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  2. On my first cheap 14-inch generic wheel, I rode it just about all the time at tilt-back because it didn't go much faster than 12kph. Once I hit a bump and *almost* saved it but ended up hitting my chest against a tree root and it was sore for a while. I may have broken a rib. I've had two high-speed cutouts on the Firewheel, in the first I got really bad road rash because I was stupidly riding with just a t-shirt and shorts. In the end the flesh always seems to grow back so I keep riding. Plenty of other non-dramatic bailouts from hitting bumps and the like, but I can usually run those off. Nothing serious yet with the KS-14C but I'm sure it's just a matter of time! When we get a cutout, maybe we should say "It did a Lucy on me."
  3. The BMS problem is due to the discharge protection which cut if one cell is under 3V (or around this voltage). Disconnecting the battery pack can't solve the problem but you'd better to make few cycles of load with a long time to equilibrate cells (if your BMS still done is job). And to avoid a new cut-off it's possible to make a shunt on your BMS.
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  5. i want to buy a wheel from a second hand but im scared to get ripped off , any tips? (i tired to find some tutorials but i didnt find)
  6. For android @JumpMasterdeveloped wheellog but he stopped by now. Should be somewhere on github or similar. don't know if it already has inmotion included. @Paco Gorina's gyrometrics (former 9bmetrics) could also have included inmotion and should be on github?
  7. This fixes is scheduled for the next update
  8. Very good point! I'll have to check the voltages as the battery goes down. Scatcat said: That's what I thought. I don't like riding in rain either, but if it rains all day, I will choose the time of the lightest rain and go for a ride anyway. Can't be a full day without riding, now can we? ;o) A local store that sells car parts amongst everything else sells this 1cm thick foam for car acoustic treatment. It has a soft top coating and a crazily sticky glue on the other side. A slab of something like that to cover the whole side would be like instant heaven for your legs! I use it to pad the shin extenders I made from wood for my Lhotz. The suspension rubber bits are something I would've loved to get to try riding on. I have done a lot of tire pressure tests since a lot of the paved roads here are full of small cracks that for me are pretty hard to ride on. Now at 2.4 bars. I am even considering making a thin silicone layer as a damper on top of my pedals under the grip tape. I sure hope the Kingsong tiltback isn't too abrupt either. Now I got worried. I often get to 70°C on the Lhotz. Is the probe located that differently, or should I do something about it immediately? I recently made extenders fo my Lhotz pedals. Last night I took a ride on a Lhotz without the extenders, and dear god, I have no idea how I was able to ride it at all without them! I had to use all the wrong muscles all the time. And I rode 2000km before taking an hour to fix it. I feel so stupid. I'm sure I'll extend the KS16 pedals as well. I only ride with combat boots or the like for ankle support. I wear long ankle-shin warmers all the time, and combined they work very well for me. Oh man. We are a crazy bunch aren't we? 25mph is already a stupendous speed on a unicycle, unless having a forcefield as a protection. Thank you Scatcat for the great and detailed review! Though I still believe ordering the KS was the right choice for me.
  9. Variable names and functions are in EN and even some comments, but others are in CN... I think I understand most that I need. It is not FOC, it is 6 steps but scheme that handles regen/brake. They are using Kalman filter to get the angle from the inputs of gyroscope and accelerometer. For balance controller they are using PID -- just like the other chinese firmware you shared before. Thank you!!
