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  2. very true. At multiple periods in US history the middle class had to revolt and force equality. It did not came as a gift of democracy. We are a Socialistic Capitalistic Democracy. Capitalism without social agendas is plain slavery. Owners getting the most work for the least pay if they could get away with it. But our system is balance and the socialistic aspect is a big part of it to allow everyone an opportunity to prosper it they want to work hard for it. And not just work hard for survival income.
  3. Please don't forget to turn on the video camera
  4. Thanks for the heads up and the map, I will try to be there 15-20mins before and find a spot
  5. Great. I don't know if you've been in that area before, but the meetup parking lot area may be full today. But there is plenty of parking in the surrounding neighborhoods. For instance, I've parked here before:
  6. I just read in another post where@Paddylaz recommended having a drink or two before training. Combine that with a squirrelly wheel and we should have a very entertaining video!
  7. We can not just see one moment in time. We have to go back 100 years and see how it all evolved. From Oppressed religion Quakers. To starving Irish. And the drive to the west and stake a homestead. We have a culture of go stake your ground and build something better and bigger. Now that is just one period that leads to others. Then slavery and is ugly face. We are still trying to move on from that. Not so long ago there was segregation and not all could benefit of the new american culture of independence, privacy, entrepeneuralship. But for the majority white it was a period of great prosperity. Also up until recently women could not vote. The slavery and women right was and still is a ugly isue in our country. Not to say other countries also have similar isues. So in General America is still the best environment to innovate due to our cultural independent thinking culture. But there is still a lot or racism. Also our policies of promoting small business and trade have allowed us to prosper. But all does not last forever. At some point, saturation hits. And the borders had to be open and trade had to be open to allow other countries to prosper. WHY? Well in a perverse way, we can not prosper as a supplier of goods and services if we are the only ones that can afford them so we had to open the world. That caused and is still causing a lot of pain to the working middle class. We have been loosing ground for 30 years now when put in balance with inflation. And the distribution of wealth is extremely out of balance. I know I can not do the JOB of a CEO executive, but making 20 million in income yearly is grotesque and in a way not fair. my contributions allow the COE to prosper and the middle class should have a more equitable piece of the wealth. I work very hard too doing what I do. Is a CEO 10 times smarted than me? I doubt it. but I will give him that. So if an Engineer makes 100,000 I think a CEO making 1,000,000 per year is plenty. The rest should be going to the shareholders and to the employees. Possibly as more profit sharing. But America is still the best place to innovate and prosper. But there will be periods like now where other countries have stepped in and taken production and services that we us to do or lowered the cost of it, forcing layoff and reductions on salaries. And that is just a reality of the evolution of national economies. So we had a big pie and and we had to share it and now we have a little less. So we need to evolve and find new way. But it will also balance at some time when those other countries move up on the middle class levels. So in a way it will balance itself our, but we ned to stay competitive ans survive so when costs become equal we can take back our share. Whatever labor reductions we have now, ware and will come back as the sector costs around the world become equal. At one point we made all the cars. Then Japan stepped in and took market share. But now almost all the foreign brands ahve factories in the USA so it came back. But back then it cost a lot to Detroit and to a big extend Detroit never recovered because the auto sector got spread out to other states were toyota, mercedes, bmw opened factories. So now I have no idea what I am talking about. But in summary economies are cycles. Some cycles are triggered by other countires stepping is sectors and other cycles are population demographic shifts. Japan is suffering a transformation for the last 30 years since its population is shifting from majority young to majority old and their stock market showed it. It declined for 20 years. Will the USA have the same issue? Dont know the USA will have the same issue. For us it will be different than Japan because there is more technology available. YOu have seen the articles about automation in all areas with robots. We will use that to supply more productivity and cover labor shortages. If they become true. Or maybe nothing will happen. Who knows. If you assume people are having less children then labor shortage will be a reality.
  8. Back to $499 Just checked; production date on these was still Jun 2016, the same as it was 6 months ago.
  9. Hope this saves your problem. I found IPS customer service very helpful although on occasion they can be slow to answer emails. A couple of times it was 4-6 days before they responded. When my new board arrived the connector for the battery was reversed. Luckily I had a new battery too and the connector gender on this was also reversed so they fitted OK. They have also changed the design of the lighting control board since i bought my original wheel. The connectors on the new main board will not fit the old light control board. I never used the lights anyway and not connecting the light board makes no difference to the operation of the wheel in other respects.
  10. Being that my wife will begin her training in a few days and she gets drunk on one beer your advice should be fun to watch!
  11. No, not totalitarian on paper, it was a republic then and now. But in reality. Try being black in the south before the 1960s for example... Get into a small western town in the mid 19th century and the sheriff didn't like strangers, see what rights you'd have then? Try being a worker bearing placards for a reasonable salary or working conditions when the factory owner brings the national guard. Totalitarian is the wrong word I suppose, but freedom is not an on or off thing.
