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  2. KS14M (800W / 174WH)

    Also, forgot to mention earlier, M version lacks speakers.
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  4. There was not much detail of the incident and no mention about veycle damage or argument on the articles that i found , this is the first time i have heard about this rumor. On a side note . I have just heard from a electric skater that he was stoped by a policeman while riding on the road in London . The enforcer took his details and said he would research about the road legality of the e-skate and return to him accordingly. Hope these are just isolated incidents .
  5. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    I thought that I would need to order them from New Zealand, but fortunately you found something more widely available It's been a long time since I've ridden wearing anything but running shoes. Going for a 30+ mile ride on the Monster tomorrow. Think I'll try some boots that I have to see if I notice a difference. If so maybe I'll check these out. There're available from Amazon in the States. Good that they are @LanghamP approved
  6. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    Thanks for the expanded explanation. I love to learn what constitutes quality in any particular endeavor. We still have a lot of room for improvements in our EUCs. Someday - hopefully.
  7. ACM 1600 Anti Slip Pedal Studs

    In another life (high school and college kid) I did lots of mechanical and machining work in a small company. Used a taping accessory like that on the drill press, and probably tapped thousands of holes over the handful of years that I worked there. This is why I envy your machine tools. Someday I may have a bigger workshop where I can allocate space for machine shop. Until then I can enjoying looking over your shoulder
  8. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    Good quality armatures will look very clean with no wires crossing over each other. The highest efficiency motors will have windings neatly laid next to and on top of each other and will be tightly packed. And to get the absolute most efficiency flat or square wire is used to virtually eliminate all air gaps. Total turns per phase is directly proportional to torque. So putting all the needed turns (N per phase) in a single coil with smaller magnet wires and then paralleling the coils will yield extra space for more turns. KS looks to be using 6 wires in parallel...just not wound as efficiently as it could be. The windings on this stator look much cleaner and he has what looks like 12 wires in parallel for each coil (plus look at his mad skills soldering SMD caps and a resistor directly on the legs of the hall sensors): I have a Ninebot One P motor that has a bad hall sensor....I've been meaning to open it to see if I can replace the sensor(s). When I do, I'll post some pics for comparison.
  9. Inmotion V8 4 prong charger issue

    It's not unheard for a charger to be bad out of the box. Not common, but it does happen. I would certainly contact your dealer if possible. But if you didn't buy it from a dealer you may have to do a little trouble-shooting on your own, and possibly buy another charger. Without knowing a little more about your background and trouble-shooting capabilities I hesitate to offer any specific advice. Do you have a volt-ohm meter? Are you comfortable opening electronics, etc.?
  10. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    l got me some new Fat Unicyclist riding shoes! Well boots actually... A lot of riders have trouble with foot pain on longer rides, and there is a number of factors that contribute to this - pedal size, rider weight, riding style, terrain and of course footwear. There is also a bit of discussion just now about ankle protection - both for softening the pressure during riding and preventing injury during an accident (especially if you have snow-spikes on your pedals @Rehab1). Unfortunately we can't (yet) just go to a store and get a pair of EUC shoes! But what (I think) we need is fairly simple so it should be easy to find something, right? Well not where l live - l have been looking literally for months - but then I do hate shopping, so it takes a while to get my Fat Unicyclist Ass to the mall. So, what did I want? Really stiff soles "Grippy" soles Higher tops (covering the ankle) Dressy enough that I don't need to change my shoes when I get where I am going Not white (sorry @Marty Backe - but I live in fear of "Shoe Police Officer @LanghamP") And on Friday i collected a brand new pair of HI-TEC Altitude VI I WP boots... But without being tested, this post is just an ad, so I went for a decent ride today, covering about 15km on gravel (which would normally be something I would "notice"). And at the end... No foot-pain at all and no sore-spots on my ankles! They are also very light (so don't make mounting more difficult) and the Michelin soles made it easy to move my feet, but then they stayed exactly where I wanted them. So, if you're looking for a new pair, consider these Fat Unicyclist endorsed.
  11. New Lower Pricing For Glide Series

    https://solowheel.com/products/solowheel-glide-2 https://solowheel.com/products/solowheel-glide-3 https://solowheel.com/pages/comparison Not a one shows Wh battery capacity. Boo!
  12. KS14M (800W / 174WH)

    Most people in Russia has low level income, so electric unicycles are too pricey for them to buy and try, that’s why KS14B became the last year best seller as first EUC. M version would fit there perfectly and has some potential for upgrades.
  13. Dream Electric Unicycle