  10. I just wanted to have some fun for a change. I work six nights AND some days and rarely get a good solid sleep in. I'm one of those people who doesn't adapt over time to the night shift but has to work it anyway. It pays the bills but leaves me feeling limp and lifeless. I spend most of my time off sleeping or wishing I was asleep. I decided I had to find something fun to remind myself that I was living at all, that brought me back into the world and preferably got me out of the house. I live in a beautiful area but spend almost all my time indoors. Going out drinking or some other such young-man's nonsense wouldn't do it; I'm too old for that and have too many responsibilities. I love shooting but that's an expensive pursuit and often a lonely one, as clowns abound in that hobby. Anyway the ranges are closed by the time I wake up. I wasn't sure what else to do. But I knew I had to do it before I got too old to have the motivation to do anything at all. And I can't afford the usual new red convertible standard in mid-life crises. Here and there I've been haunted by something I read a long time ago: That unicycles might be even better for rough mountain trails than mountain bikes are. That sounded crazy to me. Not that everything about unicycles didn't sound crazy. But I thought, maybe that's the challenge? Well, there is something small and relatively harmless and probably not expensive to get into. It could get me clowning around outside and I could bring the dogs. I looked up unicycles on craigslist and they were cheap. But I didn't trust the reliability of used ones and had no idea what to look for. So I went on youtube and when I typed unicycle into the search bar, a lot of my returns were for electric unicycles. What the heck? I watched the videos and they were absolutely magic to me. Like, real magic, Harry Potter magic. The gliding along, weaving through people, usually without a sound because of the music track. It didn't look possible. And it clicked with me right away. Occasionally I had been having dreams of doing the same thing, but on some sort of cushion of air or something -- don't ask me how dreams work. But the feeling was wonderful, as if I were propelling myself along through willpower alone. And that's exactly what the youtube video riders looked like they were doing. They willed themselves somewhere, and off they went! So I tried to find out more ... and here I am, MSuper on the way (yeah one of THOSE Msupers) and a little ebay cheapie wheel to practice on in the meantime. Eyes full of stars, and down below, purple ankles and yellow shins.
  11. Hallo I have seen in the french site of fastwheel that maximum speed is setted at 22 kmh. I have 18 kmh speed limit on my wheel. Is there any way to change speed limit by ANDROID APP? Thanks
  12. I thought it was pretty cool where it was all scraped up. It looked like it was just part of riding it and it definitely looked like it took way more energy and effort.
  13. ...I am fresh out of a cut out , and now I think the cut out is like a woman who cheat on you ... and since I have never been cheated (as 99% of men believe) I do not know what my reaction will be ...sure now I found that even my wheel can be a big whore
  14. @electric_vehicle_lover I am busy in the last days.I try my best to do something for this open source project.I found some codes that designed for two wheel balance cars.The good news is that it use bldc motor too.The bad news is that it annotate in Chinese.The algorithm maybe very reasonable.I think this code will take us more thinkings about balance control. bldc.rar
  15. They're on the SpeedyFeet website... Ian will most likely ship to Estonia.
  16. Only 100% ? If you're playing music... Try the theme to jaws - and video it too!
  17. One thing I noticed in the video was the board tends to scrape the ground on hills.
  18. I think it was empty because we were early ish, maybe the trick it's to wake up before the skaters.
  19. Thanks @jrkline... Both for the offer and for shattering my world record attempt. Plan for about 245lb - so for 15+ miles (with hills) I'm thinking at least 600Wh+ ??? Though I have no idea how fast the SCUC normally ride. And remember that the excessive heat will also mean that I will be trying to ride with a parasol - and again I have no idea what impact that will have (other than making me look awesome). I'm thinking my upgrade will be to an 18" wheel (or maybe 22"), and I currently ride a 16" - so I'm looking forward to try anything available. But I'm not too keen for a 14" wheel as I don't know how it would work with a full load.
  20. This! definitely your problem. Seeing that remaining milage is showing 00km, it means than miniPro cannot obtain battery information/gets no contact with BMS. Very common thing with non-original batteries.
  21. i dont know if i have this insurance in my country. maybe there is a lock that make alarm noises when it cut off?
  22. Hi I'm using android and I'm curious where you guys got/found the inmotion euc APIs; v5f+ specifically. I'm might make a bare bones app for my euc because the current inmotion app is just horrible, and drain battery life like the devil himself. Tried searching the web for the inmotion API myself but no luck. Any help would be nice. Thank you.
  23. What happened to your Msuper @Marty Backe? bring it to the GTG I want to try and see what the oscillation is, might just be a normal thing. I dont take curbs at 20mph. I slow down a great deal in fact before I take dips or sudden inclines.
  24. You'll see me there if I can make it. I got a new office in Downtown so there's a bunch of moving involved. Btw I found another trail on western ave or st in glendale. think its by the japanese garden.
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