  12. I have an old generic wheel that I am planning to convert to run my trike. I have realized that using the stock board and sensors won't work because the trike is already balanced so getting it to accelerate would be difficult leaving the controls touchy. I'm wondering if i can run the motor directly off the battery or if I'll have to make a board to handle the bms or other essentials.
  13. Smoke some weed then. Yay Seattle!
  14. Vad har ni för erfarenhet med AliExpress och tull/moms? Vilka tullsatser och momssatser blir det egentligen?
  15. I will be there marty.
  16. Today
  17. The US was totalitarian? What history books have you been reading Maybe it's not politically correct to say, but I believe the western culture has been the reason for our dominance and I believe we will continue to dominate far into the future. Just my opinion of course.
  18. It's so douchey and so fun
  19. 1. When I'm not trying to kill myself on my EUC, I try to do it on a mountain bike instead. So, I've got the pump covered. Also, the tire is pumped to the low-end of what the manufacturer recommends. 2. I've only taken it on grass by accident. Otherwise, it's all concrete, all the time. 3. I don't drink I can see your point though.
  20. White ones today were at $599, but black remained at $499. Could be clearing inventory to prevent having to ship them back to get their batteries recharged.
  21. Spectacular place for a ride!
  22. Congrats so will keep getting better! Couple of things that are important: 1) Make sure your tire pressure is between 37-45psi. Anywhere outside this for a beginner (on either side) and you might be making things more difficult than they need to be. It's worth investing in a decent track pump (with PSI gauge) if you don't have one. 2) It may be tempting to learn on grass because of the 'cushion' if you fall...but again, it's uneven, inconsistent nature might make learning slower than on tarmac/concerete. 3). Have a beer (or 2). I always say this....the euc works via tiny changes you make in your weight distribution using your feet. If you're at all tense, this can make the learning progress (and even afterwards) harder. Have one or two drinks (assuming you drink) and you'll be surprised how quickly you jumpstart the learning. No more of course! Enjoy 👍
  23. Q. Is UPS a fire hazard? A. No, UPSs are not a fire hazard.
  24. You may well be right. I thought in terms of bicycles, where my fat wheel beach-cruiser has much more rolling resistance than a city-bike.
  25. So, I bought my EUC a few months ago and, besides trying it a few times after it was delivered, I kept putting it off on account of the weather. (In hindsight, that was a mistake as I had unlearned everything I had learned back then.) These past few weeks have been fantastic, weather-wise, here in the Seattle area. So, I decided it was time to try to start learning again - in earnest this time. My legs are sore, my back is sore, and while I managed to avoid any falls, I did twist an ankle. Yet, for the first time this morning, I managed to start from a standstill. No walls, no rails. Just me and my apparently awful sense of balance. Better, I repeated it several times in a row and I am happy to say that I can get on my EUC on my own, unassisted, and actually travel more than a few feet. I already know I can actually travel on it, I just have to master the transition from jumping on it to traveling forward. I'm still wobbly and I've still got a long way to go. But, I can finally see how it can be done. It's gone from seemingly impossible to "maybe." I'm pretty happy with maybe.
  26. To put in my 5¢ worth of thoughts, I think China economically is where the US were in the 19th century. That is also true for India, but maybe to a somewhat lesser extent. While the EU and the US plays the role of old Europe. Think about it, as the 19th century started, Europe was the stable but stagnant society with a long history of philosophy, science, education, production, literature and so on. In the beginning the US was clearly second rate but that changed mighty fast. And even though the US started the century with the southern parts basically a slave labour economy producing raw materials for clothing, went through a civil war and the conquest of natives, it ended the century at least on par technologically with Europe - behind in some areas, in front in others. Even as late as the great war, a massive part of US war-production was basically adaptions of British inventions. British and French aircraft, tanks and other stuff, mixed with homegrown tech. Hop forward a couple of decades and the US had not only drawn up parallel but gone past most of Europe. A lot of that was pure industrial power, basically good tech and education combined with the capability to build massive infrastructures and plants. A lot was boom-town mentality, everything from klondike-style gold rushes, oil rushes, colonisations of new states, immigrants that couldn't wait to get their feet wet and make a living. The land of possibilities, when Europe was stagnant with bureaucracy, old habits, old power, old money and intellectual stratification. A Shenzhen could well have been a new US town just raring to grow to magnificence from nothing. They may well rely in big parts on western innovations for now, but they're not stupid. Before we know it, they will innovate like crazy – when do we see the first Chinese Edison, or have we already? So they're totalitarian? Oh yes they are, but so were both the majority of Europe and to a large extent the US. There were strongmen, most people didn't vote, the law was summary and often brutal, and while the constitution said every man had inalienable rights, not everybody counted as men in most peoples opinion. That didn't stop progress. My guess, is that in no more than a few decades, China will be on par with us in innovations, and in another few decades the totalitarianism of today will fade to something else. That something else may not be the democracy we are used to, but it will be less all-encompassing than now. Heck, the totalitarianism of "now" is far less all-encompassing than of yesteryear. What will happen with us in the meantime, is anybody's guess, and probably too political to discuss in a forum where we're all supposed to be friends Hmm, might be time to learn chinese...
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