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  2. I've seen old videos put out by Segway talking about how redundant and safe they are, but other than having triple computers they don't seem to be particularly redundant in the sense that they wouldn't fail if power was lost. If the battery fails, what then? If any of the lines between the battery and the final push of power to the magnets fails, what then? My guess is two entirely separate systems, perhaps one in miniature, so if one fails the other is good to go. If you put a bullet through the 1st system at any place, would the wheel still continue to function (assuming the bullet doesn't touch any part of the 2nd system)? At this point, to me the logical action to take is to avoid manufacturers with obvious defects, to ride rather slow in order to minimize the inevitable cutout, to wear at least a helmet at the faster speeds, to actually ride the wheel aggressively in the beginning so things would be jarred loose when you're prepared for it, and finally to spend more on powerful wheels (that you would ride like it's a weak wheel).
  3. Does alcohol count as an external influence?
  4. Been there, done that, but didnt have a EUC back then. Heat is definitely a issue on longer strolls. At night though, when you really want to be out and about, the LED show would be awesome In hindsight I also thought it would be a fun (but maybe not a good) idea. Just be aware the dust there (and you know it going for the 9th time) will get in everywhere, the IP55 Protection wont help a bit. The best that could happen is it still works and needs a thorough cleaning, worst, you got a bricked EUC that cant be repaired because of all the dust. I know of several people that lost 3000+$ cameras to the dust Charging could be another issue unless you have a generator going for a few hours every day. We brought a Golfcart with us and it was rather problematic to keep it fueled and running. Then there are some spots of playa dust where you suddenly sink in, not a problem on a bike, but it could be on one wheel. Another problemzone could be the speedlimit of 5mph and/or you might need to register it as a mutant vehicle beforehand.
  5. @eddiemoy I've updated the above, along with the FB invite. (the FB mapping sucks, but basically benches by the Jacob Mould fountain).
  6. Goil! Klaust Du auch so gerne fußlahmen Rentnern den Rollator und wirfst ihn über die nächste Hecke?? Dann sollten wir unbedingt mal zusammen fahren...
  7. Hey, where are we meeting exactly? Can you put a pin on a zoomed in map? The park is pretty big, just want to avoid misunderstandings.
  8. But pickup trucks don't float that well...
  9. Interesting! Thank's for the background info. Maybe we should be pro-active and start a thread discussing what "redundancy" for an EUC really means, where it would help, and how it could be done. This may turn up some new points of view from other people and help in arguing why this is nonsense or why we should really push EUC companies to do it. I see that this phrase is used quite often in the forum but it is very diffuse. No one really has a picture of what it actually is or would be. Certainly much more than the Segway Z may have (back on topic, yeah). Many seem to dream of something that would be able to prevent their next faceplant, but I think what PLEV has in mind is that the vehicle must be stoppable by the rider under any circumstances. I guess they still think that a 17kg EUC which is not stoppable (rider fell off already, wheel continues to drive on its own for some distance), is as dangerous as a 1500kg car which is unstoppable because its brake suddenly died, running over and killing 10 people on the sidewalk... It's clear why cars and trucks need to have redundancy there, maybe even a heavy Segway, but an EUC? And what if the rider looses balance and falls off on his own? No redundancy whatsoever will prevent this, or stop the wheel afterwards. Although I had the idea of pressure sensors on the pedals, causing the wheel to stop when no rider is present. But talk about all those faceplants caused by firmware stopping the wheel because of non-working sensors, or software bugs.
  10. Um das Thema abzuschließen und einigen hier feuchte Träume zu bescheren: ja ich bin mit annähernd Lichtgeschwindigkeit gerast, ich habe unzählige Fußgänger umgefahren und ganze Kindergärten überrollt, ich trage nicht nur Integralhelm sondern auch schusssichere Weste, ich zeige jedem Polizisten den Mittelfinger und brüllen die an und beschimpfen sie, ich ignoriere sämtliche Verkehrszeichen und -regeln, ich fahre kein Ninebot, ... Keine Ahnung warum hier viele meinen ständig schlaue Ratschläge parat haben zu müssen, ohne dabei gewesen zu sein. Meint ihr einige hier sind blöd und provozieren es angehalten oder bestraft zu werden? Ich teile so was hier mit, um drauf aufmerksam zu machen, dass es eben nicht jedem Polizisten egal ist, ob jemand mit nem Einrad fährt (oder was auch immer für nicht zugelassene Fahrzeuge). Um zu informieren wie es im Falle einer Kontrolle gehandhabt wird. Dann kann jeder selber entscheiden ob er das Risiko weiterhin eingeht oder nicht. Wenn ich schlaue Sprüche brauche, dann kauf ich mir ne Tüte Glückskekse... Nichts für ungut und schönen Tag noch...