    It has landing gear for when you stop and lift your weight off. It has shock aborbers, 10 cm travel it has inbuilt charger and a wire roller It has a tiny motor in the top spinning at high rpm with a rubber roller for contact. It has almost a front road motorcycle tyre The whole thing is filled with batteries in the area that would be motor previously It has 100 percent protective mudguards It has a 20 inch tyre on outer diameter. It doesn't have alot of bulk outside the wheel
  14. has anyone done a tire removal : Tesla

    gotcha. thanks!
  15. Protection Gear

    So new question... I've been riding my new MSuper V3 for a couple days now. I'm not used to the 18" wheel from the ACM 16 I was using before. I can't get myself to go very fast, because I'm just not used to it (or I'm scared?). My feet hurt a lot because I'm not trusting it (thus clenching).. It seems I have to get used to the "wobble" this thing seems to give at higher speeds..how do you deal with that?
  16. Protection Gear

    So your pants will get fucked up, but not your knees... What do you use for the knees? Amazon link?
  17. Protection Gear

    I regard any fall as incurring injury, the protection just increases the speed at which I incur the same injury. However, beyond a certain speed one gets injured no matter what, as motorcycle crash statistics bear out. On my Ninebot S1, which I use for 90% of my trips, I usually wear a skateboard helmet and nothing else. On my KS16s and MSuper 1600 I'll wear a full face sport bike helmet, massive gloves, and occasionally armoured jeans. Or a full heavily armored motorcycle suit (way beyond anything I've seen forum members here wear), as in ready to race motorcycle gear. Pick your speed, then pick your gear.
  18. has anyone done a tire removal : Tesla

    I've helped a fellow rider do this on their Tesla, and yes, you need to split the shell, the pedal arm is encased by the shell. This is the case with most all Gotway wheels unfortunately.
  19. has anyone done a tire removal : Tesla

    has anyone removed the tube in their Tesla? does the whole shell need to come apart or can i unscrew the support screws and slide out the wheel?
  20. I'm getting tired of putting on elbow pads. Now I'm going to put on ankle pads? Nope. I can live with a bruised ankle every year or two, which is not the same as a broken head or wrist.
  21. The Photo Thread

    It's a part of the Rimutaka Cycle Trail, which starts alongside the Hutt river (left of the boulder). When I took this it was 21°C (70°F) but there was a very strong headwind which halved my range.
  22. Ips 260 bluetooth not found

    in Malta, it is legal for 14+ and wearing a helmet. Should be used on sidewalks at no more than 6km/h unless either it is not possible or considered dangerous or used by the police force. If it needs to be used on the road it needs to be equipped with front and rear light and a horn / bell (i use a bicycle bell wearing it on my index finger) and helmet always. It also needs to be ridden on the far left on the road(as we use same as British Road Direction, and I suggest on the road side when riding on footpath or sidewalk) except for nearing intersections. It needs to be registered with transport authority but there's no need for an insurance yet. I offer training to all sales to safeguard for safe riding for the consumer and the surrounding people(although not all take it as it's fun to learn too). The major issue with promoting in my country is that the culture is that by 18 you get your car and you go everywhere with it... they ride a car instead of a 10-minute walk to a store. Public transport is not yet popular but the government is doing a lot of adjustments to promote fewer cars on our congested roads now. Marketing needs to target younger generation IMO and with use in junction with public transport that should improve in with the newer technology available. yes probably the IPS 260wh will struggle a bit for 124kg + uphills. Most have a maximum load limit of 120kg (i.e. you're risking a bit for some failure).Never the less an on 85kg-80kg I used to get a decent range nearly as advertised on flat back when I was in my country (on Zero and LHOTZ) and the i5 in China Edit: Typo + Speed limit + on road riding requirements
  23. ACM 1600 Anti Slip Pedal Studs

    Oops. Try explaining that and be believed. About those spikes. When pedal attack (sounds like a scary documentary) they attack with the edge, not the top. I would be willing to bet those spikes will never get you, unless you wheel in your sleep, or try to do @Hirsute style handstands. ouch ! I think you made the right decision.
  24. EUC Motors Are Not Waterproof!

    Why? what does good winding look like?
  25. Inmotion V8 4 prong charger issue

    I just purchased a charger for my V8. Nothing happens when I plug it in. I was expecting to see a light turn on, but nothing comes on when I plug it into the wall. Nothing happens with my Inmotion v8 either. In his review, Speedy Feet says that the light is red when charging, green when charged and no light when not working or not plugged in. Is this accurate? Please help me figure this out. Thank you!
  26. I was just thinking of adding a little small side nit for example that I have a tesla or something like that how far I have gone
  27. So that’s why your avitar is always gyrating. Damn those are pokey!
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