make an msuper sales video, but tbh every video of ACM/msuper V3 on >10% inclines should come with that warning.
  6. WoW 25 km is nothing if you weigh 65kg. I have a V8, I can ride it for 24km BUT I weigh 95kg and I ride quite aggressively, carving, ie lots of breaking and accelerations and I have over a 1000km already on it. I would suggest get another unit, your battery is not normal. I also don't get the tire scrape and I've ridden it in the rain 2-3 times without any issues. Fight it. It's a great wheel but yours doesn't sound normal. Good luck! TESLA, please make an EUC!
  7. I tried to use the shims but found them pretty useless. Even when using them the cover realigned the axle during tightening of the screws- I assume this by the sounds it made.The covers are not aligned by the screws but by the rim that goes around the circumference of the cover. It only goes in the right positions when pressed to the outer hub so that's why it seems that it is the screws that align it but they are there really just to keep it all pressed together. So the bigger screw holes allow only for a angle shift which should not affect the axle at all. I tried to take a little video of what I mean but I'm not sure that you can see it. Basically I try to demonstrate that the cover stays in one position even without any screws at all.
  8. I'll try to remember on our next ride to get some hill climb videos.
  9. Glad it worked out for you and all is working again. Have to say i found IPS pretty helpful, when they were talking to me, but like you there were times when a few days went by with no response from them. I don't know how many staff they have and obviously they have recently been developing the new wheel. When i had the initial problem they could not have been more helpful in guiding me through getting it all apart and testing the various parts, sending results back and forth etc. They had a lot of patience with all my daft questions...
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  11. Glad to hear that you got it working. Just curious, do you use shims in between the metal facings and magnet when mounting the motor covers, or do you rely on the screws to move the stator housing into proper position? I'm just wondering if the cause was misalignment during cover install or an actual magnet face to stator face lateral misalignment that necessitates a certain hub and stator arrangement. If the bolt holes in the cover are larger than the bolts, some alignment play could occur during reassembly. Maybe regular use of shims (eg. Playing cards) is a good idea considering how small the airgap is.
  12. Wish i could, but I'm in Bournemouth tomorrow... one day ... Have you ever ridden along the river, i quite fancy that too?
  13. we need to inverse the gyro to make it think itiis gong back
  14. what Waring, i use handlebar way more stable and that the need for more speed
  15. I messaged him through the ewheels chat the other day. Expecting to ship out on the 30th June or just after if customs drag their heels.
  16. Many thanks for your concerns! Trust me this is not a death wish. The harness apparatus that will protecting me will be attached to a large eye bolt mounted in the ceiling above the parallel bars and is designed to hold over 1000 lbs. The 10 foot parallel bar structure is permanently mounted into concrete and rated over 500 pounds. The wheel itself will have a dog cage over it and separately harnessed. I cannot comment on the entire design until I have the treadmill in hand tomorrow. Upon examination if the treadmill appears attenuated in anyway and deemed inadequate for the test rig then a custom treadmill will need to be designed. I am hoping some of my biomechanical and helicopter building experience will keep me safe but after last weekend's ominous, uncontrollable events I suppose anything could happen. That is the purpose of prayers!
  17. Hey Mono i just attempted this but the wheel wont stay on in this position. Am i being really stupid and missing something here?
  18. Did jason mention when the new stock with the 1.95 tire will be available?
  19. Maybe in time a reliable 2.15 tire that works will be found and I can fit it. With the 1.95 I will just be glad to have a wheel that doesn't have an issue out the box.
  20. I am terrible for analyzing and researching big purchases. I like to have no regrets. I think in the last week I've read most of this forum in my search for answers! It does lead to analysis paralysis though which is why I like the opinion of those who have been there and done it. The responses received so far have been invaluable. I think I'm at the point now to pull the trigger on a V8. I really like the V5F+ and the decision is really close but I think the extra power from the motor and the 16" diameter are going to make me feel more comfortable with the wheel even though I intend to speed limit it to 15mph. I've watched Marty's mSuper crash and while I know it was a fault that caused it i think I've no desire to go faster than 15mph even on a trustworthy wheel.
  21. I revisited this 10 month old topic. @HEC was absolutely correct that GW is the only EUC company that does not allow the customer to update firmware via their phone app. Nothing has changed! Where the heck is HEC?
  22. Please be very carefull trying this! The wheels are quite powerfull by now and i don't think one would enjoy to mess with an ~20kg thing trying to get off the treadmill with ~30km/h... They could be by now almost more or less powerwise comparable to the small motorcycle classes (with 50km/h limit and/or the ones with 50 ccm limit....) and i woul never try one of these on a treadmill just harnessed to some "tin"-bars...
  23. This type of solder would have been perfect on the ACM bullet connectors I replaced. The job is complete but I am going to file the info away. Hopefully I will soon find out the actual temperature of the connectors when riding in simulated strenuous conditions.
  24. Meeting up with some Boosted Board riders today around 3pm. Still trying to nail down specifics but it will be around downtown I think. Considering the shorter range of their boards, you probably wouldn't need a full charge. Edit: 3pm Georgetown waterfront park at the end closest to Key Bridge
  25. Ritchie may I suggest also placing this video on the video thread! This is awesome stuff!
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