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  2. MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    I’ve changed tires on my 16” EUCs several times. I wouldn’t even try without a thin layer of lube or grease at the edge of the tire. With lube I’m fine with just regular plastic bicycle tire ”irons”.

    A 360 video from a late Sunday afternoon ride along the Charles river in Boston. The video starts at the Boston Public Library and moves a few blocks towards and along the Charles river. There is a boat of regatta rowers at about 12:20. The display perspective looks good with just a bit of the black circle seen at the bottom center of the video. Better lighting to the side and rear gave better image quality in those directions. Lots of bikeway users during the video.
  4. Pebble App and Data Logger for King Song and now Gotway! (Android)

    I have both KingSong 16 and Gotway 18 wheels and quite happy with how Pebble smartwatch perform.
  5. The Vaper's lounge.

    Tomorrow is my 8 year smokerversary.
  6. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Yeah, hard not to notice that. Not a good sign that it failed so early. The LED panel on my ACM gave up the ghost a couple of months ago, but it's over 6 months old.
  7. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Pedals look nice and big on the Tesla.
  8. How I Instrument My Rides - WheelLog & Pebble

    I got my Pebble smartwatch from Amazon. Excellent for KingSong and Gotway wheels monitoring.
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  10. Peak power’s peak duration?

    Gotways reporting too much ampere is an quite "old" story - i do not know if this relates to the same reasons or is something "extra". I also had the impression that lately reported KS18S values seem more reasonable, but that would mean that the wheel now reports battery current instead of motor current - if so the values are now correct, if not they are as wrong as they ever were. Did not hear anywhere anything about this - one would have to lock closely at one log with quite some speed and incline combinations to come to an real conclusion. If the new KS firmware now reports battery current there would still be to consider that this would mean power supplied by the battery and since the efficiency of electric motors can be quite bad at lower speeds the achieved output power would still be quite lower than this shown power value. The KS16B/C (which goes 30 km/h) has the same nominal power (800W) as the inmotion V8. The advertised maximum power of the KS16B/C of 3000W is just wrong and not reachable by this wheel. @EcoDriftmeasured about 2,2kW which is about the maximum power he measured for the Inmotion V8. So beside firmware (algorithm) and electronics there should be no real difference powerwise. Just the bigger batteries on (some of) the KS16B/C. The KS16S has now 1200W nominal and imho still 3000W max power advertised. Unfortionately there are no new dynamometer tests performed till now, and also no testdummy rider published wheellog logs of an overlean with this wheel... But driving the KS16S compared to the KS16C gives me the gut feeling, that it will take bigger obstacles much much more easily at the same speed. And theoreticly a more powerfull wheel can take such bigger obstacles easier than a not so powerfull machine, but there could be limitations by electric design (how fast how much power can be supplied) and also by the firmware implementation (responsivness of the used control algorithm). So comparing both of the kingsongs should be not only a feeling but for quite sure also reality - but i've never ridden an inmotion v8 to have any opinion, but there is quite a chance that changing from 800W nominal to 1200W nominal (+ more batteries in parallel) gives more safety margin. Alone the higher lift cut-off speed (almost max no load speed) is a very good clue in this direction. If you meant in comparison one of the >800W nominal KS18 than you have the additional advantage of the greater wheel diameter which also helps to overcome obstacles easier.
  11. MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    Completely off, with the small motor wire shell anchor unscrewed (but not detaching the motor wire from the board).
  12. MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    Im trying the clamps, did you remove the wheel completely off the shell or are you working with half the shell on?
  13. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Anyone notice in that last video that the left side lights are stuck on the braking red illumination mode?
  14. Southern Arizona rides

    Sounds like it was a great ride! I got my cast off October 6 after three solid months of casts. Dr. ordered me to wear a brace until after he got results of CAT scan, but as of the 18th, I'm free of that as well. I've lost a lot of flexibility in that wrist, so I'll be doing everything I can to get it "re-habbed" for a December ride.
  15. MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    I'm trying to find out myself so I can go tubeless on my MTen3. Will post when I do. TBH I don't have much personal experience with tubeless tires yet, not being a bike person. Some quick google researching seems to confirm that you would be right: for less PSI (reducing the extra barrier of an inner tube), the tire can maintain the same rolling resistance but have more give & flex. The bigger benefit I'm looking for is less small pinch flats made to an inner tube, along with reducing the need to buy more. Yup, same experience. Went out and bought clamps (which helped tremendously, esp when putting the tire back on) to make the tire more pliable and get the beads away from the rims to gain more surface area when stretching on and off the rims. It seems many also lubricate tubeless beads in general, to help slip the tire easier on and off the rims, but haven't tried that yet.
  16. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    I just found some new video reviews on the Tesla, looks so good
  17. Peak power’s peak duration?

    Of course I am not talking about going vmax - 5 km/h with a battery that's at 30%
  18. MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    I just patched my tube ( replacements seem hard to find with a valve stem that travels parallel to the tire) and trying to get the tire back on the rim. Ive replaced countless bike tires... all different sizes, however this one is a bitch to get back on. I just got some decent motorcycle tire irons to help me. its just amazing, as I've given this project so much time. I can't get that tire back on !!
  19. The Vaper's lounge.

    I guess the price of vaping got tossed around pretty bad for many vapers during the legal hurdles this past year. I mix my own juices, and still have everything stocked up for years to come, so I'm golden. But for someone who's vaping modern high powered devices, doesn't mix their own juices and rebuild their atomizers, forced to buy from the local stores only... Geez.
  20. MTen3 Tubeless Tire Conversion

    I was under the impression that (for mountain bikes) the ability to flex more makes the tire roll smoother over rocks and such. That is the reason I became interested in making my EUC tubeless as well.
  21. DarknessBot - iOS App

    What's news in beta 3.1-133: - Added German localization - Fixed crashes on iOS 10 - Improved Inmotion Adapter
  22. Peak power’s peak duration?

    I think I'm the least educated on this motor technology in this thread, but my understanding is that while it depends on several aspects, the answer is "most probably yes". Battery capacity, battery state, motor power curve, pedal softness, and firmware specifics all play a role.
  23. Italian Discussion Group

    Spiace. Spero tu possa recuperare il danaro. Speriamo che non si trasformi in una ordalia.
  24. Peak power’s peak duration?

    Sidequestion, after my crash of last week. If I were to get a KS wheel that also goes 30km/h but has a motor that's a lot more watts than my V8 I will be able to ride over bigger "obstacles" without the motor cutting out at the same speed?
  25. I’ve experienced this also. It’s a feature and not a failure. This would help to prevent runaways, although not always accurate. ➰
  26. Music?

    Having a mean cold, and not doing much except produce a lot of slime (unfortunately not the one you could use in your tires), I got caught by a 90s Youtube playlist yesterday. These two Britney Spears songs are neat (most of the rest really was better forgotten): Also found two quite nice Kylie Minogue songs I've never heard before. Not 90s though.

    I can confirm this
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