  11. Make no mistake... To my knowledge the author of the linked article IS in the PLEV Group and things like redundancy and some of the protections are not brought in by the Lobbyist of electric scooters! They are the "wish" of the guys coming from the EUC part. This was discussed here in the Forum quiet often, the author of the article is a member here also. WHEN this PLEV Comes to law in several states it will or can be the death for our beloved EUC' we are more or less in a Grey Zone. When this PLEV Comes to Standard and gets law only vehicles/Euc's are allowed that go conform with the Plev rules and THEN the Police will look for that!. I dont see redundancy for Euc's as our current producer's have not get redundancy to run until now, not even in a prototype...and i doubt they are able to do this without bringing the costs up to an amount where it's game over for EUC's..... The new Ninebots Z6-10 are rumoured to have a (Kind of ) redundance...but thats just a rumour someone has read out of a Segway-Marketing speach,("segway redundancy safety") and i doubt that until i saw it on an EUC.... So my wish is that this PLEV takes a Long Long time, doesn't come into law ...or gets at least a lot less restrictive
  12. Today
  13. I think this is my first time on the Rockwheel section of this forum.... I know there have been horror stories in the past, but what's the current status amongst owners/those in the know about the state of things now? Is the GT16 the top of the range right now or is there something incoming soon?
  14. Some others compoments should be damaged and you couldn't do anything against that. Anyway with the trimpot, you can go down to 50V from 63V, so the trimpot was not the problem.
  15. I also sense some lobbyism going on there. But make no mistake, the redundancy- or bell-nonsense gets also quite some support from the EUC community.
  16. But it is also pretty clear that Germany will make sooner or later a move when EUCs are in effect or literally legal in many if not most other European countries and the market keeps growing.
  17. Gotway MCM2s: 3200km IPS 132: 500km InMotion V8: 2600km since June 2015
  18. That's going a little off-topic here, but yes. That's what I mean. Did you see the requirement for redundant power and control systems if there is no manual brake? Not a single current wheel and I predict also no future (single) wheel will be able to do this. As I understand this initiative, it was started by companies selling electric scooters and their only interest is to get their devices certified and street-legal so they can sell them more easily. I am not sure the EUC industry is represented in this working group at all, so no one will care about what makes sense in the context of our wheels. The self balancing thing is related to hover boards, I guess. There will be a lot of nonsense in this 'standard' and it may turn out to be of no use in helping us to get our devices accepted (in countries where they are basically illegal right now, like in Germany or Israel).
  19. Nevada Desert in August, better research whether the heat might be a problem too! Excellent idea though, what a great way to get around there. Would love to go to B.M one day though.
  20. To fit in there I think you would need to ride a normal unicycle
  21. The fair stuff of a free market is that you can price as much as you like while I'm not obliged to buy at all sales prospects by end of the quarters will tell the story.......
  22. And now it just becomes more and more fun...
  23. Why build a Gopro mount if you can just stick one on using the 3M adhesive they come with? Maybe install this on the mount?ülleblichte-eingebautem/dp/B019YTFLY2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1503056957&sr=8-1&keywords=gopro+light
  24. @King Ma - INMOTION, among the best EUC manufacturers (Ninebot, Kingsong, Gotway, IPS), Inmotion is the last one not to have announced any new products in 2017. We are looking forward to seeing what's coming up, hoping that they can deliver innovation and/or good quality/price ratio in the EUC space. Products like Gotway Tesla/Mten 3, Kingsong S series and Ninebot One Z serie have blown our mind on the high-end. On the low/medium end segment, the new offer is quite poor atm. So competition is exciting and I cannot wait to see what you are coming up with. On the Solowheel deal, this is confusing most potential customers I know, so the sooner you can explain this deal, the better.
  25. That does not make it sound any better, upping the price for the exact same product by any amount of % will always be received badly. Innovate it and then people will consider the higher price. This way they will just look at other products.
  26. I'm glad you didn't use them, because I did already (along with your credit card) and I wouldn't want them to get suspicious. BTW - If a package turns up addressed to The Fat Unicyclist, please just forward it on...
  27. While saying that it stops you completely is a little exaggeration, but the fact is that it cuts your speed by half, beeps at you annoyingly (swearing in R2-D2 language) and for a few seconds you are not in control of the speed, can't accelerate at all. So yes, I can just stop and think about my life, then start over. How about riding a bike that automatically pushes your brakes when you pass 11mph (saving you from bumps)? I don't know about you, by I always ride my bike pass 14mph on straight road.
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