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  2. Italian Discussion Group

    riguardo al guinzaglio, sara' che sono sfigato, ma quando stavo imparando e lo usavo sempre (lo usavo per non rigare troppo le scocche, non per questioni di sicurezza) , ho avuto il dispiacere di ritrovarmi fra i piedi il ruotino mentre ero in fase di recupero da perdita di equilibrio, e questo mi ha fatto cadere. Giusto ieri sera sono finito per terra perche, anche senza cordino, mi e' successo comunque di ritrovarmi la ruota fra i piedi in fase di recupero equilibrio
  3. German Discussion Group

    Selbst wenn du eine Versicherung mit Kennzeichen hättest, könntest du angezeigt werden, weil du ein Kfz ohne Zulassung fährst. Soweit ich weiß, ist das eine Straftat.
  4. German Discussion Group

    Diesen Status Quo gibt es so allgemeingültig ja gar nicht. Jetzt mal davon ausgehend, dass der sehr motivierte und jetzt gestresste Ordnungshüter aus reiner Not eine solche Sache zur Anzeige bringt, er ist der Meinung die aktuelle Gesetzeslage erfordert das unbedingt, könnte eine Versicherung irgendeiner Art, bestenfalls die KFZ Versicherung für das Wheel, für ihn einen Ausweg für das Schlimmste nämlich die Anzeige bedeuten. Eigentlich müssten wir eine für die Versicherungen und Vermittler lukrative Anzahl von Fahrern finden, die diese dann wie auch immer versichern, bestenfalls mit Kennzeichen. Die Versicherungen könnten doch versichern, wenn die jetzt unbedingt wollten? Wir ziehen dann zwar das Pferd von hinten auf aber manchmal heiligt auch der Zweck die Mittel.
  5. Anatomy of an overlean

    @Jason McNeil and all the other resellers with good contacts to the manufacturers - maybe this time to overlean calculation would be something to show to the manufacturers and gently "force" them to implement this into the firmware for tiltback/beeps?! As shown this is nothing magical or complicated to calculate and they should know all the needed values of their wheels. Edit: They also could use this method to eleminate at last the "tiltback of death" - if one accelerates like crazy the tiltback sets in at max speed within tenth of a second and vault the rider of the wheel. With the known acceleration the firmware knows that the max speed will be reached in 1-2 seconds and can already start earlier with a soft tiltback.. And with the much higher internal sampling rate of the firmware they know the acceleration much more precise and accurate than with the wheellog samples...
  6. Anatomy of an overlean

    Here one gets time to overlean t as t = (I_motor_current - I_max - k * v) / ( k * a ) for (a >= 0 ) with k = - I_max / v_max_no_load This time to overlean (black line) looks in the charts like this ( for a>0, limited to max 10 seconds), values in seconds on the right axis (i forgot to change the axis label from Power W to time (s) ): Seems to be a very valid and usefull warning indicator! Also the acceleration is included (green line, shows 10 times the acceleration in m/s² on the left axis, negative values set to zero) - is a very "instable value", but imho averaging won't help too much since the sampling resolution is already 0,2-0,3 seconds and every averagin will delay the warning further untill it warns once one lays already on the ground.... And for an accident free part of the ride:
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  8. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    Your other option of course is seeing what Inmotion release next to replace the V8. Given the Solowheel takeover however, you can bet whatever it is will be bloody expensive
  9. Italian Discussion Group

    @DiFra Ok grazie per la spiegazione, si non avevo capito più o meno nulla hihi ... per capirci qualcosa sono andato a vedermi il listino fwheell ..si delphin one è nome della serie ..poi c'eran d1,d3,d5 e kylin . Beh almeno hanno potenziato il motore che in effetti per un 16" avevo valutato moolto debole. Comunque a livello di design mi piaceva e come prima ruota sarà comunque ottima
  10. But that is not the case, which is weird. His unit has NO modification at all. He even doesn't have any knowledge nor time to do the flashing. I will ask for the graphs next time I see him. Lol... this is not a lift up cutout speed test for sure. His weight is around 80 kg. No flashing to make it become a P board and he has never experienced any alarm / tiltback at that speed which is even faster than yours?
  11. Italian Discussion Group

    Ciao @Berus. Purtroppo non ho parlato con il venditore ma ho preso quello che dovrebbe essere l'ultimo modello: Dolphin One D5-S. Quello precedente era sempre Dolphin One ma era disponibile in varie versioni (D3 e D5 ... senza "S") che però sono tutte fuori produzione (anche se qualcosa online si trova ancora). Queste qui sotto sono le caratteristiche (motore e batteria corrispondono a quello che ho preso da Aliexpress!) (La versione Kylin è una versione depotenziata)
  12. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    Yeah it's a constant battle for me now. Gotway ACM or Kingsong 16S. I'm reading and I tent to move to kingsong because of there build quality "seems" better. And "battle"... I still love my V8 in the meantime. Still saving money for the next upgrade :-)
  13. Next upgrade option after the Inmotion V8

    I have a v5f+......probably going to trade up to a Kingsong 14s next. I'd recommend that, unless you are only interested in 16inchers. Gotway's seem to simply have far too many QC and electrical issues right now and probably for the foreseeable future. The stress seems to outweigh the enjoyment with them. Although admittedly I've only ridden one once.
  14. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Hello friends, my new Ninebot Z series video;
  15. Italian Discussion Group

    Grazie @DiFra, OK facci sapere le tue impressioni quando la riceverai. Sembra un'ottima ruota per quel prezzo. @Barone Cornadure, per la sicurezza contro la ruota "cavallo pazzo" siamo d'accordo è molto utile legarsi la ruota alla cintura. Io ho preso questo: https://it.aliexpress.com/item/2m-bold-cable-bicycle-lock-rope-Helmet-wire-anti-theft-rope-Motorcycle-Scooter-Disc-Lock-Security/32802201556.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.MJgRZM e poi magari ci metto uno shunt col velcro come suggeriva @MaxMi
  16. Italian Discussion Group

    @DiFra difretta , ma hai parlato con il venditore? ... non ho ben capito la nomenclatura , ma hai comprato il delphin one ... nuovo nome del delphin 5s con motore migliorato.. giusto ?
  17. Italian Discussion Group

    Minchia ragione hai ! Grazie Fratello ! Non ci avevo pensato.
  18. DarknessBot - iOS App

    What is specific about that?
  19. Do you know something what happen about this

    Indeed. It was 20 degrees C the other day and I planned to go for a 30km ride. Sun is shining so shorts and t shirt! I turned back home after 300 meters to put on long trousers and a long sleeve. 30km/h without doing any effort .... not so warm after all
  20. Italian Discussion Group

    Ciao @Frankman Il link è questo: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/brand-LG-battery-electric-self-balancing-solowheel-One-Wheel-16-Inch-Hoverboard-30KM-H-45KM-Scooter/2403062_32811764681.html Ma l'offerta a quel prezzo è scaduta ieri. Adesso lo trovi a un centinaio di euri in più... Non è vero... l'hanno rimesso in offerta per altri 5 giorni. Ho appena controllato!!!
  21. DarknessBot - iOS App

    iOS 11 Support coming soon
  22. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    This may also be true for me. My impression is, that Gotway still sees EUCs as toys for a niche market, where there is no need for perfection, safety or robustness, while Kingsong sees them as serious transportation devices and tries to build their wheels thoughtfully with high quality and reliability. That reminds me on motorcycles 20 years ago, where you could buy a great looking and powerful Moto Guzzi, where you saw the dealers garage 3 times already during the first 1000 kilometers, or a less great looking but identically powerful BMW, which you could ride for 100,000 kilometers not even knowing what a repair shop is. Maybe at some time in the future also Gotway will discover, that thoughtful wheel and board design might increase reliability and robustness.
  23. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    @KingSong69 maybe one day you want to sell it.... and maybe i buy it
  24. I'm not that sure, Marty. I still think, because it's quite new. When bicycles started more than 100 years ago, they were also not adopted by the masses for a long time. Don't take him too seriously. I'm reading between his lines, he is just angry because he has not that much range as he would like to, but he will never give up riding. I can't say that for me, I feel quite well on my KS16. But I can't ride longer than 2 hours or 40 to 50 km, because after that the battery is empty. But at the beginning, one year ago, I also had sometimes sour feeling in my lower legs, although I'm a mountaineer and in quite good condition I think. I believe this comes from the muscles who control the fine motor skills of your legs, and they need to be trained by riding often. I'm happy to live in an area where I can do urban riding and also riding in the forests, hills and meadows. I like both a lot. Same here. But I believe, we are still at the beginning of electric transportation devices, also at e-cars and e-bikes. 2 years ago in Austria Pedelecs were only used by some freaks, meanwhile the owner of a bike shop tells me he is selling more Pedelecs than normal bicycles. EUC adoption will take longer, but it will come. At latest when the young guys discover, that this is rather "cool". The main advantage in a city is, that you can take them with you in the underground, tramway or taxi, which is a lot more difficult with a bicycle.
  25. KS14S Speed Throttling

    This I found at Kingsong Europe...
  26. So yes, I fell in love with EUC, I managed to ride around some KM with my Inmotion V8 learning machine. It’s a great machine and gets me everywhere I like. It’s fast and did not fail me! The only thing that concerned me was the range. After a full charge the battery turns red after about 13 km, with a constant speed of 25 km/h, and a weight of 95 kg (last is probably the biggest factor of range). That’s all good and it let me finish a fun trail, but I want to do some bigger trails and don’t have to worry about my range. I like the 16 inch, and don’t wat to step up to 18 inch (I like to keep it low profile, so not everybody starts to see it as a monster vehicle) Do you guys have valid upgrade options? Which give me at least double the range, and the same speed 25-30 km/h. Don’t need to go faster I really like the constant speed I’m currently used to. I keep looking at the Gotway ACM, 1300 version. Or the king song 16s versions. What do you guys think? Is it even possible with my weight/constant speed. So what are great upgrade routes coming from an Inmotion V8?
  27. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    If you ever compare a KS Motherboard to a Gotway Motherboard (or just take a look inside the wheels)....i would say the Quality difference is immense! KS uses bigger/more amp capable mosfets, they are not on the side of the heatsink, instead very central, the temperature sensor is in direct near of the mosfets. They actually put some thoughts into their boards... And it isn't a complete silikon hell :-) The over all Quality difference is quite easy to see if you own or owned both KS and GW......that's just a fact.... Does having a blast include the wire burning on the ACM, the oscillation issue on the Msuper or the axle nuts probs on the Monster? Just kidding... But you are completly right! i also tend to blend out my very good experiences i had with my Msuper V3! It never let me down, never had a failure, just the beeper had to changed. Other than that, it has worked very good, so no Need to complain...
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